The Purpose of Your Life

Numerology Chart

by Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Welcome! I am very excited to help you identify more clearly the path and purpose you were born to fulfill. I have studied numbers and counseled thousands of people for over forty years. Incredibly, the numbers have revealed, time and again, what is hidden from ordinary view. The numbers have the capacity to open our eyes and answer our questions.

I imagine that you—like many others—are asking the following questions.

“What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”

“What am I good at?”

“What will make me happy?”

“What is my passion?”

“What is my purpose in life?”

“What will I achieve by the end of my life?”

Amazingly, our name and birth date hold the keys to our life purpose!

How Numerology Works

Numerology is an ancient tradition. There is evidence that numerology was in use thousands of years ago in China, Greece, Rome, and Egypt—long before the time of Pythagoras, who is generally accepted as the “father” of numerology. Most of the earliest teachings were transmitted orally, only to the initiated, because the information was considered very powerful and sacred.

Numbers create order out of chaos. Pythagoras, a philosopher and mathematician, lived and taught in Southern Italy in the sixth century, B.C. His belief that reality is mathematical—a concept still alive in modern times—is the principle on which numerology is founded.

Numbers have meanings. By converting letters into numbers, you can discover the hidden meaning of any word or name. For this chart, I have selected and described the most important, core numbers which cast an influence on your life.

Your Purpose

Your Soul chooses your purpose. Your birth circumstances, including your specific parents, who brought you into the world, are not random. There is no assurance that you will be able to fulfill the entirety of any specific goal or purpose, as part of your reason for living is to exercise free will. However, you can be assured that you will be given opportunities (repeatedly, until your last day on Earth) to use your inherent abilities—thus fulfilling your natural role in keeping the world turning.

The purpose of your life is bigger than a job title or career. Numerologists believe that we come into life to gain new experience, learn different lessons, and, hopefully, accrue more wisdom. As we express our innate Spirit-given qualities, we naturally play our part on the world stage.

In seeking to fulfill the old adage, “know thyself,” you will find your chart to be a simple tool to increase your self-awareness, and discern the overall plan you have chosen.

Carol Adrienne

Birth Path 8

Your Birth Path Shows Your Natural Talents And Instincts

Minh, your birth date of February, 12, 1983, adds up to 8, which gives you the executive abilities and rational, pragmatic outlook of the 8 Birth Path.

Your basic nature as an 8 Birth Path is to step forward, assess the situation, and take charge. Generally, people see you as someone who knows the ropes. Your purpose in life involves being an opinion leader. Your success in the world—to build, engineer, produce, develop, and administer the laws of society—depends on your ability to be logical, honest, firm, fair, and business-like in order to promote the common-good.

“You're the boss.” is probably something you hear often. You are the essence of the executive function—decisive, informed, confident, and morally pragmatic. If asked what your purpose in life is, you are likely to say, “Go for it.”

The instinct to lead is absolutely ingrained in you. There is rarely a time in your life that you are not working a plan, or meeting a goal. You feel most on purpose when strategizing.

Birth Path 8

  • From the day you were born, you had an urge to move up an unseen ladder, always reaching for what's on the top shelf. You decided early never to let others hold power over you. Your early ambition, focus, and indomitable will (with a charm you can turn on and off for maximum effect) were recognized by parents, teachers, and friends.

  • Your nature carries such a sense of certainty, that others are often compelled to help you achieve your vision. You are empathetic to world problems, but don't waste time in empty complaining. Your competitive nature continually seeks an advantage—in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and the bottom line.

  • Others admire you for your sense of authority, assurance, capabilities, and knack for identifying the essentials of a situation.


We tend to forget that our purpose is to be, just as much as it is to do. Most of the time we give little thought to our key traits—like a fish swimming in the water, unaware of the water. Our personality and interests just seem to be us. We may not stop to think that the way we operate in the world has a profound effect all on its own, setting in motion consequences we may not even realize.

Minh, your authoritative, productive 8 Birth Path has the following key being traits. You naturally fulfill your life purpose when using these qualities.

  • Strategy is just what you do! Your purpose in life is lived in positions of authority.

  • Good judge of character is necessary to harness the right people for large projects.

  • A naturally conservative perspective helps keep the bottom line firm.

  • Financially astute, you are called upon to ensure a viable foundation for projects.

  • Politically savvy, you always know where the power lies—and generally how to work it.

  • Leadership brings out your talents for logic, foresight, and assembling a plan of action.

  • Self-sabotaging traits: self-importance; materialism; judgmental or unyielding attitude.



Minh 8

Opinion Leader. This name highlights a gift for good judgment and influence. With an air of authority, you are someone people respect and listen to. No matter what your full life purpose is, you tend to rise to positions of leadership. You create success through business, financial fields, engineering, medicine, law, the military or government. At the Soul level, this name highlights the chance to realize the true meaning of power, money, and status.

Tiến 3

Optimist. This name highlights a gift for all forms of communication and social interactions. You innately turn to humor and positive story-telling to remind others of the joy and possibility in life. This name tends to draw you to expressive pursuits such as learning languages, teaching, music, writing, working with children, public-speaking, and all kinds of media. Your life purpose involves meeting the general public, travel, selling, marketing, broadcasting, or developing a hobby.

Nguyễn 5

Non-conformist. This name highlights a tendency to facilitate needed change and progress in the world. Your purpose lies in experiencing the unusual, untried, or unfamiliar. You are attracted to competition, experiments, trends—or what seems “impossible” to others. Spiritually, this name urges you to break down oppressive barriers, on behalf of freedom, equality, and dignity. Adventurous, you know a little about a lot. Keeping physically fit is crucial to your purpose.

Introduction to Destiny: Your Full Birth Name

“What am I “supposed” to be doing?”

“What is the purpose of my life?”

  • As you saw in the previous slides, each of your names, individually, have a certain contribution or bearing on the purpose of your life.

  • Next we will look at the total value of all the letters in your full name. Your full name is your Destiny Number.

  • Your Destiny Number indicates the environment and sphere of life, where you will fulfill your life purpose.

  • You Destiny number activates specific strengths and predispositions in your nature.

  • Your Destiny number prompts you to develop certain interests.

  • Your Destiny number attracts exactly the right people, places, and things for you to fulfill your purpose.

What if I change my name?

  • If you change your name after birth, the new name adds another dimension, such as, a new interest or goal.

  • The new name may seem to pull you in a different direction. However, despite the overlay of a new name's energy, you always retain your core nature and sense of identity.

  • Your birth Destiny is always active, however modified by a name change. Usually, the effects of a name change are felt within a year of taking the new name.

What is my Destiny and Purpose?


Minh, your life path on the soulful and karmic 16 (7) Destiny may bring game-changing events that open your awareness to intellectual or spiritual truths. This lifetime has a special focus on resolving a karmic debt. Your Destiny furnishes you with exactly the right relationships and circumstances that will give you a chance (choice) to balance the scales. You are fulfilling the purpose of your life when you:

  • Seek spiritual understanding. Your Destiny or purpose in life is to learn, learn, learn. You instinctively sense that there is more to life than meets the eye. Your role in society is to never take anything at face value. While you may be extremely skeptical in early life, your karma is to search for meaning and build a philosophy that makes sense to you—even if it seems a bit eccentric to others. Challenges or unique conditions in your life stimulate the desire to know “why.” Your path may bring moments of illumination that forever change the way you view life.

  • Weather any difficulties, disappointments, or betrayals with grace. Your karmic test may be to avoid falling into the grip of lower emotions such as, blame, vindictiveness, fear, or paranoia. In a past lifetime you may have harmed or been harmed, and now you have a chance to play it all differently. You will know when the scales have been balanced.

  • Investigate the mysteries of life. As a member of society, your natural position is to be something of an outsider. From this vantage point, you are able to observe, study, analyze, and deduce, bringing needed information or innovation to the world. You are likely to become an expert in an unusual field, either professionally or as a sideline.

Your Heart's Desire Number—What Makes You Happy

The vowels in your name express your Soul Urge or Heart's Desire—a motivating force from birth. The Soul Urge is the engine that ensures that you fulfill the purpose of your life. You may ask:

“What would I do if money were no object?”

“What activities do I gravitate to if I have a choice?”

“What would I like my purpose to be?”

“What makes me happy?”

Minh, you have a Master Number 22 (4) Heart's Desire. What kind of life (focus/purpose) would make your heart sing? With the 22's urge to bring healing and reform to people and the planet, you are motivated to persevere when things get tough. As a 22 or a 4 what makes you happiest is

  • Joining with like-minded people toaccomplish humanitarian goals.

  • Enough money to support efforts on behalf of others; knowing you've changed a life.

  • Having a supportive partner, kids doing well, and friends you can trust.

  • Providing a good life for your family; well-respected in the community.

  • Nature; backpacking, hiking, bicycling; working with Habitat for Humanity.

  • A simple cabin in the woods; recycling; community gardens; having an electric car.

  • Being able to fund-raise, promote worthy causes, or influence political issues.

Careers: global development, geophysical explorations, health and education reformer, non-profit organization, environmental law, genetics, urban renewal, women and families.

The Relationship Aspect of Your Destiny Number

“How does relationship fit in with my life purpose?”

“Will I marry or commit to a long-term relationship?”

“Are children part of my life purpose?”

Minh, with your karmic and deeply focused 16 (7) Destiny, you might expect...

  • To marry late; a good relationship--especially later in life--helps balance your nature.

  • To be drawn irresistibly to someone you never would have thought is your type.

  • To meet a lover somewhere unusual; to instantly know that he or she is “the one.”

  • To find that the best mate is someone with his or her own interests; perfect!

  • To meet your mate at a spiritual event or technology conference; may feel a deep connection.

  • To meet someone who drives you wild; develops emotional depth and range.

  • To fall in love with an attractive someone with extravagant tastes; what fun!

  • Potentially to be betrayed, abandoned, or jilted, as your karmic 16 re-balances the scales.

  • To feel relieved after a divorce; lesson is not to become closed down.

  • To move your family away from a difficult situation; chance to re-balance and find joy.

  • Relationship to help you develop faith, find silver linings, and understand past life connections.

Introduction to your Attainment Number

“Where is my life purpose leading me?”

“What will be my focus in later years?”

“What will I be doing in my retirement years?”

As you enter maturity (more or less after age fifty-five), things begin to come together. The unique pattern created by your various experiences, skills, and whatever wisdom you gained will flower along the lines of your Attainment Number. You could think of the Attainment as an ultimate goal. It is the hidden target that your life purpose was aiming at all through your life, probably without realizing it. Your Attainment Number

  • Is the realization of your life purpose.

  • Is the fruit and outcome of your efforts.

  • Is the continuing purpose for your life in your last chapters.

  • Reveals where life is, or has been, leading you.

  • Is a signpost to consider in early years to help you prepare for later life.

  • Shows how to align with the natural forces to create a happy, secure life.

  • Describes the nature and environment of your later years.

  • Is a blueprint of the purpose of your life in your later chapters.

Your Attainment Number Description

“Where is my life purpose leading?”

“What will be my focus in later years and retirement?”


Minh, your life purpose has been gathering energy towards your final Attainment Number 6. Ironically, this quality could have been subtly noticeable in your early childhood behavior. In maturity, it begins to become apparent from your mid-fifties and beyond.

The following key points suggest how you can make the most of this home-loving, service-oriented number 6 lifestyle:

  • Stay involved with family and domestic concerns.

  • Enjoy grandchildren; help send them to college.

  • Avoid becoming overly-involved with problems in your family.

  • Find a hobby that you always wanted to try, especially if you can enjoy it with a group.

  • Create a comfortable, simple lifestyle; share your home with friends.

  • Keep fit; release stress by puttering.

  • Take or teach classes for fun, but no need to create another busy schedule.

  • Remain as active as possible; travel if you want, but no need to leave home, either.

  • Earn income, if needed, by offering a service (tutoring, home- or child-care, driving).

  • Pensions and other funds should be adequate for a very pleasant lifestyle.

How to Fulfill The Purpose of Your Life

Understand that Law of Attraction magnetizes people, events, and opportunities into your life in order for you to fulfill your purpose.

  • Like the physical law of gravity, Law of Attraction is a fundamental organizing function of your world.

  • The Law is working whether you know about it or not.

  • As the old adage states, “What you sow, so shall you reap.” The Law must match your basic energy vibration.

  • To maximize the effects of Law of Attraction focus your thinking with positive expectations and intentions.

  • Notice which numbers in The Purpose of Your Life Numerology Chart resonates the most strongly. Practice thinking of yourself as the number and what is stands for.

How to Fulfill The Purpose of Your Life

Here's an exercise to help you attract your “ideal” situation or job.

  • Look at at your life now (i.e., what Law of Attraction has brought so far).

  • List points that you don't like about your current situation or job.

  • Re-write each disliked point into an “ideal” version (i.e., ideal for you). For example, change “I don't feel this is what I'm supposed to be doing.” into “I love what I do for a living.” Be as specific as possible about what you want to attract, but a general statement is okay to start with.

  • If you think your life purpose involves healing, write a general affirmation, such as, “I want to know more about healing practices.” Very soon, you should start noticing all kinds of things regarding healing practices, training schools, healers in the news, and so forth. If healing is part of your purpose, the way will open up.

How to Fulfill The Purpose of Your Life

Make sure your thinking is connected to a true feeling of passion (or strong interest).

  • Just going through the motions intellectually by saying I want to “help people,” or “have a good life” is okay to some extent.

  • It's more powerful if you feel a deep emotional connection to what you say you want.

  • As you stay in touch with the joy you feel about something, you power up Law of Attraction to bring you exactly the people and opportunities that match your ideal!

How to Fulfill The Purpose of Your Life

Intuitive guidance is your navigational tool for fulfilling the purpose of your life.

  • Images, thoughts, and feelings are all aspects of something that is coming into your awareness. They are not random.

  • Your gut reactions may be subtle, so keep reviewing past choices to see if you dismissed an idea that turned out to be relevant. Was there something about a choice that later proved to be a factor you should have paid attention to?

How to Fulfill The Purpose of Your Life

To increase and understand intuitive messages

  • Practice paying more attention to your first impressions. Notice any “gut reactions” when interviewing for a job or facing any choice.

  • Notice when something seems to stand out. Does it feel positive, neutral, or “off?” Think about why. Your life purpose unfolds as you make choices.

  • Begin to notice how a mental image may pop into your mind, when you are trying to make a decision to do this thing or that thing. The more you practice, the clearer intuition becomes.

  • The image that pops up is an intuition. For example, take a moment to think about what to do this evening.

  • Did a picture of a place or person come to mind? What significance do you find?

  • Trust that the metaphysical Law of Attraction is always at work bringing people and events that match your internal life energy field.

  • Whenever making choices, go in the direction of what seems to be the most positive energy.

  • Synchronicity (two or more events that happen together, but are not causally linked) is often the way the Universe handles the details for you. There are no coincidences. Sometimes you don't even notice how things sometimes fall into place effortlessly. These are moments when your life purpose is a little more evident.

Warmest regards on your unfolding path,
Carol Adrienne


Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Carol Adrienne is an internationally-known author, numerologist, and life coach. Her books have been translated into over fifteen languages. Oprah hailed, The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense a must-read. In addition to The Purpose of Your Life, two other of her best-selling books, When Life Changes, or You Wish It Would, and Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life have been included as text books in life coaching curricula.

Carol Adrienne also co-authored with James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy, the two guidebooks for his novels, The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide and The Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide.

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