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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
April 25 through May 1, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1            Allow New Interests into Your Life; Find New Challenges; Express Yourself with Confidence; Develop a Talent, Career, or Hobby

Personal Month 5          Follow your curiosity; unexpected changes open doors; desire for change or freedom

EXPLOSIVE NEWS. If you have been waiting to hear news, this week could give you feedback—but perhaps not all that you had desired. Cooperation from others could be slow or strained. If feeling thwarted, spend time this week organizing an area that has become annoying. If self-employed, this week is likely to be busy, especially with paperwork. Job-seekers: A contact or piece of information may surprise you. A casual incident may stir up feelings or stimulate you to speak up. Courage, confidence, and clarity will pour out naturally! Things that seem stalled this week are likely to unclog next week. Couples: Home work, bills, parent-teacher conferences, painting the bedroom, maybe a little discussion about expenses. You may have visitors soon. Singles: Are you thinking that dating is just all too much effort? While you love your freedom, good companionship is also worth waiting for. AVOID: Acting in a way you'll regret. Instead think about what you really want. Express yourself without explaining and justifying. FOCUS: Keep clear boundaries between your self and others’ demands this week. Don’t just cave in.

Personal Year 2             Get Married; Join a Group; Let an Idea Grow at It's Own Pace

Personal Month 6           Focus on doing what is right; helping others; giving and receiving good counsel; work in the home; marriage or divorce

FACE IT. This is may not be such an easy week. If life seems to be asking a lot of you right now, focus on what you have, not what you don't have. A seeming impasse (at work or home) may give you time to come up with a better approach. Job-seekers; Read a spiritual book or take a walk with a friend. It's important to be patient and kind to yourself. By the end of the month, you’ll find that your intuition is right on about something. Couples: One or both of you may be feeling a bit down, overtired, or sluggish. Take it easy; give yourselves a break. Singles: Weed out your closet to clear your mind. You may be thinking you'd rather read romance novels than risk your heart again! However, for many, this is the magic time for weddings, engagements, and births. AVOID: Allowing events to push you toward depression or discouragement. Notice how everything is perfect in some strange way. FOCUS: On redefining what you really want. Read, research, walk, and breathe.

Personal Year 3            Develop Writing and Speaking Abilities; Do Something Creative with Your Free Time; Feel Happy and Optimistic; See the Good in Others

Personal Month 7           Possible time-out period; look within for answers; get clear about what is truly important; eliminate unnecessary clutter

EYES OPEN. Take care this week when traveling and moving about. To be on time this week, you may need to leave for appointments a little earlier than usual. For important decisions, it may be better to wait until after this week is over. Getting correct input from a professional is essential. If you are tending to feel a little discouraged now, remember to express gratitude for the good things in your life. This simple exercise has been shown to be beneficial to health. Use your time to learn something new or read up on an interest. Job-seekers: Get ready for a serious interview or offer in the next week or so. In thinking about the past, you may have the urge to contact someone. You could discover something you had not seen before. Couples: You and your mate may be crossing in the night if working hard. Even if you don't have time for closeness now, put it on your calendar, so to speak, and soon. Singles: Someone at work may give you a look or makes a remark that leaves you wondering. A good time for writing in your diary or journal. AVOID: Telling someone the brutal truth; be kind and generous—but stay firm. FOCUS: Listen to your intuition; notice what kinds of ideas kept recurring this week. Is there something more to follow-up?

Personal Year 4             Realistic Plans and Practical Decisions Are Your Best Approach; Efforts Bring Future Results; May be Building, Going to School, or Working in a Less-than-fabulous Job to Pay the Rent; Could be Moving in with Family for Awhile

Personal Month 8           Use logic rather than emotion now; don't cave in on something because you feel intimidated; handle resources wisely; could be having legal troubles; a project turns out to be more costly than expected

CHALLENGES. Well, that's life. Now and then you have to work a little harder. You may be putting the pedal to the metal now to finish a project. Take exasperating demands (e.g., negative reviews, change orders, or last-minute emails) in stride. If conflicts arise, any tendencies for blame and resentment dissolve in the next couple of weeks. Someone's heartfelt appreciation of your work helps make up for all the time you thought no one cared. By week's end, you'll fall into bed with relief. Job-seekers especially: use this week to release the past, weed clutter, and implement a personal goal that affects health or finances. Couples: The daily routine feels packed. If you had time to do something for yourself, what pops into your mind? I know. Sleep. Singles: With your rather serious frame of mind now, a romantic relationship may be shaping up. AVOID: Being stingy or speaking in a way that you will regret later. FOCUS: On accomplishing errands and duties. by week’s end, you're doing something fun, like a bike ride, visit to a garden center, or looking at new cars.

Personal Year 5          A Year Requiring a New Outlook or Life-style Adjustments; Unexpected Change; Desire for Freedom, but Don't Run Away from Responsibility; Physical Issues

Personal Month 9         Time to complete; make a clean break where needed; new opportunities depend on first resolving outstanding concerns; emotional issues could cloud happiness

WOWIE ZOWIE. Ideas and plans could be multiplying in your brain! Be sure to finish outstanding projects if you can. To amp up your good fortune, use the power of your imagination and visualization to send out good thoughts. Forgiveness works absolute miracles. Don't take my word for it. Money could come in a surprising way. Feelings of love and gratitude for friends, children, and pets increases. Open those beautiful eyes of yours. Make decisions based on whatever will increase your feeling of power, optimism, and curiosity. Practice being generous, loving, and forgiving. Start noticing how your life shifts and your mood improves. AVOID: Overeating or drinking too much in an attempt to reward yourself. FOCUS: On listening to your intuition before acting or re-acting. Don’t assume that you have to try to control everyone or everything. Just let things unfold for awhile.

Personal Year 6             A Period of Increased Responsibility; Desire to Stabilize and Put Down Roots; Not so Willing to Rock the Boat; Family Concerns Dictate Choices

Personal Month 1            Decisions are easier to make now; self-confidence grows even if uncertain about the near future; feelings of confidence; sense of breakthrough to new level

BUMP IN THE ROAD. If things were flowing rather nicely last week, you may have to regroup this week. No need to change the plan completely, but you may be able to iron it out with a practical decision or compromise. Don't get discouraged; your dedication, good common-sense, and wit get you back on track. The pressure to perform may begin to ease off by the weekend. You may still have a decision to make that will have long-term effects. Job-seekers: Your desire to excel at what you do—and your honesty and integrity impress others. Your love life could be in your thoughts now, whether single, married, or going steady. Notice what you love about the other person; take time to compliment with a specific example. Singles: Spend a fun time with a good friend and discuss your life goals. An excellent week for weddings, engagements, and parental care duties. Take time to contact someone you care about—or have a Facebook meet-up! AVOID: Procrastinating on a personal goal; spend even a few minutes doing something you love. Also, avoid tendencies to be self-deprecating. Make a list of ten things you are grateful today. FOCUS: Complete tasks during this busy time to avoid future hassles.


Personal Year 7            A Year for Getting Closer to What Matters; Turn Toward Inner Life; May Take a Sabbatical: Slower Pace; Desire for Periods of Solitude; Loss May Bring Loneliness

Personal Month 2           A very sensitive period; best to take a slower pace; listen to intuition; work to create harmony and beauty; cooperate with circumstances; collaborate on a project

THE TIDE IS OUT. This could be a very trying week, so don't try to push, force, or speed things along. Haste will not get you there any faster. You may be forced to wait on making big decisions. For some, disagreements with others could temporarily upset peace of mind. Probably the best approach is to let them know you heard and understand their point of view. If money or work is slow to come in, look for good changes to come in the next few days. If you have been getting a little scruffy around the edges lately, take time to improve your look with a new haircut, accessory, or item of clothing. Job-seekers: Focus, research, and small steps create a stronger sense of well-being and optimism. Couples: Friendships or your partner could use a little heartfelt communication this week. Partners—give a little, then give a little more. Singles: Everyone has a bit of a desire to isolate now. That's okay, but at least do something fun for the weekend. Don't be surprised, despite your general skeptical mood, to run into someone new or to renew an old friendship! AVOID: Going into vegetation mode, overeating, forgetting to take out the garbage, and ignoring something to do with travel (the oil in your car? Your commute pass?) FOCUS: On each day. Don’t look too far ahead.

Personal Year 8            Achievement of an Improved Financial Status; Use of Common-sense and Prudent Planning; Motivation to Overcome Obstacles and Meet Objectives; Money Received or Spent on Legal Matters; Large Purchases

Personal Month 3           Be ready for surprise advancements or unexpected gifts; spend free time on things that make you feel more alive (try yoga or Qi Gong—okay, games and golf are okay, too)

GROWTH. April may have had it's ups and down emotionally. Generally, you are in a very fortunate period of pleasant experiences. It's quite likely that you are turning over ideas about what you could do to increase your security, while at the same time wanting to run off to an island—or buy a vacation condo if you only had the money. If working, your job may bring an opportunity for a short trip. Associates may be talking about changes, so keep your eyes and ears open to see how the wind blows. Job-seekers: Excitement despite minor trepidation. You might be surprised by an increase in finances or a small win of some kind. If you get laid off, don’t worry! You’ll have everything you need in the next month. Couples: Children, pets, shopping, and house work or repairs could be keeping you very busy. Singles: A casual flirtation may begin or end. Don’t take a date too seriously. Spring fever may be magnetizing you into the mall to update your look or buy potted plants (or baby clothes??) The more spontaneous you can be the happier you’ll be by the weekend. AVOID: Gossiping or extravagance. FOCUS: On the humor in your situation.

Personal Year 9             End of Nine-year Cycle; Loss and Integration; Maturing of Ideas and Goals; Understanding your Lessons, Preparing to Move Forward; Gratitude; Good Fortune; Forgiveness Works Miracles

Personal Month 4            Make progress on goals or throw out what is not working; stay organized and hang on to see results; may struggle financially, but a loan could ease problems

HONESTY. Frankly, this may not be your best week, although you could emerge triumphant about how you handled a problem. Despite a feeling of lock-down in some parts of your life, you may have the vaguest wisp of a fresh wind blowing. If working, you could be getting ready to clean out your desk and move on, or transfer to a new division. Job-seekers: You’ll have the answer you’ve been waiting for in the next few days. Couples: It's possible that you haven’t had time to spend with loved ones this week as work and financial pressures have kept you busy. If you and your partner have been on the outs, resolve to listen to their point of view. Singles: Not the best time to try to repair a strained relationship; if you do want to make the first move, start with an apology on what you have to apologize for. A romantic prospect could turn out to be uncharmingly cheap. Keep in mind the question: What do I really want? Materially, you may not feel that you are where you should be, or that things are how you want them. If you feel you should have accomplished more by now, make a list of things you are proud of being, doing, or having this past nine years. Once you reach a place of true gratitude—in a spirit of sincere humility--write down three things you want to attract into your life. AVOID: Making long-term commitments just yet. FOCUS: Be practical.