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The Secondary Life Chart is to be ordered ONLY for a name other than your original birth name.

The Secondary Name Chart describes the strengths and weaknesses of this name and does NOT describe future events (to be found only in the Primary Life Chart and the 2-Year Extended Forecast).

The Secondary Name Chart helps you:
  • Discover the new strengths or interests you acquired with the new name.
  • Identify what makes you happy under this name.
  • Learn how you appear to others using this name.
  • Understand any conflicts with your original purpose. 
  • Discover your most likely vocational path or purpose under this name.
  • Understand what opportunities or challenges this name brings you.
  • Clarify the ultimate goal or personal achievement you  must do under this name.

Secondary Name charts are best used for legally changed names.  For example, Bob Jones will use his original name of Robert Franklin Jones for his Primary Life Chart, even though he is known as Bob Jones. 


NICKNAMES. Your Primary Life Chart describes the true you. However, if Bob Jones wants to find out how his casual name comes across to others, he can also order a Secondary Name Chart in addition to his Primary Life Chart.

PROFESSIONAL NAMES. Jennifer Eloise Frankel Brandeis decided to shorten her name for professional reasons to Jenna Brand, and ordered a Secondary Name Chart for this new version in addition to her Primary Life Chart. 

MARRIED NAMES. Diane Frances Smith married and ordered a Secondary Name Chart for her married name of Diane Smith Donovan in addition to her Primary Life Chart.

Sample Secondary Name Charts
English Name Numerology Lady Gaga (singer), Katy Perry (singer)
Portuguese Name Numerology Maria De Medeiros (actress)
Russian Name Numerology Оксана Геннадьевна Бородина (celebrity)
German Name Numerology Angela Dorothea Merkel (politician)
Vietnamese Name Numerology Hồ Lệ Thu (singer)
French Name Numerology Catherine Deneuve (actress)
Greek Name Numerology Καλομοίρα Σαράντη (singer)

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