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Numerology Analysis for Steve Jobs



Steven Paul Jobs( Steve Jobs)

February 24, 1955--October 5, 2011


The recent death of Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, prompted me to take a look at his numerology chart.

I was not surprised to see the numbers based on his full, original name (given to him by his adoptive parents. His birth parents gave him up for adoption before he was named.)

Steven Paul Jobs ,born February 24, 1955, has both a 1 Birth Path (from his birthday) and a 1 Destiny (from his name.) This perfect match promises a high degree of success in life if the person has the courage, ambition, and mental brilliance to carry out his original ideas.

The number 1 represents the dynamic energy of an original thinker, a leader, pioneer, inventor, and strong-minded person who will not be swayed from his goals. His Birth Path 1 perfectly matched the requirements of his pioneering Destiny 1.

His Zero Challenge, present from age 45 onward ,indicates an Old Soul—someone who has lived many lifetimes and generally is born with a strong sense of direction, urgency, and need to understand life. The Old Soul may have huge obstacles or relatively few.

I made a synopsis of both Steve's original full name and the name he was known by the world—Steve Jobs. Both names fit the description of this unusual, complex, and challenging person who created user-friendly tools for communication, organization, creativity, and education for the masses.

Numerological Description

Steven Paul Jobs

February 24, 1955


First Name Steven          22/4  Master Builder/Spiritually Aware

Middle Name Paul             5    Adventurous; Rebellious; Freedom-loving

Last Name Jobs                1   Original, Decisive, Inventive, Competitive

Destiny                          1   Leader Entrepreneurial; Pioneer; Independent

Heart's Desire             11/2  Inspirer, Philosophical, Persuasive, Celebrity

Personality                      8   Executive, Demanding, Controlling, Decisive

Habit Challenge            14/5   Rebellious/freedom-loving; Stubbornness

Karmic lesson                    8  Challenges involving money, power, authority

Karmic lesson                    9  Quest for spiritual knowledge; need to               develop compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness

Birthpath                          1 Born Entrepreneur; Competitive; Original; Pioneer

Realization                        2 Ultimate goal to develop good relationships, learn tactfulness, patience and diplomacy despite a strong urge to be in control (shown by the many 1's in his numbers and the Line of Focus 1 2 3 shown below—the Line indicating someone who must develop original ideas)


First Emphasis 8: (from birth to age 35) Need for hard work;  challenge authority;work professionally at early age.

First Challenge 4 (from Birth to age 35) Need to learn to persevere despite challenges or obstacles; need to learn how to focus attention; gain practical expertise

Second Emphasis 8 (from 36 to age 44)  Continues to move toward executive role; business and financial challenges; gain in status

Second Challenge 4 (from 36 to age 44) Continued need for strong foundation, good management; common sense; make ideas a reality despite challenges

Third Emphasis 16/7 (from 45 to age 53) Tests of faith; unexpected setbacks, possible betrayals or disappointments

Third Challenge 0  (from 45 to age 53) Challenges from many levels or no one specific issue; possible spiritual insights or realizations

Fourth Emphasis 4  (from 54 to end of life)  Physical challenges; need for common-sense; stay in touch with practical considerations

Fourth Challenge 0  (from 54 to end of life) Spiritual insights, challenges from many levels

Grid for Steven Paul Jobs (birth name of Steve Jobs)


Overview Chart

Line Of Focus 1 2 3 “Line of Talent and Individual Accomplishment.”

Indicates someone who is focused on using originality and ambition to develop a unique talent, vision, idea, service or or product. This is a person who has single-minded purpose, (four 1's,) an interest in esthetic details (two 2's) excellent communication skills (two 3's,) and a grasp of fundamentals ( one 4 and one 7) His three 5's give him versatility, but only as long as it relates to perfecting his ideas. His one 6 shows a desire to provide opinions and advice, as well as a likelihood to be committed to his marriage and family.

Enthusiasm Moves Your World


Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.                              October 2010

Are you feeling called to make a major life change? How strong does the call have to be to motivate you to take the first step?

“Moving to Hawaii was like a calling,” says Elizabeth Jenkins, one of my dearest friends. We talked recently by phone and I was, once again, impressed with Elizabeth's ability to listen to and live according to intuitive direction. She is an inspiring example of living an authentically passionate life.

(Her web site is )

Elizabeth, a licensed psychotherapist, is best known for her work with the Q'ero Indians of Peru. Over twenty years ago, she was plunged into the ancient teachings of Andean spiritual tradition of living in harmony with the forces of the natural world. She met her mentor, anthropologist and Andean priest, Juan Nunez led Prado. Don Juan's father, anthropologist Oscar Nuñez del Prado, "discovered" the Q'ero Indians--direct descendants of the Inkas--in 1949 and led the first expedition to their villages in 1955. Don Juan met and studied with his Master, Don Benito Qoriwaman—made famous in Shirley MacLaine's book, It's All in the Playing. Ten years later he received the Hatun Karpay Initiation in 1988.

Deeply touched and forever changed by what she experienced, Elizabeth went on to lead journeys of initiation with Don Juan, which have attracted participants from all over the world.

Moved by the plight of the indigenous people of the Andes, Elizabeth founded the Wiraqocha Foundation. The Foundation's mission is to support and promulgate the Andean philosophy of life and the vision of Andean prophets preserved by the Q'ero Indians of Peru. The Foundation continues to help bring supplies and relief to the Q'ero people--a tribe of 400 Peruvian Indians on the verge of extinction--while preserving their traditional culture and identity.

If you have ever dreamed of visiting visit Peru, you MUST get in touch with Elizabeth for the journey of a life time. You can begin by reading her two internationally bestselling books on the INKA Tradition: THE RETURN OF THE INKA: A Journey of Initiation and INKA Prophecies for 2012 and JOURNEY TO Q'EROS: Golden Cradle of the Inka.
Several years ago, I participated in one of the initiation trips with a group led by Elizabeth and Don Juan. We visited and did ceremony at ten Inka spiritual sites, including Machu Picchu. The experience was unforgettable.

“So what's new?” I asked Elizabeth on the phone. “Well, we've got 107 sheep now!” she laughed.

I remembered my visit with her a few years ago. I could easily picture the setting where she lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, with her mate, Barney Frazier, and their two children. They've got an organic orchard of 1600 fruit and nut trees, a herd of sheep, and a roadside fruit stand on the main highway.

Everyone dreams of getting away from it all and starting a new life. And they did it. How, you might ask, did Elizabeth and Barney go from living in a suburban home in California to an organic orchard in Hawaii?

“Just before 911, I felt like I was looking at life from the wrong end of binoculars,” said Elizabeth. “We were living in Martinez, California, in a home that Barney had just finished remodeling. Not only did he work on the house during the day, he also worked from midnight to six am in his commercial cleaning business, which he owned.

I was writing my first book, and conducting initiation trips to Peru. Our first child was not even one, and I was pregnant with number two. We were camping out in the backyard while Barney finished the house.

Right after Christmas, we got robbed.

After that, something changed. Even though we had just finished the house, the robbery propmted us to ask the question, “If we could live anywhere, where would it be?” We had never before discussed it, but we both said, literally at the same time, 'Hawaii.' The very next day I was on the Internet looking for property. Two weeks after the robbery, we found a cheap flight to Hawaii to look at property for sale.

Just before we got to the second house we looked at, I told Barney 'I feel like we are driving home.' We were on the southern tip of Hawaii, the Big Island, four miles from Naalehu, a town of 2500. I was struck by the beautiful black sand beach. The property we looked at is between mile marker number 67 and 68 on Highway 11, which circles the island.”

When Elizabeth came back to California, she kept dreaming about the black sand beach and swimming with turtles. “I knew that was where we had to go. It really was like a calling. 'This is where you must go.'”

For less than they sold their suburban home in California, Barney and Elizabeth were able to buy the five-acre orchard, bearing citrus, avocados, and macademia nuts, complete with a brand new house.

“Obviously, we knew nothing about farming. Oddly enough, both of us had grandparents who had each owned a fruit stand! Barney's granddad's stand is in South Carolina (his uncle still has it.) Mine was in Lowell, Massachusetts. My grandfather had transformed a gas station into a fruitstand, because during the depression, there was no gas.”

Elizabeth says, “We started listening to the land to see what to do next.”

“The front part of the land, adjacent to the highway, was an overgrown mass of bushes and trees. From the beginning, it seemed to be saying to us that it 'wanted to be something.'

At first we just started by picking up our fruit and boxing it up. We bought some boxes from a wholesaler, negotiated a price for a thousand pounds of limes, and drove it in to Hilo. But we quickly found out that wholesalers could change the negotiated price once we arrived! Very frustrating. After that experience, we were so mad that we decided to sell the fruit ourselves. We started with a table and a picnic umbrella. It just kind of grew from that. We were determined to be self-sufficient and not be dependent on the viscissitudes of a wholesaler.”

The picnic table has since been replaced by a thousand-square-foot open-air pavilion with a metal roof.

“We developed all our own products, which we sell at the stand and now on the Internet ( Along with the citrus and avocadoes, we sell organic, dehydrated Macademia nuts, and nut butters in dark Belgian and white Belgian chocolate. We also have home-grown coffee. The plants are interplanted between all the other trees. We also sell the honey from our own honey bees.”

Life purpose is an unfolding process.

In the last nine years, Elizabeth and Barney have continuted to“listen for the next step.” The orchard is blossoming in a new way now, as the couple's goals are expanding. For example, Elizabeth's teaching work with indigenous nature wisdom is widening out to include an educational institute to study sustainable farming, based on their development of natural farming methods.

As they worked the land, each next step seemed to come naturally. For example, they brought in a few sheep to keep down the weeds in the orchard. Not only did the animals trim the grass and fertilize the ground, they ate the fallen fruit, thereby reducing the fruit fly problem.

When we are living our purpose with enthusiasm, synchronicity seems to aid us in unforeseen ways. For example, a member of the USDA came by one day to discuss chemical traps to keep the flies down. When he saw how Barney and Elizabeth were handling the problem organically and sustainably with their herd of sheep, he invited Barney to share his story with other growers and to speak to the USDA.

“We knew the sheep would reproduce on their own, but we didn't realize that we would go from seven to 120 sheep,” says Elizabeth. “We didn't plan to raise organic lamb, but we had too many sheep, so we had to harvest them to keep the sustainablity of the orchard. We found the meat was unbelievably delicious. Feeding on citrus, natural grass, and avocado, they are happy lambs! Happy lambs taste better!”

In October, Elizabeth and Barney are attending the Bioneers conference in San Rafael, California. ( Along with presenting their products, they will be discussing their new “educational vacations,” in which people can visit them for a week and participate in farm life for part of the day.

Elizabeth is also offering more advanced programs involving workshops with Q'ero Indians from Peru, as well as with local teachers, kahu, or priests, of the Hawiian tradition.

Elizabeth and Barney's story is a wonderful example of following intuition and living with enthusiasm. It exemplifies how our life purpose naturally leads us to deeper and deeper levels of experience and fulfillment. One thing always leads to another. The path opens one step at a time. Our conditioning tells us that we must strive to make things happen. However, authentic fulfillment comes only when we know how to listen, learn, and keep following the call.

Despite her busy life as a mother, farmer, author, and international workshop leader, Elizabeth continues to expand and develop in new ways. When I spoke to her on the phone, she had just come back from South America, where she was filming an episode for the Discovery Channel, for a program called Beyond Survival. She took Les Stroud, of Survivor Man fame, on one of her advanced initiation journeys.

“It was fantastic,” she said, “I was very proud of Les. He walked 100 kilometers through the Q'ero nation villages--through hail and sleet and snow, going over passes more than 18,000 feet high. He went from the tiny villages all the way to the Q'ollorit'i festival on top of the glacier.

We were invited to perform rituals in the sacred temples of the Q'ero Indians. They had never had outsiders perform before. I've worked with many of the Indians for the past twenty years, but I had never been to this sacred mountain,Wamanlipa, before.”

Elizabeth and Barney are also very involved in the educational lives of their children.

“We love where we live, but with this remote location, we decided to go with home schooling. We are also planning to bring some of the Q'ero children from Peru to study here on our land. We want to offer a new model of education, building a leadership program with the Q'ero kids with our Q'ero kids project. We want to support these kids in a collaborative interaction with a globabl world view. They will study with Hawaiian kids to learn about sustainability, science, and solar energy. We want to offer them the best of modern and ancient ways to live sustainably on the earth. We want the Q'ero children to share their traditional views about Pachamama (mother earth) to illuminate our children. A great exchange!

Now that we are attending the Bioneers conference this month, it feels like we are really bringing together organic farming, sustainable agriculture, with the indigenous wisdom which has been such powerful influence in our own lives.”

As we said goodbye, Elizabeth laughed, “Following your vision is not always easy. But the universe is so infinitely creative. It comes up with a way better plan than I could ever have thought of. We just had dinner on the beach with all our friends, with ten kids playing frisbee and the adults cooking and drinking wine at sunset at the beach. What a life. I couldn't have designed it better!”

Happy October!

Carol Adrienne

Seven Principles of Effortless Action


The Seven Principles of Effortless Action

What's Not in the Business Plan:
Trusting Your Intuition &
Everyday Coincidences
To Help You Succeed

Are you willing to drop your five-year plan if something better comes along that you hadn't planned for? How open are you to business unknowns (the parts that are fortuitous and providential)--those serendipitous gifts that come your way that lead to greater success than you could ever have imagined or planned? Or do you stick to your straight and narrow line of thinking?

In our work environments, we are often ruled by "realistic" notions--by facts and figures--by charts, numbers, and logical pieces of information that we can prove. It's the world of business, and we're encouraged and predisposed to make our work routine. Besides being a factual world, (one we can put our hands on and one we can back up), it is also a world of rules and guidelines and protocol that must be followed. But are we overlooking something--something that costs nothing and can easily lead to greater success and an innovative edge?

There are steps we can take to begin to increase the magic and inspiration of synchronicity--or, put another way, being in the right place at the right time:

  • Get clear about what you really want--that is, what kind of environment are you looking to exist in? Friendly people? Good clientele? Loving relationships? Opportunities for leadership? More freedom and flexibility? Focus on the feeling tone of what you are after, even if you can't imagine how to get it. Let the universe organize the specific details for accomplishing it. That's why affirmations work--you co-create with the universe.

  • Listen to your intuition. Intuition is the still, small voice that hangs out in the back of your mind. It's persistent. It make come quickly, or it may keep nagging you a little bit. In hindsight, it's what makes you said, "I knew that." If you have the hunch to call someone or go somewhere, do it.
  • Take action. If you are thinking of buying a house, finding a new doctor, volunteering for a worthy cause, or improving your garden and haven't yet taken any action, open up more. Keep your question in mind, and notice who you run into or who calls you. If your question crosses your mind, ask that person for a lead that might pertain to the information you need.
  • Interpret the results of your action and be aware of coincidences. Don't dismiss coincidences as random. If something happens that seems even a little out of the ordinary, your energy will go up. This is a confirmation that something is happening in your favor. When you have no energy for something, really look hard at why you want to proceed with something that has no energy to it.
  • Stop doing what isn't working. Give it a rest. Go with the flow. Some things need time to germinate and surface again in a completely new guise. Ask for clarity from the universe.
  • More pleasure and gratitude. Taking pleasure in what you receive raises the frequency of all your situations, and allows you to attract people and opportunities more in tune with that vibration. Like attracts like. Who was it that said, "Life is painful, but suffering is optional?"

We all know how to use common sense. Uncommon sense is what we trust when we take a leap of faith. It comes not from the obvious, or the ordinary, or the expected. It comes as a result of knowing who we are (and who we are not), and trusting that to take us where we need to go. It's a deep knowing or trusting our intuition to be on our side. It pulls from a deeper level of wisdom--of what's right for us. Uncommon sense is listening to the voice that says, "Slow down," when we're late, and slowing down is the last thing we want to do.

Once you learn to listen to your intuition and use uncommon sense, a whole new world opens before your eyes. Your life will have more meaning. Your job will seem less mundane. You will learn to focus on your purpose and why you've made the choices you have. You will begin to see yourself as part of something greater--something bigger than simply getting up and doing your 9 to 5 job.


Effortless action is not synonymous with sitting on your chair doing nothing. Effortless action means creating change without straining to "push the river." Going with the flow. Setting the wheels in motion. Effortless action is setting a goal and paying attention to what needs doing and allow the results to come when and how they come. Effortless action is being willing to do whatever it takes, but not trying to control what you cannot control.

The following seven principles are something to review from time to time when making business decisions.

Principle 1: Act on Passion. Take a stand for what you believe in. Remember your purpose is to contribute the best of who you are at all times. You are in this particular work situation because this is the place where you can fulfill your life purpose for the time being. There is a reason you were led to take this job or create this career.

Principle 2: Be Discerning. Let your rational mind and intuition work together. Trust first impressions but always check out the facts.

Principle 3: Listen very carefully to unspoken feelings. Flow through on persistent intuitive messages.

Principle 4: Notice where you lose or gain energy. Notice when you begin to rationalize, justify or blame. You feel something is not right? Take action even though it may take you out of your comfort zone. It's time to discover what you will need to change or release from your life.

Principle 5: Commit. Do whatever it takes to put you in motion toward doing what your intuition is telling you.

Principle 6: Assume synchronistic support (or providential help) is coming your way. Coincidences you never expected confirm that you are on the right path, even if their meaning is not crystal clear at the time. Some people say, "If it's supposed to happen, it will."

Principle 7: Trust the process. Trust that your life is unfolding as it should and that your intuition will lead you in the right direction.


Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., is the author of The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense, and co-author with James Redfield of The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide, and The Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide. She is also the author of The Numerology Kit, an do-it-yourself guide to understanding the blueprint of your life.

Your Stepping Stones are Purposeful

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Recently I received an email from a former coaching client, Cindy Harris, updating me on how her career has unfolded into an exciting new family business that is reaching hundreds of thousands of people every month—and growing.

A Desire to Work at Home--the Adventure Begins

I first interviewed Cindy several years ago when she was just starting a home-based business she called, Come for Tea. She had been home-schooling her son, Cameron, and wanted to create a business out of her passion for tea (her husband actually helped her define this passion) and one that she could handle from home. In the beginning she developed a Website to promote the physical and emotional benefits of drinking tea, and sold a variety of teas out of her home. As the tea business evolved, she started selling other items such as bakery goods and other tea-related products from similar boutique businesses. As her sales and presence expanded, Cindy began to receive invitations to speak in public and to give seminars on the benefits of sitting down with a cup of tea for a moment of reflection or to connect with a friend.

A Plateau Allows Germination

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, her business blossomed over the Internet, and she continued to expand for another six years. As often happens in our ever-changing path, her interests began to change along with shifts in her family. When her father died, she went through a period focusing on family matters, and began to give less time to the business, which, not surprisingly, hit a plateau.

New Technology Fires Cameron's Imagination

At the end of 2008, her son Cameron was now about fifteen years old. And full of new ideas! Cindy said,

“One day, Cameron said to me, 'Mom, why don't we start a podcast network?' I had no idea what a podcast was, and he explained that I could video-tape the talks I used to give and make them into a podcast to post on the Internet so that anyone could watch them all over the world. I was immediately excited by the idea, since I still loved teaching, and this would mean I wouldn't have to travel.”

New Passion, New Growth, Huge Expansion

At the beginning of 2009 Cindy and Cameron launched the Harwood Podcast Network.

“I did my Come for Tea classes on the podcasts, but now I was able to demonstrate different tea sandwiches and be more creative with it, because my format was unlimited. Each program typically lasts from seven to fifteen minutes.

All of a sudden, we started noticing huge downloads each month of the podcasts from people all over the world. This was exciting, so we started doing other shows on cooking like making breads, cooking seasonally using local Farmers' Market ingredients and baking cookies and cupcakes.

People loved our shows. We have viewers in over seventy-two countries. I am connecting with women in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, France, Portugal, and Korea. Here in the US, we tend to think that making cookies is no big deal, but in other countries women want to learn how to bake and cook like this. One woman in Korea has decided I am her teacher, so I am teaching her how to cook! We email each other back an forth, so we actually have a connection outside the podcast.

On the cooking podcast, I use my own kitchen. For other types of podcasts, we have an actual video sound stage in another location. For example, we have a show with a woman who teaches how to quilt. As of this year, we have produced over 400 episodes, and we're getting almost 100,000 downloads a month.”


Passion and the Next Generation


Surprisingly, Cindy's original passion for tea has become a family-run business. Not only that, but this new direction has opened up a career path that Cameron is now pursuing with zeal as well. He is in charge of the technical aspects of the Network, and was the first one to attract a sponsor, which is helping pay for production costs.

“Our podcasts are free, and our quality is excellent and consistent. Sponsors are realizing that people are getting a lot of their information now from the Internet., and that we are reaching people all over the world. As other sponsors show up, we want to make sure that they fit with what we are doing.”


Besides Cindy's cooking and photography podcasts, Cameron began to produce his own shows. In one such series he demonstrates how to use a free software program by Google, called Sketchup. It's a 3-D modeling tool used by architects, for example, to redesign homes.. Cindy says, “Cameron's show is now attracting its own following. This caught the eye of a company called 3Dconnexxion, a division of Logitech, a computer peripheral company. They saw what he was doing, and they wanted to sponsor him to mention their products on his show. Now he receives a monthly income from them. They probably had no idea that he was sixteen! You can imagine for a kid like him who has gone through so much to have his idea become literally our family business.”

When a Physical Condition Sharpens our Focus

Cindy refers to the fact that Cameron was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes when he was eight years old.

When we initially started this interview, she shared with me how Cameron's life took on a new dimension after being diagnosed. “I don't think he would be in this deeper, creative place today if this hadn't happened to re-shape the trajectory of his life.” I was eager to talk with her about her experiences managing diabetes with Cameron, as my own eight-year-old grandson, Anders Rohrer, was also diagnosed with Type 1 five years ago when he was three. Cindy told me about Cameron's podcast series called In Range, in which he talks about issues related to Type 1 diabetes.

“He talks about different subjects that come up for people, who are newly diagnosed. He's done at least twenty shows. He'll talk, for example, about what is a carbohydrate. How to read labels. He'll talk about what are good snacks, about having an insulin pump, how to go on a trip with diabetes. Apparently, other young people find his information very helpful, and they relate to him more easily than they might to an adult.

It was actually his endocrinologist at the hospital who suggested doing a podcast. This way people can watch it over and over. We heard from a boy in the UK, who loves watching Cameron. He commented that Cameron clearly knows what he's doing. He said it's like watching a buddy telling him what it's like to be Type-1. In my 'spare time' I've been trying to accumulate a list of Children's Hospitals so I can let them know about the podcast. I want to get this information in the hands of families all over the country and all over the world.”

Purpose is a Work in Progress

Cindy Harris and her son Cameron are obviously fulfilling a major part of their individual life purposes through this amazing new venture. Interestingly, this development would not even been possible a few years ago before the technological advances of the Internet and the relatively accessible process of producing video segments.

It's important to remember that our life purpose is a work in progress and certain foundation work must be done. Creativity, courage, commitment, and patience are needed to continue to follow our unfolding path. Cindy remarked as we ended our conversation,

“You may be deeply involved in creating one thing, like a tea business, about which you are absolutely passionate. Our tendency is, however, to think that because we are passionate about something, we have to keep doing it forever. I realize now how one thing leads to another. I think it's very important to keep an open mind about how that business may very well be a stepping stone to something else.

If your interest changes, you have to trust that that's part of your developing purpose. My original tea business has never really died, because it's evolved into something even bigger. The tea was the initial content, but only part of a bigger picture of reaching out to share and educate people. The tea business got me started learning how to create a Website and how to use the Internet. It forced me to learn how to speak in public, and put together a talk. It was a great launching point for a woman in her forties, who was wondering what was next in her life.

Just because we create something, we don't have to do that forever. At this stage of my life, I am creating podcasts over forty times a month. Forty times a month I'm doing something I'm interested in. You can see there's not much room in there fore boredom! My intention has always been to share only those things that I personally loved. We've taken this same philosophy into our podcast project. There is an energy of passion and integrity that goes along with our podcast, and that's why I think all of these people in various remote areas are connecting with us.”


Check it Out

To check out the podcasts, you can see a list of all the shows and watch any of them right now! Please go to Cindy and Cameron's Website at

Happy March!

Carol Adrienne



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Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

February 2010


Dr. Terry Dhanjal, a Georgia chiropractor,  recently left a phone message inquiring about a meditation tape she had bought from me about thirteen years ago in Montreal, Canada.  She had attended  one of the conferences organized by the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, where I was one of the speakers that year.  When we spoke on the phone, I became interested in her story of how she changed from one career to another, from one country to another. 


At the time she and I met, she was working as an ultrasound technologist, and was deeply involved in spiritual study.  She felt an inner urge to change her career into something that included more of her healing interests.  Interestingly, emerging from the experiences of a very bad relationship set the stage for the very path she was seeking.


As so often is the case, things happen for a reason.


Dr. Terry says,


“My decision to become a chiropractor came out of my own healing work following a traumatic  relationship experience.  One day, after several months of recovery, my chiropractor said to me, “You know, you should become a chiropractor.” At first, I was very surprised.  I couldn't see myself going back to school. But, he kept encouraging me to apply—which I finally did, but then I got rejected!  I realized that I lacked the core university classes.  I was working full-time as an ultrasound technologists then, and did not live near a college.  My chiropractor suggested that I could do the core classes in the States, so I moved down here to Georgia, and  eventually got my degree from Life University, a chiropractic school  in Marietta.” 


Synchronistic Flow Follows the Right Decision

“After coming to Georgia, it seemed that everything I needed was given to me.  I found a place to live. I met other Canadians. I was able to get a work visa, allowing me to work while attending school.  Each thing just fell into place almost like magic.”

The Next Step Appears as a Recurring Idea

“After finishing the program, I felt a strong urge to move forward. I knew that the next step  was to set up a practice.


I attended a business marketing seminar offered by a consulting company.  Sitting in the front row, I felt like they were talking right to me.”

Make a Business Plan and Begin Doing the Footwork

“The consulting company helped me make a business plan, starting with key questions, such as, What kind of services do you want to offer?  How much will equipment cost?  What kind of space do you want to rent?”

Support Appears from Various Relationships

Dr. Terry's clinic is located in Loganville, Georgia,(Walnut Grove- where a cluster of four small towns meet). “After I made my plan, I began looking for a space.  I feel that I lucked out with the space and the landlords that I found.  The woman who owns this property was a cancer survivor in remission.  Since both my parents had also had cancer, she and I connected very well.   Without her and her husband's encouragement and contacts, I would have had a much harder time of it--I might even have given up!

Let People Know Who You Are and What you Do

Dr. Terry emphasizes the key role that networking and finding supportive people play in starting a new business.  She says, “I always make sure to have really positive people around me—especially those who are growing like myself. 


“I joined the local Chamber of  Commerce, and got involved.  The Chamber showcased my business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  I reached out to the community by delivering flyers about my clinic to nearby businesses.  I put ads in local magazines and newspapers, and I attended various community festivals. For example, I teamed up with a community wellness coalition.  I started going to their meetings, and contributed to their diabetes campaign.  You just have to look around for what's going on near you, tap into it, and let people know what you do.


 “My husband [of three years] is involved with Toastmasters, and so I joined, too, to improve my public speaking.  Toastmasters provides you with clear guidelines about making speeches, and you have a mentor.  You practice and get evaluated, which helps you hone your message.”

Intrinsic Motivation is a Core Element of Success

While we obviously work to make a living, and money is important to our well being, it's having a sense of meaning that is the essential factor for starting a business, inventing something new, or making a big life change.  Once we align ourselves with the guiding star of what matter to us, we can move mountains.


“A lot of people who come to me are looking for answers.” says, Dr. Terry, “What really makes me happy is seeing results—people telling me that their back pain or stomach pain is gone. Telling me that their neck doesn't hurt anymore!  I love my practice because I do  more than just chiropractic.  For some people, I might do chakra healing or a weight loss program.  There are so many approaches to keeping ourselves healthy.  I help people to think about their vision for their health, and find small steps to improve the quality of their health.


“In seminars, I encourage people to connect with their passion about their health, their job, their relationships.  I use any tools that work!”

Numerology Notes on Dr. Terry

I calculated a numerology chart for Terry's original name and birth date.  Her Destiny number (what she must accomplish) is the number 1—to become independent, a leader,  and express original ideas. She must use courage and vision in developing a path often involving different or alternative methods.


Her motivation number is the hard-working, 8 Heart's Desire—indicating the natural executive, expert, authority figure, and problem solver so often found in medicine. 


Her 11/2 Birth Path and 11/2 Personality numbers (from her birth date and name) adds a spiritual and inspirational quality, balancing her ambitious side.  Her 9 Ultimate Realization number predicts that she will mature into a  compassionate educator, healer, and humanitarian.  Other numbers indicate that she is an old soul, with a karmic drive to heal left over issues from other lifetimes.  In the past, she might have been persecuted for having heretical ideas or for practicing the healing arts outside traditionally accepted methods.  This present lifetime gives the opportunity to let her light shine at what she loves to do.


I also noticed that she is completing a 9 year cycle in 2010, and moving to a new level.  Other  indicators suggest an increase in humanitarian work in the next four years.  I asked Dr. Terry if she was planning any fund raising or outreach.  As it turns out, she has already worked with various groups and churches in the past, and is currently engaged in a drive benefiting muscular dystrophy. 


Furthermore, she told me that she resonates with the karmic challenges of being a pioneer, one who is not always fully accepted by the mainstream.  She said, “I can feel that karmic link to being an outsider even in this life.  For example, with chiropractic work, some people believe in it, some don't.  Those that don't usually have never had any experience with it yet.   I have gone through some of that ostracism with friends and even family. I have also been told that I've done healing work in past lives. “

Dr. Terry's RX for Pursuing Your Dream

         Find expert guidance. Hiring experts can be a worthwhile short cut to making your dreams come true. “There's a wealth of information available.  If, like me, you didn't have a family role model,  find mentors.  People love to help a committed person.”

         Honor wherever you are today.  This moment is only one stage of your life purpose. For example, Dr. Terry says that, if she had not attended the Montreal seminar with me over ten years, she wouldn't be having our interview today.  She says, “I came to the conference because I belonged to a Celestine Prophecy group as part of the IHHHS.  At that time, I was at the stage of following my interest in the principles of The Celestine Prophecy and the Experiential Guide.  The seeds were planted a long time ago, and now I am living in the blossoming of those seeds. 

         Write down your goals, and visualize how you want your life to be. 


Happy February, everyone!

Carol Adrienne



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