Secondary Name Chart


                        Numerology Delineation For
                       Оксана Геннадьевна Бородина


                             LIFE CHART SUMMARY
                     ABOUT YOUR LIFE PURPOSE (DESTINY)

  First Name                       Оксана     1
  This name indicates that you tend to be self-directed, energetic,
  original, competitive, and witty.
  Middle Name                 Геннадьевна  11/2
  This name gives you great sensitivity to artistic details, light,
  beauty, harmony, and the feelings of others.

  Last Name                      Бородина  11/2
  This name gives you great sensitivity to artistic details, light,
  beauty, harmony, and the feelings of others.

  Destiny                                     5
  You must bring the qualities of your Birth Path to your Destiny as a
  Change Agent, Consultant, Multi-disciplinarian, Sports Person, Explorer,
  Developer, Promoter, Performer, or Politician.  KEY: Flexibility and
  ability to respond quickly.  CAREERS: media; special military;
  marketing/research; nature photography; stunt person; TV/film producer;
  athlete; entrepreneur; racing; real estate; para-medic.

  Heart's Desire                              3
  To be happy you need enough money to enjoy the good things in life,
  while not being a slave to the clock.  You enjoy a good dinner with
  friends, play with children, talking on your cell, and planning
  vacations or home renovations. Your ideal mate is fun-loving but
  practical, open-minded, generous, and affectionate.

  Personality                              11/2

  People often are impressed by your ability to create beauty, peace,
  hope, and relief in your various roles as a friend, partner, advisor,
  speaker or service person.  Under stress-you become overly tired and

  Habit Challenge                             7

  Your challenge is to see the deeper purpose behind disappointments,
  setbacks, or betrayals. Spiritual wisdom is a deep source of comfort
  throughout your life. Your challenge is to keep your heart and mind open
  even when somewhat distrustful or anxious. You enjoy good company as
  well as solitude.

  KARMIC LESSON(S)                            8

  Your lessons are learned when you respect your own power and ability to
  attain financial security and credibility.  Karma is released when have
  work/life balance, and can keep money and status in perspective.

                     YOUR BIRTH DATE (BIRTHPATH) SHOWS

  Day of Birth                               17

  Your life purpose requires daring, vision, integrity, and courage to
  undertake large projects--and the executive ability to delegate. Your
  potential for recognition and financial success is high. An ideal
  partner is good looking, financially successful, reliable, open-minded,
  but prudent, spiritual and affectionate.

  Birthpath                                   8
  You must be businesslike, productive, strong, fair-minded, logical, a
  good judge of character, and smart with money, wherever your Destiny
  Number places you.  KEY: Keep work/life balance.  CAREERS: executive;
  medicine; law; publishing; engineering; financial investing; criminal
  justice; politics; real estate development. AVOID: being judgmental,
  over-ambitious, unforgiving, or closed to untried ideas. An ideal mate
  is good looking, has wealth and social contacts, and copes well alone at
  home or at business functions.

  Realization                              13/4
  By the end of your life you will complete a karmic debt to someone
  through sacrifice, persistence, inspiration, or heroic effort. You may
  have turned early personal difficulties into later success, or helped
  others overcome obstacles.  You will be known for your ability to act
  both practically and spiritually.

                           BALANCE OF TEMPERAMENT
                        How you live in daily life:

  Physically                                  3

  You like to have many things going on; playful, charming, sexy,
  interested in people.

  Mentally                                    7

  You excel at research, writing, developing, diagnosing, and asking

  Emotionally                              11/2

  You may put others' needs first, but flourish with encouragement.

  Spiritually                                 4

  Whether a meditating Buddhist or a Muslim, you enjoy practice and



  The Day of Birth       -- A strong character trait

  Birth Path             -- Your natural tendencies, abilities, and
                            attitude toward the world

  Destiny                -- The purpose, goal, and direction of your
                            life; what you will tackle and manifest

  Realization            -- Your ultimate achievement in life

  Heart's Desire         -- Your inner motivation and most cherished
                            values; what you choose to undertake

  Personality            -- How others perceive you

  Habit Challenge        -- Your blind spot; what you overdo or don't 
                            do enough of

  Specialties	         -- Indicates passions or talents
  Karmic Lessons         -- Areas to develop; life magnetizes these 
                            experiences to you for growth

  Balance of Temperament -- How you express physically, mentally,
                            emotionally, and intuitively

  THE PRIMARY LIFE CHART is calculated from the original name given at
  birth, exactly as spelled on the birth certificate. It is ALWAYS in
  effect, because that is who you are even though you may not be using
  that name anymore.
  THE SECONDARY NAME CHART is calculated for any other name, such as a
  married name or a name changed for any reason. When you change your
  name, it takes about one year for its effects to be noticed. The
  Secondary Name provides a new path of Destiny and brings you into
  contact with different types of opportunities.
  The Secondary name, with its cast of different letters, provides you
  with potential new gifts, challenges, and motivations. As a bonus, a
  Secondary name may provide letters missing from the birth name (your
  Karmic Lessons)! Only you can feel how these descriptions fit the
  life you are now living.
  Secondary names may be opposite to the Destiny of your birth name,
  complementary (similar and not conflicting), or the same. If your
  Secondary name gives you dramatically opposite characteristics, you
  may not feel comfortable with the new vibration. However, even if your
  Secondary name provides the same root number as the Destiny of the
  birth name, it will be comprised of different letters and, therefore,
  different qualities and characteristics. You should only change your
  name for a very good reason, not a passing whim.


  Your Day of Birth sets the tone of your personality-whether it is as 
  a leader, a good friend and listener, a teacher, an adventurer, or an
  executive in the world of business.

  If the following description of your Day of Birth does not seem to 
  fit you, it may be that other numbers in your name or birthday mask 
  the effects of this number.

  Оксана, your birthdate of 17 marks you as a dynamic go-getter. You
  have the daring and courage to undertake large projects and the
  executive ability to delegate to the right people. Your potential
  for recognition and financial success is extremely high. Whatever
  field you choose it has to be at the cutting edge of its
  industry. Naturally forward thinking, you not only have vision but
  the determination to accomplish that vision. Both men and women will
  be attracted to your power. The only reason you may not attain the
  highest achievement is if you allow arrogance to blind your good
  judgment. Integrity is the key to long lasting success. An
  outstanding troubleshooter, your judgment is nearly infallible. Do
  not get bogged down with details -- delegate! You admire scholars
  and historians and will excel in all aspects of writing, invention,
  and design. You are rarely vague or indecisive.

                        BIRTH PATH - NATURAL SELF

        Who am I? What do I do best? What are my natural abilities?


  The Birthpath is the sum of all your birth date numbers.

  The Birthpath describes who you are--your natural tendencies,
  abilities, and attitude toward the world. It is the unchangeable
  aspect of your chart, and therefore denotes your basic and eternal
  Even though you may have the same Birthpath number as someone else,
  differences in the month, day and/or year will account for variations
  you may see between their abilities and attitudes and yours.


  reliable                         strict
  strong                           inflexible 
  professional                     workaholic
  executive                        blunt
  achiever                         avaricious
  decisive                         arrogant
  good judgment                    opinionated
  expert or authority              stubborn          
  ambitious                        grasping

  Your Eight Birthpath gives you a powerful ability to control
  circumstances and accomplish significant things in life. Your
  success comes from working for a goal. You excel at working through
  obstacles. You intuitively see the overall plan, know instinctively
  what is needed for implementation, and delegate tasks to those best
  suited to accomplish them.

  Your Birthpath puts you in the material world of accomplishment and
  gain. You are a troubleshooter; your methods are blunt, forceful,
  and to the point. Your concern is for truth and justice. An
  excellent judge of character, you correctly size people up at first
  glance, but may be unwilling to change your mind when events prove
  your judgment was off. With a natural talent for keeping things
  simple, you tend to see people objectively, not letting personal
  sentiment color your evaluation.

  Even at home, you run the house in an authoritative way. If you are
  female, you may have had parents who wanted a boy and so grew up
  with an unconscious need to prove your masculine side. Strong,
  assertive, and competitive, you enjoy being a decision-maker, and
  are adept at finding ways to get ahead in any situation. Attracted
  to power and stability, you gravitate towards organizations,
  institutions, corporations, or government. Your work builds tangible
  structures, involves big money, accounting, investments, or the
  professional development of a talent. Expect to be put into
  positions of leadership and management.

  In youth, you may have been known for great energy and sense of
  purpose (especially if you were born in January, August, or October.
  Regardless of the field you choose for a career, you will be given
  responsibility and will go as high as you can.


      What is my goal in life? What will I be most successful doing?
                 What is the best direction to take?
                What will be my major accomplishment?

  Your Destiny number describes what you have been born to accomplish.
  It shows the type of person you may become and the purpose you must
  fulfill. Your Destiny provides certain types of opportunities that
  will most likely lead you to success. It shows the kind of lifestyle
  or environment you will be drawn to. It outlines what talents you
  will need to accomplish your Soul's purpose.

  The full Destiny is the sum of all the values of the letters of your
  Birth Name. However, each name has its own sub-destiny (see the front
  sheet of your chart where you see one word opposite each name). Your
  first name gives you the most personal lessons; your middle name often
  contains hidden abilities you do not consciously try to develop (or
  ones you do not like); and your last name carries the characteristics
  shared by your whole family.


  What You Need to Develop for Success:

  acknowledging your uniqueness
  sexual responsibility
  good health habits
  Оксана, with a Destiny of Five, your goal is personal
  expansion. Your lifestyle may seem bohemian, and you may be admired as
  an adventurer or resented as a nonconformist. You may even be called a
  "jack or jill-of-all-trades" by those more conventional than yourself.

  Five is the number of worldly experience, so you are destined to have
  many occupations and will go through many relationships (often with
  unusual people). Naturally versatile, you will develop many talents as
  you seek to satisfy your innate curiosity and love of movement.

  Conflict and burnt bridges result when you do not understand that
  hedonistic behavior and change for the sake of change are not the
  answers to your restlessness.

  Be aware that your tendency to have many projects going at once will
  scatter your energies. You may start many things and not finish them
  all. Exploration, not completion, is what motivates you. Don't let
  more conventional people make you feel guilty. You pursue your
  interests enthusiastically and will do very well with what excites

  Your personal magnetism will allow you to attract all kinds of
  people. You like to know a little bit about everything and are quick
  to pick up facts -- but you let go of them just as quickly if they
  prove limiting. You keep abreast in your field of interest and impart
  your excitement as naturally as breathing.

  You are usually very healthy, and exercise is a good way to burn off
  excess energy. Avoid excessive eating, drinking alcohol, or drugging
  your senses. You rebound from illness very quickly. You love sex and
  many of life's lessons are learned through this exchange of energy.

  As a female you may irritate others by your outspokenness. Remember --
  you are here to break up tradition, be the iconoclast, and to not be
  restricted by traditional ways of thinking.

  You can be aggressive, competitive, self-indulgent, irresponsible,
  inconsistent, flighty, showy, and unaware of the feelings of others.
  Because you change so easily, others may see you as hypocritical. You
  will not adhere to routine. Procrastination is your fatal flaw. You
  will put off solving a problem until it stands between you and what
  you immediately desire.


  Any activity calling for adaptability, dealing with the public,
  promotion, advertising, psychology (you are very observant and use
  this trait in order to get ahead competitively). You will find success
  as a travel guide, physical therapist, or health food proponent,
  metaphysician, television personality, huckster, showman, athlete,
  real estate agent, car salesman, trader, booking agent, entertainer,
  actor, lecturer, retailer, visual merchandiser, politician -- or a
  combination of all of these!


  You accuse yourself of not finishing what you begin. You worry that
  people think you are clever, but shallow. You may be flippant and
  superficial and want people to take you seriously. You may resent a
  reputation as "slick" or "phony."

  You hope to have all that money can buy. You hope to get ahead of the
  other person, to do something your own way, on your terms. You hope to
  travel most of your life and may dream of a sailboat and faraway
  islands. You may hope to have many sexual encounters and fear old age,
  although Five and Three remain youthful well into old age.


  Your partner must be aware of your tendency to be busy and not
  domestic. Even though you may insist that home and family are
  important to you, they are not usually your first priority. Your mate
  should not be the jealous type or require your presence every moment
  of the day and night. If you feel hemmed in, you may be prone to
  promiscuity. Sex is very important to you. In fact, overindulgence in
  all the physical senses (eating, drinking, sex, drugs, gambling) is
  something you have to watch.

  You may have avant-garde ideas about raising your children or about
  having an "open marriage." You tend to be the devil's advocate,
  sometimes enjoying a nice argument just to be able to show off your
  fast thinking. Twos, Fours, and Sixes may be able to help you learn
  more patience and consideration. You will be proud to be married to a
  seven. If you are married to a Nine, you may encourage each other to
  go to extremes (drinking?) and may have a very dramatic relationship.
  If you are married to a One, you may feel somewhat put down by the
  person (an unconscious reaction to their principled outlook).

                      REALIZATION OR ULTIMATE GOAL

  The Realization is sometimes called the Ultimate Goal of your life.
  It is found by adding together the Birth path number (who you are)
  with the Destiny number (the road you will travel or the likely path
  of success). The Realization number seems to indicate the kind of
  person you will be or the lifestyle you will have in your later 
  years. It might be seen as what you have learned or accomplished 
  through all your experiences, or a significant part of your 

  Оксана, since you have the Realization number of the Karmic
  Thirteen, perhaps you see yourself very differently than you did when
  young. In maturity, you may have come to grips with painful lessons,
  which necessitated your working through the flaws of pride,
  righteousness, intolerance, or even laziness.
  The Karma of the Thirteen means that you had a goal in this lifetime
  to overcome limitations, help others with their problems, and right
  wrongs. This has been an important lifetime teaching you the value of
  perseverance, commitment, and integrity.
  You know how to live on little, but you know how to make every moment
  count, and have had some extremely interesting experiences which have
  taught you that every life has a purpose. You may have overcome great
  hardships or built long-lasting structures. You may take great joy in
  your daily routine, keeping yourself fit, and working in your garden.
  You treasure the ability to be with people during important and
  life-changing transitions.


               What motivates me? What is most important to me?
                        How do I make my decisions?
  The Heart's Desire describes your inner motivations - your values and
  how you set your priorities. The Destiny number shows what you
  MUST do, the Heart's Desire shows you what you WANT to do. Will you
  embrace your Destiny? Or will you resist that Destiny, and want to do
  something different?  Your Heart's Desire is one of the most
  influential numbers in your life. Its influence can support, conflict
  with, or be neutral in regards to your life path.

  Think of your Heart's Desire as your instinctive decision-maker.
  People who don't know you well will probably not see this part of your
  nature, although certainly good friends and family will be very
  familiar with what you love and care about. Look back on some of the
  major turning points in your life. On what did you base your important
  choices? For example, in your last job decision did you opt for great
  working conditions, creative and friendly co-workers, improved status,
  or a higher salary? Those things that were most important to you are
  indications of your Heart's Desire. You don't have to worry about
  developing this number. It just is.

  Knowing your Heart's Desire helps to clarify what's REALLY important
  to you. Whenever you can, make choices in alignment with what your
  Heart whispers to you.

  Heart's Desire is the sum of all the vowels in your first, middle and
  last names.

  Your Three Heart's Desire, Оксана, makes you concentrate on the
  brighter side of life-even to denying that problems exist at all. You
  love to have fun, friends and a social life. Your gifts are joy,
  optimism, and creativity in everything you do.
  You have a strong imagination and maybe even psychic abilities. You
  are a good story teller. Perhaps you keep a journal where you can let
  feelings flow freely. You might daydream about being a clown,
  magician, or writing the world's greatest novel.
  With your talent for persuading others, you promote ideas and give
  advice. You may go into sales-anything but boring, routine, or manual
  work. For you, work has to have an element of fun. You are a
  Congenial, but easily hurt by criticism, you will go a long way to
  avoid arguments. For this reason, you may flatter, talk too much, or
  use platitudes, appearing shallow. You have a great need to express
  yourself, but need to think out thoughts before speaking.
  Color, drama, humor, and freedom are essential for you to feel
  alive. You love to entertain and are a great host or hostess. Music,
  dancing, games, travel, vacations, and champagne and chocolates are
  favorites of yours.
  Your natural lifestyle is spontaneous with less emphasis on
  practicalities and realities. You are a wonderful friend and lover,
  adore children, but are not always dependable to keep the house tidy
  or pay the bills on time!


            How do people see me? What impression do I give?
            How does my Personality help me achieve success?
         Does my Personality hinder me from getting what I want?


  Your Personality number reveals how you appear to others. The people
  around you -- coworkers, friends, family -- may not know your Destiny
  or Heart's Desire, but chances are they can describe you and your
  attributes. This is the information revealed in the Personality
  number. Unlike other major numbers, which may define deep,
  seldom-glimpsed traits, your Personality number may even describe a
  social mask you use to protect yourself.

  Personality is the sum of all the consonants in your first, middle and
  last names.


  Оксана, your Eleven personality number indicates that you often
  attract attention, or that there is something you do that makes you
  stand out--perhaps you frequently tell stories of an uplifting nature.
  Eleven signifies being in the limelight, having artistic beauty or
  talent, having a message to give to others, or being an inspirer to
  others. You may even resemble someone famous. Elevens are sometimes
  glamorous, and sometimes wallflowers-there is a distinct tendency to
  go from one extreme to another. You may know celebrities, but not be
  one yourself. You are a good listener, sometimes shy, often
  unexpectedly expert at something where coordination and patience with
  detail is needed. You may be drawn to speak on spiritual,
  psychological, metaphysical, or artistic subjects.

  At times your natural shyness makes you want to recede from public
  attention, and you prefer to retreat within and meditate, read, or
  write. You may prefer to let others lead the way. You make an
  excellent partner, and even with a forceful mate, sometimes you are
  the one who attracts the most attention socially. You are a spiritual
  beauty-one way or another!

                  What habitual response do I have that
                      might be considered negative?

  The Habit Challenge defines an area of your personality you may wish
  to improve or use more often.

  Habit Challenge is a tendency, which can be either over-developed
  (becoming too much of a good thing) or a under-developed, leading to
  limitations in your effectiveness. The challenge is to balance
  yourself between the two extremes of the Habit Challenge number, and
  express the best qualities most of the time. For instance, if your
  Habit Challenge happened to be a Two (which, at its best is
  understanding and helpful), you might at times be too sensitive and
  timid--letting others take advantage of you. At other times, perhaps
  under stress, you might be abrupt and thoughtless, needing to remember
  that patience and diplomacy may be much more helpful in the long run.

  No matter what your Habit Challenge number, you will exhibit either
  side of the quality depending on circumstances.

  Habit Challenge is the number of letters in your first, middle and
  last names.


  Your Habit Challenge of 7 indicates that you may have a tendency to
  shut down, to close other people out of your thoughts and your
  life. You can be overly analytical, critical, sarcastic, and bound to
  an intellectual-rather than emotional-approach to life. Early
  experiences can cause you to be cut off from your feelings or a loner.
  Your exceptional intelligence could make you contemptuous of the
  If you don't take advantage of the best qualities of the
  7-thoughtfulness, faith, and trust, you could be superficial,
  careless, and uninterested in spiritual matters. You could be
  disillusioned, fatalistic, eccentric, or superstitious. Sevens
  occasionally dwell too much on the "good old days," remembering a
  certain job, living situation, or extraordinary friends in youth.

              What are my special talents and abilities?
           Is my name unusually weighted in any direction?
                       Am I missing any traits?
  While your major numbers (such as Destiny and Birthpath) are patterns
  that guide and mold your overall direction in life, the individual 
  letters of your name sometimes highlight a theme by being absent 
  (Karmic lessons) or by being represented several times (Specialties).

  When letters occur several times in your chart, we call these your
  Specialties. Having an abundance of a certain number usually means 
  this quality is a distinctive trait in your nature.  Some names have 
  a fairly balanced number of letters, and no particular number stands 

  On the other hand, your name may not have certain numbers. Missing
  numbers are usually an indication that you are going to develop this
  quality in life.  It is very likely that life provides you with 
  exactly the right situations in which to develop your Karmic lessons.
  Karmic lessons are somewhat like a blind spot or something in which 
  you are not very interested.  They should not be considered as big 
  problems!  If you have no missing letters, then you have a wide range 
  of talents to use in life, and have no defined Karmic challenges.
  Notice if any of your CHALLENGES or PINNACLES are the same as your
  KARMIC LESSONS. Success will be easier if you really develop and
  express the quality of that missing number!

  Since the letters valued at One (A, J, S) appear in your name FIVE OR
  MORE TIMES - you are a natural leader, and may have had many lifetimes
  as an influencer of society. Willful and not easily assimilated into
  groups, you tend to be original, avant-garde, and highly idealistic
  (especially if the first letter of your first name is A, J, or S.)
  If you also have letters D, M, V in your name, you will be extremely
  balanced, determined and productive, otherwise you might be all talk
  and no action or impractical. If you have H, Q, Z's in your name, you
  resist being told by others what to do and want to be a
  policy-maker. With so many A, J, S's in your name, you desire to
  excel. Known for your wit, you have a special talent for writing or
  design. You are energized by beginnings, but not so interested in

  Since the letters C, L, U, which are valued at Three, appear in your
  name ONE TO THREE TIMES -- you are imaginative with average to good
  verbal ability. A creative thinker, you will enjoy many interests and
  are flexible enough to try your hand at a variety of
  occupations-especially those involving sales, recreational pursuits,
  and advertising. However, your tendency is to become easily
  bored. You may love art and music, but not feel talented in those
  fields. You love young people and will yourself stay youthful for a
  long time. The letters that value Three in your chart indicate good
  support from friends when you most need them. Being a good
  conversationalist and very social will be emphasized if your first
  name begins with C or L, or if your first vowel is a U.

  You have a highly unusual number of letters for the number Six (F, O,
  and X) in your name. You hold strongly traditional values, such as
  the sanctity of home and family and the role of men and women. You
  are fiercely opinionated, stubborn, and concerned about your spouse's
  activities -- perhaps jealous of time spent outside the home. Dominant
  and demanding, you feel you have the family's interest at heart and
  dislike anyone questioning your authority. You would resist divorce
  on principle, but oddly never marry-especially if your role is to take
  care of other family members. Your health and well-being will
  ultimately suffer if you take a harsh, critical, restrictive role with
  people, or if you work without proper time to rebalance. Loyalty,
  punctuality, logic, and service are top values for you, and you demand
  loyalty and even sacrifice from others.

  Since the letters for the number Seven (G, P, and Y) appear in your
  name THREE OR MORE TIMES -- you could be seen by others as quite
  eccentric. Your analytical powers are very strong, and you are almost
  driven to uncover facts -- to know, to understand. You have an
  intuitive grasp of any situation and instinctively sense when
  something is not right. Your abilities lie in math, technical fields,
  research, strategy, and invention. Aloof rather than emotional, you
  can be suspicious or close with money. You could excel in occult or
  spiritual subjects.

  Since the letters for the number Eight (H, Q, and Z) do not appear in
  your name, you have to learn the lesson of handling power, money,
  wealth. You must learn not to give over your power to others
  (thinking they are experts and will take care of you, or thinking
  others are more important than you because of education or
  personality). With no Eights in your name, oddly help arrives in the
  form of expertise or money--offered to you just when you need it to
  continue with a project or goal. Money is not always the first
  consideration in your decisions, as you gravitate to projects that you
  love no matter how lucrative they might be. Women with no Eights in
  their name learn to handle their own finances in a competent
  manner. Higher education is a high probability.


                 How do I operate at the everyday level?


  Оксана, your physical number of Three indicates a strong tendency
  to be outgoing and gregarious, although you can get serious if you
  work in a formal atmosphere, such as a law firm. You love to talk
  about "What I'll do when ..." Happy, optimistic, loving, and very
  generous, you love to travel, throw parties and buy gifts. Your
  easy-going nature may earn you the reputation of being a little
  scattered or a social butterfly. One thing you abhor is being
  criticized; you may respond with sharp sarcasm. You'll look young
  late into life, and have strong recuperative powers. You dislike
  boring routines or manual work, and much prefer to work a job without
  too much stress or with the opportunity to make a lot of money in
  bonuses or commissions. You do not like to live alone.


  Оксана, you are a very deep thinker and require regular and
  frequent periods of solitude to read and study. An exceptional
  researcher or diagnostician, you observe the subtleties of life. Your
  fascination for unusual people and subjects makes you prone to
  eccentricity. Your views will always differ from those around
  you. You work best alone and have the ability to understand almost any
  subject from mathematics to astronomy to deep sea diving. Your
  intuition is extremely strong, but you are very skeptical, and perhaps
  enjoy arguing as a social bonding activity! You are something of a


  Оксана, the total number of B,K,T,C,L,U,F,O, and X's in your name
  adds up to the number TWO. This means that you thrive on love and
  close relationships. You take things very personally. Because you
  give so much, you need to pay attention to your own needs and
  boundaries (when you've "had enough"). Learn to say no, when you mean
  no. Stop before you automatically say yes!
  Extremely sensitive to the opinions of others, you may suffer from
  bouts of low self-esteem or fears, often letting your imagination run
  wild ("I should have said..."). Since one of your favorite pastimes is
  sharing your emotional feelings, find a mate who doesn't mind
  listening, but don't overdo it and become clutching or blaming! Be
  sure to create a wide circle of friends so that you always have
  someone to do things with. Your great empathy sometimes causes you to
  "rescue" others, thinking that they may need your help. Don't
  interfere until asked.
  When making important decisions, take your time. You tend to go back
  and forth, seeing both sides, and prefer to get the advice of others
  before making a move. You love to receive compliments!
  Being sensitive, you may suffer from depression and vague anxieties
  when left alone too much. Music, art, reading, crafts, or painting
  uplift your spirits. You admire assertive, outgoing people.


  Оксана, your first instinct is to be cautious and practical and a
  bit skeptical. You like to think that you make decisions based on
  facts, not on hunches or vague "feelings." You come up with good
  reasons for doing things and tend to rationalize your position (when
  you move, for example, you might tend to emphasize practical benefits
  such as better money or shorter distance from work, but not
  acknowledge your emotional needs.) You have good self-control and
  consider yourself objective and careful. You might enjoy a regular
  practice of Zen, martial arts, or yoga.


  You have now been introduced to your life path. It's a good idea to
  review the chart once a year, perhaps on your birthday, to keep you in
  touch with what you came here to accomplish. Each subsequent reading
  may reveal the concepts to you in a different light.
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