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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
June 27 through July 3, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

NOTE: Your Personal Month vibration shifts on Friday, July 1.

Personal Year 1 Beginning of a New Nine-year Cycle; A Year Initiating Important Changes, New Directions, or Finding a New Focus; Time to Express Ambition, Innovation, Leadership

Personal Month 7 (June) A relatively slower-pace; increased desire to take time out to smell the roses; period of research; minor health concerns keep you side-lined temporarily; not a time to move hastily

Personal Month 8 (July) Powerful vibration for success; career and job advancement; big push to accomplish goals


UNUSUAL EVENTS. You feel a renewed sense of direction and a little more urgency to make some important changes. This is not the time to cut corners, although you may be tempted to move more quickly than usual. Take time to check important documents, contracts, or work orders. This week could provide an amazing synchronicity that reveals the hand of fate at work. Job seekers may have a breakthrough in a situation that had seemed closed. This week the quiet voice of intuition pays off. Big decisions are likely to be made in the next week as you move into the more outwardly-focused Eight personal month. If you recently started a relationship, someone's comment may be cause for concern. One of you may be drawing back. If your relationship is on solid ground, don't worry. A step back now could be a natural balancing move before coming to a serious commitment; taking a little breathing space may be the best thing in the long run. Your body is telling you something now. What? If feeling a little rundown, take time for mild exercise such as walks and go to bed earlier. On the weekend, get back in touch with what you love--watch a movie or video, or splurge on a pedicure. No need to rush anything. AVOID: Drawing conclusions before you have all the facts. FOCUS: Take the approach that gives you peace of mind.

Personal Year 2 A Year of Increased Social Activity; Highlights Improvement in Relationships, Building a Strong Network; Desire for Love; Periods of Loneliness if Single; Interest in Art, Museums, Beauty, Make-overs of Self or Home

Personal Month 8 (June) Decisions that affect relationships; time to be firm and realistic; may have to deal with authorities or social services; concerns about income and savings; urge to investing

Personal Month 9 (July) Starting to feel a big transition coming soon; time for completion; may travel a long distance

ENDURANCE. This week you draw deeply on your inner strength and trust that things are flowing. There is no real cause for worry, but you suddenly feel you should be more responsible and forward-thinking. Procedures and processes require you to pay attention. You may be seeking help from a professional about a problem. Whatever your activities, efforts now tend to bring satisfaction and perhaps even a new opportunity. You will know more how things are going to work out as you enter the completion energy of July (Nine month). If working, keep a high profile by coming in early and being productive. An excellent time for conferences, product launches or investment decisions. Job seekers are in a great position to land a job. Romantically, differences of opinions about daily life could have you fuming—and sure that you are right! Count to ten before communicating in a way you might regret. The problem could be you that you are making assumptions, and don't have all the facts. On the other hand, an obstacle could be removed this week bringing more joy to a relationship. If single and looking, take second look at someone you've already met. Work relationships may turn a nice corner. You are on a success track. Focus on your (true) goal, attend to details (as they come up), and strengthen relationships during this period. It’s who you know that counts now. AVOID: Trying to convince others from an emotional place. Show them facts and figures. FOCUS: Reap your harvest, and look for the next green pasture.


Personal Year 3 A Year to Increase Self-expression and Enjoyment of Life; A Creative Period; Need to Focus Attention Since Results Can Be Scattered Otherwise; Birth of Something Wonderful; Good Luck; Cause for Optimism; Potential for Love Triangles

Personal Month 9 (June) A month to let go of things you no longer need; finish projects; need for tolerance and broad-minded attitude; emotions can be up and down; possible worry over a loved one; good fortune in general

Personal Month 1 (July) New beginnings; start of a nine-month long cycle; big changes and decisions; very positive period; cause for optimism


BREAKTHROUGH. If you have had any long-term dilemma, somethings could shift this week, perhaps in an unexpected way. This energizing period from June through July could also help you review and change a personal belief, freeing you from a mistaken view of the past. If working, a project or phase could come to an end. You may decide to leave a situation or have that decision made for you. A feeling of intense relief this week may wash over you, despite other issues yet to be addressed. This volatile period may shine a light on new opportunities. Some may be considering how to get a product or service to a bigger market. Others may be wrapping up details for vacation or dealing with the complex factors in a transfer. In some ways, this period could seem like a Golden Week—even more so after you have had time to make adjustments. Job seekers may notice something interesting online or in the media that triggers a fruitful idea. Get ready to be employed soon. Romantically, an event last week may have you thinking. It's time now to clear away the rubble (apologize?) and move forward. Once you get rid of the desire to blame someone, you find it easier to do the right thing. Those who are single and looking may find an interesting attraction to someone older, mature, or foreign-born. Be careful not to project an old hurt onto a new person. If nothing special is happening right now, you are likely to be feeling restless or longing for something new to capture your heart. Friends could help break the spell. You need a little more joy in your life! A last-minute invitation or spontaneous decision could have spirits soaring. AVOID: Grumbling about problems. Either let it go or do something about it. FOCUS: Live and let live.

Personal Year 4 A Year for Building a Strong Foundation for Health and Prosperity; Practical Decisions Feel Right; Desire to Accomplish a Big Goal; Commitments and Belt-tightening

Personal Month 1 (June) Start of a new phase; big decision; may move or change jobs; may have a medical procedure to improve mobility; desire to explore, branch out, meet a challenge

Personal Month 2 (July) Things are germinating; no need to force anything; take a break once in awhile; a relationship needs major attention; money may feel tight

COMING TOGETHER. This week may very well bring all the essential ingredients you need to find more happiness and well-being A new development or inner realization could help melt away fears and anxieties. This year could force you to make a move you have been reluctant to make. Perhaps you are on Plan B now, and glad of it. This last week of the month, though, could have a bit of uncertainty underlying your everyday routine. Job seekers have an excellent chance to drop into the right job for now. All systems say, Go! If looking for a relationship, this week could trigger the right circumstances for that door to open as you move into July. You may just have to look behind the outer being to the personality beneath. If no one new shows up, maybe it's time to see a friend in a new light. Enjoy meeting new people in a creative environment (Conference? Event? Neighborhood gathering?) Long-term partners may get married now or buy a property. In general, this period favors bold action. Go back to the gym, yoga class, get college catalogs, or job-search. Luck is on your side as long as you show up, pay attention, be honest, and let go of worry. Perhaps, you have been downplaying your achievements too long. You can have high self-esteem and still be modest! AVOID: Hesitating when you know what you want or need to do. Go ahead. FOCUS: Accept yourself and your current situation; make a goal to do whatever in front of you today. In this way, you create a strong foundation.

Personal Year 5 A Pivotal Year; Changes Bring Freedom and New Interests; An Exciting and Adventurous Time; May be Dealing with the Public or Working on Short-term Projects; Desire to Travel and Do New Things

Personal Month 2 (June) A month for letting things settle down or sort themselves out; friendships could deepen or change; you may have conflicts with women that bring a need for communication; general slower pace

Personal Month 3 (July) Fantastic period for fun, creative pursuits, travel, socializing, and the birth of something very interesting; unstoppable desire to travel, play, and wander

CHA CHA CHA. During June's slower pace, you might have felt that you were going two steps forward and one step back. But that's the dance of life. What’s the rush? You may have been using this slow period to take care of little things, but this week as energetic July approaches, you could feel like something new is ramping up. If your active Five Personal Year has put you on the road, you are likely tapping out details and stories on your laptop or phone. Maybe you are quietly working on your novel at Starbucks or museum-hopping in New York. Otherwise, travel plans could be starting to take shape--for vacation or business. Job seekers might be facing delays and tapping their feet. Do something healthy and physical to burn off stress of worry. Romantically, the time calls for you to be gentle, sexy, and truly present with your partner. As much as you feel a need to hash things out, take a lighter tone and touch. Be sweet and get physical. If single and looking, you may feel energized to try the Internet again, but this time focus on finding people interested in similar topics. Political groups may be fun and introduce you to a whole new gang of souls. Or just go to a cafe and strike up a conversation the old-fashioned way. This is a social period and getting more so as you head into July. In general, this is a good week to keep your cool; practice counting to ten in traffic or with the kids. AVOID: Feeling you have to control anything or anyone. Relax. FOCUS: Listening, socializing, exploring.

Personal Year 6 A Year of Increased Responsibility, Commitments Involving Large Projects or Family Matters; Desire for Putting Down Roots; May Buy or Remodel your Home; Issues with Children, Education, Health, and Neighbors; Community Involvement Brings New Friendships

Personal Month 3 (June) Vacation time; very social, scattering, unpredictable; care of children is highlighted; desire to create

Personal Month 4 (July) A month for getting more organized; could be packing, sorting, or building; must handle more details than usual; money likely to be spent on other people, pets, doctors, or practical items

COMING DOWN TO EARTH. During June you may have made many promises. July brings those promises up close and personal. This is a mixed bag, as part of you wants to play a little longer, but you can feel the coming days are going to require much effort and precision. However, try to find a little time for a break this weekend—take in a film, hike in nature, or go fishing. In fact, you might be able to fit in a mini-vacation this week—it’s the perfect time for a little rest and recreation before the practical vibe requires you to buckle down next month. Job seekers could do one productive thing toward finding work, then get out the door to the park, lake, or ocean. Relationship issues involving money, parental duty, or a household expense could bring concern this week. If you are not on the same page with someone, try a light, but honest, touch in communication. Bring out that sense of humor and remember what you love about the other person. Consider taking someone out for a treat. This is a great time to spend with younger people or your children. Someone needs cheering up, but it isn’t you. You may enjoy a family get-together, wedding, graduation, or anniversary. Make your gift personal—not necessarily expensive. In general this is a wonderful week for getting something accomplished that’s been put off too long. AVOID: Getting entangled in other people’s problems. FOCUS: Be spontaneous--and practical.

Personal Year 7 A Year for More Time in Reflection, Rest, and Rejuvenation

Personal Month 4 (June) A time to re-vision your plans and priorities; circumstances require restraint and careful thought; organization and streamlining are key

Personal Month 5 (July) Unexpected help from the Universe; changes, a desire to have more free time; someone may fill you in on what's really going on; many distractions


LULL BEFORE THE STORM. Despite a sense of routine throughout June, a break in the monotony could come near the end of the week. It's best now to finish up any outstanding projects and clear your plate for coming changes. If your life involves travel, politics, or the public, the pace of events and need to adapt to changing circumstances could soon change your landscape. While you wait, clearing out old medications, the linen cabinet, outdated spices, or recycling unused items works wonders on the spirit! Job seekers should be thorough in doing follow-ups on interviews. Keep visualizing yourself walking in the door to a new job! You may be feeling a bit distant from your special someone(s) now, but you are almost too busy to notice. While your Seven personal year favors slowing down, this next few weeks is a crash course on how to be adaptable. This is a period where it's important to be realistic, intuitive, and smart about things. New loves might have problems that have been swept under the carpet. Old loves may need stirring the pot to bring new life. Engaged people could be facing issues about finances or airing differing opinions. Single people might feel that looking for love is a little too much effort this week. Don’t worry, your energy and optimism get stronger in the next few weeks. This could be a time when you are being tested for loyalty and common sense. In some cases, you need to gracefully sidestep problems you can’t solve. AVOID: Grumbling. Everything is in your life for a purpose, even though you may not like it. FOCUS: Precision. Dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s—metaphorically, that is.

Personal Year 8 A Year of Career Advancement, Increasing Financial Strength, or Personal Power; You May Invest in a Business Idea; Consult Professionals When in Doubt

Personal Month 5 (June) An up and down month leaving you a bit breathless; you feel eager to take on a new opportunity but may feel a little out of your depth

Personal Month 6 (July) Your family life demands much from you now; you could be supporting someone through a hard time or teaching others how to do something; may have to attend a wedding, graduation, or anniversary party in July; may offer to help someone to move


POTENTIAL. You are alive and excited by life and tempted to bite off more than you can chew. However, you are moving towards becoming more realistic over the next few days, and less reactive. You are willing to give something or someone another chance. For those whose work involves the public, self-employment, travel, or retail, you may experience unexpected expenses. However, you may also have a chance to be a little more visible in your role. Some may need to travel or commute. Seasoned investors could score big this week. Job seekers could be stunned by a new development, since you are in rather volatile circumstances now. It's important now to make sure others understand your position—otherwise, mis-communications could prove to be unpleasant. Making assumptions could get you into trouble. For some couples, sex could go a long way to smoothing tensions. Single people are likely to have more than one date this week; someone may surprise you (in a good way). In general, make a point of trying to look at both sides of a situation. Your tendency to weather ambivalence might be waning; your urge in July is for finding security and certainty. AVOID: Thinking the worst. If uncertain about your next steps or a decision, avoid telling everyone you meet that you are “so confused.” Instead, if people ask what's going on, say, “I'm exploring new options.” Well, it's true, isn't it? FOCUS: Show an adventurous attitude. Break out of your rut a little bit.

Personal Year 9 A Period of Transition, Completion, and Attracting Greater Abundance; End of a Nine-year Cycle of Events; Emotions are Mixed; Potential for Loss or Great Joy

Personal Month 6 (June) A period of responsibility, serious decisions, and need for treating others with compassion

Personal Month 7 (July) A deeply spiritual time; need to figure something out; desire for solitude, nature, and peace of mind; could be grieving or releasing others; feelings of gratitude and forgiveness


IMPLOSION. This is one of those times in life when you want to think things through. You might feel that there is an answer to your question, but it is just outside your grasp. If you are not up to your usual routine, give yourself permission to just do the basics. If your work involves service, teaching, or consulting you tend to be very busy. You may be answering lots of questions and helping others get what they want. Job seekers might find temporary service work. For those not working outside the home, you may have your own management crises! Long-term couples may be involved in many family duties this week. Someone may be avoiding your calls. Remember, you don't always have to be Super Person. One or two days this week, just order a pizza or have scrambled eggs for dinner. Singles, may be feeling it is just all too much trying to find the right person. However, as the old saying goes, things happen when you least expect it. A wedding or anniversary party may be the place to meet someone special. However, try to remain mellow with irritating people. It's your challenge in this spiritual Nine year to see with unconditionally loving eyes, and to treat everyone with compassion. Oh, and did I mention that it is fruitless to try and change the minds of your family. AVOID: Worrying about everything. Take a breather this weekend. You deserve a rest but avoid a financial splurge you might regret. FOCUS: Be authentic and open with those you meet. Feel the love and common ties.