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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
January 21 through January 27, 2019
The Universal vibration for 2019 is Threecreative and fortunate! No matter what number your own Personal Year is, expect improvements in your financial situation, health, and relationships.

(2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 (1 + 2) = 3)

For everyone, the 2019 Universal vibration of Three encourages:

  • hope, optimism, and social interactions
  • innovation, synchronicity, and creative endeavors
  • birthing creative solutions to world problems

Each of us goes through nine-year cycles, sequentially from one through nine. After each Nine Personal Year, we start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Note: If your personal year happens to be Three in 2019, the Universal Year Three energy amplifies your own creative energy.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2019:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2019.

 For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2019 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 20 (2 + 0) = 2 is Your Personal Year in 2019

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1        THE BEGINNING OF YOUR NEXT NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Desire to Branch Out, Improve Yourself, and Use Your Talents; More Confidence; Good Time to Move, Start Something New, or Change Careers; 2019 Boosts your One's Creative Output and Sense of Adventure; Repeated Opportunities for Leadership, Advancement, and Prosperity; May Encounter Challenges of an Ethical or Moral Nature or Loss Due to Lack of Follow-through

Personal Month 2         TIME TO SOCIALIZE, STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS. Be patient, let things unfold; listen to your intuition; no need to push things; enjoy learning something new; balance and beautify; focus on love, partnership, and friendship; may move in together or elope

ACCOMPLISHMENT. If you have been feeling an underlying unease—or feeling that you are just drifting, commit to taking a step to contact, repair, recycle, or systematize. Friendships may demand a little something extra this week. Keep moving. Balance mental pursuits with physical activity. Given the winter slog, you might be having an urge to splurge on small treats—watch the calories! This is a great week to make small, but powerful adjustments in your life.

If worried, practice shifting thoughts to finding something beautiful or interesting in the present moment. Trust that your unconscious is even now bringing a peaceful and abundant resolution to your situation. DO: Take care of your appearance even though you may not be going anywhere special! DON’T: Attempt major moves. FOCUS ON: Tidying your living space.

Personal Year 2        AN EXCEPTIONALLY SOCIAL AND REWARDING YEAR. Great Time for Meeting New People, Joining Professional Groups; Desire for Love and Affection; 2019 Boosts Desire for Camaraderie and Creative Activities; Situations Often Require Collaboration and Co-operating With Others; May Marry (or Divorce); Time for Upgrading, Beautifying, Learning; May be Cautious about Making a Big Change; Long Periods of Stress May Undermine Health

Personal Month 3        DESIRE TO PLAY, HAVE FUN, TRAVEL, AND SOCIALIZE. Creative projects are exciting and lucrative; desire to get out and meet new people; stronger desire for love, sex, marriage, and having a family; lucky month in many ways; unexpected invitations; flirtations, possible birth

ATTITUDE. With a boost from upbeat Universal Three, you may decide not to sweat the little things that have been bugging you. You might even have an insight about how a current problem or attitude reminds you of a childhood pattern. Notice if your imagination is coming up with scenarios where you: feel “less than” someone; worry that the other shoe is going to drop? Nothing you ever do works out? That you have to have the last word to convince someone of something?

Maybe it's time to honestly acknowledge that something is not working, and stop trying to work harder to fix it. Channel your creativity by taking a step back and seeing life from a larger perspective. If suffering, acknowledge how others are suffering just like you. Issues regarding pregnancy or the welfare of children could arise. DO: Accept invitations and make plans for dating if single. DON’T: be a complainer. FOCUS ON: Gentle honesty and kindness.

Personal Year 3        CREATIVE GROWTH. 2019's Universal Three Year Gives a Super Boost for Enjoying Life and Birthing Original Ideas; Activities Involving Writing, Art, Video, Music, Sports, Acting, or Marketing Your Talents; Finding New Opportunities for Self-employment, and Abundance; Involved in Public Speaking, Politics, or Sales; Periods of Free Time, Travel, Joy, and Optimism; May Fall in Love, Marry, or Have a Child; May Win an Award; Possible Procrastination, Lack of Focus, or Lost Opportunity

Personal Month 4         NEED FOR FOCUS, PRACTICALITY, AND ORGANIZATION. Your situation requires sticking to a plan, taking care of duties and details, punctuality; may receive a great offer that requires investment; desire to get fit; may join a professional group or training program; extra work or unexpected repairs; money spent on practical items or art supplies' concern about debt leads to some cutbacks

INGENUITY. This week could bring a gauntlet of minor questions, concerns, or things to deal with. If working, your job could bring an assignment with messy details that are left for you to clean up. Chaos is creativity at work. You might enjoy collaborating with someone. If at first things get off on the wrong foot, apologize and keep a sense of humor. Progress at times may seem slow or non-existent, but eventually a new idea helps open a door.

Relationships need a little TLC right now. It's possible you might be flirting a little, or enjoying a new friendship. In general avoid a tendency to take your frustration out on someone who has nothing to do with your problem. DO: Stay on deadline despite unexpected interference from someone who has dropped the ball. DON’T: Complain. FOCUS ON: Practicality, self-discipline, and a positive attitude—especially with people you think of as pests.

Personal Year 4        BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION. This Year Offers Opportunities to Put Plans into Action; A Time for Considering the Future and Learning from the Past; Your Situation Calls for Practical Decisions; Little Desire for Risky Ventures; Increased Desire to Settle Down, Marry, Buy a House, Find a Better Job; 2019's Creative Three Vibration Boosts Positive Solutions for Overcoming Obstacles; Increased Success Through Perseverance

Personal Month 5         THE NEW YEAR MAY BRING A SURPRISE THIS MONTH. Events could force you to adapt to a new direction or line of thinking; may have to make an unexpected trip or change a plan; an argument could bring heated words, then evaporate; may consider breaking up, but more likely to remain where you are; flurries of activity changing to periods of inactivity

ON AGAIN. This week could bring an interesting turn of events, but don't jump to conclusions, either. Things might be lurching ahead in fits and starts, or with a mysterious kind of synergy. With surprising Three's Universal help, and your adventurous Five's Personal vibe, explore the silver lining within a seeming block or setback. If feeling confused or distracted, use physical exercise to release the mental spinning.

Romantic relationships could hit a snag now over money, kids, or sex. DO: Take time to get some new info on a topic of concern. Keep your eyes open now. Chat with people about what they see happening in their area of expertise. DON’T: Hesitate to take action if something compels you—but keep a back-up plan. FOCUS ON: The world as a source of infinite abundance.

Personal Year 5          MID-CYCLE CORRECTIONS. This Year Typically Brings Unexpected Changes Requiring Flexibility and Creativity; Setbacks Have a Purpose or Silver Lining; Faster Pace; Increased Interest in Physical Fitness or Sex; Periods of Restlessness; 2019's Energizing and Freedom-loving Three Energy Increases Desire for Travel, Adventure, New Knowledge; Possible Affairs or Break-ups

Personal Month 6         DUTIES, GATHERINGS, PROBLEMS TO SOLVE. This month tends to emphasize domestic life; concerns about family, possible marriage or separation; decisions about changes in the home or family; working harder or later; stress may affect health; increased activities or conflicts with people

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. This week tends to bring a feeling of comfort, especially when you appreciate your daily routine with gratitude. With charming Universal Three's boost, you may even receive something wonderful this week, a call, a kiss, a box of chocolate. This week's mixed bag could bring either an increase in demands or a lessening of burden. In general, over the next few days, stay on track and respond to daily life with kindness, patience, and humor.

Family members or children may need more time and attention. A birth, wedding, or divorce (or more responsibilities) are possible. If you have to explain your actions to someone, keep it short. If feeling a bit down, ask yourself: What do I really want right now? Is an old belief limiting my view of the situation? DO: Be glad for all the wonderful people in your life—especially those younger than yourself. DON’T: Let family issues get you down. If gentle communication doesn’t work, back off for now. FOCUS ON: Snuggling with a cup of tea and something to read.

Personal Year 6        A YEAR OF RESPONSIBILITY, PROGRESS, LOVE, COMFORT, AND SERVICE. Possible Health Issues for You or Family Member; The Expressive Three Energy of 2019 Enhances Opportunities for Speaking, Teaching, Counseling, or Singing; Desire to Improve Life at Home; New Furniture or New House

Personal Month 7        TIME OUT. Less frantic pace; desire for rest, reflection, study, spiritual insight; no need to push or rush; may have a health concern, minor injury, or receive a diagnosis; desire to understand things; questions about a relationship; may write, research, or practice meditation; good time to simplify, edit, or eliminate unnecessary items

MEET THE CHALLENGE: This week may require you to deal with an unwelcome issue. You may have to research to get more info, call someone, or dig into your past records (or find them!). In general this week you are most likely to be yearning for some quiet time, warmth, and a good book. If working, others might seek out your advice and knowledge this week. Since this Seven Personal Month is mostly inner-directed, complications could arise if you forget to interact with someone who is waiting to hear from you. Failure to respond appropriately now could cause hurt feelings. Despite any recent challenges (or through them), this week could bring some insight as to the lesson learned.

Your are in a responsibility-laden Six Personal Year, but this month your Seven would prefer to go on retreat. No matter what is going on, find a way to love your life just the way it is. DO: Take it easy this week or weekend—rather than jamming in two or three extra obligations. You’ll feel better next week if you get a little creative relaxation now. DON’T: Start worrying about things over which you have no control. FOCUS ON: Rejuvenation through simplicity and spiritual connections.

Personal Year 7        INWARD TURNING. Less Desire for Striving, Status-seeking, Public Life; Desire to Get Away from it All; Questions of Your True Purpose in Life; May Be Researching or Studying; Desire for Simplicity or Slower Pace; Opportunity for a Sabbatical; May be Recovering from an Emotional Loss, or Feeling Lonely; Return to Faith; With 2019's Boost to Self-expression, A Creative Project Brings Deep Satisfaction

Personal Month 8         BUSINESS OR LEGAL CONCERNS. A period requiring logic, common-sense, and a professional approach; may have to deal with a large expense, financial loss, or a discovery about finances; possible dealings with authorities, legal proceedings, or issues involving property, copyright, or contracts; may publish something or receive an award for special project; desire to get a debt paid off

TIGHT SCHEDULE. This Eight Personal Month kicks up the need for focused effort this week. Since January is an excellent vibration for career or other advancements, take care of outstanding issues without delay. It’s possible that you will have good news about financial investments or an idea about how increase income and/or streamline expenses. If working, you’re likely to get recognition for your efforts and ideas. Your boss may put in a good word for you.

Even if nothing special seems to be going on, you are motivated now to make positive changes in your life or budget—or enroll in professional training. You may lease a car, put a down payment on a trip, or schedule a spa treatment or cosmetic surgery! DO: Take considered action on professional or financial goals. DON’T: Be overly optimistic, and avoid risky speculation. FOCUS ON: Using good judgment.

Personal Year 8        PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, FINANCIAL DECISIONS, LEGALITIES. Many Challenges, Hard Work, and Problem-solving; Sense of Satisfaction, Harvest, and Abundance; May Be Building a Business or Working in a Large Organization; Professional Accomplishments such as Publishing, Performing, Traveling are Enhanced with 2019's Lucky Three Synchronicity; May Decide to Join the Military or Police Forces; Possibility for Dealing With Criminal Justice or Medical Establishment; Buying, Selling, Investing Require Logic, Good Judgment, and Negotiating Skills

Personal Month 9        FINALIZING DEALS, EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES, LOSS, OR GAIN. Outstanding issues resolve; may pay off a debt; desire to give generously to worthy causes; may take the trip of a lifetime or travel for business; activities involving non-profit organizations; possible retirement from a career or receiving an inheritance

FACING THE MUSIC. In combination with January's Four Universal monthly vibe, your Nine Personal Month has the potential to open wide the doors of opportunity, good fortune, or loss. This week the focus tends to be on work life or home. You could be working through a difficult life decision. As a Nine vibe puts you in a mood to complete, you could be retiring, selling property, buying funeral insurance, or separating. Nine's love of travel could have you booking reservations. At moments, you could find yourself experiencing very mixed emotions from joy to sorrow as you think about who and what matter to you.

During quiet moments, a feeling of optimism and curiosity arises, lifting you to higher awareness. Answers start to appear. DO: Look at the bigger picture; put yourself in the shoes of someone else. DON’T: Take a “woe is me” attitude. Unexpected resources are available if you stay open. FOCUS ON: Generosity and finding the flow.

Personal Year 9         END OF A NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Time to Complete Outstanding Projects; Thoughts about the Past and the Future; Thinking about Retirement or Ending a Negative Relationship; 2019's Flirtatious Three Energy Boosts Possibility of a Sudden Romantic Involvement; Potential for Loss of an Older Relative; Emotional Fluctuations; Strong Potential for Unexpected Good Fortune; Desire for Foreign Travel; Artistic and Educational Activities

Personal Month 1        NEW BEGINNINGS, BIG DECISIONS, OR A MOVE. May be taking action on a plan; coming up with a better idea; new interests, new options; good time to employ ingenuity, originality, and bold ideas; explore unfamiliar territory; challenge yourself; enter or win a competition; redecorate; change jobs

PRIORITIES. With the additional boost of creative Three's Universal vibe, your One Personal Month is stirring up new developments, but you may not yet see anything dramatically different this week. Generally, the next few days require you to get serious about checking off a few to-do items—but maybe in a surprising way. A new attitude or new thinking is imperative now, especially about an issue you have been in deep resistance about.

Someone may give you a gift or a compliment—or both! You may win something or go on a trip to a foreign place. If next steps are not yet clear, write down as many crazy new ideas or desires as you can, just for fun (save this list and review throughout the year). You may even find that some version of your desires or intentions effortlessly manifest later this year. This is a wonderful time if you want to start a family, buy a house, or build an addition. DO: Enjoy your life. DON’T: Compromise where values are concerned, or overlook something you know is not right. FOCUS ON: Self-confidence, joy, and staying in the moment.