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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
January 26 through February 1, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                 New Interests Start to Take Shape; Sense of a Different Direction or New Phase; Desire to Initiate; Self-employment; Reviewing Goals for next 9-Year Cycle

Personal Month 2                People give you good advice; time to listen to your intuition; may feel sluggish for awhile; time to slow down; connect with friends

COOPERATE. Mid-week you may begin to feel a definite upswing in positive energy as you begin to move toward February—which is a creative, upbeat THREE month for you. The focus of this last week in January will be on negotiations, discussions, and meeting new people at work or socially. As you finish out January, remember that patience is the key now—not bold moves. The opportunity for creative solutions to change your life is growing stronger. You are likely to be feeling very differently in a few days—hopefully, more positive, motivated, and energetic. First, however, pay attention to any areas where you need to accept the inevitable. Don't waste time on regrets or trying to control things out of your hands. It's a good idea to refresh an area of your home to create a sense of purpose and clarity. For example, put flowers in your bedroom or on your dining table. DO: Make every phone call or email positive. DON’T: Work so hard that you have no time for a fun event that pops up. KEY: Make time to get together with people; relax and focus on having more fun in your life despite outer challenges or concerns.

Personal Year 2              Deepen Relationships; Meet New People; A Year for Strengthening Associations and Relationships; Love, Romance, Friendship

Personal Month 3            Enjoy small moments; good time for creative projects; desire for leisure activities; happiness

COLLABORATE. If you have been feeling at loose ends, the time is coming to put ideas into practice. Your intuition and imagination leads you to understand exactly what needs to be done. Despite there being no easy answers, you realize that you can begin to make changes in your life that will make you happier. Without stressing, just start the ball rolling in any small way. The upcoming 4 vibration encourages and supports you in making headway on specific goals, especially in the work area. If unemployed, you may make some cash in a temporary or casual job. If looking for a relationship, your dating prospects are looking good this week—as long as you make time for recreational moments. Since you tend to be moving toward a more committed point of view, you may have a serious conversation with someone special. If married, you and your partner are in plan-mode, whether it’s for a short trip in March, a repair to your house (for April?) or increasing your family! DO: Get clear about being on the same page with someone special. DON’T: Let worry keep you from taking a new step this week. KEY: Communicate with key people who can affect your future; send in applications, or update your resume.

Personal Year 3              Improvements; Confidence in Self-expression or Artistic Endeavors; More Free Time; Joy and Love; Breakthroughs; Births

Personal Month 4           Review plans about to be launched; create a time-table for goals; organize and simplify; repairs; visit a doctor, dentist, or schedule a health checkup

STABILIZE. Okay, this is supposed to be your fun year, but somehow January may have been a bit of a bear. Success in the coming month of February depends on how well you can keep up with change and be change your thinking or follow a new direction. Your schedule this week may have gotten busier—or ironically, slower. A phone call or meeting could surprise you. Although some messages seem to be mixed, you can come out ahead if you stay focused on what you need to accomplish each day (instead of worrying about things that probably won't happen.) If feeling restless, finish that project around the house. Research things of interest—gather the facts first. Business or family travel could crop up in the coming week or month, as well as meeting new people from unfamiliar fields. If single, there’s a good chance that you run into someone interesting in an unexpected way. DO: Stay on deadline despite distractions. DON’T: Assume things are going to stay the same for very long. KEY: Quick thinking. A conversation could be better than texting.

Personal Year 4                  A Year Requiring Realitistic Goals; Be Business-like; Plan with a Practical Perspective; Make a Backup Plan

Personal Month 5               Surprises and sudden shifts may occur all month; be flexible when setting out to accomplish a task; be open-minded to advice from knowledgeable people; change around your furniture; move or change jobs

UP AND DOWN. It's likely that you will make or implement a long-term plan this year. One or two ideas may have already come and gone. In this last week of January, you feel in your gut that something new is still on the horizon. During the upcoming SIX vibration of February you have a clearer indication of exactly what needs your attention. Something you didn't want to deal with before suddenly becomes front and center. If single and dating, thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day could bring the urge to pop the question. Remember—your year is pushing you to build a strong foundation. Assess all the pros and cons. For some, it's possible that a family member could fix you up with a date for VD! Changes in the family or a visit could bring interesting news. Children, homes, and pets are likely to need special attention in the next few weeks. DO: Be open to a new idea that your spouse, mate, or friend presents. DON’T: Let your busy schedule get you off your diet. KEY: Take actions that support the best interests of others, but don't martyr yourself, either! Find a win-win.

Personal Year 5             A Year to Make Changes That Attract More Freedom and Prosperity; Going Back to School; Moving Away from your Home Town; Travel; More Than One Job; Commuting

Personal Month 6           Get your house in order wherever things have been drifting; take responsibility for what you say and do; check in with family members or take your parents to lunch; take steps to improve health

EXPEDITE. You may be looking forward to the idea of freedom and change that your FIVE Personal Year suggests. However, January continues to present tasks that absolutely require your attention to detail. Be of good cheer, and avoid needless worry or complaining. A last-minute decision this week could turn out surprisingly well. As you move into February a sense of peace unfolds. You could find yourself thinking about your past and reflecting on your dreams, accomplishments, or recurring patterns. It would be a good idea to calendar some alone time in the coming weeks. Journal writing, quiet meditation, or staring out the window can yield surprising insights. February’s general focus on ANALYSIS, may mean that you’ll be researching ideas at work or for personal pleasure. If you hear disquieting news, don’t overreact or make snap judgments. If looking for work, an old offer could resurface. Love is on your mind, but you may decide to keep your options open for awhile. DO: Be true to yourself right now, despite pressure from others. DON’T: Trust everything someone tells you. KEY: Follow your curiosity. A message received while thinking of something else.

Personal Year 6              A Wonderful Period of Love, Responsibility, and Security; Potential Issues with Family Members; Marriage or Divorce; Desire to Delay Changes

Personal Month 7            Reflecting gives you an answer; need for more rest; if delays occur, trust the flow as purposeful

BREATHTHROUGH. During this last week of January you may be mulling over certain ideas and wondering why things happen the way they do. In a few days, you just might have more clarity with the business-like vibration of EIGHT that February brings. With a clearer sense of direction, you gain confidence. An insight could help you drop an old pattern or eliminate a negative activity. Oddly, you now seem to make unexpected progress where you had felt stuck before. It becomes clear that you have the power to take charge of your life. If employed your work receives recognition, and you may have an increase in responsibility. While this week is still a bit slow, very soon you may find yourself in a new ballgame. If unemployed expect some action toward the end of this week or next. Success depends on coming across in a confident manner, but there’s no need to be overly assertive or pushy. DO: Look for opportunities to quietly do things well—thus increasing your credibility. DON’T: Become overly anxious if unemployed—the next few weeks are definitely in your favor. KEY: Define a tangible goal (even one small thing) and then work to follow through as best you can. You know the difference between slacking off a little and doing everything in your power. Hard work pays off now.

Personal Year 7              Situations Require Reflection and Deeper Understanding; a Period of Inner Growth; Desire for Solitude and Time in Nature

Personal Month 8            Be business-like when thinking about buying or selling; handle financial problems with restraint; investment plans need research

PRUDENCE. In general, by the end of this year you may feel as if you have gone through a spiritual renaissance. This month, however, is focusing on the material side of life. During this last week of January, you may have unexpected financial outlays (dentist bill??) However, rest assured that February will give you the strength and creativity you need to resolve problems. As you move into the NINE vibration of February next week, you may be concerned about news from abroad—or even have a chance to travel. As this cycle completes, news may bring some sadness. If so, you will feel surrounded by love and supportive people. If a job or project ends, the way is paved for something else to emerge. For some, a health problem could appear to worsen before it begins to get better. Listen to your body and consult an expert whose experience you know and trust. DO: Take another look at your values and goals, and set your sites on accomplishing something special this year. DON’T: Hang on to emotional or physical clutter. KEY: Confidence, generosity, and considered action.

Personal Year 8               Renew Efforts; Hard Work Pays Off; Work or Career Advancement; Financial Gains; Buying or Selling Property; Graduation or Certification; Marriage or Divorce

Personal Month 9              Finish a project; organize and prioritize; pay off a debt; say goodbye to old friend; love, romance, travel, and good fortune; possible sadness

CONSOLIDATE. Your EIGHT year brings you a sense of direction even early on. You have a strong feeling that you can achieve some of your most cherished goals, even though more work is required. During January you might have experienced some amazingly good things, and the abundance is not over yet. Make sure that you take care of everyday details during this last week, and get your house in order. February could be one of your most powerful months all year. Clear the decks so your mind is free and alert. No need now to dwell on past regrets. It’s possible a door opens that you never expected to open! Don’t be surprised if sudden changes create opportunities that bring out the best in you. Your star is high personally and professionally now. Even if you are the type who tends to keep a low profile, your actions are noticed and respected. If single and looking, you could meet a very simpatico person in a mundane environment (gas station? Line at the bank? Supermarket? Park?). You could learn a lot from this person, or perhaps he or she can help you in some way. DO: This may sound odd, but be sure to keep well groomed every day. DON’T: Let fear or self-doubt cloud your mind. KEY: Share concerns if depressed.

Personal Year 9                 Review Goals to Make Sure You Still Care about Them; Time to Let Go; A Phase is Coming to an End; Good Fortune; Some Sadness; Emotional Ups and Downs

Personal Month 1              Start of a new cycle for the next nine months; action, moves, changes, decisions; self-promotion

IMPROVEMENT. The idea that you are ending a cycle may seem a little scary to you. However, it's time that you let go of what you have outgrown or that is no longer relevant. You may have been wracking your brain this month to find a new “something”--whether it is a roommate, job, car, or life purpose. Don’t worry, things are working out in their own way. There is no rush with February’s new emphasis on taking the long way home! While the focus has been on you and your needs this month, February brings an emphasis on relationships--of all kinds. For example, you may be spending more time with a helpful co-worker, or even thinking about taking on a partner if self-employed. If January has had you beating the bushes for new opportunities or starting a new venture, you may be feeling a bit tired. Waiting and patience will be necessary during the next few weeks. Why not take some time to catch your breath and enjoy being with friends you didn’t have time for last month? As you feel the tug of letting go of the past during your NINE year this year, you may make a new decision about your appearance—from starting a diet to yoga classes! DO: Be kind and generous this week to yourself and others. DON’T: Over-commit yourself to the point of exhaustion. KEY: Friendship, networking, developing connections, and upgrades.