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The PRIMARY LIFE CHART, calculated from your original name and birthdate, is the true blueprint of your Destiny. This report contains a forecast of potential events for THE CURRENT YEAR. After September 1, the report will provide a forecast for the next year.

  • If you were adopted and know your original birth name, enter the birth name even if you have never used this name.
  • If you were adopted but do not know your original birth name--or did not have one--use the name given by your adoptive parents.
  • If your birth name was recorded as "Baby Boy" Smith, please use Baby Boy Smith for the Primary Life Chart. You can order a Secondary Name Chart for the full given name (e.g., Robert Louis Smith).
  • Birthnames can be written in English, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, German, Vietnamese, French and Greek.
  • If the first or last name of your birthname is hyphenated, please enter the name with the hyphen.
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