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written by Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

"I was surprised it was so in-depth."

"This totally explains why my boyfriend thinks I am kind of pushy!"

"I have a better idea of why we fit together after seeing our numbers, especially the THREES. We are both musicians!"

                  "Our mutual karmic lesson EIGHT makes sense, since we've had so many money issues."

You are in love! have come together for a purpose.

Love can make you blind--temporarily.  But sooner or later you are asking yourself: Are we compatible

Compatibility depends on many factors, such as how mature each of you is, your personality, what your individual needs and goals are, and how able you are to hang in there when the going gets rough--as it inevitably does in long-term relationships.  Do you have what it takes for long-term commitment--with this person?

Perhaps, an even more important question is: What is the deeper, spiritual purpose of this relationship?  What are you going to learn, create, or gain from this relationship? 

By looking at the letters in each of your birth names, you and your loved one will be able to see the unique qualities that each of you brings to your relationship. These qualities shape your interactions together, and suggest where your desires, goals, issues, and activities may be focused.

STRENGTHS, FOCUS, AND EXPRESSION. In this Compatibility/Purpose Chart you will discover the Energy Pattern hidden in your birth names (each letter is converted to a circle around the number it represents.)  More circles around a number increase the power of expression of that quality.

The partner who has the most circles around a particular number tends to bring a stronger expression of that quality to the partnership.  In some numbers, you may be equal, giving balance and ease.

PURPOSE, GOALS, AND CHALLENGES. A number with no circles is a missing characteristic. Missing numbers are signposts of growth, learning, or challenges. Missing numbers pinpoint a quality you may unconsciously seek in your partner.

If you both are missing the same number, you will each have a similar drive to develop that quality, but may have difficulties unless the lesson is learned. If one of you has a number that the other is missing, this could be part of the purpose of your relationship—to help each other grow and develop your potential!

If you have doubts about your relationship or want a better understanding, order your Compatibility and Purpose Relationship Chart below.

Carol Adrienne


  • Do not use Jr., Sr., II, or III even if they appear on your birth certificate.
  • Do not use a confirmation name given after the birth certificate was written.
  • If adopted use the name your birth parents gave you if you know it. If not, use your full adopted name.
  • If your name was listed as Baby Boy or Baby Girl with a surname, use it the way it appears. 
  • If your name was misspelled on the birth certificate, use the misspelling.  If you do not want to use the misspelling, use the spelling you normally use. (Since, "there are no accidents" the incorrect spelling may carry a deeper meaning or message than you realize.)

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