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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
July 23 through July 29, 2018


Your Personal Year is specific to your birth date and cycles through nine-years of development. You begin the work of the cycle in a One Personal Year, and end it in a Nine Personal Year. Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2018:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2018.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2018 = Personal Year

1 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 28 = (2 + 8) = 10 (1+ 0) = 1 Personal Year in 2018

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below

according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1        FIRST YEAR OF NEW NINE-YEAR CYCLE. New Interests May Emerge all Year; May Desire to Initiate a New Phase but a bit Hesitant; Could be Thinking of Self-employment or Starting a Business; An Important Relationship May Influence Your Life; May Change Lifestyle Through Marriage, Retirement, A Move, or Career Change; Increased Self-confidence

Personal Month 8        SATISFYING PRODUCTIVITY AND GOOD RESULTS. You may be consulting an expert, buying or selling property, or making tough decisions about finances; potential for marriage, divorce, medical procedures, or expensive purchases; may be promoted or start a business

GIANT STEPS. If certain conditions seemed to block you lately, this week could offer a major break through. One way or another, you have a better grip on how to handle things. However, you may have to step out of your comfort zone. The real topic during your Eight Personal Month is power (especially under the leadership vibe of a One year). Stand your ground when it's the right thing to do. If you are not used to either praise or penalties, you likely gain an important insight. If economics are pressuring you to take action, look for a silver lining born of necessity.

Romantically or professionally, the convergence of One and Eight could bring a temporary power struggle with a partner. You could be writing prenuptial agreements, signing divorce papers, buying a house together, or setting up your will. If single and looking, work or duty could interfere with social life. A colleague might introduce you to someone from out of town. Invest in yourself with training, certification, or gym membership. FOCUS ON: Practicality, creativity, investment, and planning.

Personal Year 2        PERFECT TIMING. With Matching Two Universal Year, This Year Brings Increased Flow and Synchronicity; Relationships of all Kinds are a Huge Part of Happiness and Success; Desire for Friendship, Romantic Love, and Community Involvement; May Get Involved in Art, Design, Computer Training, Health Care; Interest in Yoga, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty; Pace May Slow at Times; You Develop Strong Intuition; May be Coordinating or Mediating

Personal Month 9        DRAMATIC INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL SHIFT. Travel, transitions; retirement or growth; good fortune, inheritances; completion of a phase; changes in relationships or friendships; may have to provide care and support; falling in love; letting go of sorrow; few regrets

AMBIVALENCE. Impediments or delays could cause you to review a plan or goal. You are not sure if this is a sign to stop or keep pounding away. If working, recent events outside your control may portend a personal change. If possible focus attention on clearing and completing while you have this window. Make short term goals for the day and focus on them. Ask yourself” “Am I asking the right questions?” For example, “I need more money” could be re-framed to:” What am I willing to do to make more money?” Next month brings a chance to start a new job, follow a new direction, or make a move.

A personal relationship could also feel somewhat uncertain. If married, you may have to go the extra mile for your partner—and you’ll be glad you did. Troubled relationships might be ending soon. In general, notice any limiting thoughts that start with, “I never…” “I’m not good at…” Employ kindness to yourself and others. FOCUS ON: Doing what is right in front of you.

Personal Year 3        CREATIVITY AND GROWTH. Desire to Enjoy Life; With Socially-conscious Universal Two Your Friendships Increase; May Join An Association; Potential for Childbirth or Time with Children; Potential for Travel, More Free Time, Love Affairs

Personal Month 1        NEW GROWTH, MOVES, AND BEGINNINGS. Potential for great ideas; a dream comes true; creative projects advance; more prominent in social life; birth of something new; vacation to new places; winning a competition; falling love for the first time

VIVID MOMENTS. Unusual good fortune is likely with your sunny Three yearly vibe unfolding through assertive ONE. This week could be one of your best all year—it's as if the Universe is humming along with your melody. Show the world what you can do! Expect blessings in love and work. You may be more serious now about starting a side-line? Who knows?

Romantically, you tend to be in a happy mood. Someone is on the same page. Activities this week could have positive long-range consequences. You feel clearer about who you are and what you want. Weddings or engagements—yours or friends-- are likely. Generally, notice what you become curious about this week. There could be a message. If you’ve been procrastinating, this would be a great week to take that first step. Long-range success depends on what you do in the next few days. FOCUS ON: The positive aspects of your situation. Enjoy a new activity or place.

Personal Year 4         PLANNING AND PRACTICAL DECISIONS. Commitments, Marriage, Partnerships are Highlighted with Friendly Universal Two Year; Desire for Stability; Pursuing Education Goals or Building Projects; Desire for Larger Living Space; Economical Choices

Personal Month 2       STABILITY, PEACE, AND QUIET. Plans are firming up; delays or annoying people require extra patience; extra sensitive to unpleasant conditions; spending more time with a close relationship; at times feeling bored or stuck; may be recovering from minor illness

STEADY PROGRESS. You may not be feeling at the top of your game, but no worries. You likely have many details to handle, so enjoy focus on giving each one your best effort. Delays or obstacles give you time to re-work or re-think your efforts. You may have to make a small sacrifice in order to get something you value. Do whatever seems most practical now; even small efforts will pay off later. If looking for work you could be offered lucrative temp work or something having to do with numbers.

Romance is likely to be in a stable period. However, a long-buried issue could be talked through now. Despite arguments, love is still there. If considering engagement or a wedding, go for it; however, take a prudent approach to the wedding plans. If single and looking, group activities (anything to do with gardening, hiking, or art galleries) offer fun. Generally, the road to what you want requires patience. Recognize that you are in exactly the right place at this moment. Enjoy quiet moments when you can. FOCUS ON: Friendships and tying up loose ends.

Personal Year 5         A YEAR OF SURPRISES. May Have to Make Adjustments to Handle Changes; Restlessness Increases; With Universal Two You May Decide to Make Some Changes in a Partnership; Periods of Conflicting Schedules; Likelihood of Travel, Affairs, Break-ups, Change of Heart, Activism

Personal Month 3        AWESOME EVENTS. Amazing synchronistic meetings; strong desire for free time; good time for vacation; favors childbirth, love affairs, creative endeavors; attending meetings, fairs, conferences; taking a road trip; visiting friends; performing, writing, public affairs

GOOD TIMES. This week is likely to bring some unexpected smiles. If involved with an organization, you may be asked to give an impromptu presentation. If you love the topic, people pick up on your enthusiasm. This is an excellent time for sales calls. Co-workers or friends—or new acquaintances—are instrumental in helping further a goal. On the other hand, you could be on vacation for the rest of the month!

Flirtation could be in the air. Just thinking about a special person makes you stand up a little straighter. Enjoy visualizing romance—remember what you focus on expands! Generally, you feel happier, and have moments of pure joy and pleasure. Take a casual, relaxed, and spontaneous approach in all things. Upgrade something that will make your life a little easier. Avoid mpulsive credit card purchases. FOCUS ON: Relaxing and enjoying the free things in life.

Personal Year 6          INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY. With Universal Two Year, Very Strong Tendency for Marriage and Partnership; Community Involvement; Care of Relatives; Focus on Health; Strong Desire to Save for the Future; Finding a More Comfortable Home; Happiness

Personal Month 4        BACK TO BASICS. Time to accomplish a tangible project; build a tree house; work out or train for a marathon; build a school in Central America; learn to cook; get married; renovate your space; stay on top of family matters; service your vehicle

CLEAR YOUR PUNCH LIST. A punch list is a list of final things to do in order to finish a project. If there are many people clamoring for your attention this week, stay calm. Prioritize and delegate where possible. Avoid taking on any more obligations if you are already feeling overwhelmed. You are a bit of a trouble-shooter now, so listen to your intuition.

Your keynote in romance is practicality. Make sure that new person who lives an hour away is worth the trip! Dating may seem like too much work, but hang in there. If, on the other hand, you’ve been engaged for a while, you could be wedding now. Avoid trying to convince someone who is being stubborn. This week calls for commitment and steady perseverance. Be philosophical about circumstances outside your control. Time will bring changes. FOCUS ON: The ideal despite doubts.

Personal Year 7        DISCOVERIES, REALIZATIONS, INNER DEVELOPMENT. With Universal Two Expect a Slower Pace or Desire for Time-out; Potential for Estrangement with a Relative (Especially Female); Periods of Solitude or Study; Absorbing Interests; Unusual Events

Personal Month 5        A BUSY TIME WITH A FEW BIG SURPRISES. Life gets shaken up and events make you think more deeply; possible breakthrough on a sticky situation; changes in health or living situation; unexpected travel; may lose something through carelessness; traveling on your own

OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Despite the Seven Personal Year's usual message to slow down and review priorities, you may be far too busy for reflection now. There is a good chance you are out of town or traveling. You might be scaling a peak or investigating a mystery. Your mood is open but a bit unsettled. What you want may lie in different directions. You crave something new, but are tethered to present circumstances. Despite restless impulses, try taking a wait-and-see approach and let things develop. Give yourself a break this weekend even for a few hours.

Romantically, you could also be feeling mixed. The other person may have disappeared or closed down. You may decide to drop out for awhile, and lose yourself in fantasy games. Generally, this is not the best week to make long-range plans in the love department. A fling, however, might be just the thing if single. Avoid over-reacting to comments. FOCUS ON: Finding the perfect message right now.

Personal Year 8        A YEAR OF MANY ACHIEVEMENTS. Focus on Investing or Stock Market; With Universal Two, Expect Higher Potential for Marriage or Divorce; Issues with Business Partnerships; Working with Female Boss; May Have Surgery if Needed; Desire for Either Down-sizing or Upgrading

Personal Month 6        SUPER BUSY, BUT VERY PRODUCTIVE. Commitment to saving or increasing wealth; desire to upgrade your living space, but finances may be short; potential for encounters with bureaucracy and regulations; concerned about an older person; travel for a family reunion; both happy and stressful time

FIRMNESS. An old issue could be drawing your thoughts to the past. You are trying to sort out the right way to proceed. You feel an internal pressure to make a decision. If your priorities are straight, this is generally an energizing week that brings out your best qualities. Instead of worrying, accomplish something useful while the Universe comes up with an answer to your question. If working you might be settling disputes with customers or among team members. This week could bring an advance, promotion, or profitable business deal.

You feel gratitude for what is in your life. You may be upgrading your home or office, or helping a relative through a hard time. A romantic partner could be asking for commitment—perhaps in subtle or unspoken ways. You are likely to feel closer to taking the leap. If single and looking, enjoy attending a seminar or outdoor group activity. Religious programs could offer something interesting. Don't put off a family obligation. FOCUS ON: Domestic responsibilities and efficient organization.

Personal Year 9         THE END OF YOUR NINE-YEAR CYCLE. A Transition Time to Re-group, Complete, or Prepare to Move On; With Universal Two, You May Have Changes in a Partnership; Time to Forgive; Elderly Relative May Pass; Possible Time to Retire; Travel, Inheritance, Peacefulness

Personal Month 7        WINDING DOWN. It's time for a break; desire to get away, reflect, simplify, downsize; may be traveling or on Sabbatical; possible moments of sadness, loneliness, or depression; desire for a more meaningful life; letting go emotionally; discovering something hidden

WANDER. If you have been running hard lately, you might find yourself sidelined now. Be careful when walking or driving as your attention span may be a little off. However, emotional insights abound this week. The mastery you have gained over the last several years becomes apparent when an unexpected issue arises. It’s important now to inwardly recognize your level of maturity, understanding, and expertise.

An event could prompt a deeper insight into your partner (if you have one). If married, surprise your spouse with a special treat. Uncertainties about your loved one’s intent may lead to an important discussion. It’s advisable to continue to wait awhile (maybe until September or October) to make big decisions with long-term consequences. If single and looking, enjoy your solitude and freedom this week. If you should be going through a period of sadness, grief, or shock, step back from the stress of your daily routine as much as you can, and find small but healthy ways to nourish yourself this week. A long walk near water has rejuvenating effects. FOCUS ON: Choosing peace.