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April 17 through April 23, 2017


Your recurring nine-year cycles always begin with the One Personal Year. You complete the work of the cycle in a Nine Personal Year. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2017:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2017.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2017 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8= 9 Personal Year in 2017

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1         A New Level or Focus; Fresh Start; Beginning of 9-year Cycle; Tends to Bring New Opportunities; Potential for a Surge of Success, Increase in Feelings of Self-confidence; Courage to Take Action; New Ideas; Moves;

Personal Month 5        Unexpected consequences; feelings of restlessness; desire for change or upgrades; changes in relationships or understanding someone in a different way; many irons in the fire; feeling scattered at times but generally optimistic; weight gain may trigger a desire to get more exercise

MAGNETIC. Your ability to attract exactly what you need is very strong this month. The key to success now is to remember your priorities. Quickly assess distractions as to whether they bring exactly what you need (surprisingly so), or are just distractions. If surrounded by turmoil generated by others, try to remain neutral and don't get trapped into ultimately meaningless trivialities. You may feel the impulse to jump into things now, but this week take a moment to listen to your intuition. A feeling that you need to take action immediately could be a power play rooted in the ego's desire to make things seem more important than they are, or give you the illusion that you can control everything. Good things tend to happen when traveling for business or pleasure.

If work involves selling, marketing, or creative development this is a good time to make a presentation, sell a big account, work remotely, or just goof off in a sunny place. With tax time behind you, you feel a sense of freedom and optimism. DO: Get out and about. DON’T: Let your imagination run wild if feeling uncertain. KEY: Make a small but powerful change that could release an old pattern of self-criticism (e.g., making needed diet changes, getting more sleep, or finding time for a hobby.)

Personal Year 2        Develop a Wider Network of Associations and Relationships; Nourish Romance, Beauty, and Art; Partnerships; Career Stability; Administrative Details; Growth and Development of Ideas; Care of Others

Personal Month 6       A time to be responsive to outside demands; increased desire to show up, and pay attention to what the world is trying tell you; some could be having a child, getting married, or buying a house; time of social and economic advancement; feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, optimism, and quiet pride; taking care of others

BOWING. This week tends to highlight domestic concerns. Some might be moving in with a partner or making a marriage proposal. If you haven't seen much of your mate lately, make time to check-in—have a few laughs and cover serious issues with tenderness. With a Universal One Year, major changes may be encouraged. Conception, birth, child-related issues are highlighted now. Communications with co-workers, family members, and children could take a serious turn, so avoid making mountains out of molehills.

Despite a busy schedule, make a point to relax and spend time with those you love, including your pet. Since social networking is important now, you may attend or help organize a celebration this week. DO: Upgrade your living space or clothing. Look your best when leaving your home. DON’T: Spread gossip or shoot down someone's dream. KEY: Comfort foods, reading in bed, patience, and sending loving thoughts to others.

Personal Year 3        An Expanding Year of Increased Opportunities, Creativity and Self-expression; Expect More Free Time to Do Things You Enjoy; Joyful Moments

Personal Month 7      Possible creative conflict; you may have to “sell” an idea to someone; you may need more or better data; discoveries or realization about something you have suspected; may have questions about a social comment or relationship you thought you knew well; longing to get away and forget everything; good time for a mini-vacation

CATALYST. Recent events or news could have you rethinking things. Although spring is in the air, you may feel a twinge of sadness or turn a bit reflective. Things are progressing well, albeit more slowly than you may wish. Stress needs to be balanced out with quiet time, a simple diet, and more hours of sleep when possible. Try to avoid needless worry, spacing out with too much TV, or emotional over-eating. As you take measures to rejuvenate, a medical condition may ease or clear up; at the very least you feel more energized by week’s end.

This is a good time for mental endeavors, such as language lessons, writing a report, or working on that screenplay you put in the closet. You may be inspired by attending a spiritual meeting or finding a perfect book (it falls off the shelf into your hands!) DO: Express yourself clearly and with confidence, especially with anyone who you secretly find intimidating. DON’T: Be overly critical of those who come to you with a new idea; avoid giving advice unless asked. KEY: Creative activities; spiritual pursuits; anything which rejuvenates.

Personal Year 4        A Year of Growing Stability; Time for Planning, Foresight, Common Sense and Practical Decisions; Possible Obstacles or Delays Due to Rules, Regulations, or Lack of Capital; Time to Stay the Course and Not Give Up

Personal Month 8       Reality seems to come crashing in; likely to have major career or financial decisions; may decide to buy or sell items; hasty actions could have expensive consequences; feeling of wanting to move up the ladder; job interviews; training or business travel; moving to a more expensive apartment; need to appear sharp and efficient; possible encounter with the law; could be starting a new business

TRUTH TELLING TIME. The hand writing may be on the wall this week. Something you have been in denial about suddenly is driven home. If your schedule has been a bit overwhelming, try stepping back and re-writing your priority list. How much is busy work that really doesn't count toward true results? In the long run, it's likely that that you are doing better than you think. Just tune in to your inner Boss and act with confidence. It's great to be responsible and plan ahead, but avoid dwelling on future doomsday scenarios. Whatever you really need will be provided. Enjoy this period of opportunity and productivity.

This could be a very powerful and productive week given the extra boost from the Universal One Year. DO: Maintain your sense of humor. Take advantage of this window of time to call significant people linked to career or financial development, finish a report, or make sales calls. DON’T: Let a rumor concern you. (It doesn’t concern you.) KEY: Maintain a practical, business-like attitude and total commitment to success. You’ve handled harder things before, right?

Personal Year 5       Interesting Times; Chance or Desire to Broaden Your Life; Take Classes; Travel; Change Jobs; A Year to Make Adjustments that Improve or Uplift Your Life; Setbacks Show a Silver Lining and Make You Wiser, Stronger, and More Resilient

Personal Month 9      Possible moments of turmoil; strong feelings or reactions to events; potential for good fortune or loss; ending of a phase; motivation increases to change your life; something may end end abruptly; something lost may come back; potential for big changes, long-distance travel to visit relatives; may travel one or more times

AFTERMATH. You may have had some story weather already this year, and now you are doing a bit of mopping up. Despite some people’s rather gloomy attitude, you are in a period which could bring good luck in different forms. For example, good news from faraway could have you jumping for joy. This opportunistic time is excellent for selling products or promoting creative work. An unexpected encounter leaves you feeling inspired!

Lovers can make up now if true respect and understanding are present. Singletons, you may find an opportunity to attend a social gathering or a professional conference. It’s likely now that you might make a new friend or discover a romantic interest. You may even be surprised by an email from an old friend or lover. DO: Be positive but realistic. DON’T: Spend a moment more on worry or negative thinking. KEY: Express gratitude for the endless flow of abundance in your life.

Personal Year 6        A Year Bringing Thoughts of Love, Duty, and Responsibility; Desire to Change One's Life and Put Down Roots; Potential for Marriage, Birth, or Separation; Desire to Own One's Own House; Care of Relatives; May be Involved in Teaching, Social Service, or Community Building

Personal Month 1      Changes in domestic situation or home, new interest or new direction may emerge; changes due to health concerns; may be starting a project, writing a proposal, or taking a new class or training; desire to take action on a cherished goal may have to be postponed due to duties to others; desire to make life more comfortable, balanced, and cozy

BLOSSOMING. Believe it or not, this could be one of your best weeks all year! Despite the appearance of limiting external circumstances, you see more possibilities and feel more confident about choices you need to make. Be open to a new creative alliance with someone you like and respect. This is an excellent period for those wishing to increase their family, get engaged, or just fall madly in love. The emphasis is on favorable new beginnings. Health improves.

A job change of move could be just what you've been waiting for. If not moving, move the furniture around and refresh your space. Buy a tomato plant or adopt a pet. DO: Be open to meeting new people or a challenging activity you have never done before. DON’T: Get stuck on details or trying to be “perfect.” KEY: An upbeat, generous response to life.

Personal Year 7        Possible Sabbatical Year; Time for Inner Development; Research; Desire for a Slower Pace; Disenchanted With Conventional Ideas; Deep Desire for Spiritual Understanding and Peace of Mind; Enjoying Moments of Solitude; Time to Focus, Research, Meditate, Walk, Improve Health Holistically

Personal Month 2       Relationships may have problems or break down; postponement of marriage or moving in (or out) together; need to step diplomatically around serious issues; need to listen to inner promptings; patience is required now; a tendency to analyze everything; desire to cut back on expenses; may hire or fire household help; concern for a daughter, sister, or mother

LAUGHTER. This week an improbably event or comment has you lightening up. If you’ve been cranky lately, review your commitments. Avoid certain people who drain your energy, and make a little more time for yourself. While Spring is in the air, and you may have many commitments to keep you from smelling the rose, try slowing down each day. Leave room for relaxation and rejuvenation. Less is more right now.

When intuition speaks, follow it up--perhaps with a call or email to someone, just to say hi. Women friends are quick to help you solve a problem or conflict. This unusual period could make it possible for you to renew or begin a love relationship, or consider developing a business partnership. This generally peaceful and happy time is excellent for getting together with friends, or making work presentations concerning artistic or technical material. Since a detail may require research, you may have to file an extension on your income taxes. DO: Send a thank you note or birthday card to someone. DON’T: Alienate an important person; keep a sense of humor without having to have the last word. KEY: Good communication and follow-up on details. Make others feel good.

Personal Year 8       A Somewhat Challenging Year; Potential for Realizing a Goal or Making Significant Achievement; Receiving a Promotion or Award; Increasing Sense of Self- control and Satisfaction; Need to Make Important Financial Decisions; Gain, Loss, Setbacks, Rebounding; May be Dealing with Authorities or the Law

Personal Month 3      Things are looking up; optimism; decisions to spend money on something pleasurable or frivolous; may receive unexpected money; desire to find a way to get paid to express your creativity; good time for working with children on expanding the family; desire to get away and have fun; may have three important choices in a matter; potential to win money or something special; may be on vacation or taking a break from routine and work; joy

GAINS. Your lucky streak continues this week! A tax refund quite possibly lightens your mood. If working, you may now enjoy parts of your job that previously seemed uninspiring. Events this week have you feeling almost psychic. As your mood lightens, you start to notice how often people talk about their fears. You realize that you don’t want to play that game anymore.

If your job involves sales, entertainment, or fashion, this could be a great week for seeing your efforts realized. A chance encounter with an old friend could bring a new idea or opportunity for future adventure. DO: Make friendly communication a priority all month, but especially this week. DON’T: Blow off a meeting that you think is unimportant; there could be a gem there. KEY: Three is your lucky number in all things this week.

Personal Year 9         End of a Nine-Year Cycle; Feels Like the End of a Phase; Uncertainty about the Future is Natural; Ready to Let Go; May Retire, Change Jobs, or Break up a Relationship; Care or Loss of Older Relatives; Desire to Give Back to Life; Humanitarian Interests; May Desire Foreign Travel; Desire to Live Abroad; Events Require Compassion and Understanding; Increased Interest in the Arts, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Politics

Personal Month 4        It's time to plan ahead, get organized; during this Nine Personal Year, you may now and then get the sense that something is winding down; if so, this month could require you to down-size, finish off a project, pay off a debt, so say goodbye to something; be practical as you make adjustments; feelings of frustration or discouragement are normal, so balance sacrifices with a little tender, loving care; a hug is on the way

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. If feelings have been up and down lately, there's a good chance you will feel much happier this week. After doing your taxes, you likely feel both inspired and dedicated to become more organized. If a project takes extra time, a co-worker might offer to help. If unemployed keep your eye out for a short-term job. “Thar's gold in them thar hills!”

A bill may be less than expected, or the landlord (or you) finally fixes your toilet or installs that backyard motion detector! Those irritating neighbors move out. DO: Keep to a plan, despite news of a delay. Organize any area of your life—such as your boxes of photographs or jewelry. Making progress in small tasks gives you a lift. DON’T: Let unfinished projects straggle on any further. KEY: Complete tasks that will make your life simpler or more beautiful in the long run, such as re-doing a resume, painting the living room, or taking old books or other items to the consignment or thrift store. Contribute time or money to a worthwhile cause.

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