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October 22, 1943

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Dear Catherine, I am very excited to provide you with your Love Life Forecast—which is based on the numerology of your birth date.

For the past forty years, I have counseled thousands of clients. Typically the most often-asked questions I hear concern relationships. Since numerology is so brilliant with timing information, I decided to create this Love Life Forecast monthly calendar of influences to focus specifically on your relationships.

May you meet good people, find the love and connection you desire, and the fulfillment of your spiritual purpose.

Carol Adrienne

Author of The Purpose of Your Life, The Numerology Kit and The Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide.

How to Use This Forecast

Focus on the positive. Your numbers can be like lighthouses—there to help you through a storm when necessary. Numbers are also like wise companions, nudging you in the right direction. Zoom in on where you need to pay attention so you can make the best use of a period.

Check your personal month calendar. Find the best months to make changes. Avoid potentially unfavorable periods.

Align with your higher purpose. Relationships play a major role in your overall destiny. As you notice how your experiences often match the predictions, you may find that your patience, self-confidence, and clarity increase. Your relationship harmony is naturally higher when you feel fulfilled.

Practice paying more attention to your intuition. Reinforce positive intentions. Tune in to your report periodically. This habit of checking your numbers gives the Universe the message that you want to move forward in the best possible way. Knowing your cycle helps you handle indecision and uncertainty by encouraging you to trust your intuition to guide you effortlessly. Your life purpose is always at work in your life.

Take new steps and see what happens. The tips given each month for attracting romance and improving your relationships are suggestions only. You might do one or two, or even all of them. You might simply visualize yourself acting on one of the ideas, or take just one small step to try something new. Finding a romantic partnership is about attracting, rather than forcing. Finding love has a lot to do with synchronicity and being ready. Keeping a relationship alive and growing and happy takes self-awareness, patience, and adaptability.

Recognize and release obstacles. Desire (intention with feeling) sets in motion the river of changes which attract the love and happiness you want. Negative beliefs are like boulders in the river. To flow around the boulders, examine any ideas you hold (such as,“I'm not good enough.”) that are not serving your flow. Use this forecast to help you flow downstream (with right timing), rather than struggling upstream.

Plan with confidence. Obviously, not all of the potentials described each month will be realized in your life. However, this forecast is designed to help you take advantage of positive aspects for meeting new people or making major decisions, such as proposing marriage, setting a wedding date, choosing a time for a honeymoon, or a move of your home. You will find many months that offer the best chances to stay on track using your in-born numerology cycles.

Other numerology reports and consultations are listed at the end of this report.

Your Three Personal Year (2014) Brings:

A Three Personal Year is often a golden opportunity to fall in love, start a family, or just have more fun till you find the right one. If you want to meet someone special, commit to becoming more socially active. Develop a hobby and meet other enthusiasts. Learn to dance. Even if you live in a small place, invite friends over for soup and videos, or meet in a cafe.

If feeling scattered or aimless, improve small things in your life. Change your appearance: lose weight, buy a few new clothes, start wearing makeup, or change your hairstyle. Taking up regular exercise has many benefits—especially, if you go to a gym on a regular basis, increasing your chances to make friends and enlarge your social circle. If yearning for love, read romantic books and watch romantic comedies. Let this be your intention to the Universe to hook you up! Start a daily journal just for fun.

Sometimes in a Three Personal Year, troubled relationships may get complicated. One or the other may become interested in someone else. On the other hand, marriage could become even more joyful with the arrival of a baby or the adoption of a child.

Tips to Attract Romance:

Tips to Improve Romance:

Monthly Relationship Aspects for a Three Personal Year
Quality Month Personal Month Aspect
Challenging January Four Problem-solving. A relationship may have you feeling strained or resentful. Avoid hasty decisions that you may regret. Try to identify the real underlying issue.
Challenging February Five Unpredictable. Aspects are in flux now. Go with the flow, and keep your eyes open. Conflicts could easily arise if you behave either too impulsively or too rigidly.
Favourable March Six Harmony. Increased responsibilities. Favors weddings, births, and time with older relatives. Emotional attachments tend to be strong. You feel secure and happy.
Challenging April Seven Reevaluation. Someone could pull back emotionally, or be absent due to work or illness. You need time to think things through. A secret comes to light.
Good to Neutral May Eight Decisions. Increased income could move a relationship forward. Expenses due to transportation, education, marriage, new home. For some, an expensive vacation.
Challenging June Nine Loss. Joy. For some it's like winning the love lottery. For others, it's time to reboot and go back to square one. This transition period tends to bring good in the long run.
Good to Neutral July One New energy. Good time for a new love, a wedding. or honeymoon. If single, stay active. Take a short trip, walk a dog, go to the gym, Zumba, learn to dance, or play tennis.
Good to Neutral August Two Friendships grow. You may feel lonely if all your friends are married. You may meet someone through work or good friends. Pamper yourself.
Good to Neutral September Three

Temptation to splurge. May be dating but not very interested in anyone. Good time to attend lectures, events, or take a short trip. A flirtation could be fun.

Challenging October Four Possible limitations. Practical matters may slow down your social life, but you do enjoy after-work gatherings to blow off steam—just watch the credit card.
Challenging November Five Unstable. Possible conflicting opinions, surprise announcements, or unexpected encounters. You are especially magnetic now. Avoid rushing around.
Favourable December Six Domestic matters. If thinking of marriage now, January could bring new conditions that will change this present mood. Spend holidays at home or with family.

Your Four Personal Year (2015) Brings:

In a Four Personal Year, you begin to feel motivated to take steps to manifest your dreams. You may start to feel calmer. You make more practical choices, and are realistic about what it will take to achieve your goals. If not married, you focus on work, but deeply desire a companion. If in a relationship, financial obligations, health, children, or personal obligations could bring the need to get better organized, save money, and plan for the future.

Relationships in a Four Personal Year sometimes involve dealing with relatives or in-laws. Issues of employment, property matters, investment decisions or legal separations could mar the harmony.

If having difficulties, gain strength and confidence by first making an accurate assessment of the facts. Recognize that you are doing the best you can under whatever circumstances arise. Try to keep life simple and do day-to-day tasks, but keep an eye on how to make the future more stable. You may decide to get a roommate, move back home, or move in together with a lover to save money. While this year may present a few problems, addressing them now ultimately puts you in a better place in the future.

Tips to Attract Romance:

Tips to Improve Romance:

Monthly Relationship Aspects for a Four Personal Year
Quality Month Personal Month Aspect
Challenging January Five Unsettling changes. Confusion. Living arrangements may change. Busy; more social life. Possible conflict with mate about goals. Desire for affection/sex.
Favourable February Six Commitment. One of the best potential times for marriage in the nine-year cycle. Typically much love and joy; also possible sacrifice or battle of wills.
Challenging March Seven Stress. Failure. Avoid over-scheduling. Get more sleep; rejuvenate. Possible health concerns, loneliness, sadness, or distance from a loved one.
Good to Neutral April Eight Financial outlay. Take time to gather facts and be businesslike in all decisions. A wedding now could be expensive. Love troubles could bring separation or divorce.
Challenging May Nine Completion. Unemployment could change wedding plans. Expectations or emotions could cloud thinking. Delay important commitments until next month.
Favourable June One Start of a new path. Appropriate time for a wedding, the birth of a child, or starting of a new business. You may get engaged, move in together, or change your mind.
Favourable July Two Love. A friendship could become romantic. If tying the knot and money is tight, you may choose a simple, civil ceremony. Love is loyal and deep; need for patience.
Good to Neutral August Three Celebrations. If single, enjoy outside activities or conferences. Dress with flair. A time of optimism; use visualization to attract a special someone.
Challenging September Four Work, work, work. Too busy (or broke) to date. Family responsibilities increase; health issues could slow you down temporarily. Need for balance.
Challenging October Five Unsettled. Someone changes his or her mind. Be flexible and adaptable now. Don't expect things to go the way you planned. You are feeling sexy, though!
Favourable November Six Responsibility. Excellent time for an engagement, wedding or childbirth. Family could introduce you to someone special. Lighten up; avoid criticizing others.
Challenging December Seven Hibernation. The stress of the year catches up to you. You need to deeply rest and regroup. A secret could come to light. Pamper yourself if sad or lonely.

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