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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
December 5 through December 11, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast:


Personal Year 1                 The Start of a New Nine-year Cycle Bringing a Desire for New Directions; A Year for Self-improvement, Becoming an Entrepreneur or Consultant; Time of Success and Development of New Skills; Adventure; Turning Points; Challenges and Competitions

Personal Month 4                End-of-the-year organization; time to gather and file any business tax receipts by the end of the month; considering a new health regime; decision to upgrade an appliance; purchase of household improvements or decision to just “make-do”; desire for getting clear about future plans; minor delays; health symptoms

CLEAR. Certain issues are likely to move up your priority tree. Be ready to pick up the pace, make a revision, or finish a nagging project. If December has already forced you to think more practically, avoid getting over-extended or anxious about the future. Instead, promise to sit down in a calm moment and think about your options. One of them will give a sense of relief. Perhaps your basic routine needs a bit of reworking right now. You might also be forced into examining a belief about yourself or your situation that is not serving you well. If working you might be looking to advance your position by working harder. Is that really the most effective approach? If looking for work, be persistent. In the meantime, take this opportunity to streamline and simplify and cut down on discretionary expenses.

Communications between you and an accountant could be very enlightening this week. Planning for a future expense is all-important. At home recent events might have caused you to be a little bit in a financial hole. A tough decision this week is likely to bring a more stable footing. Money tends to be spent now on home or car repairs, furniture, flu shots, or new winter clothing. DO: Let a sticky problem work itself out. DON’T: Get caught up in arguing about something that will eventually pass. KEY: Build a strong foundation by taking care of unfinished or necessary tasks. Focus on friendliness, commitment, and practical decisions.

Personal Year 2             A Year to Develop Positive Associations Career-wise, and Keep Personal Relationships Nurtured; A Year of Steady Growth Requiring Patience and Cooperation with Circumstances; Increased Desire for Affection and Romantic Love

Personal Month 5            Sudden desire for change or freedom from a restricting situation; need to express feelings without creating harmful consequences; conflicts with friends or your partner can be shifted if you take a more open-minded approach; time to remember “this too shall pass”

SEARCHING. If life has gotten a bit boring lately, you may be prompted to make a plan which could start a new ball rolling. For some, a nagging health problem or anxiety about weight or fitness could have you thinking of making a change this week. Given your Two Personal year has been a somewhat slow-paced, little things could get on your nerves now. Even though nothing much is outwardly changing, you feel ready for something new—you just don’t know what. Something you said or did may create a little stir, and you could either feel very popular, or like “Oops, I should have been more tactful!”

If over-working, you could be tempted to compensate by over-eating. If you need a break, consider a short trip, meeting friends for drinks, or going salsa dancing for the first time. If looking for work, a temporary position seems practical. Relationship-wise, this is a week of mixed blessings. DO: If in a relationship, enjoy doing something new with your mate. If single, go somewhere different this weekend. DON’T: Speak too critically or burn any bridges. KEY: An open-mind and a closed wallet (extravagance is tempting.)

Personal Year 3               A Year of Changing Priorities; More Desire for Free Time; May Take up a Hobby; Births; Children; Love Affairs; Romance; Popularity; Desire to Write, Paint, or Perform

Personal Month 6              Highlights family, home, and domestic responsibilities; may be bringing a new member of the family home; feelings of joy and gratitude; surprising good fortune during the holidays; sense of security and optimism; may be entertaining relatives or making a short visit to them

A FORCE OF NATURE. This week could bring a situation that is pretty much out of your control. You may be involved with a tricky family matter, or packing up for a move or change in your home life. While health could be troubling, you may receive good news, or be getting results with a new medication.

Despite the many demands of the next few days, leave time for a spontaneous period. You need to step back and see how much you have to be grateful for. If appropriate make family a priority. Giving to others and service is a theme for your Six personal December. If working, you may be asked to give generously, or forego a bonus this year. Teamwork is important as you may be learning a new sales system or re-writing your work strategy. If searching for work, you might think about taking a temp job in hospitality or catering during this period. During this usually happy time, love blossoms, and fertility is high. For some, this is an excellent time for a wedding, holiday party, or sports outing. DO: Appreciate every little thing you love about your life. DON’T: Get upset at small things. KEY: Take care of yourself while being there for others. If you sing, sing more or write music.

Personal Year 4           A Year for Planning and Thinking About What you Want Now and in the Future; Time to Cut Non-essential Spending; When in Doubt Make Practical Decisions ; Desire to Stabilize, Commit, Build; Lack of Attention Could Bring Disastrous Outcomes; Physical Health Needs Better Care

Personal Month 7         A period of quiet regeneration; possible increase in worries about your own or someone else's health; desire to clear out stuff, simplify, and brighten your surroundings; feelings of tiredness or resignation may surface; time to review and think, but may want to hold off on making important decisions; be attentive while driving, walking, and traveling

CAREFUL ANALYSIS. This week could break a mini-breakdown or mini-breakthrough. In some ways, you might find yourself laughing and enjoying the absurdity of life. Can you become aware of “the movie” in which you happen to have the starring role? It’s as if spiritual insights are arriving every day. For some, an inconvenient sprain or back pain may have you taking it easy. If so, you have time to ponder why you got the sprain right now. What step are you reluctant to take?

If working, a new angle or need for a better technique could have you digging deep—researching, learning, writing, or analyzing. Some may just be feeling a little bit on the outside looking in. If looking for work, this is a time to be patient, update your resume, and trust an odd idea that pops into your mind. In romance, you or someone else may need a little alone time. An unusual encounter could have you wondering where it could go. DO: Keep life simple, and enjoy the small, but comforting and beautiful moments of life. DON’T: Be lonely if alone—use your time to learn, create, or just sleep! KEY: Spiritual harmony and self-expression. Is it time to write a poem or start a journal? Write down three lines that describe this present moment. Do it every day for a month like a meditative practice in awareness.

Personal Year 5             A Mid-cycle Course Correction; Conflicts Could Lead to Big Change; A Stronger to Make Adjustments that Bring You Closer to Your True Needs; Controversy, Passion, A New Outlook on Life

Personal Month 8            Feeling that it is time to come to a decision; unexpected financial transactions; may get a raise or promotion; desire to make changes in your career; starting a savings account; making a down payment on a home; buying or selling property or dealing with legal authorities; may be involved with insurance claims; desire to get out of a contract

KA-BAM. This week is a powerful start to a powerful month. You may be ready now (or forced by circumstances) to make a decision. Even though you sometimes think the world is just too out of control, your personal numerological influences predict improvements in your life. You could be re-financing, buying, or selling property, getting a new job or hearing about one. If working in retail, your week and month could be better than expected. In other types of work, people are looking to you for advice. Job seekers could have a good offer now, or chance to make extra income. DO: Write a list of possibilities you’d love to have come into your life.

This week could clarify where you want to go with a relationship. For some it could be time to pop the question or set a wedding date—or even marry this week. Anything is possible if you are positive, flexible, and determined to make your life work. DON’T: Spend any money unnecessarily. KEY: Self-control, faith, and confidence in your abilities.

Personal Year 6            A Year of Responsibility, Stability, and Commitment; May Marry or Divorce; Family Matters are Top Priority; Feelings of Getting Settled; Desire to Give Back; May Volunteer, Teach, Mentor, Advocate, or Counsel

Personal Month 9           A feeling that time is growing short; tends to be an emotional period alternating at moments between sadness and joy; may say goodbye to someone dear or an older relative; visits to people far away; family gatherings; tendency to be extravagant in gift-giving

COMMITMENT. This week you tend to rework an old issue or circumvent an obstacle. In this Nine month in a Six year, you could find that a domestic issue now needs careful attention. Obligations seem to bear down on you, requiring action. If working, you may have to give extra service. You may be trying hard to finish a project. Expanding opportunities could unexpectedly take your career to another level. Don't be surprised by feeling mixed emotions, as your heart and mind may not always agree. Job seekers may hear of something that involves a trip or move.

For some a marriage proposal or other plan could change. Your instinct may be to rethink a promise. Most likely, whatever happens you will ultimately feel like you made the right decision (after you recover from the emotional reaction). Gifts, large or small, are likely this week. For some, children (or step-children) may bring problems that will be sorted out in time. It’s a good time for humanitarian gestures, donations, or service—whether close to home or globally. DO: Give someone the benefit of the doubt in a dispute. It’s better to keep the peace than be “right.” DON’T: Let emotions sweep away good sense. KEY: Service, completion, expansion, compassion, and letting go of the desire to change or control others.

Personal Year 7             Time for Inner Development; Desire to Leave the Rat Race and Simplify; Desire to Focus and Get to the Bottom; Ability to Concentrate on Intellectual Projects or Research; Enjoy Taking a Slower Pace; May have an Unexpected Turn of Events; Secrets or Discoveries; Affairs

Personal Month 1             May experience a sudden change, opportunity, or clarity about a move; events might now require a decision; when in doubt, focus on courage, authenticity, and confidence; try something new; may be invited to a spiritual event or participate in a workshop; writers may win a competition

GROUNDED. Despite or because of the things you handled last month, you suddenly have the feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Some may be in a position to be a hero or life-saver for someone in need. Many could have good reason to feel happy this week. Perhaps you are much clearer about a decision and more confident about what you have to offer. If working, these first few days of your One month are generally a favorable time to speak up, ask for a raise, get a promotion, or find a creative solution—especially when thinking of the long-term. If looking for work, get ready for the big “YES, we want you.” This month tends to bring a feeling of advancement, or it clears away obstacles.

If love begins this week, you can be sure there is something special there. For more seasoned relationships, this week calls to you to put in some time on a personal project (despite all the things on your to-do list.) For some you could be facing a different kind of holiday season than usual. Use the initiating energy of your new month to get back to a hobby or start a yoga or meditation practice. Write, compose, or research if that is what you like to do. DO: Improve your attitude about the future, and enjoy the present moment. DON’T: Worry. Be happy with what you have created so far. KEY: Honesty and humor in communication.

Personal Year 8           Seeing Results from Your Past Eight Year's Work; Feeling of Achievement or Promotion; a Sense of Interior Confidence and Mastery; Can Bring Confrontations with Law, Justice, Finances, or Property Rights; Need to be Logical Rather than Emotional; Increase Efforts on Something Important

Personal Month 2           Relationship issues start to occupy your mind despite heavy pressures from work or finances; your desire for balance and peace is strong, so you are more willing to cut people slack; this month requires much patience, tact, and negotiating

WORK AROUND AN OBSTACLE. A problem or relationship could take a different turn this week, requiring you to cut to the chase. What are your options? When approaching a discussing, commit to tact and patience. Your Two month highlights relationships, partnerships, and the feminine side of life (especially female bosses). If working, you may be dealing with a new contract or course of action. You need to be sure you understand all the fine points. If things are put on hold, don’t take it personally. You are not privy to what’s going on behind the scenes. For business partners, this may be a good time to sit down and discuss any conflicts. If looking for work, do thorough research on companies in which you think you have a good chance of fitting their needs.

Some might be thinking of marriage (or hiring a divorce lawyer if things are breaking down)! Stable couples are likely to be thinking of ways to put their finances in order. DO: Spend face time with people, not just your computer. This is a particularly good time to remember the old adage—it’s not what you know, but who you know. Who comes to mind right now? DON’T: Be overly anxious or pessimistic, as things are going better than you think. KEY: Patience and diplomacy. Kind-hearted efforts brings unexpected dividends.

Personal Year 9           Natural End to a Nine-year Cycle; Feelings of Completion, Letting Go; May Have a Period of Loss or Sorrow; Intense Emotions from Falling in Love to Depression; Retirement; Long-distance Travel; Thinking About Your Next Phase of Life; Need for a Philosophical Outlook and Going With the Flow

Personal Month 3           A time of joy; birth and re-birth; good luck; fascinating encounters; tendency to be extravagant in gift-giving; very social period with much happiness; very optimistic about the future; may be on vacation or treating family members to something special

BLOSSOMING. This is likely to be a beautiful week. Are you playing the lottery? Are you falling in love? Are you feeling optimistic about a new plan or direction? For many all these possibilities absorb a lot of time and thought. If nothing much seems to be happening, don't look for trouble! Be in love with your life just as it is. If working, this week could be either PARTY time or singing the blues. Generally, you find things flow with good cheer. If your job is creative, you are full of good ideas—now you just have to convince others how they will impact the bottom line. You actually could be enjoying work right now (or on vacation). Job seekers may get good news about an application, or hear about a potential job through a friend.

Relationship-wise, this week bodes well for good cheer, little gifts, and lots of interesting communication. You need to take time for some fun this week, (even if you feel you already have too much time on your hands.) DO: Stop taking things so seriously. Talk about things you enjoy. DON’T: Start feeling sorry for yourself, or dwell on the past. KEY: Find three things a day that you are grateful for and write them down on a small card. Keep your stack of cards handy. After the week is over, pull one card a day and focus on it to raise your energy.