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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
March 25 through March 31, 2019

The Universal vibration for 2019 is Three (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 (1 + 2) = 3)creative and fortunate! No matter what number your own Personal Year is, expect improvements in your financial situation, health, and relationships this year.

Each of us goes through nine-year cycles, sequentially from one through nine. After each Nine Personal Year, we start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Note: If your personal year happens to be Three in 2019, the Universal Year Three energy amplifies your own creative energy.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2019:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2019.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2019 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 20 (2 + 0) = 2 is Your Personal Year in 2019

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1           THE BEGINNING OF YOUR NEXT NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Desire to Branch Out, Improve Yourself, and Use Your Talents; More Confidence; Good Time to Move, Start Something New, or Change Careers; 2019 Boosts your One's Creative Output and Sense of Adventure; Repeated Opportunities for Leadership, Advancement, and Prosperity; May Encounter Challenges of an Ethical or Moral Nature or Loss Due to Lack of Follow-through

Personal Month 4          REALITY CHECK. Requires attention to details, schedules, and true priorities; may have to replace an item instead of repairing; contracts may be signed; delays or obstructions gives time to find a better approach; health may require doctor visit; travel for business

ATTENTION TO SUBTEXT. This week tends to bring a reality check, upgrades, or repairs. You may decide to pay more attention to habits—spending, eating, or grumpiness. New info spurs you to come up with Plan B. A delay could bring a sense of relief, giving you time to sort the real issues. Scheduling an appointment helps you feel a better sense of taking charge.

Despite occasional worries, you are generally moving in a good direction. DO: Be realistic about prospects. Outcomes tend to be better than expected. DON’T: Forget the most important thing of all this week (your intuition will tell you what it is). FOCUS ON: Staying calm and open to outcome. What you need could arrive in a different package.

Personal Year 2          AN EXCEPTIONALLY SOCIAL AND REWARDING YEAR. Great Time for Meeting New People, Joining Professional Groups; Desire for Love and Affection; 2019 Boosts Desire for Camaraderie and Creative Activities; Situations Often Require Collaboration and Co-operating With Others; May Marry (or Divorce); Time for Upgrading, Beautifying, Learning; May be Cautious about Making a Big Change; Long Periods of Stress May Undermine Health

Personal Month 5         UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES. Feelings of restlessness; desire for change or upgrades; changes in relationships or understanding someone in a different way; many irons in the fire; feeling scattered at times but generally optimistic; weight gain may trigger a desire to get more exercise

MAKE THE BEST OF IT. You may feel change is coming, but are clueless as to which direction will be best. Maybe each option as its own merits. Let go of expectations and just see what comes now. Assume the Universe has your back. Tension could arise with a colleague or partner. Postpone changes until you have a better handle on what you want.

A relationship could hit a snag; try not to over react. You might see the same traits in yourself as in the person who is getting on your nerves. DO: Accept that “it is what it is.” No need to fan the flames of outrage. DON’T: Be overly cautious when your intuition says GO! FOCUS ON: A sense of adventure to lead you into interesting situations.

Personal Year 3         CREATIVE GROWTH. 2019's Universal Three Year Gives a Super Boost for Enjoying Life and Birthing Original Ideas; Activities Involving Writing, Art, Video, Music, Sports, Acting, or Marketing Your Talents; Finding New Opportunities for Self-employment, and Abundance; Involved in Public Speaking, Politics, or Sales; Periods of Free Time, Travel, Joy, and Optimism; May Fall in Love, Marry, or Have a Child; May Win an Award; Possible Procrastination, Lack of Focus, or Lost Opportunity

Personal Month 6         TAKE CHARGE. Opportunities to excel, respond, and commit; pay attention to what the world is trying tell you; strong potential for marriage, childbirth, buying a house; time of moving up the ladder socially or economically; feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, optimism, and quiet pride; possible family changes or having to care for someone

STAY FOCUSED. No matter your circumstances, this week enables you to better see the things that matter most to you. This is a good time to start a daily practice of gratitude. If your schedule makes you less available at home, let your family know how much you appreciate their support. You could be mentoring, training, or caring for a family member. A younger person could be a little rebellious this week, so be patient.

A home upgrade may seem desirable, but too expensive. This Six vibe encourages settling down, starting a family, going back to school, or taking out a business loan. DO: The responsible thing, even though you want to look the other way. DON’T: Overeat or splurge spend out of boredom. FOCUS ON: Accepting good advice from someone you respect.

Personal Year 4          BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION. This Year Offers Opportunities to Put Plans into Action; A Time for Considering the Future and Learning from the Past; Your Situation Calls for Practical Decisions; Little Desire for Risky Ventures; Increased Desire to Settle Down, Marry, Buy a House, Find a Better Job; 2019's Creative Three Vibration Boosts Positive Solutions for Overcoming Obstacles; Increased Success Through Perseverance

Personal Month 7          FOCUSED EFFORT. Searching for information to support a plan; technological issues; discoveries or realization about something you have suspected; moments of loneliness or feeling misunderstood; minor ailments from working too hard; medical tests or diagnosis; feeling a bit dislocated from the familiar; stress around money

PROCEED WITH CARE. Your Four year's practical intention is always urging you to apply yourself to issues before they get beyond control. This week your skeptical Seven might alert you to a previously undiscovered glitch or false promise. No need to be paranoid, but do ask good questions when necessary. This week could bring a standstill or time pressures. You might have to perform a task you don't feel is quite your forte. If unemployed, take another look at updating your resume.

Generally, this tends to be a slow week, and you feel more reflective. No need to push yourself to make a grand gesture. A relationship could be a little out of sorts, or one of you could be out of town. DO: Stay catch up on your reading, exercise, or minor household repairs. DON’T: Let the news ruin your day. FOCUS ON: Remembering what gives your life meaning and joy.

Personal Year 5          MID-CYCLE CORRECTIONS. This Year Typically Brings Unexpected Changes Requiring Flexibility and Creativity; Setbacks Have a Purpose or Silver Lining; Faster Pace; Increased Interest in Physical Fitness or Sex; Periods of Restlessness; 2019's Energizing and Freedom-loving Three Energy Increases Desire for Travel, Adventure, New Knowledge; Possible Affairs or Break-ups

Personal Month 8          CAREER AND FINANCIAL DECISIONS. Buying or selling items; hasty actions could result in expensive consequences; desire to do what it takes to move up the ladder; interviews or applications; travel for business or training; moving to a more expensive apartment; need to appear sharp and efficient

SEAL THE DEAL. This week initiates a strong can-do feeling under Eight's active vibe. You may have a repeat encounter with someone you've been dealing with lately. You may get wind of some changes coming to your work or home routine. If job-hunting, you might follow up on a good lead or opening. DO: Focus on top priorities and let non-essentials go for now.

Relationships tend to involve financial adjustments. The time might bring an engagement or breakup. If heading to the wedding, get ready to sign the caterer or honeymoon package. DON’T: Rush. Understand everything you sign. FOCUS ON: Being the CEO of your own life.

Personal Year 6          A YEAR OF RESPONSIBILITY, PROGRESS, LOVE, COMFORT, AND SERVICE. Possible Health Issues for You or Family Member; The Expressive Three Energy of 2019 Enhances Opportunities for Speaking, Teaching, Counseling, or Singing; Desire to Improve Life at Home; New Furniture or New House

Personal Month 9         DEEP REFLECTION. Possible strong feelings or reactions to events; more awareness of loss and gain; end of a phase; increased effort to complete a project; something comes to an end; return of something lost; potential for big changes, long-distance travel to visit relatives; concern for an older relative or friend; desire to contribute or volunteer

SELFLESSNESS. During this transitional period, your thoughts are often on the past, on your dreams, or on how you might serve the world. An old pain or regret might dissolve this week. You have periods when you allow yourself to enjoy the basic joys of each day. If you have been thinking of de-cluttering this is a good week to start. You'll feel lighter and freer.

A Nine month in a Six year, can often indicate a time of caring for others. You may get in touch with an older relative. A business trip may yield a large opportunity. If married, you could be facing some emotional moments. You could be adopting, saying goodbye, remodeling, or moving. DO: Be supportive of someone struggling. DON’T: Over-analyze, but do look for the purpose beneath what is or has happened. FOCUS ON: Tying up loose ends.

Personal Year 7         INWARD TURNING. Less Desire for Striving, Status-seeking, Public Life; Desire to Get Away from it All; Questions of Your True Purpose in Life; May Be Researching or Studying; Desire for Simplicity or Slower Pace; Opportunity for a Sabbatical; May be Recovering from an Emotional Loss, or Feeling Lonely; Return to Faith; With 2019's Boost to Self-expression, A Creative Project Brings Deep Satisfaction

Personal Month 1         A NEW INTEREST OR DIRECTION. A move for health reasons; desire for time to oneself; may start a project, write a proposal, or take a class; increased desire to take action on a cherished goal; feelings of confidence and courage to try something new or challenging

CHANGE OF PLAN. This Seven Year brings thoughts of mortality. Suddenly you can't believe how old you are! Where did the time go? What have I to show for it? In the middle of the go-for-it One month, you might be re-thinking a recent decision. It may be best to take things slow this week and test the waters in new territory. Your path is winding now, not linear. Trust your intuitive voice. Editing old work brings great results.

By the end of the week, you may be in a very different frame of mind. Even if not seeing the results you want, keep a positive attitude. DO: Eliminate the word “hopefully.” As a statement of intention, it’s too wish-washy to produce results. DON’T: Let nay-sayers kill the spirit growing within you. FOCUS ON: Commitment to that which is truly important to you.

Personal Year 8         PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, FINANCIAL DECISIONS, LEGALITIES. Many Challenges, Hard Work, and Problem-solving; Sense of Satisfaction, Harvest, and Abundance; May Be Building a Business or Working in a Large Organization; Professional Accomplishments such as Publishing, Performing, Traveling are Enhanced with 2019's Lucky Three Synchronicity; May Decide to Join the Military or Police Forces; Possibility for Dealing With Criminal Justice or Medical Establishment; Buying, Selling, Investing Require Logic, Good Judgment, and Negotiating Skills

Personal Month 2          SERIOUS THOUGHTS. Career or relationships may need the help of a professional; might be considering marriage or moving in together; may be taking a break from a partner; need to renegotiate something; diplomacy is required around a complicated issue; run-ins with the law; compliance and patience are required; a tendency to analyze everything; desire to cut back on expenses; may hire or fire household help; concern for a daughter, sister, girl friend, or mother

HOLDING ON. During this last week of your slightly frustrating Two month in a demanding Eight year, you could be feeling bored, tired, or fed up with your present situation. You could be recuperating after a minor illness. If you have difficult family members, you may decide to be very firm. In general, try to get it all done, but realize you'll never get it all done!

A good heart-to-heart talk with a friend or mate is very nourishing, and helps you gain strength for what's ahead. If you entertain friends or higher-ups this weekend, keep it simple. You don't have to impress everyone. DO: Take care of basics, such as paying bills and making appointments. DON’T: Push yourself. FOCUS ON: Boosting endorphins with your favorite exercise.

Personal Year 9         END OF A NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Time to Complete Outstanding Projects; Thoughts about the Past and the Future; Thinking about Retirement or Ending a Negative Relationship; 2019's Flirtatious Three Energy Boosts Possibility of a Sudden Romantic Involvement; Potential for Loss of an Older Relative; Emotional Fluctuations; Strong Potential for Unexpected Good Fortune; Desire for Foreign Travel; Artistic and Educational Activities

Personal Month 3          EXCITING IDEA. Optimism about the future despite a complicated situation. unexpected help from friends; desire to express your creativity; good time for working with children or expanding the family; desire to get away and have fun; may have three important choices in a matter; potential to win something; may be on vacation or taking a break from work and routine; joy

GROWTH. While your creative (and fickle) Three monthly vibe may have inspired a new idea, you could have lacked follow through. If so, make up for lost time if possible. Don't miss a deadline, but also make sure you enjoy your favorite things this week. During this philosophical year, there will be times when you reflect deeply on your status and “progress” in life. This week could bring a bit of a wake up call.

Relationships improve greatly when you lighten up and enjoy people for who they are, not for who you would wish them to be. You could even feel as if you are falling in love again. DO: Give yourself a treat. DON’T: Dwell on issues that you can do nothing about. FOCUS ON: Anything is possible.