Primary Life Chart


                        Numerology Delineation For
                               मोनाली ठाकुर


                             LIFE CHART SUMMARY
                     ABOUT YOUR LIFE PURPOSE (DESTINY)

  First Name                       मोनाली     1    (Monali)
  This name indicates that you tend to be self-directed, energetic,
  original, competitive, and witty.
  Last Name                         ठाकुर     7    (Thakur)
  This name gives you a curious, sometimes skeptical nature, which seeks
  answers to life's deeper questions.

  Destiny                                     8
  You must bring the qualities of your Birth Path to your Destiny as a
  Powerful Decision-Maker, Financial Expert, Authority Figure, Developer,
  Policy Maker, or Power behind the Throne.  KEY: Develop business skills
  early. CAREERS: corporate executive; medicine; law; publishing;
  engineering; financial investing; criminal justice; politics; military;
  film; oil or auto industry; mortgage broker; real estate; sports; golf

  Heart's Desire                           11/2
  To be happy you need partnership, friends, and a harmonious work
  environment that allows you to work at your own pace. You enjoy films,
  books, art, a bit of glamour, and sharing spiritual insights. Your ideal
  mate adores and supports you, is financially successful, practical, easy
  going, sporty, and not very critical.

  Personality                                 6

  People see you as responsible and a good provider of love and
  comfort. You impress others by your ability to teach and advise.  Under
  stress-you can feel anxious and over-burdened, or be opinionated,

  Habit Challenge                             3

  Your daily lessons are learned in situations wherever you feel envious,
  jealous, or self-indulgent.  Impracticality or financial extravagance
  may be an issue. Your challenge is to be positive in the face of
  setbacks or fear, to develop your creativity, and to learn to relax
  without becoming lazy.

  KARMIC LESSON(S)                            7

  Your lessons are learned through disappointments or betrayals. You seek
  spiritual wisdom. Karma is released when you are tolerant; can be alone
  and not lonely; and see the gift or purpose in setbacks.

                     YOUR BIRTH DATE (BIRTHPATH) SHOWS

  Day of Birth                                3

  Your life purpose requires an ability to remain positive and optimistic,
  no matter what challenges emerge. You can't help but contribute an idea,
  a smile or a story that puts a new light on things.  An ideal mate is
  older or younger, not too serious, has money, and enjoys your need to
  express yourself spontaneously.

  Birthpath                                19/1
  You must overcome a fear of public visibility to offer a better way to
  do things. Recognize your value and originality wherever your Destiny
  Number places you. KEY: Trust yourself and your creative instincts.
  CAREERS: writer, entrepreneur; architect; inventor; business owner;
  artist, athlete, director.  AVOID: Insecurity, perfectionism, or
  stubbornness. An ideal mate is outspoken, has unusual interests,
  encourages you to expand, and takes care of a lot of the social life so
  you can focus on work or hobbies.

  Realization                                 9
  By the end of your life you are likely to have been part of projects
  that have helped thousands of people live a better life.  You may lose
  and re-create several fortunes, and come to the end of your life with a
  sense of acceptance and peace. You will be known for your big heart,
  ready smile, and generous nature.

                           BALANCE OF TEMPERAMENT
                        How you live in daily life:

  Physically                                  2

  You are friendly and helpful; may be allergic to toxins; need harmony
  and beauty.

  Mentally                                    3

  You excel at putting ideas together to sell, produce, entertain, or
  re-energize old systems.

  Emotionally                                 5

  You love deeply, but when it's over, you tend to have trouble letting go
  and moving on.

  Spiritually                                 2

  You may have grown up with religion, but now meditation and spirituality
  appeal to you.

                             TRANSITION PERIODS
             Situations you encounter and what you must develop.

  FIRST PINNACLE (from Birth to age 35)    14/5
  Emphasis on spiritual healing of physical problems/habits; passion,
  fruition, rebounding from setbacks.

  FIRST CHALLENGE (from Birth to age 35)      1
  You need to become self-sufficient, develop your talents, and avoid
  selfishness or perfectionism.

  SECOND PINNACLE (from 36 to age 44)         8
  Emphasis on achievement, status, business acumen, buying/selling real
  estate, sports, publishing.

  SECOND CHALLENGE (from 36 to age 44)        2
  You are learning to maintain balance and boundaries in relationship; use
  both patience and honesty.

  THIRD PINNACLE (from 45 to age 53)       22/4
  Emphasis on bringing important humanitarian/spiritual projects into the
  world to find joy and self-healing.

  THIRD CHALLENGE (from 45 to age 53)         1
  You need to become self-sufficient, develop your talents, and avoid
  selfishness or perfectionism.

  FOURTH PINNACLE (from 54 to end of life) 16/7
  Emphasis on spiritual healing of abandonment issues, inner
  self-confidence, personal creativity.

  FOURTH CHALLENGE (from 54 to end of life)   3
  You are learning to develop your talents; be more disciplined and
  positive without being unrealistic.

                               PERSONAL YEAR

  Personal Year 2014                          3
  It's time to lighten up and enjoy what this year brings your way-new
  social contacts, friends, or even romance.  Increase success by
  improving your appearance; being positive and open-minded; being
  spontaneous; and developing your speaking, presenting, or writing
  skills. AVOID: Procrastination; spending more than you earn; love
  triangles; working too hard with no play. Action Months: February, June,
  July, November.


  WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE, मोनाली ठाकुर! 

  Your Life Chart is based on the ancient system of Pythagorean
  numerology. Pythagoras, who lived about 600 B.C. in the
  Mediterranean, taught that the Universe is ordered by numbers. This
  chart is a blueprint of what your Soul has in mind for this
  lifetime-complete with a list of your strengths, predominate character
  traits, blind spots, lessons, and indicators of major transitions.
  Each lifetime has its own purpose, although it isn't as easy to
  understand as just finding the right job title. You would not have
  been born unless you had a purpose to fulfill. Your Soul selected
  your parents, race, body type, birth location, and early environment
  in order to set the stage for your life's lessons. Other Souls have
  agreed to show up and play a part in your Destiny.
  If you are trying to find a career that feels on purpose, look to what
  you love to do and what comes naturally and easily (perhaps described 
  by your Heart's Desire number). As you read about yourself, imagine
  that your Soul is communicating a sense of your higher
  purpose. Highlight ideas that really resonate. Jot down the date, so
  that in future readings, you can see how your perceptions have
  changed. Meditate on the descriptions that really speak to your
  There are many ways to analyze your name and birth date in order to
  get a well-rounded picture of who you are. It is not unusual to feel
  that you can't figure out your chart, or that there are contradictory
  descriptions. Don't get discouraged.
  those who know you well are able to recognize certain predominate
  characteristics in your nature (e.g., shy or social; quiet or
  assertive; scientific or artistic), different kinds of events will
  bring out different aspects of yourself.
  NEVER HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO DEVELOP. The numbers of your chart suggest
  your potential, but it's up to you to develop yourself.
  INFLUENCE OF OTHER NUMBERS. While the computer is great for
  calculating positions accurately, it has no ability to "weight" the
  various expressions of personality.
  Highlight those parts of the chart that resonate as true, and write
  them down on index cards to remind yourself of who you are-especially
  at times of important decisions (marriage or job change). Review your
  cards from time to time.
  Whenever you need inspiration, open your chart randomly and see what
  leaps off the page.
  If some information seems totally wrong or inconsistent, try to keep
  an open mind. For example, maybe events in the past precluded the
  development of these traits. Another possibility might be that you
  are not yet ready to accept this information. Reread the chart in six
  to nine months. Notice how the descriptions feel at that time.
  Make a check mark on those things that do NOT fit you. In your
  journal, write a heading that says, WHO I AM on one page, and list the
  ideas in your chart that you identify as true. Make another heading
  on another page that says, WHAT I DO NOT SEE ABOUT MYSELF. Under this
  heading, jot down those parts of the chart that do NOT seem like you
  at all. Just doing this exercise could reveal something useful at
  this time.
  Your chart contains a forecast about probable events during the
  current year, plus an overview of the entire life through the
  Pinnacles and Challenges. If you are making important decisions about
  moving, changing jobs, or getting married, use the monthly forecasts
  to help plan in alignment with the flow of your cycles. However,
  don't let the monthly descriptions override your experience and
  intuition. Look back after a month is over, and see how accurately
  actual events mirrored the description. This will help you confirm
  for yourself that you are in the flow!
  Don't read your forecasts too far into the future. Always keep your
  mind on what you want, not what you don't want. While your major
  characteristics are not going to change, you can update your monthly
  forecast for two years at a time by calling our office at (510)
  528-2226 or


  The Day of Birth       -- A strong character trait

  Birth Path             -- Your natural tendencies, abilities, and
                            attitude toward the world

  Destiny                -- The purpose, goal, and direction of your
                            life; what you will tackle and manifest

  Realization            -- Your ultimate achievement in life

  Heart's Desire         -- Your inner motivation and most cherished
                            values; what you choose to undertake

  Personality            -- How others perceive you

  Habit Challenge        -- Your blind spot; what you overdo or don't 
                            do enough of

  Karmic Lessons         -- Areas to develop; life magnetizes these 
                            experiences to you for growth

  Balance of Temperament -- How you express physically, mentally,
                            emotionally, and intuitively

  The Pinnacles          -- The four phases of your life describing
                            potential environment, people, and 

  The Challenges         -- Companions of the Pinnacles, the Challenges 
                            define lessons and liabilities you must 
  Personal Year          -- What you must accomplish during the course
                            of the year

  Personal Month         -- What to expect and what to do month by month

  In Case You Were Wondering...
  THE PRIMARY LIFE CHART is calculated from the original name given at
  birth, exactly as spelled on the birth certificate. It is ALWAYS in
  effect, because that is who you are even though you may not be using
  that name anymore.


  Your Day of Birth sets the tone of your personality-whether it is as 
  a leader, a good friend and listener, a teacher, an adventurer, or an
  executive in the world of business.

  If the following description of your Day of Birth does not seem to 
  fit you, it may be that other numbers in your name or birthday mask 
  the effects of this number.

  मोनाली, because you were born on the 3rd, you are charming, quick 
  to see the humor in any situation, but can be somewhat unreliable. You
  may spread yourself thin over several projects because you like to
  keep busy. You are energetic, but easily distracted. Having many
  friends, you may need to budget a sizable amount for gifts because
  you are also generous. You love spontaneous get-togethers and may be
  the one in the office to suggest "going out for drinks" or taking up
  a collection for a birthday party. You naturally embellish stories
  and events. You are known for youthfulness, a certain intensity in
  style, and while friends may laugh about your "scatteredness," you
  are loved by them. You adore an audience. Creative hobbies are a
  necessity for you, and you may be drawn in particular to music and

                        BIRTH PATH - NATURAL SELF

        Who am I? What do I do best? What are my natural abilities?


  The Birthpath is the sum of all your birth date numbers.

  The Birthpath describes who you are--your natural tendencies,
  abilities, and attitude toward the world. It is the unchangeable
  aspect of your chart, and therefore denotes your basic and eternal
  Even though you may have the same Birthpath number as someone else,
  differences in the month, day and/or year will account for variations
  you may see between their abilities and attitudes and yours.


  Key Strengths and Weaknesses

  leader                reluctance for the limelight
  role model            humiliation
  independent           arrogant
  honest                self-serving
  bold                  reckless
  brilliant             out of touch
  innovative            troublesome
  decisive              timid
  creative              boring				
  मोनाली, your Karmic Number 19 indicates a life in which
  independence, innovative thinking, and making good choices are both
  challenges and priorities. In important past lifetimes you may have
  been a leader who abused his power, a slave, a dishonest authority
  figure, a writer ahead of her times, or a notorious outlaw. Perhaps
  in your present life you feel conflicted about pursuing a personal
  ambition for fear of making a mistake, being misunderstood, or
  castigated. Even though you have demonstrable gifts and talents, you
  may have an unreasonable fear that something bad may happen to you if
  you become too visible. For instance, Salman Rushdie, the author of
  the Satanic Verses was born on the 19th. His unorthodox ideas about
  religion caused him to be denounced by religious authorities who
  issued a warrant for his death. The actor Pee Wee Herman, whose
  numerology chart shows the number nineteen, also underwent a traumatic
  shift in his career following an unfortunate personal incident.
  Nineteen, while not always bringing censure, demands that a person
  stand up for his or her rights. The test is to express ideas that may
  be unpopular or too marginal for their time. Always drawn to express
  an idea or theory, you are drawn to explore, write, invent, or
  perform. Privately, you don't feel like one of the masses.
  You will face crossroads where your decision may bring you great
  rewards and accolades or ignominy. Your greatest test lies on the side
  of reclaiming your self-esteem and dignity following the upheaval.
  Since independence, identity, and self-confidence are such major
  issues for the Nineteen, some people may even be physically or
  mentally challenged. These tests are part of the choices about
  original life purpose, and offer great opportunities for advancement
  in growth at the soul level.


      What is my goal in life? What will I be most successful doing?
                 What is the best direction to take?
                What will be my major accomplishment?

  Your Destiny number describes what you have been born to accomplish.
  It shows the type of person you may become and the purpose you must
  fulfill. Your Destiny provides certain types of opportunities that
  will most likely lead you to success. It shows the kind of lifestyle
  or environment you will be drawn to. It outlines what talents you
  will need to accomplish your Soul's purpose.

  The full Destiny is the sum of all the values of the letters of your
  Birth Name. However, each name has its own sub-destiny (see the front
  sheet of your chart where you see one word opposite each name). Your
  first name gives you the most personal lessons; your middle name often
  contains hidden abilities you do not consciously try to develop (or
  ones you do not like); and your last name carries the characteristics
  shared by your whole family.


  You are drawn to a life where the following will be important:

  financial analysis
  engineering or real estate
  powerful people	
  ambitions for excellence
  display of wealth
  conservative views
  careful discernment
  productivity and status

  With a Destiny of Eight, मोनाली, your mission in life has much to
  do with exercising power over your world; because of your drive,
  ambition, and talent you are most often in a position of
  authority. Natural arenas for the Eight are finance, banking, real
  estate, corporate ventures, government institutions, law, prisons, and
  hospital or college administration.

  You feel completely at home in matters requiring major decisions.
  Intense, sometimes even formal in manner, extremely reliable and
  consistent, you are not prone to take risks, and have learned not to
  make assumptions. Your work is of the highest quality whether you are
  in a trade or in the executive class. You will gravitate to the
  professions and occupations requiring particular expertise. You are an
  excellent troubleshooter because your aim is always to restore
  balance, to find methods that increase efficiency and speed. You
  almost never waste time and are usually well disciplined, well
  informed, and well-off.

  Your mission is to bring awareness of spiritual principles to daily
  living in the material world. For most Eights, this realization will
  take place after long involvement with the forces of power and
  money. More often than not, you tend to disregard occult insights as
  irrelevant. You might be overheard saying, "I don't believe in that
  stuff, do you?" It is sometimes a daughter or a mistress who brings
  these fields to a male Eight's awareness.

  You like the accouterments of wealth and can be somewhat ostentatious.
  You buy brand names.

  You enjoy obstacles and outwitting your competition. You are
  conservative and your appearance conveys this (especially if you have
  a Two, Four, Six, Seven, of Eight Personality number). Female Eights
  will definitely want to pursue a career or have a job outside the


  You might live a totally materialistic life bent on accumulation of
  goods and wealth. You interfere too much in other people's lives and
  are harsh, prejudiced, unforgiving, and intolerant. You could be
  obsessed by success, intolerant of anyone who might challenge your
  authority. Watch out for workaholic tendencies. Develop hobbies that
  let you relax and grow personally.


  You will find opportunities in publishing, printing, real estate,
  loans, colleges, banks, business administration, insurance, medicine
  (surgery), transportation, employment agencies, and marine research.

  Life will usually place you in a supervisory role, perhaps in a large
  organization, corporation, or any institution where you can manipulate
  power in a hierarchy. Women will have a desire to prove themselves in
  traditionally male-oriented jobs, such as engineering, banking,
  administration, and even mechanical and technical fields.

  Other professions and occupations include physicist, inventor,
  personnel director, buyer, accountant, actuary, statistician,
  producer, actor (leading man or woman in a Shakespearean company),
  director, bandmaster, critic, reviewer, editor, athletic coach,
  professional athlete, factory owner, law clerk, collector, rental
  agent, equipment dealer, chef, manager, policeman, mail carrier,
  fireman, or soldier.


  You constantly feel you must prove your own worth. You may be
  unconscious of this and think that others are judging you. You project
  your own fears onto others and instead of asking for help when feeling
  inadequate or worried, you lavish your counsel and energy on others
  whom you wish to "help." You like to be a rescuer because it
  establishes your power and control. Above all, you fear not being in
  control. You cannot accept subordinate positions for long. Eights tend
  not to be controlled by their fears, feeling anger before anxiety. You
  may feel that you are constantly striving in one or another area of
  your life, and often may not feel you are receiving your due. A Two,
  Three, Six, or Nine Heart's Desire will soften some of your ambition
  and hardheadedness. If you have a One, Four, or Eight Heart's Desire,
  you will want to be president at the very least!


  You will no doubt be dominant in the relationship either as a husband
  or a wife.

  More formal than casual, you cannot stand chaos, tardiness, messiness,
  or excuses (although, ironically, you are often late to events, giving
  the impression that more important obligations have delayed you. At
  times, you can be distant, somewhat cold, or tactless. In
  conversation, you usually come right to the point. You are a
  formidable opponent in any debate or discussion. You almost always
  have an impressive bank of facts on which to draw to support your
  point of view.

  You tend to spend more time on career than family, who may wind up
  feeling neglected. Your mate may have to do most of the housework, or
  you may decide to invest in a housekeeper. Women tend to be efficient
  and run the home in a very organized fashion. Both men and women would
  probably be rather strict with their children, but naturally instill
  confidence and worldliness. As an Eight destiny, you expect a lot from
  yourself, your mate, and your children. You don't tolerate sloppiness
  and will approach household and intimate problems with the attitude
  that there is always a reasonable solution. You must learn to show
  affection and to slow down enough to enjoy the fruits of your
  labor. Ideally, you are strong, reliable, loyal, and industrious.

                      REALIZATION OR ULTIMATE GOAL

  The Realization is sometimes called the Ultimate Goal of your life.
  It is found by adding together the Birth path number (who you are)
  with the Destiny number (the road you will travel or the likely path
  of success). The Realization number seems to indicate the kind of
  person you will be or the lifestyle you will have in your later 
  years. It might be seen as what you have learned or accomplished 
  through all your experiences, or a significant part of your 

  In maturity, you have developed a philosophical view of life that
  gives you a sense of wonder, a desire to serve, and a deep connection
  to life. No matter what has preoccupied you during life, you now wish
  to contribute to the causes of peace and healing worldwide. You are
  the true humanitarian, living in order to give service to others. At
  your best, you will be the wise elder and benefactor-even if you have
  little actual money.
  You may have made an impact in the fields of teaching, medicine,
  alternative healing, spirituality, psychology, or in music, drama, and
  philosophy. You are unpretentious and humble, but your presence in a
  room in unmistakable. At your worst, you have become a grouch. At
  your best, you will serve tirelessly, reserve judgment, stay relaxed
  despite the pressures around you, and express tolerance for all. You
  may be extremely wealthy or live simply on relatively little. Your
  greatest treasure is your open mind and generous nature.


               What motivates me? What is most important to me?
                        How do I make my decisions?
  The Heart's Desire describes your inner motivations - your values and
  how you set your priorities. The Destiny number shows what you
  MUST do, the Heart's Desire shows you what you WANT to do. Will you
  embrace your Destiny? Or will you resist that Destiny, and want to do
  something different?  Your Heart's Desire is one of the most
  influential numbers in your life. Its influence can support, conflict
  with, or be neutral in regards to your life path.

  Think of your Heart's Desire as your instinctive decision-maker.
  People who don't know you well will probably not see this part of your
  nature, although certainly good friends and family will be very
  familiar with what you love and care about. Look back on some of the
  major turning points in your life. On what did you base your important
  choices? For example, in your last job decision did you opt for great
  working conditions, creative and friendly co-workers, improved status,
  or a higher salary? Those things that were most important to you are
  indications of your Heart's Desire. You don't have to worry about
  developing this number. It just is.

  Knowing your Heart's Desire helps to clarify what's REALLY important
  to you. Whenever you can, make choices in alignment with what your
  Heart whispers to you.

  Heart's Desire is the sum of all the vowels in your first, middle and
  last names.

  As a Master number with special potential, your Eleven Heart's Desire,
  मोनाली, makes you yearn for the unattainable-perfect love,
  perfect marriage, or perfect creative expression. Anticipating an
  event usually turns out to be more exciting than the actual reality
  of it!
  Impressionable and intrigued by what makes others tick, you are an
  exceptional listener, intuitive, and insightful. Your favorite
  atmosphere is comfortable and quiet and somewhat exotic or
  romantic. Candles, mementos of trips, incense, flowers, pictures of
  family, and books reflect a strong sense of your personal tastes.
  Always looking for greater insights, you seek out inspiring teachers
  and illuminating lectures. You thrive on personal growth books and
  seminars and long discussions with friends. High strung, you tend to
  fluctuate emotionally. One day you are filled with the sweetness of
  people and the great potential of life. Even the slightest
  synchronicity touches you deeply. Other days, you feel like a mouse
  in the wrong job, wrong neighborhood, and wrong relationship. You
  worry about aging and losing your looks. Don't worry. This
  sensitivity to life serves to keep you in touch with a sort of
  spiritual quest. Sometimes you don't feel that anyone understands you,
  and you cherish those who do. Sexually, you may be drawn to your same
  Your deepest desire is to be thought special. You'd like to be
  recognized for your intellect, psychological understanding, or your
  artistic ability--especially public speaking or acting-and to be in
  the limelight from time to time. You love to be cherished and
  pampered, go to spas and take luxurious naps.


            How do people see me? What impression do I give?
            How does my Personality help me achieve success?
         Does my Personality hinder me from getting what I want?


  Your Personality number reveals how you appear to others. The people
  around you -- coworkers, friends, family -- may not know your Destiny
  or Heart's Desire, but chances are they can describe you and your
  attributes. This is the information revealed in the Personality
  number. Unlike other major numbers, which may define deep,
  seldom-glimpsed traits, your Personality number may even describe a
  social mask you use to protect yourself.

  Personality is the sum of all the consonants in your first, middle and
  last names.


  मोनाली, a Six Personality gives you a solid, conventional, warm,
  and non-threatening appearance. Six is the number for the parent or
  teacher, so others will project on to you their needs for nurturing
  and advice. You willingly listen to others and give freely of your
  time and resources when you can. You are sympathetic and idealistic,
  maybe even artistic. Your strong opinions are accepted by your friends
  more than by your children -- who, of course, must naturally rebel
  against these fine beliefs of yours!

  You may not dress in a very up-to-date manner and may even be
  overweight. You are a wonderful host or hostess and enjoy family
  holidays where you are in the company of mostly familiar people, and
  you go out of your way to make new people feel at home.

  Your flaws reflect an overabundance of your best points -- your strong
  opinions can become domineering, showing little regard for individual
  needs. You may be so idealistic that you never marry -- no one is
  "just right." Your need to control becomes a barrier against a
  spontaneous action. You may fight change. Stubborn, proud, or
  unforgiving attitudes may defeat the reciprocal relationships so
  important to your well-being.
  You need to feel useful. Service work of any kind is your milieu.

                  What habitual response do I have that
                      might be considered negative?

  The Habit Challenge defines an area of your personality you may wish
  to improve or use more often.

  Habit Challenge is a tendency, which can be either over-developed
  (becoming too much of a good thing) or a under-developed, leading to
  limitations in your effectiveness. The challenge is to balance
  yourself between the two extremes of the Habit Challenge number, and
  express the best qualities most of the time. For instance, if your
  Habit Challenge happened to be a Two (which, at its best is
  understanding and helpful), you might at times be too sensitive and
  timid--letting others take advantage of you. At other times, perhaps
  under stress, you might be abrupt and thoughtless, needing to remember
  that patience and diplomacy may be much more helpful in the long run.

  No matter what your Habit Challenge number, you will exhibit either
  side of the quality depending on circumstances.

  Habit Challenge is the number of letters in your first, middle and
  last names.


  Your Habit Challenge of 3 indicates that you could tend to waste your
  time and talent in frivolous pursuits. Gossiping or talking too much
  about your plans dissipates your creativity. You may enjoy the
  planning of a project more than the implementation of it. Your flaws
  are in the direction of being scattered, lazy, self-indulgent, and not
  facing reality. Critical, jealous, or boastful attitudes might be
  prominent. You may have trouble getting down to business because your
  mind is full of so many imaginative ideas and possibilities. Your ego
  and self-interest are high, and you detest criticism or being told
  about limitations.

  Conversely, you may resist putting in the discipline it takes to
  develop your creativity. For example, you may want to be a writer, but
  rarely write. If things don't flow easily, your attitude may be
  pessimistic and defeatist. You may have trouble communicating your
  deeper feelings and stay on a superficial level with
  friends. Sometimes a Three Habit Challenge has a hard time letting go
  and having fun (for fear of being self-indulgent). Go out more, laugh,

              What are my special talents and abilities?
           Is my name unusually weighted in any direction?
                       Am I missing any traits?
  While your major numbers (such as Destiny and Birthpath) are patterns
  that guide and mold your overall direction in life, the individual 
  letters of your name sometimes highlight a theme by being absent 
  (Karmic lessons) or by being represented several times (Specialties).

  When letters occur several times in your chart, we call these your
  Specialties. Having an abundance of a certain number usually means 
  this quality is a distinctive trait in your nature.  Some names have 
  a fairly balanced number of letters, and no particular number stands 

  On the other hand, your name may not have certain numbers. Missing
  numbers are usually an indication that you are going to develop this
  quality in life.  It is very likely that life provides you with 
  exactly the right situations in which to develop your Karmic lessons.
  Karmic lessons are somewhat like a blind spot or something in which 
  you are not very interested.  They should not be considered as big 
  problems!  If you have no missing letters, then you have a wide range 
  of talents to use in life, and have no defined Karmic challenges.
  Notice if any of your CHALLENGES or PINNACLES are the same as your
  KARMIC LESSONS. Success will be easier if you really develop and
  express the quality of that missing number!

  Since Two appears in your name ONE OR TWO TIMES - patience,
  follow-through, and cooperation are strong traits. A peace keeper, you
  see both sides of a conflict, and work to keep balance and harmony in
  your surroundings. Good with details you may be a natural at record
  keeping, accounting, or assembly work.
  To use your natural talents for coordination and cooperation, you will
  be drawn to psychology, hospitality, mediation, or to work in the
  human resource field. As a lover of beauty, you might also be drawn to
  art, all work requiring precision, software programming, counseling,
  body-work, or to the beauty industry. Your weakness would be too much
  caution or a refusal to appreciate your own talents. Although you are
  naturally tactful, you may be prone to tell people only what they want
  to hear. Any of these traits are emphasized if the first letter of
  your first name starts with B, K, or T.

  Since no letters for the number Seven (G, P, or Y) appear in your
  name, you must learn the lessons of faith, trust, and thoroughness.
  Your life work may involve research, spiritual teachings, writing, or
  inventing. You are open-minded, but may be too gullible and make
  decisions on little data or jump to conclusions. You are a tireless
  worker when your mind is engaged in a project. Even though of unusual
  intelligence, you may go through life feeling inadequate in specific
  areas such as history, geography, science, or philosophy, and will
  always strive to learn more.


                 How do I operate at the everyday level?

  मोनाली, you tend to be on the quiet side. Your inherent interest
  in others gives you a very good ability to listen, diagnose,
  understand, and counsel. When given a task to do, you work until it's
  wrapped up-maybe you even put a ribbon on it by doing something a
  little extra. Although you pore over travel columns and compare cruise
  rates, you tend to stay home unless you can go touring with a group.
  Your home is most likely to be filled with a collection of things that
  give you a sense of "home."  You have strong emotional reactions to
  people in need. You might struggle to "read their minds" before
  asking them candidly what they are trying to say. You tend to be a
  little bit of a people-pleaser. Self-conscious when attention is
  focused on you, you prefer to work behind the scenes, rather than be
  the leader or decision-maker. Generally, you prefer a slower pace and
  a congenial, harmonious environment.


  मोनाली, you probably don't think of yourself as a serious
  student! Instead of heavy (literally) textbooks, you would rather
  read about current fashions, who's who, and the latest social and
  psychological trends. You like easy crossword puzzles, games,
  personality tests, and fashion makeovers. Creative and optimistic, you
  need to have a busy social life to balance the demands of your work
  life. You prefer to learn from experience rather than reading about
  it. You may have a great ear for languages, and pick up smatterings
  of them easily-or be able to mimic accents very well. You love to
  embellish the truth and make people laugh.


  The total number of B, K, T, C, L, U, F, O, and X's in your name adds 
  up to the number FIVE, which means that you have a very strong 
  physical and emotional vitality. You thrive on external stimulation, 
  activity, and change. You enjoy meeting people very different from 
  With a live and let live philosophy, you tend to be rational and
  objective; if something does not work out, you USUALLY can let go
  easily and move on. However, if you have a passionate affair with
  someone, you may be very reluctant to admit it's over and move on. You
  may have feelings for the person for years.
  Sex is a top priority for you, and you are very attractive and
  magnetic to both sexes. Curious, you are intrigued by special or
  adventurous people. You may be used to using conflict as a way of
  getting close, if your family was an argumentative bunch! You are
  open-minded and will try anything once. You may get bored easily.


  मोनाली, you are very sensitive to other peoples' unspoken
  communication. Feeling deeply, your intense convictions can make you
  something of a fanatic at times, and you may wonder why others don't
  seem to feel as involved with life as you do. Your sensitive nature
  could make you an exceptional problem-solver and empathetic counselor
  if you learn not to get too personally involved with what people do
  with your advice.

                      PINNACLES AND WHAT THEY MEAN

  The Pinnacles and their corresponding Challenges represent the four
  major phases of your lifetime. The Pinnacles of your chart describe
  your response to the environment, people, events, and experiences you
  will encounter during their influence.

  Generally, the Pinnacle number is considered a benevolent force.
  Pinnacles may be especially fortunate if they are the same number as
  your Destiny, Birth Path, or Heart's Desire number (check the front
  page of your chart to see if any of these major numbers are the same
  as a Pinnacle).

                     THE MEANING OF THE CHALLENGES
  While the Pinnacles describe the events and environment of your life,
  the corresponding Challenges describe the inner limitations, fears, or
  handicaps with which you may be grappling while their influence is in
  Keep in mind the following:
  If your Challenge number is the same as your Destiny number, you may
  initially experience setbacks in finding the right vocation. However,
  if you embrace and develop the best aspects of the Challenge number,
  you will be able to carry out your Destiny.
  If your Challenge is the same number as your Birth Path, your success
  comes from expressing yourself and your talent clearly, without
  apology. You have exactly what is needed for success as long as you
  develop the qualities of that Challenge number.
  If your Challenge is the same number as your Heart's Desire, you will
  be highly motivated to tackle your weak spots and acquire the
  necessary training to overcome any obstacles to success. You are
  likely to feel good about life at the end of that period.
  If your Challenge repeats for two or more times (your description will
  be repeated), you have a longer time to work on perfecting your
  Now...find out what is in store for you!


  मोनाली, since your karmic FOURTEEN (also FIVE) Pinnacle begins at
  birth, you might have been born into very restrictive circumstances or
  to parents who live a very unusual lifestyle. FIVE already suggests a
  somewhat rebellious youth, but the karmic aspect of FOURTEEN may
  create more intense conflicts with those in authority. Your family may
  have move frequently or experienced lots of change. You still tend to
  separate yourself from what the family is doing, and crave excitement
  and variety. You choose friends who are different or outspoken.
  Attachments to money and the material world could blind you to the
  needs of others. This period is a time to undo or balance a Karmic
  pattern of selfishness, extremism, or addiction. In a past life, you
  may have had a strong and binding relationship with your current
  family members. Now you want to break a pattern, or break free. The
  urge to avoid responsibility will be strong. You may have had
  alcoholic parents or a life without much stability. You are being
  shown how to be adaptable under uncertain conditions.
  Sometimes you feel as if there are so many options you don't know what
  to do. Other times you secretly fear you aren't committed to
  finishing things you start. These are typical feelings during a
  FOURTEEN or FIVE Pinnacle. You don't want people to tell you what to
  do, but you also crave someone you can really confide in. You love
  sex, travel, excitement, and a little danger.
  Your family may be in the military service, and it's possible that you
  have Karmic ties to some of the locations in which you live.
  Restlessness and a desire for ever-new experience is strong; in
  extreme cases, some young people run away from home. You may marry
  early, but for the wrong reasons-for example, in defiance of your
  parents, or because of a craving for affection that you didn't get
  from your family, or because of an unexpected pregnancy. You do not
  like to feel fenced in by anybody, so marriage may be better postponed
  until you know yourself a little better!
  The karma of the FOURTEEN often expresses through the physical
  body-addictions, birth marks, handicaps, birth defects, or compulsive
  behavior of any kind. Gambling or sexual promiscuity could be a
  Sometimes the intense need of the Karmic FOURTEEN to express one's
  beliefs and change the world creates a radical personality who is
  always in conflict with conventional thinking. Even if your karmic
  FOURTEEN does not create any of the problems above, you may still find
  that you have more than a normal interest in freedom, radical
  thinking, change, and progressive ideas (which may get you into
  trouble if you are too confrontational).
  An ordinary FIVE Pinnacle represents dealing with the public, making
  or selling innovative products, putting on events and productions, and
  a fast-paced life. Likely vocations are in the stock market, music,
  tele-communications, news, sales, public relations, advertising,
  performing, broadcasting, the Internet, travel (working on cruise
  ships!), or bartending and catering. If you go into the healing
  field, you'll choose something like paramedic (emergencies and variety
  suit you) or an alternative approach like acupuncture.
  POTENTIAL PROBLEMS, FLAWS, OR SETBACKS: Accidents, rebelliousness,
  argumentativeness; lack of self-awareness; excessive drug or alcohol
  use; using others; lack of direction; restlessness without action;
  fear of making a change; quitting before success is achieved; and
  having to deal with too much unexpected change; trouble with
  authorities; lack of opportunities for expansion; taking a big
  financial risk that is not well thought out.

  During a One Challenge, you learn to be self-reliant. You succeed when
  you take the initiative, are assertive, and look for solutions. You
  feel a strong sense of independence, and sometimes a lack of
  support. You may decide to be self-employed. It's very important to
  commit to developing your talent or original ideas-in writing,
  screenwriting, design, architecture, inventions, or any new approach
  to old problems.
  Lessons are learned from conflicts with a domineering father, boss,
  husband, or other male, teaching you to stand up for yourself.
  Your Challenge is not to respond to difficulties by being
  argumentative or resentful. In fact, the problems or obstacles in your
  path were created by you to test yourself. The One learns best by
  tackling difficulties and drawing upon its courage. Trust your first
  impressions, share your humor and wit, and use your intellect on
  worthy projects. You'll be asked to leave your comfort zone and move
  into unknown territory. You are to be a pioneer and leader even if
  this terrifies you!


  मोनाली, your Second Pinnacle of EIGHT Pinnacle requires working
  hard to achieve goals. EIGHT stands for money, power, and authority.
  Perhaps you worked your way up from obscurity to attain a prominent
  position in your profession or the community. Whatever your
  achievements, the influence of EIGHT encourages you to continue to
  prove yourself. Whatever you undertake, you do it exceptionally
  well. However, you might have a slight tendency to judge people who
  are not as motivated as you are.
  In the career area, your natural milieu under the EIGHT influence is:
  any profession such as lawyer, physician, engineer, mathematician,
  architect, contractor, business owner, or manager in a corporation or
  institution. Banking, financial analysis, investing, and real estate
  are highly likely occupations.
  You learn about setting goals and making decisions and learning to
  live with the consequences. You value efficiency and
  self-accountability, but also may have tests and challenges about the
  ethics of some of your decisions. Work addiction is frequently a
  problem when trying to establish a solid foundation or meet the
  demands of your profession. In this case, personal relationships tend
  to suffer.
  Marriage is very likely during this period, as you like the
  credibility and status that comes with a good marriage. Perhaps you
  marry someone higher on the social ladder than yourself, or who has a
  good deal of money. If both partners work, professional child care
  will be chosen. Private schools may be seen as necessary as a
  foundation for entering a good college. However, children may suffer
  when parents focus only on career and making money.
  stress-related health problems; too much travel; bankruptcy; audits;
  large financial risks; inability to listen to others' good advice; a
  harsh or unforgiving attitude; pomposity; grandiose goals;
  ostentatious living; too much emphasis on money and status; social
  climbing; financial hardship; aggressive or overly-competitive
  attitudes; lack of affection or inability to enjoy simple pleasures.

  During a Two Challenge, मोनाली, you may experience self-doubt and
  a lack of confidence. Shyness or timidity may be a problem. You may
  be too easily influenced by what others say, even unintentionally,
  and may value their opinions over your own.
  You may avoid making decisions, or feel that conditions are holding
  you back, and yet not take action to change anything. During this time
  you tend to be overly sensitive to criticism or lack of respect. Be
  careful not to take everything so personally. Avoid complaining or
  whining. By developing your ability to listen, you will accumulate
  the necessary knowledge and wisdom to solve your problems. With
  patience and attention to detail you will avoid costly mistakes and
  looking foolish.
  You feel best when in a harmonious, quiet environment. Friendships
  will be a source of deep satisfaction to you. This is a time to
  respect your ability to compromise and grow in a quiet way. Do not let
  details overwhelm you and keep you from seeing the big picture. Have
  faith in what is emerging. Resist the urge to be a people-pleaser!


  मोनाली, your Third Pinnacle of the Master Number TWENTY-TWO
  (which also influences you as a simple FOUR) suggests that you are
  deeply involved with helping the planet--whether it be as a
  peacemaker, inventor, organic farmer, solar advocate, ecologist,
  healer, or educator. With the TWENTY-TWO, you have a strong desire to
  change the world and make a contribution. Think in terms of leadership
  and pioneering methods.
  While marriage is very likely during this period, your values may
  shift, bringing a new person into your life. You may fall in love
  with someone who shares your dreams of changing the world, or meet
  this person at a workshop, activist meeting, or while traveling.
  Although FOUR promises much productivity, you may not have an easy
  time achieving as much progress as you want. Your field of interest
  may be relatively new or undeveloped (e.g., innovative livestock
  processes, energy medicine, permaculture, or hydroponics). You need
  to know a large network of like-minded people in order to accomplish
  on the scale of your dreams. TWENTY-TWOS are also quite happy in
  psychology or metaphysical fields such as astrology, numerology, and
  psychic work.
  Both TWENTY-TWO and FOUR value structure, commitment and service, so
  you will have plenty of opportunities to be productive and be
  recognized for your leadership.
  Because the TWENTY-TWO has the power to make a big difference in the
  world, learn to think for yourself-and depend on yourself--in order to
  break out of a limiting condition. Don't fall into blaming others for
  your situation. Cutting corners or not being completely ethical could
  have serious consequences.
  During a TWENTY-TWO or FOUR Pinnacle, circumstances may put you in
  contact with policy makers. Good connections help pave the way to
  accomplishment. Even though you can see more to be done, don't get
  discouraged when projects fall short of expectations.
  PROBLEMS, FLAWS, AND OBSTACLE: Stubbornness, laziness, undisciplined
  behavior, racial discrimination, rough social attitudes and manners,
  physical handicaps, lack of love and affection, strong opinions, but
  lack of tact; lack of imagination and vision; idealistic goals but no
  follow-through; and stress due to overwork.

  During a One Challenge, you learn to be self-reliant. You succeed when
  you take the initiative, are assertive, and look for solutions. You
  feel a strong sense of independence, and sometimes a lack of
  support. You may decide to be self-employed. It's very important to
  commit to developing your talent or original ideas-in writing,
  screenwriting, design, architecture, inventions, or any new approach
  to old problems.
  Lessons are learned from conflicts with a domineering father, boss,
  husband, or other male, teaching you to stand up for yourself.
  Your Challenge is not to respond to difficulties by being
  argumentative or resentful. In fact, the problems or obstacles in your
  path were created by you to test yourself. The One learns best by
  tackling difficulties and drawing upon its courage. Trust your first
  impressions, share your humor and wit, and use your intellect on
  worthy projects. You'll be asked to leave your comfort zone and move
  into unknown territory. You are to be a pioneer and leader even if
  this terrifies you!


  मोनाली, your last Pinnacle is what's called a "karmic" number-the
  SIXTEEN (ALSO SEVEN). This is a time for repaying karmic debts-which
  means experiencing the pain and suffering you may have caused
  others. SIXTEEN is not a "bad" number by itself, it is just a time for
  deep encounters. For example, you may feel a special connection with
  certain friends because you have lived other lifetimes with them in
  your Soul Group. As this is your final influence, you may now rise to
  the top of your field and be known as an expert teacher.
  Even though there have been times in your life that you have not
  always be able to draw as much support from your family as you would
  like, things now seem to come together. Finally, you know who you
  are, especially if you've had a SIXTEEN or SEVEN influence before this
  Personal growth seminars, religion, and occult studies help you to
  understand the breadth and depth of what life has to offer. Easily
  bored by superficialities, you are selective in both your activities
  and your friends. You are happiest when you're reading professional
  journals or prize-winning fiction, surfing the Internet, meditating,
  painting, writing, drawing up a horoscope, or talking on the phone to
  your best friend.
  For careers, consider anything to do with writing, analysis (from
  financial to psychoanalysis), history, religion, philosophy, technical
  and scientific fields, or metaphysical study.
  The SIXTEEN sometimes brings betrayal, as it represents the lessons of
  trust and truth. Unexpected inheritances could ease your financial
  misunderstood; having to increase understanding of technology; feeling
  undirected; deep spiritual longing; clash of values with loved ones;
  depression; speaking sarcastically; developing odd quirks; losing
  money through inattention; going deeply into occult matters without
  good spiritual grounding; disconnection from meaningful activities;
  feeling like you are in the void; betrayal and lack of trust.

  During a Three Challenge, मोनाली, you have an urge for
  self-expression, whether it is in the form of painting, dancing,
  writing, performing, or speaking. Go with the flow while still
  exercising self-discipline to accomplish goals.
  Avoid a tendency to scatter your energy, over-talk your plans, or
  avoid your feelings. There will be much social interaction during this
  period and maybe some flirtations. Being authentic and speaking up
  when necessary is all-important. Your imagination may be working
  overtime, so don't make promises you know you can't keep.
  Write down thoughts and goals in a journal for your eyes only. Put 
  time into developing your talents. Cultivate friendships; travel. 
  Avoid thoughtless negative comments, criticisms, or gossip. Try to 
  maintain a positive attitude. Do not overestimate your ability or 
  the claims of others.

                    PERSONAL YEAR ANALYSIS FOR 2014

  मोनाली, you are currently in a Three Personal Year:
  Pay more attention to what makes you happy
  Start painting or take a photography class
  Begin conversations with people you don't know
  Write a thesis
  Be more willing to do new things 
  Take a cooking class and invite friends to dinner at your house
  Spend time with children
  Increase your dating time, if single
  Enjoy short-term acquaintances or romance 
  Be careful not to gossip
  Interview for a new job
  Work smarter
  CHALLENGES: Communications, denial of facts, jealousy, distractions,
  hyperactivity, extravagance, triangle relationships, too social, loss
  of sales, lack of boundaries.
  ACTION MONTHS: February, July, December	 
  A Three Personal Year is a time to explore how to make your life more
  fun, rewarding, and harmonious. Look for ways to express yourself and
  have fun. Lighten up, be social, take weekend trips, entertain, go to
  the movies, rent a sailboat, or start up that band you always wanted
  to have.
  You may be full of "crazy ideas" this year. You may sit around with
  friends and dream up schemes to get rich, sell the house, and travel,
  and this kind of daydreaming has the germ of real purpose within
  it. Notice the themes of your daydreaming. What are they telling you?
  This year you tend to have an optimistic and inspired outlook that
  encourages you to make changes for the better. Ideas may spin through
  your head in the middle of the night. However, you may think, "I don't
  know if I could really do that!" Slow down and take time to think of
  small steps that can lead you to some interesting new place.
  Often, a Three Year requires that you update your clothes or your
  appearance. By enjoying life more, your vitality increases, and you
  feel ready to take on new challenges.
  During a Three, the imagination is usually stronger than the practical
  side, which actually implements your plans! Overall this year, you
  may find it harder to get things done, but, on the other hand, you're
  enjoying the moment, so who cares? Since the Three is encouraging
  expression of all kinds, it's necessary now for you to write letters
  or email people, meet more people with whom you can truly communicate,
  start a journal, or get serious about your writing, painting, or
  acting. Optimism outweighs anxiety this year. You may not be so
  certain of your goals now - so keep exploring. Your next year will be
  the hardworking Four when you are more likely to commit and build.
  The Three Year could be a very lucky year for you, when things unfold
  January (Four Personal Month) - SELF-CONTROL. Assess your money
  situation and do not overspend. Buy only that which has lasting
  value. Organize your closets, reorganize your life. There are details
  left over from the previous year that must be finished.
  February (Five Personal Month) - CONFUSION. A month of unexpected
  change and variety. If you are traveling, be prepared for changes or
  delays. You may feel you need time away from the family, or there may
  even be conflicts with friends due to misunderstandings. You feel
  restless and want to be rid of an old situation. The time is good for
  sales, promotion, and doing things differently, but avoid making hasty
  decisions based on anger or jealousy. Exercise to burn off energy.
  March (Six Personal Month) - NESTING. This is a time of increased
  responsibilities with family or at work. You may decide to
  redecorate, buy furniture, or garden. Music, singing, and artistic
  projects are favored now. You may volunteer at a hospital or school,
  take classes, or become very emotionally involved with someone.
  April (Seven Personal Month) - RE-EVALUATION. Pull back on commitments
  and create more quiet time-but don't feel lonely. You may feel more
  withdrawn and wish to pursue special projects, such as learning
  technical subjects or going on a retreat. Be patient with money -- it
  may be delayed for some reason. This is an excellent time to write,
  think, meditate, and research facts for the decision you will make
  next month. Review your investments or start a savings account.
  May (Eight Personal Month) - DECISIONS. You may receive a promotion
  and earn more money. You work hard now and some of your best plans get
  a big boost. You may be given a large project, so be prepared to work
  extra hours this month. A good month for buying, selling, or the
  exchange of property. You feel good about yourself. Avoid seeing 
  others as more important or powerful than yourself. Keep your own 
  June (Nine Personal Month) - COMPLETION AND EXPANSION. This month is
  about unconditional love, so reach out to others; be especially
  generous. This is a time of meeting good people and having good
  luck. Your lesson is to let go of your need to control and let
  situations unfold. You may be a bit emotionally vulnerable now, and
  could be easily influenced by what others say. Nurture your urge for
  spiritual meaning and spiritual endeavors. If someone is a thorn in
  your side, detach from the idea that you have to change them. It's
  best not to start a new project until next month. Simplify and let go.
  July (One Personal Month) - AHA! You feel the arrival of a new sense
  of purpose, which perhaps, clarifies the real emphasis of the whole
  year. Take a trip, start a new job (or two -- you may have more than
  one this year). Begin your thesis. Write a play; buy watercolors and
  paper. Go to a museum or concert. Do at least one thing this month
  that you have been hesitant to do. Be assertive. Don't wait. Make a
  list of what you want, and thank the universe for providing it for
  August (Two Personal Month) - FRIENDSHIPS AND CONTACTS. Begin taking
  small steps toward the plans you created last month. The pace slows
  now, so be patient-it's not your fault! Spend time with your mate and
  your friends. Be very careful to commit only to things that you really
  want to do. Listen and cooperate, but don't get stuck with work that
  nobody else wants to do-unless you love doing it. Notice the nature of
  your encounters with others -- what are they trying to tell you? Do
  you need to become more assertive or more cooperative?
  September (Three Personal Month) - TEMPTATIONS. This tends to be a
  very scattered month. Be aware of a great temptation toward
  extravagance and keep your credit card at home. Short trips renew your
  energy. This could be an excellent time for selling, so plan to attend
  trade shows and markets. You might be more visible now and appear in a
  play. Create more time to write, dance, and spend time with
  friends. You may be away from your mate for a while, or indulge in a
  mild flirtation.
  October (Four Personal Month) -ORGANIZATION AND SELF-CONTROL. Now you
  can catch up on your work. Don't expect to get away too much. It's not
  always the best time to travel due to many responsibilities or
  financial restrictions.
  November (Five Personal Month) - UNEXPECTED CHANGE. Possibly an
  explosive month. Expect some clash of wills or a temporary separation
  from your partner. Many things change and surprise you. You now have a
  better chance of meeting someone for a meaningful relationship than
  you did in February. Doors will open now. Great time for publicity,
  performing, selling, and traveling. Your energy should be very high,
  making you attractive to others. Great for recuperation from an
  December (Six Personal Month) - SHARING. If you are considering
  marriage now, it might be best to wait until February. Changes are
  coming in January that may alter your decision or timing. Now is a
  good time to spend Christmas or Hannuka at home with family, and get
  your greeting cards sent out on time. Share your wealth. You may buy
  something new for the home that you had always wanted. You tend to
  buy lots of presents for the holiday. While most people will feel more
  loving and secure now, in some cases there may be a flaw in the
  holiday spirit.

                         TRANSITS AND ESSENCES

  DURING 2014 YOU ARE 29.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your FIRST NAME:

  M = You are working through a practical limitation (finances or
  health). Moving to a new environment brings a transformation. There
  are family concerns, perhaps around someone's health. You're building
  for the future now. Your early worry patterns may come to the surface.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your LAST NAME:

  H = You throw yourself into accomplishing tangible goals. You are
  directed, and forceful, and usually work with big organizations. Your
  leadership is recognized and you will no doubt be working hard on your
  career rather than playing hooky. You are more interested in the
  material concerns of life than in the spiritual. However, you may do
  fund-raising for a charitable organization. You may need to become
  more assertive or credentialed during this period. Be careful of
  contracts with small print.

  TWENTY-ONE Essence: Many choices seem confusing if you listen too much
  to others. During this period you are looking for your "bliss."  If
  unemployed do short-term jobs while educating yourself about a
  possible career. This is a strong childbirth influence. Money is
  surprisingly good (with lots of surprises). You may be lucky in
  gambling. Becoming aware of money habits (spending patterns) is very
  helpful to gain more control of your money. You need fun, social life
  and travel now. Make it a priority to enjoy yourself (but not
  necessarily spend more money). You'll be attracted and attractive to
  the opposite sex. Flirtations are fun.

  Lessons: Positive thinking (but not pie-in-sky); joyfulness.

  January - February
  Your Period Number is 7:

  During this four-month sequence you will feel like spending more time
  alone with your own thoughts and interests. If you are in a
  relationship, you let your partner know that "it's nothing personal",
  but you'd just like a little more space. If you are single, then you
  might tend to isolate now and feel lonely. It's important to keep in
  contact with books, activities, or people who inspire you. You may be
  conferring with top specialists in your field, or doing interesting
  research. If you also have a "7" personal month happening
  concurrently, you may have a deep intuitive revelation. There may be a
  secret that is revealed or covered up. A double "7" influence could
  cause difficulties in your communications, and you should move
  carefully and thoughtfully during the time the two "7"'s are at work.

  March - June
  Your Period Number is 7:

  During this four-month sequence you will feel like spending more time
  alone with your own thoughts and interests. If you are in a
  relationship, you let your partner know that "it's nothing personal",
  but you'd just like a little more space. If you are single, then you
  might tend to isolate now and feel lonely. It's important to keep in
  contact with books, activities, or people who inspire you. You may be
  conferring with top specialists in your field, or doing interesting
  research. If you also have a "7" personal month happening
  concurrently, you may have a deep intuitive revelation. There may be a
  secret that is revealed or covered up. A double "7" influence could
  cause difficulties in your communications, and you should move
  carefully and thoughtfully during the time the two "7"'s are at work.

  July - October
  Your Period Number is 8:

  During this four-month sequence you will feel like forcing issues, and
  getting your way. This is a period of intense financial pressure.
  There is a big decision to be made, and you'd be best getting the help
  of professionals in accounting and law. You may be moving up in your
  company, and your talents recognized. Something you wrote or helped
  develop may be published. This is a time to be forceful, consistent,
  and not dependent on others for answers. You may make great gains now.
  If you're looking to buy or sell property, this is a very good
  influence. If you also have an "8" personal month during this period,
  you may experience a financial setback or test. You may find yourself
  involved in a legal case. Don't strain after what you want, but be
  active and alert.

  November - December
  Your Period Number is 9:

  During this four-month sequence you may find many things getting
  resolved and completed. There could be a great feeling of success and
  freedom. The energy flow is increasing for you now. Allow the Universe 
  to speak to you, and try to meditate for a few minutes before starting
  your day. The opportunities that come to you will be better than the
  ones you thought you wanted. You must complete something before
  turning towards a new direction. Long-distance travel or working with
  foreigners is a definite possibility. If you also have a "9" personal
  month during this period, you may have to let go of a long-standing
  situation or relationship. You may experience deep feelings of loss or
  regret. It's very important to experience your feelings, and stop
  judging yourself or others.


  You have now been introduced to your life path. It's a good idea to
  review the chart once a year, perhaps on your birthday, to keep you in
  touch with what you came here to accomplish. Each subsequent reading
  may reveal the concepts to you in a different light.
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