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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
August 29 through September 4, 2016



A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1               New Directions; Meet Challenges with Integrity, Confidence, and Original Thinking; Find New Interests; Meet New People

Personal Month 9             A month giving you an opportunity—to complete a project or expand your territory; forgive and forget; be kind but firm; lose weight; recovery from an illness

LIBERATION. If you are looking forward to new ventures, this week has the potential to free you up sooner than expected. For some, a cherished goal may be in sight. For others the end of a conflict or painful condition may give a feeling of relief. If working, you may be in transition to a new assignment. It's possible you may be feeling emotional—perhaps a friend or co-worker is moving on. Whatever your situation, this week could find you considering different options. If a decision is on the horizon, an unexpected event could make it for you. If job searching, a somewhat dramatic turn of events could surprise. Generally, you are poised to begin something new in September. This period might be a bit of an emotional roller coaster--a hot week of passion, or a big meltdown. You are trying to keep your center. You vascillate between feeling like giving the other person another chance, and wondering if this is the right path. Maybe it’s best not to make long-term decisions right now until you have more clarity. Go with the flow. A desire for something new and exciting may make a long trip seem very desirable! If you can't go far away, at least try to get a change of scene this weekend. You haven't felt so restless in a long time. You are instinctively aware that big changes are on the horizon. AVOID: Making permanent decisions without enough information. FOCUS: What focus? Things are up and down and sideways. Hang in there.


Personal Year 2         Develop a Wider Range of Associations to Build Support or Open up Opportunities; Partner with Good People; Fall in Love or Re-build Your Relationship on Current Needs and Desires

Personal Month 1        A month with great potential for change; time for a decision, self-improvement, adventure, or launching a business

DEVELOPING. An unexpected call or connection could start you thinking about the future. Look for a certain kind of easy flow this week. You could be celebrating something, going away for a few days, or saying goodbye to friends who are moving. If working, this week could bring changes. Your efforts and contributions are recognized by higher-ups, and you feel more confident and resourceful. Job seekers now have one of the best chances this year for finding the perfect situation. Long-term relationships may go to another level (up or down). You have many reasons to feel confident in your ability to handle whatever comes now. Single people might bump into a very interesting person, who makes the heart go pitter-patter. Otherwise, you could be in one of those moods where you are very happy being alone, thank you very much. Freedom allows you to take advantage of some very good opportunities right now. This would be a great week for a singles adventure or cruise! Last week’s clarity might be murky again because conditions have changed. Stay light and flexible. This is a good time to start walking, zumba-ing, or getting involved with a new group or activity. AVOID: Making a decision until your ducks are in a row if uncertain. FOCUS: Invigorating activity!


Personal Year 3             Sparks of Creativity Bring New Abundance; Enjoy the Life You Have; Grow Your Inner Garden and Nourish Your Blossoming Self

Personal Month 2             Relationships and partnerships are key elements to happiness; seek wise counsel if having personal problems

ATTRACTION. This week tends to feel a bit up and down or scattered, but you notice little moments where you got exactly what you needed right then. Sometimes, you set up your day and it just gets away from you! If you can't see too far ahead right now, it's perfectly acceptable to take a wait and see approach, especially if feeling frustrated on a particular issue. Things could resolve with little or no effort given time. If working, meetings and business-related travel are likely to be on the agenda this week. With friendly, interactive, and cooperative Two Personal Month winding down, this tends to be a busy time with appointments, repairs, replacements, or having to shift travel plans a bit. A friend or co-worker may confide in you. In that case, be a good listener; rather than offer instant advice, quietly ask them what they think they should do. (They will think you are brilliant!) Job seekers are likely to be waiting on two or more offers. Couples might have a bit of a misunderstanding. Instead of going over old ground, how about letting it go? A good time for physical intimacy—didn’t they used to call it sex? Singles, it’s a good time to get out there. At least get yourself to the gym or yoga class. Your intuition is working overtime as people seem to be saying one thing, but meaning another. AVOID: Taking things too personally (or getting jealous). Let it go. FOCUS: Freedom balanced with closeness.


Personal Year 4            A Year of Demands; Take a Long-term View and Opt for Practical Choices; You are Building a Stronger Foundation for Future Success; Cut-back if Needed; Perseverance and Discipline are Key Elements to Getting Results

Personal Month 3            A month proving more time for relaxation, fun, and self-expression; take pleasure in good times with friends and family; good time for parents and births; adopt a rescue animal; go fishing or plant a lemon tree

CONTINUING. This week you could feel a little bit like being in a carnival with juggling acts, clowning around, or putting your head in the lion's mouth. Some may be on vacation or visiting a theme park such as DisneyLand or Universal Studios. Even if you are staying home this week, how about a spontaneous cookout or trip to the park? If working, you may be almost the only one in the office! You might find yourself tapping your fingers during meetings or in a slow moment at the shop, wondering if this is all there is to life. Job seekers may not see much real action right now, but life keeps moving along in the right direction. This is a really great week to take care of personal business, hang out with friends, or attend a sporting event. New romances are likely to be in the idealistic phase now since you are feeling upbeat. Old ones are smooching and talking about the future. This week is all about communicating and enjoying life. In general, consider your message carefully before emailing or texting. You might want to consider softening the message. Do you really want this idea out in the ethers? AVOID: Spending impulsively on something you really don't need. FOCUS: Remain optimistic in spite of difficulties or distractions. Take a new look at your daily routine. What needs to change?

Personal Year 5          A Year to Make Needed Adjustments; Your Path in Life in Shifting; Learn New Skills; Change Negative Patterns and Challenge Yourself to New Heights

Personal Month 4        A period best used for taking care of practical matters; get organized. de-clutter to attract new opportunities

SHOCKING. A sudden shift this week could free up some extra time. If you have been working hard, it’s time for a little break. You might find something you lost under a pile of clothes or papers. Shake off the blues with some vigorous cleaning in your apartment or house. Then get outside and let your feet take you where they want to go. If working, you may feel the urge to clear your desk and get everything in order; unconsciously you definitely feel a shift starting to erupt in your life. A new opportunity might appear that is just what you’ve been looking for. Job seekers are likely to hear about a job lead in an unexpected way. However, for some, the income or opportunity potential may be less than you are looking for. Relationship-wise, you may have been having a bit of a power struggle with someone with whom you live. If not careful, conflict could ramp up a bit as the other person may do something you don't approve of. However, in the end, you come back to love and acceptance. Even though, you might feel like walking away now and then, this might not be the time. Singles, make a second or third date with someone who may have more potential than you first thought. If you go away for a short trip, it's best to be practical about keeping expenses in check. AVOID: Being rigid about your ideas or short-tempered with a loved one. FOCUS: Common sense with flexibility.

Personal Year 6                  This is a Year to Build Security and Commit to Worthwhile Situations; Potential for Teaching, Learning, Healing, and Creative Expressions

Personal Month 5                  A month of changes, questions, experiments, discovery, travel, restlessness

FINANCIAL PRESSURE. This week could have you feeling like walking on quicksand, if people keep nibbling away at your time and energy. The urge to be free of a troubling condition or situation is strong now. You may gather the courage to make some needed changes. This is a good week for a little get-away or me-time. If working, your department, shop, or work place could be going through some changes. Things outside your control tend to keep you feeling restless. If you have changes to make, try to start them this week, as you enter a more conservative phase next month. Job seekers may get a call out of the blue that has potential. Temporary or part-time work may be offered. Some may be thinking of becoming a free-lancer. A busy schedule could keep you from spending quality time with your loved one. Be careful what you say now—hasty words could bring regret or need to mend fences. Singles should try getting together for physical activities such as dancing lessons (salsa?), hiking, swimming, or gardening in a community garden. It's time to be a little bold. How about making two different dates for the weekend? Casual and spontaneous work best. In general, make a point to pause once in awhile and get centered amidst any upheaval this week. The best course could be to explore new interests or make some positive changes in your life. AVOID: Saying yes to more commitments if you are already feeling out of balance. Less is better now. You probably have enough on your plate. FOCUS: Staying calm while putting out each issue to rest.

Personal Year 7           Trust Your Intuition this Year; You May Find Life Slows Down at Times; Focus on Activities that Nourish Your Spirit; Writing, Research, Travel for Business, or Reviewing Historical Events Could Prove Enlightening; A Physical Condition Could Need Time to Heal

Personal Month 6           A month increasing potential for responsibility, love, and service to others

ARRANGEMENTS. For many, home and family matters are front and center. This could be the month some get engaged, married, or have a new child. A parent might need special support or care. Pets may be of concern. If working, conflicts might stir up with week; remain neutral and don't take sides. If you want to help, make a specific suggestion that can easily be undertaken. Perform your duties, keep quiet, and don’t dwell on your losses. If somebody wants you to do a little extra, be pleasant but clear about what you can and cannot deliver. Job seekers may be getting training or talking to human resources this week. Parents or old friends may be calling to check up on you. If you have your own family, someone needs extra attention now. A wedding—yours or a good friend’s--could be on the agenda for the weekend. This is a good time for honeymoon's! Some couples may be planning for next year. On the other hand, some may find a sudden change at the altar! In general, if someone becomes critical of you, stay calm and let them talk it out. Eventually, it’s likely that they will see your point of view. Be gracious. AVOID: Escalating an argument. Stay cool and calm. FOCUS: A little kindness goes a long way now.

Personal Year 8              A Year Bringing Achievement, Financial Advancement, and Personal Power; Potential for Big Financial Decisions Involving Property or Legal Matters

Personal Month 7              A month favoring stillness: good for research, reflection, and re-grouping

DISCOVERY OF AN IMPORTANT DETAIL. This week tends to bring unusual or quirky events. You may meet someone who is an unlikely acquaintance in your usual circle of friends. A good friend or family member may decide to stop talking to you! If working, surprise announcements or new information may be spreading like wildfire. Before speaking out in meetings, make sure you have the facts in hand. Don’t leave things to chance, but, ironically, chance may propel you forward! It’s a crazy week for those looking for work. Keep your sense of humor. You’re THIS close to getting something you can live with. Relationship-wise, if you are honest with how you are feeling, you’d just rather be left alone this week. However, some of you may be on vacation with your sweetie—someplace involving nature, water, caving, or scuba-diving? In general you have periods of moodiness, and may desire something to lift your spirits or look forward to. AVOID: Making a decision until your “gut” sorts it all out. FOCUS: A spiritual approach works well, but don’t get too serious.


Personal Year 9               A Spiritual Year Helping You Gain Wisdom by New Understanding of the Past; Time to Focus on the Practice of Detachment, Kindness, Forgiveness

Personal Month 8              A period requiring a sense of personal authority and business-like decisions; focus on the most important things; let the rest go; avoid being judgmental with family or friends

GREAT POWER. Forces have been building for awhile that could result in clearing away a financial or legal problem, especially anything involving trusts or estates. Some may be spending money on an item connected to the home or business—or finalizing a business or property deal. Those with businesses may find that changes in regulations or governmental matters require expert help. You have the urge to sort out issues now in order to stabilize income and expenses. If working, you may be up for a promotion, or trying hard to satisfy or attract clients. It's possible that you must spend money or travel in order to strengthen your business or job. Because you are in a rather important transition phase, it’s possible that the next few weeks will bring a tremendous change in your work life or lifestyle. Job seekers are re-writing resumes and feeling positive about some leads. Money issues continue to be a topic of discussion between you and your loved one. A long cruise to Greece --or a trip to a barbeque restaurant--might settle everything!. Singles have a good chance of meeting someone compatible at a business function. In general, this is a good time to get serious about your investment plans and/or start paying off any debts. Make realistic goals that are doable—to increase your chances of staying true to them. Small steps work best. AVOID: Over-working and exhausting yourself. FOCUS: The power of intention and commitment brings real change.