Life Forecast


                        Numerology Delineation For
                          Serena Jameka Williams


  Dear Serena,

  Thanks for ordering this extended forecast.  Let me explain how to
  read the material.

  There are two different sections:  


  Each section is printed in its entire two-year sequence.  Therefore,
  don't try to read all the descriptions in both sections from start to
  finish. It will be too much information and too confusing.  Instead,
  simply find the current PERSONAL YEAR information and mark it off so
  you can find it easily each month.

  Next, go down to the SECOND SECTION of TRANSITS AND ESSENCES and find
  the time-span that is coming up soon and mark that off so you can
  refer to it easily when you need clarification of what is happening.
  Don't look too far into the future!


  In the first section--the PERSONAL YEAR ANALYSIS-you will see that
  each year has a definite theme. In addition to the over-all yearly
  influence, each month over the next two years has a purpose, a
  lesson, a challenge, and/or an opportunity for you.  By knowing the
  purpose and point of the year and month, you may find you have more
  confidence in making choices and trusting your intuition.

  Read each month's forecast at the beginning of that month to get a
  sense of what to expect and what you need to do or pay attention to.


                    PERSONAL YEAR ANALYSIS FOR 2013

  Serena, you are currently in a Five Personal Year:
  Take a look at what needs changing in your routine or lifestyle
  Take change as a necessary event instead of fearing it
  Enjoy your body and sensuality
  Be careful signing contracts without due diligence
  Increase time spent exercising
  Promote your business on a wider scale
  Do something new that you've always wanted to do
  Research what fascinates you
  Not make promises unless you really are committed
  Visualize success instead of crying "poor me"
  Imagine money in your mailbox
  Play more with friends and young people
  Be active, outgoing, personable, and question authority!
  CHALLENGES: Being over-committed, distractions, being adaptable but
  resenting it, a "why not" attitude, over-indulgence, impatience and
  impulsiveness, chocolate, sex.
  ACTION MONTHS: April, May, August, September
  A Five Personal Year is very often a year of changes. You are in the
  middle of a nine-year cycle, so expect surprises which will advance
  your destiny, especially in May and September.
  Be flexible now as the unexpected arises; follow your curiosity. After
  the restriction of your previous year, you are more likely to feel
  optimistic about taking action. Spring would be an excellent time to
  take the trip for which you planned and saved last year. Be prepared
  for changes or delays during travel.
  If you are not sure about a decision in your personal or professional
  matters, take your time and don't burn any bridges. You're more
  likely now to speak before thinking-possibly to your regret.
  With an increase in options and optimism comes an increase in your
  energy level, and you may find a new job or career comes your way.
  Since a Five brings restlessness and a desire to throw caution to the
  winds, married people are sometimes tempted to stray from their vows.
  Be aware of what needs changing in yourself and your relationship
  before making a unilateral decision you could regret.
  The Five also represents the power to disseminate ideas more publicly.
  If you have been hanging back thinking you still need time to develop
  your ideas, try some of them on people in your circle, and keep
  widening your circle. Don't be so modest or shy-- promote and
  publicize yourself and your projects. Make the effort to get out, meet
  people, and shake hands. People are attracted by your energy and
  If you find yourself always tired, eating fast food, eating in
  expensive restaurants instead of at home, or drinking too much, you
  may be compensating from being over-committed and exhausted. Enjoy
  this exciting period, but use your energy constructively. The sense of
  change is very strong, but it's good to be aware of two important
  challenges with Number Five. The first is that you might
  procrastinate because you feel both too busy to start something new
  and also too tired (due to the busyness) to explore something
  different. What to do?  Simplify your schedule, free yourself from
  something that needs to go, and let go of trying to control anything.
  It could be a wild ride around May or September, but remember that
  it's time to weed out the inessential and add some new spice.
  January (Six Personal Month) -- RESPONSIBILITY. Take care of your
  family, your home, and your clients. Your domestic environment may
  change. If single, you may meet your future mate. This is a good time
  to make your living situation more secure, comfortable, or
  harmonious. You may have a slight infirmity during the month, which
  may last a short time, or may linger (such as sinus trouble or low
  back pain) until next month.
  February (Seven Personal Month) - RESTORATION. In general, you are
  very busy this year, and should take some time for rest
  now. Reevaluate your to-do list and only do the top priorities. Let
  some things take care of themselves over time. In career life, market
  research about your audience pays off. Don't worry if you are
  unemployed; money will come when you need it most. You may have strong
  doubts about something now, which will be cleared up next month. This
  is a good time to read, get current about an old issue, be patient,
  and relax.
  March (Eight Personal Month) - ADVANCEMENT. If you are looking for a
  job this month, you probably will get something better than you
  expected. If you are working, expect a promotion, more money, or more
  focus on expense accounts, bank balances, and legal matters. You may
  earn more, but spend more as well on items that are an
  investment. This could be the month you have been waiting for, since
  business aspects are excellent. However, as always when making a
  long-term commitment, use good judgment and listen to your
  intuition. Do your research. Arguments and power struggles could come
  to the fore, and your anger will tell you where you need to take a
  deeper look at yourself.
  April (Nine Personal Month) - COMPLETION AND EXPANSION. Finish all
  projects. Since a lot of feelings come up, and perhaps unexpected
  turns of events, this could be a rather confusing time. You might even
  feel adrift now, restless and eager to start something, but what? Use
  your intuition. Ask your dreams for images to guide you. Take a long
  trip to get a new perspective. Get out of your rut, but don't force
  matters. Life will change enough without your pushing the river.
  During the influence of a Nine, it's always a good idea to see where
  you need to forgive yourself or others, to be tolerant, and to yield
  control to the Universe, trusting that all is happening for a reason
  you cannot yet understand or see.
  May (One Personal Month) - NEW BEGINNINGS! Very exciting
  possibilities emerge - but they are yet to be tested for
  longevity. Enjoy your new-found optimism and energy; meet new people
  and initiate something. This is a competitive time in business with
  excellent prospects for growth. May is a good month to take that first
  step in the direction that has the most positive energy for you. You
  might be designing a new manual, having an exhibit, getting cosmetic
  surgery, taking a trip to advance your career, or exploring several
  new options.
  June (Two Personal Month) - RELATIONSHIPS. Hmmm, strong romantic
  possibilities? A two usually is a time of slowing down for awhile, so
  don't think your new direction has come to a halt. You need time to
  integrate the new changes of last month, or to get to know new
  people. Small details make a big difference, so double-check that copy
  you send out, or re-read the contract. There could be temporary delays
  in receiving money. This is a good time to be more kind and receptive
  and less assertive or cantankerous. Avoid being in a rush, and drive
  carefully. Make a point to send someone a card or flowers. Keep in
  touch with those you haven't seen for awhile.
  July (Three Personal Month) - PLAY. This month brings a strong urge
  to goof off. Go ahead and take a vacation, play, or participate in a
  creative event. However, avoid spending impulsively on your credit
  card in this joyous spirit of pleasure. July could feel rather like a
  scattered month with not much accomplished, even though it seems to be
  very busy and active. Activities center around family and friends,
  business conferences, networking, romantic interludes, conversation
  and dreaming up new projects. This is a good time for creativity if
  you can stay focused.
  August (Four Personal Month) - DOWN TO BUSINESS. This month,
  responsibilities take you back to work, perhaps with a sigh. Changes
  in work schedules may bring more restrictions than feel
  comfortable. Your family calls. Pets have to be taken to the vet
  unexpectedly. Stay centered and make a to-do list, and keep checking
  off your accomplishments. This is a time to review your budget and
  savings account, and make sure you have necessary matters well in
  September (Five Personal Month) -- RESTLESSNESS. Somehow all the
  expectations of the year come flooding in on you, and you feel
  confused and scattered. Your situation might feel volatile. Something
  needs to be cleared up, but avoid being too hasty or argumentative or
  blaming in this situation. You could undo all the good work you've
  accomplished so far. You may have to travel for your work, or find
  that your work becomes more diversified, or even part-time. Promote
  yourself, perform, or sell. Do not make major decisions in this
  unstable time.
  October (Six Personal Month) - NEST-RATTLING. Unexpected changes may
  force some kind of change in your domestic scene. Are you getting
  married suddenly or having troubles in relationship(s)? Avoid letting
  people know everything you think, but follow a reasonable-rather than
  radical-course. Take care of family, or repair the house and garden.
  People appreciate you now and most of the time you feel secure and
  happy. This is a time to think of others and their needs, and see how
  you might serve in a good way for both.
  November (Seven Personal Month) - DOWN TIME. Slow down, and enjoy
  good times with those you love. This is an inward-looking time, and
  you will naturally seek a quieter environment in whatever way you can
  achieve that. Self-reflection provides several new insights this
  month. Meditation, yoga, or Tai' Chi will be good ways to listen to
  your intuition. The Seven tends to attract like-minded souls, so you
  may meet a very unusual person whom you feel you have known
  before. Expect delays in receiving money, although you may have an
  unexpected payment this month. Wait to do or start something
  important until next month.
  December (Eight Personal Month) - SUCCESS. You have excellent
  business opportunities this month as long-awaited changes arrive. You
  work hard and reap much success. This is the time for promotion,
  money, authority, supervision, and interactions with groups and
  institutions. It's likely you will buy, sell, or exchange
  property. Since you feel very feel strong and confident now, you might
  be prone to bite off more than you can chew this month. If you have
  any doubts about something, wait until after next February or March to
  make another decision. You may feel differently then than you do now.

                    PERSONAL YEAR ANALYSIS FOR 2014

  Serena, you are currently in a Six Personal Year:
  Date, marry, have a child
  Divorce or separate if harmony is not possible.
  Visit your relatives       
  Listen when family members speak
  Accept a proposal or offer one yourself
  Take on new responsibilities
  Plant a garden
  Cook, entertain, 
  Give advice only when asked.
  Take in a foreign exchange student
  Take a class or give one
  Buy or remodel a home
  Become a Big Brother or Sister
  Join a religious organization
  Work with a non-profit agency
  Forgive and move on 
  Sing, paint, or give a lecture
  CHALLENGES: Feeling like a victim or martyr, pride, guilt,
  overextension, deadlines, money, home life at odds with personal
  needs, family beliefs, health and fitness.
  ACTION MONTHS: April, August
  In a Six Personal Year, you seem to have accumulated many
  responsibilities and obligations. The purpose of this time, however,
  is to give you an opportunity to create a harmonious atmosphere and
  give support to those who need it. If you prefer a spontaneous and
  unfettered lifestyle, this period may limit some of your recreational
  time. You may not always welcome events during this somewhat
  conventional period. Others tend to want your attention, and your need
  to "do the right thing" drives you to work hard this year to fulfill
  Domestic affairs take up a lot of time, and you may choose to put the
  needs of others before your own desires. Marriage--either quite happy
  (but going through changes) or in strife--may be an issue. This is an
  excellent time for settling into a permanent relationship, having a
  child, building a home, opening a restaurant or other service
  business, going back to school, or becoming a teacher.
  The Six Year is both a nurturing and testing time -- you will give
  back some of the bounty you have received. During this rather
  obligation-packed time, you may be pushed to action because of the
  schedules of others. Petulance and self-centered attitudes disrupt
  communications and may require apologies (from either you or the other
  person). January to December is a time for love, generosity,
  forgiveness, growth, and thoughtful decisions. You may find yourself
  sounding like one of your parents!
  January (Seven Personal Month) - SLOW START. You may find out
  something about your family that you didn't know. Certification or
  education during this period is quite attractive, and you may take a
  class or go on retreat for reflection. Your spiritual side is more
  intriguing to you. Be willing to spend quality time with yourself, or,
  if married, communicate to your mate that you need some down
  time. Share your worries with a friend.
  February (Eight Personal Month) - RESPONSIBILITY AND WORK. A major
  decision about your domestic life may be necessary. You may be
  required to take out insurance, repair the house, remodel, or expand
  your business. You'll be prone to spend more than you expected. It's
  possible you will receive a promotion, although you may not feel
  comfortable with the increased duties. You often deal with
  organizations, groups and institutions. You will be thinking a lot
  about buying or selling property. This is an excellent time to make
  needed adjustments in income, savings, and investments. You feel
  somewhat stressed, but confident that results will be worth it.
  March (Nine Personal Month) - LONG-LASTING RESOLUTIONS. As this is a
  time better suited for completing things, wait until next month to
  start new ventures. You feel the pull toward religious practice and
  desire to contribute to the world or your community. You may
  experience loss or grief or the letting go of an old emotional
  burden. Long-distance travel may involve a family member,
  organization, or service group. A good time for theatrical
  presentations, repaying social obligations, meeting a deadline, or
  receiving an inheritance.
  April (One Personal Month) - GO-AHEAD. Vitality and confidence flow
  through you now, so you are more than likely able to achieve progress
  or complete success. This is an excellent time for changing jobs,
  moving to a new home, marriage, meeting your future mate, or the birth
  of a child. You might make a big decision like buying a new house or
  simply change your wardrobe and hairstyle. You may have to make
  important decisions about family members (e.g., putting parents in a
  nursing home, choosing a college for your child).
  May (Two Personal Month) - MANY OPINIONS. Last month, you knew what
  you wanted to do, but now your tendency is to over-analyze or doubt.
  It's okay to ask for others' advice, but take your time before making
  up your own mind. Others may not want you to change. Slow down. Time
  is needed for maturation and growth. This is a good time to get back 
  in touch with your mate, estranged family members, or neglected
  friends. This month your vitality may lessen somewhat, so get plenty
  of rest and take your vitamins! Nourish your mind as well by taking
  classes, researching something, or creating more quiet time for
  reflection. Avoid a tendency to spend too much time alone thinking
  about worst-case scenarios! If you feel stuck, over-anxious, or
  depressed see a counselor.
  June (Three Personal Month) - REGENERATION. Life seems to take an
  upswing, inducing a creative urge, which is great for artists,
  designers, or musicians. It's likely you will buy new clothes, take a
  trip, entertain at home, have a child, or start a garden. You may be
  longing to buy new carpeting, paint the whole house, build an outdoor
  deck, or buy recreational equipment (e.g., barbeques, televisions, or
  cameras.)  Money does not seem to worry you now. You bring light to
  others' problems. In some cases, this month might bring unemployment.
  Generally, good luck comes through your circle of contacts.
  July (Four Personal Month) - RESTRICTION AND RESPONSIBILITY. Because
  you have so many demands on your time, it's more likely you will
  travel for business rather than pleasure this month-or perhaps the
  whole year! You may start working more at home. Your activities are
  likely to involve supervising, training, or teaching. You may have
  many duties such as home schooling, caring for someone sick, sorting
  out an accounting problem, or managing a wide range of people.
  Although you want to be generous to others, first make a clear plan
  for giving and for saving. Work on the house. You are learning
  patience, endurance, and follow-through.
  August (Five Personal Month) - CHANGE OR CONFLICT. Tempers may
  increase with those closest to you, but try to be open and listen to
  their ideas. This month promises to shake things up a bit, even just a
  little bit. It could bring a trip or a chance to have a little more
  freedom. It's a favorable time for interacting with the public, or
  campaigning for a cause that serves the public. You may meet a
  possible love interest at a seminar or conference. This is a good
  time to explore new ideas, do something different, and expand your
  September (Six Personal Month) -STAMINA. The demands on your time
  right now could be physically taxing. Be very careful not to
  over-schedule yourself. Annoying promises must be kept now. Resist
  becoming embroiled in family fights that are not your business. Even
  though you'd rather be playing tennis, now is a good time to fix those
  cracks in the shower, participate at a school or hospital, or put in a
  garden for an elderly person. If you feel stuck or confused, go back
  to making a list of your desires-including the desire for peace and
  quiet. Others can be very demanding, and your response may be more
  stubborn than right. You may be putting a child in a new school or
  settling a neighborhood dispute.
  October (Seven Personal Month) - RETREAT. Things quiet down this
  month-- or maybe you just collapse! Spend time alone. Begin to put the
  finishing touches on those projects that are most important. Explain
  to your family that you need to have some time to yourself. Health or
  money could be concerns. Return to yoga, meditation, or some other
  spiritual practice or beloved hobby even though time is limited.
  November (Eight Personal Month) -- PRESSURE. No doubt, your world is
  full again of more commitments that you're comfortable with. If you
  feel like you are working hard but not getting that much ahead, take
  another look at where you were six years ago. You are still in the
  hard-working development phase, so take a deep breath and schedule a
  massage into your calendar. Keep on going. If debts are a major worry,
  now is the perfect time to take a clear look at the steps you need to
  take to resolve this problem, and seek help in this direction. It's
  very likely you will purchase expensive items such as a home, vehicle,
  or office equipment. You may have dealings with institutions,
  authorities, the legal system, or financial counselors. You may even
  serve on a jury.
  December (Nine Personal Month) - SATISFACTION, LOVE, AND SERVICE. You
  are encouraged now to finish all projects, and start dreaming about
  what's next. It's best now to wait until February or March of next
  year to start something new. Replace anger or impatience with a
  wait-and-see philosophical attitude as much as you can. Keep asking
  for life to give you a clear direction, and consider what your higher
  Self is trying to tell you now. Joining a service organization is a
  perfect way to start a new cycle of abundance, fulfillment, and
  personal growth in your own life. If you are facing an obstacle,
  visualize it as a symbol and see if it has a message about a possible


  Along with the lessons of your PERSONAL YEAR and PERSONAL MONTH, you
  are also being influenced by the temporary influences of the
  transiting letters in your name (called the TRANSITS).

  The qualities of the transiting letters of your name, when added
  together, give you another major influence called the ESSENCE-the
  yearly Big Lesson or Outcome of that specific year.  Essences start
  and end on the birthdate.  These are some of the most specific
  forecasting tools available in numerology.  You may want to jot down
  brief notes about what happens to you next to the descriptions to have
  a record of the accuracy of these influences.  Interestingly, you may
  find either similarities or oppositions in the type of lessons
  afforded by Personal Years, Personal Months, Transits, or Essences.

  NOTE: Both the transiting letters and the Essence can last for more
  than one year-that's why you may find repeated information in your
  forecast.  A repetition of a description is not a mistake.  Your
  lesson simply is taking longer than one year!

  Enjoy the chart!  Blessings....

  Carol Adrienne


  DURING 2013 YOU ARE 32.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your FIRST NAME:

  E = There is a restless desire for change now. Your opportunities are
  excellent if you are able to be flexible and take risks. You may
  experience a strong sexual drive during this period. You may want more
  freedom from routine and responsibilities. Take advantage of your
  increased stamina and energy by making changes that you have been
  procrastinating about.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your MIDDLE NAME:

  M = During this period you rethink your understanding of the past (or
  your early childhood). You may remodel a house, or start a
  project. Consider the potential of transforming a problem into an
  opportunity. Your attitude tends to be fairly cautious; you make
  decisions only after long deliberation. You may be healing a very old
  pattern which has restricted your energy. This is a good time to make
  needed changes in the home and in health.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your LAST NAME:

  M = You are committed to solving a problem and creating security. You
  or someone close to you may have a health problem from overwork or
  stress. You are building something for the future with abilities that
  you developed a long time ago. You tend to be careful and proper.
  You'll stay in a situation long past when you should leave, and then
  leave once and for all. You surprise others with your stubbornness.

  THIRTY-ONE Essence: This is a very successful time for business and
  creative projects involving inventions, entertainment, children,
  education or interior design. You may be well-known among professional
  circles. This is a time of building for the future. You're very
  family-oriented now and may adopt. There is success in promotion and
  management. Finances build slowly so you must not rush or fret.

  Lessons: Good will, perseverance; stay happy; stay focused.

  January - April
  Your Period Number is 5:

  During this four-month sequence you will experience much change and
  restlessness. If the period goes on longer than four months, you may
  be out of work or busy promoting a consultant-type of career. The
  Universe is encouraging you to develop many facets of your abilities
  now. Relationships will come and go during this period, so don't make
  any long-term commitments yet. If you also have a "5" personal month
  influence now, there may be a sense of urgency, chaos, or even
  conflict at times. You may have more than one opportunity, and will
  encounter the unexpected. It will be very hard for young people to
  concentrate or focus.

  May - August
  Your Period Number is 6:

  During this four-month sequence you will be spending much time
  thinking and coping with family matters. This is a period when those
  earlier promises must be met. if you are planning to marry during this
  influence, it would be most propitious to do so during the concurrence
  of a "1", "2", or "3" month. Childbirth may be expected with the "3"
  personal month as well. Those who work in the service or educational
  fields will be working very hard. You may be the go-between that
  settles conflict. You may want to buy furniture, visit family, or
  entertain others more now.

  September - December
  Your Period Number is 2:

  During this four-month sequence you will experience a slow-down of
  activity. Apparently you need to rethink something, or correct some
  details. Acupuncture will help increase energy. Others will find you
  attractive, and your thoughts will focus a lot on relationship (or the
  desire for one). Don't rush through things now. Be patient and
  accepting of whatever comes. Your projects are somewhat in a
  germinating phase. If you have a "1" month during this "2" period
  number, you might be starting a new relationship. If you have a "2"
  month accompanying the "2" period number, move very cautiously and be
  very diplomatic. Don't have major surgery done during a double "2"

  DURING 2014 YOU ARE 33.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your FIRST NAME:

  R = You are surrounded by luxury or poverty. You may find work
  internationally or with a transnational company. This is a good time
  to be involved with humanitarian or cultural endeavors. Your interest
  in the theater, healing/recovery or spiritual matters increases. You
  may adopt a child, a pet, or a plant.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your MIDDLE NAME:

  M = During this period you rethink your understanding of the past (or
  your early childhood). You may remodel a house, or start a
  project. Consider the potential of transforming a problem into an
  opportunity. Your attitude tends to be fairly cautious; you make
  decisions only after long deliberation. You may be healing a very old
  pattern which has restricted your energy. This is a good time to make
  needed changes in the home and in health.

  Based on the Transiting Letter of your LAST NAME:

  M = You are committed to solving a problem and creating security. You
  or someone close to you may have a health problem from overwork or
  stress. You are building something for the future with abilities that
  you developed a long time ago. You tend to be careful and proper.
  You'll stay in a situation long past when you should leave, and then
  leave once and for all. You surprise others with your stubbornness.

  FORTY-FOUR Essence: There may be unusual things happening now. It's
  almost as if you are moving to a new vibratory level. You are
  acquiring a new confidence, and even when tested by circumstances,
  will continue to move forward purposefully. This is no time to
  straggle, be ambivalent, or lax. You may have increased physical
  powers, and will be involved in projects, large-scale construction, or
  dynamic leadership positions, could require constant application. You
  may have dealings with authorities--the military, educational systems,
  publishers, healers, or even earthquake specialists!

  Lessons: Learn to delegate. Persevere no matter what. Don't burn any
  bridges that you may need later. Don't let a stubborn attitude put you
  in a corner. Schedule relaxation time.

  January - April
  Your Period Number is 6:

  During this four-month sequence you will be spending much time
  thinking and coping with family matters. This is a period when those
  earlier promises must be met. if you are planning to marry during this
  influence, it would be most propitious to do so during the concurrence
  of a "1", "2", or "3" month. Childbirth may be expected with the "3"
  personal month as well. Those who work in the service or educational
  fields will be working very hard. You may be the go-between that
  settles conflict. You may want to buy furniture, visit family, or
  entertain others more now.

  May - August
  Your Period Number is 7:

  During this four-month sequence you will feel like spending more time
  alone with your own thoughts and interests. If you are in a
  relationship, you let your partner know that "it's nothing personal",
  but you'd just like a little more space. If you are single, then you
  might tend to isolate now and feel lonely. It's important to keep in
  contact with books, activities, or people who inspire you. You may be
  conferring with top specialists in your field, or doing interesting
  research. If you also have a "7" personal month happening
  concurrently, you may have a deep intuitive revelation. There may be a
  secret that is revealed or covered up. A double "7" influence could
  cause difficulties in your communications, and you should move
  carefully and thoughtfully during the time the two "7"'s are at work.

  September - December
  Period Number is 4:

  During this four-month sequence you will experience a need to put down
  roots, and dig in those heels. There is a serious note now, and you
  know that you need to get organized. Shop around for good values
  before you invest or buy. You may decide to put on a new roof, or get
  more comprehensive insurance. Fathers may be an issue in the life. You
  may feel you need more education now. There is a sense that there is a
  limitation or restriction on the life while this period is worked
  through. It's important not to give up out of frustration. The hardest
  time would be if you also have a "4" personal month during this
  sequence. If so, you may be involved with work that seems "old hat" to
  you or boring. Necessities will be covered now, although expansion or
  change is not indicated yet.


  You have now been introduced to your life path. It's a good idea to
  review the chart once a year, perhaps on your birthday, to keep you in
  touch with what you came here to accomplish. Each subsequent reading
  may reveal the concepts to you in a different light.
  If you decide to have a personal consultation which can help you
  deepen your understanding of the main points of your blueprint and
  your timing, please email Carol Adrienne at
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