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April 16 through April 22, 2018

Your Personal Year is specific to your birth date and cycles through nine-years of development. You begin the work of the cycle in a One Personal Year, and end it in a Nine Personal Year. Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2018:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2018.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2018 = Personal Year

1 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 28 = (2 + 8) = 10 (1+ 0) = 1 Personal Year in 2018

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below

according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1        First Year of New Nine-year Cycle; New Interests May Emerge all Year; May Desire to Initiate a New Phase but a bit Hesitant; Could be Thinking of Self-employment or Starting a Business; An Important Relationship May Influence Your Life; May Change Lifestyle Through Marriage, Retirement, A Move, or Career Change; Increased Self-confidence

Personal Month 5        Extremely busy or scattered; progressive action stops and starts; goals may change; strong desire to improve your situation or seek out new experiences; possible conflicts or conflicting options; travel is likely; less certainty than last month; health improves as long as stress is not too high

BOMBSHELL. You may be sensing a change coming that will definitely call for some quick decisions. With your unpredictable Five monthly vibe in an action-oriented One year—stay alert when changing lanes or changing jobs. You tend to be busy now. Keep your eye on your goal, and don't scatter your energy. You may be working hard, but super-synchronicity could surprise you in providing exactly what you need. If feeling anxious, take a break from depressing news and negative people. Keep your focus on the present. Plans made now may change anyway.

Interesting events could happen while traveling for business or pleasure. If your work involves selling, performing, or creative development this is a good time to make a presentation, sell a big account, or work remotely. If not working nine to five, you may be vacationing. If tax chores are finished, whoopee. KEY: Begin making a change that releases an old pattern of self-criticism.

Personal Year 2         With Matching Two Universal Year, This Year Brings Flow, Perfect Timing, and Synchronicity; Relationships of all Kinds are a Huge Part of Happiness and Success; Desire for Friendship, Romantic Love, and Community Involvement; May Get Involved in Art, Design, Computer Training, Health Care; Interest in Yoga, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty; Pace May Slow at Times; You Develop Strong Intuition; May be Coordinating or Mediating

Personal Month 6        Big focus on relationships; people want your attention; more commitments than usual; desire to be done with something; may have minor health issues; desire to be home as well as gather friends into your life; period is favorable for engagements, falling love, marriage (or divorce), expanding family, or changes in living space; concern about offspring or relatives; chance to travel may be limited

LOVE IT. Questions which may have arisen last month now begin to get resolved. This week, helpful people are coming forward. The next few days tend to highlight domestic concerns, especially with communications, social life, or children. You could be moving in with a partner or making a marriage proposal. If you haven't seen much of your mate lately, make time to check-in—have a few laughs and cover serious issues with tenderness. Conception, birth, child-related issues are highlighted now. Communications with co-workers or family members could take a serious turn, so avoid reacting too quickly or making mountains out of molehills.

Despite worries or a busy schedule, relax at the weekend even for a few hours after doing the laundry. Spend time with those you love, including your pet. Socializing brings various benefits now; you may attend or help organize a celebration or gathering this week. KEY: Comfort foods, reading in bed, patience. Practice sending mental appreciation to those who irritate you.

Personal Year 3         A Year Bringing Creative Juices; Desire to Enjoy Life; With Socially-conscious Universal Two Your Friendships Increase; May Join An Association; Potential for Childbirth or Time with Children; Potential for Travel, More Free Time, Love Affairs

Personal Month 7      Planned activities may be put on hold; time to trust intuition; interesting encounters or unusual invitation; trying to understand something; desire for time to study, hobbies, nature; away from home on business or pleasure; feeling of distance between you and someone else; can be a very creative time of mysterious inspiration; things seem to be in limbo; may want to wait to make a big move

INVESTIGATING. In this third week of spiritually-oriented Seven, you could be contemplating mortality or just reading a mystery book on the beach somewhere warm. With the promise of Spring, nature beckons. You start to entertain new possibilities. The pace of life may slow down a bit, but trust that things are progressing. Stress needs to be balanced out with quiet time, a simple diet, and more hours of sleep when possible. Try to avoid needless worry, or too much news. As you take measures to rejuvenate, a medical condition may ease or clear up.

This is a good time for mental endeavors, such as language lessons, writing a report, or working on that screenplay you put in the closet. A book with a perfect message for you at this time may fall into your hands. You may find inspiration for writing or a hobby. KEY: Rejuvenating creative activities.

Personal Year 4         A Year Requiring Planning and Practical Decisions; Commitments, Marriage, Partnerships are Highlighted with Friendly Universal Two Year; Desire for Stability; Pursuing Education Goals or Building Projects; Desire for Larger Living Space; Economical Choices

Personal Month 8        Strong desire to make progress; business or property deals; many practical concerns; stress due to negotiations or money management; more clarity about what's at stake; need for prudence and factual, dependable information; possible new job or promotion; possibly attending expensive social function; possible medical procedures or treatments

ACCELERATION. The results you have been working toward could be arriving soon. April's Eight vibe demands that you put your best foot forward, and be extra focused in doing the legwork toward your goals. If feeling overwhelmed, don't try to be Superman or Superwoman. Simplify. Eliminate busy work. Overall, it's quite likely that that you are doing better than you think. Just tune in to your inner Boss and act with confidence. Be realistic, take a calculated risk, and don't dwell on doomsday scenarios. Whatever you need will be provided. Enjoy this period of opportunity and productivity.

Maintain your sense of humor. Keep in touch with significant people linked to personal, career, or financial goals. You may have to test out a new system this week and collect data. Don't let naysayers muddy the waters. KEY: Think success. You’ve handled harder things before, right?

Personal Year 5         A Year of Surprises; May Have to Make Adjustments to Handle Changes; Restlessness Increases; With Universal Two You May Decide to Make Some Changes in a Partnership; Periods of Conflicting Schedules; Likelihood of Travel, Affairs, Break-ups, Change of Heart, Activism

Personal Month 9        Could bring major upheavals; conflicts or concerns over an old relationship; new relationship may suddenly terminate; strong possibility of travel; could be taking a break or retiring; time to accept losses and recognize unexpected gains; consider new possibilities; a former opportunity or relationship may reappear; keep your feet on the ground; don't romanticize the situation

ENJOY THE PRESENT MOMENT. Events this week open your heart to the infinite possibilities of life's great experience. Love, understanding and compassion are major themes. Despite others who may try to lay their gloom and doom on you, you are in a period which could bring good luck in different forms. For example, good news from faraway could have you jumping for joy. This opportunistic time is excellent for expanding your market, or finishing or promoting creative work. An unexpected encounter could leave you feeling inspired!

If involved with someone, a sudden conflict could bring buried issues to the surface. The relationship could be at a turning point. If single, you may attend a social gathering or a professional conference and discover a new friend. An email from an old friend or lover could surprise you. Be open and positive but realistic. Burn off nervous energy with exercise. KEY: Notice the flow of abundance in your life.

Personal Year 6         A Year of Increased Responsibility; With Universal Two Year, Very Strong Tendency for Marriage and Partnership; Community Involvement; Care of Relatives; Focus on Health; Strong Desire to Save for the Future; Finding a More Comfortable Home; Happiness

Personal Month 1        A new idea or opportunity might help you change location, job, or point of view; good time to move or buy a new house; favorable for engagement, marriage, expanding your family; may seek a new roommate; may join or lead a group; decisions regarding personal goals and other responsibilities

LOTS OF MOVING PARTS. This week your bold One may finally be opening some new doors for you. You could be checking ads for apartments, schools, or jobs. A surge of confidence, well-being and optimism creates new momentum. Believe it or not, this could be one of your best weeks all year! Despite external circumstances, you begin to see viable possibilities where before you felt blocked. You are more likely to make good long-term choices now. You could begin a new creative alliance with someone you like and respect.

This is an excellent period for getting engaged, married, or having a new baby. Maybe you just fall madly in love. The emphasis is on favorable new beginnings, especially for love, domestic life and health. Be open to meeting new people or trying an activity that you have never done before. Otherwise, carry on with current projects. KEY: An upbeat, generous response to life.

Personal Year 7         A Year Bringing Discoveries, Realizations, Inner Development; With Universal Two Expect a Slower Pace or Desire for Time-out; Potential for Estrangement with a Relative (Especially Female); Periods of Solitude or Study; Absorbing Interests; Unusual Events

Personal Month 2       Situations could become more complicated; you may reverse a decision or put a plan on hold; minor illness or sprain may slow you down; intuition brings a strong message; romance could be strained; unsettling discussions; secrets may be revealed; you or another may feel occasionally possessive or lonely

BACK AND FORTH. This analytical Two monthly vibe could be making you extra ambivalent about what is the best direction. Try not to see things in just black and white or right and wrong. Maybe a third option has potential. This week you might be recovering from a minor illness, so don't overextend. If someone tries to push your button, disengage. You aren't going to convince them of anything anyway. This is a period when slowing down is the best approach. Listen to your intuition. If you get an idea, check out more info about it. Women friends could be quick to help you.

This period of subtle development could make it possible for you to renew or begin a love relationship. You might be having second thoughts about a business partnership. Since a detail may require research, you might have to file an extension on your income taxes. Avoid burning bridges; you don't need to have the last word. KEY: Thorough follow-up on details.

Personal Year 8         A Year of Many Achievements; Focus on Investing or Stock Market; With Universal Two, Expect Higher Potential for Marriage or Divorce; Issues with Business Partnerships; Working with Female Boss; May Have Surgery if Needed; Desire for Either Down-sizing or Upgrading

Personal Month 3       Reaping rewards; opportunities and good luck, more time for recreation; feeling extremely creative although efforts may seem scattered; may welcome a new child; increases in income; feelings of joy, happiness, relief; desire to splurge; may be on vacation or working with new people

BE ENTHUSIASTIC. With a monthly playful Three vibe, this week could offer a chance to let your Free Spirit take you on the road. It's a good time to be flexible and a little more spontaneous. Enjoy doing something new and different. A little unexpected money could come into your life. If working, you enjoy a part of your job that previously seemed tiring or boring. Events this week could have you feeling almost psychic. As your mood lightens, you start to notice how often people talk about their fears. You realize that you don’t want to play that game anymore. If your job involves sales, entertainment, or fashion, this could be a great week for seeing your efforts realized.

A chance encounter with an old friend could bring a new idea or opportunity for future adventure. A tax refund quite possibly lightens your mood. Make friendly communication a priority all month, but especially this week. Don't blow off a meeting that you think is unimportant; there could be a gem there. KEY: Three is your lucky number in all things this week.

Personal Year 9         The End of Your Nine-year Cycle; A Transition Time to Re-group, Complete, or Prepare to Move On; With Universal Two, You May Have Changes in a Partnership; Time to Forgive; Elderly Relative May Pass; Possible Time to Retire; Travel, Inheritance, Peacefulness

Personal Month 4       Feeling that you need to get to work on something, sort, get organized; could be planning a future project; obstacles may arise, but are easily worked out; possible repairs or renovation; health news about a family member; willing to streamline and be practical; a contract may end or be renewed

INTERESTING NEWS. This week brings something into focus. You are extra motivated this week to be proactive—perhaps because you see the handwriting on the wall. With your transitional Nine yearly vibe urging completion and clearing the decks, your hard-working Four vibe gets kicked into high gear. If you have been feeling as if you've just been treading water, this week lifts your spirits. With a more buoyant energy level, everything goes much easier—much to your joyful surprise. A delay or seeming setback could allow for a better result. If unemployed keep your eye out for a short-term job.

A relationship may fracture or get patched up according to your karma. In general, use this week to organize any area of your life. Rather than just plodding along, take a more creative approach to your daily routine. Let go of a load of “stuff.” KEY: Contribute time or money to a worthwhile cause.

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