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Name Change Consultation
 (Carol is currently on sabbatical and not scheduling any consultations or coaching sessions.)
Changing Your Name Changes Your Destiny!

Here are answers to common questions.

"How long does it take for a new name to 'take  effect?'

Once you have changed your name, you will usually begin to feel the effects of the new name within the year.

"Which is more important:  My old name or new name?"

Both affect your life.  The original Destiny of your original birth name continues to shape your life at a deep level. You are still you.

Your new name begins to attract different possibilities, which add a new dimension to your life.

For example, Sandy's full birth name has a 3 Destiny--showing a strong love of music, films, games, social life, curiosity about new trends, and a tendency to live in the moment more than plan for the future. When Sandy gets married, her new name has an 8 Destiny--showing that she may begin to attract possibilities involving business, professional training, financial careers, through her own choice or through her partner's lifestyle. She may feel that she has become more "serious" or ambitious to succeed.

"How do I find a good name if I am choosing one, not just getting married?"

First it's most important to choose a name that makes you happy when you hear it!

Think about various family names, or names of things you like (tree names, famous people, authors, favorite teachers, and so on.  Use your intuition.)

Next, analyze it numerologically and try to find a name that matches the total of your birth date.

Third, make sure that the name has the appropriate numerological frequency (Destiny number) to attract what you want in life.