Primary Life Chart


                        Numerology Delineation For
                            Λαμπρινή Διαμαντή


                             LIFE CHART SUMMARY
                     ABOUT YOUR LIFE PURPOSE (DESTINY)

  First Name                     Λαμπρινή     5
  This name indicates a strong ability to find new ideas and
  opportunities, have a variety of careers, and rebound.

  Last Name                      Διαμαντή     3
  This name indicates a positive nature, good people skills, a fondness
  for sports, children, music, and film.

  Destiny                                     8
  You must bring the qualities of your Birth Path to your Destiny as a
  Powerful Decision-Maker, Financial Expert, Authority Figure, Developer,
  Policy Maker, or Power behind the Throne.  KEY: Develop business skills
  early. CAREERS: corporate executive; medicine; law; publishing;
  engineering; financial investing; criminal justice; politics; military;
  film; oil or auto industry; mortgage broker; real estate; sports; golf

  Heart's Desire                              8
  To be happy you must be making progress toward a worthy goal. You enjoy
  being where the action and power are, and having the authority to make
  decisions.  Money is important, but respect even more so.  Your ideal
  mate helps you relax, facilitates your busy schedule, and provides a
  warm, comfortable home.

  Personality                                 9

  People see you as open-minded, dramatic, passionate, artistic,
  intuitive, and generous.  You impress others by sharing spiritual and
  healing insights. Under stress-you can be vague, impulsive, critical,

  Habit Challenge                          16/7

  Your karmic challenge is to see the deeper purpose behind
  disappointments, setbacks, or betrayals. Spiritual wisdom is a deep
  source of comfort throughout your life. Your challenge is to keep your
  heart and mind open even when somewhat suspicious or anxious. You can be
  a great catalyst for change in others.

  KARMIC LESSON(S)                            5

  Your lessons are to use your time wisely, be flexible but focused, and
  curb self-destructive habits. Your life may be extremely varied or
  physically challenging.  Karma is over when you fulfill true

  KARMIC LESSON(S)                            6

  Your lessons involve family ties, teaching, and helping others achieve
  goals.  You may be married more than once, or choose not to marry. Karma
  is resolved as you learn to live and let live and release guilt!

                     YOUR BIRTH DATE (BIRTHPATH) SHOWS

  Day of Birth                               10

  The purpose of your life is to explore the edges of knowledge, and bring
  new methods to the world. Impatient with bureaucracy, you work best on
  your own or with a select team. Your life path requires courage and
  self-confidence.  An ideal partner is good-looking, intelligent without
  being competitive, and tends to go along with your ideas.

  Birthpath                                   7
  You must be an observer, listener, and analyst wherever your Destiny
  Number places you.  Your life purpose involves study and research.  KEY:
  Become an expert.  CAREERS: scientist; astronomer; astrologer; financial
  advisor; writer; mountain climber; hypnotherapist; historian; lawyer;
  sailor.  AVOID: becoming too isolated, sarcastic, elitist, or
  uncompromising.  An ideal mate is intelligent, earthy, practical, happy
  in solitude, self-sufficient, and understands your eccentricities.

  Realization                                 6
  By the end of your life you are likely to have found happiness as a
  teacher, healer, good neighbor, or family person.  Certainly you will
  have learned the value of working to create comfort, joy, and
  security. Your greatest moments are sharing others' happiness. You will
  be known for a special legacy.

                           BALANCE OF TEMPERAMENT
                        How you live in daily life:

  Physically                                  3

  You like to have many things going on; playful, charming, sexy,
  interested in people.

  Mentally                                    5

  You excel at consulting, producing, promoting, and experimenting with
  new ideas.

  Emotionally                                 3

  You mask deep feelings with humor or avoidance, but are very fun to be

  Spiritually                                 5

  A rebel, you seek your own form of worship, perhaps in nature, or in
  forms of celebration.

                             TRANSITION PERIODS
             Situations you encounter and what you must develop.

  FIRST PINNACLE (from Birth to age 29)       2
  Emphasis on all kinds of relationships, partnerships,
  art/graphics/computers, administration, coaching.

  FIRST CHALLENGE (from Birth to age 29)      0
  You are an Old Soul who has chosen either many or relatively few
  challenges during this period.

  SECOND PINNACLE (from 30 to age 38)         6
  Emphasis on security in home life, marriage/divorce, caring for others,
  teaching, coaching, healing.

  SECOND CHALLENGE (from 30 to age 38)        4
  You are learning to achieve goals without needing to control everything;
  use humor and commonsense.

  THIRD PINNACLE (from 39 to age 47)          8
  Emphasis on achievement, status, business acumen, buying/selling real
  estate, sports, publishing.

  THIRD CHALLENGE (from 39 to age 47)         4
  You are learning to achieve goals without needing to control everything;
  use humor and commonsense.

  FOURTH PINNACLE (from 48 to end of life)    6
  Emphasis on security in home life, marriage/divorce, caring for others,
  teaching, coaching, healing.

  FOURTH CHALLENGE (from 48 to end of life)   4
  You are learning to achieve goals without needing to control everything;
  use humor and commonsense.

                               PERSONAL YEAR

  Personal Year 2014                          9
  This is the last year of your nine-year cycle, so many things are ready
  to leave your life, if you want them to.  Learn to let go, complete, and
  expand your goals.  New things are likely to come in around October, so
  clear the clutter so new energy can flow in.  Become interested in
  spirituality, other cultures, foreign travel, philosophy, healing.
  AVOID: Hanging on; regret, blame, self-pity, indolence. Action Months:
  January, May, September, October.


  WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE, Λαμπρινή Διαμαντή! 

  Your Life Chart is based on the ancient system of Pythagorean
  numerology. Pythagoras, who lived about 600 B.C. in the
  Mediterranean, taught that the Universe is ordered by numbers. This
  chart is a blueprint of what your Soul has in mind for this
  lifetime-complete with a list of your strengths, predominate character
  traits, blind spots, lessons, and indicators of major transitions.
  Each lifetime has its own purpose, although it isn't as easy to
  understand as just finding the right job title. You would not have
  been born unless you had a purpose to fulfill. Your Soul selected
  your parents, race, body type, birth location, and early environment
  in order to set the stage for your life's lessons. Other Souls have
  agreed to show up and play a part in your Destiny.
  If you are trying to find a career that feels on purpose, look to what
  you love to do and what comes naturally and easily (perhaps described 
  by your Heart's Desire number). As you read about yourself, imagine
  that your Soul is communicating a sense of your higher
  purpose. Highlight ideas that really resonate. Jot down the date, so
  that in future readings, you can see how your perceptions have
  changed. Meditate on the descriptions that really speak to your
  There are many ways to analyze your name and birth date in order to
  get a well-rounded picture of who you are. It is not unusual to feel
  that you can't figure out your chart, or that there are contradictory
  descriptions. Don't get discouraged.
  those who know you well are able to recognize certain predominate
  characteristics in your nature (e.g., shy or social; quiet or
  assertive; scientific or artistic), different kinds of events will
  bring out different aspects of yourself.
  NEVER HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO DEVELOP. The numbers of your chart suggest
  your potential, but it's up to you to develop yourself.
  INFLUENCE OF OTHER NUMBERS. While the computer is great for
  calculating positions accurately, it has no ability to "weight" the
  various expressions of personality.
  Highlight those parts of the chart that resonate as true, and write
  them down on index cards to remind yourself of who you are-especially
  at times of important decisions (marriage or job change). Review your
  cards from time to time.
  Whenever you need inspiration, open your chart randomly and see what
  leaps off the page.
  If some information seems totally wrong or inconsistent, try to keep
  an open mind. For example, maybe events in the past precluded the
  development of these traits. Another possibility might be that you
  are not yet ready to accept this information. Reread the chart in six
  to nine months. Notice how the descriptions feel at that time.
  Make a check mark on those things that do NOT fit you. In your
  journal, write a heading that says, WHO I AM on one page, and list the
  ideas in your chart that you identify as true. Make another heading
  on another page that says, WHAT I DO NOT SEE ABOUT MYSELF. Under this
  heading, jot down those parts of the chart that do NOT seem like you
  at all. Just doing this exercise could reveal something useful at
  this time.
  Your chart contains a forecast about probable events during the
  current year, plus an overview of the entire life through the
  Pinnacles and Challenges. If you are making important decisions about
  moving, changing jobs, or getting married, use the monthly forecasts
  to help plan in alignment with the flow of your cycles. However,
  don't let the monthly descriptions override your experience and
  intuition. Look back after a month is over, and see how accurately
  actual events mirrored the description. This will help you confirm
  for yourself that you are in the flow!
  Don't read your forecasts too far into the future. Always keep your
  mind on what you want, not what you don't want. While your major
  characteristics are not going to change, you can update your monthly
  forecast for two years at a time by calling our office at (510)
  528-2226 or


  The Day of Birth       -- A strong character trait

  Birth Path             -- Your natural tendencies, abilities, and
                            attitude toward the world

  Destiny                -- The purpose, goal, and direction of your
                            life; what you will tackle and manifest

  Realization            -- Your ultimate achievement in life

  Heart's Desire         -- Your inner motivation and most cherished
                            values; what you choose to undertake

  Personality            -- How others perceive you

  Habit Challenge        -- Your blind spot; what you overdo or don't 
                            do enough of

  Karmic Lessons         -- Areas to develop; life magnetizes these 
                            experiences to you for growth

  Balance of Temperament -- How you express physically, mentally,
                            emotionally, and intuitively

  The Pinnacles          -- The four phases of your life describing
                            potential environment, people, and 

  The Challenges         -- Companions of the Pinnacles, the Challenges 
                            define lessons and liabilities you must 
  Personal Year          -- What you must accomplish during the course
                            of the year

  Personal Month         -- What to expect and what to do month by month

  In Case You Were Wondering...
  THE PRIMARY LIFE CHART is calculated from the original name given at
  birth, exactly as spelled on the birth certificate. It is ALWAYS in
  effect, because that is who you are even though you may not be using
  that name anymore.


  Your Day of Birth sets the tone of your personality-whether it is as 
  a leader, a good friend and listener, a teacher, an adventurer, or an
  executive in the world of business.

  If the following description of your Day of Birth does not seem to 
  fit you, it may be that other numbers in your name or birthday mask 
  the effects of this number.

  Λαμπρινή, because you were born on the 10th, you have a great deal of
  vitality and recover easily from any setback. You are creative, have
  many interests, and tend to think more about the future than the
  past or present. You may have little help from others because you
  like being independent and don't like waiting for others. Perhaps
  unconsciously you want people to think of you as indispensable. You
  would do well in anything where courage, inventive design, and
  entrepreneurialism are needed.

                        BIRTH PATH - NATURAL SELF

        Who am I? What do I do best? What are my natural abilities?


  The Birthpath is the sum of all your birth date numbers.

  The Birthpath describes who you are--your natural tendencies,
  abilities, and attitude toward the world. It is the unchangeable
  aspect of your chart, and therefore denotes your basic and eternal
  Even though you may have the same Birthpath number as someone else,
  differences in the month, day and/or year will account for variations
  you may see between their abilities and attitudes and yours.


  serious                          aloof
  specialist                       elitist
  perfectionist                    eccentric
  elegant                          superior 
  intuitive                        secretive
  knowledgeable                    skeptical
  thinker                          interrogator
  solitary                         loner

  As a Seven, you will always be searching for a deeper understanding
  of Life. You analyze everything-taking nothing at face value and
  probing for hidden information. An expert questioner, you do not
  like to be questioned yourself. You are observant, shrewd, even
  cynical; you appear to others as thoughtful, selective, and
  uncommon. You have a natural ability to correctly size up a person
  or situation. Often your silence says more than words.

  You think things through and are not swayed by sentiment (unless you
  have prominent 3s, 5s, or 6s in other positions in your number
  chart). Rather self-sufficient, you could seem cold, distant, or
  aloof to others. You might appear to be the absentminded professor,
  the refined gentleman, or lady with elegant tastes -- the

  Always on a quest, you are the technician who spends time alone in
  research, dedicated to unearthing arcane information. On the other
  hand, you might put your efforts into developing a spiritual
  practice, such as naturopathic healing, astrology, psychic healing,
  or teaching. Whatever field attracts you, you will be the
  expert. You are less interested in products than in concepts.

  Although somewhat disdaining having to work for a living, you
  attract money through your expertise. If money is slow in coming,
  you may be exhibiting a selfish or elitist attitude that does not
  take into account what others want and need. It could also be that
  your product is not perfected yet. The results of your efforts are
  usually seen over an extended period. In the end, your designated
  goal or objective may not yield as much as some surprising side issue.

  You cannot accept second-best or imitations (especially if your
  Destiny is a One, Seven, Eight, or Nine). You are not easily
  assimilated in a crowd; rather, you will prefer to work in relative
  seclusion, where you have control over your environment. You know
  how to depend on yourself, are comfortable with your own company,
  and may prefer to live alone. You may be a difficult partner for
  someone who wants close companionship. You need to live in a quiet
  place, near nature or animals.

  You have a tendency to be fussy about food and health products, but
  you accept what life deals you with equanimity and can even be stoic
  about it. Your self-esteem is rooted in the successful development
  of your ideas rather than in emotional relationships.


      What is my goal in life? What will I be most successful doing?
                 What is the best direction to take?
                What will be my major accomplishment?

  Your Destiny number describes what you have been born to accomplish.
  It shows the type of person you may become and the purpose you must
  fulfill. Your Destiny provides certain types of opportunities that
  will most likely lead you to success. It shows the kind of lifestyle
  or environment you will be drawn to. It outlines what talents you
  will need to accomplish your Soul's purpose.

  The full Destiny is the sum of all the values of the letters of your
  Birth Name. However, each name has its own sub-destiny (see the front
  sheet of your chart where you see one word opposite each name). Your
  first name gives you the most personal lessons; your middle name often
  contains hidden abilities you do not consciously try to develop (or
  ones you do not like); and your last name carries the characteristics
  shared by your whole family.


  You are drawn to a life where the following will be important:

  financial analysis
  engineering or real estate
  powerful people	
  ambitions for excellence
  display of wealth
  conservative views
  careful discernment
  productivity and status

  With a Destiny of Eight, Λαμπρινή, your mission in life has much to
  do with exercising power over your world; because of your drive,
  ambition, and talent you are most often in a position of
  authority. Natural arenas for the Eight are finance, banking, real
  estate, corporate ventures, government institutions, law, prisons, and
  hospital or college administration.

  You feel completely at home in matters requiring major decisions.
  Intense, sometimes even formal in manner, extremely reliable and
  consistent, you are not prone to take risks, and have learned not to
  make assumptions. Your work is of the highest quality whether you are
  in a trade or in the executive class. You will gravitate to the
  professions and occupations requiring particular expertise. You are an
  excellent troubleshooter because your aim is always to restore
  balance, to find methods that increase efficiency and speed. You
  almost never waste time and are usually well disciplined, well
  informed, and well-off.

  Your mission is to bring awareness of spiritual principles to daily
  living in the material world. For most Eights, this realization will
  take place after long involvement with the forces of power and
  money. More often than not, you tend to disregard occult insights as
  irrelevant. You might be overheard saying, "I don't believe in that
  stuff, do you?" It is sometimes a daughter or a mistress who brings
  these fields to a male Eight's awareness.

  You like the accouterments of wealth and can be somewhat ostentatious.
  You buy brand names.

  You enjoy obstacles and outwitting your competition. You are
  conservative and your appearance conveys this (especially if you have
  a Two, Four, Six, Seven, of Eight Personality number). Female Eights
  will definitely want to pursue a career or have a job outside the


  You might live a totally materialistic life bent on accumulation of
  goods and wealth. You interfere too much in other people's lives and
  are harsh, prejudiced, unforgiving, and intolerant. You could be
  obsessed by success, intolerant of anyone who might challenge your
  authority. Watch out for workaholic tendencies. Develop hobbies that
  let you relax and grow personally.


  You will find opportunities in publishing, printing, real estate,
  loans, colleges, banks, business administration, insurance, medicine
  (surgery), transportation, employment agencies, and marine research.

  Life will usually place you in a supervisory role, perhaps in a large
  organization, corporation, or any institution where you can manipulate
  power in a hierarchy. Women will have a desire to prove themselves in
  traditionally male-oriented jobs, such as engineering, banking,
  administration, and even mechanical and technical fields.

  Other professions and occupations include physicist, inventor,
  personnel director, buyer, accountant, actuary, statistician,
  producer, actor (leading man or woman in a Shakespearean company),
  director, bandmaster, critic, reviewer, editor, athletic coach,
  professional athlete, factory owner, law clerk, collector, rental
  agent, equipment dealer, chef, manager, policeman, mail carrier,
  fireman, or soldier.


  You constantly feel you must prove your own worth. You may be
  unconscious of this and think that others are judging you. You project
  your own fears onto others and instead of asking for help when feeling
  inadequate or worried, you lavish your counsel and energy on others
  whom you wish to "help." You like to be a rescuer because it
  establishes your power and control. Above all, you fear not being in
  control. You cannot accept subordinate positions for long. Eights tend
  not to be controlled by their fears, feeling anger before anxiety. You
  may feel that you are constantly striving in one or another area of
  your life, and often may not feel you are receiving your due. A Two,
  Three, Six, or Nine Heart's Desire will soften some of your ambition
  and hardheadedness. If you have a One, Four, or Eight Heart's Desire,
  you will want to be president at the very least!


  You will no doubt be dominant in the relationship either as a husband
  or a wife.

  More formal than casual, you cannot stand chaos, tardiness, messiness,
  or excuses (although, ironically, you are often late to events, giving
  the impression that more important obligations have delayed you. At
  times, you can be distant, somewhat cold, or tactless. In
  conversation, you usually come right to the point. You are a
  formidable opponent in any debate or discussion. You almost always
  have an impressive bank of facts on which to draw to support your
  point of view.

  You tend to spend more time on career than family, who may wind up
  feeling neglected. Your mate may have to do most of the housework, or
  you may decide to invest in a housekeeper. Women tend to be efficient
  and run the home in a very organized fashion. Both men and women would
  probably be rather strict with their children, but naturally instill
  confidence and worldliness. As an Eight destiny, you expect a lot from
  yourself, your mate, and your children. You don't tolerate sloppiness
  and will approach household and intimate problems with the attitude
  that there is always a reasonable solution. You must learn to show
  affection and to slow down enough to enjoy the fruits of your
  labor. Ideally, you are strong, reliable, loyal, and industrious.

                      REALIZATION OR ULTIMATE GOAL

  The Realization is sometimes called the Ultimate Goal of your life.
  It is found by adding together the Birth path number (who you are)
  with the Destiny number (the road you will travel or the likely path
  of success). The Realization number seems to indicate the kind of
  person you will be or the lifestyle you will have in your later 
  years. It might be seen as what you have learned or accomplished 
  through all your experiences, or a significant part of your 

  As you get older, Λαμπρινή, you find that people look to you for
  guidance and support. You may delight in being a grandparent or a
  mentor to young people in your neighborhood. Even though you don't
  need to work for a living, you still look for ways to be of service,
  whether you are a healer, teacher, store owner, or restaurateur. You
  have learned how to advise others without being overbearing or
  interfering. Because you have worked hard and been prudent, you most
  likely have a very comfortable old age, surrounded by friends and
  More than ever, your good reputation, maintaining tradition and
  personal ties mean everything to you.


               What motivates me? What is most important to me?
                        How do I make my decisions?
  The Heart's Desire describes your inner motivations - your values and
  how you set your priorities. The Destiny number shows what you
  MUST do, the Heart's Desire shows you what you WANT to do. Will you
  embrace your Destiny? Or will you resist that Destiny, and want to do
  something different?  Your Heart's Desire is one of the most
  influential numbers in your life. Its influence can support, conflict
  with, or be neutral in regards to your life path.

  Think of your Heart's Desire as your instinctive decision-maker.
  People who don't know you well will probably not see this part of your
  nature, although certainly good friends and family will be very
  familiar with what you love and care about. Look back on some of the
  major turning points in your life. On what did you base your important
  choices? For example, in your last job decision did you opt for great
  working conditions, creative and friendly co-workers, improved status,
  or a higher salary? Those things that were most important to you are
  indications of your Heart's Desire. You don't have to worry about
  developing this number. It just is.

  Knowing your Heart's Desire helps to clarify what's REALLY important
  to you. Whenever you can, make choices in alignment with what your
  Heart whispers to you.

  Heart's Desire is the sum of all the vowels in your first, middle and
  last names.

  Your Eight Heart's Desire, Λαμπρινή, gives you a strong drive to
  control or modify your environment (or mate!). In order to get ahead
  in the world, you are prepared to work hard to realize your
  ambitions. A natural achiever in any field, you will never be happy
  with second best. The strength inherent in your Eight Heart's Desire
  usually overshadows any frivolous notions you may have from time to
  time, giving you a rather serious, mature, and consistent approach to
  Your creed is: aim high, acquire knowledge, work hard, be willing to
  make hard decisions, and don't give up until you get results.
  By nature you are the executive, and prefer to work within hierarchies
  where you know how to work the system. You like to think of yourself
  as democratic, but are best in situations where people depend on you
  to make decisions. You'll take a risk if you think you can win, but
  are also not afraid to fail and move on. Moving on is the operative
  concept here! You have strong principles with a banker's sense of
  order; you hate muddle. You choose friends carefully, and admire those
  with good credentials and education, or those who have made it to the
  top on their own.
  Self-confident, with little fear, you tend to move fast and perhaps
  communicate a little too bluntly. You build strong relationships with
  people in power whenever you can, because you understand that contacts
  are often the key to accomplishing large goals.
  Your lifestyle is most often on the ostentatious and lavish side, but
  if you are unmarried or travel frequently, you might prefer your home
  base to be very Spartan. Simplicity becomes a value when it gives you
  freedom. However, when you do buy a home, a car, furniture, or
  clothes, you insist on the best, and you are sure to get your money's
  Generally, you have a high degree of self-confidence which allows you
  to enjoy the role of advisor to friends. However, if they don't end
  up taking your advice, you might be a little miffed and decide not to
  help them next time they ask! Generous to those of whom you approve,
  you are prone to be critical of underachievers.
  In marriage, you insist on a partner who shares your values of
  material success. You may be strongly sexual and enjoy the chase, but
  may not be publicly very affectionate once married. As a parent, you
  have high expectations for your children, and tend to be rather strict
  and demanding. Even though you have great love for them and will do
  everything to help them succeed, you may secretly be upset if they do
  not show some special quality or ability. You may spend overmuch time
  at the office or traveling on business, as marriage and family tend to
  be second in your priorities.
  Your deepest desire is to be thought well of and to be in complete
  control of your financial security.


            How do people see me? What impression do I give?
            How does my Personality help me achieve success?
         Does my Personality hinder me from getting what I want?


  Your Personality number reveals how you appear to others. The people
  around you -- coworkers, friends, family -- may not know your Destiny
  or Heart's Desire, but chances are they can describe you and your
  attributes. This is the information revealed in the Personality
  number. Unlike other major numbers, which may define deep,
  seldom-glimpsed traits, your Personality number may even describe a
  social mask you use to protect yourself.

  Personality is the sum of all the consonants in your first, middle and
  last names.


  Λαμπρινή, a Nine Personality tends to give you an open, generous,
  and tolerant attitude. People see you as warm, philosophical,
  idealistic, or artistic. Sometimes you have a flair for the dramatic,
  employing emphatic gestures or stylish clothing. You are more likely
  to operate emotionally or intuitively rather than rationally or
  intellectually. You may appear to others as very accomplished,
  vibrant, and fortunate. Sometimes, however, when you are lost in
  thought or when talking about spiritual ideas, people might think of
  you as a bit "spacey."

  One of the chief characteristics of the Nine is an inability to make
  decisions quickly. You are vulnerable and impressionable, able to see
  all sides of a question (therefore complicating even straightforward
  issues). You may be yearning for something unattainable. You can seem
  a bit distant, abstract, changeable, or unreliable (depending on your
  other numbers).

  People often sense your wisdom and maturity at first meeting and see
  you as someone with a special talent. You attract eccentrics and enjoy
  meeting people from all walks of life. You do not judge people on
  their material accomplishments. You will have many friends (but tend
  to drop people rather easily).

  Your personality is suited to cultural, artistic, and dramatic
  circles. You will excel in teaching, healing, and humanitarian
  occupations. Your warmth, philosophy of life, tolerance, and skills
  will be welcome in most all fields.

                  What habitual response do I have that
                      might be considered negative?

  The Habit Challenge defines an area of your personality you may wish
  to improve or use more often.

  Habit Challenge is a tendency, which can be either over-developed
  (becoming too much of a good thing) or a under-developed, leading to
  limitations in your effectiveness. The challenge is to balance
  yourself between the two extremes of the Habit Challenge number, and
  express the best qualities most of the time. For instance, if your
  Habit Challenge happened to be a Two (which, at its best is
  understanding and helpful), you might at times be too sensitive and
  timid--letting others take advantage of you. At other times, perhaps
  under stress, you might be abrupt and thoughtless, needing to remember
  that patience and diplomacy may be much more helpful in the long run.

  No matter what your Habit Challenge number, you will exhibit either
  side of the quality depending on circumstances.

  Habit Challenge is the number of letters in your first, middle and
  last names.


  Λαμπρινή, your Karmic Habit Challenge is 16 or 7.  This Karmic number
  often means that your Soul is ready to take on special
  challenges. Perhaps you were adopted, or went through hardships in
  early childhood. It's possible that sometime in your life someone
  close to you abandons you or betrays your trust. Perhaps in a past
  lifetime you were the one who betrayed or disappointed another, and
  this time around it's your turn to go through these feelings. It's
  often helpful to remember that those with whom you have these painful
  interactions have chosen to participate in this role so that you both
  could learn something. It's a spiritual truth that nothing happens by
  accident, so your work of spiritual growth is to look beyond the
  superficial to deeper levels. If you can weather the storms of life
  without blame, regret, jealousy, or resentment you won't have to
  experience these things again!
  This Karmic 7 can also mean that you have exceptional abilities or
  very good luck.  You may be very talented in some unusual way or an
  innovator.  With your deep need for knowledge you could be a
  scientific researcher.  With the wisdom gained from your own hardships
  you most certainly will be a catalyst for change in others. For you
  even more than others, it will be important to learn to meditate,
  trust your intuition, and study spiritual material all your life.
  This is an important lifetime for cultivating your understanding of
  the human condition.  If you can truly learn to live without regret,
  bitterness, pessimism or blame, you will have achieved a big part of
  your life purpose.

              What are my special talents and abilities?
           Is my name unusually weighted in any direction?
                       Am I missing any traits?
  While your major numbers (such as Destiny and Birthpath) are patterns
  that guide and mold your overall direction in life, the individual 
  letters of your name sometimes highlight a theme by being absent 
  (Karmic lessons) or by being represented several times (Specialties).

  When letters occur several times in your chart, we call these your
  Specialties. Having an abundance of a certain number usually means 
  this quality is a distinctive trait in your nature.  Some names have 
  a fairly balanced number of letters, and no particular number stands 

  On the other hand, your name may not have certain numbers. Missing
  numbers are usually an indication that you are going to develop this
  quality in life.  It is very likely that life provides you with 
  exactly the right situations in which to develop your Karmic lessons.
  Karmic lessons are somewhat like a blind spot or something in which 
  you are not very interested.  They should not be considered as big 
  problems!  If you have no missing letters, then you have a wide range 
  of talents to use in life, and have no defined Karmic challenges.
  Notice if any of your CHALLENGES or PINNACLES are the same as your
  KARMIC LESSONS. Success will be easier if you really develop and
  express the quality of that missing number!

  Since One appears in your name TWO TO FOUR TIMES -- you have a good
  ability to get things done, to lead without being too dominating. You
  are honest, assertive, outspoken.

  Since the letters valued at Four (D, M, V) appear in your name THREE
  OR MORE TIMES, you are an extremely practical person, although perhaps
  a little too compulsive. You gravitate to work involving
  systems--construction, mechanics, engineering, administration,
  regulations, measurements, and numbers.
  Naturally stubborn, you are not receptive to new ideas until you try
  them out. You need to see tangible results, and would enjoy such
  occupations as archaeologist, geologist, rancher, organic farmer,
  chiropractor, sculptor, or gardener. You make an excellent appraiser
  and manager. Health-oriented, you tend to have strong ideas about food
  and cooking. Most likely you have a work-horse constitution, but
  stomach troubles may develop from stress, pent-up emotions, and too
  much responsibility. With a strong desire to reform anything and
  everything, you are an excellent organizer, especially if you also
  have an F, O, or X in your name, or if your name starts with D, M, V,
  F, O, or X.

  Since the letters for the number Five (N, E, and W) appear in your
  name ZERO TO TWO TIMES - this indicates a relatively cautious
  nature. For example, you may procrastinate before deciding to take
  actions that create any kind of change to your routine. You avoid
  conflict if possible, preferring to wait patiently for the situation
  or others to change. You hesitate to promote yourself and dislike
  crowds. You may have taken a sales job for practical reasons-and even
  developed a good ability to work with the public--but probably
  disliked the uncertainties of the job. While you are very reliable,
  you may secretly feel you are not particularly ambitious or
  competitive (unless you have several A's, J's, or S's in your name, or
  have a One Birth Path or Destiny.)

  Since the letters for the number Six (F, O, and X) appear in your name
  NOT AT ALL -- you are apt to marry more than once. You have many
  lessons to learn about responsibility, and may even be drawn to become
  a teacher. Oddly, you may worry or procrastinate, fearing you'll make
  a wrong decision.

  Since the letters for the number Seven (G, P, and Y) appear in your
  name THREE OR MORE TIMES -- you could be seen by others as quite
  eccentric. Your analytical powers are very strong, and you are almost
  driven to uncover facts -- to know, to understand. You have an
  intuitive grasp of any situation and instinctively sense when
  something is not right. Your abilities lie in math, technical fields,
  research, strategy, and invention. Aloof rather than emotional, you
  can be suspicious or close with money. You could excel in occult or
  spiritual subjects.


                 How do I operate at the everyday level?


  Λαμπρινή, your physical number of Three indicates a strong tendency
  to be outgoing and gregarious, although you can get serious if you
  work in a formal atmosphere, such as a law firm. You love to talk
  about "What I'll do when ..." Happy, optimistic, loving, and very
  generous, you love to travel, throw parties and buy gifts. Your
  easy-going nature may earn you the reputation of being a little
  scattered or a social butterfly. One thing you abhor is being
  criticized; you may respond with sharp sarcasm. You'll look young
  late into life, and have strong recuperative powers. You dislike
  boring routines or manual work, and much prefer to work a job without
  too much stress or with the opportunity to make a lot of money in
  bonuses or commissions. You do not like to live alone.


  Λαμπρινή, your ability to see opportunities everywhere keeps you
  open to new ideas and attracted by the avant-garde, or whatever is
  contrary to the status quo. Naturally curious, you attract odd people
  (so that you may study them). Routine will make you impatient and
  restless, and you will only endure it as long as there is something to
  be learned. You often talk about having "too many options!"  It's hard
  sometimes for you to remain focused as so many wonderful things can
  distract you. Your first instinct is to question authority!


  The total number of B, K, T, C, L, U, F, O, and X's in your name adds 
  up to the number THREE, which means that you like activity, and feel 
  at home in busy situations. Your sense of humor is outstanding, and 
  you enjoy all kinds of recreational pursuits, especially socializing. 
  You take chances when others are cautious.
  Not given to analyzing inner feelings, you are generally happy and
  assume that everything will turn out for the best. You may, however
  when not productively engaged, harp on petty gripes or indulge in
  gossip. You are not always able to fulfill the promises you make so
  blithely. Your mate, while likely to be like you in being creative,
  lively, playful, and outgoing, could also be more serious and
  practical, because the balance of the opposites works for both of you.
  You love a spontaneous decision (let's go to Las Vegas this weekend),
  and even though you talk about your plans forever, suddenly you make a
  big change, surprising everyone who didn't think you'd ever get around
  to doing it. Your attitude is always "nothing ventured, nothing
  gained." You are popular and enjoy attention. You generally love
  children, and think of yourself as forever young. Very romantic, you
  like to impress your Beloved with extravagant displays-champagne,
  clothes, jewelry, furniture, cars, and cruises.


  Λαμπρινή, you often feel intuition through your body (i.e,
  tinglings, stiff neck, knot in the stomach). Be sure to pay attention
  to these physical symptoms as important clues when making decisions or
  changes. You may consider yourself something of a free thinker. You
  like to have many projects on the horizon, and get restless with
  inactivity and boredom.

                      PINNACLES AND WHAT THEY MEAN

  The Pinnacles and their corresponding Challenges represent the four
  major phases of your lifetime. The Pinnacles of your chart describe
  your response to the environment, people, events, and experiences you
  will encounter during their influence.

  Generally, the Pinnacle number is considered a benevolent force.
  Pinnacles may be especially fortunate if they are the same number as
  your Destiny, Birth Path, or Heart's Desire number (check the front
  page of your chart to see if any of these major numbers are the same
  as a Pinnacle).

                     THE MEANING OF THE CHALLENGES
  While the Pinnacles describe the events and environment of your life,
  the corresponding Challenges describe the inner limitations, fears, or
  handicaps with which you may be grappling while their influence is in
  Keep in mind the following:
  If your Challenge number is the same as your Destiny number, you may
  initially experience setbacks in finding the right vocation. However,
  if you embrace and develop the best aspects of the Challenge number,
  you will be able to carry out your Destiny.
  If your Challenge is the same number as your Birth Path, your success
  comes from expressing yourself and your talent clearly, without
  apology. You have exactly what is needed for success as long as you
  develop the qualities of that Challenge number.
  If your Challenge is the same number as your Heart's Desire, you will
  be highly motivated to tackle your weak spots and acquire the
  necessary training to overcome any obstacles to success. You are
  likely to feel good about life at the end of that period.
  If your Challenge repeats for two or more times (your description will
  be repeated), you have a longer time to work on perfecting your
  Now...find out what is in store for you!


  Λαμπρινή, since your ELEVEN (also TWO) Pinnacle occurs as your
  First Pinnacle, you may have unusual experiences internally (see
  visions, hear voices, be inspired by music, art and religion) or
  externally-events that bring the limelight onto you through no action
  of your own. The ELEVEN is called The Inspirer. You have a talent to
  move people emotionally, even though at times life seems rather
  mundane. You may express ideas that illuminate a subject, or act in
  film, TV, or sing on the radio. The TWO aspect may mean that things
  seem to slow down before suddenly a big shift happens! This period is
  teaching you not only patience, but humility.
  Even though you dream big dreams for yourself (to be a model, actor,
  musician, entertainer, minister, or psychologist), you may allow 
  things to drift rather than rock the boat, especially if you are 
  married to a person with a stronger personality. If you are an 
  entertainer, you may have problems with your manager, and need to 
  give clear messages. Marriage or long-term partnership-even a 
  business partnership--is highly likely during this influence. If you 
  are not involved with someone, you long for this type of emotional 
  During these years, you often are the one who has to take care of
  details in the daily routine of life, or you may find that you are the
  family peacemaker. Your work may involve taking orders from others,
  taking care of children, or supporting your spouse. Even though you
  know you were made for bigger things, you might find yourself in a
  background position. At times, you may want to move forward in a
  project, but experience frustrating setbacks. Often you are forced to
  wait through a difficult period, but in the long run, it may give you
  time to develop more experience and confidence. Events happen suddenly
  under the influence of the ELEVEN.
  Career-wise, this curious combination of ELEVEN and TWO, often
  contrasts the mundane and the special. For example, "day jobs" may be
  practical occupations such as computer programming, graphic art,
  teaching, psychology, any type of counseling, beauty work, work with
  women, massage therapy, customer service, maintenance, and
  administrative support work. Your real love may bring opportunities
  to appear before the public.
  Since a TWO Pinnacle is a time for developing many kinds of
  relationships, you may marry early. Even when single, romantic love
  is desired and is usually present if you are willing to socialize and
  commit to doing what it takes to make relationships work!
  Opportunities for success may easily flow to you during a TWO Pinnacle
  if you also have a TWO Destiny, Birthpath, or Heart's Desire.
  POSSIBLE FLAWS OR PROBLEMS: Impatience, timidity, shyness, lack of
  opportunities, lack of money, an overbearing female family member, or
  excessive fear or caution. If you lack the letters B, K, or T in your
  name, you may struggle against the TWO Pinnacle's slower pace and
  limitations. It is wise to pay careful attention to your health during
  this time; your recovery may be slow and you must be sure to get
  plenty of sleep and reduce stress.

  Your Zero Challenge, Λαμπρινή, indicates that you are an "old
  soul." An old soul is someone who has understood and integrated the
  experiences of having lived many lifetimes. With the Zero Challenge,
  no specific challenge is designated; you may have many obstacles or
  relatively few. There are challenging opportunities for real spiritual
  advancement during this period-a chance perhaps to forgive someone who
  hurt you or to make a special contribution. You have a choice during
  this influence. Will you rest on your achievements or risk something
  new? It's up to you.
  This can be a time for letting your Destiny come to fruition. Nothing
  is holding you back. At your best, you will add something positive to
  the world now, instead of creating conflict or pain. The
  possibilities for changes in your life are limitless. Practice
  meditation and positive visualization to create your ideal world.


  Λαμπρινή, your Second Pinnacle of SIX will bring many close ties
  and responsibilities into your life, especially if your First Pinnacle
  was also SIX. Generally, the SIX influence creates a strong need for
  security and a natural desire to conform to the values of those you
  love and admire-rather than to rebel.
  Careful, cautious, and prudent, you are always thinking of the
  worst-case scenario, and making preparations. Though you have your own
  family, you may have to take care of-or visit frequently--an ailing
  parent, or be the one everybody leans on. Anxieties about family
  members may be a problem. During the SIX Pinnacle, you are much
  influenced by the opinions of others and your decisions often are
  based on what you think you "should" do. You may lie awake at night
  thinking of how to bring peace to the world and solve world hunger.
  Whether or not you have married yet, you are very interested in
  settling your domestic life, and are waiting for the right person to 
  come along, and look forward to starting a family. Your friends might 
  think of you as picky, as you are rather opinionated.
  During the influence of the SIX, you look for an occupation that is
  stable and fairly traditional. You may be attracted to occupations in
  teaching, music, interior design, Feng Shui, psychology, social work,
  government administration, mechanic, nursing, the hospitality
  industry, food or wine business, landscaping, or the family
  dry-cleaning business. You are the one to whom people bring their
  concerns, and you work well with others.
  maintain relationships but may feel overburdened and resentful when
  others don't reciprocate; feeling like a victim; anxiety; nervousness,
  fears; trying to solve others' problems; lack of imagination;
  irresponsibility; lack of follow-through; being a bit boring or
  getting into a rut; taking care of everyone; failure to develop your
  individual talents, such as singing or playing the violin.

  During a Four Challenge, Λαμπρινή, you tend to work through many
  restrictions. You are highly motivated to put your ideas into form
  despite possible lack of money or time.
  This is a time of very practical concerns, and you are likely to have
  a busy life with many obligations and people to take care of. You will
  very likely marry, have a family, buy a home, or construct something 
  of lasting value. The lesson during this period is to pay attention,
  plan, carry on, build, save, and follow through.
  Personally, you are learning to persevere, be patient, and not become
  stubborn or self-righteous. Do not be so focused on work and getting 
  results that you are insensitive to the feelings and opinions of 
  others. Contracts, obstacles, time-lines, and money are your greatest 


  Λαμπρινή, your Third Pinnacle of EIGHT Pinnacle continues to give
  you great opportunities for achieving your goals. By now you should
  have money, power, and authority.
  If you are changing careers, you might be considering moving up
  professionally. Depending on your education so far, you might decide
  to go into law, contracting, property management, real estate, or
  start your own business. If you work in a corporation, you will have
  achieved by now the rank of manager, Vice-President, Chief Financial
  Officer, or Chief Executive Officer. Accounting, banking, financial
  analysis, investing, and real estate are highly likely occupations as
  the lessons of the EIGHT happen in the realm of money, power, and
  You have always valued efficiency and self-accountability, but now may
  have tests and challenges about the ethics of some of your
  decisions. Your judgment is often tested when you have people to hire
  and investments to make.
  Work addiction is frequently a problem when trying to establish a
  solid foundation or meet the demands of your profession. In this
  case, personal relationships tend to deteriorate, or children may
  suffer when parents focus more on career and making money than
  spending time with the family. You may expect much of your children
  and have little tolerance for rebellion, carelessness, or slacking.
  It's important to take a look at yourself when judging others.
  Compassion, good communication, and forgiveness are very important
  Marriage is very likely to stay stable during this period, as you
  enjoy the credibility and status that comes with a good
  marriage. Divorce, however, could be a high-profile affair involving
  difficult financial negotiations and hard feelings.
  During an EIGHT, the tendency is to rely more on rational thinking
  than feelings, so you may risk overlooking the intuitive "red flags"
  that later may prove to be important. During an EIGHT, it may be
  hard for you to relax. You may not have much tolerance for
  carelessness or slackers. An unforgiving or domineering attitude
  will create many heartaches until you learn not to try to control
  stress-related health problems; too much travel; bankruptcy; audits;
  legal problems; large financial risks; inability to listen to others'
  good advice; a harsh or unforgiving attitude; pomposity; ostentatious
  living; too much emphasis on money and status; social climbing;
  financial hardship; aggressive or overly-competitive attitudes; lack
  of affection or inability to enjoy simple pleasures.

  During a Four Challenge, Λαμπρινή, you tend to work through many
  restrictions. You are highly motivated to put your ideas into form
  despite possible lack of money or time.
  This is a time of very practical concerns, and you are likely to have
  a busy life with many obligations and people to take care of. You will
  very likely marry, have a family, buy a home, or construct something 
  of lasting value. The lesson during this period is to pay attention,
  plan, carry on, build, save, and follow through.
  Personally, you are learning to persevere, be patient, and not become
  stubborn or self-righteous. Do not be so focused on work and getting 
  results that you are insensitive to the feelings and opinions of 
  others. Contracts, obstacles, time-lines, and money are your greatest 


  Λαμπρινή, your last Pinnacle of SIX will continue to bring love,
  service, and security into your life.
  Careful, cautious, and prudent, you are always thinking of others.
  Though you have put in your time with family and dream of retirement,
  you may still have to take care of-or visit frequently--an ailing
  parent, or even raise a grandchild. Anxieties about family members
  may be a problem. You may lie awake at night thinking of how to bring
  peace to the world and solve world hunger.
  If you haven't married by now, you very likely will-even if you decide
  this is not the person of your youthful dreams. You have learned by
  now to accept others as they are, and value the closeness of a
  friendship and sharing mutual values. Your friends still might tease
  you about being picky, as you are rather opinionated. If you are
  married, this relationship may need to be reevaluated, as your
  priorities have shifted in the last few years. It's more likely that
  you will stay married, but divorce or separation may be discussed.
  If you are changing careers or looking for new activities, consider
  occupations in teaching, music, interior design, Feng Shui,
  psychology, Elder Hostel, elder care, government administration,
  specialized nursing, the hospitality industry, community recreation
  and education, community activism, or gardening. You are a natural
  teacher and advisor.
  As a Last Pinnacle, SIX brings the rewards of family, security,
  prosperity, and comfort. In teaching others, you will find yourself
  giving back the experience you gained in youth. If you have served
  without thinking of your own needs, this may be a time when physical
  and emotional burn-out. A good teacher or healer has to realize that
  one cannot give from an empty well. If you feel depressed, step back,
  take a pause in what you are doing, and find new flow in things that
  give you energy.
  overburdened; resentful when others don't reciprocate; feeling like a
  victim; anxiety; nervousness, fears; trying to solve others' problems;
  lack of imagination; irresponsibility; lack of follow-through; being a
  bit boring or getting into a rut; taking care of everyone but not
  yourself; overweight; failure to develop your individual talents, such
  as singing; low vitality due to stress and not recognizing your own

  During a Four Challenge, Λαμπρινή, you tend to work through many
  restrictions. You are highly motivated to put your ideas into form
  despite possible lack of money or time.
  This is a time of very practical concerns, and you are likely to have
  a busy life with many obligations and people to take care of. You will
  very likely marry, have a family, buy a home, or construct something 
  of lasting value. The lesson during this period is to pay attention,
  plan, carry on, build, save, and follow through.
  Personally, you are learning to persevere, be patient, and not become
  stubborn or self-righteous. Do not be so focused on work and getting 
  results that you are insensitive to the feelings and opinions of 
  others. Contracts, obstacles, time-lines, and money are your greatest 

                    PERSONAL YEAR ANALYSIS FOR 2014

  Λαμπρινή, you are currently in a Nine Personal Year:

  A Nine Personal Year is a good time to:

  Take a long trip
  Sell the house
  Quit your job
  Get divorced
  Rid yourself of negative habits and thinking
  Shrug your shoulders and laugh about life
  Learn a foreign language
  Tie up loose ends
  Study philosophy, 
  Take acting lessons
  Sing at the Metropolitan Opera
  Broaden your outlook and make new contacts
  Give, volunteer, teach, and heal
  Listen to your intuition
  Get support for difficult transitions

  In a Nine Personal Year, your cycle is coming to a close. This is a
  time of fulfillment and completion. Events precipitate changes in job,
  marriage, and life-style. You have a sense of having gained valuable
  insights in the last nine years. You are getting ready for a new start
  and a major transition next year. Make an attempt to wrap up all your
  affairs, as if preparing for a trip. You might even travel
  Let go of whatever is no longer working for you. Detach yourself from
  people who drain you, and open a space in your life for those who
  share your values and love you. Clean out your closets, literally and
  When you feel pressured, step back a little and put things into
  perspective. Live and let live. Don't try to fix people or
  problems. Difficulties are often best solved by forgiving, and moving
  on. This is not the time to be controlling, small-minded, nagging, or
  depressed. Something better is just around the corner.
  Since you are still in the energy of the old cycle, it's best not to
  start anything new until at least October of this year, or even
  better--next year. In particular, this is not an auspicious time to
  get married or move permanently. If you met someone special this year,
  give yourself time to really get to know him or her. Anything started
  between January and September is on the old cycle and may slowly wind
  down, even though you had high hopes at the beginning of he
  year. However, if you have truly met your soul mate, this is a year
  when love and fulfillment are quite possible. Give yourself time to
  see the difference.
  Because this is a major transition, this year could be dramatic,
  disruptive, and emotional. However, there are equal influences that
  indicate great abundance and a chance to completely change your life
  for the better. You will be rewarded in surprising ways. Rather than
  trying to push, let outcomes emerge without force.
  CHALLENGES: Emotional roller coaster, loss, depression, grief, lack of
  compassion for self or others, conditional love, letting go of old
  friends, long-distance travel, disagreements about shared goals, and
  adjustments to unwanted situations.

  ACTION MONTHS: January, May, September, and October


  January (One Personal Month) - CHANGE AND POWER. This is an excellent
  time to begin a new aspect of an old project or find a new way to
  implement the final stages. You feel optimistic and a desire to
  reform. You may be asked to speak, take charge of a project, or move
  to a bigger career opportunity. You may want to move to a larger
  home, or undertake a self-improvement project. You are scouting out
  possibilities now, and will decide whether to go forward or not. You
  feel good about yourself and confident of the future.
  February (Two Personal Month) - REST AND COOPERATE. Although you
  thought you had a handle on your goals, now you feel a bit stuck.
  It's okay if you feel somewhat fatigued or low in spirits, as there is
  no big rush to do anything right now. Listen to what your body is
  telling you, and rest or have a checkup. It's best to go with the flow
  of timing and not be impatient or do something drastic, like buying a
  whole new wardrobe or a new entertainment center just because you're
  bored. Seek a counselor if you feel like talking will help. A
  relationship may change or end now. It's best to let things germinate
  for a while. Slowing down and taking time to smell the roses helps
  keep you in the flow.
  March (Three Personal Month) - CREATIVE BURST. This is a rather
  surprising month. It's an unusually creative period for artists,
  writers, actors, and musicians or public speakers. It's quite likely
  you want to travel. Enjoy this interesting time, and do fun things
  such as entertain friends or attend cultural events. Learn a foreign
  language or take a public speaking seminar. Work tends to be very
  intense if you are involved with a creative campaign or new product.
  On the other hand, Three also sometimes brings a hiatus in work due to
  April (Four Personal Month) - WORK AND DETAILS. This month, you'll
  probably be signing contracts or making future plans that increase
  your security. It may mean that you have some struggles with relatives
  or changes in the family. This is a good time to finish all
  projects. It's important to keep the flow going in case you feel a bit
  anxious about money, so give money to someone less fortunate or to an
  organization you really support. If unemployed, you'll find something
  this month, but it may not be very exciting or something you have
  already mastered. Be sure to be clear with people and say no when you
  mean no.
  May (Five Personal Month) - UNEXPECTED CHANGE. A new opportunity
  arises that is quite interesting, but which may conflict with your
  schedule or your long-range goals. Be flexible. This is an excellent
  month for travel on business or vacation. This is one of the most
  sexual and romantic influences of the year, so don't be a hermit this
  month. You tend to radiate dynamic and magnetic qualities now, so this
  is an auspicious time for presentations and promotions. Expect the
  June (Six Personal Month) - HOME, LOVE, AND SERVICE. You may have an
  old problem in the home cleared up. Life requires you to be supportive
  to others now-a graduation, a wedding, a first birthday, or a memorial
  service. Be generous, tolerant, and helpful. Sometimes the Six month
  in a Nine year might bring the loss of an elderly relative or a
  negative relationship. However, things flow in and they flow out in a
  Nine year, so you may receive a windfall, an inheritance, or some
  precious objects. Generally, you feel a sense of fulfillment and
  prosperity, and security. This is an excellent time for artistic
  endeavors and improving your home and garden.
  July (Seven Personal Month) - SPIRITUALITY AND INTUITION. You need to
  let go and let fate take its course for the next thirty days. It's
  time to evaluate where you are and where you are going. It's better
  not to initiate major projects now, as the time is not quite right, or
  you need to rethink the plan. It's fine to let something end of its
  own accord. The best activities during this period are resting,
  meditating, researching, writing, camping or going on retreat or
  August (Eight Personal Month) - SUCCESS. Business opportunities
  abound now. You may receive a promotion or bonus, or celebrate your
  retirement. Pressures mount to complete a project. Your work may
  involve international agencies, large corporations, charities, or
  people of foreign extraction. You may decide to get involved with
  cultural projects, publishing, research, healing and teaching. Your
  status rises through activities such as being selected to be on a
  board of directors, meeting influential people, getting an award, or
  negotiating a major deal. However, results may not be fully evident
  until next month. This month deals with large sums of money, perhaps
  an inheritance, sale of a house, or in the worst case
  scenario--bankruptcy. It's likely now that you are thinking of making
  a major life decision, so take your time and don't act under pressure
  or impulse.
  September (Nine Personal Month) -- A PIVOTAL MONTH. Everything now is
  forcing you to evaluate and let go into a new level. There is an
  extremely strong influence for completion, since you are now
  concluding your entire nine-year cycle. Don't worry if you feel
  confused, not knowing what is next. Relax. Don't fight anything. All
  things are working out as they should. Your best attitude is one of
  curiosity, openness, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness, and
  gratitude. Start nothing major yet. Emotions and drama can erupt, so
  stay centered by taking care of yourself-resting, relaxing, freeing
  the mind through meditation, and staying close to those you love. A
  long trip is highly likely. Some of you may meet your soul mate! On
  the other hand, if you are considering divorce, you may very well go
  forward with that idea.
  October (One Personal Month) -- THE GLIMMER OF A NEW IDEA. You are
  searching now for what matters most to you. You have a strong desire
  to throw out your whole life and start over! The best use of time is
  to make a list of what you want at this stage of your life. Visualize
  yourself being the person you long to be. Put your heart and soul into
  the visualization, and then let it go. Write down everything that
  really intrigues you in the next thirty days-as if you were a
  detective trying to find clues. This is an excellent time to meet new
  people, change jobs or move. You are feeling clearer now, more
  confident. On the other hand, if you don't have a clue about the next
  step, relax. You may not see the handwriting on the wall now, but in
  later years, you'll see this as the major transition that it is.
  November (Two Personal Month) - PATIENCE. Once again, you face a time
  of germination, waiting for results in some part of your life. Take a
  personal inventory. If you are stuck, look for anything that you feel
  needs attention or completion, and take the necessary steps to resolve
  it. This is a month for relationships; send a card or flowers to the
  females in your life--mother, sister, girlfriend, boss, or wife. Take
  care of your health as your vitality may slump a little this month.
  December (Three Personal Month) - PARTY-TIME. Well, you are heading
  into the next stage of your life. Isn't it time for a big bash or a
  private ritual of thanksgiving?  You're graduating now, and it's a
  good time to reminisce with your best friends over the highs and lows
  of the last nine years. This is truly a time to relax and enjoy the
  good things you have in life-time, friends, health, love, and
  abundance. If you're not feeling that joyful, what would it take for
  you to feel so?  When things look discouraging, the most important
  thing we can do is change our attitudes of comparison and jealousy,
  being scared of the unknown, or anxious about security. Instead of
  trying to control anything, use your imagination and intuition to feel
  out the new phase you are entering. Look ahead. Now is the time to
  plant those seeds of desire and be open to how they will be
  fulfilled. Bon voyage!

                         TRANSITS AND ESSENCES

  DURING 2014 YOU ARE 29.

  SIXTEEN Essence: This unusual period brings a need to study and work
  on your spiritual questions and reflect on the purpose of your
  life. You may have experiences with people from the past (or feel like
  you've known them from a past life). There is something like a turning
  point this year. Your work will require investigation and research,
  and a quiet environment or natural setting suits you best. You may be
  away from home and familiar surroundings during this period. It's
  possible that you worry about someone you love. There could be a
  karmic love affair in your life.

  Lessons: To enjoy solitude; to discover something; become authentic;
  to trust even when you think you can't.

  Your Period Number is 7:

  During this four-month sequence you will feel like spending more time
  alone with your own thoughts and interests. If you are in a
  relationship, you let your partner know that "it's nothing personal",
  but you'd just like a little more space. If you are single, then you
  might tend to isolate now and feel lonely. It's important to keep in
  contact with books, activities, or people who inspire you. You may be
  conferring with top specialists in your field, or doing interesting
  research. If you also have a "7" personal month happening
  concurrently, you may have a deep intuitive revelation. There may be a
  secret that is revealed or covered up. A double "7" influence could
  cause difficulties in your communications, and you should move
  carefully and thoughtfully during the time the two "7"'s are at work.

  February - May
  Period Number is 4:

  During this four-month sequence you will experience a need to put down
  roots, and dig in those heels. There is a serious note now, and you
  know that you need to get organized. Shop around for good values
  before you invest or buy. You may decide to put on a new roof, or get
  more comprehensive insurance. Fathers may be an issue in the life. You
  may feel you need more education now. There is a sense that there is a
  limitation or restriction on the life while this period is worked
  through. It's important not to give up out of frustration. The hardest
  time would be if you also have a "4" personal month during this
  sequence. If so, you may be involved with work that seems "old hat" to
  you or boring. Necessities will be covered now, although expansion or
  change is not indicated yet.

  June - September
  Your Period Number is 5:

  During this four-month sequence you will experience much change and
  restlessness. If the period goes on longer than four months, you may
  be out of work or busy promoting a consultant-type of career. The
  Universe is encouraging you to develop many facets of your abilities
  now. Relationships will come and go during this period, so don't make
  any long-term commitments yet. If you also have a "5" personal month
  influence now, there may be a sense of urgency, chaos, or even
  conflict at times. You may have more than one opportunity, and will
  encounter the unexpected. It will be very hard for young people to
  concentrate or focus.

  October - December
  Your Period Number is 9:

  During this four-month sequence you may find many things getting
  resolved and completed. There could be a great feeling of success and
  freedom. The energy flow is increasing for you now. Allow the Universe 
  to speak to you, and try to meditate for a few minutes before starting
  your day. The opportunities that come to you will be better than the
  ones you thought you wanted. You must complete something before
  turning towards a new direction. Long-distance travel or working with
  foreigners is a definite possibility. If you also have a "9" personal
  month during this period, you may have to let go of a long-standing
  situation or relationship. You may experience deep feelings of loss or
  regret. It's very important to experience your feelings, and stop
  judging yourself or others.


  You have now been introduced to your life path. It's a good idea to
  review the chart once a year, perhaps on your birthday, to keep you in
  touch with what you came here to accomplish. Each subsequent reading
  may reveal the concepts to you in a different light.
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