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December 19 through December 25, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1        The Start of a New Nine-year Cycle Bringing a Desire for New Directions; A Year for Self-improvement, Becoming an Entrepreneur or Consultant; Time of Success and Development of New Skills; Adventure; Turning Points; Challenges and Competitions

Personal Month 4       End-of-the-year organization; time to gather and file any business tax receipts by the end of the month; considering a new health regime; decision to upgrade an appliance; purchase of household improvements or decision to just “make-do”; desire for getting clear about future plans; minor delays; health symptoms

UNITY. This week is certain to bring you more things to juggle than in recent years. Details are fracturing your flow at the moment as you figure out how to make it all happen. Some may be having a very different kind of holiday than usual. With your cautious Four vibration in this last part of the year, your aim is to keep some of the spirit and traditions, while enjoying some new people or occasions. Even though the days go fast this week, remember to step back now and then and just appreciate your blessings. This whole month has had its share of practical decisions, but each day take a moment to stop and consider the present moment. As your year is coming to a close, in the wee hours you are likely feeling drawn in a new direction. You may be thinking that you don't quite have all your ducks in a row, but are secretly looking forward to having a clean(er) slate soon.

Starting January 1, your Personal Year shifts to a Two—the year of relationships and new associations! If single and looking for love, perhaps your secret resolution is either to stay single or to become more social, as in “I'm fine the way I am” or “I'd like to meet someone special.' DO: Use this last part of the year to organize and refresh something in your living space. Give away four things you never use. DON’T: Fall into pessimistic thinking if things are not the way you want them to be right now. Despite any setbacks, let go of needing to ruminate endlessly. Imagine that everything is going exactly as it is supposed to. KEY: Avoid talking about the “struggles” you are facing. Better to be quiet, peaceful, and appreciative of small comforts.

Personal Year 2       A Year to Develop Positive Associations Career-wise, and Keep Personal Relationships Nurtured; A Year of Steady Growth Requiring Patience and Cooperation with Circumstances; Increased Desire for Affection and Romantic Love

Personal Month 5      Sudden desire for change or freedom from a restricting situation; need to express feelings without creating harmful consequences; conflicts with friends or your partner can be shifted if you take a more open-minded approach; time to remember “this too shall pass”

INSPIRATIONAL. This week could bring an invitation or opportunity. Last weeks woes or tiredness disappears for the next few days, as you get more fully engaged in the festive present. Gatherings with old and young people, activities, and conferences—even a cruise—are all possibly on your calendar. Even though this past year has, at times, felt like slow motion, a new idea could begin to seem workable this week. If working, this week could bring a lot of last minute adjustments. You may have to fill in for someone's illness or unexpected trip out of town. Job-seekers could have a job offered or retracted on short notice. Make sure all communications are delivered in a timely manner.

Couples are likely to be busy and tempers are short. If you can get past the angst of getting all your presents wrapped, social life will be a lot more enjoyable. A friend or acquaintancecould arrive from out of town. If single, social events are likely to bring new acquaintances. A short or unexpected trip might arise when you decide to throw caution to the winds! Other surprises, such as unexpected tickets to a performance, may also come your way. Starting January 1, you will be moving into the dynamic, creative, fertile, and expressive Three Personal Year. In the new year expect to have more energy and motivation to express yourself in positive ways (exercise, better diet, getting your novel started or starting a family.) DO: Be active, flexible, and follow your curiosity. DON’T: Fall into old ruts of negativity. The times call for change! KEY: Change one habit for every day for seven days and notice any differences.

Personal Year 3       A Year of Changing Priorities; More Desire for Free Time; May Take up a Hobby; Births; Children; Love Affairs; Romance; Popularity; Desire to Write, Paint, or Perform

Personal Month 6     Highlights family, home, and domestic responsibilities; may be bringing a new member of the family home; feelings of joy and gratitude; surprising good fortune during the holidays; sense of security and optimism; may be entertaining relatives or making a short visit to them

SATISFACTION IN GREAT MEASURE. If you have been dealing with a seemingly hard-to-solve problem, this week may change the tide to the positive. Even if nothing seems to have changes, you get an inner feeling that everything is going to turn out okay at the end of the day. For some this tends to be an exceptionally joyous week, as you connect with those who mean the most to you.

Trying to make everybody happy could seem like you need to be in two places at once. Before you get embroiled in your usual family dynamics, make a plan with your mate (or yourself) for the best way to handle predictable family squabbles. Before you go, promise yourself not to go for the bait. Listen to divergent (or just plain weird) opinions as if you were an anthropologist gathering data. For those who have “interrogator” parents, remember, you don’t have to answer every question.

The Six vibration you have this month and week could mean you are a bit vulnerable to feeling guilty. It's fine if you can afford it, but if tempted to spend too much on someone's gift or pay for dinner for the whole gang, remember your priorities and budget. Starting January 1, you’ll be moving into the vibration of the Four Personal Year—more practical and grounded. You will begin to feel more determination to complete or work on a goal. Now, however, this is a terrific week for singles to have fun. Update your look, get a new haircut or lipstick. DO: Have a little party with friends at home this New Year’s. Let your family know how much you care. DON’T: Let a chance remark grow into a fantasy—or at least separate fact from fiction. KEY: Use creativity to visualize the solution to your concern or problem.

Personal Year 4       A Year for Planning and Thinking About What you Want Now and in the Future; Time to Cut Non-essential Spending; When in Doubt Make Practical Decisions ; Desire to Stabilize, Commit, Build; Lack of Attention Could Bring Disastrous Outcomes; Physical Health Needs Better Care

Personal Month 7     A period of quiet regeneration; possible increase in worries about your own or someone else's health; desire to clear out stuff, simplify, and brighten your surroundings; feelings of tiredness or resignation may surface; time to review and think, but may want to hold off on making important decisions; be attentive while driving, walking, and traveling

CONTEMPLATION. While some may feel especially creative now and are making gifts for the holidays, others will want to give into a desire for rest and quiet. It's very likely that you feel not quite in sync with all the holiday hubbub. If working, an office party may not be optional for you, but you may find yourself not really in the mood for social patter. If you have been under the weather lately, a little quiet time could greatly improve your outlook and physical energy. Avoid dwelling on the materialism of the season by celebrating quietly at home—or take a short trip to the seashore, mountains, or desert. Remember back to your tribal life hibernating in the cave while winter winds roared.

A heart-to-heart conversation could prove inspiring, and reveal a different side to someone whom you thought you knew well. Starting January 1, you are moving into the dynamic energy of a Five Personal Year. DO: Be open to the idea that it's time for a new direction, or start thinking more seriously about options you would like to pursue. DON’T: Worry about what to do this week—just let it happen. KEY: Spiritual harmony, practicality, and simplicity.

Personal Year 5       A Mid-cycle Course Correction; Conflicts Could Lead to Big Change; A Stronger to Make Adjustments that Bring You Closer to Your True Needs; Controversy, Passion, A New Outlook on Life

Personal Month 8     Feeling that it is time to come to a decision; unexpected financial transactions; may get a raise or promotion; desire to make changes in your career; starting a savings account; making a down payment on a home; buying or selling property or dealing with legal authorities; may be involved with insurance claims; desire to get out of a contract

UNEXPECTED BENEFITS. A tide of well-being is coming your way, but you can't avoid some obligatory scenarios. You might find a little extra cash in your stocking on Christmas, or just a warm phone call from someone you thought was out of the picture. You are likely to be in a generous mood yourself this week. Finances in general could require a bit of attention this week—or you may have to sign a lease or make a decision on a big ticket item. Generally, it's best to keep a lid on impulsive spending (sorry, the Porsche will be there next year). A business-like attitude continues to be a safer bet when you consider the consequences. For some, an outstanding issue may be delayed until next week or beyond.

As the social broadcaster you are spread good cheer. On the home front, you are likely planning to give your mate something special (or expensive) this year for the holidays. If your family situation has been stressed over money or health, you may be happily surprised by how well things turn out this week. Some may even be getting married (or eloping) this week. It's a wonderful time for a honeymoon or the birth of a child. Starting January 1, you are moving into the vibration of a Six Personal Year. Your thoughts may already be turning towards home, security, and family duties. Your commitment to improving your health and financial security grows. Next year, you also may decide to finish a project that you had on hold-- or even start working on a college degree. Community, family, and close ties provide much satisfaction in the coming year. DO: Look forward. Opportunities that you previously rejected may appear in a different light in a few weeks. DON’T: Overlook potential costs and downsides of decisions large or small. Even though a situation may not be ideal, you are likely to decide not to rock the boat right now. KEY: Swift, intelligent action.

Personal Year 6        A Year of Responsibility, Stability, and Commitment; May Marry or Divorce; Family Matters are Top Priority; Feelings of Getting Settled; Desire to Give Back; May Volunteer, Teach, Mentor, Advocate, or Counsel

Personal Month 9     A feeling that time is growing short; tends to be an emotional period alternating at moments between sadness and joy; may say goodbye to someone dear or an older relative; visits to people far away; family gatherings; tendency to be extravagant in gift-giving

FEELINGS OF JOY. This week could bring a realization about how much you care about someone. The past may rise up in your thoughts when you least expect it. You are in a fortunate period which sometimes brings tangible rewards, such as a little extra cash, an unexpected gift or bonus. An old friend could get in touch—or you could feel inspired creatively. As you go about your daily routine, keep things extra light and positive this week. You may be inspired to contribute money to a humanitarian organization. With the Nine vibration bringing certain things to a close this month, you have a sense of letting things pan out as they will. Job-seekers could be working at a temporary holiday job. Prospects look good for January of next year.

Nine gives and takes. You may have some passing moments of joy or depression, as personal or worldly events make a deeper impression on you. For many this highly charged, expansive and surprising month could be one of your more memorable holidays. Despite the usual holiday stress, it's easier now for you to see the bigger picture.. Big things could happen now, and some may marry, elope, or bring a child into the world. It's a wonderful time for social life and even flirtations. Care of parents could also increase now, but you are happy to have this time together. Starting January 1, you will be moving into the spiritually deepening time of the 7 Personal Year. If you have a few quiet moments this week, give some thought to what you would most like to do with your time next year. DO: Be practical, open-minded and forgiving of things that are not going to change easily, as you head into the new vibration. Clearing clutter brings deep feelings of relief and joy. DON’T: Dwell in negative feelings. Remember it’s all in the past now. KEY: Feel gratitude for what you have; complete projects large or small; show compassion for someone who is suffering. Peace of mind comes from letting go of the desire to change or control others.

Personal Year 7       Time for Inner Development; Desire to Leave the Rat Race and Simplify; Desire to Focus and Get to the Bottom; Ability to Concentrate on Intellectual Projects or Research; Enjoy Taking a Slower Pace; May have an Unexpected Turn of Events; Secrets or Discoveries; Affairs

Personal Month 1      May experience a sudden change, opportunity, or clarity about a move; events might now require a decision; when in doubt, focus on courage, authenticity, and confidence; try something new; may be invited to a spiritual event or participate in a workshop; writers may win a competition

WONDERMENT. This could be a surprisingly pleasant or even exciting week for many. You may be looking forward to an invitation or chance to dress up for a change. The urge to move or upgrade your job outlook or living situation could also become stronger this month. Feeling a bit adventurous, you think about jumping onto the next flight to Tahiti, Costa Rica, or Paris. Desire to stretch yourself in a new direction could have you writing your bucket list. Your New Year’s resolution is likely to be centered around finding ways to improve finances, start a business, or get a better job. You instinctively feel you will be in a better position to go forward next year.

For singles this week is likely to offer a chance to meet a new charming person who has similar life values. For those further down the relationship road, this week and the days to come present a great time for a lovely wedding, an elopement, or a honeymoon. Some couples could get pregnant now. Starting January 1, you are moving into the powerful Eight Personal Year. A surprising end to a long-standing condition could easily occur in January. By February you are actively pursuing a new direction. DO: Enjoy positive expectations about your future, AND remember to enjoy the present moment. DON’T: Get embroiled in useless arguments. Take the high road. KEY: Fresh air, physical activity, or a new haircut will raise your spirits.

Personal Year 8       Seeing Results from Your Past Eight Year's Work; Feeling of Achievement or Promotion; a Sense of Interior Confidence and Mastery; Can Bring Confrontations with Law, Justice, Finances, or Property Rights; Need to be Logical Rather than Emotional; Increase Efforts on Something Important

Personal Month 2       Relationship issues start to occupy your mind despite heavy pressures from work or finances; your desire for balance and peace is strong, so you are more willing to cut people slack; this month requires much patience, tact, and negotiating

OBSERVING BENEFITS. A great week for seeing people you've been too busy to see up till now. However, a lot of little details or communications also need to be sorted out. You may have to be especially nice to someone you are not too keen on. If you normally are always looking for problems or what can go wrong, relax a little bit now. Notice how things fall into place, more often than not. Practice smiling more (this really works in strange ways to improve your life!) and quietly contribute a positive outlook that strengthens bonds with others. Job-seekers may be filling out applications or feeling a little more upbeat about possibilities. If financial stress has been taking its toll on a relationship, agree to do something simple together (walking, a movie, watching the dogs in the park.) Others are more open to hearing what you have to say now. If you talk straight from your heart, agreements will be much easier to find. Avoid over-imbibing at a social event.

Starting January 1, you will be moving into the powerful Nine Personal Year. As you go through a natural clearing and healing process during 2017, your life may offer you many new opportunities. DO: Try softening your approach to any frustrating issue. DON’T: Fall apart if something doesn’t work out the way you expected this week. KEY: Find that balance between your needs and those of others—without guilt!

Personal Year 9      Natural End to a Nine-year Cycle; Feelings of Completion, Letting Go; May Have a Period of Loss or Sorrow; Intense Emotions from Falling in Love to Depression; Retirement; Long-distance Travel; Thinking About Your Next Phase of Life; Need for a Philosophical Outlook and Going With the Flow

Personal Month 3      A time of joy; birth and re-birth; good luck; fascinating encounters; tendency to be extravagant in gift-giving; very social period with much happiness; very optimistic about the future; may be on vacation or treating family members to something special

HAPPINESS. A sense of optimism has you light on your feet this week, despite the normal holiday storm and dramas. Buying a lottery ticket seems like a good idea this week! Look for synchronicity and good luck to move you into just the right place at the right time. I know—you are going to tell me that nothing lucky ever happens to you, aren’t you? Well, this week is the time for relaxing and enjoying yourself—unless you happen to work in retail! Job-seekers: Forget about it. Enjoy the season.

The time calls for doing what floats your boat. Have a small party or dinner for friends, go to a film, spend fun times with children, or go on a date or two if single. It’s party time—even in a quiet way. DO: Even if flat broke, spend an afternoon in the park or at the library to be with yourself and refresh your spirits. DON’T: Overspend if you can help it. Money doesn't buy love, and right now (in the completion vibe of a Nine year) you need to let go of things, not acquire them. KEY: Finding a way to focus on positive experiences, rather than automatically looking for problems that create an ambience of worry or pessimism. Remember, what you focus on tends to come into your life. On January 1, you will be starting a whole new Nine year cycle! Get ready to initiate some real change in your life.

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