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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
April 20 through April 26, 2015

A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1               Be Receptive to New Directions: Establish Goals for next 9-Year Cycle

Personal Month 5             Follow your curiosity; unexpected changes may change everything; if under stress find moments to exercise

INVIGORATION. Look for good luck in the days to come—little surprises that kick your energy up a notch or two. You are likely to have a little more free time now—or between assignments. Those who are self-employed might find a good avenue for connecting with your market. Maybe a cross-promotion? Nine-to-five-ers tend to feel restless. Be careful not to speak hastily if you want to retain your job! Job-seekers may be surprised by an unexpected good contact this week. Courage, confidence, and clarity will pour out naturally! If worried about something, it's very likely that things will turn out better than you expect. If single, you could be weighing the value of freedom vs. companionship. For now, it's a good bet you like your freedom! If married, change your routine with a spontaneous night out or weekend drive. Freshen up your living area—you may have visitors soon. AVOID: Actions that would indicate you are running away from a problem. Instead put efforts into what you really want. Express yourself without explaining and justifying. FOCUS: Keep clear boundaries between your self and others’ demands this week. Don’t just cave in.

Personal Year 2             Expand your Social World; Deepen Relationships; Develop Patience or Learn a Craft

Personal Month 6           Focus on improving/enjoying your life close to home; family members may be very demanding; health could suffer if stress is extremely high

BREATHE. While you seem to be the person everyone goes to for advice, support, or a helping hand, you may find a little reward at the end of the week. This week brings an unexpected boost of energy just when you need it. A little social life could reestablish a very nourishing contact. For some, patience is still required as you try to sort out your options. If life seems a bit challenging right now, remember, “This too shall pass”. In fact, delays could actually give you time to come up with a better approach or offer. If single, you may prefer to read romance novels rather than risk your heart again. The tendency to stay in your homey nest (or rut?) is strong. However, for many, this is the magic time for weddings, engagements, and births. Personally, you may be feeling overtired or sluggish. Take it easy; give yourself a break. Read a spiritual book or take a walk with a friend. It's important to be patient and kind to yourself. By the end of the month, you’ll find that your intuition is right on about something. Weed out your closet to clear your mind. AVOID: Allowing events to push you toward depression or discouragement. Instead ask yourself: What am I most grateful for now? FOCUS: On redefining what you really want. Read, research, walk, and breathe.

Personal Year 3               Learning to Stay Optimistic; Kick up Your Heels; Imagine and Dream

Personal Month 7             Reflect on what is truly important-- to you; dig deeper; take time off

REVIEW AND SIMPLIFY. The first couple of weeks of April may have had you down with a slight illness or just a big of sluggishness. This week, you will feel better. Interestingly, a chance remark tends to make you feel more pleased or hopeful. If unemployed get ready for serious interviews or offers in the next week or so. Business tends to pick up soon. If stuck on what to do, perhaps some research on the Internet could provide an answer. If married and feeling a little out of touch with your partner, make time for one-on-one romance or real communication—preferably on a walk or quiet meal or picnic. If single, someone at work may give you a look or makes a remark that leaves you wondering. In thinking about the past, you may have the urge to contact someone. You could discover something you had not seen before. A good time for writing in your diary or journal. AVOID: Telling someone the brutal truth; be kind and generous—but stay firm as to what works for you. FOCUS: Listen to your intuition; notice what you’ve been thinking about this week. There is a message or possible opportunity present.


Personal Year 4               Planning and Practical Decisions Are Required; Outcomes are Positive

Personal Month 8             Use logic now; review your finances; pay a debt; be practical

PROCEED WITH CARE. Even if not working in the world of high finance and competition, your mind is busy planning or re-working an idea. If employed, you catch a tailwind on the most crucial part of a project. Things could be going better than you had anticipated. No matter your situation, week's end brings a sense of relief. Conflicts dissolve so you feel less regret or pressure. If unemployed, use this week to complete personal goals. Clear clutter. Move on issues which affect health or finances. With your rather serious frame of mind now, a romantic relationship could require that you take charge or solve a problem. If stressed over your to-do list, make a mental note to schedule a few minutes of down time soon. Ask yourself: What do I need right now? A remark or insight makes you feel very grateful for what you have. AVOID: Speaking in a way that you may regret later. FOCUS: On accomplishing errands and duties, because by week’s end, you’ll want to do something more fun, like a bike ride, visit to a garden center, or looking at new cars.

Personal Year 5             A Year to Make Adjustments and Handle Changes

Personal Month 9           Make a clean break; talk to an older person for guidance; let go of an old argument; emotional ups and downs are possible, but bring clarity with reflection

RE-CALIBRATE. This week could bring some very mixed feelings—exhilaration on one hand and discouragement on the other. At this period in your life, things are changing or need to change, which brings uncertainty and also excitement. It almost seems like anything is possible and the sky is the limit. Part of you just wants to chuck everything and start over in Ecuador or Paris! Ideas and plans crowd your mind, especially on a walk, workout, or commute. Stay grounded in reality, and take time to finish outstanding projects wherever possible. Once a day, close your eyes, and see yourself in a happy place—send mental energy into the picture and mentally repeat, It is done, three times. Resources and experience expands now. Money could come in in a surprising way this week or month. A feeling of love and gratitude for friends, children, and pets is very likely. Make decisions based on whatever as the best chance of increasing your feeling of power, optimism, and curiosity. Practice being generous, loving, and forgiving. Start noticing how your life shifts and your mood improves. AVOID: Overeating or drinking too much in an attempt to reward yourself. FOCUS: On listening to your intuition before acting or re-acting. Don’t assume that you have to try to control everyone or everything. Just let things unfold for awhile.

Personal Year 6           Handle Responsibilities; Commit to Something You Love

Personal Month 1          Possible change in location or point of view; decision involving family; desire for personal time

EXPECT GOOD THINGS. You feel as if something is just about to change, but you are not sure what that will be. Even if this has been a slow start to your dynamic 1 Personal Month, this week brings a hint of change and optimism. If you have been working hard at your job to demonstrate dedication and creativity—and it’s very likely to pay off now. Mental and emotional pressures begin to ease off by the weekend. You may have to make decisions about your job or career. Seriously consider what you really want. Integrity and honesty are keys to a better situation—but could put you on the hot spot unless expressed diplomatically. The changes you would like to see happen in your love life could be in your thoughts now, whether you are single, married, or going steady. Take time to compliment someone with a specific example of what you like about them. If single spend a fun time with a good friend and discuss your life goals. An excellent week for moving in together, engagements, weddings, or births. Friendship-wise, take time to contact someone you care about—or have a Facebook meet-up! AVOID: Procrastinating on a personal goal. Also, downplay tendencies to be self-deprecating. Focus on what you like best about yourself and take time to express gratitude. FOCUS: Complete tasks during this busy time to avoid future regrets.

Personal Year 7             Time for Inner Development; Research; Slower Pace; Changes in Goals

Personal Month 2           Slow down a bit; less time with devices; listen to intuition; enjoy moments of quiet and beauty; may be apart from a loved one or concerned about someone's health

ACCEPTANCE. This week you might have some misunderstandings unless you take time to communicate clearly and in a timely manner. Don't rush into agreements without reading the fine print. If disagreements with co-workers arise, try to see their point of view. Let them know you are listening. If money or work has been slow to come in, look for good changes in the next few days. This week you benefit from focusing on one thing at a time. Small steps create a sense of well-being. Friendships or romantic relationships could need sorting out with some simple, heartfelt communication this week. If married, give in where you can. If single, it’s time to look for something fun for the weekend. This is a good weekend to meet someone new or renew an old friendship! If you have been getting a little scruffy around the edges lately, take time to improve your look with a new haircut, accessory, or item of clothing. Avoid going into vegetation mode, overeating, forgetting to take out the garbage, and ignoring something to do with travel (the oil in your car? Your commute pass?) FOCUS: On each day. Don’t look too far ahead.

Personal Year 8              A Time For Dedication, Application; Reach for Goals; Recognize your Strengths; Upgrade your Situation

Personal Month 3            Time for enjoying free time, pleasurable activities; possible surprise advancements and increased income; abundance and potential feeling of luxury or purchasing expensive item

ENTHUSIASM. Distractions could be fun, and may or may not help you reach a goal. This is a very restless time and while you could have some fortunate events, over-optimism must be avoided. Your job may bring an opportunity for a short trip—but be careful of being talked into a supposedly free cruise or time-share presentation! Associates may be talking about changes in the workplace, so keep your eyes and ears open to see how the wind blows. Whether you are working or not, you have a feeling of anticipation which is quite stimulating. You might be surprised by an increase in finances or a small win of some kind. Layoffs could open the door to a better situation. Next month's practical influence will insure that you’ll have everything you need. Since your charisma is high now, a casual flirtation may begin or end. Don’t take it too seriously just yet. Spring fever may be magnetizing you into the mall to update your look or buy potted plants (or baby clothes??) The more spontaneous you can be the happier you’ll be by the weekend. AVOID: Dwelling on unnecessary worry or gossip. FOCUS: On the humor in your situation.

Personal Year 9              Year Ending a Nine-Year Cycle; Big Change

Personal Month 4            Make progress on your goals; stay organized; notice how you could become more efficient; finish off one debt

LIGHTNESS. Practical matters are still on your mind as the month progresses. You keep wanting to implement some part of a new idea or plan, but may feel restricted—especially by finances (or lack of motivation.) Despite a feeling of lock-down in some areas of your life, you instinctively sense a fresh wind blowing. If working, you could be getting ready to clean out your desk and move on, or transfer to a new division. You’ll have the answer you’ve been waiting for in the next few days. It's possible that you haven’t had much time to spend with loved ones this week as financial pressures have kept you busy. If a friendship seems strained, make the first move, but ask don't tell. If you and your partner have been on the outs, try to see the other person's point of view. A relationship may require careful handling through the next month. Your question is: What do I really want? If something new is beginning, what’s ending? Because things may not be exactly as you want them to be, you could feel you should have gotten more accomplished by now. If so, make a list of your major accomplishments over the last nine years. Next, write down three things you want to attract into your life. AVOID: Making long-term commitments just yet. FOCUS: Be practical.