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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
May 25 through May 31, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1              A Year to Consider New Directions; Desire to Develop an Idea or Goal; Sense of New Beginning; Time to be Assertive and Future-oriented

Personal Month 6            A month highlighting responsibility; need to compromise; health may bring concerns; a family situation could change; move of home or desire to redecorate

CHECK IT OUT. After so much low-grade anxiety this month, you could be be fighting a cold or just a bit tired. Take it a little easy this week, but try to accomplish at least three things on your to-do list. You may have an invitation to attend a business or community function. Job-seekers could look for volunteer work that allows you to open up different channels of contacts. Keep a positive attitude and don't beat up on yourself for being where you are today. Family issues tend to settle down. Watch for a surprising message around the end of the week. If feeling confused, take steps to clear up unfinished business, large or small. Clear away clutter, and feel the glow of satisfaction. If you have a goal, write it down as if it has already happened. Remember, this ONE Personal Year is the time to imagine a new story for yourself. AVOID: Making long-term decisions until around July, if possible. FOCUS: Your intuition has a message about what to do next.

Personal Year 2               A Year to Strengthen Associations and Relationships; Friendship; Love; Longing; Desire to Improve Health and Restore Balance to Lifestyle

Personal Month 7             More periods of quiet time; love deepens or distances; curious discoveries; finding a lost object; desire to meditate increases; may find new spiritual inspiration

INTUITION SOLVES IT. Your current situation could be slow-paced for the next week or so. Relationship-wise, it's possible that you've been feeling lonesome this month. You could have been thinking about past love and why it didn’t work out. Glitches turn out to be in your favor. You realize it's time to take charge of your own happiness. Inexplicably, you begin to feel more confident throughout the month of June. Suddenly you know exactly what you want; find the smallest and easiest step you can take toward more happiness. This helps get the ball rolling, and at the very least, you'll already feel happier, without waiting for your 'life purpose” to be revealed! AVOID: Beating yourself up for not accomplishing every little thing. If you are worried about something you said to someone, apologize and move on (although be prepared if they are not ready to reconcile just yet). FOCUS: Intelligent and clear communications.

Personal Year 3                An Active, Creative, and Social Period; Time to Lighten up: It's Important to Relax, But Use Free Time Wisely This Year; Feel Joy; Love, Romance, Childbirth, Artistic Success; Sales Increase; Overcome a Long-standing Problem

Personal Month 8              A period needing business-like thinking; possible extra good fortune; increased income; good timing for surgeries; time to buy or sell property; legal matters settle

HAPPY. A happy turn of event could provide some satisfying results now. This is a great period for expansion, promotion, or leaving behind what you need to eliminate. You may receive a bonus. Job-seekers could have an interview or start a new job by Friday. If changing jobs, you have a good window over the next few weeks (look ahead to July for the start of something new.) Love and money seem to have something common. Romantically, you may be tempted by a flirtation at work or with a professional you came to for advice. Some may be ready for an engagement now. Generally, you might feel a sense of excitement in the air. For those tying the knot, this is a good month for the wedding, or for bringing home the baby! Adoptions and in-vitro procedures have a good chance to happen now. In general, feel more self-confidence and be a little bold; a new side to yourself could open doors to the next level. Take advice from someone who cares about you. AVOID: Procrastinating any longer! FOCUS: Advancement.

Personal Year 4             A Foundation Year Creating Potential for Success in the Future; Plan but Be Flexible; Practical Rather than Emotional Decisions are Better in the Long Run; Streamline

Personal Month 9           Possible completion or turning point this month; easier now to finish a past due issue; be optimistic, but realistic about long-term goals; may want to wait before making major change; emotions may cloud an issue

FINISH IT. Your efforts tend to payoff in a satisfying way this week. A problem could be solved or a stalemate could end mid-week. This is an exciting week of changes that bring a clearer sense about the future. If working, it's likely that you'll weather any possible lay-offs, but if not, another opening is already coming togethr. Job-seekers are very likely to find jobs in the next few weeks—good ones! Romantically, a short trip may introduce a new element into your life. Take time to look your best all week, especially on the weekend. Be ready for anything. It's not impossible that might just meet an attractive person, possibly of foreign birth—who comes across as down-to-earth, sincere, and practical. Love at first sight could happen; but avoid making rash decisions or throwing caution to the winds. A tough decision triggers an important change in your life. AVOID: Explaining or rationalizing to people about your decision. FOCUS: Moving forward in your life.

Personal Year 5             A Volatile and Unpredictable Year; Adjustments are Needed to Bring Progress and Success; Roll with Changes; Restlessness Encourages New Experiences; Time for a Chanage; Increase Physical Fitness

Personal Month 1           Possible need for bold new moves; potential surprises; a problem solved; great opportunities; the next step

BREAKTHROUGH. This month continues to bring options, ideas, or just plain desires for moving up the ladder. You may be feeling as if you've hit a plateau after all your efforts during the past three weeks. If you feel there is a window of opportunity now, take it. Things tend to move at a slower pace in June. If looking for work, you might consider a training program to prepare for a new direction. Send resumes to places you have never heard of before! Be a little more aggressive. A serious issue with someone close could alter the prospects for this relationship. Make sure your feelings are known, things seem to be going down the wrong track. Single people will find it easier to make social contacts now as June brings associations of all kinds. Get out your bathing suit or dust off your tennis racket. Express confidence (even if slightly anxious) and be ready for anything. AVOID: Saying, “I’m confused.” It puts out the wrong message. Say instead, “I’m looking into possibilities.”  FOCUS: Go in the direction of what feels positive, and drop all the worry.

Personal Year 6             A Year to Turn Toward Relationships, Commitment, Responsibility, and Putting Down Roots; Marriage, Family, or Divorce Issues are Likely; Desire for Beauty and Comfort

Personal Month 2            Highlights love and commitment; a serious matter could require negotiation; desire to find balance; may be lonely at times, even while surrounded by others

ACCEPTANCE. This last week of May probably continues to be somewhat slow-paced. Most jobs tend to bring detail work or interminable business meetings. Colleagues could be hard to please. Since your monthly vibration changes on June 1 to the upbeat and fun THREE Personal Month, your mind would rather seek pleasurable pursuits, such as perusing bed and breakfast options for a vacation, finding a good-priced cruise, or deciding when to host a backyard barbeque. During this somewhat vexing period, job-seekers might as well take a day or two off from searching and just kick back. When relaxed, you just might get a good idea. Love could be in the air or on your mind. Don’t resist showing people you appreciate them, and that you care about what they might be going through. Great time to get engaged, married or pregnant. When stuck, use your sense of humor. AVOID: That extra piece of pie at lunch or putting ANYTHING on the credit card. FOCUS: Spend time with friends or attend meeting of an association.

Personal Year 7            Time for Inner Development; Research and Reflection; Slower Pace; Solitude Refreshes; You May Long for the Right Partner with Whom You Find a Spiritual Connection

Personal Month 3           A period requiring you to be more creative, communicative, and open-minded; strong desire to express your unique skill or interest, to travel, fall in love, find new friends, or learn

TIME FOR YOUR HOBBY. If you have been off the job or taking a break, this is a good time to socialize with people in jobs where you would like to work. Anything to do with young people, social media, education, and cultural events is uplifting and ultimately lucrative. Planning, reviewing your budget, and discussing new ideas are all good uses of this week. Job seekers are very close to finding work. The practicality of June will either bring income or a way to stretch what you have. Tend your garden, so to speak. You could be excited about a special person, or even getting serious. Is the other person with you on this? Single people-- take the plunge and ask someone out. It’s time for looking good and feeling good.  AVOID: Grumbling. Your life and everything in it has a purpose. FOCUS: Positive thinking and control of expenses.


Personal Year 8              A Year to Go the Extra Mile; a Goal Flourishes; Business-like Thinking is Needed, Especially for Creative Ventures; Put Your Agreements in Writing; Buy or Sell

Personal Month 4             Consistent efforts bring rewards; financial outlays may be necessary for practical items; be prudent rather than hasty; organize that closet and find money in a pocket

REVIEW. Your perspective now tends to be conservative, practical, and prudent. While mundane management matters tend to take up a lot of time, you might be getting ready for more interaction with the public—or for different kinds of duties. You could be drawing up a plan for increasing your client base or launching a new project. Possible business-related travel comes up in the next week or so. Everything you touch seems to turn to gold (or maybe you're finally investing in gold.) During this period, an idea begins to grow about the possibility of changing careers or direction. Job-seekers are likely to see some fruits of their efforts as June approaches. If working, friendships could be taking a new turn. An office flirtation could be heating up, but you decide how far you want to take it. The urge to find something new is strong as you head into June. In general, staying even a little more organized gives more peace of mind. Take control of your finances. Begin to clear debt. AVOID: Increasing your credit card debt.(yes, I know I sound like a broken record--and congratulations if debt is not an issue!) FOCUS: Branching out and exploring.

Personal Year 9                End of a Nine-year Phase; Let go of Thinking Life has to be a Struggle; Work on Releasing Feelings of Guilt or Regret; Accept What You Cannot Control or Change; Wake Up Expecting to Meet Good People; Roll with the Punches

Personal Month 5             A volatile period which may require a change of plans--especially at the airport; potential for travel; desire for expansion; need for adaptability; possible moves; unexpected solutions

ROLL WITH IT. If your job is in question, you may find yourself looking for new pastures. On the other hand, you sense changes in your work schedule that will mean more hours, less freedom. Since you are in a very changeable phase (i.e., NINE Personal Year and the end of a FIVE Personal Month) you may hear rumors about more job lay-offs during this period. Just in case, be sure your resume is up-to-date—and make sure your superiors understand why you are so valuable. This is a good time for job seekers to participate in seminars and workshops for the unemployed. Anything can happen now. On the home front, a small change in routine allows everyone in the family to settle down a bit. An excellent week for a marriage between people who have known each other for a few years. A flirtation could dissipate or get hotter. Just don’t see it as long-term yet. You may be drawn into resolving a family dispute. Look for a way to move to a new level with everyone. AVOID: Worrying about everything. Take a breather this weekend, and soak up the sun. FOCUS: Security, comfort, and a family dinner.