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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
October 27 through November 2, 2014


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2014 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 15 = 1 + 5= 6 Personal Year in 2014

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1              A Year for Imagining Something New; Starting a Project or Business; Changing Career; Major Move; Start of a New Phase in Life

Personal Month 2            Take life one day at a time; relationships require care and patience; delays shift priorities; feelings are more sensitive

BALANCE. Tension could create mixed feelings and mood swings. Worry could cause you to tighten up—in your muscles, finances, or daily schedule. Personal complications at work or home could make it a little harder to concentrate this week. Since everyday life seems busier, you have to come up with an efficient solution. If delays occur, assume something better is in the offing. Things generally will take a turn for the better soon as you head into November (THREE Personal Month—creativity). Next month, you'll see some light at the end of the tunnel—I promise—so why not take a cheerful attitude now! For job seekers, next month offers possibly several possibilities to meet prospective employers; you enjoy an interview where you know you made a good impression. A love relationship could be somewhat frustrating. What might make it better? Remind yourself of the moments before now when things were good. Perhaps it's time to make time for each other. Get together with friends you haven’t seen for awhile. Casual social engagements lift your spirits, especially if single. As you slog through errands, try to save time for relaxation and get more sleep. Increase peace of mind by becoming aware of the beauty in the moment. FOCUS: Friendliness and positive comments. It's all-important to keep your tone of voice from sounding critical or keep from falling into a grumpy attitude.

Personal Year 2            A Year Highlighting Relationships; Practice Patience; Be Optimistic and Seek the Path Leading to Harmony

Personal Month 3          A period of possibilities, creative solutions, help from friends; enjoy small pleasures; social life may bring a conflict to work through

HAPPINESS. As you head into practical November next week, reality could be starting to set in. An idea could be starting to take shape. Try finding a flexible approach to a situation. Your confidence in yourself and ability to come up with solutions is getting noticeably stronger. Don't dissipate energy by talking about goals. Rather, keep taking small steps this week. If looking, a job or part-time work could come at anytime now. If a new person turns out to be a bit on the boring side, give him or her another chance, just in case. This could be an ideal time for couples who want to start a family. However, be clear on your budget issues now before incurring any new debt. Release free-floating anxiety about the future. How? First, ask yourself, what am I really afraid of? Is this truly realistic? Write down one step to take (the one that brings a sense of relief.) Then, let go of thinking about all this. Read a good paperback mystery in a hot bath with a dash of lavender oil, or leaf through a book on art during a quiet moment at the library. You do go to the library once in awhile, don’t you? The point is to notice things outside your own world. FOCUS: Slow down when possible. Make a list of things you want to attract and then put it away in a drawer. Start walking again three times a week or go back to yoga.


Personal Year 3            Enjoy Those Activities that Give Meaning to Your Life; What Do You Need to Feel You are Doing Your Life's Purpose?

Personal Month 4           A period requiring practical decisions and prudent planning; what you do or don't do now could create long-term effects

LOGIC. New information could change your mind about something or someone this week. Even if you feel a bit confused, sort out a couple of things that are in your power to do. Come up with a “starter” plan, rather than waiting to figure out everything (you can't control everything.) It's important to remember to take regular “refresher breaks” --short walks during the day, five minutes of closing the eyes and being still, or sitting on a bench in the park at lunchtime. If you sense change in the air, you’re right. November is a time to make needed adjustments—or they will be made for you. Job seekers might be inspired to look in a new direction. Watch the news for chance comments that might open up your thinking. Work may be getting in the way of alone time with your honey, so be sure to keep the lines of communication open. Get physical! In and out of bed. Singles—throw a Halloween party or go to one. Have a casual potluck—this is the perfect time to socialize or meet someone new! This week you feel better after accomplishing something. Declutter areas of your life such as the bedroom closet, office desk, or garage. Give away or recycle items you have not used in the last year. Volunteer service could add a new dimension to your life. FOCUS: Take charge in small ways and create a feeling of balance.


Personal Year 4                A Year for Planning Ahead and Making Practical Decisions

Personal Month 5             A month when things could change your outlook; explore an interest

GROUNDWORK. You may have had more than your share of frustrations this year. Even now, October may have you on the edge of your seat with uncertainty. Dealing with difficult people or handling unexpected projects could seem unfair—however, this experience may serve you well in the future. This last week of October may still present a seed, which is likely to bear fruit next year. Shake off routine, and do something different this week. If looking for work, you may find something involving a family business, service, or educational project that could start as early as the end of this week. Issues or questions at home tend to settle down; be responsive and let others know that you are willing to do your part. Activities with family or friends tend to increase now. It’s time for a little get-together or Halloween bash. You may have to take care of a small repair to your home, business machines, or car. It’s possible that marriage (or in some cases, divorce) is in the air. Take a chance and communicate your true feelings. You are likely to feel an amazing sense of relief and joy that you have FINALLY said what you wanted to say. FOCUS: Being authentic about who you really are—and accepting yourself with humility. In other words, don’t be so hard on yourself! You are a great soul.

Personal Year 5               Changes Demand Flexibility and Willingness to Go into Unfamiliar Territory; Expect to Be Tested About Priorities

Personal Month 6             A month to get stabilized, take care of things, make things right

CARRY ON. For some this month could have been very upsetting, especially if outside demands conflicted with your inner preferences. Generally, you've made the best of things. You feel a deep need to try to keep the peace with people and not rock the boat. Your natural abilities and experience are called for this week. You demonstrate your best side now. No matter what you are doing, keep some of your opinions to yourself. Quietly keep an eye out for opportunities. It's best to limit gloom and doom talk with associates or friends. Job seekers are likely to have better luck next month; delays are out of your control right now. Did someone you care about ask you to go above and beyond duty? If feeling a bit resentful, take time to re-balance with personal time—even a few minutes of upbeat music or working out at the gym can restore your good humor. Despite lots of duties, mentally slowdown once in awhile. Take it easy in the evenings, and catch up on sleep, meditation, music, or yoga. True love blossoms for some. Make up your mind not to worry about things you cannot change. FOCUS: Information, research, reflection, and a spiritual outlook.

Personal Year 6              This Year Develops Feelings of Compassion, Love, and Forgiveness—Possibly Through Family Associations

Personal Month 7             Time to slow down and consider what you want at this stage; could be discovering new information that could change your situation; take care not to rush or lift something too heavy; could be sidelined for awhile

INTUITION. Financial decisions are likely to be made near the end of this week as conditions become clear. It's possible that you are feeling the need to come to a conclusion. You may be concerned about moving, buying or selling a house, a health diagnosis, a child's behavior, or putting your parent into a home. Since new information tends to surface now, you might have to deal with something like a dispute involving a health payment or charge. In some cases, a raise or promotion is offered or perhaps you find exactly the right opportunity to bring this matter to someone’s attention. Some will marry in the next few weeks. Be prudent about expenses. For parents, tuition fees could bring increased pressures. There is a silver lining to your situation, either in timing or surprising opportunities. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need to get through this period. Or, someone might ask YOU for a loan. Only give it if you can afford not to see the money again! FOCUS: Take a step back to review priorities. Avoid blaming others.

Personal Year 7              Developing Trust, Discovering a New Strength; Unexpected News; Challenges in Relationships

Personal Month 8             Time for firmness and business-like decisions; may need to consult professional advisers; financial settlements; extra pressures; dealings with authorities

PAY-OFF. You have a potential for an unexpected reward for previous work, especially if involved with technology, medicine, banking, investing, building or property management. This could be a week for a final big push for completion. Long distance communications may bring good news. You may be getting ready to travel or finalizing a decision. A lot is at stake—status, reputation, investments, and successful interventions. Be business like, rather than overly emotional. Job seekers make every effort to keep up your spirits and trust in the Universe to handle the details. Write down what you want—make it specific and express how you want to feel. You should be in a much better position to find or start a job next month. In relationship it is probably up to you to be super-considerate right now. Avoid blow-ups by counting to ten! Next, ask, What is it that the other person wants? Don’t jump in with your agenda. Really listen to what the other person is saying. This week could give you a chance to get back into balance with an important person. Singles, expect a wild time on the weekend—as in the tall, dark, and good-looking category. Well, you can dream, can't you? Balance the budget, but treat yourself to something special like a movie or volunteer outing. FOCUS: Compassionate business practices.

Personal Year 8              A Year of Achievement; Growing Confidence; Commitments; Large Expenditures; Bumping Heads with the Legal System

Personal Month 9            A month when you may find feelings on the explosive side; temporary setbacks or estrangements; possible inheritance or sale of large item; gratitude, eventual forgiveness

DESIRE. As November approaches, you might seem to be Mr. or Ms. Magic. What is it? Have you had an attitude change, or what? People let you know how much they value your efforts or work. Otherwise, be aware of your tendency now to give into discouragement or depression. Seek medical help if things progress too long. A truly caring attitude from yourself or from someone else brings happiness. An inspiration from a casual conversation could bring benefits. It’s time now to look around your life with new eyes. What options do you see? Job seekers find unexpected advantages that could lead to an excellent offer this week or next month. Romance can blossom now—or wither if you fail to be responsive and caring. With the dual influences of long distance (NINE personal month) and money (EIGHT personal year), some may be talking about making a large purchase or planning a vacation. Go ahead. Check out cruises—they could be rather affordable now! If you are single and looking, re-invigorate your dating schedule. Look for companionship and friendship, rather than focusing on something that has to be long term. Keep it light and use that smile. Resolve to listen and understand—rather than try to convince. Clear clutter, outside and inside. Simplify. FOCUS: Clear your plate.

Personal Year 9              A Year of Gratitude; Preparing to Move Forward; Saying Goodbye to Someone or Some Phase; Letting Go of Control; Stay Balanced with Work and Play

Personal Month 1             A period requiring confidence, boldness, courage, and decisiveness; moves, shift of perspective; new look

ASSERTIVENESS. You may feel like it's time to let go (or give up) on a project, direction, or offering. Your thinking tends to fluctuate now as you consider options. You may have to take into account the needs or desires of someone else, who may not see eye-to-eye with you (which could be an understatement!) Arguments get you nowhere, so find out what the other person really wants. How could you find a way to meet both your needs? If you feel as if you did nothing new in October, be patient. November brings more time to cultivate relationships and contacts. Don’t push right now. Job seekers might be waiting for a final decision. Instead of beating yourself up for inaction, use the time to charge up friendships with new friends or former colleagues. Your focus tends to shift from your own goals to spending more time in relationships, friendships. Take special care with your looks and keep smiling. It’s time to believe in yourself. Your future does not have to be merely an outplaying of your past! Let the Universe know what you want. Let the Universe handle the details. FOCUS: Take a philosophical attitude.