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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
February 27 through March 5, 2017


Your recurring nine-year cycles always begin with the One Personal Year. You complete the work of the cycle in a Nine Personal Year. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2017:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2017.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2017 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8= 9 Personal Year in 2017

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1                 A New Level or Focus; Fresh Start; Beginning of 9-year Cycle; Tends to Bring New Opportunities; Potential for a Surge of Success, Increase in Feelings of Self-confidence; Courage to Take Action; New Ideas; Moves;

Personal Month 4 for March  Requires attention to details, schedules, and true priorities; may have to replace an item instead of repairing; contracts may be signed; potential for delays or obstructions gives time to find a better approach; health may require doctor visit; travel for business

BUREAUCRACY. This week tends to bring you face to face with rules, feedback, or contractual obligations. You could be involved in buying or selling items. You could be meeting with your accountant or having anew a new appliance installed in your living quarters. Life tends to throw a lot at you this week to fit into your already crowded schedule. Co-workers or others may bring up facts and figures that are hard to argue with. If the law is in your face right now, get professional advice. If a decision is required this week, take time to define the right questions; do your research (rather than just accept the “party line”).

An inspiration could strike when least expected. If restless, simplify your days wherever possible. This could be a good time to look into something new--such as a piece of sports equipment, personal growth seminar, professional training, or travel option. A window of opportunity could open for a few days. Job-seekers are in a good position to start working next month, although you might be a little over-qualified for it. DO: Ask: What is intuitively calling now? What do you keep thinking about? DON’T: Put off dental work, car repairs, or housekeeping chores. KEY: A feeling of freedom and optimism comes through getting organized.


Personal Year 2                      Develop a Wider Network of Associations and Relationships; Nourish Romance, Beauty, and Art; Partnerships; Career Stability; Administrative Details; Growth and Development of Ideas; Care of Others

Personal Month 5 for March      Unexpected consequences; feelings of restlessness; desire for change or upgrades; changes in relationships or understanding someone in a different way; many irons in the fire; feeling scattered at times but generally optimistic; weight gain may trigger a desire to get more exercise

FLEXIBILITY. You might feel pulled in almost opposite directions this week on a certain issue. Also your Five vibration tends to bring tension about the future and a desire to know “what's going to happen.” In that regard, you could be undergoing tests, waiting for news, negotiating a contract, having a car problem, or in conflict with a co-worker. It is what it is. Try not to get too fixed in your response. Leave some wiggle room, or be open to different points of view (especially about projects that are underway). On Wednesday, March brings a refreshing shift with your new Five personal month. If waiting for something to jell, more definitive news could come in the next ten days or so. Even if feeling a bit uncertain about the future, you also have an instinct that things are changing for the better.

Some may be getting excited (or turned off) by a relationship. Singles, this Two Personal Year is likely to increase your chances to meet new people or develop stronger relationships—if you want to. If you that soul mate does not materialize, perhaps you are looking in the wrong places. While your Two Year is a time of quiet development, March could help you shift gears either in your thinking or through unexpected events. Some could be clearing debts this week, financial or otherwise. DO: Be alert to a new idea that could make a big difference in your life. DON’T: Let routine keep you from exploring one new thing this week. KEY: Stay on track this week. Be open-minded, but not gullible.


Personal Year 3                     An Expanding Year of Increased Opportunities, Creativity and Self-expression; Expect More Free Time to Do Things You Enjoy; Joyful Moments

Personal Month 6 for March     A time to be responsive to outside demands; increased desire to show up, and pay attention to what the world is trying tell you; some could be having a child, getting married, or buying a house; time of social and economic advancement; feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, optimism, and quiet pride; taking care of others

PROGRESS. The uncertainty or lack of focus you may have felt in February (your Five month) gives way now to a feeling of more clarity, especially if your heart is leading the way. After keeping up with the demands of busy February, you are beginning to move into a more settled vibration of the Six personal month in March. A decision may be required this week, especially regarding home, family, financial obligations, or a personal relationship. You will feel it is “the right thing to do.”

It’s possible that some of you will receive news of an old relationship, resulting in a time of reflection. Others may be demanding, but take care of your own needs, as well. DO: Start a new project as long as it adds to your security or peace of mind. On the other hand, I suggest that you take another look at your to-do-list and ask yourself: What can I drop? DON’T: Resist a change of plans at the last minute, as there is a reason for it. KEY: Spontaneity and very positive communication.

Personal Year 4                            A Year of Growing Stability; Time for Planning, Foresight, Common Sense and Practical Decisions; Possible Obstacles or Delays Due to Rules, Regulations, or Lack of Capital; Time to Stay the Course and Not Give Up

Personal Month 7 for March           Possible intense spurt of effort on a project; need for more or better data; technological issues; discoveries or realization about something you have suspected; moments of loneliness or feeling misunderstood; working too hard could bring minor ailment; medical tests or diagnosis; feeling a bit dislocated from the familiar; stress around money

FAITH. This Four year is the time to put down roots and build a strong base of security through being reliable, effective, and attentive to “the handwriting on the wall.” Wednesday kicks off your Seven vibration, which could have you feeling you need a bit of a break. Events in February may have been a bit heavy or taxing, so now it's your turn to find some balance.

In general, you are best served by acting thoughtfully and prudently—and this Seven vibration calls for reflection before making decisions. The many things you would like to accomplish this year could feel a little overwhelming. If you feel discouraged or think that things are not going the way they should, call a friend and have a cup of tea. Share your feelings, but avoid the doom and gloom talk. The truth is you just never know how things will turn out. Your spiritual lesson now is to realize that whatever is happening is purposeful. Events—happy or dark--are causing you to think at a deeper level (we call it soul growth). An important insight could come toward the end of the week. DO: Take things one step at a time. Refresh yourself with quiet time, a good book, or snuggling with someone special who understands your moods (or who at least is soothing!) DON’T: Overeat out of boredom or discouragement, but if you feel like vegging out for awhile, it’s okay! KEY: Things are progressing, so keep a positive attitude.

Personal Year 5                             Interesting Times; Chance or Desire to Broaden Your Life; Take Classes; Travel; Change Jobs; A Year to Make Adjustments that Improve or Uplift Your Life; Setbacks Show a Silver Lining and Make You Wiser, Stronger, and More Resilient

Personal Month 8 for March            Career and financial decisions; buying or selling items; hasty actions could have expensive consequences; feeling of wanting to move up the ladder; job interviews; training or business travel; moving to a more expensive apartment; need to appear sharp and efficient

STANDING OUT. March blows in on Wednesday and you have every intention now of forging ahead with your plans. You have extra energy for going after your goals—and extra belief that you can do it. A higher up could offer a big helping hand. With your Five personal year, you also face a time of uncertainty and unexpected changes. If you find yourself stuck somewhere (blizzard? Airport? Traffic jam?) this week, take things in stride. Use your time productively.

If you were in a relatively quiet mood in February (your Seven vibration), expect to feel more motivation and clarity. You are beginning to find the courage to tackle things you previously avoided. Confidence builds as you act on new information and receive encouraging feedback. If you’ve been waiting for a positive movement in career, it’s almost certainly coming in March. You have a tendency now to expand your horizons, so take into account facts and figures before committing too hastily. Finances are on the upswing—if you continue to be prudent and practical-- under your Eight personal month now. DO: Anything that makes you feel more organized and ready for action. DON’T: Over-extend your energy. KEY: Be open to opportunity.

Personal Year 6                      A Year Bringing Thoughts of Love, Duty, and Responsibility;Desire to Change One's Life and Put Down Roots; Potential for Marriage, Birth, or Separation; Desire to Own One's Own House; Care of Relatives; May be Involved in Teaching, Social Service, or Community Building

Personal Month 9 for March       Possibility of strong feelings or reactions to events; potential for good fortune or loss; ending of a phase; motivation increases to complete projects; something comes to an end; something lost comes back; potential for big changes, long-distance travel to visit relatives; concern for an older relative or friend; desire to contribute or volunteer

COMPLICATIONS. This week could bring in a new element to your situation, perhaps requiring a new approach or decision. With service highlighted in both your Six personal year and your Nine personal month, it's likely you are doing what you must, not always what you want over the next few weeks. If February brought stress about money through your Eight personal month, March could provide extra income or a fortunate turn of events.

You are more likely now to take a philosophical approach. Let things unfold, but listen to intuition closely. Whatever happens to rock the boat, think back to how you have always handled challenges in the past. While your Six year vibration makes you hyper-aware of your responsibilities, some things are simply not in your control. This week might bring a new idea, unexpected pleasure, or reward (possibly a debt repayment). DO: Begin to tackle half-finished projects—or eliminate them from your to-do list altogether. Be generous in spirit. DON’T: Worry if unemployed—this period is definitely in your favor even though this week tends to have some frustrating moments. KEY: Feel your feelings, but don’t get too attached to how things are unfolding. Appearances may not always be what they seem.

Personal Year 7                            Possible Sabbatical Year; Time for Inner Development; Research; Desire for a Slower Pace; Disenchanted With Conventional Ideas; Deep Desire for Spiritual Understanding and Peace of Mind; Enjoying Moments of Solitude; Time to Focus, Research, Meditate, Walk, Improve Health Wholistically

Personal Month 1 for March           A new interest or new direction may emerge; may move in response to health concerns; desire for time for yourself; potential for starting a project, writing a proposal, or taking a new class or training; desire to take action on a cherished goal; feelings of confidence and courage to try something new or challenging

QUESTION. This week it is important to think for yourself, and not let the opinions of others color your own gut instincts. Events may have muddied the waters on something you want to do. Take time to sort out your options, and separate what you are afraid of and what might be truly worth pursuing. You tend to be feeling a little inwardly focused this week, as your subconscious is working out a tricky dilemma. Looking back at this time at a future date, you might see it as pivotal.

After your possibly emotional Nine month in February, March may bring clarity or a sense of relief, starting as early as this week. While change may appear subtle, you are in a time of new beginnings, personal decisions, or re-thinking your goals. Unexpected news or actual changes could rock your world sometime in March—maybe even in this first week. With your One's vibration bringing invention, surprise, independence, and inspiration, you may be off on a great adventure—largely on your own. DO: Find a way to improve your attitude (especially, if you’ve been discouraged) and appearance (if you’ve stopped healthy habits.) The time is coming for action. DON’T: Be negative or resistant to suggestions. KEY: Bury the past, please.

Personal Year 8                        A Somewhat Challenging Year; Potential for Realizing a Goal or Making Significant Achievement; Receiving a Promotion or Award; Increasing Sense of Self- control and Satisfaction; Need to Make Important Financial Decisions; Gain, Loss, Setbacks, Rebounding; May be Dealing with Authorities or the Law

Personal Month 2 for March        Relationships become more serious; possible marriage or moving in (or out) together; negotiations; need to step diplomatically around serious issues; run-ins with the law; be alert to subtle messages; patience is a virtue now; a tendency to analyze everything; desire to cut back on expenses; may hire or fire household help; concern for a daughter, sister, or mother

BITING YOUR TONGUE. This week may bring an encounter that you later wish had gone differently. You realize (perhaps a little too late) the need to be tactful and not say the first thing off the top of your head. If working you might be basking in your boss's appreciation. Perhaps you are part of a team of experts that has been brought in to save the day. With this new wind of the One month at your back, progress is exciting, but also could bring extra stress, especially in this next few days. Some may be purchasing a relatively expensive items, more for business than personal reasons. Last month (in your One vibration) you might have been in a leadership role. This week starts your Two vibration, which signals the importance of getting along with others and cooperation. You may be at odd with a business partner. Something about the deal is nagging you to wait and see.

Marriage partners may experience moments of hurt feelings this week, that smooth away by the weekend. For singles who are looking for a partner, this week might offer some interesting new people, especially if you meet them through work or in an everyday setting. DO: Be loving to a spouse; if single, take time to communicate with friends or potential new love interests. DON’T: Let fear or self-doubt cloud your mind, especially when you are tired at the end of the day. KEY: Work/life balance, and concentrating on SMALL steps.

Personal Year 9                           End of a Nine-Year Cycle; Feels Like the End of a Phase; Uncertainty about the Future is Natural; Ready to Let Go; May Retire, Change Jobs, or Break up a Relationship; Care or Loss of Older Relatives; Desire to Give Back to Life; Humanitarian Interests; May Desire Foreign Travel; Desire to Leave Abroad; Events Require Compassion and Understanding; Increased Interest in the Arts, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Politics

Personal Month 3 for March            The focus is on looking at the future with optimism; unexpected pleasures and joy; desire to express your creativity; good time for working with children on expanding the family; desire to get away and have fun; may have three important choices in a matter; potential to win money or something special; may be on vacation or taking a break from routine and work; joy

PARTY TIME. After last month's Two vibration which could have been somewhat sleep-inducing, this week you wake up in the morning with more verve and aliveness. You start thinking about how you could change things to make them more to your liking. For example, what would help you bring more freedom, pleasure, and playfulness to your life? While a major blowup could occur with someone this week, it's also a good time to patch up an argument, visit friends, or take a good look at (and clear out) what you never wear in your wardrobe! On Wednesday, you move into your Three personal month, where the emphasis is on creativity and social interactions. Are you ready to feel good, feel nourished, and to feel super-attractive? This coming month could be one of your best all year. You may be starting to think about improving your social life, or spending money on a trinket.

Low feelings start to dissolve like clouds now as you read a good book, laugh in a movie, or go for a walk with a friend. If you can get away this week, (or during the next month,) it’s a lovely time for a spontaneous, refreshing mini-get-away. Why not! (But don’t break the bank, either.) DO: Be cheerful and uplift friends who need your support. DON’T: Get into pity-party conversations. KEY: Fun; spending time with younger people; dancing; charitable work.

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