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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
September 26 through October 2, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1             New Directions; Sense of Rebirth; Longing for Something New

Personal month 1          New directions open up; potential time for a big decision; something feels like a turning point; desire to better your situation; reaching out in new directions and exploration

GAINING SUPPORT. This last week of forward-thinking September could have you gaining a bit of momentum for your plans. People show up for you in generous ways. The upside of any delays is that you have a chance to improve and tweak plans. You can feel a greater sense of co-operative interactions. How great! If looking for work, be patient—do something productive at home as you wait to hear news. Call former co-workers to chat.

Romantically, the emotional needs of friends and lovers could require your attention now. It might even be that you feel like you have to tip-toe around someone who is playing cool with you. Be a good listener, but end conversations when people start repeating their complaints.

In general, social demands increase. Keep your heart open and be curious now where all this is going. This has been and still is a year for you to hear opportunity knocking. FOCUS: Tie up all loose ends with co-workers—especially in another location.

Personal Year 2               A Year to Develop Partnerships; Often Requires Patience, Compromise

Personal Month 2             Time to build relationships and come together in harmony; may bring a slower pace or minor illness; desire for more rest or to analyze your situation; desire for harmony and willingness to cooperate

FLUFFING UP. Things may have become a bit soggy and saggy lately. A fresh wind blows in that motivates you to spruce something up in your life—the bedroom curtains, a new potted plant, a charming piece of clothing—or something that gives you a spark of pleasure. Beauty—so vital to well-being-- has the amazing ability to make us feel better, or feel that life is good in ways almost too subtle to recognize.

This week a little more attention to detail just makes you feel good. You or someone close could be recovering from a cold.

If working, you may have extra duties, meetings, or things that need to be re-done. You are likely to be juggling bills to pay if money becomes a little tight. Job seekers may hit bureaucratic delays or find hidden items in a contract. For some, offers of work tends to be for part-time, temporary or without benefits.

Long-term relationships are maintaining, but some may have issues to air out. Partners could have differences of opinions on spending, debt repayment, or work schedules. Expenses due to home or car repairs or pet care.

If you haven’t thought about the next weekend—consider something different like a dance lesson or going to a street festival. No? Okay, then how about a long walk around the block (without looking at your phone or textint),browsing n a different neighborhood, coffee in a new cafe, or out to nature? Being relaxed improves your ability to handle stress or worries. Take time to stroll, window shop, write in your journal, or call your mother.

Despite appearances, everything is happening as it should. Relaxation is needed, not more efforts and worry. Easy for me to say, right? FOCUS: Everyday life has its blessings.

Personal Year 3                 Improving Your Communication Skills Could be Profitable; Despite Challenges Focus on Finding Happiness; Develop your Creative Side; Speak Out; Write, Paint, Dance, Travel

Personal Month 3                Increased desires for socializing; taking time to enjoy little things, and imagining new goals; great time for vacation; possible change or layoff in job layoff; children need your attention not you looking at your phone

WHOOPEE. This week just has some really good moments! By the end of this week you could have the good news you are waiting for. You may have an invitation that lifts your spirits. You may have swept away the last of those pesky applications, traffic tickets, or sticky cabinet door situations. Happiness is so relative!

You may be returning from vacation, or doing a stay-cation or camping trip before it gets any colder where you are. If working, things may get a little busier, and you may have to work later than usual one or two days. If someone with whom you need to “work through” a conflict seems to be avoiding you, don’t force anything. Facts will speak for themselves, but also consider the other person’s point of view.

If looking for work, a temporary position may be just the right move to get you through this period. Rewrite your resume—again—to make sure your objectives are current.

In terms of relationships, you could be feeling a little confused about your direction right now. Don’t rush into anything right now. Enjoy each day as it comes.

In general, this is a time to avoid making a hasty decision just because you want to relieve tension. You may have to live with the consequences for longer than you would like if it's not right. FOCUS: Stay the course. Delay a discretionary purchase to give an impulsive urge time to pass.


Personal Year 4            A Year When You Benefit from Planning and Organizing; Face Facts; Start to Build Toward Your Goals; Practical Choices are Best; Stability

Personal Month 4            Events bring a reality check; time to get back to basics; potential to initiate a more realistic budget; pay down a debt (even a little); car or house repairs; desire to clean out clutter and recycle; need for self-discipline and consistency

HOLDING TOGETHER. The bonds of your relationship, family, community, or religious affiliation seem especially strong and important these days. While you may feel things are rather slow or static, it's okay to just be. In some cases, a recent event could have you tapping your foot, waiting for the other shoe to drop. If dealing with annoying people, it's prudent to be especially kind and tactful now to avoid making things worse. Despite possible conflicting pressures, it’s a time to stay very focused on “one step at a time.” There’s an excellent chance that job-seekers receive either a job offer or an extension of benefits.

What you thought you knew for sure about someone may not be so true anymore. However, this period calls for putting one foot in front of the other and maintaining a steady pace. Hasty words could start a fight you don’t really want. Make up with physical affection and gentle, good-humored teasing. For some, medical procedures could be initiated this week. If purchasing a large item, it may be best to choose a lay-away method, or simply save up till you have the cash.

Remember life is a cornucopia of possibilities. In addition to your daily to-do list, take time for something a little different and fun. If you are not in a position to take action, you can at least enjoy creating/visualizing something new (A new apartment? Relationship? Travel?). FOCUS: Listen to your intuition.

Personal Year 5          Events Outside Your Control Require You to Be More Flexible; Change Tends to Bring Unexpected Benefits

Personal Month 5         Could be an exciting month; unexpected changes tend to bring opportunity, freedom, or adventure; potential for a conflict of interest with someone; urge to get away from it all; travel; relocation; feeling that life is back on track

JUMPING. Could be jumping for joy. Jumping up and down. Jumping into a new thing. The point, is this seems to be a crack in the cosmos for you. While you are very likely to be feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof, your restlessness could be pointing you in a new and better situation. In the next few days, you are on the move in mind, body, and spirit.

If working your job or career could have gone through changes recently with this volatile Five personal Month. Some may be attending a big meeting, presentation, or training session. If looking for work, stay close to the phone. Branch out by researching an area related to your expertise--perhaps involving service, food, hospitality, or health.

Singles could receive a surprise invitation this week—for some it could be a marriage proposal. If already married, you might be trying to figure out how to have more peace at home. It’s a time to deepen relationships, or make adjustments that make life better in general. Circumstances force you to consider what’s really authentically important. In the long run, you’ll choose your highest priority. Freedom? Adventure? Self-growth? Status quo?

Keep close to important relationships. Call your mother—or someone else you care about who needs to hear from you! FOCUS: Spend time with friends or family. Conflicts are really just different points of view.


Personal Year 6                    Life Tends to Bring More Care, Security, and Responsibility

Personal Month 6                 People or duties may be more demanding; the focus is on work, finances, commitments, and taking care of business; health may be low, due to stress and lack of sleep; domestic issues demand an answer—or spending money

DOWN HOME. You may be tired of hearing this, but this is another week of soulful family work. You might have an unexpected call for help, a forgotten bill, or the need to fork over some cash to a sibling or offspring. Instead of worrying about things outside your control, shift into another gear. Step back and reflect on the purpose of recent events. What have you learned recently? You may come up with a creative way to make (most) everyone happy). It's possible that you will see the results of a decision now bear fruit in November.

If looking for work, use your time wisely. Stay focused on the positive, not dwelling on anxieties. Something good is germinating.

This last few days in your Six month is all about precious time with with friends and family. Someone may seek out your advice or support financially. There's no sense to fall into unhelpful worry. Instead, listen to music, play with your pet, or visit a local nursery and get close to green, red, and gold things.

You may have plenty of people distracting you, but still feel a little lonely. It's possible that you feel left out of a special occasion; notice what you choose to focus on. This kind of thinking could be an old pattern for you. Feelings could appear in physical symptoms. You might need to see a doctor. FOCUS: If you can't go out because of the weather turn on some amazing music and let yourself dance or dream.

Personal Year 7            Trust Your Intuition; Time for Reviewing Life Goals; Gratitude; Learning

Personal Month 7          Potential for discoveries; period of reflection, possible sadness or feeling alone; desire to be closer to nature, read, think, and rest

POWER OF THE SMALL. You may be making an plans to simplify. Getting rid of excess and things that no longer are relevant to you is likely to raise your spirits like a wildfire, once you get going. Yes, it's likely to be a quiet few days as Seven slips away into Eight at the weekend. Therefore, you feel that transition, and are more willing to re-balance income with expenses. This last few days can actually bring news that changes the way you felt in a good way at the beginning of the month.

However, no need to rush around or lose your keys or wallet. Be attentive when traveling or exercising. If you have been feeling a bit discouraged or impatient with the pace of your life, read a spiritual book. It's crucial to enjoy a little time outside, fresh air and mild exercise. Everything is moving at the right pace—not a bit faster. Job-seekers could find employment now with governmental-type jobs, surveys, or security work.

Discussions centering on finances could bring some conflict for couples. Decide how you can make it work for both of you. Be business-like and just don't make it about fault-finding. You are in this together. If job stresses and the allocation of household chores are points of contention, make a plan. Long-term couples might decide to tie the knot now. A fantastic vacation may be coming up very soon. Singles—you might meet someone unexpectedly at a business function. Don’t replay old conversations, eat late at night, or second-guess what someone says to you. FOCUS: Find activities which give you a sense of a spiritual connection and a peaceful heart.


Personal Year 8      Your Efforts Over the Last Few Years Begin to Pay Off; Applying Concerted Effort Now Promises Good Results; The Year May Bring Legal Matters, Property Deals, or Large Financial Outlays; a Year of Empowerment

Personal Month 8     Need for business-like thinking, rather than letting emotions rule; power struggles may bring pressure; possible confrontations with the law; urge to move up the career ladder; may attain an educational degree

PRODUCTIVE EFFORTS. Finally you can see your way through some of the complexities of late. You may still need to deal with authorities, or make a convincing argument on a matter. Your ability to make good decisions now is quite good, but make sure you have assessed risk factors as realistically as possible. You could even be excited about a wonderful new opportunity. Possibilities on the big screen right now are: money-making idea; new job; consulting a financial planner; buying, selling, or leasing. For some a business trip could crop up. You tend to be rather serious now, and wish that people would do what you want them to. Since you are clearing the decks now, be sure to review all contracts before signing.

This period tends to bring serious considerations, even in relationships. Discussions of marriage or divorce may crop up. Emotions tend to be strong, and old parental conditioning could be influencing your thinking.

In general, it’s time to let go of regrets, resentments, or worries. FOCUS: Taking another look at what you need right now, rather than what you think you need.


Personal Year 9            Some Things Wind Down or Complete; You Realize How Far You Have Come in Life and Look Forward to Achieving New Things in the Next Nine Years

Personal Month 9          A period bringing fulfillment, completion, and a sense of transition; may have a breakthrough event; time to think about a new phase of living; saying goodbye to someone; unexpected windfalls or inheritances; desire to travel, volunteer, give back, forgive and forget

MORE WINDING DOWN. You may not feel like taking on the world this week, and you don't need to. Let someone else turn the wheels of life for a few minutes. This week could actually bring you something of an unexpected gift or little reward for all the good deeds you tend to do the rest of the year.

For many of you the urge to clean out and simplify will be all but irresistible. Some will be facing an emotional let-down or let-go. We tend to say now, “That's life!” because this is a time of being philosophical about what we cannot change.

Don't worry. October is like turning the page to a new chapter. As early as the end of the week, a surprising turn of events could put you in the driver’s seat. In the days ahead you'll find the energy and mental power to move ahead if that's what you want. Being present in this moment with what is, is absolutely fine, and is what the gurus tell you, anyway!


If a worthwhile project needs a bit of leadership, perhaps you will see your way to take charge, especially if others seem to be losing steam. New information and opportunities are coming in as you make a transition to your One Personal Month in October, so that could change your situation, too. There’s a lot of potential in the air right now, but things may change radically yet again by January—if you want to look that far ahead. Remember, you are wrapping up a nine-year cycle of life!

Job seekers should be poised to get a new job in the next few weeks. But a job taken now or into next year may be an interim step to something completely different in a year's time. Don't assume you'll be in this one forever.

This Nine Year and Nine month has been showing you all the ways you can love the people around you. Old relationships may be moving in a slightly new direction or pursuing some new ideas for where and how to live. Singles, this Nine may be a test of what you really are looking for in a companion, but don't give up hope! It's out there—that is if you keep living the good life and stop trying too hard. A new activity could be very appealing by the time you get to the weekend.

In general, this is a wrap-up-the-loose-ends moment. Go to the movies or something else that moves you emotionally. Shake it loose! Give time and energy to helping others. FOCUS: Let your heart rule, but keep in touch with your head, too!