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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
February 18 through February 24, 2019

The Universal vibration for 2019 is Threecreative and fortunate! No matter what number your own Personal Year is, expect improvements in your financial situation, health, and relationships.

(2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 (1 + 2) = 3)

Each of us goes through nine-year cycles, sequentially from one through nine. After each Nine Personal Year, we start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Note: If your personal year happens to be Three in 2019, the Universal Year Three energy amplifies your own creative energy.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

                      To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2019:

                Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2019.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2019 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 20 (2 + 0) = 2 is Your Personal Year in 2019

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1         THE BEGINNING OF YOUR NEXT NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Desire to Branch Out, Improve Yourself, and Use Your Talents; More Confidence; Good Time to Move, Start Something New, or Change Careers; 2019 Boosts your One's Creative Output and Sense of Adventure; Repeated Opportunities for Leadership, Advancement, and Prosperity; May Encounter Challenges of an Ethical or Moral Nature or Loss Due to Lack of Follow-through

Personal Month 3         BREAKING THE RULES. An upbeat busy, lucky month; new friends; ideas flow but not all are viable; desire for fun and play; may travel for pleasure or a competition; despite excitement about creative projects, efforts could lack focus; may move, fall in love, birth in the family

BUREAUCRACY. This week tends to bring you face to face with rules, feedback, or contractual obligations. You could be involved in buying or selling items. You could be meeting with your accountant or having anew a new appliance installed in your living quarters. Life tends to throw a lot at you this week to fit into your already crowded schedule. Co-workers or others may bring up facts and figures that are hard to argue with. If the law is in your face right now, get professional advice. If a decision is required this week, take time to define the right questions; do your research (rather than just accept the “party line”).

This could be a good time to look into something new—such as a piece of sports equipment, personal growth seminar, professional training, or travel option. A window of opportunity is open now, strengthened by your own revived sense of readiness. DO: Ask: What is intuitively calling me? What do I keep thinking about? DON’T: Put off dental work, car repairs, or housekeeping chores. FOCUS ON: Freeing your inner dialogue from old habits of self deprecation.

Personal Year 2         AN EXCEPTIONALLY SOCIAL AND REWARDING YEAR. Great Time for Meeting New People, Joining Professional Groups; Desire for Love and Affection; 2019 Boosts Desire for Camaraderie and Creative Activities; Situations Often Require Collaboration and Co-operating With Others; May Marry (or Divorce); Time for Upgrading, Beautifying, Learning; May be Cautious about Making a Big Change; Long Periods of Stress May Undermine Health

Personal Month 4         PRACTICAL PROBLEM-SOLVING. Requires attention to business matters, details, schedules, and priorities; may have to repair an item; need to weigh pros and cons if someone is sending mixed messages; not in the mood for risk-taking; possible delays or obstructions; health may require doctor visit; not a good time to travel long distance; may be down-sizing; feeling bored or blocked

GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. Your monthly Four vibe tends to keep bringing thoughts about the future as in, “what if.” You could be undergoing tests, waiting for news, negotiating a contract, having a car problem, or in conflict with a co-worker. It is what it is. Try not to get too fixed in your position. Be open to the wisdom in different points of view. If waiting for something to jell, definitive news could come in the next ten days or so. Despite uncertainty, you privately think that things are changing for the better.

Your Two Personal Year vibe increases your chances to meet new people, or to help maintain long-term relationships. Your Two Year is a time of quiet development, and this week is a good example of the virtue of patience and prudence. DO: Be alert to a new idea that could make a big difference in your life. DON’T: Let routine keep you from exploring one new thing this week. FOCUS ON: Being open-minded, but not gullible.

Personal Year 3         CREATIVE GROWTH. 2019's Universal Three Year Gives a Super Boost for Enjoying Life and Birthing Original Ideas; Activities Involving Writing, Art, Video, Music, Sports, Acting, or Marketing Your Talents; Finding New Opportunities for Self-employment, and Abundance; Involved in Public Speaking, Politics, or Sales; Periods of Free Time, Travel, Joy, and Optimism; May Fall in Love, Marry, or Have a Child; May Win an Award; Possible Procrastination, Lack of Focus, or Lost Opportunity

Personal Month 5          This month has great potential to be exciting and even life-changing; with the Universal Year One opening new doors for you in your Personal Month Five of surprise and change, you could be making big decisions, adjustments, or moves; you might be in new territory, or hanging on news until the very end of the month; be flexible, optimistic, and open-minded (but not gullible)

PROGRESS. Your pace quickens this week, and in some important ways you feel things are coming together. A financial or legal decision may arise this week, especially regarding changes in the home, debts, or a personal relationship. You will feel it is “the right thing to do.”

News about a friendship or former relationship could be surprising or a cause for reflection. Others may be demanding, so take care of your own needs for private time and rest, as well. DO: Start a new project as long as it adds to your security or peace of mind. On the other hand, take another look at your to-do-list and ask yourself: What can I drop? DON’T: Resist a change of plans at the last minute, as there is a reason for it. FOCUS ON: Spontaneity and very positive communication.

Personal Year 4         BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION. This Year Offers Opportunities to Put Plans into Action; A Time for Considering the Future and Learning from the Past; Your Situation Calls for Practical Decisions; Little Desire for Risky Ventures; Increased Desire to Settle Down, Marry, Buy a House, Find a Better Job; 2019's Creative Three Vibration Boosts Positive Solutions for Overcoming Obstacles; Increased Success Through Perseverance

Personal Month 6        SERVICE. February emphasizes “doing the right thing;” rules, regulations, and contracts cause concern or need for good advice; family matters may require cash outlays on your part; if working in a service job, you will be very busy; possible wedding, birth, or move of home

STAND FIRM. This Four year is the time to put down roots and build on your current base of security. This is the time to aim to be reliable, effective, and attentive to “the handwriting on the wall.” Events this week could be a bit heavy or taxing. Keep your mental and emotional balance.

In general, you are best served by acting thoughtfully and prudently. If you feel tempted to go out on a limb to help someone, make sure you can afford the time or expense. The many things you would like to accomplish this year could sometimes feel a little overwhelming. If discouraged, call a friend. Share your feelings, but avoid dwelling on possible catastrophic outcomes. The truth is you just never know how things will turn out. Your spiritual lesson now is to realize that whatever is happening is purposeful. Events—happy or dark—are causing you to think at a deeper level (call it soul growth). An important insight could come toward the end of the week. DO: Take things one step at a time. DON’T: Overeat out of boredom or discouragement, but if you feel like vegging out for awhile, it’s okay! FOCUS ON: Gratitude.

Personal Year 5         MID-CYCLE CORRECTIONS. This Year Typically Brings Unexpected Changes Requiring Flexibility and Creativity; Setbacks Have a Purpose or Silver Lining; Faster Pace; Increased Interest in Physical Fitness or Sex; Periods of Restlessness; 2019's Energizing and Freedom-loving Three Energy Increases Desire for Travel, Adventure, New Knowledge; Possible Affairs or Break-ups

Personal Month 7        INTERRUPTIONS. CHANGE OF DIRECTION. A time to listen to your intuition; the busy, changeable vibration of your Five Personal Year could begin to distract you from the goals you set only a few days ago; you are wondering about what is truth and what is fake; energy may be low; conserve resources

TRUTH. This may not be your easiest week, but expect something good to result from any struggles or setbacks. Someone could offer a generously helping hand. With your unpredictable Five personal year, you continue to face a time of uncertainty and unexpected changes as this week unfolds. If you find yourself stuck somewhere (Blizzard? Airport? Traffic jam?), take things in stride. Use time productively, or set up plans for future efforts.

Despite the need to move rather slowly now, you still have your eye on getting a result or finishing a project. Confidence builds as you act on new information and receive encouraging feedback. If you’ve been waiting for a positive movement in career, it’s almost certainly coming soon. If desiring to expand your horizons, gather facts and figures before becoming enchanted by optimism. DO: Anything that makes you feel more organized and ready for action. DON’T: Over-extend your energy. FOCUS ON: Keeping your eyes open.

Personal Year 6         A YEAR OF RESPONSIBILITY, PROGRESS, LOVE, COMFORT, AND SERVICE. Possible Health Issues for You or Family Member; The Expressive Three Energy of 2019 Enhances Opportunities for Speaking, Teaching, Counseling, or Singing; Desire to Improve Life at Home; New Furniture or New House

Personal Month 8        FOCUSED EFFORT AND ACCOMPLISHMENT. A month for getting stuff done; money is a factor in decisions; time to invest wisely for future security; possible upgrade or promotion; may settle a legal matter or debt; check facts if buying property; may have to consult a profession, deal with authorities, insurance matters, or regulations; may marry, divorce, have a child or have extra expenses for offspring; medical issues

COMPLICATIONS. This week could bring a new element into your situation, perhaps requiring a new approach or decision. With prudence highlighted in both your Six personal year and your Eight personal month, it's likely you are doing what you must, not always what you want over the next few weeks. Money could be spent on expensive necessities for home or business.

If anything happens to rock the boat, think back to how you handled past challenges (successfully). While your Six year vibration makes you hyper-aware of your responsibilities, some things are simply not in your control. This week might bring a new idea, unexpected pleasure, or reward (possibly a debt repayment). DO: Begin to tackle half-finished projects—or eliminate them from your to-do list altogether. DON’T: Worry about solving everyone's problems. Just do what you can. FOCUS ON: Seeing through the surface distractions.

Personal Year 7          INWARD TURNING. Less Desire for Striving, Status-seeking, Public Life; Desire to Get Away from it All; Questions of Your True Purpose in Life; May Be Researching or Studying; Desire for Simplicity or Slower Pace; Opportunity for a Sabbatical; May be Recovering from an Emotional Loss, or Feeling Lonely; Return to Faith; With 2019's Boost to Self-expression, A Creative Project Brings Deep Satisfaction

Personal Month 9         SPIRITUAL WISDOM. Knowing when it's time to complete or bring something to a close; potential for deep insights; need to forgive self and others; possible loss or sorrow; mixed emotions; may attend a spiritual workshop; foreign or long distance travel; revisit the past or take an educational journey; thoughts of retirement; humanitarian activities; financial gain through creative expression

LOVE WITH WISDOM. This week it is important to make a sound decision regarding medical advice or financial investments. Face the situation, and don't allow yourself to be swept away by fears that are unlikely to ever materialize. Decisions about retirement, travel, or relocation may have to be made or at least contemplated this week. Things are likely to be a bit confusing. Take time to sort out your options, and separate what you are afraid of and what might be truly worth pursuing. Your subconscious is working out the answers you seek. Looking back at this time at a future date, you might see it as pivotal.

While life changes may be subtle, you are in a time of transition, personal decisions, or re-thinking your goals. Unexpected news or actual change is more likely to appear sometime in March. DO: Find a way to improve your attitude (especially, if you’ve been discouraged) and appearance (if you’ve stopped healthy habits). The time is coming for action. DON’T: Be negative or resistant to suggestions. FOCUS ON: Connection to your spiritual beliefs.

Personal Year 8         PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, FINANCIAL DECISIONS, LEGALITIES. Many Challenges, Hard Work, and Problem-solving; Sense of Satisfaction, Harvest, and Abundance; May Be Building a Business or Working in a Large Organization; Professional Accomplishments such as Publishing, Performing, Traveling are Enhanced with 2019's Lucky Three Synchronicity; May Decide to Join the Military or Police Forces; Possibility for Dealing With Criminal Justice or Medical Establishment; Buying, Selling, Investing Require Logic, Good Judgment, and Negotiating Skills

Personal Month 1         UNEXPECTED OPPORTUNITY. Good fortune; renewed energy to take action in spite of earlier hesitations; potential for a favorable move; life-changing decisions; starting a new business or attracting important professional relationships; profitable business trip, award, or promotion; new situation in life

A BLAZE OF GLORY. This week may bring a chance to shine, and show a special talent or come up with a great idea. You realize that your unconscious is always tracking the situation, and is the force behind intuition. If working you might be basking in your boss's appreciation. Perhaps you are part of a team of experts that has been brought in to save the day. Progress is exciting, but also could bring extra stress, especially in these next few days. You could be purchasing a relatively expensive item.

If living with someone, you might feel like presenting new information or making an announcement (perhaps to do with money or career). If single and dating, this week might offer some interesting new people, especially in a posh environment. DO: Be loving to a spouse; if single, take time to communicate with friends or potential new love interests. DON’T: Let fear or self-doubt cloud your mind, especially when you are tired at the end of the day. FOCUS ON: A personal best approach to everything you do this week.

Personal Year 9          END OF A NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Time to Complete Outstanding Projects; Thoughts about the Past and the Future; Thinking about Retirement or Ending a Negative Relationship; 2019's Flirtatious Three Energy Boosts Possibility of a Sudden Romantic Involvement; Potential for Loss of an Older Relative; Emotional Fluctuations; Strong Potential for Unexpected Good Fortune; Desire for Foreign Travel; Artistic and Educational Activities

Personal Month 2         LOVING FRIENDSHIPS. This month highlights your connections to supportive and caring people; you feel more content with your life with less urge to push or rush; a complicated situation requires insight and patience; a romantic relationship could be joyful or upsetting; time to accept what is and take a philosophical attitude; a time of tender emotions or temporary discouragement

LOVE AND MONEY. Imagine yourself waking up every morning this week with more energy and aliveness. Oh, why not? What gets your heart beating faster? Your situation could use a little adjustment to make it more to your liking. Despite plodding along in your routine, it doesn't hurt to visualize (and emotionally charge up the image) a scenario in which you see yourself joyful and playful.

While a blowup could occur with someone this week, it's also a good time to patch up an argument or visit friends. On a more mundane level, clean out your wardrobe. Make space for new energy (not just more stuff). You may even get inspired to explore new activities. Low feelings start to dissolve as you contemplate possibilities for a short get-away. DO: Be cheerful and uplift friends who need your support. DON’T: Get into pity-party conversations. FOCUS ON: Spending time with younger people, learning something, or community activities.