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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
November 13 through November 19, 2017

Your recurring nine-year cycles always begin with the One Personal Year. You complete the work of the cycle in a Nine Personal Year. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2017:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2017.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2017 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8= 9 Personal Year in 2017

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1        A Year of New Directions or Finding a New Focus; Likely to Make an Important Change or Move; A Time of Innovation, Courage, Exploration; Being In Sync with 2017's One Universal Year Vibration Amplifies Possibilities for New Opportunities and Decisions; Significant Year in Your Life

Personal Month 3        Great month for starting over, bouncing back, and taking off; imagination is active; urge to express your creative ideas; you may be birthing a new idea or a new child; lots of socializing or starting to fall in love (or infatuation); urge to have an affair; short trips; feeling of prosperity and vitality; may move to a better location; tendency to overspend or scatter yourself too thin

GOOD TIMES. You seem to have a golden touch this week. Enjoy a lot of little unexpected perks, such as smoother commuting, parking, and meeting interesting people. Your Three vibe is increasing social interactions, meetings, activities, and possibly travel for pleasure or to sports events. It's easier now to communicate with those you want to impress. If you have a new idea to contribute, don’t be shy about making the first move. If looking for work, you feel more positive or have some possibilities to check out. Remember, the universe works in mysterious way.

Any frustrations in relationships tend to be worked through now, especially when you use a little humor. This is a great period to visualize (just for a few minutes a day) the outcomes you want. Casual socializing could introduce you to new and compatible people. In general, just to keep the ball rolling synchronistically, repeat silently to yourself, “Today I want to meet good people”. An old love interest could blossom in a new way. Taking a slightly hands-off, more casual attitude might be the best approach to someone who is playing hard to get. Enjoy the game and let go of the heavy drama. For those who wish to start a family, this could be a good week. Creative projects in general bring pleasure. FOCUS: Relax.

Personal Year 2         A Year Focusing on Relationships of all Kinds; Increased Social Life and Networking; Desire for a Loving Relationship; New Friendships; Possibly Saying Goodbye to a Friend; Issues with a Business Partnership; Events Highlight the Need for Compromise and Negotiation; Be Patient While Things Unfold; Interest in Art, Beauty, Psychology, Spirituality

Personal Month 4        A period of relative stability; not ready to make big changes; practical solutions are good for now; may need a small loan from family or adjust the budget; plans are starting to take shape; may be working late; decision to stay where you are

PRUNING. This week it's best to keep your head down, ear to the ground, and pay attention. You may have some personal commitments that need tender care. You may have had a lot on your plate recently, so keep this week's calendar a little less heavy. Getting a nagging project done could give you an unexpected surge of energy. One small change could help you work smarter. Streamline; tighten the ship. Punctuality along with better organization also tends to play a key role in your success. By next month, you may be astounded by an unusual outcome to something you activated this week. If in doubt on a decision, opt for the practical path. Common sense is your silver bullet.

In a romantic relationship, hold firm on important decisions, but avoid a hardened stance. No need to become aggravated or unreasonable. Use humor and affection to establish a loving connection. Make sure to really listen to the other person’s point of view. FOCUS: Give yourself a break.

Personal Year 3        A Year Bringing Many Opportunities for Business and Pleasure; Motivated to Express Your Own Ideas or Sell Your Own Creative Products; Social Life Brings Many Enjoyable Moments; Money is Easy-Come-Easy Go; May Fall in Love, Have an Affair, or Bring Home a New Baby; Interest and Success in Sports, Hobbies, Painting, Performing, Writing; May Travel or Retire for a Year d

Personal Month 5        Period of transition, volatility, and indecision; up one day, down the next; desire to break out of restrictions; an opportunity is tantalizing; much activity, but solid results may not materialize; stay active, but don't get over-stressed

AN OPEN DOOR. This month's relatively unstable Five vibe could be the reason you are looking to make changes in your life, such as finding a job with better pay and hours or a better living situation. Someone in your family might have a change going on that directly affects you, too. Depending on your circumstances, you may be traveling for work or fun. Whatever the case, your normal routine unravels a bit this week. News or rumors could have you wondering about your future. On the good side, it's very likely that long-standing obstacles could clear away almost by themselves now. If looking for a job, you may be ready for a new field or direction.

Since Five sparks quick words, you and your partner may get into a hot debate that brings out some issues that have been covered over. However, the hot flash of emotions tend to burn out quickly, and you both can have a bit of a laugh at your own expense. If single and looking, you could be thinking about either dropping someone or dating two or more people. It’s time for a new perspective instead of the same old complaints. You might have more time now to put something new into your life. Explore; travel; experiment. FOCUS: Making changes that are within your power to make—like taking more exercise.

Personal Year 4        A Year Calling for Attention to Practical Matters; Committed to Working for Future Benefits; Decision to Go Back to School; Paying Down a Loan or Building Savings; Finances May be Tight, but Necessities are Covered; Not Likely to Make a Huge Change Just Yet

Personal Month 6       Many things to deal with; family decisions; building or repair projects; a new health diagnosis; may or may not travel to see relatives for the holidays depending on your finances; issues with your children or their schooling; not much room to make big changes right now

BE HERE NOW. This week could have you feeling like the captain of a ship! You can't leave until everyone is safe and sound. Duties, deadlines, or late notices could be adding to your stress. However, if feeling a bit frustrated, take time to look for the bright side to your current situation, or figure out what message you are getting. Perhaps all your efforts are creating an opening to an intriguing new opportunity. Just be careful not to let others dump their load onto your shoulders! Choose your battles and let go of the rest. Being well-organized and a bit cautious or skeptical are key elements to success this week and month.

Domestic issues continue to occupy your mind. It’s definitely time for R and R (rest and recreation) with friends and family. Even though you generally step forward to help others, don’t over-extend. Just be aware that your somewhat serious Six vibe in a Four year can bring up issues of commitment. If it's right, you may be considering marriage, having a family, or getting a better place to live. If your relationship has run its course, you may be thinking of separation during this time (whether you act on it or not is not clear). While your attention tends to be on supporting others, don't forget to take care of yourself, too. FOCUS. Give yourself time to consider true priorities. A nice response could be: “Let me get back to you on that.”

Personal Year 5        A Year of Pivotal Change; Increased Desire for Freedom and Adventure; Feelings of Restlessness with a Tendency to Overdo; Many Irons in the Fire; Conflicts or Unexpected Changes; May Move or Travel; May Have Physical Problems or Become More Mobile After Surgery

Personal Month 7        A period of questioning, wondering; unusual incidents; things seem to happen for a reason; talking to experts about a problem; even though busy, you have a desire to be at home or get more sleep; not as much interest in socializing; may travel away from home

PONDERING. This tends to be an interesting week, which may unfold in a surprising way from when you started out on Monday. This month's Seven vibe could bring more involvement with technology, maritime activities, plumbing problems, or travel delays. If you have some kind of specialty, your advice is sought out this week. Or, you may be excited to be learning something that will significantly increase your skills. You enjoy things that stretch your mind, and have several periods now of focused creative output. Possible activities this week could be research into an esoteric subject, exploring a foreign language, having a session of hypnotherapy, or physically detoxing. You could be having some kind of medical test or treatment. If working, you may decide to keep your eye out for new opportunities.

In general, you can expect to enjoy a quiet weekend. Be careful when moving about, as you could have a minor upset or accident. Things happen when you are over-tired and distracted. It's a good week for early nights, but in truth you may be prone to push yourself a little too much. This week you may be thinking about plans for the holidays that could be different than your usual. FOCUS: Research, reflection, and a spiritual outlook.

Personal Year 6        A Year of Increased Responsibilities and Commitments; A Time Requiring Attention to Family Matters; Job Usually Stable; Possibility of Moving or Leaving Home; Marriage or Divorce; Tendency Not to Rock the Boat; Possible Concern for Your Health or that of a Relative

Personal Month 8        Time of pressure to get everything done on time; spending more than you want, but for the benefit of others; large family expenses; talking to a lawyer; either having a big wedding, or if marriage is troubled, considering a separation; may have surgery

PRIME TIME. This month's powerful Eight vibe could ignite a strong fire in your belly, motivating you to surge forward, ready or not. Your life could take an amazing turn this week if you have a project already underway. Otherwise, an unexpected issue may erupt that will require you to be at your absolute best. Power struggles could arise if consulting or dealing with authority figures, or when making tough financial decisions. It's essential to prioritize and pick your battles. Drop things with little viability. However, what you thought was an obstacle could also be an opportunity, if looked at in a different light. It's more likely that this week's agenda strengthens your position, setting the stage for better outcomes in the future.

If married you may be making home improvements, talking about moving to a better place, redefining financial goals, or taking out loans for education or other good investments. Legal matters may arise on the domestic front. If nothing too heavy is going on, rejoice! Enjoy a family, neighborhood, or business get together. Always look for the silver lining to any problem, either in timing or new opportunities. Stress is likely to sharpen your mind, but of course, you also need to balance with rejuvenating activities. This week it becomes clear to you want you don't want. FOCUS: Good judgment.

Personal Year 7         A Sabbatical Year or Time Out; Desire to Rethink Goals; Possible Enforced Rest; Need for Rejuvenation; Spiritual Interests; Learning Specialized Information; Desire to Write or Research; Traveling Solo; Unusual Events; Psychic Insights and Synchronicity

Personal Month 9        Circumstances bring periods of deep reflection; may lose an older relative; may say goodbye to a friend; emotional fluctuations of joy and sadness; sudden desire to retire; may be traveling or moving far away; ability to complete a project; feelings of compassion, love

TURN TOWARD THE LIGHT. Recent events could have stirred a turmoil in your Soul. This week you feel the need to renew your faith in life, love, and the Holy Spirit. This week you have a moment when you realize that you know things now that you didn't know this time last year. This month's Seven vibe could bring events this week that catalyze moments of clarity. It's possible that ideas or feeling come and go with force, and then seemingly evaporate. An older person may bring an uplifting insight just when you need it. If communications from someone far away seems discouraging at first, take a wait-and-see attitude. You could be pleasantly surprised by a complete reversal. You could be pondering some big questions right now, so give yourself some time to sort out reality from fear.

You and a loved one could be going through some temporary upheavals now, so try not to over-react. Avoid making decisions until after emotions have quieted. This is a time to listen and support, not judge and condemn. The time calls for taking a step back and let a higher power work out some of the details. In the meantime, practice compassion for yourself and others. You may be having a reunion with special people this week. You might also meet someone special at a spiritual meeting or retreat. Read a book by a Buddhist-leaning author. FOCUS: Generosity and gratitude.

Personal Year 8        A Year for Career Success and Increased Financial Income; Likely to be at the Top of Your Game; Year of Big Financial Decisions or Transactions; May Have Encounters With Authorities, Rules, and Serious Consequences; Decisions Require Logical, Business-like Thinking; Don't Let Emotions Sway Good Judgment; Avoid Over-extending Financially; May Pay Off a Large Debt; Buy or Sell Property

Personal Month 1       A month bringing a new level; moving; buying or selling property; getting your product out into the world; may win something; doing something you have not done before; feelings of confidence; may have elective surgery; buying a new vehicle

KEEP BREATHING. Your Eight yearly vibe has been churning up a lot of stuff to handle. This week, you could be doing a little self-medicating just to wind down. However, it's important to keep up commitments and handle outstanding issues that crop up mid-week. On the other hand, if you suddenly see the error of your ways, you could be thinking about starting over in a whole new direction. No matter what your situation, you need to clearly identify what you want and what you need. Do good work, and others are bound to notice favorably.

If in a new relationship, don't be afraid to show your true self. No need to “be small” to please someone else. You and your mate could be making some important new decisions—for example, talking about making an investment, purchase, or planning a vacation. With your confident One vibe now, you may be taking the lead in what happens. A business matter may bring heated discussion, so maintain your cool and put the facts on paper so it's clear what you are arguing about. If single and looking, you might run into someone special at a business event this week or next. Be clear and honest when someone asks for your opinion. FOCUS: You and your goals. Let go of self-doubt!

Personal Year 9         A Period of Major Transition; Completion of an Era; Letting Go and Moving On; End of a Nine-Year Focus of Effort; May be Retiring; Finalizing Deals; Tendency for Strong Emotions from Euphoria to Sorrow; May Lose an Older Relative or Receive an Inheritance; May Fall in and Out of Love; Humanitarian or Volunteer Interests; Strong Desire to Travel, Down-size, or Upgrade

Personal Month 2         Feelings of love; friendships may go through a big change; emotions run high; decisions about a spouse; period requires much patience; need for care-giving or helping a friend; issues with female family members; may have to defer or cooperate with circumstances

ADJUSTING. This week is a time for slowing down and accepting what is offered. Former friends or colleagues could bring interesting information. This period tends to feel a bit like watching a seed grow. Delays could turn out to work in your favor. If a new path beckons, take time before leaping forward. If working, a colleague plays a role in helping you get ahead or solve a problem. To get what you want, it's best to use negotiation and diplomacy, not make hard-core demands that box you in when something even better may be possible.

Take time this week to get in touch with those you haven't seen for awhile. An older person could be very loving and supportive now. This week brings out special feelings of reconnecting to faith, love, romance, and good times. A bit of honey (and good listening skills) works wonders with your mate or offspring. Forgive and forget. Mood swings may mean you need more exercise and sleep. Put off making major decisions until you feel clear. Oh, and by the way, remember the value of accepting things you cannot change. If you have time, clear out a closet and get rid of at least nine items. FOCUS: Smile.