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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
September 22 through September 28, 2014


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2014 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 15 = 1 + 5= 6 Personal Year in 2014

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1           A Year Marking the Beginning of a New Stage; Decisions Now Will Affect Long-term Future; Sense of Stronger Self-knowledge, Confidence, Willingness to Try New Things

Personal Month 1           Increased optimism; time for action and creative solutions

FORM. Happy Autumn! Despite any recent confusion, this week could help you make progress on a key area. The time may call for a spot decision. Avoid vacillation. Something you have been thinking about now seems more possible or likely to happen. Your lesson now is to stay on course. Be practical, and consider what you really need to do now for future peace of mind. What action might you be willing to take towards something you want? Mental creativity is calling you now (writing--rethinking your career field?) If seeking work, continue to upgrade your knowledge and look into previously unfamiliar areas. There’s a good chance you may be starting a new job. Despite the odds, a part of you can’t help feeling cautiously optimistic. Regarding a relationship, you may need to let the other person know exactly how you feel. However, avoid high drama. One or two ideas may make your point more compelling. This could be a good week to accomplish a chore you've been putting off. But then reward yourself and relax. Engagements, announcements, or starting a family are all possible now with this surge of new energy. Singles, maybe you could spend a little time updating your look; answering a personal ad could be interesting. Keep having coffee dates, but remember that this should be done as a light social exercise, not as an interview for a mate. Do something new to be around people you don't ordinarily have a chance to spend time with (I know this sounds counter-intuitive.) FOCUS: Courage and self-discipline.


Personal Year 2         Be Generous and Responsive in Relationships, but Take Care not to Become a Doormat; A Year to Let Things Germinate and Unfold without Too Much Assertiveness

Personal Month 2       Update your appearance, wardrobe, or personal space; develop your social calendar; slow down where needed; be careful when moving about; no rushing

SLIDE.  Happy Autumn! Your week might bring a bit of lethargy or dullness, so be sure to get outside and enjoy the change of season. If working, a bit of wiggle room in your schedule could allow for a little more socializing. Cordial feelings towards co-workers uplift your spirits. Meetings of all kinds bring to light helpful new information—but could create delays. Avoid idle gossip that could come back to haunt you. In general, try not to let anxiety ruin your week, by getting outside more often, walking, reading a good book, or cleaning out your closet. If worrying about a situation, turn it over to a Higher Power each night as you go off to sleep. Things tend to look up in a couple of weeks. Job seekers need patience, but could make headway by attending a job fair, convention, or in an unexpected casual conversation. Listen to your intuition. Make a phone call or email when you feel the time is right. Dating singles may be going out on a second, third or fourth date with someone. If in a long-term relationship, you might think about how to freshen up the nest with a new coat of paint, or trip to the furniture store. Spend time together on a joint project that streamlines your space. While love has its practical side this week, find thirty minutes to listen to music together and snuggle up (turn off the computers and phones.) Be patient if you feel lonely, invisible, or “stuck.” You have no control over certain things, including timing. It may sound corny during these periods of financial worry, but why not make a "treasure map" collage? Find pictures showing the things you would love to have in your life by the end of eight years (remember, you started a new nine-year cycle last year.) FOCUS: Don't drive when over-tired or feeling distracted.

Personal Year 3              A Year to Develop Outside Interests; Take More Time for Recreation; Make Creativity a Priority; Learn a Sport and Stay Active

Personal Month 3           Make a point to spend more time with friends, younger people, fun activities, movies, or gardening; spend time daydreaming and visualize new goals

HANG OUT. Happy Autumn! It's likely that your pace of life (or work) is busier now, bringing a few surprises this month. You could be on vacation or just back from one. This is the month to make needed changes, but this week, you have a more cautious eye on the budget. Odd as it may sounds, you may be intensely interested in something or someone that you never expected to think about before. Is it someone in the next cubicle or? Even though times are uncertain, this phase of your life is certain to bring improvements. Job seekers should continue socializing at various business functions or after-work-hangouts. (Just avoid a “poor me” attitude.) Try imagining that you just got a new job and maintain an internal mood of enthusiasm. Be mysterious. Acting “as if” could work wonders. Flirtations could be on the rise, maybe just to take your mind off other things. However, if you have a ring on your finger, look the other way! Singles—this is a great week for fun, relaxation, and even joy. Look through old photo albums. Appreciate all you have seen and done, and how far you’ve come. It might be fun to make a Time Line, starting at birth and noting turning points and events for important years. You might see a pattern emerge. FOCUS: Writing; proposals, information from young people; projects.

Personal Year 4           A Year for Creating the Foundation for Future Well-being and Prosperity

Personal Month 4         A period when it's easier to be disciplined about things that matter; it's time for a reality check; what needs to be taken care of? Where can you simplify your life?

DEVELOP: Happy Autumn! However, if this seems an especially frustrating time, or you feel stuck, take heart. All this pressure is creating in you a stronger intention to attract in what you want. For example, if you need money for something, you may find an unexpected source, make money at a garage sale, or receive over-time. An inner drive to take more charge of your life makes you more determined to do whatever it takes to pay the bills. Too words. Determination and consistency. Just make sure that you leave a little time each day for relaxation. Allowing yourself to get down or feel like a victim is counter-productive. Stay calm and centered as changes may be coming your way in October. In many ways, you have a lot to be grateful for. Relieve stress by getting outside to walk, or taking a quick break rather than slouching for hours in your chair. Job seekers are likely to come across a temporary job, or one they have already mastered. It could be a good thing after all. Relationship-wise, you could be getting a little uptight about someone’s irritating habits. Avoid dwelling on the negative. Instead, do something this weekend that you know will rebalance your attitude. Singles, I’m sorry if dating feels like so much work. The truth is, it is work. If an interesting person comes into your life, he or she may be involved in accounting, banking, office admin, construction, law, or finances. Isn't that wild? If marriage is going well—this could be an ideal time to talk about those financial issues and goals. Both of you likely share the desire to get organized so talk about mutual goals. Keep your sense of humor. What can I say? FOCUS: Improve one area of your life. Be practical.


Personal Year 5               A Year to Explore and Venture into New Territory; Get More Involved; Meet New People; Drop a Negative Habit

Personal Month 5             A small change now could bring unexpected gains; follow your curiosity; learn something new

PRO-ACTIVE. Happy Autumn! It's likely that you are feeling very mixed emotions now. Part of you is extremely restless, but another part is reluctant to do anything out of your comfort zone. Concentration could be fuzzy at times. Others may notice that your moods tend to fluctuate. For some, you may suddenly find yourself more in the spotlight for some reason. Someone may ask you to take on a task for which you have little experience. Don't be overly modest. Enjoy learning something new (or ask a friend or co-worker for ideas.) If self-employed, clients tend to come and go—but all in all business should be strong. A new customer might provide long-term income. Job seekers—don't be surprised if appointments are made, broken, and re-scheduled. General stress or free-floating anxiety could make you a little over-sensitive in relationships. If irritated by something your partner or spouse says or does (or expects), take care to avoid lashing out when overly-tired. Remember that your bad mood is probably not the other person’s fault! Dating singles, this whole month brings an increase in chance meetings and is a good time to make those coffee dates. Keep the communications flowing, but don’t spend time on people who are wasting yours. Staying in the flow is the best policy. You may be in a for a surprise this week. FOCUS: Flexibility, simplicity, and cooperation.

Personal Year 6               A Year to Take Care of Business; Express Generosity and Compassion

Personal Month 6            Fulfill duties but don't be a pushover for people who want to make you feel guilty about something

COMMITMENT. Happy Autumn! Things are improving, but for the moment, your situation may have come to a completely standstill, or you may be dealing with very frustrating individuals. Everyone around you seems to need something. If working, on-the-job demands could overrule family time. You may be very concerned about the job situation, particularly if working on a big project that could fall apart. Some of you might be in the position of having relatives in town, but being too busy to attend to them the way you would like. Job seekers in the interview process could be hired now; however, don't be surprised if the market continues to affect your job options. It's very important to be kind to yourself now. When feeling stuck, just do what you can—what's in front of you today. If in love, you could be closer to getting engaged or married. However, there’s still time to reconsider if you aren’t sure! Married people could be talking about finances or making changes to the home setting. In-laws could be upset about something. Single? You may get lucky at a family function. Clear away an outstanding chore or unfinished communication with someone. FOCUS: Use good sense, be kind, and take care of yourself.


Personal Year 7              A Year for Trusting That Your Life Purpose is Unfolding Perfectly

Personal Month 7            Listen to intuition to make needed adjustments; take special care when moving about or traveling; a slip-up could have you taking time out to heal; time for reflection

ANALYZE. Happy Autumn! With the change of seasons, this week brings certain limitations forcing you to take another look at your life. While nothing is seriously wrong, you have a feeling that something is just beyond your understanding at the present moment. If working, the business climate could be forcing further cutbacks or delays at your place of business. Activities tend to emphasize research, writing proposals, financial planning, or solving technological issues. If looking for work (and you have a specialty,) you may find the perfect niche for yourself; otherwise, be patient. You will be in a much stronger position for career advance in October. Partnership-wise, you are happier having a little time to yourself this week. There's a feeling now that you would like to get something done that you have been putting off. Why not take time for YOU? Find a dog to walk or go to a movie matinee. It’s a time best suited for reflection, rest, and meditation, rather than forceful efforts to do things out in the world. FOCUS: Simplicity and faith.


Personal Year 8         A Year to Work Hard for What you Want

Personal Month 8      A time to get clear about investments, debts, contracts; retirement goals

PROGRESS. Happy Autumn! It's a week for clarity, commitment, and standing firm on what you know to be ture. You may have to confront reality in an unpleasant way, before you can find the means to move forward. An event may have it's difficult side, but you must use all your commonsense, logic, and self-confidence to ride out the demands. If working, recent announcements could have you feeling either optimistic or ready to move on. For some, life gives you great feedback and you enjoy whatever you are doing. You feel more engaged and productive. It's even possible that you will receive a bonus or unexpected financial improvement (stock options? New equipment? A bigger client? An inheritance or divorce settlement?). This period is also favorable for graduating from a training, becoming certified, or negotiating a favorable contract. However, if you find that you are dealing with a contractual or legal matter that isn’t going in the direction you would like, seek professional guidance. You'll be glad you did. Job seekers continue to be in a good position to start working soon. It's important to express confidence, knowledge about the company, and friendliness at interviews. Be firm about what you want. Make it clear that you understand what they want and are ready to be that person. There may come a time this week when your feelings get the best of you with one you care about; don’t try to come up with a solution until you are in a calm mood. Leave out the high drama, and just talk about the facts and what to do about them. Singles who are looking, sign up for a matchmaking function, go to a business meeting (and dress to kill!) In general, get real about priorities. If it isn’t working, stop doing it. Take a look at financial matters and make those tough choices. Invest in yourself and your career—training, school, equipment. FOCUS: Internal confidence and discipline.

Personal Year 9          A Time to Consider Changes to Your Tactics and Goals; Drop What You have Outgrown; Make Room for a New Direction; Forgive Yourself and Others; Clear Clutter

Personal Month 9        Finish any outstanding projects or business; a revelation could lead to forgiveness; someone may leave your life; possible periods of disappointments followed by joy

FINALIZE. Happy Autumn! This month may sometimes seem like you are under a cloud of indecision.  However, this week an issue forces you to face facts, which could bring sudden clarity about what to do. Setbacks don't get you down for long. After taking in the original blow, your thinking tends to become more calm and philosophical. You may be reviewing recent events in a new (and positive) light. Some may be getting ready to retire. Others could be attracting increased prosperity, wealthy contacts, or involved in a big deal. Your 9 year is truly a transition time, so you could feel a strange tug-of-war between wanting to scale down and the necessity for expansion—especially this month. Maybe your resume, web site, or blog needs a make-over. If seeking work, your resume is on someone’s radar. An offer may be on the table, but won’t start until October. In an important relationship, you can easily see both sides of a question now—which may make you feel up in the air! One moment you feel committed, the next you are ready to walk. If a separation or divorce has been on your mind, this could be the month or week to have the TALK. If not, find a way to forgive and forget. Singles, play the field, but no long-term commitments yet. Promise! Separate fact from fantasy. Stay present and try not to zone out with food, drugs, or too much alcohol. FOCUS: Kindness, generosity, and clearing away out-moded ideas.