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Linda from Missouri

I ordered one of your life charts in 2003.  And a secondary name chart in 2007.  I also ordered “The Purpose of Your Life Numerology Chart.”  And in 2008 got my first Numerology-Tarot reading with you.

Your website is awesome!  I have recommended it to my family and friends! Thank you for making all that information available.

I am so happy with the reading yesterday!  You showed me ways to look at things from a different perspective.  I got some great ideas for putting the knowledge into practice.  Thank you for the idea to journal conversations with my brother.  And the morning stream-of-consciousness journaling.  I have kept a journal for over 30 years, and now thanks to you, I have ideas about how to expand the journaling process.

In gratitude and appreciation,


I have recieved my chart and I am pleased to see that what I was hoping for the next period in my life is much the same in the chart. It feels like I am on the right track. I needed that confirmation. My doctor said I was depressed and perscribed pills but I didn´t take them. I felt it was not right for me. Instead I have worked with myself and tried to be more positive. I have read your book [The Purpose of your Life] several times  and I visited  your site and felt need of guidance. That is why I ordererd the chart and I already feel so much better. I am so grateful for that. Thank you so much!

Warmest regards,
Eva from Sweden


Dear Carol,

I am writing because I wanted you to know how your book changed my life. First of all, I never purchased it to the best of my recollection, but one day a few months ago when I was working late in my home office, contemplating where my life was heading following a divorce in June from an alcoholic husband, I turned to my bookcase where I keep all my favorite books and I saw the red binding of yours [The Purpose of Your Life] situated between two books on writing.

I stared at it, where it has no business being, knowing that I had never in my life seen it before. In fact, I had just cleaned that bookcase out a couple weeks prior so it was fresh in my mind what belonged there and what didn't.

I took it off the shelf, and spent the whole night reading it. I will be honest, while I read it and made notes, I still had no idea what it was trying to tell me.

Now, let me backtrack for a moment. In 2007 at the age of 19 or 20, I visited the Capri Hair Institute to see if I could enroll for training as a hairdresser. It was a combination of not wanting to take out student loans, a wedding to plan, and the feeling of giving up my ultimate dream of becoming an author that led me not to pursue this avenue, although it has remained in the back of my mind for years.

Fast forward to this year: I found your book, read it, and tried to digest it. I went for a haircut to my hairdresser who I have been going to for almost 15 years and while waiting, I began to think about your book and my "second goal," if you will, of going to Capri. Still not sure, I held off on doing anything. In September, I got an email from Capri letting me know they were giving out $1,000 scholarships. I don't know why, but this felt like a sign. It felt like everything was leading up to this point.

Now, I am proud to say that I am enrolled in Capri full time and working towards making a better life for myself. I was afraid to do so for fear of burning myself out because, stubborn as always, I prefer to by my sole supporter, but so far following a few minor hitches, everything is working out perfectly and I am on track to graduate in August 2015. I have met wonderful people and made lasting friendships. If I had done this in 2007 like I planned, I don't feel this would have worked out for me because I was too immature and I needed to gain more life experience.

Also, I don't feel like I have completely erased my writing dream from the picture because once I am on my feet with this, I fully intend to pursue it.

I would never have joined Capri if it wasn't for finding your book sitting randomly amongst my other books. I am still in awe as to how it even got there. I live alone, so it is not even as though someone else could have put it there. You have changed my life, and I cannot thank you enough.

Sincerely, Christine



It's fascinating to know I can use the Analyzer for any name. I'm hooked! 

I just took another look at the daily and weekly numerology forecasts. When I read mine for today and the week, it gave me goosebumps. Utterly astounding how accurate they seem to be. I'll keep reading them now. Thank you for offering those for free, too! Big smiles,  Jennifer

Jili Hamilton

You may recall you gave me a wonderful endorsement or my book A Seeker’s Guide to a Life worth Living and I always find what you write to be very inspiring.
Well, life has been a real challenge this year – it’s a one year – and one of the most difficult for ages.  A week or so ago I got out your book When Life Changes to look up information on personal numbers and started to read it from the top.  My mood changed immediately and, once again, it has been a great help.  I see that I’m crossing the void at the present moment (as are other people I know) and it’s up to me what I choose to think about my life.  It is said that we teach what we most need to learn and that is certainly my case.  
So once again thank you so much for your support in tough times.


All I can say is wow.

Ever since our reading I've pondered, meditated on and tossed around what we discussed. I feel so blessed right now after coming to some decisions and feeling rooted deeply in my path.
With love and thanks


     I want to let you know I finished your book, The Purpose of Your Life, from cover to cover, and I want to thank you for taking the time to put the book together and to share your knowledge and wisdom.  This book must have been sitting on my book shelf for probably 2 years.  I did not know why I picked it up the other day which turned out to be the best thing happened to me during this time of my life.  It helps me to reflect, slow down, and re-exam my life. It reaffirms that the uncommon sense of action that I took in the beginning of the year was right for me.  It also gives me the tools to re-orient myself to learn to live a life so that I can be better prepared to give back to the universe.  I also ordered my life chart and was very surprised with the information.  They give me the guidance , confidence and hope that I needed to know it will be ok. I just need to be open, patient, optimistic, and to live at the present and enjoy every minute (ps. I am not a penitent person, so this is a hard, but necessary life lesson for me).

                Thank you for all you have done and for being you.  I appreciate the encounter.  You and your work have made a difference in my life.


Carol, the reading was wonderful and such an affirming blessing.
You have great gift and made me feel so comfortable about sharing the deep recesses of my life. I found all of it so helpful.
Blessings on all that you do,


[After our Life Plan consultation], I woke up with a lot more clarity this morning. My mind was free and easy. I told you how much I write and journal around insight, spirituality and synchronicity and anything spiritual. I woke up with one easy thought in my mind. The statement you said about my mind and faith combining.

Thank you for sharing your gift. You are very skilled and gifted. I was impressed and I loved our session.

Blessings and gratitude.


I have been getting your reports for several years now (Rhonda Dineen Ashworth) and have found them to be invaluable.  I appreciate your knowledge, talent and dedication.



I was very touched by my Life Chart report. It had an uncanny way of capturing some inner truths of my journey. Fascinating! It has been very helpful to get this report right now. I also impressed with the amount of information. Well worth the money! Mahalo!


This [Primary Life] chart was beyond insightful! It resonated with my true spirit from past, present and future and it truly blessed me. I've had similar charts in the past that were just generic and had little to no truth bearing over my true being. 

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking an authentic, precise, insightful and in- depth report.   


Carol, your gift is immeasurable! I'm still in complete in awe! There is a saying, "When the student is ready the teacher shows up". That is what your report & books have served to me.  Will be forever grateful. 

Will be in touch during the new year to get the additional new reports and hopefully at that time will have a praise report :)   


Thank you again, so very much, for working with me. It felt transformative! I was beaming the rest of the day, and I've gone ahead and changed my email address already, as you may have noticed. Today I went to a doctor's appointment, and I almost wrote my new name on the sign in sheet accidentally!

It really feels as though I've been waiting for this moment for many, many years. I'm so happy I was able to do this session with you! I promise to send you another email after I've talked to the lawyer, if I'm able to.

Thank you again!


I look at my weekly forecast nearly every day. Am in a 4 year 1 month, and last night had my inner realization. This is no small matter. Being the trust-in-the-Lord girl, I don't really have much fear and anxiety, but there is a little bit--deep down. But more than any of that is the empowerment that comes with absolute knowing. Like I finally shifted into drive. AND also being a gal that knows all her stars and hidden assets, I can really take it to the next level. I mean, OMG, what a gift to have people like you to put it in the black and white so that I actually know what just happened, and can use that info to greater advantage. Your site, your writing, your gift--so helpful to I am sure SO MANY. Thank you so much. You have really helped me today in a very BIG way. My life will definitely be better because of your words. How powerful is that!


Dear Carol,

I have had two coaching consultations with you (once in 2004 and again in 2011). Although I am only 33, I spent a long time painfully searching for my life purpose. During our 2011 session, you were spot on and called out some really important work I needed to do (forgiving others was a big piece of it).

Miserable in my day job as an educational support specialist (more on that in a minute), I did the work to build my trust in the universe. Each morning I would start out by doing an exercise in your book Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life. One day in October 2011, on a day when it initially felt like I made a "wrong turn," my perspective changed in an instant. My whole world opened up when I realized that the best part of my job is when I am connecting with others because this is what I do naturally. Within weeks, I was accepted to Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching program, and I received my certificate in September. My soul feels so complete and light when I am working with a client. I know that helping people step into bigger versions of themselves is the work that I am here to do.

I just finished doing one of your centering meditations when I had the hunch to reach out to you, so I am honoring my intuition. As I figure out how to build my coaching business and not feel unhappy at the “day job” I have had for nine years, I find myself feeling stuck and constricted. It was exactly this feeling that motivated me to begin using your meditations again. Yesterday was day one, and I am hopeful that in time I will begin to “walk the talk” of having control over my internal climate.

All of that to say thank you. Your work is what helped me uncover the purpose that was already within me, and I am confident that you will also help me attract the next step in this journey effortlessly. What you do inspires me.


Thanks so much!! I woke up with a complete attitude shift. Your good counsel made a tremendous difference!

Will be back in touch.


I listened to the recording [of our Life Plan session] this evening....and things became clearer - particularly the idea that perhaps I was confining myself with my own fears.

I'm so glad I decided to go ahead with our talk, because something did shift. Although I didn't sleep much last night, it was a very restful sleep after a long time. My spirit felt lighter this morning & the first thing I did was to sit and chant my Buddhist mantra with gratitude & focus. Then I headed to the city to teach. I had 17 adult refugee students. We connected. It was a good lesson about New York. We laughed. We shared food.

The sky was crisp, blue and clear - just like I felt inside. So after class, I went walking the streets of Manhattan (after a long time).

On the train ride back home, although tired, I felt no angst. No anxiety. Things seemed just as they should be.

The thought crossed my mind that I should not fight or resist or try to control things. Let the universe do its magic. After all, I've made my intention clear. I also determined to take better care of my health......

So, thank you Carol. I feel touched by an angel. Blessed that someone cares enough to walk me through my darkness.

Has anyone told you what a beautiful and reassuring voice you have? Yours is a deep mission. Keep going.


I love your forecasts. In March you accurately predicted a surprise vacation that my boyfriend took me on, and last week you accurately described a situation that I've been dealing with as a job seeker. I was hired for a position, but right after I was hired the company was outsourced and is currently undergoing restructuring so my position and start date is "temporarily" frozen (I'm in a 6 year).

Now, this week you have given me hope because the position is in service (helping people find jobs) and with the government (it's a state position). Hopefully, you're right and things will come through in September.

You are truly gifted at what you do. Please don't ever stop.


Hi Carol,

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your purpose tracker inspirations every day. I've based my most recent blog post on yesterday's message, and thought I'd share it with you.

Blessings to you for all the wonderfulness you share with the world. With gratitude, Lori

lori anderson content strategist • editor • writer • 916.616.6363 • twitter @luckylori11


Thanks so much Carol....I've printed both numerology Charts and am sitting slack-jawed from the accuracy of what I've read so far. This is all so fascinating to me! I ordered your book, The Numerology Kit, only yesterday, and am now in the early chapters of The Purpose of Your Life.... I'm a little late to the party given my age...however, a better understanding of why I am here and who I am (at any age) can only help right?


Thank you so much for the chart!! It is an eyeopener! It does help me to understand why some things happened to me in the past, and it helps to accept it and move on. It is a part of my karma being released, it makes so much more sense to me now!

Carreer-wise I feel am on the right track. I am an acupuncturist/ beauty professional, two of the professions mentioned in my chart. It is so bizarre how my interests are mentioned.

But the most amazing thing for me was what my name did for me. I was born with a different name. My mother divorced when I was just a little girl and she remarried two years later, giveing my stepfather's last name. Later on they officially changed my last name into his, but I never knew my original last name until I was 19 years old. When I wrote you my email, asking which name to use for the 2-year forecast, you said to use my original, given name, as that is who I really am. That got me thinking.

As I lay in my bed, reading my chart, I thought my original name to myself and really started to feel it. It was as if I was stopped in my tracks. As if I had been sort of floating all my life and not really been grounded, until I recognized my true self trough my name. Which was a bit weird for me, as I am someone who is fairly down to earth--which was also stated in my chart!

Also I am loving your book, The Purpose of your Life. So many things I recognize. Funny how synchronicity worked here as well. My old friend from high school found me again through the Internet, and she recommend your book to me. It will be going with me on my holiday. It feels like all things flow again, where it was stuck for a while. It is out of print, at least here in Holland, but I've recommended it to so many people already, they are all searching the Internet, just like I did to find a good copy. I was lucky, I got a brand new one from someone who had it on the shelf, and this copy will not be put in the market again

Thanks again, all the best from Holland.


Many moons ago I was at Esalen taking your seminar, and since that time have grown and experienced tremendous synchronicity in my life. Some of my earliest memories are of writing plays and journals. Today I am a professional writer, working primarily with non-profits to raise money, but responding to other interesting offers that come to me. The ways in which these causes and people weave together astounds me every day! I have come to accept this as my operating principle, and life is rich with meaning as a result.

Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with a friend who just returned from Esalen, and the occasion inspired me to give you a "shout out" for the wonderful work you did and continue to do.


I married for the first time just shy of my 48th birthday and wasn't sure that I would take my husband's name. However, there was a palpable energy shift I felt the day I married him. I couldn't explain it but I just knew it in my bones something had changed.

Reading through both [Primary and Secondary numerology] charts, I laughed and teared up and smiled all the way through as I finally understood what happened when I became his wife. It explained so much of some of the randomness that seemed to appear, like no longer being accomplishment driven but more into comfort and family in a way I'd never been (going from an 8 to a 6 in Heart's Desire).

Also, I was astonished at going from a physical response 8 to a 5 and how multitasking has crept in and I've taken on too many projects.

There are many other revelations, too numerous to mention. I had already decided to move more into coaching, teaching and advising under the new name and feel reinforced that I am on that track. It's great to have the awareness that the new name already is within me and I can now more consciously move into it. Thank you for your wonderful work. This has been a fabulous experience.

I also am a graduate of the University of Santa Monica and had the privilege of reading your book [The Purpose of Your Life] many years ago.

Thank you again! Abundant Blessings,


Carol I am working on my PhD in Leadership at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you. Your book, The Purpose of Your Life, has become an essential tool in my research and writings. I recently had to come up with a topic of study for one of my classes and I chose quantum leadership...I love your book and your heart for people. Your writing has served me well, and illuminated areas of interest for me. Thank you for being the voice that you are! You are a great blessing!


Thank you, Carol! I thoroughly enjoyed our session today.

And I really enjoyed talking with you. I love how you look at life and I deeply appreciate our personal exchange just about women and life, work and love - separate from the session and yet so relevant to everything we were discussing.

I am glowing with my golden nuggets. And I plan to enjoy this time and cherish it without guilt and let things flow, while exploring and discovering everything life has to offer.

Today, I feel more centered because of the session. As you see with all the plates I have spinning, along with working through all my challenges, how necessary it was to dive into the inner workings of what is happening here.

THANK YOU for showing me the way. I plan to savor moments now on a completely different level and will slow down enough to capture them all.

I'll stay connected and keep referring people to all the wonderful work you are doing, and of course continue working with you as I progress, and revisit sessions and charts as time moves forward.


Hi carol,

I just want to thank you because I've started giving these as birthday gifts and people are loving them,


Hi Carol! You did a reading for me over the phone, last year. I live in Paris.

Well, I signed up for the Contemplative Musicianship Program, which started in January. In June we had our first Intensive Residency with Therese Schroeder-Sheker and staff from the Chalice of Repose Project in

I met a great group of Spiritual/Music seekers. Things have been going well all around. This year is for the CM Program. Next year will be for the harp. Then I'll see if I go on to the Music Thanatology Program...but I'm very happy studying the spirituality of music and the harp...

I also got to meet another harpist/singer that i admire, Ani Williams. She was in France in June for an Art and Spirituality Festival.

So--making good contacts and studying. We have studied on Pythagoras and his music practice. Since you are a gifted numbers person, I thought that you'd appreciate that. Blessings! Lauren



Having read both by birth name chart and my adopted name chart....combined, they are ME! I am truly astounded by this method of “Truth” revealed, Carol. When I was a young man—a police recruit in the academy---there was a teacher who had recently changed his name due to numerology. I was sceptical, interested, but never bothered to look it all up. I lasted only 4 years as a cop before being burned-out, and as I look back, suffering from PTSD due to the things that I experienced in the 4 short years.

I’m now 52, and I have to admit--just as you did in your book--being drawn back in to numerology time and time again. Numerology aside, whatever the “Purpose” of YOUR has now connected you with me and many others in a truly meaningful (synchronicity) way. Numerology might be bunk...but it might just as well be “A”way to connect with people, as you have discovered. What is the meaning of all that? Who cares! Numerology has connected you with me, in a meaningful, insightful way, for which I am truly grateful.

So, thank you, Carol, for keeping on, following your bliss, being who you are. My dream is to become who I am, and to bless the world in whatever way that I can just as YOU have done, before I go.

Take care



Dear Carol,

I wanted to say thank you for the soul supportive work you do with Numerology! Many years ago, a friend got a life chart for me. A few years later, I purchased the name change chart (got married) as well as the 2 year forecast. I am astonished at how accurate all of these have been for me. What I experienced prior to getting married was all outlined in my primary name chart and the changes after getting married, they were right in there too!


I'm in a 7 personal year, and no matter how I try to push at being more out in the world, all the feedback I get externally is to slow down, take it easy, clear the space (on every level). I feel like I've been culturally trained to go go go, and I also feel a bigness to my path of playing on a much, much larger stage than I am currently living. It's so tangible to me that I am a communicator on a mass level. Yet, every time I reach for that this year, the energy tells me to do the opposite. It does help me to relax knowing that this is the set up, and at the same time, I'm still anxious and anticipating the bigness that's coming!


I'm looking forward to feeling that more, a relaxed spaciousness. The more I realize that's what's happening, the easier it is to surrender to it. I've always felt such a bigness to my life path and when my life feels simpler and smaller, it's sometimes challenging and a practice for me to see how I'm still in alignment with my destiny (one of my karmic lessons is trust!). But now, as I'm sitting here looking at my chart, reading "You must bring the qualities of your Birth Path (Balanced) to your Destiny (Advisor)..." I can see again how it makes sense.

Mostly, I wanted to extend much gratitude to you for your work. It has helped me tremendously. When the time comes and I am on that bigger stage, I would love to have you as a guest on my TV show!

On a different but related note, I was certified as a Life Coach with Amy Deem. I remember how fondly she spoke of you in our program at JFKU. My website is

Vanessa Smith, MA, CLC Wellness Coach & Intuitive


Hi Carol,

I'm a reader from Hong Kong and I purchased your book "When Life Changes or You Wish it Would" many years ago. However, I didn't really read it in great detail until recently when I've been encountering some physical and emotional problems. It's a gem. It's full of nuggets of wisdom presented in a simple, lucid and highly readable manner.

Although it actually covers many major topics such as synchronicity and acceptance, it's not confusing or haphazard. Whenever I open the book and turn to any page, there seems to be something helpful. Plus, as an avid reader, I can sense that you write from your heart and I also appreciate the fact that you share your own struggles and difficulties in the book, making it more authentic and intimate to the reader. It's also replete with good references and quotations. It's useful and practical.

Personally, I have little time for tomes arguing for or against the existence of God and religion in elaborate and esoteric language. All I want is simple, practical books that truly help people improve and transform their lives. And your book is certainly one of them. All in all, it's one of the best books I've ever read. Good work.



Hi Carol,

Just wanted to email and say "HI!". I truly enjoyed the Numerology reading (via phone Oct 26,2010). It's been almost seven months and many items discussed have come to pass or are now entering into my life. I am still evolving and the process is absolutely beautiful!! Your reading was so ACCURATE and it's helped me understand myself and the new direction and path I am walking. I seem to have a very strong aura and so many people approach me and share their innermost experiences and thoughts. I am honored to be their listening ear and that they would honor my trust to share very deep thoughts. Perhaps a new career path is opening its doors....maybe it's the #7 Charioteer card that was drawn during my reading. I hope you are well and that your life resonates with your creativity and talents that you share with all of us. Take Care...and I'll Keep in Touch,


I'm sure you get these same notes saying how your book changed a persons life! But I'm betting everyone of them were true. It's been a long time, but I bought the book in the late 90's or early 2000's when I standing in the airport bookstore looking for something to read and that red cover just grabbed me. It was my first book ever on the road to self-awareness and that one book has always made me crave more. At that time it was a miracle if I could read a chapter in a book, now I have about 3 going at one time, and I'm so proud to say that now I love my library, yes 500+ books now sit in my bedroom and just recently I re-read it again, and I have to say it's like I was reading it for the first time. We all take different roads in life, and if I had thought that I would be standing right here in my life at 36, when I first picked up the book in my early 20's, I really wouldn't have believed it. Some years had been great, and some years had been really tough, but nonetheless, it's been a rewarding experience even in the years I had to look "harder" for the bigger picture. I've always felt grateful for the experience and the awareness that your "red cover" book gave me and I just had to say so. Have an awesome day! Life is how you're willing to look at it, and today, I'm content, I'm rested, and more grounded for all that I've been through. Faith brought me to your book early in my career and still serves me well today! In the name of music "you rock!" Ha ha ha...


Once again I turned to your book today when working with a client. I realized how many times over the years I have opened up The Numerology Kit and wanted to thank you for an excellent resource. While I am not proficient in numerology, I do enjoy playing with the charts you provided. In fact I once loaned out my book and it was not returned and I tried other books, but they were not nearly as good. finally I found your book at a book store and was so happy. Then my neighbor borrowed it and her dog ate it! She replaced it and I vowed never to let it out of my sight again. Thank you!



You may not completely remember me, we only met once, at your house in N. CA, but I was thinking and talking today about that experience of meeting you and talking with you and I wanted to pass on how much that meeting meant to me. It truly changed my life. I am from the east coast and I was flying out to N CA to finalize a job offer, find a new place to live and see a man that I was thinking of running to ;-)

Before getting on the plane I went to the bookstore to get something to read for the flight and your book called out to me. I read the whole thing in one day and when I looked to find more info about the author, I realized you lived in N. CA, near where I was visiting. I contacted you and drove up to meet you at your house.

You read my number chart and we talked for a long while and had tea. You really helped me connect with something that I was having trouble with and you helped me to see that I didn't really want to run to this other man, I didn't really want to leave my home on the east coast, and I didn't really want this new job I was being offered. I was trying to solve my problems by running away from them and I am so thankful you helped me realize that. I truly believe you were not a coincidence and that you were exactly what I needed in my life at that moment.

I now live on the east coast with my husband of 4 years and my two beautiful, amazing kids (2 and 3). I am happier now than I have ever been and I am so thankful for the work I did with your book (among others), with you, and with myself.

Thank you for making a difference.


EXPECT SURPRISING NEWS. External forces could produce changes in your life. Adapting could be challenging but strengthening. (August 17, 2010) Wow! I really needed this today! Thanks so much!

CHECK YOUR ENERGY LEVEL. Make sure your body is getting what it needs. You may have to think fast today. (August 15, 2010) Beverly--This is a RIOT! I just wrote you about fasting and checking my energy levels and making sure my body is getting what it needs.

CHECK YOUR ENERGY LEVEL. Make sure your body is getting what it needs. You may have to think fast today.Jaye--I was at such a low energy level I drove to health food store and consulted with woman who recommended a solution (via capsules) . Was just what my body needed. Michael was tiling my fabulous new portal with specially designed tile layout and I had to make on-the-spot decisions on how to use the available tiles to fill the unexpected area. Good synchronicity!


Thank you so much for the unbelievably wonderful session the other day ! I never dreamed that just one session could bring about such deep insights on my life purpose and even miraculous healing.

Led by synchronicity, I found your book "The purpose of your life" and this book in itself started to create more synchronicities and has accelerated my life even more. So, before the session, I was very happy just to meet with you !

Now I feel that something deep inside of me has completely changed. It is as if everything has clicked into the original state. Your session was so magical that it is difficult to say exactly what caused this change, but I feel your outstanding intuition and numerology interpretation enabled me to access the higher dimension that holds my life purpose and being there instantly brought light and information necessary for the big shift at this stage on my path. I think this is exactly the subtle healing, the topic of the session of this time, which helps people to remember the original true self, move toward it and live more happily with their higher consciousness.

It was a great pleasure for me to meet with you and have your life plan consultation in the US at this important stage of my life. I know my English conversation skill was not good enough, but your excellent intuition and sophisticated way of speaking helped me a lot during the session. I really appreciate your kindness. With your practical advice, I would like to live my life from the heart with more joy and fun. It might be a good idea to begin to study numerology as one of my favorites !

Finally, I send you the picture of us after the session. It will be my precious memory forever. I very much look forward to seeing you again and having your wonderful numerology session next time. I would also appreciate it if you could let me know when you have the opportunity to visit Japan in the future. Thank you so much again !

Sincerely yours,

Yoshihiro Iwata


I just wanted to say that your book, The Purpose of your Life changed me!


It really hit me. Thanks.


I wanted to write and thank you once again for my Primary Life Chart--the information is invaluable.

This is the second chart that I've had you prepare for me--the first one was approximately 5 years ago and eerily accurate!

It is quite an unusual, albeit enlightening, experience to see ones personality, traits, destiny, etc., spread out before them.

The work you do is absolutely extraordinary.


I just finished reading the chart you sent to me and wanted to say thank you! Your interpretations of my numbers are fascinatingly accurate. An unbelievable observation I found was under my personal analysis for 2010. It stated that I was to change directions, try something new and "get out more." This was fascinating to me as this was the exact thing my mom (who passed to spirit in April 2008) told me to do during a reading I received in Dec 2009. Very insightful, thank you again!


Thanks very much for your time and attention to my question.

You were very right-on when you said my family has a lot of college and academic energy around them—they live in the Boston area!

Yes, I am itchy to see Italy, Egypt, Alaska, etc. etc. But, also yes, I do appreciate a place of my own to recharge, study, read, etc.

Yes, I am waiting for the market to improve to sell. I refinanced to a 5-year ARM, so I’m planning to sell by 2015. April 2011 sounds OK to me now. I’m not in a frantic rush to move. I did look into renting my house, but prepping it would require more effort than I can afford right now. And I do rent 3 rooms to three terrific people (one does maintenance in exchange for rent).

I’ve saved your reading to listen to now and again in months to come.

I’m also studying my solar return chart, which looks mighty weird because I have 6 planets in the first house—opposite solo Saturn. And it’s a Saturn return time for me too.


Wow. Thank you SO much, Carol, for the informative and super helpful podcast.

I really appreciate your input on my chart. You were/are incredibly accurate as is my chart. Aside from acting, I paint, sing and write a weekly spiritual column

ALL of these things fit so nicely with my numbers. AND I audition a lot for commercials which also fits into what you talked about. It gives me even more resilience to move forward until as you say…it is no longer fun. For now, I am having a blast.

I can’t thank you enough Carol. I have always admired your work!


Thank you so much! I'll have to listen to the podcast again to get all of it, but it sounds pretty right on.

I've actually thought about being a life coach which I think in some ways is like being an advocate. I want to support people around their health and wellness. People say they can see me as a teacher, but I'm not sure that I have what it takes to be a teacher. I think I teach in my own quiet and subtle way.

I appreciate the insight about public speaking and/or writing. I definitely want to be more confident when it comes to public speaking and I also want to develop my writing skills.

Thank you again for answering my question. I will definitely keep you posted on what happens. I think it's interesting that you mention that I might find myself in some sort of large, bureaucratic organization. I'll have to keep my eyes open for the possibilities. I've thought about working for Kaiser Permanente and they are a large, bureaucratic organization, but they advocate for health so I like that.

It looks like I have a lot to look forward to.


The podcast worked perfectly! Thank you.

I appreciated your answer. I didn't want to put too much in my original email, wanting to keep it short and sweet. I am currently staying with a friend in Kansas City, MO but will go to the Chicago area Jan 1 to stay with my daughter and her family while I look for work and hopefully can find a place of my own.

I have been living out of a suitcase since the end of March of this year when I quit my job, gave up my duplex, and had a plan. The plan (staying with a sister) did not work out so I've been helping both my daughters move/ Now I am feeling lost because I have no "home" to go to. Staying with friends or family has been challenging and frustrating. I appreciate their allowing me to stay with them, but I can't seem to find a place to recharge. Usually I would do this by just being in my own living space, alone.

I do want to be of service to others, helping them reach their goals and be in a happy, healthy, healing and loving environment. So far I haven't found how to do that. My main concern is now me, as I have been putting others first for a long time, finding a place to live where I can be in my own space with my own things. Perhaps that is not what the Universe has in store for me at this time though. I am receiving a very very small retirement amount but, like so many others, my bills take 98% of what comes in. Which is why I am not able to find a place of my own.

When I made the choice, and the plan, to leave my job in January of this year, I felt my future was one of promise and I was every excited. However, due to circumstances between then and now, I am frantic and fearful. Not a good place to be because I am just creating more and more of that. Much like a dog chasing his own tail and getting nowhere. Right now I just want to find a place to live where I am not in the way, so I can refocus and get back into the gentle flow of the Universe and out of the "Colorado rapids" which is where I feel I am currently.

You are right, my life has been in a turmoil since 1997. I am a dreamer, a perfectionist and do not feel whatever I do is good enough. Learning to trust is very hard, but something I am working on. And living in the moment is necessary right now - now is all we have.

Listening to your response to my question again, and listening to/reading other positive messages, I've managed to get into a much better space. I do have an idea of what I want to do once I reach Grayslake (north of Chicago), IL where my daughter and her family live. It feels right and I'm actually excited and looking forward to the possibilities. I don't want to say too much because I want it to unfold naturally, one step at a time. I am envisioning my home and being reunited with my things (and my copy of your book, The Purpose of Your Life currently packed away in my storage unit, and providing a service to others where I can fulfill my mission statement: to provide a happy, healthy, healing and loving environment to everyone I come in contact with. Thanks again.


Bonjour Carol,

I'd like to thank you for the podcast: your words were right on target, and your message brought a lot of comfort in a period where I felt quite lost and alone...even if I'm well surrounded. I appreciate the podcast formula; it's a superb way to communicate. The fact that I can hear your voice, listen to your words, has a much higher impact in integrating the message you are sending me.

Hmmmmm... come to think of it, this is funny: I realize this must be typical of a commentary from a "number 3" person: the communication thing!


I ordered several of your charts since 1998...they were incredibly helpful and accurate in terms of what was happening in my life. It was so wild...for example the chart would say "this is a time to buy diamonds and new clothes" (something I don't usually do) and I would discover I had, in fact, done that during that time frame...

I've just briefly glanced at my chart and again it has a feeling of being right on track with where I sense my world heading...feels like a confirmation...very exciting! Thank you so much for this incredible service.


WOW! Thank you so much, for the podcast answer Carol. Your response was phenomenal, and your description of me very accurate. I'd be interested to know where in my chart you saw that public speaking is definitely not my thing, but I do really enjoy writing. Your podcast has left me feeling more positive and will work on that, thank you!


Hi Carol,

Thank you so much for answering my questions via your podcast. Your analysis and observations were very interesting and much appreciated.

There are a few points that particularly resonated with me:

1) After spending my years working in the media industry in NYC (which I loved) I was sent kicking and screaming down to North Carolina (talk about culture shock!) because of my personal economic downturn. Ironically, I pounded and pounded the pavement for almost a year here looking for employment and lo and behold, was hired by a "non-profit." [as mentioned in the podcast] While I don't think this particular job will be a role I stay in forever, you were very on target with the environment I should immerse myself in and how my comfort level immediately elevates when I am surrounded by like-minded people with similar moral, ethical and altruistic values. It's like taking off your high heels and putting on your hush-puppies ... the fits much better.

2) One of the reasons why I love/loved living in the NYC area is precisely because of the element of "change" [you mentioned as my Destiny number] the excitement and diversity it offers and the uncertainty that tends to go along with it. People who stagnate in the city do so by their own consent. It's a divine place to live energetically, and spiritually, I think it's getting there.

3) I had to chuckle when you said I might even consider "living in another country" for awhile. That has been in the forefront of my mind and number #1 on my wish list -- to live in France for at least 3 months by myself. A few years ago I spent a month alone in France, traveling and exploring, and had the time of my life, met the most wonderful people, and made some great friends. I felt completely alive. Where would I ideally like to live in my life? ... at an airport with my suitcase in one hand and my passport in another.

4) I don't have any biological children, however I do have a deep and abiding love for children (other peoples :)) and their welfare. Most of my volunteerism has centered around working with disenfranchised children. However, your were correct -- most of my energy in this lifetime has been spent on taking care of myself.

5) I am a practicing Catholic/Christian and very strong in my faith, however I steer away from most of the dogma associated with organized religion and keep centered on Jesus Christ, so yes, associating with a church group is something I've done for many years and will continue to do (with my own "twist" so to speak.) I personally believe there is a very large contingent of Catholics in this country who want to modify the approach, but keep true to the message. I'm one of them.

6) Lastly, my number one challenge in this lifetime and one of the karmic lessons that you illuminated for me is to deal with money in a practical and pragmatic way, to support myself without looking elsewhere for support. Huge mountain to climb, but I have faith. And as you suggested, I have changed my thought about being "middle-aged" (at 48) and am hoping the best is yet to come. I just read about a 68-year old woman South Korean woman who finally passed her driver's exam after 950 attempts. Anything is possible, there's hope for me yet.

Thanks again Carol for taking the time to respond to me and for your wonderful insights. I will continue to check-in via your website and of course, read your books. Your book "When Life Changes or You Wish it Would..." is one of my emotional bibles and prized posessions. Please keep teaching.


I'm writing to express my appreciation for the Weekly Numerological Forecasts on your website. These forecasts, in addition to my Lifechart, have been invaluable in guiding me through recent personal and professional events (I'm currently in Personal Year 9). The forecasts are encouraging, uplifting, and motivating...just what I need right now.


I received my first Numerology Primary Life Chart from you in August 2006. The report has been spot on-- pinpoint accurate in not only describing me as a person but also the various meanings of the Pinnacles and Challenges which proved true.

It is enormously helpful, realistic, upbeat and positive. I think it is a "must have" for people considering a career change. They may discover hidden talents and abilities which are ripe for development for the workplace.

It gives valuable guidance into managing one's life in a more insightful way.

I reread my report from time to time. It gives me an extra boost of confidence to reaffirm my positive qualities and to give heed to areas to develop.

The report is a excellent value for quality and quantity of information that is given. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves from many different perspectives.


I started walking recently as exercise and took the cassette tapes of our session together in a fanny pack. Listening to it I have regained confidence in my choices. It was a matter of me either resisting and denying who I am (which I've done for way too long) or accepting the truth...and the reading greatly enhanced the truth I knew.

For many years I wanted to travel and didn't know where, I just had the strong sense of it, and never did (or if I did it, it was with reservations and as a child scared someone would tell her she was wrong) because I told myself it wasn't stable, it was irresponsible, it wasn't what a normal person would do and there was something wrong with me. After hearing that my "numbers" clearly pointed to needing freedom and not sticking with anything for too long, etc. I took this in a very positive manner .

Being in Philadelphia [taking care of] my mother I had started feeling stuck and uncomfortable and depressed. I was looking for a place to live because I said I love the East coast so that put me in a mental situation that I "should" find a place but it just didn't feel right. When I acknowledged that I am traveling--in this moment in Philadelphia--and acknowledged it's what I love doing, all of a sudden I was out of the gloom and feeling terrific. What a change! It opens me up to making better decisions by acknowledging what's true.

I have clearer vision now. I accept that what motivates me is seeing possibilities, feeling free, helping others, etc. With that I feel I can create a strong foundation for myself, and it's wonderful.


Greetings Carol, I hope you are doing wonderful.

I wanted to thank you for my reading last Wednesday. I am, of course, grateful for the information, your insights, wisdom and your kindness. The information and your encouraging and positive attitude have made an impact- I feel very enthusiastic about about my life, and I mean my daily life "in the now" right where I am at and of course I am motivated about continued transformation and evolution. I had always heard "it's all about the process" and now I am starting to see the truth in that.


I just wanted to thank you for your weekly forecast every week. It has become a part of my Monday morning routine to log on and see what's ahead. Your forecast is more 'on' than any other that I have seen, in fact, I don't even check my horoscope anymore. I truly appreciate your "what to focus on" as well. After having a rough spring, it really helped to just focus week by week to get through. You have truly touched many people with your gift of sharing your knowledge. My mother and I have a New Years tradition of looking over our numbers for the year with your Numerology workbook. Thanks, Carol! Just wanted you to know you're a part of my life


Thank you so much for this service. I am just getting into the Primary LIfe Chart and it is enlightening to the point of grateful tears. It's really bringing a lot of things home to me.


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Life Chart. It was awesome and amazing. That was just what I wanted to know, because I've been seeking myself for ages. With the chart I feel I can embrace my life totally, getting known the purpose of my life. I love the path of the report which explains me clearly.

I had felt kind of down, but the chart helped me feel better, because I found the significance o f much that has happened to me.

I feel better, more encouraged, motivated, comfortable and livelier. I can't thank you enough for the report, which was more than I had expected. I can affirm myself now. It's incredible.

I think everyone should order the personal chart report, which is mouth-watering, for their better lives. I didn't know that to be aware of ourselves is such a powerful way to move on.

I really appreciate in having encounterd this accurate, awe-inspiring, thoughtful, and specutacular life chart. I would read it over and over again.

Thank you so much. Take care.


It was a great pleasure speaking with you last night. The reading was so clear and precise...truly amazing! Thanks for your insight and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.


I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am 49 and have been doing a lot of soul searching in the last 5 years giving up a lucrative profession and attempting my chance in other business areas...without any success.

One of my objectives this year was to clarify my life mission and purpose. This has been a life pursuit for me but not always done with serenity.

I went to my public library and was looking for books on intuition. Your book "The Purpose of your Life" came out. It so happened that all the other books from that search were out...syncronicity?

I have had a business idea for the last 25 years. The last 2 years I have decided to write a book on it and done so with variable effort.

Reading your book has given confidence in pursuing this goal. This week I have medidated and asked God to help me write and complete my project.


I am now writing you during a my first night shift at my present employer, a call center. I will be assigned this shift for the month. It is very quiet and I can work on my book project for several hours.

Your book, it's energy, your words were a click in my mind...and now it seems that I am attracting from the universe what I need...with ease, peace of mind, with no effort. Merci!


dear carol, i am writing you from norway is 4 in the morning and i am reading the purpose of life, i just started. the last cupple of years has been hard for me in every way. i´m not going into details but today i felt almost like i could not take it anymore,

i went out for a walk to walk some anger of. this was about eight or nine in the evening. i walked past a dumpster and saw a chair that looked really nice so i stopped to check it out, i am broke all the time ,by the way, i am uenemployed.

on the side of the dumpster there was some swedish. your book was among them i picked out the books that i thought i could get trough and the chair and went home.

i did not read untill my girlfriend went to bed. and i am reading now about the sycronication you felt in santa fe. i am feeling the same thing right now, and i think this must be some kind of divine intervention cause your book is now really helping me, allready. i have been down for such a long time now, but i will now use your book to turn this around and just follow my intuition. wich i for some stupid reason have not been listening to. thank you Carol for writing your book-and it just fell into my hands when i needed it the most.


I purchased and subsequently read your book The Purpose of Your Life. I bought the book because the cover was red and the title was simple and to the point. I have read many books in the area of human development, self-improvement, metaphysics. I'm not a scholar in this arena.... Up to the point of reading yours only two books stood out for me. The Supreme Identity and The Sacred Path of the Warrior. I would not describe the experience of reading those as "reading," rather more an experience of "internalizing." I couldn't quote much from either, but know that they changed me fundamentally. Your [book] is phenomenal. I catalogue it with the two aforementioned books and along with Rilke's poetry and some Hemingway passages in A Moveable Feast, Atlas Shrugged and some random quotes, which serve as guide posts for how I would like to be living.


This is wonderful and fun work you do. Last month I ordered charts for my brother, and myself (both my birth name and married name). My brother said it was so insightful, and was amazed how accurate it was. I've gained a lot of insight about myself as well. It was interesting comparing the two names. Anyway, thank you again, and I already know I'll be ordering charts in the future for birthday gifts.


I want to thank you for writing the book, The Purpose of Your Life. I have found it tremendously enlightening, and much of what you have shared has resonated deeply with me. I had a profound synchronicity that was related to your book.

One night I was in my computer room looking for a book by Barbara Sher. I grabbed a book that looked like it, but it was the Seat of the Soul, by Gary Zukav. As I picked up this book, the book marker I had bought several months ago fell out. The book marker is probably one of two book markers I have bought in my entire life. I purchased it because it said “BELIEVE” on it with an inspiring quote.

I picked up the book mark and placed it, uncharacteristically, on my wallet which just happened to be in the computer room. The next morning as I left for work I grabbed your book to read during my lunch hour and went into the office to get my wallet. I saw the book marker there and decided to place it in your book to replace the credit card bill I was using to mark my place. I happened to be on page 77 at that time.

When I went to lunch I opened the book and began to read. When I flipped to the next page--78-- I read about the woman who was re-entering college at UC Berkeley. At the top part of the page was a quote that was inscribed on the column of the building she was entering for returning students that read "It is never to late to be what you might have been" by George Elliot. I thought that sounded familiar. I looked at the book mark. It had the same quote on it! I was awestruck. I was shaken to the point of tears.

I have been heavily meditating on whether I did the right thing by leaving my job to pursue a new direction. I have at least 100 books, and and only two book marks. For those two things to align as they did, I am certain is a divine message. The message is most likely from my mother, who passed not long ago. I bought that book mark because of her. She gave me a necklace that said "Believe" on it. She was a deeply sensitive and intuitive person.

Well this is probably more than you were expecting. All I can say is I am deeply grateful for your book. I would like to take some coaching sessions from you and will do so when I have the resources to do so. Namaste,



Having researched thousands of books on personal development I have to say that yours was the one that really impacted on my life the most. And so much! I read the [Celestine Prophecy] An Experiential Guide, and within days met a new friend who happened to actually show up at my front door! Within a few weeks we were designing a company that we both wanted to start before we met.

I wanted to do one part of the project but didn't relish the other and, synchronicity!, she wanted to do the part I dreaded but not the part I wanted. Is that magic or what? I gave her your book and we are still in total awe over how we met and just happened to be on the exact same path. You write beautifully! Thank you!


I recently purchased a life chart and am astounded by your insights. I also want to mention your book, "The Purpose of Your Life". It sits on my bed side table and I refer to it often. I have been guided, comforted, and inspired by your words many times. Thank you for writing such a wonderful guide for discovering how to be joyous and true to ones self. I wish you the best.


I want to thank you for writing the "The Purpose of Your Life" book. I have found it tremendously enlightening and much of what you have shared has resonated deeply with me. I was looking at your website and noticed the subtitle includes the work "synchronicity". I thought I should tell you I had a profound synchronicity occur that was related to your book.

One night I was in my computer room looking for a book by Barbara Sher. I grabbed a book that looked like it, but it was the "Seat of the Soul" book. As I picked up this book, the book marker I had bought several months ago fell out. The book marker is probably one of two book markers I have bought my entire life. I purchased it because it said “BELIEVE” on it with an inspiring quote on it. I picked up the book mark and placed it uncharacteristically on my wallet which just happened to be in the computer room. The next morning as I left for work I grabbed your book to read during my lunch hour and went into the office to get my wallet. I saw the book marker there and decided to place it in your book to replace the credit card bill I was using to mark my place. I happened to be on page 77 at that time.

When I went to lunch, I opened the book and began to read. When I flipped to the next page #78 I read about the woman who was re-entering college at UC Berkeley, at the top part of the page was a quote that was inscribed on the column of the building she was entering for returning students that read "It is never to late to be what you might have been" by George Elliot. I thought that sounded familiar and as I looked at the book mark it had the same quote on it. I was awestruck. I was shaken to the point of tears.

I have been heavily meditating on whether it was the right thing to do, to leave my job and pursue a direction I have wanted to go for some time. I have at least 100 books and I read several at a time and only two book marks. For those two things to align as they did, I am certain it is a divine message. The message is most likely from my mother who passed not long ago. I bought that book mark because of her. She gave me a necklace that said "Believe" on it. She was a deeply sensitive and intuitive person.

Well this is probably more than you were expecting. All I can say is I am deeply grateful for your book. I would like to take some coaching sessions from you and will do so when I have the resources to do so.


Your book, The Purpose of Your Life, was recommended to me back in mid-April. I had just quit an unfulfilling job and then my husband got laid off. I went into panic mode. I was also trying to launch a dreamwork business that had gone nowhere, and I felt stuck.

I am a graduate student studying consciousness and transformation, so I knew there had to be a way to change my thinking about the situation.

I rushed to the library to get your book. I devoured it. And things started to happen. I began to say the affirmation "Today I will meet people compatible with my path..." and I did some real searching about where my true path lies.

Within a two weeks I had left my long-time therapist (a relationship I had grown out of), started training at Intuitive Way, a clairvoyant school in Walnut Creek, found a financial planner (we have a meeting tonight!), and begun an exercise routine.

The change was phenomenal. I had been avoiding all of these things for months! I've also had a couple job opportunities pop up, but they weren't the right ones for me, and I found my voice, spoke my truth, and turned them down, breaking a huge pattern of accepting things that are less-than-great out of panic.

Now I am developing my intuition, studying the metaphysical properties of stones, dabbling in numerology (thanks for the inspiration!), studying shamanism and meditation and dreams, and, oh yeah, going full steam ahead at graduate school.

I still haven't found the right job yet, but I have my radar tuned into the signs. I know that when the time is right, the best job for me right now will reveal itself.


I received the cassette tape and notes from our session. Thank you very much!

Working with you gave me an expanded perception and insight into my feelings about moving and continuing with tarot readings.

The three major arcana cards you drew for me took on new meaning, particularly regarding unexpected adjustments, when I was called home this past week and my mother passed away. This puts me in the matriarchal spiritual leader position in my family. Your reminder that I give away my power too easily was fresh on my mind and helped me step up and take the lead.

I feel we must have some kind of karmic agreement between us, because I have made exponential leaps in my spiritual development three times with your direct help. I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Thank you for our session today. I now realize that I have been drawn/called to my karmic numbers 3 and 5. Consequently I have worked for the numbers 3 and 5 (and a little bit for 4) in the past and that I have found my life path for now and the future. The number 6 sounds great for the rest of my life as (1) I want to visit my family members in Japan and our daughter and her family in Los Angeles more often and (2) I've been attracted to get involved in helping/counseling/couching women whom I encounter through this new business and other activities/events.

I felt shortly after the session that the fog in front of me has cleared. I feel energy back and am ready to charge forward into our new business afresh. I enjoyed teaching high school students for nineteen years and it was my serious hobby. I did not have any such serious hobby after I retired. Today I found my new hobby - numerology!


Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the joy which your book 'The Purpose Of Your Life' has brought to me. It is a classic of its kind, which needs to be read repeatedly.


Right now, I am halfway through my second reading since I acquired the book nine months ago. This time I understand it - I was not ready the first time; I was too deep into The Void at the time. I'm glad to say that times have changed and now I can read your work and be uplifted as well as educated.


Happy 2008! I love your charts. I just finished one for 2006, 2007 and it was right on...I really used them as guidance for making some decisions and sometimes for not and holding back. The months were definitely in alignment with me emotionally and gave me some relief

when I would refer to the month and go, ohhh...ok, that explains THAT.


I feel compelled to write to you, having just re-discovered your website. I was given your book, The Purpose of Your Life, by a family friend about nine years ago as a graduation present upon attaining my associates degree at age 42. It sat on a shelf for 18 months while I completed my bachelors degree through a degree completion program. When I picked it up to read it, it changed my life. The concepts within it ... well they are things that I have come to understand, but at that point in my life, it was the first time I saw them. Synchronicity, people coming into our lives for reasons... all that was foreign to me at the time. Now, it's the way I live my life. I have given your book as a gift to many as they move from stage to stage of life, always with the caveat that it was life-altering for me.

Recently, I completed a Reiki session on a friend/former boss, who was finally eligible to retire from the large financial company where we both work. She was unsure of when to leave. I don't know what it was that she said that night, but I said, "here, read this book, it changed my life" and I handed her The Purpose of Your Life. And then I forgot I gave it to her.

About a month later, I received an announcement from her that she was retiring as of 12.31.07. I wrote to congratulate her, and she told me it was your book that moved her forward. I smiled. She has purchased a few copies and is handing them out as gifts. And I picked up another one the other day at Barnes and Nobel as well.

I also want you to know that when I was searching for my life's purpose, I had picked up When Life Changes or You Wish It Would, and it also sat on the nightstand for a little while. One night while reading it, I saw a passage about a woman who had started a retreat center in Sedona. I told my fiance, now my husband, that we needed to go to Sedona, but I didn't know why or where that was. Fortunately, he did, and so in 2002, we went there for one day of our honeymoon and fell in love with the place. On that trip, I realized that I'd been there before, although not in this lifetime. We'll be moving to somewhere in Arizona in 2009, and there is a wellness/teaching center somewhere in my future. It is a calling that won't go away.

So Carol, I hope this story makes your day. I know when my friend told me that I'd given her the book that moved her forward, it made mine. Thanks for writing such great books and for being there for people like us. I hope I can do the same for others.


I cannot thank you enough for the great advice and guidance you have given me. I realize there are two paths I could take and both would give me success, but my greatest intuitive urging is to go with M. for my life purpose-A pioneer/leader/teacher for inspiring humanity globally.

Thank you for N''s chart....that was extra kind of you! I can’t wait to read it! October, 2007


Just a quick note to say thank you for a most wonderful session. I feel quite 'expanded' with some interesting avenues to start exploring. I feel Ihave grown/transformed into someone quite different than the person I was before the session, and I feel wonderful! I shall go now for a walk along the beach to settle my thoughts before I get back to some work.

Until next time, travel safe.


Thanks for the life path consultation. I now feel like I have the clarity to move forward with gusto and execute. In fact, when I woke up to check my email, I receved a profile of a woman business owner who has a non-profit that raises money to lend to women artisans in developing countries. The women are able to pay back the loans with theirs products which she sell on her website. She also works with artists in the states who sell their products on her website and donate a portion of their sales to her organization. Wow, what an interesting non-profit business model--artists helping artists. I truly believe that the universe is telling me that I am on the right track and that I can develop my own unique business model. Very exciting. The universe speaks to us everyday, we just have to listen! September, 2007


July 11, 2007

Carol, Thank you again for the excellent consultation this morning. It was worth three times your fee (at least). I expected to walk away with greater knowledge, however, the meeting far surpassed that. And my expectations are high! My personal life and business are sure to benefit. You have a true gift; thanks for sharing it.


July 10, 2007

Hi Carol, I am sooooooo happy! I made my big leap three weeks ago into my new life and the domestic violence transition house. I have support everywhere. Please feel free to put my comments on your website. The one area that your charts and weekly forecast has helped me with the most is certainty...beforeI was always filled with uncertainty. My chart really helped me just accept who I am and the direction my life will take. I'm totally okay with being by myself.

The other amazing thing: at the time I told my husband, very lovingly and full of gratitude that it was time to let go, men from my team in California began contacting me by telephone and email. I'm absolutely showered with attention and support. I also have my own personal Espanol tutor so I'm finally learning the Spanish that I had a block from my mother. Even though my husband has chosen anger, resentment and revenge, I am happy, happy, content, peaceful, trusting and just happy. It's been a long time coming. I attribute so much of this positive shift in my life as a result of just "being" with my chart and fully embracing acceptance, surrender and most of all gratitude. I say thank you for everything. This has been the key to being open. God bless you abundantly. I wrote this: "Being open is the key to attraction for a key cannot fit into a closed hole."


The more I ponder your chart the more specific it becomes. I have had astrology charts done in the past but your program is so insightful. WOW!



I am so inspired by your books! I purchased all but one of the books you suggested, along with the Tarot cards and the instruction book on how to interpret them. I have 6 others who have bought the book since I started reading it. I think I am well on my way to finding my purpose.


By the way, The chart is the best I've ever seen.


Thank you, this [Life Chart] is absolutely fantastic and I'm ready to take the next leap. Talk to you on the 24th. My spirit and soul aligns with this openly. It's like this is everything I thought a therapist would help me with.


Received and printed my husband's numerology report. Thank you again for your swift and helpful attention. Many thanks. P.S. These reports are very insightful and useful. They are worth it!!!



I just wanted to share a tidbit with you…. Since my son was little, I have kept on making sure he had many opportunities to develop his musical ability – through the clarinet. As the years passed, he excelled in this field but went on to teach himself, guitar and the sax. I also instilled in him on responsible money management since he received his first dollar. Today, he is very responsible with his money and have developed a good money sense.

I also noticed his goofyness when he was feeling social and respected his need to be alone with a closed door many times. Whenever we gave him Legos or building toys, he never follows directions on the box… he always makes something he says is “better”! His sport is rock climbing since he was 6, and he has gone to two nationals before high school.

The reason I am telling you this … is that it was all in his chart! Even his occasional “laziness” and wanting to pick something easy.

As his college choice, I was very much surprised when he decided on pharmacy (Iwas thinking engineering or something). Then I realized it was probably in line with his purpose.

I must tell you I am blown away to go back and reread the 6 year old Chart and see a lot come to fruition. My hope is that he will follow his path and achieve his heart’s desire. And I hope I have helped him along a little bit.

Thank you for giving me the chance to take a sneak peek into his future. I am grateful to have found ways to help him grow that I otherwise would not pay special attention to.


I ordered primary life charts for myself and my son in 2000. I totally forgot about them until I did some cleaning up last month and found them in an old box in the storage. I reread them and my son's and it is amazing to see (specially my son's) how accurate it has been.


Thank you, I received the chart. I am impressed. It describes me to a 9. I am a professor of Chinese philosophy and religion and my approaches involve sociology and anthropology. The chart says outright in the first paragraph all my strong characteristics. I finished a contract last year in university teaching and am currently "germinating" improving my intuitive abilities and will be interviewing for new jobs next year. Sometimes, I also want to be like James Redfild to write a popular spiritual book and be a public speaker. They were all predicted in the chart. Amazing! I wish I could have come to know you earlier, but I guess we all have our life lessons and everything is perfect timing in our life.


Thank you for the primary life chart I received recently. Without the encouragement the chart provided, I am sure I would have spent several more weeks wondering what to do next.


I was in the midst of something that I didn't know what it was. I started looking for books to help me overcome the problem, and therapy too. Your book has been extraordinary. It was exactly was I was looking for.


I just uncovered the Primary Life Chart for me nearly two years ago, July 24, 2005. In reading it, I am amazed by the accuracies, including the pieces I'd rather not know about myself, except that in acknowledging the flaws, I can learn to work with them.


Last year I purchased one of your charts, which I found amazingly detailed and often uncannily accurate.


In 2003, I received my Primary Life Chart as a gift from a friend. I would now like to order a 2 year forecast, starting January 2007. My PLC was extremely accurate. Another friend recently ordered hers and was also blown away by it. What a gift this service/product is.


My Primary Life Chart is so accurate it is astounding. I was also very moved by the sensitivity with which your report addresses the various aspects. I have overcome so much (in relation to what the report says are my challenges) and feel almost as if I have received 'confirmation' as to what I am meant to be doing, who I am. Yet again, it is the universe laughing with me to say, 'Darren, listen up... we're telling you again, just in case you missed it last time...'

I first found out about your work in your book "The Purpose of your Life." Your book found me: it was left in my building's laundry room and it caught me eye. I could hardly put it down, but for the times I choose to journal and to work through some of the exercises.


By the way, you were my first introduction to numerology when I met you at a free evening engagement in 1989(?) at the Red Rose Gallery[in San Francisco.] I, subsequently, made an appointment to have you prepare my numerology chart--I have, unfortunately, lost the tape of our session, but still have the dog-eared, hand-written sheet you gave me. I bought your book soon after (which is also quite dog-eared) and have used it as a guide for over 15 years. Your book has been a wonderful tool in helping me get through some trying times in my life. Now, in my 50's, I am feel amazingly happy with my life and feel great comfort in reading my Primary Life Chart from time-to-time. Thank you.



Hi Carol, I have had a life full of experiences which is now assisting me with my life call. Your book "The Purpose of Your Life - Experiental Guide" was the main cause of my moving forward. I did the exercises 5 years ago and was astounded when my life puzzle seemed to fall in place. Exactly as I wrote down 5 years previously. I am doing my BA in Metaphysics at the Academy of Metaphysics in South Africa. I am in the process of planning workshops to assist other people with their life purpose. I am also in the process of writing a book about my incredible life experiences. Through many coincidences I have landed up in my town of childhood. It is an area with a great need for workshops of this nature. I would be the only person to offer this type of information in a few neighbouring towns. Thanks!


After my session with you, l I felt energized and more "present." I felt as if could conquer any problem and meet my challenges [during my job search] with confidence and fearlessness. It was spiritually invigorating.



6 weeks ago I had what looked like a setback at work. The next day I feltthat I must go to the library. I never go to libraries; I buy books that I want. Here I am at the neighborhood library. I went to the section that dealt with retirement books to get "The Number". On the way out, your book nearly fell off the shelf. I looked at it and put it back, saying to myself

"not that stuff again". Halfway out of the library, I knew I had to go back and get the book, and the workbook that was there as well. I completed The Purpose in a week. I'm about 15% done with the workbook.I was rushing headlong into retirement, just a little more money and I'll be there, and I discovered that I had no idea of what I would really do when I reached it.

Thirty years ago I did the est training and a bunch of follow-on seminars. Changed my life. Little by little I forgot much of what I had gained from it. So here I am, now at 55, reading your books and finding myself thrown back to where I was 30 years ago.


And now I discover that I am a teacher. I've been an engineer for 30 years. And it just dawns on me that my best, most effective, fun, getting lost in it moments, are when I am teaching others. My wife and my co-workers knew it, the only one who didn't know it was, guess who? Me.

I haven't been this well in a very long time. Being at peace and experiencing no internal conversations for periods of time is wonderful. Several others will be reading the book off of my experience.


Hello, I wanted to share some exciting news that directly correlates with my primary life chart and two recent weekly numerology forecasts.

My primary life chart states that this year (2006 - personal year 6) is a good time to date, marry, have a child. I met a wonderful man (John) through my nutrition consulting work this year and we have been dating exclusively. Early last week (Aug. 28 - Sept. 3), something came up and I promised John I would stand by him no matter what. Then, the next day, I read the weekly forecast and just about fell off my chair. I had essentially promised John I would work on building a future with him and set aside the past...very much like the forecast reading. I had been worrying about future finances in the event we decided on a permanent relationship...and the forecast read do not worry about budget; instead, take action to correct imbalances.

Yesterday, John proposed to me, and I said yes without hesitation! Later last night, I read the latest forecast (Sept. 4 - 10), which states: if single, this is a great week to get engaged, married, or move in with someone. Once again, I am truly amazed. Carol, thank you for sharing your gifts and insights. It has made a tremedous positive difference in my life. Right now, I am very excited to be engaged. John and I are planning a quiet wedding in October and we will spend our honeymoon at Lake Tahoe.Thank you for everything.


I think [the weekly forecasts] are great because they remind me to keep the bigger picture perspective. For example, today I'm having a lot of "drama" going on with my boss -- and I keep trying to remind myself to take a step back and remember that this is all part of the path... that this specific job is not part of my higher calling, etc. Helps tremendously to keep me centered in situations that can get really emotional.



Hello Carol

1) I'm glad I clicked on the link and it's so appropriate for this week.

2)I had you do my numerology chart perhaps 3 years ago and only recently did I take it out of the shelf for a reread. Amazing stuff. I enjoy your book, The Purpose of Your Life. I keep rereading certain sections of it. Love the daily mantras to clear oneself at night and start the day out right... why do I go through spurts where I forget to use it? hmmm.


Concerning your Free Numerology forecast,I have to say they have been very acurate for me thus far. I am happy that you have offered this as it keeps me focused.


The weekly forecasts are specific, accurate and oh-so true! Thanks for taking the time and saving my addled mind from "higher" math. Just started a 1 year and felt the transition from the 9 year immediately before my birthday. Very interesting when you pay attention to the trends....keep me on your list...I'm a forever fan.


I just ready my weekly numerology forecast, which is personal year 2, and I found it interesting that I have actually been doing what it said for thepast week! I have paid more attention to my personal appearance this week to feel better about myself. I have recently started my direct sales business again, and felt that I needed a boost in my self confidence.


A friend recently handed me your book "When Life Changes or You Wish It Would" which I am reading now with great enthusiasm and awe.

Being in a time of deep personal change, your book has helped me to make sense of the many thoughts and contemplations that have been swirling in my mind... Often, as I read your book I have moments of "Aha, this is exactly what I have been feeling," or "Yes, this makes sense to me." It has felt like your book entered my life at the perfect moment when I was feeling like I needed help from the universe.

I'm trying my best to live in the present and experience life as a process rather than a destination. Your book has given me a lot of insight on how to proceed in a transition that I know has to happen if I ever hope to have true happiness, with myself, with my circles of friends and family, with life itself. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being you, and for writing this book.


I received all my charts. Thank you. They are simply amazing.... "uncanny" is the only word I can use to describe them! The thing I thought was almost more amazing than the accuracy of our charts was the fact that even my left-brained, very traditional husband was astounded by them.


I want to let you know how much your books have helped me - especially "When Life Changes." In my darkest moments of fear and doubt, I pull that book off the shelf, ask for guidance, and always open to the page with the message I need right then. You have a very engaging writing style, and a mature wisdom that is evident throughout the pages. As life-long book lover, there are a few volumes that are like trusted friends to me, and your works are among them! A hearty and sincere thanks. Barbara Bissonette


I've read my Primary Life Chart twice and it describes me and my dreams so perfectly that I was afraid to read the 2-year forecast.

Until I read your book I was pretty sceptical of numerology, but everything you said either confirmed what I 'know' or made perfect sense so I thought I'd try it out. I get it now.

Thanks for providing another step in my evolution!


"I've been seeing Carol for coaching for about 7 months, and have gotten a great deal out of my sessions with her.

I left my hectic and stressful high-tech marketing job, to focus on taking care of myself and to enjoy the fruits of a successful career. Going down that new path, I originally heard about Carol from the Celestine Prophecy books, and then started seeing her own books in Barnes & Noble. I've read When Life Changes Or You Wish It Would and The Purpose of Your Life and highly recommend them. They are a great complement to the Life Coaching ...and a numerology report.

In my first session with Carol, she asked me what I thought my life purpose was, and my original belief was, 'Being a high-tech marketing manager.' After 7 months, I now know that my life purpose is to promote the convergence of technology with spiritual consideration. Since becoming clear about that, new job opportunities have opened up for me, and I feel a greater passion about how I can give back to the world through my work.

I enjoy going to Carol because she is straight forward, intuitive, and quickly gets straight to the matter. I have recommended her to my friends, and have given her books as presents."


I...highly recommend Carol as a Coach. I graduated from the JFK Coaching Certification Program in May of 2004. Carol listens deeply, is focused and supportive and creates a sacred space of intimacy and trust. She is warm, charming, bright, authentic and uses intuitive tools extremely effectively. Her high level of education and vast life experience are gifts that she draws from and shares generously with her clients. Carol believes that all things are possible and I have seen miracles in my life as a result of being her client.


I wanted to let you know what a profound effect our interactions have had on me in the longer term....

The inspiration I received and some of the techniques I learned continue to be of help to me.

Also, although it took several months to absorb, their was something you said during my numerology reading that has really become central to my understanding of myself and life past events, that is the truth that I am a "visionary/nurturer". I have come to realize that that is an absolutely accurate description of my inner self.

The effect has been to align myself more thoroughly with what drives me, and understand what has driven me in the past. I have come truly to place of self -acceptance. I find that if someone doesn't support those qualities in me, I no longer ferociously question myself. I am on the right track and coming up with creative ways to express this essential nature in the world.


I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have read so many spiritual and self-help books, but yours has meant more to me and helped me more than any book that I've ever read. I have given it to numerous friends as gifts and I have recommended it to anyone who, like me, was down on their luck or needed a little help in this world. have deeply affected my life. I will be eternally grateful.


I would just like to say a simple Thank you, for having helped me through one of the darkest and most confusing periods of life so far.

I was living in London, and had dropped out of art school, as I was not enjoying it at all, and felt I was serving no real, precious purpose. I had no idea what I would do next. As each day passed, I felt the confusion taking over, and the lonliness. Excuse me saying this but, your voice was almost like a beacon of light shining through the darkest of nights.

I found your book in Borders on Charing Cross Road, and from the moment I started reading it, I truly felt myself lighten and lift. I realised for the first time... that I should move back to Oxford, and retake Fine Art.

It felt odd and hard at first to admit to myself that it was not a backward step, but a one forward. Everything seems to be on track again, and each day I am feeling more and more synchronocity filtering back into my life. Sincerely, thank you so* much.


I enjoyed our conversation yesterday afternoon. It felt really good to finally understand what my purpose is. It's so simple. I always thought it had to be something complicated. And now, I feel so at peace knowing that I am on track.


I received my numerology Life Chart from you yesterday and I am verypleased with it. Thank you for doing such a detailed and thorough job! And, ofcourse, it is amazing how accurate it is.


I had to smile and nod as I read over past Transition Periods. For the most part, I have been very aware of my soul setting about on its path, and to see it in writing was very comforting. And as I am right on target with big changes in my life, it was reassuring to see that I am still on the right path.



I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how profound your books have been for me. I finished "When Life Changes, or You Wish it Would" about 3 weeks ago and I am almost finished with "The purpose of Your Life". I have read mounds upon mounds of so-called "self-help" books throughout the past 2 years trying to figure out why, as talented and motivated as I am, I was so miserable and stagnant. I would switch majors and jobs constantly trying to find out who I was and what would make me happy.

When you told the story of the woman who just up and left her former life to drive around the country and work odd-jobs, I broke down into tears.


I wanted to let you know some great news .... I just landed a job wih a good company here in Seattle. I start tomorrow! I'm excited and so grateful [for our session] last week.



I just devoured your book, The Purpose of Your Life, in about 8 non-stop hours and I want to thank you for writing it.

Although I have never been compelled to write to an author before, I am moved to connect with you. This book chronicling your lessons, discoveries and techniques is amazing and life-altering. I have been in metaphysical studies for most of my life,,,and had never found a book that spoke so clearly to me (and to the me of this moment!) in a practical and "real" way. Nearly every section mirrored my life, articulated a lesson or clarified an issue for me. I feel I must know you from somewhere, as it would be difficult to speak so directly to me otherwise. (Of course, we have not met.) (In this lifetime, anyway!) I am inspired. Thank you.


Thank you so much for a fabulous first session. I truly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next meeting.


Greetings from Tulsa! All kinds of things are going on over here. A quick update - I had made my peace with my current job and am doing really well in sales - I can sell products! I am ready to move on though, and there's a position at the bank I work at now that is really perfect - a client advisor assistant! So I applied today. On a personal note - I am getting married next month! I want to thank YOU for helping me make this all possible! Hopefully soon I can arrange another session with you.


I have quite a few books on my bookshelf, but I really have to give you feedback on your book, When Life Changes, or You Wish it Would. This book has been absolutely life-changing for me. It has been my own personal Bible over the last year. I honestly have to say I'm not the same person I was two years ago. I'm a more grounded person. I just had to convey my deepest thanks to you for writing [your books]. I wanted you to know how much your message has helped me, and how powerful it's been in my life.


I got the two numerology reports I ordered from you. They were both really, really good, I was impressed at how accurate they were. A friend of mine liked my chart so much, he ordered one as well! So thank you - the report has helped me to clarify a few issues in my mind.


Thank you so much for the wonderful day yesterday. All I can say is that individually my mom, daughter, and sister-in-law all said to me that they thought they had gotten the most out of the workshop. It brought out really important issues. Thank you. It was very powerful in combination with your daughter's great yoga. She's a great teacher. I wish I lived closer so that I could attend her classes.


just a short note to let you know the effect and support I found from your book- over in the United Kingdom. I bought When Life Changes or You Wish It Would.

I hated my job and really had to escape from a nasty toxic work environment...I was scared at first reading about Queen Inanna and realizing I had to let go of a title and role and escape, face redundancy before moving into the "The return" phase of my life.

To cut a long story short-I took a job in a Charity- and last week was made the Deputy Chief Executive after 12 months of working there. Your book sustained me in deperate times and provided real comfort....It was a challenge to read but around every corner some synchronicity arrived and little miracles appeared.

So a big thankyou...I tell anyone in a crisis to grab a copy of the book..and read and reread it! My copy is battered and much loved!


Since I saw you back in January, my main focus was on the logistics regarding my move to Argentina because I was afraid that something might go wrong. My biggest question was about finding the perfect travel date. So when you asked me how I felt about March 15th as a possible travel date, I just could not see waiting that long.Well, as it turns out I am still in California and I will be travelling on the 15th--to Mexico. The trip was a complete surprise.

I am so grateful for having taking your workshops and especially for seeing you about the forecast. Knowing what to pay attention to, helped me to renew my faith and have more confidence in myself. I now embrace change and have learned to be patient when an "obstacle" presents itself, since lately these obstacles have been "presents" themselves. And to think that 2 years ago I resisted opening your book about life change because I did not want my life to change. And now I feel like I am floating through life, optimistic about what will come my way, and excited about living life as an adventure.

Thanks again for your role in helping me achieve my goals.


Your book really helps me to clarify my thoughts and to nurture my optimism and enthusiasm.


I love that you pointed out my "racket" to me; your simple comment that I do the same thing with men that I did with my parents ("they're too uptight; they don't get me") completely opened my mind. My approach to getting out and having fun has completely shifted to a more positive, open-hearted, lighter attitude. Now that I have the attitude, I can't wait to actually start meeting people!

By the way, I did the numerology chart for my older daughter - it was awesome! Not only was it right on, but it has given her permission to acknowledge and own her many gifts and move forward with them, not diminish their value. It also pointed out an infrequent but annoying tendency she has to sometimes be self-righteous, but she could never hear that from me. Maybe now she will be more aware... I also gave her the parent form in the hopes that it will help her work out some of her issues with her dad...


First of all, I want to thank you for the telephone session we did last month. I have remembered things you said over and over, and really feel it was beneficial to me. It felt like a course correction, not that I was way off course, but just off enough to give me a bumpy ride. Since the session, my life has been flowing beautifully, full of synchronicities all over the place, and one discovery just leads me to the next--no resistance!

I just came home from the private art studio near my house, and I am officially signed up to take a class in Acrylic Painting that starts on September 2nd. I am really excited about this. Thank you for helping me to make this happen!

I keep thinking about your advice to finish "unfinished business" in my life in the next few months, and find that your words have motivated me to take action in some areas where I really needed to.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I received many blessings from the session, and am very grateful that I found you.


I am over the moon with my chart. Very interesting reading and explains quite a few things I have been struggling with lately.


Thanks for the chart and e-mail.I haven't finished reading it yet- it's scary how close it is to my character!


Thank you Carol!! After 35 years of toiling in the field, I know what I am: I am a strategist and a network builder: a Vision Doctor. I help people figure out where they want to go and how to get there.

I think you are an extraordinarily gifted person. I feel untold gratitude for your coming into my life.


Thank you so much for the enlightening life chart. I am truly amazed. I can see so much of myself in the chart already. It is like you were unobtrusively observing my life, even during childhood, and documenting the observations and results...perhaps before the events occurred. I have read the chart thoroughly several times, and every time I say to myself: yes, yes, that is me...!


You and your presentation, have made an immediate, positive difference in my life by offering a way for me stay above the fine line between "woe is me" and "I have a life!" I needed that reinforcement and got way more than I anticipated in attending two of the three classes. You are truly a blessing.


Yesterday, I started reading The Numerology Kit. I knew very little about numerology, and my pre-judgment of it was that it seemed random and too simplistic to be taken seriously. After reading your introduction and about "myself" I am fully intrigued. I found the description of my Birthpath to contain an amazing level of accurate detail. I am a Seven Birthpath -"absent-minded professor, fussy eater, not easily assimilated in a crowd (and thus worried about being misunderstood)" - that's me. When I was calculating my husband's number, I first made a math error, and was puzzled by how inaccurate his was. Then, when I got the math right., your description of him was perfect. He is a One Birthpath, and yes, we did meet on a college campus.