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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
September 27 through October 3, 2021

Each of your nine PERSONAL YEARS (a recurring cycle of development) has specific purposes.

Each PERSONAL YEAR helps facilitate your thinking, motivation, and actions in line with your purpose in life.

Each PERSONAL YEAR presents unique opportunities for learning and growth. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2021:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2021.

For example, if your birthday is October 13th,

Month 1 + 0 + Day 1 + 3 + 2021 =

1 + 4 + 5 = 10 (1 + 0) = 1 Personal Year in 2021

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST (cast for last days of September) below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1          THE BEGINNING OF YOUR NEXT NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Confidence and Desire to Move, Improve Yourself, Change Careers, Become Self-employed; Start Something New; Universal Five in 2021 Boosts Creativity and Sense of Adventure; Leadership, Advancement, Prosperity; Ethical Challenges; Going to a New Level

Personal Month 1         BIG MOVE. With the extra active vibe of 2021/5, potential for a new opportunity increases; obstacles removed; optimism about the future; feeling that something is dawning or going to a new level; gaining a new perspective on a situation; a turning point or shift; feeling decisive, active, self-confident; promotion, achievement, winning

BRIGHT MOMENTS. As your active double One vibe winds up this week with October's slower-pace Two coming in at the weekend, a delay or change of plan could arise. However, delays may give you a chance to talk over options or consult with an expert. Feelings of urgency, tension, or stress could make you unexpectedly irritable or impulsive (“Let's get this over with.”) Despite a feeling that you are a bit scattered at times, this week may very well bring an unexpected gift or reason for optimism.

If you've been looking for a sweetheart, Friday starts a whole new month of lovable Two in a dynamic One year. This could mean the beginning of something wonderful, or at least a new friendship. Work-wise, the emergence of a Two vibe indicates your best approach is cooperation. While September has given you the chance to focus on YOU, you now get the feeling that you may have to slow down or wait for others to get their act together. If frustrated, be friendly, but don't be a doormat for complainers or political ranters. FOCUS ON: Tying up loose ends.

Personal Year 2          AN EXCEPTIONALLY SOCIAL AND REWARDING YEAR. Desire for Partnership or to Get Along with Others; New People, Professional Groups; Desire for Love and Affection; 2021/5 Boosts a Variety of Interests; Collaboration and Adapting to Limitations or Restrictions; Marriage or Divorce; Upgrading, Beautifying, Learning; Cautious about Changes; Long Periods of Stress May Undermine Health; Love of Beauty

Personal Month 2          AMBIVALENCE. Relationship issues or breakdown; need for patience; attempts to please; desire to set limits or boundaries; obsessing about someone or something; many details, but little progress; attracted to something new; issues with women, mother; falling in love, but not sure it's reciprocated; feeling stifled

MAKE IT SO. In these last few days of September you might still be feeling in a lull. As your new creative Three vibe emerges on Friday, look for the sparks of a great idea. These next few days would be a good time to give something new a trial run or to nail down specifics. If feeling torn by two courses of action, ask yourself: “What could possibly be a third option?” Black and white thinking (or feeling stuck between two choices) are common ways that our mind ensures we stay in our “comfort zone” in order to avoid the perils of the unknown. Our ego rationalizes that if we can't decide, we can't go wrong. Try brainstorming with a savvy friend who isn't afraid to speak the truth.

Spontaneity and curiosity help you connect with inspiration this week. Relaxing actually helps us become creative and productive much more easily. This week physical activities are the ticket: walk, run, jump, swim, sing, bicycle, or boogie. Despite concerns, everything is happening as it should. FOCUS ON: Enjoying what life presents.

Personal Year 3         CREATIVE GROWTH. 2021's Universal Five Year Gives a Super Boost for Enjoying Life and Birthing Original Ideas; Activities Involving Writing, Art, Video, Music, Sports, Acting, or Marketing; New Opportunities for Self-employment, Abundance; Public Speaking, Politics, Sales; Periods of Free Time, Travel, Joy, Optimism; Romantic Affairs; Childbirth; May Win an Award; Possible Procrastination, Lack of Focus, or Lost Opportunity

Personal Month 3        ENJOYING LIFE. Very social with the additional 2021/5 vibe; short trips; imagining new goals; concerts, conferences, conventions, street fairs; time for reading, hanging out, learning to dance; juggling appointments; dating someone who has another love interest; desire to spend money on personal items or cosmetic changes; desire to look younger and dress better; may win money; extravagant purchases; concerns about offspring

GENIUS IDEA. Things could get interesting this week under the last few days of your quirky double-Three vibe. Look for motivation to increase or inner resistance to drop away, allowing a heap of things to get done. By the weekend, you'll feel tired in a good way because you know you are making progress. However, don't gloss over details in a mad dash for the exit at 5 pm on Friday.

A tendency to compare yourself to others could bring you down. Don’t rush into online spending or over-indulgence to compensate. Try to find five things for which you are grateful before nodding off to sleep each night. Wake up in time to jot down thoughts from your dreams. FOCUS ON: Recycling, not buying.

Personal Year 4         BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION. Opportunities to Put Plans into Action; A Time for Considering the Future and Learning from the Past; Your Situation Calls for Practical Decisions; Little Desire for Risky Ventures; Urge to Settle Down, Marry, Buy a House, Find a Better Job; 2021's Five Vibration Boosts Positive Solutions for Overcoming Obstacles; Success Through Perseverance

Personal Month 4         REALITY CHECK. Obstacles or delays necessitate a better solution; desire to get organized; may find a lost item; tendency to get locked into a situation that you don't really want to deal with; repairs or replacement; purchases of practical items; feeling stuck under routine; hard work; building; ready to commit

USE PROVEN METHODS. As September's rather ho-hum Four vibe runs its course this week, you have an inkling that things are beginning to shift, even though not all is yet clear. With change-prone Five arriving on Friday, expect some feelings of restlessness or a desire for a new vista. Not so patient this week with pushy, pompous people, you could have a tendency to spout off. Despite possible conflicting pressures, stay focused on one step at a time.

A new relationship might present a surprise. You can roll with it because one part of you wants to get settled, and another is still “looking.” You can shrug your shoulders if it's not right. Despite your to-do list, leave time just to hang out with no agenda this weekend. FOCUS ON: Challenging yourself.

Personal Year 5         MID-CYCLE CORRECTIONS. With the Match to 2021's Universal Five Year, Be Prepared for Many or Significant Unexpected Changes; Required to Adapt to Circumstances; Setbacks Have a Purpose or Silver Lining; Faster Pace; Increased Interest in Physical Fitness or Sex; Uncertainty, Restlessness; Desire for Travel, Adventure, New Knowledge; Potential for Affairs or Break-ups

Personal Month 5        SUPER BUSY. Extreme changes under additional vibe of 2021/5; exciting, new ideas; breakdown or break through; traveling; meeting new people from all walks of life; questioning a course of action; brief flirtations; more stress; vitality following an illness or surgery; desire for freedom from restrictions; arguments, breakup

POWER THROUGH. September's unpredictable double Five vibe has been encouraging change and exploration. As Friday rolls around, you suddenly move into don't-rock-the-boat Six. It's very likely that in the coming days you will be more prone to get caught up in family dramas and domestic issues. Professionally, you may be down to the wire in preparing for a big meeting, presentation, or training session. Hasty communication could lead to misunderstandings. If you have been affected by weather events, you are getting back on track.

Life is likely to be quite full of activities now. An invitation to a fun gathering may come your way. If engaged, it's a week for wedding bells or elopement. If partnered up, a bigger, brighter home beckons. This week you feel very grateful for all those in your life. Call someone who needs to hear from you. FOCUS ON: Time with friends and family.

Personal Year 6         A YEAR OF RESPONSIBILITY, PROGRESS, LOVE, COMFORT, AND SERVICE. Possible Health Issues for You or Family Member; Universal 2021/5 Could Bring Opportunities for Speaking, Teaching, Counseling, or Singing; Desire to Improve Life at Home; New Furniture or New House; Changes in Domestic Relationships

Personal Month 6        COMPROMISES. Domestic issues; duties; elder care; problem-solving; emotional burdens; tiredness; health concerns; scheduling demands; group activities; love, marriage, happiness, birth of child; a child off to college (empty nest); new home; renovation; restricting rules

TRUTH. With September's double Six vibe, it's likely you have been super inundated with work, or have had to think about the needs of others. As your quiet, intuitive Seven vibe starts on Friday, you begin a period when you prefer time to yourself. You naturally draw back a bit from the daily grind, and reflect on deeper issues. Life may slow down. Enjoy time this week to clean out your closet, desk, or mindset. If prone to worry, shift into an attitude of wait-and-see. It's okay not to know every detail right now. You may find yourself reflecting on the deeper purpose of recent events. You may make a surprising discovery. A health issue may require an office visit.

With the coming spacey Seven's other-worldly vibe, you might not be prone to join a gathering with those who have very different interests. If someone is playing hard to get, resist the temptation to make a move. Less is better. Enjoy activities that nourish your soul. If feeling gloomy, notice what you are choosing to focus on. Old patterns of feeling neglected or rejected could be triggered. Try exercise or a heart-to-heart talk with a dear friend to re-balance. FOCUS ON: Not sweating the small stuff.

Personal Year 7          TIME OUT. Possible Sabbatical Year; Time for Inner Development; Research; Desire for a Slower Pace; Disenchanted With Conventional Ideas; Deep Desire for Spiritual Understanding and Peace of Mind; Enjoying Moments of Solitude; Time to Focus, Research, Meditate, Walk, Improve Health Holistically

Personal Month 7         INTUITIVE DECISIONS. Desire for peace and quiet; enjoying moments of solitude; re-thinking what is really important; receiving a diagnosis; healing; time in nature; discovery leading to possible lifestyle changes; reflection; editing a creative project; buying or learning a new technology; waiting

COVER YOUR BASES. As you unconsciously start to gear up for busy, active Eight in October, you may be forced to deal with a situation that you have been ignoring during September's Seven vibe. Professionally, your expertise may attract kudos this week. After September's double dose of slow-down Seven, you can look forward to having more energy and ability to make significant progress in the coming days. Things are moving along exactly as they should. This week could even bring a turning point.

If married, you may be having a bit of tension, or perhaps one of you is absent from home. Finances could be under discussion. Get facts, be realistic. Next week could pinpoint any necessary action you need to take. In general, avoid the temptation to blame, sulk, or hide. If engaged or living together, you could be gearing up for high-price-tag wedding in a special location. If dating, check out attendees at a business function. FOCUS ON: Follow-through

Personal Year 8           PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, FINANCIAL DECISIONS, LEGALITIES. Thriving on Challenges, Hard Work, and Problem-solving; Sense of Satisfaction, Harvest, and Abundance; May Be Building a Business or Working in a Large Organization; Accomplishments in Publishing, Performing, Traveling with 2021/5's Action Orientation; May Decide to Join the Military or Police Forces; Dealing With Criminal Justice or Medical Establishment; Buying, Selling, Investing Require Logic, Good Judgment, and Negotiating Skills

Personal Month 8          SUCCESS OR HARDSHIP. With unpredictable 2021/5 you may make an unexpected move; inner questioning; working too hard to have social life; away from home on business; worry, stress; detection of a crucial problem; power struggles; diagnosis or surgery; questions about long-term financial well-being; craving meditation and quiet times in nature; longing for a high-end vacation; educational interests

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT. With the stress of high-powered double Eight energy all of September, you may be waiting to exhale this week. On Friday big-picture, dramatic, finalizing Nine could bring the resolution you've been looking for. Events could clear the decks. Perhaps you suddenly see or understand what needs to happen next in your life. On the other hand, Nine's brilliant spotlight could bring a sense of regret at not having done something you should have. Mood fluctuations are par for the course as early as this week and certainly during October. You could be winding down or winding up. Look for business opportunities in practical services. Be open, but avoid risk you can ill afford.

Travel in October (or as early as this week) is very likely, but expenses will be high. Elderly relatives could require attention. Cultural and humanitarian activities bring deep satisfaction. Discussions of marriage, money, separation or job transfers could arise. (Your tone could sound a bit like your father's.) FOCUS ON: Accepting the inevitable.

Personal Year 9           END OF A NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Time to Complete Outstanding Projects; Thoughts about the Past and the Future; Thinking about Retirement or Ending a Negative Relationship; With Universal 2021/5's Passionate Aspect, Potential for Sudden Emotional Outbursts or Deep Feelings; Potential for Loss of an Older Relative; Emotional Fluctuations; Strong Potential for Unexpected Good Fortune; Desire for Foreign Travel; Artistic and Educational Activities

Personal Month 9           MIXED FEELINGS. An ending; closure; completing a big project; falling in love; a pivotal discovery; revelation; ability to forgive and move on; situations calling for tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and generosity; a time to accept what you cannot change

ON YOUR MARK. With all the drama and uncertainty of double Nine's winding down this week, you might experience a surprising turn of events that puts you in the driver’s seat. Friday kicks off one of the most fortunate and opportunity-rich vibe of your whole year as you move into new-direction One. Look for a new idea or opportunity to emerge soon. The subject most on your mind this week is commitment. Should I go, or should I stay? A cherished goal may be in sight. Perhaps you decide to let go of an old dream for reasons clear to you. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out your life purpose. With an abundance of good fortune and extra energy, you might accomplish something you thought you could never do.

In general, it's likely that a quiet sense of confidence pervades your week, or helps you seal a deal. If partnered, something new enters the scene. If dating, be bold. Follow through on a promise to yourself. This could be a week you are moved to update your look. FOCUS ON: Using your head, but listening to your heart.