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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
July 6 through July 12, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1             A Year of New Directions and New Opportunities

Personal Month 8          A period of satisfying productivity, tough decisions, good results; may be consulting an expert, buying or selling property; marriage or divorce; high stakes

DYNAMIC. This week could bring the news you have been waiting for. Despite the usual summer activities, your job, financial aspects, or career is in a fine position to move forward. The EIGHT Personal Month brings feelings of confidence or that events favor you. If working, being more assertive brings good results. Need for paying attention; being accurate and punctual. Your words may be recognized or published. No matter what your situation, you are in a powerful phase. If unemployed this is a good time to touch base with a former co-worker who could have info you need. Your magnetic field is very strong now. It’s likely that you will soon get the job you have been waiting for. That love and money issue isn’t going away, is it? Did you figure out yet that it’s not really about the money? It’s about where the power lies. If single and eager to find a partner, it could be time to invest in a dating service. At the very least, invite someone to dinner. You are likely now to meet an older person, or someone who is good with money. Could even be tall and dark. If a co-worker asks for support, be kind but avoid inappropriate personal involvement. AVOID: Letting important matters go untended. FOCUS: Good clear communications. Count to TEN and walk away from angry outbursts.



Personal Year 2              Time to Nurture Relationships and Build Networks; Surprising Support from Friends all Year; Love, Romance; Beauty, Balance, and Brainstorming Inspire You

Personal Month 9             A period that has the feeling of transition or completion; a relationship calls for care and compassion; something is asking to be let go

FINALIZE. If working, July could bring a little bit of stormy weather. For example, you might hear about layoffs in another department, or have to say goodbye to a close colleague. A general reorganization is also possible. On the other hand, these changes may make you secretly rejoice! A chance conversation with a higher-up could prove useful. For job-seekers, this could be a quiet week. Don’t despair; this is a natural waiting period while opportunities are forming around you. A friend or associate may provide a link for something new on your horizon next week. If in a relationship, this week could prove challenging; however, peace will reign again soon. Actually, you both want the same things: love, acceptance, and respect. If this is a strong relationship, you will kiss and make up. If not, start thinking about what life would be like on your own. If single, you might be excited about someone special, but give this person time to reveal his or her true self before making long-range plans. Your heart could feel as if it is wide open this week—so stay centered. Be careful not to become isolated if you have tendencies toward depression. Be compassionate and gentle to yourself and others. AVOID: Ruminating about the past. Look for something new right in front of you. FOCUS: Eliminate one small thing that isn’t working. Baby steps are fine.



Personal Year 3           A Year Bringing Surprises, Periods of Freedom from Routine, Increased Creativity, More Fun, Social Interactions, and Enjoyment of Life

Personal Month 1         Potential for a brilliant idea to emerge; creative projects move forward; social life brings a new friendship; birth; seeing new places; winning a competition; move; vacation

DREAM. Any woes from the past month or so start to evaporate. Your mood picks up. You tend to feel more clear and confident all month, especially this week. It's easier now to create or try new methods. Others notice your efforts and applaud! If working, you could be a smash hit in a sales or technology presentation. If you have a writing project to do, start now! If newly unemployed you may be anxious at first (but secretly thrilled to have some time off.) If job searching, good luck is on your side. You might even get that job you thought was out of your reach! Showing confidence and enthusiasm is a must. If you are in a new love story, you both have stars in your eyes. If married, reconnect over a good talk and intimacy. Pregnancy is very possible if you are trying to start a family. If single, take a dance lesson this week. Get out and about with a younger crowd! Oh, why not? It’s a great life, isn’t? Keep a positive note in all communication. I'll say it again. Start that personal creative project—yes, I mean your book, journal, poem, painting class, or learning to sail. AVOID: Staying in your rut. Strike up conversations with someone new. FOCUS: Humor and thinking positively.

Personal Year 4               A Year for Building Future Prosperity Through Practical Decisions and Sustained Efforts; Property Matters; Possible Health Concerns; Need to Cut-back on Expenses

Personal Month 2             Change in direction; new idea brings opportunity and uncertainty; new health plan or exercise plan; check out options that add to your security; help from friends

THOUGHTFULNESS. CAUTION. The promise of last month may be dimming a bit now, with the quieter TWO vibration of July. While you are feeling glad to have a little bit slower schedule (although still packed with details to finish), you find your mind wandering outside the job. If a wee bit bored, what can you do to lift your spirits? Since this month highlights relationships, you might become closer to friend, family member, or co-worker. Unemployed people tend to feel frustrated right now as things seem to be on hold. Take a break from pounding the Internet pavement this week. Why not get out of town at week’s end, or visit the animal shelter or feed the squirrels? You need to feel useful! If single and lonely, you are likely to notice couples, couples, couples! If married and struggling, it's time to have some fun together (talk later.) Film festivals, art shows, company picnics, community gardens, and photography classes are promising avenues of fun and acquaintance. Be kind and gentle with yourself this week. No rushing around right now. Rest, relaxation, planting a few herbs in a pot give you great joy and rejuvenation. Avoid explanations, excuses, or feeling guilty. Stillness, beauty, long baths, reading, weeding (cleaning out your clothes closet) are antidotes to your mood. AVOID: Mulling over your problems. Lighten up. Spend time with someone who could use a helping hand. FOCUS: Enjoy the moment—listen to the stillness at sunset or birdsong in the morning.

Personal Year 5             A Time to Change a Belief That is Holding You Back; New Job or Living Situation; Unexpected Events; Potential for Breakups, Breakdowns, or Breakthroughs

Personal Month 3           A period of surprises; good fortune; love and romance blossom; three's a crowd; need for mental stimulation, color, and beauty; vacation, travel

COLOR. July promises to be an exceptionally fortunate time. You may get an unexpected opportunity to travel, play, or meet new people now. Your mind is less on practical tasks, and more on how to pack in all the things you want to do. You may be going on vacation. Income could increase effortlessly over the next few weeks, perhaps from something you had forgotten about. Compliments on recent efforts make you feel great! A mild flirtation could be building a fire in the cubicle or condo next door. Job seekers--review the hottest trends in your industry; look through professional journals for ideas. After all this effort, you may decide to take a break from the job search, and enjoy freedom while you can. A friend could casually mention a great idea. Take a scenic bus trip; visit a buddy. A fabulous week for singles if you feel like socializing—you may attend a charity function, a company baseball picnic, or have a one-night stand. Oh, why not? Only you know what you need right now. For some, fertility is high, so be prudent. A good time to watch a funny romantic movies. Take a casual, relaxed, and spontaneous approach in all things. Be creative with an old routine. AVOID: Getting cold feet about that adventure you want to undertake. FOCUS: Fun.

Personal Year 6                  Potential for Family Complications; Marriage or Divorce Events; Activities Involving Groups, Community, Service, and Teaching; Growing and Building

Personal Month 4                A period that takes you back to basics; set a goal and stick to it; great time to exercise, buy a practical item, and learn to cook quick and easy meals; avoid purchasing impulsively; family matters or vehicles may require your attention

INSURE. If you were on vacation last month, you now face a full schedule. Expect some new requirements, regulations, and maybe some late hours. People are depending on you to keep the wheels of commerce turning. You may truly have too much on your plate to be effective, so talk to someone about options. A vacation could be work/play. Job seekers could be offered a position this week or soon. While it may not seem to be what you were looking for, give it a chance. It could turn out to offer a surprising benefit. Revamping your resume could also open a new direction. Togetherness tends to increase, although you might be feeling a bit concerned about the other person's habits. If things are going well, you could decide to get engaged, married, or paint the new apartment together this week. Single? Looking for love takes a little work right now, but you are determined to improve your situation whatever it may be. Stress may have created a slight health problem that will improve in a few days. Do something nice for a family member. AVOID: Becoming stubborn. Be firm, but yielding when you see a win-win. FOCUS: Keep making progress without getting discouraged.

Personal Year 7              Time for a Break; Sabbatical; Find Time for Reflection, Rest, and Rejuvenation; Spiritual Unfolding; Faith, Intuitive Understanding; Technology; Simplicity

Personal Month 5             A busy period; an announcement may shake things up; chance meetings and synchronicities; breakthrough on a sticky situation; changes in health or living situation

IMAGINE. It's very likely now that you are either dealing with change, or wishing to make one. Since this is a “Sabbatical Year,” you may be working less or not at all. For others, a job conflict might have you gritting your teeth and contemplating quitting. Or…you might be shifting gears and having new ideas that are not very clear yet. During this uncertain period, don’t be surprised if people change their minds this week. If job searching attend a social networking function—like a chamber of commerce meeting, or even a retirement or investment seminar. An unexpected meeting with someone could advance your cause. Secure relationships could go through a subtle shift or change. It’s a great time for a mini-vacation. New relationships may appear problematic, but intriguing. Everyone wants both freedom and commitment-- at the same time. That’s love for you--unexpected and uncontrollable. Take a chance, and say what you mean. An old friend could re-surface. AVOID: Making decisions when upset or angry. FOCUS: Take a break from routine. Do something completely different than usual at the weekend—let your libido go for it (do you even remember what libido means?)

Personal Year 8              A Year for Regaining Power; Advancement; Increases Follow Hard Work; Take a Business-like Approach When in Doubt; Career Issues; Possible Promotion; Pre-retirement Planning

Personal Month 6            A period of making necessary financial outlays; full schedule; busy, productive time; may have to deal with agencies; older people bring concerns; travel for a family reunion; could be a stressful time

RESPOND. So many things to do! You are likely to be under a big deadline if working, but also concerned about something on the home front. This is a good month to set priorities, and delegate when possible. You are concerned now about making a good impression. Prepare well for meetings this week. In some cases, you may not be able to take independent action as other people are involved. For example, you may be forming a new team or having a team review. Health insurance issues or company regulations may come up for discussion. Job seekers have a very good chance of being employed soon, as new opportunities are starting to form. A training course may offer big rewards for the future. This period continues to favor marriage, moving in together, or starting a family. If single, work could be taking priority, but part of you is ready to find a compatible person. Review your finances, investments, and insurance. If your dad or mother is good with money, call him or her for advice. A little family bonding now would be very nice. AVOID: Putting off a family obligation or ignoring a financial problem. FOCUS: Do the right thing.



Personal Year 9                A Year to Let Go of the Past; Lay to Rest a Goal that No Longer is Right for You; Clear The Slate; Good Fortune; Emotional Ups and Downs; Travel; Love

Personal Month 7              A period of contemplation, rest; a time to step back for awhile; desire to reflect, refine, re-tool; may bring a Sabbatical or less work; possible sadness, loneliness, or depression; desire for meaning

DEEP. July is an interesting month, as events require some careful analysis. Generally, you can expect some delays or a slower pace. you could be waiting for the other shoe to drop on a personal issue. Listen to your intuition. Good time for reading, researching, and organizing your plans. Delays give you a chance to rethink and re-tool for better results. Job-seekers keep visualizing what you want. Make use of this time to deepen your knowledge about one of your interests, or volunteer yourself in an area you know well. You or someone close may not be willing to share feelings right now. If single, you tend to be content and enjoy your solitude. Time for a solo night at the movies, or researching vacation tours to an exotic place. Maybe you want to visit a psychic to get another opinion on your situation. AVOID: Worrying about what you cannot change. Instead, bring your attention to the moment. FOCUS: Insights coming through dreams, daydreams, intuition, hunches, coincidences. Yes, day dreams have a practical value to get you in touch with your intuition!