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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
July 15 through July 21, 2019

The Universal vibration for 2019 is Three (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 (1 + 2) = 3)creative and fortunate! No matter what number your own Personal Year is, expect improvements in your financial situation, health, and relationships this year.

Each of us goes through nine-year cycles, sequentially from one through nine. After each Nine Personal Year, we start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Note: If your personal year happens to be Three in 2019, the Universal Year Three energy amplifies your own creative energy.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2019:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2019.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2019 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 20 (2 + 0) = 2 is Your Personal Year in 2019

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1         START OF A NEW CYCLE. New Directions and Interests; Desire to Establish Goals for Next Nine Years; Surge of Confidence; Inventions; Moves; Career Changes; Challenges Require Courage to Stand Up for Oneself

Personal Month 8     A NEW DEAL. A period of heightened activity regarding business, property, management, financial outlay, or legal matters; working on top priorities; potential power struggles; commitment to a plan of action; graduation; new job or mew place to live

BALANCING. A communication this week could lift your spirits and resolve a recent question. Financial considerations still tend to be in the forefront, especially in terms of gift-giving, weddings, or travel expenses. Keep your distance when tempted to become too chummy. Price-compare when purchasing. A business deal or property purchase may slow momentarily, but things turn out well.

If feeling hassled in a relationship, money may be a concern, but is not the true underlying issue. More likely, the root of your conflict is a feeling of inequality. How can you talk this through? Older offspring may be resisting your good advice. If engaged, this week favors weddings and family reunions (which could be a little pricey). AVOID: Dropping the ball on a must-do. FOCUS ON: Staying true to yourself when you know what is right.

Personal Year 2       DEVELOPING SITUATIONS. Personal Growth; Emphasis on Right Relationships with Self and Others; Periods of Indecision or Over-analyzing; Cautiousness and Fluctuating Feelings; Situations Requiring Patience; Desire for Love and Romance; Partnership Issues; Assisting, Caring, Supporting Others; Expressing Artistically; Periods of Loneliness; Desire to Find Harmony and Balance

Personal Month 9     LET GO. Increased desire to be generous and supportive; sensitivity to time passing; possible sadness over a relationship; emotional partnership issues; falling in love (or romantic illusion); overly involved in the situation of a friend; potential for jealousy or desire for revenge; end of a project or phase; retirement; honeymoon

MIXED BLESSINGS. If you tend to be on the moody side this week—you may be over-thinking things, or feeling left out. It's possible that you are healing from an illness or setback. Pace yourself now, and enjoy the friendships and activities that nourish you. Your thoughtful guidance could be exactly what someone needs right now, and vice-versa.

A close relationship is either taxing or quite lovely. If you've been at odds, you likely kiss and make up. If not, your Nine vibe may indicate a pending breakup or separation. If dating, you could be excited about a person who reminds you of someone else. Don't make any long-term promises now. No need for drama or jumping through hoops. AVOID: Negative people and news. FOCUS ON: Simplicity.

Personal Year 3       CREATIVE ENERGY. Activities Involving Traveling, Sports, Games, Selling, Performing, Young People; Feelings of Happiness and Playfulness; Busy Social Life; Desire to Break Out of the Humdrum; Optimism, Pleasure, Good Fortune; Imaginative Solutions

Personal Month 1     BIG CHANGE OR ADVANCEMENT. Rejuvenation; optimism; relief; health improvements; desire to get started on something new and interesting; new emotional attachments; spurts of creative activity; busy social life; desire to branch out, explore, win

QUIET SUCCESS. At times this week, you feel on the verge of a completely new scenario. Uncertainty and anticipation are constant companions. Efforts now get high praise. If in sales, entertainment, a new business, or organizing youth activities you see encouraging progress. You could make headway on a creative project dear to your heart. It's time to face the world with confidence and enthusiasm.

If in a new love story, you both have stars in your eyes. If married, you discuss options for a new dream, or take steps toward a goal. Pregnancy, birth, or adoption events may occur. If single, take a dance lesson this week. Get out and about with a younger crowd. Oh, why not? It’s a great life, isn’t? AVOID: Staying in your rut. FOCUS ON: Humor and positive thinking.

Personal Year 4       BUILDING A BASE. Consistent Steps Toward a Goal; Increase in Self-discipline; Cutting Monthly Expenses; Decisions that Increase Stability; Commitments; Marriage; Steady Business Growth; Likely to be Bored with Routine but Reluctant to Move

Personal Month 2     GERMINATION. Periods of indecision or waiting; analyzing; redesigning or refining a project; repairing, organizing; encountering delays; okay to slow down; thinking about a relationship; time with friends; desire for stability, beauty, love, companionship

UNTANGLE: Have you been ruminating, but going nowhere? So….ask yourself: “What is it that I know I need to do?” Your inner adviser has been trying to get through to you. In the meantime, you may have to deal with a co-worker, neighbor, or new acquaintance. Most likely you clear away some old business or organizational stuff that brings great peace of mind. You might find something you lost.

If feeling lonely, you are likely to notice seemingly happy couples everywhere! If struggling, practice shifting focus to something uplifting. Film festivals, art shows, company picnics, community gardens, and photography classes may spark a new optimism or introduce compatible people. Be extra easy on yourself this week. Sincere acts produce quiet joy. Avoid explanations, excuses, or feeling guilty about anything. See the drama for what it is, and forgive yourself. AVOID: Looking for problems. FOCUS ON: This moment in your life.

Personal Year 5       UNSTABLE CONDITIONS. Life-changing Events; Must be Flexible; Desire for Freedom and Adventure; May Move or Change Career; Desire to Explore and Grow

Personal Month 3       GOOD TIMES. Many activities and friendly encounters; may be moving, traveling, on vacation, or involved with a special project; increased sexual energy and charisma; surprises; exhilarating moments of happiness or activity; desire for exploration and adventure

GIFTS. In many ways you could say that this is one of your best weeks. With a free-spirit Three vibe in an adventurous Five year, you are likely to be on vacation, or exploring something interesting. Income from a creative endeavor may cause you to think: “I get paid for doing this?” Many compliments come your way. With a tendency to be over-optimistic and imaginative, you might fall into mistaken assumptions. Before signing anything, check out the story you think is happening.

If dating, be open-minded. Accept invitations. With a Three vibe this month, you are fertile and creative. If in a relationship, have a party or get creative with an old routine. AVOID: Getting cold feet about that bucket-list adventure. FOCUS ON: Giving up the drama. Get more fun out of life.

Personal Year 6        SERVICE. Highlights Commitment, Community, Family, Health, Education; Home-coming; Marriage; Divorce; Adoption; Parenting or Care of Parents; Graduations; Offspring Go to College or Military; Interest in Home Remodeling, Entertaining

Personal Month 4        DILIGENT EFFORTS. Family functions, reunions, weddings, memorials; may be making changes in your domestic life; downsizing; ready to settle down, get married, start a family, remodel, or build a home-based business; feeling tied to responsibilities

DETAILS. Could your schedule get any more packed? Everyone wants a piece of your time. This is a time when stress could trigger symptoms. Medical or dental appointments or other practical matters occupy your schedule. You might be in the process of searching for a new home, a job, or new schooling. You are motivated now by practicality and finding stability.

If partnered, this week might heighten your sensitivity to your sweetie's annoying little habits. If things are going well, this period encourages you to get engaged, married, or paint the new apartment together. Single? Looking for love takes a little work right now, with little time for spontaneous meetings. AVOID: Re-telling the same old story. FOCUS ON: Commitment.

Personal Year 7        TIME OF REFLECTION; Desire for Spiritual Direction; Taking a Spiritual Journey; Defining What's Really Important; Simplifying; Trusting Intuition; Periods of Peaceful Solitude; Desire for Spiritual Companionship; Projects Requiring Deep Focus; Residence in a Foreign Country; Periods of Sadness or Depression; Receiving a Revelation or Insight

Personal Month 5       CRAVING SOMETHING NEW. A time to re-vision plans and priorities; streamline for peace of mind; things tend to change for the better—and rapidly; secret affairs; mishaps due to haste and carelessness

THINKING OF SOMEONE BEFORE THEY CALL. Your intuition is very strong this week. What is the message you've been getting? Rising earlier allows you to start the day with a peaceful mindset. With soulful Seven and adventurous Five, you may be away from home, on vacation, attending a retreat or memorial, or visiting a distant friend. Optimism rises after an unexpected meeting.

If married, one of you could be out of town. If dating, you could be feeling uncertain or conflicted. Things are probably different from how they appear. AVOID: Making decisions when upset or angry. FOCUS ON: Changing your routine a bit.

Personal Year 8        FINANCIAL FOCUS. Expenses Tend to Rise; Potential for Promotion and Success; Rewards or Awards; A Tendency to Live Beyond Means; Property and Investment Decisions; Debt or Bankruptcy Issues; Health or Legal Matters; Need for Good Business Sense

Personal Month 6     MONEY, FAMILY, LEGAL MATTERS. Responsibilities require attention; methods need updating due to new circumstances; potential for being involved in property matters, regulations, authorities; neighbor disputes; career training or educational decisions; need for restraint; medical decisions; marriage or divorce

GET IT TOGETHER. You may be packing for yourself or for a family member. Make sure all essentials are present, such as prescription medicine. With bossy Eight and responsible Six, you could be nailing down a project, or consulting professionals about finances, construction, health, insurance, or real estate. Compromises lead to a suitable solution to a family situation or care of an older relative.

This week continues your general routine and commitment to domestic responsibilities (including any move toward separation or divorce). You could also be making a decision about the care of an older relative. If single and looking, work bites into your free time. AVOID: Putting off a family obligation or ignoring a financial problem. FOCUS ON: Doing what your heart says is right.

Personal Year 9        COMPLETION. Transitions; End of an Era; Periods of Intense Emotional Experiences such as, Anger, Joy, Sorrow, Grief, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love; Increased Desire to Give Back; Possibilities for Travel, Graduation, Retirement, Separation; Care or Loss of Elders

Personal Month 7     INSIGHT. Sometimes feel like getting away from it all; desire for peace and quiet; events may bring tenderness, loneliness, or sadness; may be retiring or ending a phase; increased desire to know, learn, or research; on a journey; contemplating a lifestyle change

RECONSIDER. Don't worry if a plan of action is on hold this week. Use the time to look for points you might have missed or overlooked in order to make some more acceptable. Shift gears and do something else for awhile. Give your unconscious time to come up with a better idea. Maybe you don't really want what you thought you wanted. Gather information from a variety of sources.

If single, you enjoy the benefits of solitude. If antsy for a getaway, research vacation tours to a place you've always wanted to go. If traveling, be extra mindful. For something completely different, visit a psychic or astrologer (or numerologist) to get another opinion on your situation. If in a partnership, one of you may be away from home. AVOID: Worrying about what you cannot change. FOCUS ON: Noticing any bright ideas from dreams, intuition, hunches, or coincidences.