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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
October 12 through October 18, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                   Potential for Navigating New Waters, Finding a New Shore; Beginning of a new Nine-year Cycle or Phase; Urge to Try New Things; Opportunity

Personal Month 2                 Time to flow downstream; enjoy friendships and feather your nest; potential for important relationships; desire for balance

DREAMING. Changes in the season may bring a touch of physical lassitude or weariness that affects your ability to fully focus on tasks (especially ones you don't want to do!) You may find yourself forgetting things, or going back over your purse, pockets, desk, or the trunk of your car looking for an item. A project that you would like to see go forward could be temporarily stalled. Despite minor glitches, your desire to connect with people is especially strong. Be aware of how absorbed you have become in your social media connections. Be aware of any tendencies to placate or give in to people that are draining you. When possible keep your schedule a little more light and delay making firm commitments. Job seekers may encounter a lull. Don't fall into self-criticism about not being good enough or focused enough. Your ONE Personal Year is helping you to make advances, but this week may not be the time to force anything. Because of your TWO vibration which rules intuition, a woman may be helpful in your job search this week. You could have fun working with your spouse or partner on a collaborative project.--having a nightly mini-film festival with your favorite stars, gardening, organizing the garage, or repainting the living room. If your partner balks at accompanying you to a social function, don’t take it personally. However, if he or she does go with you, both of you could wind up having a good time. Potential for pregnancy is increased for seeking to start a family. If single and dating, you may be enjoying someone’s company more than you realize. In general, be extra patient with yourself and others. When delays appear, make use of the time for yourself. FOCUS: Be diplomatic; everything in moderation.

Personal Year 2                      A Year When Connections and Associations are Growing and Helping You Succeed; Issues Require Patience and Optimism; Love and Partnership are Highlighted

Personal Month 3                     A month when you have reasons to feel happier; busier schedule; informal get-togethers; friendships bring news and/or joy; urge for a creative outlet; vacation

GOOD FORTUNE. This week could bring a nice surprise. You find yourself willing to be a bit more spontaneous. Last-minute changes could alter your usual routine. Something new could enter your home or workplace. For some, this THREE vibration could bring more free time or even a lay-off if conditions are already unstable where you work. However, changes usually bring a pleasant surprise. Your financial condition tends to be on the upswing. You might have a little extra income through friends, new contacts, or creative projects. Casual conversations could stimulate new directions. Business could move forward unexpectedly at a social function—dinner, lunch, or a sports event. If seeking work send out lots and lots of resumes—do something to make yourself stand out from the crowd (in a professional way!) Write a thrilling description of your ideal position. Visualize yourself in the situation. If looking for romance this tends to be an excellent month for falling in love, getting pregnant, or going on vacation with your lover. THREE wants you to enjoy life—it suddenly seems very short, doesn’t it? If a friend is having a hard time, be supportive. You may even enjoy helping someone move; however, avoid getting over-tired (or drinking too much—since THREE does love to party.) FOCUS: Looking for the positive; travel; making new plans.

Personal Year 3                  A Year for Personal Growth, Artistic Express, Lifestyle Improvements; Time to be More Spontaneous, Active, Healthy, and Explore New Things; Social Life and Romance Highlighted

Personal Month 4                A time for planning and practical decisions; desire to get fit physically and financially; beginning to see good results; birth of a project

THINK ABOUT IT: While at times your THREE Personal Year may have seemed to be a bit of a wild ride, this month requires you to deal with reality—especially anything you have been putting off. For some, a weather change this week could make your mood a little dark. You may have to rearrange travel plans for practical reasons, but in the long run it works out better than you had thought. Events require being business-like now. A new project may pile on more work, so don’t promise a too-tight deadline. Delegate a task that really isn't your thing. If searching for a job, keep putting one foot in front of the other. There may be obstacles that force you to rethink or regroup, but you wind up being much better off down the road. Redo your resume. You might be offered something temporary that delightfully pays the bills. For those in relationship, conflicting goals could become apparent when discussing children, money, property, or health measures. However, you aren’t likely to break up over whatever it is that’s bothering you both. If single and looking, get more focused in your search for friendship first, and let love takes its course. In general, due to THREE'S urge to live in the moment, it’s best to avoid too many impulsive purchases for awhile. You may even decide to cut back on binging on your favorite substance. FOCUS: Practicality. How could you make your schedule tomorrow easier or simpler? How about pancakes and bacon for dinner?

Personal Year 4                         A Year to Get More Focused on Achieving a Goal; Tendency to Make Practical Decisions; Looking Ahead to the Future and What You Want; Building, Repair, Health Concerns

Personal Month 5                       A month when potentially unstable conditions or conflicting goals require flexibility; surprises, arguments, uncertainty, busy schedule, desire to be free of a condition

RUSHING. Your FOUR Personal Year so far has probably encouraged you to take a conservative or cautious approach to life. However, this first week of October could have your rethinking everything. Market forces or a new idea could be pulling your life or your career in a new direction. Stay in the present and be prepared to jump quickly and multi-task. Whatever is happening, the pace seems faster. For some, business-related travel is highly likely. If so, travel light, but don't forget your briefcase. Back up your data, just in case. A new project may seem speculative, but worth pursuing if key factors are nailed down. If the facts are sound, it will happen when the time is right. Job seekers may be surprised at at meeting (or hearing about) someone they know through a job interview. Be ready to travel or change directions. Couples may be too busy to do much but blow kisses in passing. A difference of opinion or demanding financial problem could stir up old issues. Don't make decisions in the heat of the moment. If single and looking, it’s time for social life, and no excuses. An unexpected invitation is fun. Don’t have unprotected sex! In general, despite your need to focus carefully now, it’s also important to take breaks during the day. Enjoy any little surprises that come your way. FOCUS: Change, action, risk, and new directions.

Personal Year 5                  A Year to Explore (or Act on) New Directions; Events Could be Game-Changers This Year; Bold Moves; Desire for Freedom, Action, Better Health

Personal Month 6                Likely increase in things to do; may be advising, teaching, or caring for friends and family; feelings of pressure about outstanding obligations; desire to refresh living situation or change schedule in home life; health changes

INVENTIVENESS. Your dynamic FIVE Personal Year is likely to be throwing possibilities your way. However much as you'd like to take off for Tahiti or Tibet, your current situation probably keeps you thinking about a mortgage, college expenses, or health issues. Some area of your immediate situation could bring worries about money or how to juggle personal desire with outside demands. If working, this week or month could bring extra duties or more contact with customers. You may have to fill in for a co-worker. While the Fall weather may stimulate dreams of a new situation, your innate caution (or family responsibilities) makes it more likely that you opt for maintaining the status quo. With the influence of your more cautious SIX vibration, you may tend to feel more conservative or re-think a recent decision. Job seekers may find part-time work like catering or tending bar or even driving a golf cart! Short term jobs could be fun and unexpectedly profitable. You may decide to sign up for a night class. With the loving, committed SIX vibration, an engagement or wedding might be in order for you or a friend. You could be feeling that it's time to pay a visit to your relatives—or introduce that person you’ve been dating to your parents—or meet theirs. If your FIVE Personal Year has brought uncertainty, security is becoming more appealing. On the other hand, if you have been stuck but restless, you may continue to delay a decision this month. If single and looking, it’s time to get serious if you really want that companion in your life. What is the first step toward that goal? If you have been feeling a bit run-down, perhaps it’s time for a physical checkup. When visiting a relative, take something special to share. There may even be a synchronicity or coincidence in what you decide to bring. Avoid giving advice unless someone asks for it. FOCUS: Changes in marriage, home, or family.

Personal Year 6                      A Year of Many Rewards; Commitments, and Responsibility; Potential for Issues Regarding Marriage, Divorce, Childbirth, Retirement, or Parental Obligations; Domestic Focus

Personal Month 7                    Deep urge to stop and smell the roses; desire for more rest, simpler lifestyle, de-cluttering; drawn to read, write, research; may have a family secret emerge; learning a new household skill; sharing expertise with others

EASE UP. Last month's busy chaos may be slowly settling down. You may even have a little more free time, or just fewer people knocking on your door. Some may even be feeling a bit bored at the moment. Solitude gets you thinking ab out what else you could be doing (like going home early from work, puttering in your garage, garden, or at your hobby table. You desperately want to read all those books next to your bed or on your tablet. On the other hand, some may encounter a time out from work due to a temporary physical impairment or job change. Job seekers should listen to their intuition very carefully. To get moving toward a goal, spend 33 seconds a day visualizing yourself in a scene enjoying the desired goal. If confused about options, sit down and outline a brief “business plan” on paper or your computer. Write out the questions on your mind, such as, “If I were to take a class next month (for example, in adult education or community college), which one would be the most interesting to me?” “If I start the business with my sister, what is the first step? or “What specific things need to happen before I paint the bedroom?” Making your questions specific, helps you find ways to get better information, which often helps you feel more in control—and positive—and productive. If you have a partner, this quiet SEVEN vibration may account for feeling distant or out of touch with your loved one, especially if one of you is out of town on business or attending to a relative. This week is a great time to allow things to unfold without forcing a confrontation. When the moment arrives, speak from the heart. If single, you like it that way—at least for this month. You may put off an engagement while you think things over. If you haven’t had one this year, schedule your annual physical check-up. Since SEVEN enjoys beauty, simplicity, and order, you may find you can’t resist cleaning up your living space or garden area. Since SEVEN is always looking to understand why things are the way they are, you may be drawn to spend more time on the Internet this week. FOCUS: Everything happens for a reason.

Personal Year 7                A Year that Often Sets Off Internal Shifts and Realizations; You Feel More Prone to Follow Your Intuition; May be Looking for Something; Health Issues Require Expert Advice and More than One Opinion; Desire for Simpler Life and Being Close to Nature; Loneliness; Study; Spiritual Interests; Uncovering a Toxic Element

Personal Month 8                Pressure to make important decisions; financial and legal matters require attention; may need to spend money on large purchase; issues of justice and fairness; rising to a higher level; success may be tinged with regret

TRUTH-TELLING. Your SEVEN Personal Year is a time to take stock of your situation, and this week could bring surprise rewards that give you pause for thought. Some will be considering an opportunity offered by an acquaintance. Others will be wondering how to increase income. For some, the answer lies in buying or selling property or stocks and bonds. For some it may become obvious that a debt must be paid soon. If working in a leadership position, business concerns could keep you up at night. However, this period is generally favorable to those who have a good foundation. Opportunities may have finally bloomed. For many, this is the time to advance, invest, sell, or upgrade your technology devices. You may also find just the right experts who can help you move forward. If looking for work, this is a good week to receive an interview or offer. It's possible the job will include or require some kind of special training. In which case, you are happy for the chance to learn something new. Romance might have to take a back seat to your work schedule. If considering marriage plans tend to become more costly; a small ceremony in nature might seem appealing. Given your business-like mood at the moment, you may opt to spend the money on the honeymoon or house down payment. If single and interested, you may be sending little glances to someone you work with. In general, take care of financial matters in a clear-headed manner. Avoid letting angry feelings overrule your good sense—and don’t burn any bridges! FOCUS: Trust your first impressions; be conservative in your response.

Personal Year 8               A Year of Potentially Significant Achievement; a Sense of Knowing What you Want; Willingness to Work Hard; Possible Issues with Law, Contracts, Business Hassles

Personal Month 9             A time for big blow-ups, exaggerated claims; projects complete or come to a halt; some endings bring feelings of generosity, gratitude, compassion, relief; release from old ties; possible inheritance

LIBERATION. The momentum of this hard-working EIGHT year has in some way been building up to this month. Events this week could have you feeling philosophical and optimistic or even a little defiant. Generally, the influence of a NINE Personal Month brings completion to outstanding issues and feelings of satisfaction (possibly mingled with a bit of sadness.) Despite one or two setbacks during the year, you now tend to begin to feel acceptance and peace. NINE tends to bring increased attention or more active energy to situations—for example, things get blown out of proportion or feelings could get hurt. If you spoke in haste to someone, perhaps you have an opportunity this week to offer an apology to clear the air. Since you are feeling like tightening up your ship now and squaring away unfinished business, this could be the time to pay back a loan, eliminate clutter (mental or physical), or finish items on your to-do list. Job seekers may hear from a very large company or non-profit organization. Remain positive, but don’t expect a real offer until at least next month (November or even February.) Delays could actually be working in your favor. Since a NINE Personal Month invites good solutions, release of burdens, and a philosophical acceptance of the present moment, marriage or divorce issues could arise. Those going through a divorce will likely reach an agreement this month and be able to move on. Other couples may be taking a long trip, working on their investment finances, or closing a real estate deal. If single, you may be feeling like joining a group or helping out in a community effort. Try not to worry about the future, unless there is something in your control to do. Things are going to change (for the better) soon. FOCUS: Get clear about your financial picture. Think big and long-term.


Personal Year 9                  End of an Era; Time to Think About What you Have Gained and Lost; Urge to Let Go of the Past; Emotional Period; Potential for Uncertainty or Making Hasty Decisions; May Say Goodbye to Something Dear; Urge for Travel and World Service

Personal Month 1                A time for considering a move or new direction; urge to explore something different; may have increased options; time for self-confidence, courage, firmness

IMAGINATION. October brings the spring back into your step. Despite a feeling that things have been leaving your life, don't be surprised by an old idea or interest resurfacing. New possibilities become more apparent now, as your mind is kind of “waking up.” More than once this year, you have probably thought about chucking it all and retiring! However, over the next few weeks, you have renewed energy to stay in the game. You are more likely now to take decisive action. An obstacle may clear away this month. If you are open-minded and alert to intuitive messages, you’ll likely improve your situation. Long-time job seekers may have begun thinking about or training for a new type of career field. This week could give you an inkling about where you want to be next year. Relationships could take a new turn—generally for the better if the love is there. It's important to be honest with your feelings as well as listen to the other. On the other hand, if your relationship has been over for awhile, this could be the time that allows you to move on. If so, remember to honor the other person as a great teacher for you! If you feel like getting married or moving in with someone, but have known them for less than a year, wait to tie the knot until you know them a little better. Take note of all new information coming in. There’s a lot of potential in the air right now. A new element might just shift everything. FOCUS: Originality, independent thinking, and being assertive.