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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
January 27 through February 2, 2020

The UNIVERSAL YEAR for 2020 is Twenty-Two/Four (2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4).

As one of the visionary master numbers, Twenty-two (the Master Builder)promises global, systematic progress, but is likely to prove challenging.

Each of your nine PERSONAL YEARS (a recurring cycle of development) has specific purposes.

Each PERSONAL YEAR helps facilitate your thinking, motivation, and actions in line with your purpose in life.

Each PERSONAL YEAR presents unique opportunities for learning and growth. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2020:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2020.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2020 =

1 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 20 + = 21 (2 + 1) = 3 is Your Personal Year in 2020

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1           NEW BEGINNINGS. New Nine-year Cycle Starts; New Interests Emerge; New Business or Relationship; Thinking of Self-employment; Change of Lifestyle Through Marriage, Retirement, A Move, or Career Change; Increased Self-confidence

Personal Month 2          WAITING. A period of relative peace and quiet; listen to your intuition; slow down; connect with friends; your instinct now is to delay until you have more clarity on a new step; partnerships require nurturing; you are generally in a cooperative mood

PLEASANT SURPRISE. While your situation may still look the same, a sense of hopefulness emerges as you move toward creative, upbeat Three in February. In these last days of January, you move past a focus on what's not working to what is working. Don't waste time on regrets or trying to control things that are out of your hands.

Refreshing an area of your home gives you a boost. A simple vase of fresh flowers has the power to uplift the spirit. Call a friend or relative you haven't talked to in awhile. Be upbeat and try to leave everyone happier than you found them. Be open to an unexpected invitation or event. FOCUS ON: Listening more than talking could bring a critical insight.

Personal Year 2         MANY RELATIONSHIPS. Stronger Desire for Friendship, Love, and Community; May Get Involved in Art, Design, Computers, Health Care, Analysis; Psychology; Desire for Knowledge, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty; Pace May Be Slow at Times

Personal Month 3         CREATIVITY. Sense of optimism; happiness; busy social life; may be having an affair; young children may be a focus; fun times learning, pursuing artistic interests; may be traveling, writing for media, or involved in sales; problems with gossip.

DECONSTRUCTING. Hey, things fall apart—and often for a good reason (that you don't always see right away). This week you may have some letting go to do—perhaps of the way you have been seeing your situation. Intuition and imagination lead you to the perfect solution or next step. Without stressing out about perfection, just start the ball rolling in any small way. The upcoming Four vibration on Saturday encourages and supports you in making headway on specific goals.

If dating, you have a good feeling this week. However, a plan may fall apart—no worries. Since your Two yearly vibe highlights connection, this week is no exception, but there is a surprise twist to a meeting (or non-meeting). If married, you are starting to think about a plan. Initial worries are a sign of resistance about trying something new. FOCUS ON: Getting more information and making inquiries.

Personal Year 3         SOCIALLY ACTIVE. Creative Juices Flow; Interest in the Arts, Music, Sports, Competitions, Writing; Desire to Just Enjoy Life; May Join A Professional Association; Travel; Changing Jobs or Having More Free Time; Possible Love Affairs, Marriage, Childbirth

Personal Month 4         PRACTICAL DECISION. Need to get organized; planning; comparing costs; new responsibilities; new routine or time-table for goals; improving living situation; tendency to be cautious; may be working on an interesting personal project; bored with career; possible repairs

FLIP-SIDE. This week has a potential to bring new info that gives you another side of a story. If January has brought less than the “fun” year promised by your Three vibe, changes could happen soon as you enter your Five vibe in February. Success in the coming month depends on how well you can keep up with change. Your schedule this week may get busier—or ironically, slower. A phone call or meeting could surprise you. At times you feel confused, but will come out ahead if you stay focused on what you need to accomplish each day (instead of worrying about things that probably won't happen).

If dating, you might enjoy an unexpected energizing conversation. If married, plans for a vacation or child care could hit a snag. Look for your sense of humor about it all, and don't assume things are going to stay the same for very long. FOCUS ON: Fresh thinking.

Personal Year 4          ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Time to Plan and Build; Think Economically; Many Commitments; Marriage Issues; Special Boost from Universal Master Number Twenty-Two; Working to Stabilize; Pay Off Debts; Desire for Home Upgrade

Personal Month 5         CHANGES. Surprise or sudden shift; restless under routine; interest in exploring options; working on a solution to a problem; increased desire for exercise and improving health; sprains due to carelessness; may get into an argument

UP AND DOWN. It's likely that you change your mind a couple of times this week. In this last few days of January, your gut tells you that something new is on the horizon. During the upcoming Six vibration of February, you have a clearer indication of exactly what needs your attention. Something that, perhaps, you didn't want to deal with before suddenly becomes front and center.

If seriously dating someone, you could already be thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, with an urge to pop the question. Remember—this Four year is bringing an urge to build a strong, and meaningful foundation on all levels of finance, emotions, health, and spirit. This week has you assessing some pros and cons. Be open to a new idea that your spouse, mate, or friend presents. Try not to let your busy schedule get wreak havoc with eating and drinking. FOCUS ON: Self-care, breathing, exercise.

Personal Year 5         ACTION-FILLED YEAR. Movement After Inactivity; Adjusting to New Routine; Restless to Travel or Free Yourself from a Restriction; Political Intrigue; Breakup of an Affair; Change of Heart on a Project; Activism; Making Needed Changes; Uncertainty

Personal Month 6         GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER. Difficult decisions; health concerns for self or another; domestic and educational expenses; desire for a better living situation; marriage or break up; neighbor disputes; care of a parent; working two jobs

SHIFTING GEARS. You may be looking forward to your Five year's promise of freedom and change. These last few days of January have you scrambling to focus on details in order to wrap things up. You may feel a little discouraged, but don't over-dramatize. A last-minute decision this week could actually turn out surprisingly well. Otherwise, you may decide to delay a move. You likely already sense a totally different mindset coming with February's Seven reflective-vibe.

If you hear disquieting news, don’t overreact or make snap judgments. If looking for work, an old offer could resurface. If engaged, an argument could have you wondering whether to go ahead. A temporary break could be ahead in February, but it gives you needed breathing room. Be true to yourself right now, despite outside pressures. FOCUS ON: Letting small annoyances roll off your back.

Personal Year 6         SERVICE. Universal Year Twenty-Two Increases Likelihood of Community Activities, Social Work, Marriage, and Domestic Responsibilities; Care Giving; Providing for Others; Boomerang Kids; College Tuition; Health Issues; Saving; Upgrading Home; Happiness

Personal Month 7         QUESTIONS. A period of inquiry or discovery; a chance to step back and reflect; need for rest and rejuvenating activities; may be absent from home; studying, writing, researching; strong intuition; occasionally feeling lonely or discouraged; worried about the future

UNEXPECTED CHANGES. During these last few days of January you may be mulling over ideas, or wondering why certain things have happened lately. Maybe you are contemplating a new move or educational experience. As you move into business-like, realistic February, you tend to have increased clarity. You are gaining confidence about rising to a challenge, or exploring the best way to deal with a problem.

This week an event could give you the sense of being on a new playing field. If looking for work, your chances for success are improving. If married, you may be frequently out of the house with a busy schedule or other commitments. The behavior of others could be troubling or mysterious: FOCUS ON: Quiet observation and first impressions.

Personal Year 7         SPIRITUAL GROWTH. A Year of Discovery, Insight; With Universal Year Twenty-Two, You May Have a Breakthrough or Find the Perfect Answer to a Question; Estranged from a Female Relative or Friend; Solitude; Study; Absorbing Interests; Unusual Events

Personal Month 8         UNCERTAIN BUSINESS PROBLEMS. May need professional advice; unsettling financial or legal discovery; thinking of down-sizing, cutting expenses; medical procedures; delayed promotion; travel disruption; may be closing a business; selling property

EMERGING. This year's Seven vibe ignites an overall, recurring desire to find more meaning and purpose. By the end of this year, you may feel as if you've gone through a spiritual renaissance. However, these last few days of January's demanding Eight vibe has you dealing with many material issues. Mid-week you have moments of philosophical insight as February's Nine vibe approaches. For example, time spent with art, literature, or thought-provoking media (not political gibberish) gives you great feelings for the depth, mystery, and beauty of life.

A job or project may be wrapping up, and last-minute negotiations could be surprising or difficult. If suffering a health problem, you could have a slight worsening before it begins to get better. An expert offers needed clarity. FOCUS ON: Confidence, generosity, and mindful action.

Personal Year 8          FINANCIAL DECISIONS. Universal Twenty-Two Boosts Likelihood of Achievement; Desire for Upgrading Home; Business Travel; Medical Procedures; Unsound Business Practices Increase Potential for Great Financial Loss; Legal Issues and Financial Settlements

Personal Month 9          COMPLETION OF A PROJECT. May need to use tough love with family member; windfall or inheritance; foreign travel; supporting a cause; humanitarian interests or activities; intense feelings at times; desire to get even; adoption procedures; possible bankruptcy or retirement

LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION. Your Eight yearly vibe is likely to highlight a special goal you want to achieve. After this week's completion energy brought by your Nine month, you might have a whole new direction soon. February could be one of your most powerful months all year. Complete details this week, and get your house in order. Clearing the decks frees your mind to see things in a new way. A door may open that you never expected to open. A new challenge brings out the best in you. Your star is high personally and professionally now. Even if you are the type who tends to keep a low profile, your actions are noticed and respected.

If dating, you could meet a very simpatico person in a mundane environment (Line at Target? Supermarket? Walking the dog?). Notice when fear or self-doubt starts to cloud your mind. Shift gears to something positive or positive memory. FOCUS ON: Being open to what is coming.

Personal Year 9           TRANSITION. End of a Nine-year Cycle; Desire to Re-group, Complete, or Move On; Universal Year Twenty-Two May Increase Challenges and Deep Feelings; Time to Forgive and Let Go; Concern for Elders; May Retire; Travel, Inheritance, Peacefulness

Personal Month 1             NEXT STEP. With help of Universal Twenty-Two, you may have the opportunity of a lifetime; could move, change jobs, or launch a project; interesting news; feeling “done” with something or someone; decide to develop an idea; confidence, less worry

DOWN TO THE WIRE. This first month of your end-of-cycle Nine year may have you a little worried about what's ahead. However, this is an important time of personal renewal. Tides flow in and out. There is a season for completing and releasing that which you have outgrown, or that is no longer relevant. You may have been wracking your brain in January to find a new “something”—whether it is a roommate, a new job, a partner, or a greater sense of your life purpose. Don’t think you have to make a grand effort. Things are working out in their own way. The right people and situations will come to you.

If January has had you on the run with a project, you deserve a little slower pace in the next few weeks. Enjoy being in the moment with your personal interests and friends. This week you may make plans to get in better shape or update your look. Don't over-commit with busy work now. FOCUS ON: Friendship, emotional balance, and self-care.