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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
August 3 through August 9, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1           New Level. What Could You Do To Expand, Grow, Or Discover For The Rest Of The Year?

Personal Month 9          A feeling of transition; complex feelings; desire to sort out, clean out, and complete; possible long-distance trip; emotional goodbyes

REVIEW. For some August will bring changes or endings with the NINE personal month vibration. While some decisions may be painful or exciting, this is the time to make room for something new by wrapping up old business. Despite possible summer slow-downs, at times you may begin to feel that something new is just around the corner. This tends to be a lucky time, so look for a pay increase, a chance to take on new responsibilities, or an expansion of your “territory” (field of interest or where you have power.) If working there is always a chance of layoffs or big chances during your NINE. Whatever transpires, look for the silver lining. Your entire year is more than likely to bring positive change, and this could be a turning point month. For example, you may have time to pursue something that you’ve always wanted to do. Job seekers are ending a perhaps frustrating stage, and about to find new opportunities in September. Expand your networking contacts. Think bigger and you’ll be surprised at what arrives at your doorstep. Loving feelings could bloom big time, but for some this could also be a bit of a roller coaster ride. This period brings some emotional disclosures or closures! If engaged, continue to hold off setting a wedding date until after October 1. Otherwise, enjoy reciprocally fulfilling relationships! In general, you will find that you often think of the past. Is it a reminder to change your ways, or do you need to put it all behind you? Express love to someone far away. AVOID: Listening to nay-sayers. You know what you need. FOCUS: Go with the Flow.

Personal Year 2          Enjoy More Meaningful Interactions with People; Develop Networking Connections; Start Blogging, or Explore Creative Endeavors; Love, Romance, Affairs, Need for Co-operating with Circumstances as they are.

Personal Month 1         Possible big decision, move, change of plan, or change of direction; self-confidence grows through solving an issue with a mate or family member

SCIENCE OF MIND. You come to realize just how much your reality is an out-picturing of your beliefs, attitudes, and expectations. For some, events in August could open doors or stimulate brilliant thinking that puts you on a more positive track. Despite moments when 2015 has seemed to move slowly for you, expect a shift that brings higher self-confidence, courage, and creativity. You may be starting something new or forging ahead on a cherished goal due to the strong ONE Personal Month. If working, you tend to be more prominent or thrust into a leadership role, perhaps for a few weeks. Job seekers might be rewarded if they make two important calls. Opportunity now could be in a completely unfamiliar field. This is a lovely time for meeting new, like-minded people. If in relationship, you are thinking positively about the future. Engagements, weddings, or births are all favored now. In general, be direct when communicating, and very, very kind. AVOID: Complaining. It’s time to put your energy where your heart is. You will feel uplifted if you take an action you've been putting off. FOCUS: Action (with good timing), courage, kindness, understanding, and otherwise—patience!

Personal Year 3        Remember to Make Time to Enjoy Small Pleasures; Mix and Mingle

Personal Month 2      Focus on improving relationships; strive for authentic communication instead of attempting to tell people what you think they want to hear; patience; great time for artistic endeavors; visits to museums, water-parks, Buddhist temples, music festivals, weddings

ENJOYMENT. Generally, this first week of August tends to be unusually social. If working, the summer may bring a slower pace; use time wisely now to review and edit details or get reacquainted with colleagues or former co-workers. Quiet efforts pay off. You’ll be glad you did. Cross your T's and dot your I's and be sure to go the extra mile for customer service. If feeling frustrated at times, take a step back, smile, and pay someone a heartfelt compliment. Given this calm before the storm, job seekers are likely to be waiting, waiting, waiting. But look at the bright side. You have time to read that novel or polish up your resume. After taking care of follow-up job-search stuff, try to have time for personal study or casual get-together with positive-minded friends. If involved romantically, your special someone tends to want more from you—or you from them. Despite your usual urge to pin down time-lines and options it might be better to be a little more open-ended and spontaneous this week or next. In some case, you might feel relief by letting go of your resistance to what the other person wants. What the heck! If in a relationship, express a little more affection. An engagement ring? Could be the time to start a family. Social life for singles might just get more interesting. It’s best not to rush into anything; take your time on decisions. AVOID: Emotional eating if bored or frustrated. FOCUS: Perhaps your question is, “Where can I create more harmony or beauty in my life?”

Personal Year 4       Take Time to Visualize the Results You Desire; Write Your Thoughts Down; Make a Step-by-Step Plan and Then Let it All Go; Tend to Repairs, Health Concerns, and Financial Problems; Time to Persevere and Face Facts

Personal Month 3       Sudden joy, creativity, inspired action; good fortune, flow, and happiness

CHILD-LIKE WONDER. August feels like playtime—at least in your mind! Even if this FOUR Personal Year has been something of a bear or a bore, now is a good time to de-stress with a change of routine or brief get-away. Every one needs down-time and vacation refreshment. Even if you have to work during this period, try to refresh your work area; put up colorful photos of beautiful places you want to visit someday. Even a mini-vacation is refreshing. Take a beach day or long walk. If money is tight, which it most likely is, start researching and planning a get-away trip for November (it's a month for more freedom or unexpected changes.) Job seekers will be prone to goof off a little bit now, which is okay. However, if your intuition suggests calling someone, do it. The time is favorable for unexpected help from friends. You are surrounded now by lovely influences that could attract someone special—if you take time to look up from your phone and use that winning smile. If you need to get out more, how about adopting a dog? For couples, it's an excellent week to start a family or spend time with children. AVOID: Taking on another thing—reduce your load and play a bit. FOCUS: Optimism, patience, and professional or personal networking.

Personal Year 5       A Year of Big Changes; Be Open to What You Have Been Resisting, Fearing, or Avoiding; Try New Activities; Work with the Public or Politics; Change Your Routine

Personal Month 4      Desire to get organized; possible repairs; following up on health matters; potential for travel or car breakdowns; need to spend money on necessities; obstructions that create a better solution in the long run

A SERIOUS MOMENT. Restlessness may be growing. It's clearer to you now that you want (or need) to make some changes. If you don't have the time or resources to move forward on a desired goal, tackle an outstanding issue around debt or duties. Once cleared of this issue, you open the door to something new. By doing things step-by-step now, progress is building. Let go of having to control every little thing, and let your life unfold naturally (while keeping a general picture of your desired goal.) You may be surprised with a blessing this week or in the next few weeks. Job seekers are more likely to find work during this FOUR—practical--month. Whatever is happening, keep on taking the next step. Persevere in spite of worries and uncertainties. If feeling discouraged at times, immediately shift your focus to something positive, pleasant, or beautiful nearby. Shift gears regularly during the day to mentally expressing gratitude for what you do have in your life. Be curious about what the next hour, day, or week will bring. You never know! Opportunities often arrive when least expected. Love flows in down-to-earth and mundane ways this week. If in a relationship you each may be hammering out the details on two different vacations or moving plans. In general, ask yourself: What would give me the most relief this week? Thirty-minutes organizing your closets could bring joy, believe it or not. You need breathing room. AVOID: Getting into a stubborn place with a loved one. Look outside the box. FOCUS: Keep attention on important matters, but don’t start anything new yet.

Personal Year 6       A Time for Enjoying Many Moments of Security, Stability, Love, and Comfort

Personal Month 5      An interesting month likely to bring changes, questions, and opportunities for exploration and new experience (or new ways of handling your family members); urge for time away from work and obligations

BREAKOUT. For some, life could move you into a very different place by the end of the month! If working, things might be a bit chaotic or uncertain this week. You are likely to be making your mind up about conflicting options. In general, your FIVE vibration shakes you up a bit, and you tend to feel restless with your same old routine and doing mundane tasks. Some of you will be fantasizing about hopping a freighter to the South Seas. However, in your SIX Personal Year, you most likely have to consider all those other people in your life and what THEY want! A difference of opinion with someone could have you fuming a bit—or changing your mind about what needs to be done. Job seekers may get a call out of the blue about a good possibility. Contract or temporary work could be offered. Why not? You might learn something or make a good contact. If single, you are more likely to want to take a chance on dating. If in a relationship, a new element may have made things feel a little more unsettled for the moment. Physical affection is a good way to reestablish contact and smooth hurt feelings. Single people may have a chance encounter with someone interesting! A fling might be just the thing now, but your real goal is long-term, isn’t it? At least for this year! Something needs to change—your attitude or that projection onto the other person? AVOID: Flaring up over minor issues—count to 10 and deep breathing.


Personal Year 7      A Year for Reviewing Where You Have Been andWhere you Want to Go; Desire for Time Away; Spiritual Seeking; Insights; Discoveries; Possible Temporary Absence of Loved One

Personal Month 6    A need to focus on the responsibilities in your life; possible separations from loved ones; health concerns, need to get more information; considering installing a home security system; over-tired from extra stress


REFRESH. This month might have you heavily booked. You are beginning to realize that you might have over-promised—and the month is just starting! Those who are working may have extra hours this month or longer times commuting. Personal interactions could bring unexpected issues that just won't go away. For example, you may encounter someone who is a bit overly-conventional, and who does just not get your point of view. Don't waste your breath in trying to convince anyone now. For some, family matters during this period may interfere with your concentration on the job. Since your SIX vibration in August gives you a chance to show what you can do, you are likely the go-to person for information, support, and advice on just about anything from how to plant succulents to how to find a good electrician. Job seekers may find a great opportunity to receive specialized training. Interviews with a human resources department is very likely this week. During the loving SIX vibration, your love life could evolve to a deeper connection or to a new, joyous commitment. However, because of your overall SEVEN Personal Year, it's also likely that another part of you is concerned about possible loss of personal freedom. For those in love, this SIX month brings a feeling of commitment to work through the hard times. You often feel very blessed to have this person in your life. This is the time to take responsibility for an issue between you and a close friend or loved one. Can you see your part in the issue without having to take full blame for everything? AVOID: Looking for faults in others. (You probably have exactly the same tendencies or traits that drive you crazy in the other person if you think about it.) FOCUS: Think of balance as a moment to moment to decision, not a global fix.


Personal Year 8       A Year Highlighting Achievement, Financial Advancement, and Personal Power; Possible Legal Settlements; Dealings with Authorities and the Law; Property Sales

Personal Month 7     A time-out giving you breathing room to study a matter, reflect on options, and reg-group from a set-back; good time for budget reviews, health-checkups, and psychotherapy


INSIGHT. For most people, an EIGHT Personal Year brings a natural flow toward success and advancement personally or professionally—if you've been focused, business-like, and hard-working. But sometimes we have to step back and review where we are. This is a good time to simplify your schedule now so that you can step back a little and take a breather. SEVEN brings inner development, a desire to understand, know, and learn. If working, your workplace could be installing technology upgrades, doing assessments and job reviews, researching a project, or just slowing down a bit. Co-workers (or yourself) could be on vacation. Since SEVEN tends to give us more time to deal with things, obstacles could arise, perhaps due to bureaucratic rules or delivery problems. Enjoy this chance to tie up loose ends or clean out your desk. In general, it’s a good time for writing, editing, studying, and planning. SEVEN brings an increase in mystery and synchronicity. Therefore, you are likely to run into the right person you need to meet. For example, it's more likely now that if you are looking for work, you are intuitively led to the right site on the Internet. An idea or plan could take a new direction. Romance could be the farthest thing from your mind this week, as you seek solitude to refresh your soul. However, if you have met someone new, your first impression is right on. This is not the best time for weddings unless you are planning a small one in a natural environment. No big wing ding now. In general, slow down a bit and really listen to your intuition. Read, rest, write, or study. AVOID: Deciding that you are stuck or that something is wrong. Shift gears to being more curious about what's next. Enjoy the moment and relax knowing that everything is happening as it should. FOCUS: Inner strength, patience, and spiritual development.

Personal Year 9      A Year Bringing Wisdom, Satisfaction, Emotional Situations; Possible Ending of a Long-term Condition; Noticing More Acts of Kindness; Desire for Forgiveness; Desire to Travel, Research Your Roots, Learn a Language

Personal Month 8     A month requiring serious decisions; financial matters are resolved; paying off a debt; inheritance; property sales; more desire to focus and accomplish a goal; may have family members involved with the law; expensive vacation or addition to your home

STEP UP TO THE PLATE. Despite the expected summer vacation feeling of August (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere), your EIGHT vibration now makes it likely that your life take a more serious turn. Some may have to make an important decision or settle a legal matter. A tough decision involving a good friend may be required. While you instinctively know that you have to be careful, firm, and business-like now to keep things on track, you should also strive to be kind and understanding. When making commitments or signing contracts, read the fine print. Your goals over the last nine years may be coming to a conclusion, or you might be considering a very large investment (for your budget, at least). Consult a trusted professional to get important information. Job seekers could be signing a contract, meeting higher-ups, or starting a job. A practical financial issue this week or month could affect your love life. Be prepared to discuss financial questions, especially those that have been growing for a long time (like credit card debt, spending issues, or the need to re-finance.) Singles may meet someone interesting at work, but the attraction may not go both ways right now. In general, take care of business, improve your living situation, or set tangible goals for your finances. Since EIGHT is focusing on POWER and SELF-EMPOWERMENT, Don’t back down under pressure when your future is at stake. AVOID: Getting stuck in a power struggle out of egotism; stay centered on fairness. FOCUS: Clarity and decisive action. Your future is bright