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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
May 2 through May 8, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1               The Beginning of a New Phase of Life; New Goals and Directions: Opportunities for Personal Growth; Issues of Courage, Honesty, Integrity, Freedom, Independence

Personal Month 6             New issues concerning home, marriage, children, parental care, or domestic situation

RELIEF. April's restless Five vibration will start smoothing out now with your Six influence. Perhaps you are able to be less anxious about a concern. Decisions mid-week may get you thinking about the future of your career. Couples: Gently remind someone of a deadline or a promise. If married, change your routine a little or have people over for a meal. Household expenses require juggling and making a more realistic spending plan. If dating, you could be thinking of moving in together, getting engaged, married, or pregnant. If single, your thinking tends more towards pursuing relationship. However, next week could have you secretly judging someone, who you feel does not measure up. Some may be planning or doing a short trip with an interesting group of people. It’s time to freshen up your living area—you may have visitors soon. AVOID: Getting discouraged about little things. Instead think about what you really want. FOCUS: how to make your life more secure and comfortable. List specific objectives. What would be the first step on just one item?

Personal Year 2            Relationships Teach Important Lessons; Time for Love, Friendships, and Finding Beneficial Alliances or Business Partnerships; Need for Understanding Other People's Perspective

Personal Month 7          Likely to be a good time to take a little break from too much activity; review options and set short-term priorities; temporary illness or setback gets you thinking

WINDING DOWN. Since Seven signals a time out, you may be taking a break now or soon. Haste could literally trip you up now, so be attentive when driving or moving around. Obstacles or comments from others may cause you to think a little deeper, but don't assume the worst, either. Job-seekers: You realize once again that things happen for a reason. A key point may be revealed when you check a contract or old memo. Couples: One of you may be out of the house more than usual. Take a hot bath together sometime this week; watch something edifying on TV; stream a documentary. Get out an old board game or deck of cards. Singles: May brings a quiet feeling of being exactly in the right place at the right time. If you attend a yoga retreat, lecture, or bookstore event, you might meet someone spiritual and brainy. Trust your intuition and give yourself some quiet time every day (or couple of times a week.) It’s time to simplify and free yourself from old stuff, habits, clutter, excesses. AVOID: Discouraging thoughts about the future. Keep yourself in the present moment. Walk, read, meditate, build a little altar of flowers and candles and photos of dear ones to center your thoughts. Everything is in perfect harmony. This is a time to start a gratitude journal. FOCUS: Pay attention to your real needs, not what you think you need. Practice Qi Gong or other healing techniques.

Personal Year 3            Creativity and Self-expression Help Bring Abundance; You May Have More Free Time During the Year; Possible Work Lay-off or Retirement; Joy with Young People

Personal Month 8           Look for new opportunities for income; pursue career goals with new energy; approach authorities and experts and get the direction you need

POWER-PLAY. This week could be the beginning of a powerful shift for you. For some, promotion, transfers, and bonuses are coming. Business meetings, especially while traveling, tend to be productive or profitable. Some will be weighing the pros and cons of getting certified or trained in a growth field. If self-employed, you may be wondering if you should go into a corporate or government job, especially if facing increased expenses, such as college tuition or new mortgage payments. Single moms could be working extra hours to save money for a special reason. Job-seekers: Get ready for interviews or offers in the next week or so. Business and finances in general are likely to pick up now. Some may have legal matters arise or settlements to process. Engaged couples: This may be the time you decide to get married—or elope! Singles: If dating, you are intrigued by someone who appears to have it all together—and has a stable job! AVOID: Expressing criticism out of frustration. FOCUS: Look on the bright side.

Personal Year 4            Use This Year to Build a Stable Foundation for Yourself; Save, Invest, Develop, Produce

Personal Month 9           Wrap up unfinished projects; review things you think you have been procrastinating on—maybe you have lost interest; time to be tolerant of those who annoy you

SURPRISE. You are likely feeling an unusual restlessness, sensing that a transition is coming. Some may be completing a phase of a project, or getting ready to travel to check out new opportunities. For those expecting a lay-off, this month could trigger it. Resignation or good-bye parties are likely. Some people may be traveling to settle a legal matter. You also may unexpectedly encounter someone from the past. Older people may require your help this week or the rest of the month. Job-seekers: Get your suit cleaned; polish your shoes; organize; eliminate junk. Have you considered the long-term perks of a civil service or government job? June is likely to be a better month to start a job. Couples: Unspoken issues could become explosive. Instead of reacting, stop and ask: What am I feeling? What am I thinking right now? Am I willing to hear what the other person is trying to tell me? Your Nine vibration is asking you to practice tolerance, unconditional love, and generosity over the next few weeks. On the other hand, don't take abuse just because you don't want to rock the boat. Singles: Enjoy the weather. Take a chance on love. Open your heart and put the past behind you where it belongs. AVOID: Bringing up past grudges. FOCUS: Going with the flow. Don't wait for something that you think you need to be happy. Find the joy right this moment by opening your eyes.

Personal Year 5        A Year to Make Adjustments and Handle Unexpected Changes; Free Yourself From Negative Patterns of Thinking or Behaving (such as, Stop Smoking; Eating Better)

Personal Month 1     A shift in thinking or attitude creates space for something new; new opportunities or desire to move on; self-confidence and courage to face the issues

FRAME IT DIFFERENTLY. You may have been thinking about something in a too limited a way. Maybe there is more here than meets the eyes. A sense of adventure grows as you glimpse a new interest or possibility. Before you leap, however, is there anything you need to finish? If searching for a new job, contact, love interest, focus the power of your imagination by imagining how you will feel with the results you yearn for Practice mentally sending out good thoughts to those who cross your path this week. Notice what improvement begin to flow toward you. See yourself flowing downstream, not struggling upstream. Job-seekers: An excellent time for starting a new job, or moving up in your old one. You may be asked to help design something new. Couples: Will it be marriage? Moving in together, or moving to a new place? An honest talk (keep it short) with your partner could clear the air. If single, update your look. Stop with the negative thinking, already! You just never know what is going to happen next. Be more outgoing and take a chance on something new. AVOID: Negative thinking. Instead, practice replacing that doom thought by finding something healing, positive, or beautiful—as simple as a happy child, flowers, a tree, or a fresh breeze. For a few seconds allow yourself to take in the beauty of “rightness” of it all. FOCUS: Identifying what you really want. If it represents authentically where you are right now, you’ll feel a sense of relief.

Personal Year 6             A Year Highlighting Responsibility and Steady Progress

Personal Month 2           Desire to spend more time with others; building bridges; peace of mind

GET IT TOGETHER. An friend, co-worker, business partner, spouse or PTA committee may ask you to go along with a plan. Accept delays with equanimity; use down time to catch up on backlogs of work, rest, take a walk, or have coffee with a friend. Conversations could provide needed insight. Go with the flow, instead of trying force. While it's tempting to give in to a slower pace now, be sure not to procrastinate on important goals. If unemployed, be patient. It pays to keep up your contacts to increase your flow of intention. Couples: Take time to show appreciation. I know it sounds corny, but what about a little night out this week? Female members of the family could be having health issues. Singles: If your dating plate is not full, enjoy a fun activity with a good friend. This is an excellent week for weddings and engagements. Take time to contact someone you care about. May is a good month to volunteer for a cause you care about. AVOID: Dwelling on the past or what you should have done. FOCUS: Take time to smell the roses.


Personal Year 7       A Time Calling for Thoughtfulness and Listening to Intuition; Spiritual Interests Grow; Desire for Simplicity and a Slower Pace

Personal Month 3     Time for finding a sense of ease and a little play; creativity beckons; write one paragraph for your novel; get started; organize your closet by colors

RENEWAL. Spring is coming back to your spirit. Illnesses can be more easily thrown off, and energy is stronger. You feel more like making dates for social activities. Friendships having temporary imbalances are back on track. This week could be the start of your vacation, or have you planning one. For some, a layoff or transfer is possible. Job-seekers: Think temporary and part-time for this month. Keep communicating with key people. Friends could provide help or introductions. A casual conversation could get you thinking more creatively. Couples: If married, you may have a chance for a spontaneous, fun break together. If single this is a great time for dating new people and general socializing. Go shopping and update your tee shirts! AVOID: Being too extravagant, however!FOCUS: On finding happiness in the moment.

Personal Year 8        A Year of Productivity and Performance; Financial Growth and Stability; Business-like Decisions; Alliances with Powerful Partnerships

Personal Month 4      Time to finally get organized; efforts to consolidate, negotiate, do business, grow your own business, or rise to the top

HEADWAY. Yes, you may have a few obstacles or concerns, but you will start seeing your plans go from possible to probable. Changes may happen that bring much-needed re-organization—especially in your workplace. This week could bring a new decision about handling an old debt or obligation. For some, an increase in finances or a gain might surprise you. Since Four is rather cautious, you might be gathering facts this week before sorting out what you think makes the best sense now. Job-seekers: This period—which can feel rather dull--requires effort on your part to keep things fresh. Part-time work could tide you over for now. Positions are likely in office, bookkeeping, admin, construction projects, governmental work, pharmaceuticals, and health care. Couples: You are most likely tightening the belt, making your own home repairs, or starting a savings account for a special reason. Do spend on doctor, dental, or car repair visits. Singles: Your financial state could make you a little wary of taking on obligations. AVOID: All work and no play. FOCUS: On the blessings in your life.

Personal Year 9               Increased Understanding of Yourself and Others; Releasing any Tendency to Dwell Too Much in the Past; Weed Out, Recycle, and Prepare to Move Forward

Personal Month 5              Look forward to unexpected changes; make improvements around the house; get out and about; travel if you can; avoid plowing old ground

WHOOPEE! If you have been feeling stagnate, a logjam could dissipate, sending waves of relief. For some, family transitions, job transfers, or loss could mix up what you though you knew for sure. In general it's a time to embrace new opportunities, but realize that your overall Nine personal year is winding down a phase of life. If a setback happens, look for the silver lining. If, on the other hand, your life feels stuck right now, no worries. Something is in the works that will move you along, you just don't see it yet. It might get the ball rolling to do a simple thing like clearing away clutter on your desk or in your living space. It's your intention to bring on the new that counts. Make space for it. Uplift your energy field with fresh flowers, a jog around the block, or a spontaneous outing with friends. Uncertainties are likely, but just remember that you are moving to a new level. Unemployment, while stressful, is a chance for a positive change in the long run. Something you never would have expected may arrive at your doorstep. Keep up on news in your field. Couples: Stir up your routine. Surprise your mate with flowers, or suggest a walk (or hot bath and massage) after dinner. Singles: Stay physically active now; avoid overeating out of boredom or stress. If a love relationship is in trouble, go with the flow instead of trying to control anything. Notice where your attention is pulled. A new idea may have potential. AVOID: Making long-term commitments during May, but do entertain new opportunities. FOCUS: On following with something that carries positive energy. It’s all-important to “take the meeting” whenever it's offered.