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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
January 17 through January 23, 2022

Each of your nine PERSONAL YEARS (a recurring cycle of development) has specific purposes.

Each PERSONAL YEAR helps facilitate your thinking, motivation, and actions in line with your purpose in life.

Each PERSONAL YEAR presents unique opportunities for learning and growth. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2022:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2022.

For example, if your birthday is October 13th,

Month 1 + 0 + Day 1 + 3 + 2022 =

1 + 4 + 6 = 11 (1 + 1) = 2 Personal Year in 2022

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1            NEW BEGINNINGS. New Nine-year Cycle Starts; New Interests Emerge; With the Boost/Challenge from 2022, Strong Aspects for Success in a New Career, Business Expansion, Self-Employment, or Relationship Commitment; Year Requires Patience and Problem-solving; Change of Lifestyle Through Marriage, Retirement, A Move, or Career Shift; Increased Self-confidence; New Ideas or Inventions; Meeting Important People

Personal Month 2          WAITING. A period of relative peace and quiet; listen to your intuition; slow down; connect with friends; your instinct now is to delay until you have more clarity on a new step; partnerships require nurturing; you are generally in a cooperative mood; may be feeling run-down or bored; be alert to any scams

DETAILS. With this new slower-moving monthly Two vibe, you could be contemplating a few options or choices before making any commitments. While putting some of the major things on the back burner, you may decide to tackle things that have recently piled up. (You might as well put away the holiday decorations, and clear the decks.) Since Two is highly intuitive, a strong hunch could give you an answer about a situation. Discussions with a good friend or co-worker are fruitful and bring peace of mind. If not, you may be trying too hard to convince.

Balance intellectual pursuits with physical exercise when possible. Given the winter slog, you might be having an urge to nibble, so have healthy snacks on hand. A project now could require attention or follow up calls. However, don't be too worried if people are slow in calling back. Switch gears and focus elsewhere. You'll eventually get the info you need. Don't try to push the river now, or attempt bold moves. You might have a case of the sniffles, or have to bring soup to someone else. FOCUS ON: Making your life a little more comfortable.

Personal Year 2           MANY RELATIONSHIPS. With the Boost/Challenge of 2022, May Have Strong Desire for Friendship, Love, and Community; May Get Involved in Art, Design, Computers, Health Care, Analysis; Psychology; Desire for Knowledge, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty; Pace May Be Slow at Times; Moments of Loneliness or Yearning for Affection; Feeling More in Touch with Intuition; Note Red Flags for Possible Scams

Personal Month 3           CREATIVITY. Sense of optimism; happiness; busy social life; may be having an affair; young children may be a focus; fun times learning; pursuing artistic interests or success in selling art; may be traveling, writing for media, or involved in sales; possible problems with gossip or lies.

CREATIVE ACTION. This interesting and upbeat week could bring closure or a feeling of work well done. Extra tasks could also appear suddenly, so don't fall behind. Confer with those involved on how to split up the work.

If you're still ruminating about something that was said last week, think about what is at the root of your concern. You might be blowing things out of proportion. If needed, make amends, or just let the situation cool off. Channel your creative juices into something that gives personal satisfaction. Retail therapy is appealing now, but keep your eye on the budget. If you have children, you are especially busy. If looking to conceive, this is a fertile time. If dating, the other person might be acting a little coy. FOCUS ON: Being upfront with kindness.

Personal Year 3            SOCIALLY ACTIVE. Creative Juices Flow; Interest in the Arts, Music, Sports, Competitions, Writing; Desire to Just Enjoy Life; May Join A Professional Association; Travel; Changing Jobs or Having More Free Time; Possible Love Affairs, Marriage, Childbirth; With Boost/Challenge of 2022, May Have Phenomenal Success or Sudden Breakdown

Personal Month 4           PRACTICAL DECISION. Need to get organized; planning; comparing costs; new responsibilities; new routine or time-table for goals; improving living situation; tendency to be cautious; may be working on an interesting personal project; bored with career; possible repairs

FINISH WHAT YOU START. This week your practical Four monthly vibe could bring minor problems or repairs. Things demand quick attention and handling. Cheer up and remember this is a new upbeat Three yearly vibe for you. A task you dreaded might turn out to stimulate your creative side. If necessary, find someone who has experience that can help you move forward. Deadlines and financial pressures keep you up at night and wondering about the future. Rumors could have you reviewing your options.

An amusing discussion about wild new ideas could be on your mind, but common sense tends to win out. In general, expect things to get done as well as can be expected. You may even “dodge a bullet” with great flair. FOCUS ON: Practicality, self-discipline, and a positive attitude—especially with people you think of as pests.

Personal Year 4            ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Urge to Plan and Build; Need to Think Economically; Many Commitments; Marriage Issues; Working to Stabilize; Pay Off Debts; Desire for Home Upgrade; With Boost/Challenge of 2022, May be Involved in Huge Project with Many Problems

Personal Month 5           CHANGES. Surprise or sudden shift; restless under routine; interest in exploring options; working on a solution to a problem, possibly with a large network of other experts; increased desire for exercise and improving health; sprains due to carelessness; may get into an argument; may be tempted by an unfounded scheme

OPTIONS. This week may seem a bit ho-hum or is it just the after-holiday blues? While dealing with routine chores, your mind is busy going back and forth over new ideas or possibilities. You are restless, but perhaps resisting taking decisive action (fear of the unknown?) Notice if a chance meeting brings a new slant on your questions. You may not get the full answer yet, as the situation is evolving.

It's okay to make a tentative plan, but have a plan B as well. If you've been feeling sluggish, you may find that a little more physical activity is a big plus now. Puttering around the house also can free your mind and encourage creativity and optimism. There is lots to do now, but you get satisfying results and a feeling you want to take on more. FOCUS ON: Facing what you resist.

Personal Year 5            ACTION-FILLED YEAR. Movement After Inactivity; Adjusting to New Routine; Restless to Travel or Free Yourself from a Restriction; Political Intrigue; Breakup of an Affair; Change of Heart on a Project; With Boost/Challenge of 2022 May be Involved in Activism; Making Needed Changes; Periods of Over-activity or Uncertainty

Personal Month 6           GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER. Difficult decisions; health concerns for self or another; domestic and educational expenses; desire for a better living situation; marriage or break up; neighbor disputes; care of a parent; working two jobs

KEEP IT TOGETHER. As January unfolds, you have a lot of things on your plate, and this week you feel like scraping some of it off. Most likely, you manage to get the important things done, despite some family push back. Your car pool, employer, mate, offspring, doctor, car mechanic, or lawyer might be causing you to gnash your teeth.

Since your Six monthly vibe is all about relationships, you could receive news of a birth, wedding, separation, job change, or family issues. If you have to explain yourself to someone, keep it short. Keep things in perspective now, and avoid getting so tired or hungry that you start feeling sorry for yourself (or hard on yourself). You may long to improve your living situation FOCUS ON: Staying centered and positive, despite things not being the way you want.

Personal Year 6          SERVICE. Resonating With Universal Year 2022 (6) Increases Likelihood of Community Activities, Social Work, Marriage, and Domestic Responsibilities; Care Giving; Providing for Others; Boomerang Kids; College Tuition; Health Issues; Saving; Upgrading Home; Happiness

Personal Month 7          QUESTIONS. A period of inquiry or discovery; a chance to step back and reflect; need for rest and rejuvenating activities; may be absent from home; studying, writing, researching; intuition is right on; occasionally feeling lonely or discouraged; worried about the future

SETTLEMENTS. This week your thoughtful Seven monthly vibe could have you trying to read the fine print. You may be facing an important issue that is somewhat of a mystery to you. A little research eases worries. A tendency to be quiet and reflective gives you time to sort out where you are in life and where you'd like to go. A recent misunderstanding might clear up this week. Whatever the outcome, you feel that you learned a great lesson. Your intuition was right!

Night time dreams this week might have a message or point to a solution to a problem. Creating quiet time is very important now. You may even have the sniffles now which helps you feel justified in taking it easy. FOCUS ON: Peace. Simplicity.

Personal Year 7          SPIRITUAL GROWTH. A Year of Discovery, Insight; With Boost/Challenge of Universal Year 2022, You May Have a Breakthrough or Find the Perfect Answer to a Question; Might be Estranged from a Female Relative or Friend; Solitude; Study; Absorbing Interests; Unusual Events. Be on Lookout for Scammers with Get-Rich Schemes

Personal Month 8          UNCERTAIN BUSINESS PROBLEMS. May need professional advice; possible unsettling financial or legal discovery under demanding Universal 2022; thinking of down-sizing, cutting expenses; potential for medical procedures; delayed promotion; travel disruption; may be closing a business; selling property

FACT CHECKING. This week you may be facing issues that require careful handling or professional advice. You could be sorting out the affairs of a relative, making a decision about health care, contemplating colleges for your offspring, or starting to make a career change. You may have a decision that requires financial juggling. You seek to get all your ducks in a row.

Despite concerns, this week gives you a chance to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. if working, you are pleased by receiving good feedback for handling a tricky issue. Even if nothing special seems to be going on, you are motivated to follow through on chores, plans, and projects. You may lease a car, put a down payment on a trip or property, or schedule surgery. FOCUS ON: Keeping a business-like attitude, along with a sense of humor and self-confidence.

Personal Year 8           FINANCIAL DECISIONS. Universal 2022 Boosts Likelihood of Achievement but With Complicating Issues; Desire for Upgrading Home; Business Travel; Potential Medical Procedures; Unsound Business Practices Increase Potential for Great Financial Loss; Legal Issues and Financial Settlements

Personal Month 9          COMPLETION OF A PROJECT. May need to use tough love with family member; windfall or inheritance; foreign travel; supporting a cause; humanitarian interests or activities; intense feelings at times; desire to get even; adoption procedures; possible bankruptcy or retirement

CARDS ON THE TABLE. You've been working hard for eight years to put some wheels in motion. This week, gears should be turning in a good direction. Recent events indicate that your dreams could become a reality. This week, you realize that the journey is as important, or more so, than the destination.

However, this week, you might also be feeling a bit “in the shadow.” Be careful not to see the glass as half empty, when in reality, the flow of abundance is always present. With dramatic, sensitive Nine shining a light on you, you notice either a downturn or upturn in your energy level. Others definitely pick up on your state of mind. Avoid arguments. Within a powerful Eight year, Nine could facilitate an important contact, give you a bonus, or have you on a long-awaited flight. Resources appear when you need them. FOCUS ON: Keeping your mind open for anything.

Personal Year 9         TRANSITION. End of a Nine-year Cycle; Desire to Re-group, Complete, or Move On; Universal Year 2022 May Increase Challenges and Deep Feelings; Time to Forgive and Let Go; Concern for Elders; May Retire; Travel, Inheritance, Peacefulness; Success for Those Involved in Spiritual, Humanitarian, Sports, or Entertainment Fields

Personal Month 1         NEXT STEP. With help of Universal 2022, you may have the opportunity of a lifetime; could move, change jobs, or launch a project; interesting news; feeling “done” with something or someone; decide to develop an idea; confidence, less worry

INSPIRED SOLUTION. Recent encounters with friends or special people have made you very happy. This week continues to keep you feeling energetic, optimistic, generous, and full of gratitude. You might be gearing up to work on an idea that you had almost given up on or had put on the back burner. Many things are in play now, and your situation is unfolding. Keep track of new ideas for future development.

The strong initiating energy of this period could result in a move, financial gain, a big win, career promotion, or long-distance travel. FOCUS ON: Following your heart when deciding a direction or course of action.