Catherine Fabienne Dorléac
October 22, 1943

Image of Carol Adrienne.

Dear Catherine, I am very excited to guide you through your Relationship Personality Profile—which is based on the numerology of your birth name and birth date.

For the past forty years, I have counseled thousands of clients. Typically the two main areas in which people seem to get stuck are career and love. Therefore, I decided to create this relationship profile to focus directly on your personality as it relates to others. This profile identifies your tendencies, traits, strengths, and certain weaknesses, in order to help you understand yourself and your relationships.

You may wish to highlight the parts of the descriptions that immediately ring true for you. You may want to reflect on the descriptions which don't seem to fit. Try asking others if they think the descriptions fit you in their own experiences of being with you. Perhaps a discussion will reveal a little more of how others see you and the impact you make.

May you meet good people, find the love and connection you desire, and the fulfillment of your spiritual purpose.

Carol Adrienne

Author of The Purpose of Your Life, The Numerology Kit and The Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide.

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(the first letter of your first name)

Creative and enthusiastic. Catherine, your first letter C could easily stand for colorful and communicative! The first impression you give is a friendly vibe with a quirky touch. Even if your appearance is somewhat “mainstream,” your eclectic interests and ideas stimulate good conversations. You can toss off a newsy tidbit that keeps the flow going—and going, because you sure like to talk! (C gets quiet when absorbed in a creative project, but then likes to tell somebody all about it.)

As a friend you are the best—funny and responsive, and always ready to try something new—especially a new sushi place or watering hole. As a male C, your charming stories are fun and flirty, but time will tell if you are husband material. As a female C, your flirtatious, confident, and playful manner attracts many.

If feeling insecure: You could come across as a little too glib or flippant. A bit of a chameleon, you hide behind a smile and social patter. Using words to hide discomfort, you adopt an upbeat, casual manner and “talk shop” about your favorite games, TV shows, cruise itineraries, sports teams, spiritual authors, or the property values in your neighborhood. Criticisms wound your ego deeper than you let on; inwardly you promise yourself to do better next time.


(first vowel)

Catherine, the first impulse of your first vowel “A” is: Let's do it—now.

Self-interest and innovation. No matter where you are, Catherine, you look for something to contribute to the conversation. If A is also the first letter of your first name, your independent and cerebral traits are even more pronounced.

Socially, you take the lead to shake hands and introduce yourself, following with a tidbit of interesting news. Even in unfamiliar situations, you are something of a natural host or purveyor of information. You take it for granted that others will be pleased to meet you! However, your highly independent and original nature sometimes gets you into trouble if you speak about things that other people aren't ready to hear!

You love the beginning of a relationship, where anything is possible and you can imagine yourself climbing the heights. If your A is combined with another vowel, you may be a little less outgoing or direct.

Possible pitfalls in relationship: Bluntness. With a compulsion for honesty and getting straight to the point, your frank comments may sometimes cause either a refreshing or shocking effect. Tunnel vision. Both male and female A's secretly feel that their way is the way. Being sure you are right or too focused on an idea or outcome, may cause you to disregard prudent advice or hear the other side. Over-optimism. Given a tendency to be both impatient and goal-oriented, you may gloss over inconvenient facts. With an inherent impulse to be fair and square, you may sometimes live to regret giving someone you trusted too much benefit of the doubt. If you have many A's in your name, over time you could tend to become sarcastic, arrogant, critical, or cynical. Vanity. Being well thought of is very important to you; you crave admiration, and are secretly afraid that, at times, you might not come across as well as you would like. You do best with a mate who gives you lots of freedom and doesn't mind following your lead.

Day of Birth

Your Day of Birth, Catherine, highlights particular qualities that come across in your approach to others—both strengths and weaknesses.


Top Strength: Productive. Catherine, you bring a natural tendency for organization and the ability to create a harmonious living situation. Naturally psychologically adept, you are empathetic and understanding with your partner. As you mature, you become more philosophical, and the desire to help others increases. Your mate instinctively feels safe and secure with you, trusting you to be loyal and use common-sense in most decisions. Possible Relationship Issues: Judgmental attitude. Being possessive or controlling. Worries about money or scarcity thinking. Illness. Possible compulsive behavior. Zealousness. Key: Trust your mate to know best how to run his or her own life. Choose a mate who is also practical and tidy, but with creative and social gifts.

DOB Harmony Rating for Twenty-two DOB
Harmony Rating Birthdate of mate
Easiest 2, 4, 6, 8, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 31
Possibly challenging 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, 30


And now, Catherine, let's see how your full month, day, and year of birth describes your natural personality—to understand why and how you interact with others as you do, and how others see you.

Four Birthpath

Your natural personality is: Diligent. Practical. Cautious. Reliable. Disciplined. Tenacious. Manually adept. Conservative in nature (not politics).

Under stress you may become: Too-results oriented, resistant to new ideas, accusatory, pessimistic, controlling, overly-cautious, silent or cold.

Typically patient and devoted, Catherine, you are likely to be the more decisive person in a relationship. Often good-looking with a confident nature you make a loyal friend and mate. You tend to have a few close, old friends but not so many acquaintances. In unfamiliar surroundings, you sometimes appear a little quiet or serious. Secretly, you prefer puttering around with hobbies, rather than attending social events you consider superficial and a waste of your time.

Inflexibility is what tends to drive your partner wild. You approach most things methodically, gathering data to insure you have looked at all the options and chosen the best. Your mate soon learns that trying to hurry you is useless.

DOB Harmony Rating for Four Birthpath
Harmony Rating Birthdate of mate
Easiest 2, 4, 6, 8, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 31
Possibly challenging 3, 5, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, 30

Heart's Desire

So far, Catherine, we have seen the first impression you make, your first impulse in a situation, and your strengths and personality traits. Now let's take a look at what you want to do, what you desire. We call this your Heart's Desire number.

Seven Heart's Desire

What makes your heart sing:

What your heart seeks in relationship:

DOB Harmony Rating for Seven Heart's Desire
Harmony Rating Birthdate of mate
Easiest 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 31
Possibly challenging 2, 5, 6, 11, 14, 15, 16, 20, 23, 24


Finally, Catherine, we take a look at the number of your Destiny, as defined by your birth name. Here is what your Destiny highlights and indicates in terms of your relationships.

Eight Destiny

The key traits necessary for you to carry out your Eight Destiny are ambition, ability to focus, take charge, make tough decisions, command respect, and confront authority. Your Destiny is to achieve material success at whatever level of life. You always rise to the top. You look for a partner who shares your values, and who is willing to support your efforts to succeed.

Romantic type: Dominant. Assertive. Determined. Like everyone, you can fall foolishly in love with the wrong person. However, you are more likely to use a rational approach when choosing a partner, who must meet your demanding standards. If male, you seek to impress, and will sweep your love away with expensive presents or an exotic vacation. If female, you are likely to try to take charge from the first date—but would be wiser to learn how to receive, and let your love do the sweeping-off of the feet.

Family life: Traditional. High expectations. Trappings of success. Typically you are the rule-setter, especially if born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, or the 17th. You wish to give your children every advantage, but expect them to excel. If female with Eight Destiny, you may work at home or be the principle bread-winner. As a stay-at-home mom you are brilliant at handling all family matters.

Possible relationship issues: Working too much. Stress concerning reputation or financial loss. Your partner could come to feel neglected. If female Eight Destiny, you may be disinclined to motherhood.

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