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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
June 25 through July 1, 2018


Your Personal Year is specific to your birth date and cycles through nine-years of development. You begin the work of the cycle in a One Personal Year, and end it in a Nine Personal Year. Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2018:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2018.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2018 = Personal Year

1 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 28 = (2 + 8) = 10 (1+ 0) = 1 Personal Year in 2018

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below

according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1           First Year of New Nine-year Cycle; New Interests May Emerge all Year; May Desire to Initiate a New Phase but a bit Hesitant; Could be Thinking of Self-employment or Starting a Business; An Important Relationship May Influence Your Life; May Change Lifestyle Through Marriage, Retirement, A Move, or Career Change; Increased Self-confidence

Personal Month 7        June brings a desire for reflection, a slower pace, detoxing; you may be away from your routine or feeling the absence of a loved one; disquieting news may lead to temporary adjustments; focused on a personal project or subject of study; strong sense of intuitive guidance; looking within for answers; not ready to strike out into unfamiliar territory; may be laid off or on vacation

CONSIDERING OPTIONS. Under thoughtful Seven, this week could have you mulling over an idea, but not ready yet to take action. You could receive news that halts a plan you thought was in place. A minor illness or sprain could have you on the sidelines for a while. Review proposals and financial documents (and online purchases) carefully now, even if you’ve read them over before. Since you might be spending less time on chores, you could be heading for a campsite or road trip. If looking for work, the quiet voice of intuition pays off.

If you just started a romantic relationship, one of you may be drawing back. There’s still a lot of interest on both sides, but taking some space may make both of you feel better. Listen to your body this week. No need to rush anything. Try not to draw conclusions until you have more info. FOCUS ON: The approach that gives you the most peace of mind.

Personal Year 2          With Matching Two Universal Year, This Year Brings Flow, Perfect Timing, and Synchronicity; Relationships of all Kinds are a Huge Part of Happiness and Success; Desire for Friendship, Romantic Love, and Community Involvement; May Get Involved in Art, Design, Computer Training, Health Care; Interest in Yoga, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty; Pace May Slow at Times; You Develop Strong Intuition; May be Coordinating or Mediating

Personal Month 8         June brings a marked increase in productivity; however, you might be going along with an agenda that feels like a less than perfect solution; in this Two year you could be getting married, divorced, or buying property now; legal matters, leases, or contracts may need attention; possible encounter bureaucracy; power struggles in relationships over finances

STAYING CLEAR. A new opportunity or request for your advice brings out the best in you this week. If working, keep a high profile by coming in early and putting out a great day's work. With ambitious Eight promoting your platform, you could be attending or planning a conference, beta-testing a product, getting a raise, or reviewing investments.

Work and duty tends to dominate your time now, even though you'd love to spend more time with a special person. It's possible that an obstacle will be removed this week, allowing more free time. If single and looking, take a second look at someone you've already met. You are on a success track. Keep in mind your true priorities, attend to details as they come up, and strengthen key relationships. FOCUS ON: A generous spirit.

Personal Year 3          A Year Bringing Creative Juices; Desire to Enjoy Life; With Socially-conscious Universal Two Your Friendships Increase; May Join An Association; Potential for Childbirth or Time with Children; Potential for Travel, More Free Time, Love Affairs

Personal Month 9        June's tendency for emotional drama could cause you to fall in love or out; a creative project wraps up successfully; good fortune outweighs any causes for sadness; potential for long-distance travel, exciting encounters, recreation, and humanitarian activities; may come into money unexpectedly; joy

HAPPY ENDINGS. Good-fortune Nine vibe this month could facilitate the resolution of a long-standing issue this week. You could be happily waving goodbye to an irritating person. This energetic influence overrides any procrastination. With all the earmarks of a Golden Week, notice how often things fall into place. In the best of worlds, you would be banking your lottery winnings, or be on a fabulous dream vacation. If not, enjoy a weekend party with friends!

Romantically, this week could sizzle. Love could be either blossoming or kissing you goodbye! A family member could be visiting or going away for the summer. Things are flowing, usually in a good way. If engaged in a conflict, apologize and agree to move forward. If dating, do a background check. Avoid grumbling about (or looking for) problems. Either let it go or do something about it. FOCUS ON: Live and let live.

Personal Year 4          A Year Requiring Planning and Practical Decisions; Commitments, Marriage, Partnerships are Highlighted with Friendly Universal Two Year; Desire for Stability; Pursuing Education Goals or Building Projects; Desire for Larger Living Space; Economical Choices

Personal Month 1       June gives a feeling of starting fresh; you may solve a problem or embrace a new development; you feel more ready for change; a decision could result in a move or productive activities; more confidence, courage, and assertiveness; may be literally building something

GIFTS. Forces may be coming together this week, allowing you to make headway on a project or new direction. An offer of support or deep-seated insight could melt away fears and anxieties. You generally feel more optimistic. All systems say, Go! This time favors building, investing, renovating, and healing.

If single and looking, you might make some new friends this week, or meet someone through a work-related event. This meeting might occur while you are doing something new or unfamiliar (Conference? Graduation? Wedding? Browsing The Home Depot?). If no one new shows up, maybe it's time to just enjoy more time with friends. Follow your intuition. Getting exercise energizes your whole system. FOCUS ON: Being involved with what really matters to you.

Personal Year 5         A Year of Surprises; May Have to Make Adjustments to Handle Changes; Restlessness Increases; With Universal Two You May Decide to Make Some Changes in a Partnership; Periods of Conflicting Schedules; Likelihood of Travel, Affairs, Break-ups, Change of Heart, Activism

Personal Month 2        During June something may be on hold; even better results emerge next month; don't skip over important details; keep relevant people in the loop to avoid hurt feelings; may be hesitating before making a big move or change; good time to be supportive with friendships and relationships; it's time to cooperate and be agreeable

SEE-SAW. This week could find you feeling a bit muddled in your thinking, or feeling a bit lethargic. This may be a time to just relax a bit more. You either need better information, or you need to sort out what you have to make sure it is still relevant. A friend's opinion could weigh on your mind. A likely slower pace gives you time to take care of little projects or meet friends for coffee. Travel plans could be starting to take shape—for vacation or business. If looking for work you might have an interview but be kept waiting.

If married you may have a minor altercation that is soon brought back to harmony. If single, you might be more aware of all the happy couples you see now. A chance conversation could have you considering group travel packages. FOCUS ON: Listening, socializing, exploring.

Personal Year 6          A Year of Increased Responsibility; With Universal Two Year, Very Strong Tendency for Marriage and Partnership; Community Involvement; Care of Relatives; Focus on Health; Strong Desire to Save for the Future; Finding a More Comfortable Home; Happiness

Personal Month 3        June brings a multitude of interesting opportunities; may be on vacation (or stay-cation); desire to explore, dance, get involved with hobbies; potential for birth or matters involving offspring; cause for optimism; happiness; contentment; health improves; may be flooded with ideas, but not sure where to focus

GO FISHING. With playful Three's monthly vibe, you want to kick up your heels and take a break. You may already be on vacation, or packing a lunch and a good book to take to the beach. If you have small children in your life, you may be enjoying more family time. You may also be packing the kids off to grandparents so you can go away.

If married and feeling grumpy, make your mate laugh. This week you may have time to take a friend out for a special treat. Someone needs cheering up, but it isn’t you. A wonderful week for splashing in the pool, taking cooking lessons, or bringing home a new baby. Keep it simple and avoid getting entangled in other people’s problems. FOCUS ON: Comfort and joy.

Personal Year 7        A Year Bringing Discoveries, Realizations, Inner Development; With Universal Two Expect a Slower Pace or Desire for Time-out; Potential for Estrangement with a Relative (Especially Female); Periods of Solitude or Study; Absorbing Interests; Unusual Events

Personal Month 4         Worries or a desire to focus stimulates you to plan with a practical eye; may be working hard on a special project; purchases of necessary items could impact your budget plans; beginning to have a strong desire to eliminate waste or debt; could be starting a project from the ground up (or starting over with a better plan)

GLADNESS. Four's on-point monthly vibe is giving you exactly what you need this week. It is a little bit like making lemonade out of the lemons in your life. You long for the quiet shade of the garden now, but work and duties may be heating up. You could be learning a new skill or editing a long-standing creative project. Implementing an intuitive hunch could save you a lot of time. This is a period where it's important to be practical, intuitive, and inventive—a combination which could bring a spectacular result.

New loves might have problems that have been swept under the carpet up to now. Old loves benefit from some TLC. If engaged you could be working on wedding plans, or beginning to think it's better to elope and save your money. If single, looking for love seems like too much effort this week. Don’t worry, energy and optimism grow stronger over the next few weeks. FOCUS ON: Precision.

Personal Year 8         A Year of Many Achievements; Focus on Investing or Stock Market; With Universal Two, Expect Higher Potential for Marriage or Divorce; Issues with Business Partnerships; Working with Female Boss; May Have Surgery if Needed; Desire for Either Down-sizing or Upgrading

Personal Month 5        June brings a desire to break out of any limiting situations; an announcement could open up the possibility of a new direction; unexpected news may completely change how you were seeing the future; general restlessness; desire to explore; potentially traveling for business or on an expensive vacation or honeymoon

EMERGENCE. While your Five monthly vibe has given you, up til now, sketchy details about how to handle an issue, this week you see more clearly what to do—or at least what to try. A situation or plan that seemed solid could start to shift. It’s not bad. It just shows how little control you have over other people and the rest of the world! If working in sales, you may be very successful now, especially when you tapping into rapport skills.

With your romantic partner, you decide to say what you mean. Sex could go a long way to smoothing tensions. If single, you could be enjoying a busy dating schedule, causing some strain on your wallet. Vacation plans may change, causing extra expense. Generally this week, try to be flexible, and don't hesitate to explore something new. You grow by taking risks. FOCUS ON: Having an adventurous attitude.

Personal Year 9        The End of Your Nine-year Cycle; A Transition Time to Re-group, Complete, or Prepare to Move On; With Universal Two, You May Have Changes in a Partnership; Time to Forgive; Elderly Relative May Pass; Possible Time to Retire; Travel, Inheritance, Peacefulness

Personal Month 6        June brings many duties and responsibilities; more likely to stay home than go on vacation; travel, however, may be to visit relatives or for educational purposes; domestic satisfaction; may have an elderly female relative pass away or be designated to execute the will; renovations to your living space; health may need attention; a child may be graduating

SOCIAL PRESSURE. This week you have many calls to make and plans to finalize. You cannot act solely on your own wishes now, as others rely on you. You dearly want to finish a project or phase, but may have to delay until you can clear away more pressing issues. If working, you may be filling in for vacationing co-workers. If involved in service, teaching, or consulting you are very busy helping others get what they want.

It's likely that you have family events to attend, which could bring an old relationship to the party. Family members could also be irritating, requiring you to use tact and self-restraint. If single, a mutual friend could introduce you to someone interesting. Community events or fundraisers are socially fun. Try to keep a cool head and get some down time on the weekend. Avoid making a financial decision when motivated by guilt. FOCUS ON: Being authentic.