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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
March 30 through April 5, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1                  New Directions May Appear: Establish Goals for next 9-Year Cycle; Desires for Creative Expression, Independence, Freedom

Personal Month 4                Your month to plan and get more organized on an emerging goal or project; need to pay down debts; spending for practical items; repairs

Personal Month (April) 5      Things start to shift or goals change; seek out new experiences; change your thinking, hairstyle, or upgrade your look; less certainty than last month

BOOMING. On Wednesday April brings in the exciting energy of your new FIVE Personal Month. If you have felt a bit restricted lately (pressure of bills, increased commitments), the influence of FIVE tends to shake you out of the old and into the new—and offering a little more flexibility. Events begin to indicate that it’s time for a change, whether it’s a big one like a new job or move, or something on a smaller scale like a new neighbor or co-worker. For some, a turn of events this month (or this week) could give you a whole new outlook on life. Five also energizes your life, so this is an excellent time to attract new clients at work, give a sales pitch, present your book idea, or just get away on a quick trip to a new place. DO: Make a list of what you want and look at it for five days in a row for 60 seconds. Watch for synchronicities. Stay alert for catalyzing ideas brought up in everyday conversations. DON’T: Get confused by conflicting information, but try to identify what is relevant for you at this time. KEY: As often as possible—especially when in doubt or anxious--frame each day with a sense of adventure and a willingness to learn something new.

Personal Year 2                   A Year Highlighting the Importance of Associations and Relationships; Developing a Skill; Social Activities; Love; Longing, Need for Patience and Things Develop

Personal Month 5                 Changes may occur as late as Tuesday!

Personal Month (April) 6        Now the focus is on relationships, balance, love, taking care of health, commitments

ADJUSTMENTS. As you head into April on Wednesday, you may have to put a personal desire or plan on hold. Family members or home life could demand more of your attention. On the other hand, something is likely to become sorted out, giving you the confidence to do what you know you must do. A female member of the family (or a co-worker) may come to you to talk things through or ask for advice. Your sense of responsibility increases now, so avoid the temptation to over-commit, otherwise you'll end up feeling annoyed, stressed out, or just plain tired. If looking for romance, continue to stay open and positive; if it feels right, increase Internet dating communications. This month it would be nice to make room for a little candlelight dinner and some stimulating conversation. If no one asks, set up your own evening with a friend. Despite some end of the month March blues, you could be moving into a wonderful new time. For singles in a serious relationship, the new 6 month of April could bring a proposal. DO: Improve your appearance by getting a new hair style or streamline your closet by giving away (or selling) clothes you never wear. Resolve to eat healthier (and less); save your splurge money for a rainy day. DON’T: Say yes when you know you mean no. KEY: Be kind and patient, especially with someone cranky.


Personal Year 3                   Focus is on Happiness, Expressing Creativity, Mingling, Socializing, Improving Conditions; Optimism and Vitality; Better Health in General

Personal Month 6                 A month to improve conditions; family responsibilities, group activities

Personal Month (April) 7       Now it's time to take a break once in awhile; look within for answers; interesting encounters; desire to understand something; learning, hobbies, nature

SIMPLIFY. Outstanding issues of March tend to wind down or fade away in importance, as you move toward April's harmonizing SEVEN vibration on Wednesday. You might find yourself wishing you had turned down an invitation you weren't all that keen about in the first place. If you find your energy slowing down, allow yourself to let some things go until you feel more motivated. During this SEVEN Personal Month the emphasis is giving to yourself in a constructive way—simplifying, enjoying the moment, and taking time to think through some issues that have been on the back burner. If you desire change, use this time to do your due diligence and research. As SEVEN increases the need for solitude and cultivating peacefulness, you may find that a friend or loved one is away for awhile. Enjoy a little extra time to yourself to work on your photographs, catch up on correspondence, or take in a movie. DO: Those things that keep your spirit strong. DON’T: Start imagining things that could go wrong. Stay open to coutcome, and repeat to yourself, “All things happen for a reason.” KEY: This could be a good week (or month) for taking a class or reading a good book.

Personal Year 4                       A Year Best Used for Planning and Practical Decisions; You are Building, Laying a Foundation; Becoming More Effective; No Time for Stubbornness or Regrets

Personal Month 7                     A month for insights and discoveries; change in priority or plans

Personal Month (April) 8           Now it's back in the game of life; work to achieve results; may need to confront authorities or face financial or legal matter; you feel more conservative now

TRACTION. These last two days of March may give you an urge to ask, “What is going on with me?” You may have been feeling the urge lately to get your ducks in a row. This week you start to sense that a change is on the horizon. All that patience last month is paying off now as you enter your powerful EIGHT Personal Month on Wednesday If working, new opportunities could be opening up at your company, or you could land that job you’ve been waiting to hear about. Be patient and do some homework now on evaluating your financial state. You might find some pro-active ways to better your financial picture—possibly buying or selling investments or property, or settling legal transactions. Maybe a second job. Some might be getting ready to invest in business equipment, finalizing a divorce, or signing papers for a golden-handshake settlement. If you need a repair on something major, be sure to get three estimates so you can make an informed choice. If single, your time for dating could take a back seat to work. However, a serious romance could now get more serious. Tax time may bring additional pressures this year. DO: Stay organized. DON’T: Show up late for anything. KEY: Stay centered in your power, save the mental strain and don’t let yourself be talked into anything dubious.

Personal Year 5                         A Year to Make Adjustments and Handle Changes; Feelings of Restlessness and Need to Explore New Actitivies is Normal

Personal Month 8                       A month requiring a rational and business-like approach

Personal Month (April) 9            Now you may be making or taking a break from something; time to consolidate, accept your losses and gains, and open up to new possibilities; repeated opportunities

RELEASE. This last two days of March still may demand some business-like thinking. Use your rational thinking to deal with important decisions. The NINE vibration entering your life on Wednesday, could begin to change or expand your perspective or living situation (hopefully, it’s not increasing your waistline!) Get ready for some surprising developments in the next few weeks. Think of this as payback time. Legal matters or financial issues tend to bring the good and the bad—but you end up with a feeling of relief in the long run. Your new NINE Personal Month in April brings opportunities to meet good people, such as those who are in a position to help you advance a dream, fill a need, or reach a goal. For some, April may bring long-distance travel. It’s possible that you will be interacting more closely with older people, or people with resources and expertise that benefit you. Extra money could appear out of nowhere! Whatever leaves your life now creates space for something even better to appear. DO: Be willing to accept new assignments. DON’T: Worry about how you are going to accomplish everything. KEY: Maintain a feeling of tranquility and don't let negative thoughts exacerbate the situation.

Personal Year 6                      A Period of Increased Duties or Responsibility; Desire to Put Down Roots; Material Comforts are Enhanced; Need to Take Care of Health; Reduce Stress

Personal Month 9                   This month required a philosophical attitude, compassion, and closure

Personal Month (April) 1         Now a new idea or opportunity might help you change your location, job, preferences, or point of view

ADVANCEMENT. These last two days of March could present a bit of a bitter-sweet feeling as emotional issues are being worked through. If your family interactions have been uncertain or even problematic, you may come to a resolution where everyone feels satisfied. New ideas give you something to become excited about. A feeling of hope and revitalization comes in as your ONE Personal Month gets under way on Wednesday. This is the favorable aspect you have been waiting for—so what is it that you want to accomplish? It’s very likely that with a little push, doors could open now that were formerly closed or invisible. Even if you see nothing changing, use this favorable time to plant the seeds for growth. Talk about what you need or want in a positive and enthusiastic way, and you are sure to attract favorable interest or assistance. DO: Let your self-confidence shine (just be quietly brilliant!) DON’T: Look back at the past and start telling that same old story. It’s over. KEY: Take one small step toward something you want. Then take the next one. Expect good things and watch for improvements, however small.



Personal Year 7                       Desire for Introspection and Understanding; Joy in Learning and Increasing Skills; Time Out from the Fray; Research; Slower Pace; Listen to Intuition

Personal Month 1                      This month brought new thoughts and actions, and required courage

Personal Month (April) 2             Now it's time to slow down once in awhile; listen to intuition; seek beauty; a love relationship could require a discussion; secrets may be revealed; potential feelings of possessiveness in you or someone else

NO RUSH. March tended to initiate something new in your life. During these last two days of March, you still might take action or make a decision that clears the path. Assert your views in a confident way. When Wednesday ushers in your new TWO vibration, you may feel a bit less inclined to forge ahead. TWO is a softer vibration and allows time for things to grow. You may find that details, delays, or other people's needs distract you from the very thing you most want to focus on. As the more contemplative energy of April approaches, you may have a tendency to take things too personally (as you rehash people's comments or opinions.) Since April increases your need to be diplomatic and sensitive to others' feelings , be careful about committing to activities if you don't really have the energy for them. On the other hand, April could bring an important alliance in personal or professional life. On the work front, you once again realize just how important the right professional contacts are for getting ahead. You may decide to join the Chamber of Commerce or attend an association meeting or job fair. It’s possible that someone who has been far away comes closer. DO: Visualize what you want, and let Law of Attraction bring it to your doorstep. DON’T: Get into a negative frame of mind just because things slow down slightly or you feel a little lonely. KEY: Create more balance in your life--now.


Personal Year 8                        A Time of Greater Progress or Achievement; Feeling of Getting a Handle on a Difficult Situation; Satisfaction from Hard Work and Results

Personal Month 2                     This month brought issues with relationships and finances

Personal Month (April) 3            Now it's time to reap rewards, find more time for recreation, use your creativity, welcome a new child, or receive an increase in income; be happy

SHINE. Your star tends to be on the rise now in 2015 (EIGHT is the number of power and recognition). There's a chance that this week you will make an important realization that catalyzes your creativity. This week, you begin to anticipate the quickening energy of your new THREE Personal Month which starts on Wednesday. If you are working, it seems that the people close to you are happier and friendlier. Restrictions (or your mental cobwebs) are clearing away, and a new idea is likely to stimulate your group. Your health seems to improve, and you even look better. Suddenly, you take more interest in your health habits and appearance. If working in sales or a creative job, you’ll be pleased with how well things go this month. DO: Make communication with higher ups or customers a priority all month, but especially this week. Focus on staying cheerful despite moments of frustration! DON’T: Hide out, but get back into the swing of things. KEY: No matter what is happening, decide to do something fun this weekend. It could be as simple as a walk in the park or a movie matinee. No need to break the bank! If you are having money worries, try giving away a tiny amount of money to someone who needs it more than you do. This signals to the universe that you feel truly blessed and prosperous and promotes more inflow.


Personal Year 9                        Ending a 9-Year Cycle; Desire to Let Go and Move Forward; Maybe Times of Emotional Ups and Downs; Potential Loss or Sorrow; Huge Good Fortune; Inheritance; Fulfillment; Understanding

Personal Month 3                       This month may have had mini time-out moments; reason for optimism

Personal Month (April) 4             Now it's time to get to work; obstacles may dissolve with a better solution; possible repairs, news of a family member's diagnosis, or moving to a better environment

COMPOSURE. This week you may feel a very big shift in your energy. You'll likely have more motivation to get down to that project or plan you have been sitting on. As April begins on Wednesday, a subtle shift in perspective allows you to feel more in control of your life. The practical FOUR vibration of April helps you get organized and make some short-term plans. A project started in January could be fully implemented now. At work, you are likely to be a little bogged down in administrative details or even a complete halt. However, you have created a good foundation for yourself, so don’t let obstacles get you down. You have what it takes to get through any delays or problems. If unemployed look for temporary work while you keep visualizing the kind of job what you really want. If you are having love troubles, ask yourself if you are trying too hard. This may not be the time for marriage unless you have been through many ups and down with the person, and really know each others quirks and accept them. DO: Clear away unfinished tasks you have been stalling on. You want to clear the path for May’s changes. DON’T: Get into arguments which are an old story. KEY: An open-hearted attitude with firmness and honesty. Take care of yourself by eating well, exercising, and early to bed.