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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
February 8 through February 14, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1            Start of a New Phase; Lifestyle Changes; New Interests; Consider Goals for next 9-Year Cycle

Personal Month 3         You tend to communicate and socialize more; might suddenly feel like starting that creative project; chances to enlarge your network; anxieties tend to lessen; feelings hope

A LITTLE CHAOS. If working, your schedule is likely to feel more hectic or scattered this week—and expect some delays. Your ability to concentrate and focus fluctuates depending on the time of day! The desire to get away, relax, hang out, or let go of worries grows stronger this week. Distractions may crop up, such as looking for misplaced items like keys, glasses, or your mobile phone. The way you communicate in texting, emails, and in conversation could create a misunderstanding, so be thoughtful, not hasty. If looking for work, you may get a lead from a friend or casual acquaintance. In your free time, find something fun to do with friends—especially young people or children--this week. Someone who has been laid off might need some cheering up or support. DO: think about plans to celebrate LOVE on the upcoming Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have any romantic special someone. Consider inviting single friends over for a romantic-comedy video night or, better go out someplace lively. DON’T: Be extravagant in spending, but maybe you can treat yourself to a massage or a movie—especially if you've felt like a bit of a hermit lately. KEY: Relaxation and creative daydreaming to find an answer. Ask your dreams tonight to give you a message. Make it a week of small kindnesses. Surprise someone with an anonymous small present.

Personal Year 2                Associations Aid Success; Relationships are Key to Happiness; Love, Romance, Friendships Flourish

Personal Month 4             Practice a little more self-discipline to move you toward a goal; if frustrated, organize something in your everyday setting; enjoy getting tasks crossed off the list

ONE STEP AT A TIME. There could be a tendency to worry over little things now, so stay active and focused on accomplishing a few small tasks. I know I sound like your mother, but consider being a little more practical (or realistic) in the next few weeks. Those who are employed could be a bit bored or over-thinking a situation. Job-seekers: Since circumstances may pose obstacles, this is generally not a time for bold moves. However, you CAN get a lot done now—and probably in much less time than you originally thought. This would be an excellent week to update and refresh your resume. In other areas of life, some of you might encounter a situation where you want to protect your turf; you are likely to become stubborn in the face of demands. Stand firm on what's true for you, but be a good listener, as well. Consider the consequences of choices. Share your true thoughts with someone special, and don't be shy. Set up a Valentine’s Day date before it gets too late (or accept their invitation.) DO: Balance all the hard work you might have to do this week with a wee break at the end. DON’T: Let worry keep your from taking a new step this week. KEY: Communicate clearly with key people who can affect your future; send in job applications, re-work your resume by being a little bolder or broader in your work objective.

Personal Year 3       Consider What You Really Love to Do; Express Yourself more Clearly; Enjoy Free Time and Learn Something New; Take a Lighter or More Playful Approach to Life

Personal Month 5     Increased possibility of meeting new people of like-mind; stay flexible; expect the unexpected; find the silver lining in a delay; definitely get some fun exercise

SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE IT UP. Many of you could feel the sand shifting under your feet. If working, you might be facing a re-ogranization or asking for a transfer. The volatility of this month could bring life-changing events. This week would be just the start, and people around you have to make some deicisons. Job-seekers: This tends to be a time when everything seems up in the air, or extremely uncertain. In general, you might easily be overbooked or feeling slightly overwhelmed. Mixed emotions may cause you to procrastinate. A wait-and-see approach might just be the best right now. For some, an unexpected call from a person long forgotten could bring joy. Plans made some time ago may change by the weekend, so be open to something new. However, if you do have tasks that need to be done, don't put them off. The upcoming Valentine's Day should be a very fun day for you, if you decide to do something or go somewhere different. If dating, keep an open mind about someone for whom you have mixed feelings. Don't try to make them fit your mold. DO: Enjoy being the center of attention for a moment this week. DON’T: Forget to write down appointments as things are moving fast. KEY: Spontaneity and good-humored chats with everyone you meet.

Personal Year 4         A Year of Tangible Accomplishments: Planning and Practical Decisions Pay Off in the Long Run; Strong Desire to Put an Idea into Form

Personal Month 6       Responsibilities around family and home life are very likely to increase; you may be asked to help improve conditions for a family member; group activities may be very interesting and productive

WARM HEART. Since this period tends to bring emotional rewards, you might be working long hours for a joyful cause. This week—while possibly challenging in the financial department—makes you feel very grateful for who and what you have--and who you know. Job-seekers tend to find service-oriented opportunities. In some cases, family member may be concerned about your health, especially if you are quite stressed out. Love of all types is also very much in the air during the cozy influences of a 6 Month in a 4 Year. Marriage plans could move forward for those who are ready. Home is where your heart is, and married partners look forward to an intimate time for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. You might be able to trade friends for your kids' sleepovers and go out for a meal or movie. In a quiet moment, something could become clear about your life purpose now (yes, believe it!) Write out a specific goal you want to achieve and put it in your underwear drawer (check to see how it has become reality in a few months!) Freshening your living space not only elevates your spirit, but could reveal something you thought you’d lost. DO: Visit a neighbor and catch up on the news. Make a second date with that new person. DON’T: Work such long hours that you deplete your energy. KEY: Things are progressing, so keep a positive attitude. Results come soon.

Personal Year 5               Mid-cycle Adjustments; Develop New Interests and Welcome Changes

Personal Month 7             Energy may shift this month due to a minor illness or upset; listen to intuition; unusual meetings or synchronicities could elicit questions or change; time to take it easy once in awhile; an insight occurs when you least expect it

HAVOC OR HAVEN. The combination of the eccentric qualities of 7 and the unpredictable 5 could have you scratching your head about what to do next. It's all good. Scrambling up your expectations get you out of a rut you didn't know you were in. If working, things might be slow. A personal interest or aspect of your life may be up for a decision or review, causing you to pause briefly before moving forward. Use this respite to slow down, putter, sleep, cook, de-clutter, read a biography, or take extra walks. An instinctive decision that you make this week yields better results than expected (with time.) For some, the past is very much on your mind. When you take another look at things, you feel a quiet sense of self-confidence. You are likely to feel more satisfied with what you have achieved on the inner level, and take a more realistic view of your situation. Because of a deep enjoyment of quiet solitude, you may decide to blow off celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. However, if single, pamper yourself with something a little special like a massage. DO: Trust your intuition. Turn to spiritual books of inspiration. DON’T: Waste your energy on people who drain you. KEY: Rest. Let things take their natural course.

Personal Year 6             A Year Favoring Stability, Commitment and Responsibility; You Tend to Feel Like Putting Down Roots; Divorce or Separation is also Possible if Marriage is Strained

Personal Month 8          Great month for moving forward on a large goal, financial decision, or completion of a process; successful results are almost certain if you have been thorough; you may pass an exam, or start to save or invest; legal matters may have to be handled

BUCKLING DOWN. If working, this tends to be an excellent week for business, bringing increases in income, promotions, or good news. Other achievements or progress is likely to be made in matters of education, debt-reduction or legal settlements. In some cases, you may be signing a contract or talking to those in authority with good results. If thinking of marriage, a trip may be involved to meet the relatives. If a marriage is strained, you might be struggling with possible separation or pounding out financial agreements. Family matters tend to require your attention or decision. This year you may decide to spend extra money for your honey's Valentine Day’s present. DO: Have a serious talk about finances with your mate (or room mate). If he or she doesn’t agree or is not interested, you may have to make a decision on your own. DON’T: Worry too much if unemployed—this period is definitely in your favor in the long run. KEY: A serious, yet friendly, approach brings satisfying results with someone with whom you’ve often had a difference of opinion


Personal Year 7            A Year Bringing Inner Development; Research Projects Bring Long-term Benefits; Slower Pace May be a Blessing in Disguise; Time of Reconnecting with YOU

Personal Month 9          A week to find solutions; if frustrated, handle problems philosophically; accept the things you cannot change; a tendency to depression or emotional outbursts may mar harmony

SURRENDER. For some, this week could bring extra stress or even feelings of loss or sadness. If working, you might be traveling, finishing a very detailed project, or struggling to meet a deadline this week or month. While some of you could be unexpectedly surprised by a gift out of the blue, others might be trying to stay in balance with feelings. Events outside your control could bring big shifts or changes in your work or personal life. It's a time of profits and losses, but the profits tend to overshadow the losses by the end of the month. This week, especially, there is a good chance that important matters are getting resolved in your favor (even though it doesn't appear so yet.) Since travel offers benefits, you could very likely be getting ready to fly or making reservations! Job-seekers: It could be that someone from the past will call or run into you. An interesting coincidence could help you figure out your next step. Valentine’s Day is extra special this year, but don’t mull over “the one that got away.” If single, plan to enjoy a night out with friends. DO: Review your goals and future plans and think a little bigger. DON’T: Spend time worrying about the future; instead give yourself permission to imagine the very best thing that could happen. KEY: Acknowledge how, in the past, you have managed to overcome some major obstacles. Give up any poor-me talk. You are a much greater soul than you realize.

Personal Year 8            A Challenging Year, but Full of Achievement; a Sense of Taking Charge of Your Life; Maturity; Deep Satisfaction; Becoming More Expert at Something

Personal Month 1          A month of decisive action or ethical choices; finances grow; self-confidence improves; desire to try something new

SELF-DETERMINATION. In some part of your life—whether it is work, finances, a new decision, or creative project, you could be feeling on top of the world. A big change or or insight from last week, may need time to unfold more clearly this week. For most in this powerful 1 vibration, creativity and the courage to express yourself--or make a decision--is enhanced. In reviewing recent events, what has brought you a feeling of confidence, joy, or hope? This is the direction you might want to follow and develop. Since your charisma is higher this month, people might be responding to your ideas in a more respectful way this week. Job-seekers: Since this is the month of new beginnings—the month you've been waiting for. It's very likely you are starting a new job, or being interviewed. Others may be starting a project that is important to the family, buying property, writing a book, or developing another creative project. For those in serious relationship, Valentine’s Day next week could bring a proposal. Others feel strangely confident about finding a compatible partner. Remember, the past is over. It does not define the future. Anything is possible. DO: Give use your smile and sense of humor. DON’T: Let fear or self-doubt cloud your mind. KEY: Honesty, boldness, and creative problem-solving. Don’t take no for an answer when you really know it's right.

Personal Year 9            A Year to Complete Goals Started Within this 9-Year Cycle; Growing Understanding and Wisdom; Thinking about New Ideas and Letting Go of What Isn't Relevant Anymore; Possible Loss; Probability of Good Fortune, Falling in Love

Personal Month 2          A period bringing more need for empathy, cooperation, and patience with others; a relationship may change or end; tendency to be very sensitive emotionally; indecisiveness

FAREWELLS. For some, this week might bring a friendship or association to an end. Since you are acutely aware of undertones or the feelings others are trying to communicate, be aware that small things can get blown out of proportion. Don't over-analyze comments till you drive yourself crazy! In general, the time is positive and encourages you to feel love—for one person, your children, your dog, or those less fortunate. It’s very possible that you will receive great news from someone who means a lot to you. Job-seekers; Be patient with any delays. Things are moving as they should even though you may not see it. During this period, you may have a sudden insight that allows you to feel a great sense of relief. It’s no longer important to focus on being “right.” You are more interested in moving on. If single and dating, someone you just met may have his or her eye on you! If no one special is available for Valentine's Day, spend it with an old friend—or visit older relatives. Get them to reminisce about their great loves. This is a week to gather, join, connect, associate, sing, and come alive emotionally. Since your 2 thrives on beauty, how about visiting a museum or attend a concert. DO: Say thank you when people compliment you, without going into self-deprecation mode. You are great! DON’T: Gloss over important details. KEY: A feeling of happiness and success comes from places you least expect.