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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
May 10 through May 16, 2021

Each of your nine PERSONAL YEARS (a recurring cycle of development) has specific purposes.

Each PERSONAL YEAR helps facilitate your thinking, motivation, and actions in line with your purpose in life.

Each PERSONAL YEAR presents unique opportunities for learning and growth. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2021:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2021.

For example, if your birthday is October 13th,

Month 1 + 0 + Day 1 + 3 + 2021 =

1 + 4 + 5 = 10 (1 + 0) = 1 Personal Year in 2021

Personal Months are for May

Personal Year 1         THE BEGINNING OF YOUR NEXT NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Confidence and Desire to Move, Improve Yourself, Change Careers, Become Self-employed; Start Something New; Universal Five in 2021 Boosts Creativity and Sense of Adventure; Leadership, Advancement, Prosperity; Ethical Challenges; Going to a New Level

Personal Month 6         CHANGES IN THE HOME OR FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES. Desire for security, settling down; additions to the family; buying a new home; starting a service job; satisfaction on many fronts

SAVORING. With a Six vibe this month, domestic tranquility may be a priority. With an urge to make progress in your One year, you may be very busy this week. If your schedule gets overly packed, think about delegating a task that is not really your strong suit, or table non-urgent tasks for now. Money is spent on domestic items or wardrobe. You may enjoy having or going to a yard sale.

People may be pressing you for answers or for a response to a situation. A conversation that turns a bit edgy could shed some light on where you stand on an issue. Circling around different scenarios might be keeping you up at night, but clarification is likely to come this week or soon. With a domestic Six vibe, you could be caring for relatives, preparing for a family gathering, attending a function, or gardening. If a pet parent, you might be visiting the vet, or thinking of taking home a rescue animal. In general, you feel deeply grateful for the good things in your life. Don't be pushed into making promises when you haven't thought things through. FOCUS ON: The satisfaction of completing projects.

Personal Year 2         AN EXCEPTIONALLY SOCIAL AND REWARDING YEAR. Desire for Partnership or to Get Along with Others; New People, Professional Groups; Desire for Love and Affection; 2021/5 Boosts a Variety of Interests; Collaboration and Adapting to Limitations or Restrictions; Marriage or Divorce; Upgrading, Beautifying, Learning; Cautious about Changes; Long Periods of Stress May Undermine Health; Love of Beauty

Personal Month 7        TURNING INWARD. Time to slow down and review options and priorities; may have to put one's needs aside temporarily to assist someone else; personal growth and understanding; focus on seeing inner beauty, working toward balance, and harmony; spiritual interests; may have temporary time out due to illness

SERENITY. With May's Seven vibe, you may get a hint that things could be slowing down. However, in this second week of your Seven vibe, you feel extra motivated to make progress on a project or a hobby. Imagination and daydreaming open your mind to some interesting possibilities. If pondering a question, try automatic writing. Start with a question such as, “What do I need to know about moving to Seattle? (or whatever). Start the pen moving. Trust that this playful interaction with your intuition has some truth to give you. Have faith that things are working out behind the scenes.

Relationships provide lots of food for thought. If living with someone, one of you might be absent. If living alone, moments of loneliness could be balanced by a bit of self-pampering, reading up or listening to new info on YouTube. Be careful that you don't let negative people drain your energy, and protect your alone time. FOCUS ON: Flowers. Sunsets. Music. Art and nature walks.

Personal Year 3        CREATIVE GROWTH. 2021's Universal Five Year Gives a Super Boost for Enjoying Life and Birthing Original Ideas; Activities Involving Writing, Art, Video, Music, Sports, Acting, or Marketing; New Opportunities for Self-employment, Abundance; Public Speaking, Politics, Sales; Periods of Free Time, Travel, Joy, Optimism; Romantic Affairs; Childbirth; May Win an Award; Possible Procrastination, Lack of Focus, or Lost Opportunity

Personal Month 8         ACHIEVEMENT. Desire to increase income and status; may think of taking a second job; unusual opportunities; taking out a loan; issues of credit card debt; may sell or buy property; potential for marriage or divorce; money spent on education; love affairs may bring problems; desire to upgrade or take a dream vacation

GIFTS. Lucky you! With a creative Three year fertilizing the second week of your dynamic Eight month, you may be bringing home the bacon (a promotion, upgrade), or bringing home a baby (or good news). If employed, possibilities arise for future projects, job change, a bonus, or settlements. This is a great week to start a new job, win a popularity contest, or win a marathon.

If engaged, you might already be honeymooning. If married, you could be having talks about starting a family, paying for college, or refinancing your house. Use ingenuity to work around a seeming obstacle or deadline. If dating, you could meet someone on the job. Avoid getting embroiled in chasing rumors or sinking into negative thinking. FOCUS ON: Punctuality, integrity, and pride in jobs well done.

Personal Year 4         BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION. Opportunities to Put Plans into Action; A Time for Considering the Future and Learning from the Past; Your Situation Calls for Practical Decisions; Little Desire for Risky Ventures; Urge to Settle Down, Marry, Buy a House, Find a Better Job; 2021's Five Vibration Boosts Positive Solutions for Overcoming Obstacles; Success Through Perseverance

Personal Month 9         COMPLETION, SAYING GOODBYE. Desire to get away from something; possible travel; humanitarian service; clearing a debt; change in a restrictive or difficult condition; may retire or change jobs; relocation to an unfamiliar place; anxious about money; strong emotions; unexpected solutions

TALK IT UP. This week you might be on fire with a new idea, and want to tell the world. Your outgoing, story-telling Nine vibe could allow you to be extra persuasive when describing a new venture. Recent setbacks fade away. New possibilities show promise. You get a strong feeling that this is a transition phase. With practical Four wanting you safe and settled, you are thinking about next steps that lead to real, significant improvement. An unexpected compliment validates what you've been thinking about.

During this somewhat emotional period, you could have mixed feelings about a relationship, or be bursting with joy about the future. On the other hand, nagging muscular or stomach pains may increase due to stress. Get back to a favorite pastime. AVOID: Ruminating on the past; too much alcohol. FOCUS ON: Taking a philosophical stance instead of reacting and getting stuck again.

Personal Year 5         MID-CYCLE CORRECTIONS. With the Match to 2021's Universal Five Year, Be Prepared for Many or Significant Unexpected Changes; Required to Adapt to Circumstances; Setbacks Have a Purpose or Silver Lining; Faster Pace; Increased Interest in Physical Fitness or Sex; Uncertainty, Restlessness; Desire for Travel, Adventure, New Knowledge; Potential for Affairs or Break-ups

Personal Month 1         NEW OPPORTUNITIES, ACTION, MOVES. Extra boost from matching Universal 1 month in 2021; a new direction opens up; feelings of breakthrough, relief, joy; spontaneous decisions; strong desire for new experiences, travel, and to implement goals; more willing to move, change, explore, express original ideas; less self-doubt or worry

PROGRESS. This could be a ground-breaking week. Look more deeply into things that seem to be capturing your attention lately. You may even feel a little psychic this week, as serendipity plays a role. Notice small positive events (like getting an easy parking place or a seat on the bus) and mentally express your gratitude. Up your energy level by finding the positive. Release tendencies for self-criticism and doubt. Emails and phone calls could bring opportunities.

When you feel good about yourself and your life, others benefit, as well. An attitude of gratitude, plus good weather, help increase happiness. What’s not to love about your life? Love it anyway. Listen to your heart as much as to your head. Avoid either procrastinating or forcing something ahead of its time. In other words, take care of business, but don't push the river. FOCUS ON: Exchanging views with good people.

Personal Year 6          A YEAR OF RESPONSIBILITY, PROGRESS, LOVE, COMFORT, AND SERVICE. Possible Health Issues for You or Family Member; Universal 2021/5 Could Bring Opportunities for Speaking, Teaching, Counseling, or Singing; Desire to Improve Life at Home; New Furniture or New House; Changes in Domestic Relationships

Personal Month 2         CONNECTIONS. Great time for new and old friendships, love, engagement, marriage, family duties; may be adopting or fostering; a relationship requires tact and patience; may volunteer or join a group; interests in art, design, music, psychology, analysis; mother may require assistance; many duties.

LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE. With a security-focused Six year and a sensitive Two month, you could be facing a complex issue. Reassess if you really need to get involved. As in, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” Patience, holding your tongue, and keeping a sense of the absurd could be best now. You may be able to get in touch with someone who has been away. You could be a bit disappointment by a comment or new piece of information.

If you or your mate have been extra busy, make time for relaxation and fun this weekend. Remember why you fell in love. If dating you are likely to be getting more serious, but still have questions. Wedding bells are likely in the air now. This week should bring many delights if you take time to notice them. FOCUS ON: Not sweating the little things.

Personal Year 7           TIME OUT. Possible Sabbatical Year; Time for Inner Development; Research; Desire for a Slower Pace; Disenchanted With Conventional Ideas; Deep Desire for Spiritual Understanding and Peace of Mind; Enjoying Moments of Solitude; Time to Focus, Research, Meditate, Walk, Improve Health Holistically

Personal Month 3         HOPE, LOVE, HAPPINESS. Feelings of optimism, enthusiasm, and good humor; more vitality; sense of ease; desire to play or work on a hobby; finding friends with similar interests; love for color, brightness, fashion, music; pilgrimage; trips for fun; concerns about a love affair, dealing with a rumor

PERSUASION. Recent events may have pulled you into a slightly tricky situation. A part of you thinks it's a bit silly, and another part just hopes it will all go away. Distractions could thwart good intentions. If so, your unconscious might understand that this is not the right time to take action anyway. With spontaneous, curious Three this month, you could be taking off on a short trip, buying new digital devices, or attending a conference or function. Vacation dreams (likely or not) include taking hikes, planning a future bicycle tour, enjoying online performances, or remembering a stroll you took one time in a piazza in Italy.

Not in the mood for dull routine, go ahead and treat yourself to time with your hobby, golfing, fishing, or just a walk around a new neighborhood. If looking to start a family, this week has a good vibe for love. On the downside, replaying old conversations may not be all that fruitful. FOCUS ON: Self-expression and creativity.

Personal Year 8           PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, FINANCIAL DECISIONS, LEGALITIES. Thriving on Challenges, Hard Work, and Problem-solving; Sense of Satisfaction, Harvest, and Abundance; May Be Building a Business or Working in a Large Organization; Accomplishments in Publishing, Performing, Traveling with 2021/5's Action Orientation; May Decide to Join the Military or Police Forces; Dealing With Criminal Justice or Medical Establishment; Buying, Selling, Investing Require Logic, Good Judgment, and Negotiating Skills

Personal Month 4           FINDING DEALS AND SOLUTIONS. Possible financial over-extension or money worries; must be organized; desire to save money or clear debts; need to spend or invest wisely; back to basics; desire to exercise, lose weight, stick to a program; building projects; home or vehicle repairs; money spent on health care; insurance problems; work stress affects health

DEVELOPMENT. Both your Eight year and Four month are pressuring you to make some headway now, and not lose ground. An expert is likely to provide encouragement for a plan, or offer good advice. You could be dealing with issues involving finances and contracts with a personal or professional partner. If unsure what to do, let things jell until you sense a green light. Don't make a commitment that you know in your heart is not in full integrity.

The combination of your practical, commonsense Four and Eight influences this week tend to make you a little cautious when spending or planning for the future. Emotionally, you would prefer to nail down options, rather than be in limbo, but keep a Plan B, just in case. . FOCUS ON: Finding joy in in the moment.

Personal Year 9            END OF A NINE-YEAR CYCLE. Time to Complete Outstanding Projects; Thoughts about the Past and the Future; Thinking about Retirement or Ending a Negative Relationship; With Universal 2021/5's Passionate Aspect, Potential for Sudden Emotional Outbursts or Deep Feelings; Potential for Loss of an Older Relative; Emotional Fluctuations; Strong Potential for Unexpected Good Fortune; Desire for Foreign Travel; Artistic and Educational Activities

Personal Month 5          UNCERTAINTY, RESTLESSNESS. Strong desire for change or to leave a situation; unexpected break or breakthrough; sudden removal of obstacles; unexpected encounters that bring fresh ideas or new directions; feeling that anything is possible; meeting new people; dramatic shifts in love affairs; increase in commuting or frequent travel

SURF. Likely to be super-energized this week, you have a few decisions to make or options to consider. If working, your business could feel like it's going to a new level. This lively period may bring travel for business or pleasure. You are likely to be sharing ideas, giving a presentation, joining a demonstration, or trying to convince people of the need for change.

Your Nine Year is wrapping up a phase, especially noticeable in this active, unpredictable Five vibe. Restless, you crave freedom and action. Things are not always what they seem now. You and a friend or lover could suddenly be at odds. See if you can create a safe place and time to clear the air. While this period can bring breakups, be sure to let emotions cool before making a decision. With so many volatile forces around you now, it's probably best to avoid making (new) long-term commitments just yet. FOCUS ON: Surprising yourself by being open to trying something new.