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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
November 17 through November 23, 2014


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2014 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 15 = 1 + 5= 6 Personal Year in 2014

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                Start of New 9 Year Cycle; Beginnings; Advancement; Independence

Personal Month 3              A period favoring the imagination, hobbies, recreation, games, young people; may have more time for pleasurable activities

LIFT OFF. You've been looking for real progress all year, since this is your ONE Personal Year. Even if some goals have not appeared within reach, this week could give you a true sense of happiness. A few ideas are starting to percolate now. The problem is sitting down to plan or implement! You may feel like just going with the flow or getting by. If working, you could be either really busy, or on vacation (or looking for deals.) Since the number THREE usually brings activity, good fortune, and increased communications, find a way to strengthen a relationship or contact. Maybe it's a good idea to take someone to lunch. New information may emerge. Job-seekers, despite depressing recent events, now feel in a turn-around phase. You might even find unexpected interest from an unlikely area. Love blossoms when you two take the time to just talk and relax together. Casual meetings for singles could be quite energizing. Since THREE rules fertility as well as creativity, this might be a good time to get pregnant (if you want to, or even if you hadn't planned on it.) Otherwise, use this fertile time to get back to a creative interest, or schedule time with friends. Focus on all those little things that give you joy. FOCUS: Be easy going.

Personal Year 2            A Year Highlighting Mergers, Associations, Love, and Deepening Relationships

Personal Month 4          This month brings issues that are somewhat boring, but need to be addressed; use common-sense; think about the consequences for next year; may need a health check-up

CHOICE. This could be a very productive week, with a pleasant surprise. It's time to take the heat off of a conflicted relationship. If someone pushes your button this week, take a step back and don't react in your usual way. If working or doing a project at home, be sure to review everything before you hit the send button. Eliminate any knee-jerk tendency to negative thinking; Take a small step toward something that you SAY you want to do. If encountering delays or restrictions, trust that a better outcome is emerging than first thought. Job seekers may find a position that exactly matches experience, but at first may seem to be a bit ho-hum. Good leads tend to come from practical fields such as construction, accounting, management, property, health care, and other basic services. It’s important to discuss schedules, family participation, and finances to keep harmony. If your partner is stubborn, use humor, not a hammer. In your FOUR month, you have a strong need to get things resolved; the other person may be on a different wave length. Despite conflicts, your basic foundation and true love tends to be strong. Singles may be feeling a budget or time crunch and decide not to spend money on dating for awhile. Walk, run, or work out to burn up that energy. You are more able to avoid binging now. If you fall of the wagon of resolve, just get back on. No harm done. The details are not as important as keeping moving in the right over-all direction. FOCUS: Saying no to something you don't really want to do could feel like relief. This is a time for getting results—don't look back with guilt or regret.

Personal Year 3               It's Been a Year for More Self-expression and Joy; Your Creative Side-line Could Blossom into Something Larger

Personal Month 5             A period of uncertainty or doubt; changing circumstances mean you have to adapt—be flexible until you must make a decision; tendency to run away from a problem, or over-indulge to self-medicate

GET READY. If working, unexpected news in your workplace could totally shift your plans. Keep cool, and accept whatever is happening. If feeling really at a loss or overwhelmed, imagine handing obstacles over to the Universe or God to solve. Then get back to the present moment and pay attention to your next step, and the next. Ironically, a seeming setback may bring a new, positive idea to the table. Think creatively instead of by the rules. Travel is likely and may bring new business contacts and a feeling of progress. Job seekers might find success looking in a new direction. This interesting month is bound to bring unexpected ideas or options. Couples may not see things eye-to-eye now. One of you is restless—probably you. This could be a good time to take off for a short trip on the weekend—together or separately. If single and looking, you may be checking out someone’s Internet profile or waiting to hear from a new person. While waiting for things to move forward how about a change of attitude, a new hairdo, or a new activity this weekend? At least get some exercise. Take a new step on a project or idea. FOCUS: Making one change that is within your power to make.


Personal Year 4             A Year for Planning and Practical Decisions; Need to Build, Re-model, Take Care of Health, Pay down Debts; Work Two Jobs

Personal Month 6           A month highlighting the home and domestic concerns; could be attending a wedding, anniversary, or family reunion; concern over one's health or that of others; need to be reliable, loyal, nurturing

SMART. Dreams of a more fulfilling life are often on your mind. You are ready to commit to a course of action. Conversations with others, however, could be a bit dampening to your spirit, so don't listen to naysayers (unless they really do have a good point!). Generally, this is a pretty normal week of life—doing what you need to do. Since SIX brings responsibility, people naturally turn to you for advice, support, or a bit of your time. For some, mentoring a younger person brings pleasure. You may also be learning something useful now. If over-worked or out of time, delegate a task to someone who is probably better at it than you are anyway. Job seekers find support from family members while pursuing the job search. Your financial needs are taken care of for the moment, so try not to beat up on yourself for not being further along on the success ladder. You are exactly where you need to be—believe it or not! Family issues continue to need your attention. Love could mean supporting others now, emotionally and otherwise. Purchases for the home and family may be a focus. A compromise may be needed on what to buy. Discussions about marriage, separation, or divorce could be on the table. Weddings are highlighted now. Singles may have relatives pushing you to find someone! Keep your sense of humor. Be generous but don't indulge other people's demands. Buy something in a color you love. FOCUS: This continues to be a time for commitment and hard work.

Personal Year 5             Mid-cycle Fine-tuning; Time to Make Adjustments and Changes; A Feeling of Restless All Year; Uncertainty

Personal Month 7           Expect some involuntary down-time this month; use the time to review what you really want now; streamline possessions; recycle; read, meditate, stare into the fireplace (on your SmartPhone)

RESTORE. Your life may take an odd turn, or you may come across a tempting idea during the next few weeks. While everything is generally okay, your mind may tend to wander in unusual directions. Either at work or at home, you might feel like keeping a lower profile right now. If working, you could be assigned to a special project, or be asked to research something. If an issue has you feeling a bit unsettled, trust that your intuition will lead you to be in the right place at the right time. If anxious or depressed, let someone know or seek professional help. Generally, things turn out better than you thought at first. Solutions arise from odd angles. Job seekers, especially in the technical field, have a good chance to show off their expertise and experience, but an offer may be a little slow in coming. If close to accepting an offer, December could be decisive. Delays may be worrisome, but there’s nothing you can do. If in a romantic relationship, make this another quiet weekend. You need some rest and time to rejuvenate either alone or with your lover/spouse. Enjoy this slow down and make some soup or soak in a lavender aromatherapy bath. Take it easy in the evenings, and catch up on sleep, meditation, and yoga. True lovers share a quiet moment. Others enjoy their alone time. Unexpected calls or meetings are possible. Make up your mind not to worry about things you cannot change. FOCUS: Research, reflection, and a spiritual outlook.

Personal Year 6            A Year for Putting Down Roots; Make Necessary Changes to Create a More Nurturing and Secure Situation; Family Matters Increase

Personal Month 8           A month for getting ship-shape; pay down a debt; review your holiday spending plan; comparison shop for large items; put money into your living space this year; job announcement; promotions

CONSIDERING. During this powerful vibration of the EIGHT, you could have some kind of a financial deal on the table. Make sure to not only do your due diligence, but trust what your intuition is telling you. Despite good omens regarding a new venture, you are not likely to leave security for something untried right now. This week or month may also raise an issue involving health or credit cards. Job seekers should have one or two good possibilities and are very likely—very likely—to start working soon. Your experience impresses others. You may be offered a better position than you first expected. Love and commitment still go hand in hand during the next few weeks. Enjoy the warmth and security of your family, and be completely present emotionally for someone else. Expenses could bring increased pressures, so find something relaxing this weekend to clear the mind. This period helps you develop clarity and confidence. FOCUS: Take a moment to acknowledge how well you handled the big challenges of your life so far. If feeling insecure, ask yourself: “What do I really want?” Let the Universe handle the details of bringing you what you need.

Personal Year 7             Desire for a Feeling of Purposefulness; Enjoying Learning and Research; Slower Pace Allows a New Interest to Develop; Some Loss or Sadness; Hope for the Future

Personal Month 9            An event may trigger a decision to let go of past regrets; desire to be free and move on; happiness with other people; if depression arises, seek professional help; avoid isolation; open your heart to the magnificence of Life

GROWTH. During the latter part of this year, you may have a completely different perspective on your life, than when you started out in January. Now, right now, you could be involved in one of your more interesting weeks. For example, an old condition could clear away. You might have new hope and a sense that you stand to gain a lot very soon. This NINE vibration tends to blow apart the brick walls in your life, in order to give new life and create new scenarios. If working, you may be interacting with more people from other countries. Your career may be expanding to new markets. You may be training new people. As with last week, this period may bring cause for emotional reactions. Try to keep a cool perspective and don't imagine problems where none exist. Job seekers should be in a much better position to find or start a job next month. If tempted by an alluring get-rich quick vibe, step back to assess with a clear head. Do your research, play hard to get, and take your time before risking any of your cash. This week you may feel a tiny bit jealous of your spouse or lover if he or she talks admiringly about someone else. Don’t let your feelings create tension--get back into balance by spending time together. Singles might meet someone at a spiritual meeting, retreat, lecture, or book signing. If feeling anxious, write your concerns down for five minutes, and close the notebook. You probably need more rest. When possible, avoid or spend less time with those, who have predictable negative attitudes. Journal-writing, reading (philosophy or murder-mysteries), conversation, walking, working-out, and yoga help bring peace of mind. FOCUS: Generosity in large or small ways, compassion, and self-love.

Personal Year 8             A Year for Working Effectively Toward Goals; Potential Increase in Financial Balance; Time-tested Solutions Bring Peace of Mind; Potential for Encounters with Authorities if Acting Impulsively;

Personal Month 1           Conditions give you some new ideas and the courage to launch, follow-through, and continuing creating; moves; travel; new career efforts; new relationships; clearing a debt

SANITY. Even though your life may not look exactly how you thought it should be eight years ago, you have made tremendous progress. At the very least, this year has brought important, life-changing lessons. This week could present a small test, requiring you to be honest, clear, and articulate. You have excellent timing now. If working, you may be in the spotlight now—giving you a chance to express quiet leadership and innovative, yet practical, ideas. You could be investigating a new option. If looking for work, you may have an excellent offer this week or month. Demonstrate confidence and competence. Singles might find someone special at a business event this week or month. A new relationship continues to grow. The other person seems to look at you very favorably. Long-time couples could be making new decisions—for example, about investments, a large purchase, or planning a vacation. Be clear about your position, but maintain your sense of humor and cool. It’s time to believe in yourself. This month notice how far you have come and what you have done RIGHT. You are outgrowing the habit of knee-jerk self-criticism. FOCUS: You and your new idea. No more self-doubt!

Personal Year 9            End of a Nine-Year Cycle; Time to Let Go of What Didn't Happen; Prepare to Complete a Phase and Move Forward Into the Next Big Thing in Your Life

Personal Month 2           Best-case scenario: A sweet period of gentleness, kindness, patience, and happiness; worst-case a break-up or loss; be attentive to details—no rushing

RE-COMBINE. This week you feel like working with what you have, rather than bringing new things into your life. Don't be surprise to find yourself falling into a little review of the past—especially relationship stuff! If working, this week tends to bring unexpected flashbacks to other important moments—especially close ties to others. Since you are probably unclear about what you want to do next (despite a feeling that time is winding down), you are likely to be somewhat cautious. If so, focus on the present and improve productivity—even a little bit. Completing a small task tends to give you a lot more energy. Use this rather slow month to catch up and clear out those old piles of stuff. For job seekers this period also tends to be on the slow side, particularly with the advent of the holiday season. No worries. Use the time to read, learn, or charge up friendships with new friends or former colleagues. The ELEVEN vibration of November accentuates love and friendships. You may not be in love, but you love your friends. For some, this could be a very romantic week or month. A bit of honey (appreciation) works wonders. A quiet wedding may bring bliss. Moods may swing, so get lots of sleep and put off making major decisions until you feel more clear. Remember the wisdom of accepting things you cannot change. Rearrange your closet and get rid of at least nine items. FOCUS: Reading, socializing, relaxing, and patience. Take it easy and don't stress yourself out.