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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
August 1 through August 7, 2016

A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1         New Directions or New Interests; Seeds Planted for Next Nine-year Cycle; Growing Self-confidence; Desire for Independence and Freedom; Increased Ambition to Achieve Goals

Personal Month 9        Period often brings a sense of closure; potential for letting go of a problem or situation; sense of new vistas; good fortune; preparing to launch into something new; potential for feelings of sadness, spiritual understanding, and deep love; desire to heal and forgive; let go of negativity; and develop a new attitude

CREATIVE POWER. If you are ready to make a decision that has been a long time coming, this could be one of the most important periods of your life. You are in the midst of aligning yourself with the powerful forces underlying your current situation. In August, you move out of July's high-powered Eight personal month into the complex vibration of Nine--which could stir up emotions from sadness to joy or relief. At the very least, you feel a shift of your inner landscape. Things may now seem more possible; you find reasons to be optimistic. For some, a situation could promise to offer a bigger payoff than first thought. For others, a situation might become more complex or demanding. If working, colleagues from out of town (special visitors or possibly foreigners) may bring interesting news or require diplomatic handling. If differences with others arise, take a philosophical (“wait-and-see”) approach for the present. Job seekers may need to wait out a couple of weeks till the right offer arises seemingly effortlessly. This volatile period could also make you feel a bit confused about love. Old flames may make a surprising call. Whether single or coupled, your heart could be tugged by concern for someone's situation. Since you are currently in a One Personal Year, look for a new direction to become more apparent to you as the Fall months unfold. Therefore, if engaged, you may want to hold off setting a wedding date until after October 1. This week is definitely a time to become aware of how you can let go of the past (and old fears). While you can never change what happened, you can build on the wisdom accrued in that experience. When you find yourself focusing on doubts, quietly affirm “I want to meet good people.” as you head into the beginning of a new nine-year cycle in September. AVOID: Letting depression or discouragement drain your natural vitality. FOCUS: “Anything is possible” should be your mantra.


Personal Year 2        A Year of Interesting Developments; Time Requiring Patience; Improvements in Relationships; Compatible Associations and Supportive Networks; Issues Regarding Love, Motherhood; Desire for More Balance and Beauty; Many Details; Projects Requiring Team Work

Personal Month 1       Desire to start over; new phase; investigation of new idea; moving; career opportunities or testing of a partnership; desire to lead and clarify direction

LEADING BY EXAMPLE. This week a tiny voice tells you that everything is going to turn out alright. You might be more willing now to take that next step. By a word or deed, your efforts are noticed, and others may seek your advice or opinion. Even if you are fairly content with your present situation, you might be contemplating a bold new move. Decisions now may involve other people's welfare. You know now what you must do to insure a sense of balance for yourself and those involved. In some sense, you feel you are passing a test with “flying colors.” Job seekers could get very good news this week. A new position could bring involvement with networks, computers, teamwork, the beauty or art world, photography, or social events. Since this whole year keeps the focus on relationships, this week could kick off a big decision regarding a person you deeply regard. If in conflict with your partner, don't try to convince him or her of anything. Accept that each of you has a valid point of view. Express yours with kindness and authenticity. Agree to give each other the chance to talk freely without blame or criticism. Without an agenda you may be surprised at how well things turn out. In general, this is a great week for engagements, weddings, or births. Make those decisions that you have been putting off. AVOID: Complaining. It’s time to follow your heart. FOCUS: Leadership. Action.


Personal Year 3         A Year of Unfolding New Developments; More Desire for Freedom, Social Life and Self-expression; Much Pleasure with Young and Old; May be Developing a Talent or Creative Idea; Birth of Something Wonderful; Cause for Optimism

Personal Month 2        Love, romance, flirtations, imaginative ideas, interest in upgrading and beautifying; may be editing past work, talking to a supportive colleague or agent; desire to find a partner, meeting new people; joining an association; need for a little more patience and kindness

PURE ENJOYMENT. The good vibrations of last week tend to continue, although you may begin to sense a slow-down toward the end of the week. It's natural to be fine-tuning an idea or plan now. It’s time to work out the kinks or put on the finishing touches. It’s essential now to get support from others, but you have to keep the communication very clear and precise. If you are self-employed you might be look for someone to partner with, share lists, etc. Job seekers should have at least one or two interviews this week. Be patient through this mini-slowdown. An interviewer might not respond promptly. Romantically, this is your love month. You may still be looking for the perfect partner, but are willing to be patient. If you are in a relationship, it’s time to sweeten the deal. How about a bed-and-breakfast mini-trip this weekend? An engagement ring? Could be the time to start a family. Singles are in a good position to run into a wonderful person in a casual way. An outside activity brings unexpected fun. If you are a bit uncertain about how to present an idea, try to see the other person's point of view and address what is important to them. AVOID: Procrastinating on taking the next step in a creative project or idea. FOCUS: Friendship and collaboration.

Personal Year 4         A Year Which Turns Your Thoughts to Building a Foundation for Prosperity; A Desire to Get Down to Business; More Practical and Successful Decisions; May be Solving a Problem, Getting Organized for a Better Result; Commonsense and Reliability are All-important

Personal Month 3        Events unfold a little more quickly and things may take an unexpected turn; may fall in love; strong desire for abundance, play, creativity, color, and change; more social activities

UPSWING. This week is likely to feel much more social and upbeat than last week. Now you see/feel the light at the end of the tunnel. This could be the week to go away on vacation, rent a lakeside cottage, repaint the living room, or just hang out on the porch with a good book. Keeping your sense of humor is essential. You may find you have more interesting conversations, or are able to make time to hang out at the coffee shop. You might be posting great photos or putting together something for You Tube. Job seekers are busy re-writing their resumes or setting up meetings. A friend could set you up with a good contact, so listen to intuitive prompting to call someone. Use this free time for a little rest and recreation! You deserve it. This is generally, a favorable time for getting issues sorted out; HOWEVER, in some case, there is a potential for a love triangle. Communication needs to be clear or a promise could be broken. Since your Three month is so fertile and creative, this is an excellent week to start a family or spend more time with your children. A vacation or mini-get-away would be a wonderful thing this week. AVOID: Working without balancing with recreation. FOCUS: Optimism, humor, putting ideas together in an unusual way.

Personal Year 5        Unexpected Changes; Desire for More Freedom or Something New; Feelings of Restlessness or Periodic Boredom; Dreams of a Big Adventure; More Ability Now to Be Flexible and Adapt to New Trends; May Deal with the Public or Travel; Short-term Projects Offer Benefits

Personal Month 4        A time to consider getting back to basics; need to sort out realistic ideas from pie-in-the sky ideas; need for cutting costs; money spent on remodeling, upgrades, entertaining business people

INITIATE A PLAN. For some this week brings joy and delight over a situation well-handled or a problem solved. Since your Five personal year suggests action and change, this Four personal month might direct your attention to things you have been thinking about for awhile. For example, you could be spiffing up your home, refinishing furniture, or rearranging your office. If working, you may have to review a project you thought was finished. Before you start something new, however, take time to restore order to your work area, as something may be hidden there that you need to find. The practical vibe of Four now asks you to apply reason, and foresight. You can dream, but now is the time to do something towards achieving your dream. Job seekers are very likely to find work within the month. This is a great week to submit a resume, make a follow-up call, or volunteer. Despite a small upset concerning the handling of practical matters, couples work through tough issues. This stable period encourages commitment and compromise, even though a part of you thinks you might like a change! Be gentle with yourself and the other person, and talk about possibilities for the future. It’s a great week for weddings, but keep expenses within reason. AVOID: Feeling frustrated by things you can’t change at the moment. FOCUS: Enjoy the week, and keep attention on important matters.


Personal Year 6        A Fruitful Year with Many Loving Moments; Greater Emphasis on Responsibility, Duties, and Family Matters; the Health of Self or Others May Need Attention; Time to Focus on Making Your Living Situation More Comfortable; Opportunities to Work in Teams or Communities; May Teach, Counsel, or Seek Counseling; Developing Hobbies, especially Singing

Personal Month 5       Events point to where you need to make changes now; if caring for someone, be sure to take frequent breaks; may travel to visit relatives or get married; desire toget back into a healthy routine

BREAKDOWN. As you move out of last months hard-working Four energy into freedom-loving Five, may experience a barrier that eventually brings you to a new and better place. Since Six favors the domestic area of life, you may have the freedom to telecommute and work at home. Five brings changes of all kinds, so you may be starting a vacation, or making adjustments to your plans for a vacation. There is a potential that you have to adjust yours schedule to handle a domestic responsibility. If working on a sticky problem, try asking five people for their ideas. Everyone loves to give advice. Look for a common theme, and listen to your intuition. This is a good time to explore new options even though you may not be quite ready to commit to anything. Job seekers are still looking, but could make an unexpected discovery in an unlikely place. While love bonds tend to be strong now, minor conflicts and differing opinions could create a temporary upset. Each partner needs to speak clearly and kindly about what he or she truly wants—but timing is everything here. For deep personal discussions, choose a neutral environment (like a café or a walk in the park). Single people may enjoy trying something new this week and getting out and about. Try fun physical activities. This week is best handled by being flexible, but keeping in touch with long-term goals. AVOID: Flaring up over minor issues and becoming tiresome and self-righteous. FOCUS: Changing your routine slightly could bring delight and a new way of doing things in the future.


Personal Year 7        A Year of Inner Development; Rest From the Fray; Desire for Reflection, and Rejuvenation; Desire for Privacy or to Keep Something Hidden; Discovery of Important Information; Desire to Research, Study, Learn, and Understand; Drawn to Spiritual Influences

Personal Month 6       A period that may demand careful thinking and a compromise; your solitude might be invaded by visitors; news about family members; possible sadness or celebration (weddings, births, breakups)

CONTRADICTION. Your Seven year opens up new interests (or rekindles old fires), and with that comes the desire to focus and get to the bottom of things. However, in this Six personal month, many distractions brought by relationships may seem to be drawing you away from that inner peace you hope to find. Just remember the concept of ebb and flow. We need both alone time and time in relationship. Try not to lose patience when things seem to be going South. Avoid trying to cut corners and be thorough with communications and details. You need to cover all your bases now and think things through. If working with fairly traditional people, your may have to tread carefully to get your point of view across. However, with convincing data and a well-thought out plan, you win them over. If you have a job, you may have more responsibility this week, especially if others are out of the office. Job seekers may very likely be returning to work in the next few days or weeks. If in love, have you been thinking of popping the question? August is an excellent time for weddings. On the other hand, if unhappy are you considering separation? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and find out what’s important to them. A deep conversation could bring great mutual good feelings (even tears of joy). In general, you feel a bit tested this week to step up to the plate and do what is most important. AVOID: Trying to hide a problem under the rug. FOCUS: Find balance for yourself even though you want to be there for others.

Personal Year 8         A Powerful Year When Things Come Together; Sense of Achievement; Past Hard Work Finally Pays Off; Use Logic and Business Sense; Consult Professionals When in Doubt; May be Handling Large Amounts of Money, Investments; May be Building, Manufacturing, or Developing a Business Idea; May Have to Handle Bureaucratic Delays or Demands; May Need to Prove an Idea; Graduation or Promotion

Personal Month 7       A month which causes you to slow down or reconsider; more information may be required for a project; possible absence from a loved one; going away from home; studying or taking an exam; desire for an answer to a question; spiritual interests emerge

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. Your Seven vibe this month makes you desire a bit of a “sabbatical.” Stress or overwork could cause you to miss a signal, causing you to be out of circulation temporarily. You may be away from the office, away from home, or getting more information from your doctor or lawyer. If working you could be traveling or spending more time alone in the office. If your shop or office is quieter than usual, take care of an outstanding task that you have been wanting to do. Writing, planning, and going over details is productive and gives peace of mind. Job seekers are busy searching the Internet for job listings and may find a hidden or recently posted gem. Success comes from having exactly the expertise that an employer is looking for. Romance now could be the furthest thing from your mind, as you are focusing on a personal interest, recovering from a minor ailment, or on a business-related retreat. However, your intuition about someone is strong now so trust your gut. Not usually a great week for weddings, but you could elope! Your ideal romantic spot might be a hidden cabin at a lake, a waterfall, or a scub-diving honeymoon. AVOID: Feeling that things are not on track—they are, but you just can’t see it yet. FOCUS: Inner strength and spiritual development.

Personal Year 9        The Final Year in a Nine-year Cycle of Development; Feelings of Completion and Desire to Forgive and Move On; With Your Alignment to the Nine Universal Year, Expect to Attract Great Good Fortune and Abundance; An Emotional Year; May Bring Sadness from Retirement, Separation, Loss, but Also Joy and Greater Wealth Than Dreamed Of; Time to Broaden Your Outlook; Travel; Join a Humanitarian Group

Personal Month 8        A month demanding attention to financial or legal matters; potential issues around lease contracts, authorities, property or banking matters; possible time for surgeries; if doing a wedding now you choose a big, expensive one

GO FOR IT. Now that you are out from under July's Seven umbrella, the sun is out. You feel yourself waking up to the infinite possibilities of life, and want to get back into the swing of things. However, with ambitious Eight, you may sense that the pressure to perform and manage is becoming stronger. Whether you are working in a career or developing personal interests, you are determined to rise to whatever life throws at you. For some, a contract for a large amount of money may be signed, or you may purchase something expensive for your business, home, or offspring. If legal matters need to be sorted out, hire an expert to be on the safe side. Some may be thinking seriously about retirement. If not now, when? Concerns about investment portfolios may arise now. Questions about a change of career or moving to a new location could becoming more urgent. You may feel a mixed bag of uncertainty, adventure, and a tiny drop of anxiety as you are phasing out this nine-year cycle. Job seekers could be starting a trial period of employment this week. A paycheck could include a raise or reimbursement. A big financial decision this week could influence your love life. Someone whose opinion you value wants to know where you stand. Couples facing a serious issue tend to come closer together. Singles may meet someone interesting in a professional situation, but the attraction may not go both ways at first. This week may give you a chance to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t back down under pressure, but let people know what you care about. AVOID: Getting stuck in a power struggle. FOCUS: Choose to act with professional behavior and integrity despite pressure.