Minh Tiến Nguyễn
February 12, 1983

Image of Carol Adrienne.

Dear Minh, I am very excited to guide you through your Relationship Personality Profile—which is based on the numerology of your birth name and birth date.

For the past forty years, I have counseled thousands of clients. Typically the two main areas in which people seem to get stuck are career and love. Therefore, I decided to create this relationship profile to focus directly on your personality as it relates to others. This profile identifies your tendencies, traits, strengths, and certain weaknesses, in order to help you understand yourself and your relationships.

You may wish to highlight the parts of the descriptions that immediately ring true for you. You may want to reflect on the descriptions which don't seem to fit. Try asking others if they think the descriptions fit you in their own experiences of being with you. Perhaps a discussion will reveal a little more of how others see you and the impact you make.

May you meet good people, find the love and connection you desire, and the fulfillment of your spiritual purpose.

Carol Adrienne

Author of The Purpose of Your Life, The Numerology Kit and The Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide.

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(the first letter of your first name)

Pragmatic, intelligent, problem-solver. Minh, the first impression of your letter M is like a mountain, solidly grounded. Others immediately pick up that you know damn well whereof you speak. You tend to listen first, waiting to see the lay of the land, before offering opinions. But when you do, you are hard to refute, since you appear to be expert in whatever field you have plowed. Even if your politics are liberal, your demeanor expresses a certain no-nonsense conservatism.

Your need for control is massive, but, ironically, once in awhile (mid-life crisis?), you are flummoxed by outrageously emotional or over-dramatic friends or mates. Like a martini, you probably need to be shaken and stirred now and then! Your clothes style is definitely low key, but very good quality. Like relationships, you expect clothes to last. Others see your frugality, but respect your apparent affluence. Males with first letter M are definitely marriage material and reliable (but watch a tendency toward control). If you are a female M, you are quite willing and able to live alone, although you prefer a mate for companionship.

If feeling insecure: You experience inner torment over making mistakes—especially in choices of mates or financial deals. Failing to notice the obvious causes great agony, and you will work relentlessly to right any wrong and restore your honor.


(first vowel)

Minh, the first impulse of your first vowel “I” is: To understand what's really going on.

Intensity. Enthusiasm. Generosity. Deep intuitive understanding. When meeting new people, your first impulse is to find common ground. If I is also the first letter of your first name, a sense of integrity and refinement (or other-worldliness) immediately comes across.

Your easy-going approach allows others to feel comfortable and open up, or even share their deepest feelings. Typically broad-minded and eclectically inclined with a thirst for knowledge, you can relate to just about anybody from a janitor, to a CEO, or celebrity. Your ability to dramatize a personal event or good-naturedly mimic someone adds life to the party.

Recognizing your almost uncanny ability to size people up, friends or co-workers often turn to you for advice. Highly emotional (despite sometimes appearing a little buttoned-up) and idealistic, you are easily moved by a tragedy, but can quickly turn cold if you sense someone is playing you. If your I is combined with another vowel, you may sometimes pretend to be who you are not.

Possible pitfalls in relationship: Depression. Without realizing it, you may absorb the troubled feelings of others or turn moody if the world's injustices seem too overwhelming. Self-criticism. At times you can be hard on yourself for not achieving more of your potential. Indulgence. In some cases, an extreme desire for physical or emotional experience, drugs, alcohol, or financial extravagance could cause you to fall into negative behavior. If your name has many I's or, if your life experience is overwhelmingly negative, your nature could suffer dark periods of angst or instability. Intolerance. Over time, feelings of loss, frustration, or despair could turn opinions into cynicism or prejudice. You do best with a practical, understanding, and accepting mate who keeps his or her feet on the ground.

Day of Birth

Your Day of Birth, Minh, highlights particular qualities that come across in your approach to others—both strengths and weaknesses.


Top Strength: Creativity. A magnetic person with many interests, Minh, you make a fascinating and interesting partner. Your ability to concentrate, listen, and come up with good solutions is much appreciated in a relationship. The mate you choose needs to be okay with your fast pace and busy lifestyle (and mild flirtations). Possible Relationship Issues: Too busy to come home and put the kids to bed. A bit of a dreamer who may gamble with the retirement funds. Key: Fall in love with an optimistic person, who loves you warts and all, and who is a better person that you are! Find someone who likes to dance, and laughs at the same things you do.

DOB Harmony Rating for Twelve DOB
Harmony Rating Birthdate of mate
Easiest 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 30
Possibly challenging 4, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 22, 25, 31


And now, Minh, let's see how your full month, day, and year of birth describes your natural personality—to understand why and how you interact with others as you do, and how others see you.

Eight Birthpath

Your natural personality is: Serious. Focused. Productive. Materialistic. Decisive. A good problem solver. Authoritative. Reliable. Status-conscious.

Under stress you may become: Judgmental, harsh, critical, angry, resentful, suspicious, greedy or strict with money.

Potential mates see you as a high quality person who will be motivated to succeed—and help them create a prosperous lifestyle. It's hard to fool you, Minh. You are typically the more decisive person in a relationship. An excellent judge of character, you tend to see people for who they are and not overestimate their abilities. You get into trouble when you don't listen to your intuition or take into account your first impression of someone.

If you are a woman with an Eight Birthpath, you might be most comfortable with a mate who lets you run things. Not one to back down without a good reason, you love challenges and meeting your goals.

Both male and female Eight Birthpaths expect to succeed in life and live a comfortable life at the top end of the scale.

DOB Harmony Rating for Eight Birthpath
Harmony Rating Birthdate of mate
Easiest 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 31
Possibly challenging 5, 7, 9, 14, 16, 23, 25, 27, 29

Heart's Desire

So far, Minh, we have seen the first impression you make, your first impulse in a situation, and your strengths and personality traits. Now let's take a look at what you want to do, what you desire. We call this your Heart's Desire number.

Twenty-two Heart's Desire

What makes your heart sing:

What your heart seeks in relationship:

DOB Harmony Rating for Twenty-two Heart's Desire
Harmony Rating Birthdate of mate
Easiest 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 17, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28, 31
Possibly challenging 3, 5, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19, 22


Finally, Minh, we take a look at the number of your Destiny, as defined by your birth name. Here is what your Destiny highlights and indicates in terms of your relationships.

Sixteen/Seven Destiny

The key traits necessary for you to carry out your karmic number Sixteen/Seven Destiny are a capacity for self-awareness, spiritual practice, and intuitive understanding—especially when experiencing loss, betrayal, abandonment, or life-changing accidents. Your karmic Destiny brings many tests to challenge your Soul. Your deeply spiritual Destiny requires you to develop more capacity for love, trust, understanding, and compassion. Relationships bring almost all of this karma to the forefront. You will definitely meet those to whom you owe a debt from previous lifetimes, or those who owe a debt to you. Your meeting is likely to have a special feeling when it happens.

Romantic type: Intense. Different. Feeling fated to meet. Despite being somewhat of a loner, you may be inexplicably in the right place at the right time to meet your soul mate (which doesn't necessarily mean that being with that person is all sweetness and light—as we are brought together for many reasons). With your karmic Sixteen/Seven Destiny, you may at first resist the attraction, then fall deeply in love. Unusual circumstances or unequal feelings of attachment may exist.

Family life: Well-ordered in happy times. You and your mate are likely to set a high priority on education, religion, or social status. One or the other partner may be absent from home for periods of time. All families have trials and tribulations. If your karmic debt is to be paid with a family member, you may have to handle unusual stresses due to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual problems. Challenges of deception, abandonment, early death, or sudden changes may be attributed to the karmic debts to be worked out with a mate. Breakthroughs similar to a near-death experience could change your life forever and bring spiritual peace of mind.

Possible karmic relationship issues: Betrayal. Abandonment at the altar. Suspiciousness. Possessiveness. Eccentricity. Loss of physical mobility. You and your family may sometimes live under restrictive conditions, faraway from your native land, or in a remote area. In some cases, you may have to handle issues of racial intolerance.

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