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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
August 24 through August 30, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1             Start of a New 9-Year Cycle; Perhaps You Discover Something New; Potential for Life-changing Decisions; Events May Demand Integrity, Courage, and Confidence

Personal Month 9           Complete outstanding issues; prepare to move on; possible moments of emotional intensity; feelings of discouragement or joy

SHIFT. As August proceeds you have a feeling of something winding down or changing. Despite a general feeling of listlessness or confusion, this period could be preparing you for an important transition. If working, an aspect of your duties or interests may be coming to an end. In some cases, you or others may be moving on. Whatever is happening, you are likely to be considering several options. Since NINE favors endings, it's probably best not to make an important decision until next month. If possible, wait until you have more information or a clearer sense of the best direction. If job searching, a lead could fall flat. However, an even better opportunity is likely to arrive. Your cycle must initiate a new situation very soon. This period might be an emotional roller coaster--a hot week of passion, or a big meltdown. Maybe it’s best not to make long-term decisions right now until you have more clarity. Go with the flow. Your current mood may make a long trip seem very desirable! If you can't go far away, at least try to get a change of scene this weekend. AVOID: Making permanent decisions with too little information. FOCUS: What focus? Things are up and down and sideways. Hang in there.



Personal Year 2                Listen to Good Advice; Respond to Events with Patience and Kindness; Potential for Health Concerns, Relationship Changes, Love, Enjoying Being Socially Connected

Personal Month 1              A month bringing increased potential for new developments; may make a personal decision; try something new; beginning of an important relationship

ACTION. You may have already started a new phase or project as your ONE vibration tends to initiate forward movement. Since your personal charisma tends to be higher now, your contributions on the job or at home are likely to be noted. You feel more confident about what you do and how others see you. Job seekers now have one of the best chances this year for finding the perfect situation. Long-term relationships may go to another level (up or down.) Single people might bump into a very interesting person, who makes the heart go pitter-patter. Otherwise, you could be in one of those moods where you are very happy being alone, thank you very much. Freedom allows you to take advantage of some very good opportunities right now. Last week’s clarity might be completely gone because conditions have changed. Stay light and flexible. AVOID: Making a decision until your ducks are in a row. FOCUS: Integrity and diplomacy.


Personal Year 3             Increased Creativity, Unexpected Good Luck, Feeling More Enjoyment; Birth of Something New; Desire for Freedom from Restricting Circumstances; May be Off Work

Personal Month 2            Relationships need more attention; possible delays or frustrating details; change of plans to accommodate someone else; fragile nerves; desire for balance and rejuvenation

OBSERVE. While your TWO vibration favors a bit slower pace, a temporary situation in your life may bring a constant flow of things to take care of. Some may be introduced to new and interesting people from whom you can learn a lot. If trying to solve a problem, you may find periods when people don't return your call. If working or involved in family matters, business-related travel could be on the agenda this week. However, don't be surprised if you encounter delays or detours. Someone may confide in you or require a supportive ear. Rather than offer instant advice, quietly ask them what they think they should do. (They will think you are brilliant!) Job seekers are likely to be waiting on two or more offers. This TWO vibration favors intimacy, so this could be a loving time. Singles, it’s a good time to get out there. At least get yourself to the gym or a yoga class. Your intuition is working overtime. You can easily read between the lines now. People say one thing, but seem to mean something else. AVOID: Taking things too personally (or getting jealous.). Let it go. FOCUS: Freedom balanced with closeness.


Personal Year 4               The Time Requires Self-discipline and a Realistic Approach; Make Plans for the Future; Build; Realize a Dream; Productivity; May have to Deal with Rules and Regulations

Personal Month 3              Desire for more relaxation and fun; making time for creative projects, birth in the family; re-decorating and gardening; may go on a spontaneous short trip

EXHALE. While the past eight months have made you well aware of the importance of sticking to a plan, the more carefree vibration of THREE lets you blow off a little steam. While THREE often indicates time for vacation or increased free time, you could still be very busy. If working, things could seem like a bit of a circus this week, watching the clowns roll out of the little tiny car. Mostly, you just don’t feel like sticking to a routine. THREE favors humor, and you might be able to see things as quite funny. If you are the creative type, get out your notes on that novel, look into screen-writing classes, or just pick up a paintbrush and see what happens. Job seekers have several possibilities, but perhaps nothing too solid. However, you do feel in some ways that you are moving along in the right direction. New romances are likely to be in the idealistic phase now since you are feeling upbeat. Old romances are still loving and lively. You might be talking about a vacation or buying a vacation home. This week is all about imagination, communication, being positive about the future, and enjoyment of life. Consider carefully what you want to communicate before emailing or calling anyone. Use gentleness to soften the message. AVOID: Extravagance or being in denial about your situation. FOCUS: Take a new look at your daily routine. What would you like to change?

Personal Year 5             A Year for Change; Be Flexible; Diversification Could Bring Excellent Opportunity; Feelings of Restlessness; Desire to See New Places

Personal Month 4            A month to stay on course; be practical about spending; may have to repair a situation or item; health may be low due to stress; get more sleep

STRESS. Many issues could be coming to your attention that need your active leadership. You’ve been working hard, and it’s time for a break. However, you know for sure that you aren't likely to get one now! If working take time this week to organize your office space. Think of it as clearing space of something new to arrive. The next few weeks are likely to bring a definite shift in your life as you head into your FIVE personal month soon. Even this week, a new opportunity might unexpectedly appear. It may be a good match to what you’ve been looking for. Job seekers are likely to hear about a job lead in an unexpected way. However, the income may be less than you are looking for. With your sweetie, you realize how much you care, even though he or she sometimes drives you wild. You might imagine walking away now and then, but is that what you really want? Singles, make a second or third date with someone who may have more potential than you first thought. If you go away for a short trip, be practical about expenses. AVOID: Being rigid about your ideas or short-tempered with a loved one. FOCUS: Common sense with flexibility.


Personal Year 6             A Year of Relative Security and Comfort; Home and Family Matters Require More Attention; A Desire for Beauty, Service, Spiritual Connections; Good for Volunteer Work

Personal Month 5            A month bringing possible changes, questions, experiments, restlessness

BREAKTHROUGH. You may sometimes feel that you are not where you'd like to be. However, the spontaneous force of your FIVE vibration may introduce an interesting, new element. If working your department, shop, or work place is likely to be undergoing changes. In general, you might find that obligations to others keeps your personal plans a bit on hold. It may seems that things outside your control are keeping you in place. If you have changes to make, try to take some action this week, as you enter a more conservative phase next month. Job seekers may get a call out of the blue that has potential. Temporary or part-time work may be offered. Some may be thinking of becoming a free-lancer. A busy schedule could keep you from spending quality time with your loved one. Be careful what you say now—hasty words could bring regret or need to mend fences. Singles should try getting together for physical activities such as dancing lessons (salsa?), hiking, swimming, or gardening in a community garden. It's time to be a little bold. How about making two different dates for the weekend? Casual and spontaneous work best. If outside events do not bring change, it's up to you to follow through on developing new interests or making small, but important changes. AVOID: Saying yes to more commitments if you are already feeling out of balance. Less is better now. You probably have enough on your plate. FOCUS: Stay flexible and calm.

Personal Year 7           A Year of Self-development; a Change of Pace; Need to Tune into Intuition; Desire to Study, Learn, Deepen an Interest, or Simplify Your Life; Feelings of Mortality

Personal Month 6          Time to take care of business; during angry outbursts, try to remain neutral; avoid giving too much advice; may need to sacrifice personal time for someone else

PRESSURE. You may be dreaming of time off, but life demands much of you now. If your life seems a bit boring or constricted at the moment, you are probably over-worked and tired. If working, conflicts may be out of your control, although your mind keeps searching for reasons why things are the way they are. You'll feel better when you concentrate on accomplishing one or two things you can actually do something about. Perform your duties, keep quiet, and don’t dwell on your losses. If somebody wants you to do a little extra, be pleasant but clear about what you can and cannot deliver. Job seekers may be getting training or talking to human resources this week. Parents or old friends may be calling to check up on you. If you have your own family, someone needs extra attention now. A wedding—yours or a good friend’s--could be on the agenda for the weekend. Some couples may be planning for next year. AVOID: Escalating an argument. Stay cool and calm. FOCUS: A little kindness to yourself makes up for other things.



Personal Year 8              A Year Focusing on Professional or Personal Achievement, Financial Advancement; May Deal with Property or Legal Issues; Bureaucracy and Authorities Could be Important to Future Plans

Personal Month 7             A month for a little more rest, reflection on priorities; desire to be in nature and away from crowds and stress; may be away from home

TAKE STOCK. Reflection may be better than action now. It's possible that a situation that you thought was settled may present a surprise this week. Announcements or other unexpected information may require you to review your situation. Before speaking out, make sure you have the correct facts in hand. Don’t leave things to chance, but, ironically, chance may propel you forward! Your work may be questioned, so double-check everything. It’s a crazy week for those looking for work. Keep your sense of humor. You’re THIS close to getting something you can live with. Truthfully, you’d just rather be left alone this week. Yes, you are restless. Yes, you need something to lift your spirits. Maybe it's time to start a book club to meet people interested in ideas. AVOID: Making a decision until your “gut” sorts it all out. FOCUS: A spiritual approach (i.e., looking for the silver lining or greater purpose) works well, but don’t get too serious.


Personal Year 9               The End of a 9-Year Cycle; Time to Wind Down, Go with the Flow; More Desire to Practice Kindness and Forgiveness; Change in Priorities; Relationships May End or Change; Emotional Year of Mixed Feelings; Clear Away Unneeded Items

Personal Month 8             You have reasons to feel more confident and successful; you are working a plan; may make a significant outlay of money this money; purchase of vehicle or property; expensive wedding or travel; inheritance; dealings with the law

MOMENTUM. Your powerful EIGHT vibration is likely to bring events to a head. You may also feel that you are gathering a strong basis for success. It's crucial now to think about tying up loose ends, paying off debts, or looking into ideas for increasing income. When you have a moment, think about your retirement goals—even if you are in your twenties! If working, you may have shifted to a position of more responsibility or prominence. Some may be required to spend money or travel in order to strengthen business or a project. In general, an EIGHT month in a NINE year indicates the potential for a major transition or upgrade in your situation. Job seekers are re-writing resumes and feeling positive about some leads. Money issues continue to be a topic of discussion between you and your loved one. A long cruise to the Mediterranean--or a trip to a barbeque restaurant--might settle everything! Singles have a good chance of meeting someone compatible at a business function. In general, review your budget and take another look at your goals. If applicable, it’s time to get serious about your investments and start paying off any debts. Make a realistic goal. Small steps work best. AVOID: Over-working and exhausting yourself. FOCUS: Determination; business-like attitude; strive for completion and success.