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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
June 29 through July 5, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                A Year for New Directions or Finding a New Focus

Personal Month 7 June     An inward-looking period; time-out; taking a step back; loneliness

Personal Month  8 July       A period of satisfying productivity, tough decisions, good results; may be consulting an expert, buying or selling property; marriage or divorce; high stakes

SHIFTING GEARS. This somewhat perplexing last week of June may seem a bit of a lull. However, if you have been feeling in limbo (or in the “void”), you may just get good news or opportunities that promote your situation. Moves, actions, or decisions in the next few weeks are likely to bring long-term gains or success. Serious issues are able to be resolved now. Expect more clarity on finances, legal matters, your career, (or marital state.) Since this ONE Personal Year requires focusing on what you want to bring into your future, you may decide to invest in such improvements as equipment, travel, or education during July. Job seekers have excellent powers to attract a good situation. While you may deeply love and respect your partner, you may have to firmly negotiate for what you want, especially around finances and possible expenditures. Maybe you want to join your lover on a cruise or take a spur-of-the moment trip to Paris. For some, however, the reverse could be in progress. Perhaps you are facing a divorce settlement. Count on a feeling of eventual relief and a promise of better times to come. Either way, the important thing this week is self-reliance. Stay centered on what really matters. Don’t be talked into anything that isn't right for you. This moment calls for a consistent plan to put money aside. Learn more about investing—even if it means starting with $10 a week. Curb spending. Wouldn't you rejoice in having a large, growing nest egg in a few years? Don't wait another day.AVOID: Letting anger burn bridges. FOCUS: Confidence in your problem-solving ability; clarity about priorities; using good judgment.



Personal Year 2                A Year for Developing Supportive Relationships and Networks; Desire for Love, Affection, Recognition, Beauty, Serenity, and Balance

Personal Month 8 June     Productivity, decisions, and good results

Personal Month 9 July    A period that has the feeling of transition or completion; a relationship call for care and compassion; something is asking to be let go

CHANGE OF FORTUNE. This last week of June could bring a project to fruition. In the past month of June, you tended to be bent on keeping a firm grip on time, money, and the right plan. As you move toward July (NINE month), expect a situation to change or resolve. You may be attending the farewell lunch of a co-worker or boss, or hearing news that your company is being sold or expanded. This week might require a long-distance chat with someone who understands your situation, or who can help solve a problem. Job seekers are in a great position to hear of available positions. At this point in your TWO Personal Year, your best time to start a new job is likely to be August (ONE month), so hang in there. This week love, money, and change (not coins) seem intertwined. Remember what your last relationship taught you? This wisdom may be relevant this week. July is bringing in a more volatile emotional energy. You might find yourself sometimes swinging between sadness and ecstasy! If you are feeling blue, it’s time to let go and trust that the Universe is handling the details. This really could be the week for love (or forgiveness.) Reframe negative thoughts, e.g., I am not where I want to be right now, but anything is possible! PERSONAL: You more easily able now to switch gears from struggle to flow. In what part of your life do you feel it? AVOID: Going over the past. Look for bright moments now. Something right in front of you gives joy. FOCUS: Eliminate what isn’t working. Proceed toward a new goal (baby steps are very productive.)

Personal Year 3                A Year for You; Enjoy Life as It Is; Cultivate a Positive and Open Attitude; Interesting Developments and Synchronicities

Personal Month 9 June       Transitions; completion of a phase; emotional situations; joy, sadness

Personal Month 1 July        Potential brilliant idea; creative projects advance; social life; birth; seeing new places; winning a competition

GAIN. The time is right for many things to unfold, move forward, or expand. What seemed only potential now seems likely to proceed. Something may be handed to you on a silver plate. Your ability to come up with new solutions and solid decisions has never been higher. Recognition or a nod from someone gives you an internal boost of confidence. Drop any tendency to make excuses, justify, or explain. Instead, express quiet confidence and ask for intuitive guidance. If imagination is working overtime, jot down the basics of a new idea or plan. Creativity could hardly be higher this week, (although you may be secretly scrolling through the cruise ship deals in your spare time.) Job seekers are very likely to start a new job or come up with an entrepreneurial plan. Things tend to move faster now. If single you are ready to meet new people, or get serious about someone you've been seeing. Someone takes note. You tend to want clarity now from your partner, but be light and avoid coming across like an interrogator. PERSONAL: The fresh wind blowing over your life for the next few weeks opens a window of opportunity. It’s time for a new you. How would you like to change your attitude, behavior, or looks? It’s as if the sun is shining in all your dark corners. AVOID: Grumbling about problems. Either let it go or do something about it. FOCUS: Think big.


Personal Year 4                     A Year for Building a Foundation for Future Prosperity

Personal Month 1 June           Change in direction; new idea brings opportunity and uncertainty; new health plan or exercise plan; check out options that add to your security

Personal Month 2 July          A quieter period giving plans a chance to firm up; be patient with delays or annoying people; a relationship may need some TLC; may somewhat trapped by a situation

COLLABORATE. During June you were eager to set some things in motion. Now you may need to re-analyze what you decided; wait and see as things unfold. In a relationship you may have to compromise more than you thought. If working, your team will do well, and you will shine. Be sure to keep a mate or co-workers updated to avoid oversights or later hurt feelings. Be especially careful to review details in proposals or cost estimates in repairs or purchasing new items. Job seekers may get a second interview on a good job possibility, but may have to wait for the answer until at least Friday.  Couples tend to become closer now, as you must rely on each other to cover household matters. Singles who are dating may be talking together about the future. If single and looking, it’s an excellent time (for several weeks) to initiate new activities or avenues of social life. Attend an event with a friend, but don’t spend all your time chatting with people you already know! Be magnetic instead of forceful. Be kind and gentle with yourself this week. There is no point in rushing around right now. AVOID: Going into that old “second-guessing mode.” If feeling a little down, call a friend and ask him or her to go with you to the zoo (or some place quirky or fun.) FOCUS: Beauty, stillness, and love. Get out your photo albums or take a few new shots.

Personal Year 5                   A Year Bringing Change, Options, and Freedom from Constriction

Personal Month 2 June          A time to let things simmer; stay on track; strive for balance

Personal Month 3 July        Good Luck; synchronistic meetings; desire for more free time; start of a vacation; birth of a child (or a wonderful idea/project; meetings, fairs, conferences; roadtrips

POTENTIAL. This year is keeping you super busy. You may be starting a new venture or career, moving to another location, or just making the most of every day. Any slow down from June disappears and you are back in action. Health-wise you feel much more energetic. Emotionally you feel more plugged in to a course of action or public production. Every day you seem to encounter a new piece of info or meet someone who inspires you. An office project, networking event, or celebration could reveal a new alliance. You may be taking a new approach to an old situation. You more easily now have the energy to simply get busy and organize and freshen your home or work space. You might decide to bicycle to work or….finish your tasks and go away for the weekend. If you cannot get away yet, pin up a few pictures of the beach, the mountains, or Florence, Italy. It's time to enrich your life and daydream. If seeking employment, a job fair, business gathering, or chance encounter could bring a lead. An interesting comment could trigger an epiphany. Pursue your leads, but also embrace the free time to job, walk, read, or visit an animal rescue shelter! The changes in your life are happening for a reason. If you have a partner, be gentle, be sexy, and be present. If there are heavy issues, maybe it's time to take a lighter approach and get physical. If single and looking, do some social networking or sign up with a group who features activities for singles. Whether or not you meet someone special, you feel more alive when you are out and about. You tend to feel more casual, relaxed, and spontaneous all week. Start your novel with this sentence, “What happened yesterday was almost unbelievable. But forces had been moving me in this direction for sometime…..” Then YOU write the rest. AVOID: Feeling you have to control the universe. FOCUS: Fun. Positive attitude.

Personal Year 6                     A Year Featuring Responsibility, Promises, Duty, and Family

Personal Month 3 June            Self-expression; good times with friends

Personal Month 4 July          A period that takes you back to basics; set a small goal and stick to it; great time to exercise, buy a practical item, and learn to cook quick and easy meals; avoid purchasing impulsively; family matters or vehicles may require your attention

ACTION. If you were on vacation last month, July is likely to bring you back into your routine. If you are on vacation now, it means you probably brought your laptop along to work as well as play. With the practical vibration of FOUR entering your life, projects, reorganizations, and business ventures enter a more solid phase. A new project is likely to get underway now that the talking is over. You tend to be in data gathering mode-- using your calculator, email, and cell phone—as you get your ducks in a row. If seeking work, this could be the week when you get the big call—everything in your life is moving toward stability and security right now. Temp jobs are always a good bridge to something permanent. Even if deeply in love, you can’t help thinking of the practical side of this relationship. If going with someone, it’s likely that you both are getting very serious or even getting married this week! A great time for melding two families, having or starting a baby, or moving into a new home. When feeling down, remember to take slow, deep breaths. Walk. Exercise is a must this month. Wait till you feel quiet and calm before making decisions. AVOID: Over-analyzing, but don’t overlook the obvious, either. FOCUS: Keep taking small steps without getting discouraged.

Personal Year 7              A Year for Reflection on Where You Are in Life; Need for Rest, and Rejuvenation; Tendency to Seek Quiet Solitude; Sabbatical; Increased Spiritual Faith and Intuition

Personal Month 4 June      A practical month; less free time and more work; organization

Personal Month 5 July     A busy period; a transition is shaking things up; chance meetings and synchronicities; breakthrough on a sticky situation; changes in health or living situation

STEP UP YOUR GAME. If you were involved in tedious or practical matters in June, take heart. Now you may be feeling a fresh new wind. If working, you may have a busier time now or new issues to deal with. In some area of your life, things may still look the same, but you can feel a shift. Uncertainty is likely to arise several times this month, as you wait for options to unfold. Some of you may hear about a better job, which requires you to learn new technology or procedures. If you have been looking for work for a long time, try to find a new approach. For example, rearrange the items in your resume. Play with it. How could you change it up to look attractive to an employer? Trust your gut instinct and first impression. During this somewhat offbeat mood, you might even be tempted to take a cook’s job on a sailboat. Why not, actually? Romance could be very hot and sexy this week. On the other hand, conflicts could arise as this period tends to instigate hasty reactions. Arguments with someone you live with could cause tension until one of you apologizes. It’s up and down this week. If single, you enjoy your freedom. However, you might also be pleasantly surprised when you meet new people at a social activity. Go to a lecture at lunchtime or sit outside. A synchronistic call or meeting has you wondering what it all means. AVOID: Getting mad and walking out. FOCUS: Flexibility. Chill out at week's end.

Personal Year 8                     A Year for Advancement; Handle Financial Matters; Success

Personal Month 5 June           Changes; need for flexibility

Personal Month 6 July          A busy, productive time; may have to deal with agencies, older people in your life, or travel for a family reunion; could be a stressful time

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Considering that so many people are peppering you with demands or question, you may end up with a bit of free-floating anxiety. If working, the boss may not be clear in giving you direction. Some may find themselves unexpectedly in charge on the job—especially if a co-worker is on vacation. You might be counseling someone who needs your support. A family member could require intense care right now. While many daily issues are keeping you busy, this tends to be a relatively stable and enjoyable time. Issues get sorted out, but you may find yourself on hold with a bureaucrat once in awhile. Since SIX favors service of all kinds, job seekers might have a chance to land a service type job. Dress conservatively for interviews, and be sure to use your smile. A smile at any time could make a big difference this week. For many, SIX is an excellent period (over the next few weeks) for getting married, moving in together, or starting a family. If single and looking, this week makes you realize either that you are happy being on your own, or that you are ready to start attracting the right person. If feeling at a loss, find someone just to go for a walk with or to the movies—no pressure. If you have any extra free time, it's a great idea to review your finances, or organize your space. AVOID: Putting off a family obligation. Give up trying to control the Universe. FOCUS: Doing what you know to be the right thing.



Personal Year 9                 A Transition Year to Clear the Past, Broaden Your Thinking and Attract Abundance; Let Go of What you Have Outgrown

Personal Month 6 June       Responsibility; security; love; family matters

Personal Month 7 July      A time to step back for awhile; desire to reflect, refine, re-tool; may bring a Sabbatical or less work; possible sadness, loneliness, or depression; desire for meaning

BREATHE. Hopefully, you have scheduled your vacation for July, as your current SEVEN influence favors less busy-ness and more downtime. If working, a slower pace should be used to clear away an outstanding project. You may feel like cleaning out old files, or take an interest in a special subject you haven't had time to research. If you have something nagging in the back of your mind, take time to listen to it—or investigate a hunch. It’s a good time for using your intuitive and mental faculties. You may be compiling estimates for a new repair or building project. During the synchronistic influence of SEVEN, you may easily attract the exact connection, contact, or piece of information that makes a big difference in your life. If you are writing anything, make sure someone edits your work. If looking for work, spend some time visualizing what you really want. Make a new list of the ideal job. It’s coming! Your love life may benefit from some space and solitude. It's possible that your loved one may have to go away for a few days in the next few weeks, leaving you to think about him or her a little more. If trying to make a decision, listen to your intuition (not your fear-based voice, but the deeper voice of inner knowing.) Even though you might be single and looking for love, at this point you are enjoying your freedom. This week, go out to the movies with a friend or by yourself. Take some time to really immerse yourself in comparing vacation options for cost and convenience and plan to travel as far as you can afford. AVOID: Worrying about what you cannot change. Instead, change one little thing that will give pleasure (like a new bath mat, potted plant, or sun hat.) FOCUS: Let go of trying to control anything.