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October 29, 1988

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Dear Yến, I am very excited to provide you with your Love Life Forecast—which is based on the numerology of your birth date.

For the past forty years, I have counseled thousands of clients. Typically the most often-asked questions I hear concern relationships. Since numerology is so brilliant with timing information, I decided to create this Love Life Forecast monthly calendar of influences to focus specifically on your relationships.

May you meet good people, find the love and connection you desire, and the fulfillment of your spiritual purpose.

Carol Adrienne

Author of The Purpose of Your Life, The Numerology Kit and The Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide.

How to Use This Forecast

Focus on the positive. Your numbers can be like lighthouses—there to help you through a storm when necessary. Numbers are also like wise companions, nudging you in the right direction. Zoom in on where you need to pay attention so you can make the best use of a period.

Check your personal month calendar. Find the best months to make changes. Avoid potentially unfavorable periods.

Align with your higher purpose. Relationships play a major role in your overall destiny. As you notice how your experiences often match the predictions, you may find that your patience, self-confidence, and clarity increase. Your relationship harmony is naturally higher when you feel fulfilled.

Practice paying more attention to your intuition. Reinforce positive intentions. Tune in to your report periodically. This habit of checking your numbers gives the Universe the message that you want to move forward in the best possible way. Knowing your cycle helps you handle indecision and uncertainty by encouraging you to trust your intuition to guide you effortlessly. Your life purpose is always at work in your life.

Take new steps and see what happens. The tips given each month for attracting romance and improving your relationships are suggestions only. You might do one or two, or even all of them. You might simply visualize yourself acting on one of the ideas, or take just one small step to try something new. Finding a romantic partnership is about attracting, rather than forcing. Finding love has a lot to do with synchronicity and being ready. Keeping a relationship alive and growing and happy takes self-awareness, patience, and adaptability.

Recognize and release obstacles. Desire (intention with feeling) sets in motion the river of changes which attract the love and happiness you want. Negative beliefs are like boulders in the river. To flow around the boulders, examine any ideas you hold (such as,“I'm not good enough.”) that are not serving your flow. Use this forecast to help you flow downstream (with right timing), rather than struggling upstream.

Plan with confidence. Obviously, not all of the potentials described each month will be realized in your life. However, this forecast is designed to help you take advantage of positive aspects for meeting new people or making major decisions, such as proposing marriage, setting a wedding date, choosing a time for a honeymoon, or a move of your home. You will find many months that offer the best chances to stay on track using your in-born numerology cycles.

Other numerology reports and consultations are listed at the end of this report.

Your One Personal Year (2014) Brings:

In a One year, you typically feel an urge to change something in your life, or explore new directions. Now is the time to try something that you have always wanted to do. You may find it easier now to set a new goal and take specific steps toward achieving it. You will feel better when you change your routine, try a new job, or learn something new. Look to the future, because you are now setting your course for the next nine years. If single, you may feel it's time to find that special someone. If already in a relationship, you could be feeling the need to move to a new location. You could be starting a family, having more children, or waving bye-bye to those leaving the nest.

When in doubt about a decision, choose something where you are likely to learn something new or do something you have not done before. Notice if you feel a little more outgoing, or able to express yourself more clearly. If a situation has become more and more troublesome, you will have the courage to take steps to move on.

Remember, this is the beginning of a new cycle; if you are looking for someone to share your life, take a few moments to visualize ideal scenes of the future. Most importantly give some thought to how you want to feel with this new person.

Tips to Attract Romance:

Tips to Improve Romance:

Monthly Relationship Aspects for a One Personal Year
Quality Month Personal Month Aspect
Favourable January Two Requires patience. Possible new person in your life. Current relationships require compromise. Use care when texting or emailing, especially when emotional.
Favourable February Three Socially active. You are likely to meet people through friends. Good time to update your looks, join groups, travel, socialize, relax more often, and have fun.
Good to Neutral March Four Planning. Domestic responsibility tends to increase. Work may take away time for social life; some may become engaged or start saving for the future.
Favourable April Five Unexpected and energizing changes. Likelihood of meeting new people “by chance;” new affairs may not last. Conflicts, uncertainty, or jealousy may arise.
Favourable May Six Commitment. Contentment with a relationship. Engagement, marriage, or domestic changes. Family members may question your choices creating indecision.
Challenging June Seven Downtime. You feel inclined to slow down, retreat, rejuvenate. Less social life than last month. A secret may emerge; you may be wondering about someone.
Good to Neutral July Eight Tough decisions. Relationship may involve health issues or money. Possible time for buying a diamond ring, marriage, or moving house. Your head rules your heart.
Challenging August Nine Completion. Possibly a time of emotional upsets. It's time to resolve an issue and move on. A relationship may end. Much love and joy if living positively.
Challenging September One New directions. New people. Confidence. Typically, focus is on the self, rather than a relationship. A sense of beginning, but uncertainty about where it's going.
Favourable October Two New people. Compromises involving others' schedules; be sure to use tact when speaking. A personal relationship may change or surprise. Care when traveling.
Favourable November Three Fun. Great for dating, short trips, activities. Possible birth or falling in love. Joyful period, social life; possible strain from mis-communication or gossip.
Good to Neutral December Four Good results. Enjoyment of traditions and family unity. Arguments resolved. Realization of a plan. Commitment. Favorable for engagements and weddings.

Your Two Personal Year (2015) Brings:

A Two year is all about friendships and possibly finding a special love. If at times things seem to be blocked or moving slowly this year, don't worry. Things tend to take time to develop now. Focus on taking care of day-to-day tasks, and trust that things are moving purposefully.

If looking for love, you may find someone unexpectedly, or different from what you thought you were looking for. Romance might be found through existing friendships. If you have recently gotten into a relationship, this is a year to find out if your partner is really the one for you. If in a long-term relationship, this year requires extra patience and understanding.

Temporary illnesses may be of concern. If you have a tendency to over-analyze or read things into a situation that may not be there, find other outlets for your energy.

Tips to Attract Romance:

Tips to Improve Romance:

Monthly Relationship Aspects for a Two Personal Year
Quality Month Personal Month Aspect
Favourable January Three Surprising. A person you met last November may return. A very social, usually happy period; you may feel confused or distracted at times. Love and joy likely.
Good to Neutral February Four Stressful. Tight money or work problems may limit social life. A romance becomes serious or frustrating. Possible health issues. For some, engagement or marriage.
Challenging March Five Conflicts or lies. Changes could bring uncertainty. Distractions or new options upset ability to follow-through. Mixed messages: Love and sex don't always go together.
Favourable April Six Commitment. Positive aspects for engagement or marriage (if troubled, divorce). Duty to family may interfere with romance. You may have trouble saying no.
Challenging May Seven Loneliness. Deception. Possible depression at times. Absence from loved one. Time to rethink priorities and balance stress. Secrets or truth revealed. Need for solitude.
Favourable June Eight Success. Weddings now tend to be large and expensive. Money or power issues affect intimate relationships. Sometimes home life feels business-like or strained.
Good to Neutral July Nine Love, loss, completion, forgiveness. An ending may require you to readjust. Travel likely. Problems could make you feel vulnerable and edgy now. Joy and fulfillment.
Good to Neutral August One New people. New options or solutions. Typically feel more clear, confident, and ready for change. A relationship issue brings out a different side of your personality.
Challenging September Two Vulnerable. Romance could be frustrating. Let go of expectations and see what happens. Be loving to yourself. Take care when traveling or walking.
Favourable October Three Upbeat and social. Flirtations or new romance; change your routine; meet with friends on the spur-of-the-moment. Take a mini vacation; enjoy yourself.
Good to Neutral November Four Serious. If love disappoints, don't blame yourself or become reclusive. See good friends and talk out your feelings. For some this time brings an engagement.
Challenging December Five Possible breakups. While this period could bring a new affair, a long-term relationship may be subject to change or a conflict. Desire for freedom from problems.

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