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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
April 27 through May 3, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1              Take a New Direction; Consider Goals for Next Few Years; Back to School? New Location? New Career? Self-employment?

Personal Month 5             Exciting changes; uncertainty; opportunities; possible short-lived conflicts; need for stimulating challenges; chance encounters

FEARLESSNESS. A feeling of restless has probably continued to make you rethink the future. While this month may have been particularly unsettled for some reason (internally or externally), you will probably find that changes (even disappointments) will turn out in your favor in the long-run. Tie up loose ends wherever you can, and stay on your toes—stay light and ready to move this way or that. If you do stay with the status quo, take time to do something or learn something new. If single, enjoy free time. Some could be planning a quick trip with an interesting group of people. If in love, you could be thinking of doing something new or different—perhaps moving in together, getting engaged, married, or pregnant.. If married, change your routine a little. Household expenses require a practical approach to financial decisions; start again with a workable spending plan. It’s time to freshen up your living area—you may have visitors soon. AVOID: Getting discouraged about every little thing. Instead spend a few minutes a day visualizing what you really want. FOCUS: Keep clear boundaries between your self and others’ demands this week. Don’t just cave in.


Personal Year 2            Associations and Relationships Facilitate Success and Happiness

Personal Month 6          Focus on relationships and responsibilities; work with many people, demands from others; need to take care of one's health

BEAUTY. As you move from a heavy-stress SIX Personal Month highlighting responsibilities to a lower-key SEVEN Personal Month on next week, you may be yearning for a little time-off. If you are not having an easy week, be sure to have a little something to look forward to soon. Things tend to slow down for a reason. A key point may be revealed when you check a contract or old memos. If you are single and looking, you could meet someone special at a social gathering. However, slow moving this month has been, your life may take a surprising turn next week. Be open to making a good connection at a yoga retreat, lecture, or bookstore event—look for someone spiritual and brainy. Trust your intuition and give yourself some quiet time every day (or couple of times a week.) It’s time to simplify and free yourself from old stuff, habits, clutter, excesses. AVOID: Feeling down about little things. Can you get a glimpse of how everything is perfect in some strange way? This is a time to start a gratitude journal. FOCUS: On redefining what you really want. Read, research, walk, and breathe.

Personal Year 3               Optimism; Say What You Mean; More Free Time; Joy; Things Fall into Place When Least Expected

Personal Month 7              Take a break; look within; unwind from stress; caution in travel or in a hurry

SERENITY. If employed, you may be moving up (or moving on) in your job. If job searching, get ready for serious interviews or offers in the next week or so. Business and finances in general are likely to pick up now. Be professional, but use that wonderful smile to pave the way. If you are engaged or married, this is the month to plan and share your dreams for the future. May is the time to seriously discuss mutual financial goals and concerns. For some, you may be making plans for an elopement. You resist the temptation to be coerced into spending more than you have. If dating, you may soon meet someone with charm, an executive-type job, and good financial prospects. Things could start off in the next few weeks at a business meeting or while traveling. Since you have been thinking of ways to make more money, consider getting certified or trained in a growing field. AVOID: Tendencies to compare yourself to others. FOCUS: Common-sense, self-confidence, and good decisions now will pay off in the future.

Personal Year 4             Planning For Future Gain; Practical Decisions; Down-size; Build

Personal Month 8           Be business-like when making decisions; stay focused on the goal; whay are you moving in a certain direction? Define your motivation more clearly

DETERMINATION. A big financial decision or meeting with a professional about contracts or legal matters may be uppermost in your mind this week. If not, then take a hint from the Universe to review any loose ends, debts, or repairs that need to be handled. On the other hand, events in the next week or so could bring relief or opportunities. The hardest part of a project could be almost over. Friday brings a feeling of relief. You may feel that a chapter has closed. If unemployed use this week or next to release the past, weed clutter, and say goodbye to something you can do without. This week could begin to bring a month-long sense of closure to the past, and a feeling of renewal. Be generous in your thinking and drop the blame, resentment, or thinking about what you could have done. You feel gratitude now for what you have. If you have a heavy work schedule now, be sure to get outside and enjoy the Spring. You need to stay energized. AVOID: Speaking in a way that you will regret later. FOCUS: On accomplishing errands and duties, because by week’s end, you’ll want to do something more fun--maybe even travel.

Personal Year 5              A Year of Changes and Adapting to Different Circumstances; Need for Movement, Desire for New Opportunities

Personal Month 9            Make a clean break with something you are done with; expand your vision of yourself and what you can do; avoid dwelling in drama; people may test your emotional balance; anger may be an issue

TRANSITION. Life seems to be a little bit out of your hands now. Maybe you are letting go of how you see your situation. You might find it useful to become a little detached and philosophical now. Accept what you cannot change. Spring is definitely bringing you a sense of optimism. Some are finding that ideas or possibilities seem to be multiplying! However, before you leap ahead, be sure to finish what you need to finish. Use the power of your imagination to send good thoughts radiating outward. Finances tend to improve (or you get rebates or refunds). Look for a new insight that moves you ahead in the relationship area. Will it be marriage? Moving in together, or moving to a new place? If single, update your look (this is an excellent time to lose weight). AVOID: Constant negative thinking and worry. Instead, begin to train yourself to switch in mid-stream to something that is positive or beautiful—as simple as a flower, a tree, a fresh breeze. For a few seconds allow yourself to take in the beauty of “rightness” of it all. Remember a time or times when you were really happy. Place a photo of a happy moment where you can see it every day. FOCUS: Go in the direction of positive energy. Be active and dynamic, but you don’t have to solve everyone's problems! Can you just let things unfold? When you come to the conclusion that all is as it is supposed to be, notice a sense of relief.

Personal Year 6             Thoughts Turn Toward Commitment, Security, Where to Plant Roots; Responsibilities May Cause Pressure; Marriage or Divorce; Family Matters

Personal Month 1            Potential for major change in living situation or family matters; moves for the better; focus is on courage, integrity, truth-telling

REVIEW/REFINE A GOAL. This last week of April could bring the momentum you have been waiting for to make a change or decision. Make headway where can this week. Next week tends to usher in a time when patience is needed while plans or projects develop. If you have been procrastinating, now is the time to listen to your intuition and take a step in a new direction. You may be surprised by a comment from a co-worker. Job-seekers, be patient. Now more than ever, it pays to keep up your contacts or take a friend to lunch. You could be starting to feel a bit frustrated with certain relationships whether single, married, or going steady. It’s time to be firm about what you want, but also to express care and affection. If single and not dating, then enjoy a fun time with a good friend and discuss your life goals. This is an excellent time over the next few weeks for weddings and engagements. Take a moment to contact someone you care about. It’s also a good month to contribute or volunteer for a cause you care about. AVOID: Dwelling on the past or what you should have done. FOCUS: Take time to smell the roses.



Personal Year 7            Time for Inner Development; Research; Slower Pace; Desires for a Simpler Life or Spiritual Inspiration

Personal Month 2           Listen to intuition; seek beauty when tired or discouraged; possible loneliness or missing a loved one; adding to a collection of special objects

ACCEPTANCE. Relationships could have been up and down this month, but disagreements tend to clear up as you get closer to May. This could have been a trying month, as your energy was probably not as strong as usual. Don't worry too much! Things should pick up next week (as May begins). If you are experiencing delays, a surprise element could be catalyzing. Job-seekers--check the part-time ads for inspiration or to tide you over. Continue communicating with key people. Help from friends could have you genuflecting with joy. A little casual conversation could get you thinking creatively about a new project with a friend or partner. If married, discuss options for a fun break together—make it spontaneous. If single and looking, this tends to be an unexpectedly interesting time for dating and general socializing. This weekend it would be favorable to go on a date with someone new. (Just don’t believe everything you hear.) Opportunities for fun and travel increase as you proceed into May. Go shopping and update your tee shirts! AVOID: Being extravagant or over-reacting. FOCUS: On each day. Don’t look too far ahead.

Personal Year 8           Noticeable Progress or Achievement; a Stronger Sense of Empowerment; Satisfaction; Increased Clarity and Ability to Deal with Legal Matters or Authorities

Personal Month 3        Aim for a cheerful and optimistic attitude to help you bounce back; increase in desire for a break; improvements in finances; children's activities; love affairs

MOMENTUM BRINGS GAIN. Your month of self-expression, creativity, and spontaneity is still strong as April winds down. Next week as May begins, you are likely to see your ideas go from possible to probable as you enter the stable and results-oriented FOUR Personal Month. Changes could already be happening on the job front that bring much-needed re-organization or efficiency. An increase in finances or a gain of some kind might surprise you. Job-seekers, you have some good leads for finding another position. Part-time work could also tide you over for now. If single and looking, the economic conditions make you a little wary of taking on obligations (or at least that's the reason you are giving!) If dating or married, you tend to make practical decisions now. It's a good time to review finances and make needed cuts or adjustments—but the love in your life makes all this worthwhile! You are feeling more like a grown-up than ever before! AVOID: Unnecessary purchases, but keep car repairs and such current. FOCUS: On the blessings in your life.


Personal Year 9             End of a Cycle; Understanding of Self and Others Brings Peace; Preparing to Move Forward by Letting Go of What is Outgrown

Personal Month 4           Ability to organize an area of life, cut unnecessary costs, and streamline your routine brings great satisfaction

FALLING INTO PLACE. Any stalls or blocks during April are likely to begin to resolve—maybe even by the weekend. This last week of your FOUR Personal Month requires steady effort to make progress. Your best decisions come from a realistic and common-sense approach. Take small steps and avoid over-extension that created anxiety. Next week, May initiates a period of restlessness or change as your NINE Personal Year is a time of transition. Practical actions now—such as clearing your work space or desk—can uplift your energy or change your energy field. Uncertainties indicate you are moving to a new level. Unemployment, while stressful, is a chance for a positive change in the long run. Something you never would have expected may arrive at your doorstep in the next couple of weeks. Keep up on news in your field. Stay physically active now and avoid overeating out of boredom or stress. You could hear unexpected news from a close friend. If your love relationship is in trouble, steer carefully through the next month to stay on track with where you really want to go. Something new is beginning; what’s ending? You could be on the see-saw between looking for security but wanting adventure. The trick is to keep your focus on the present moment and notice the messages you are getting. AVOID: Making long-term commitments just yet. FOCUS: On following your curiosity. It’s all-important to be open to new experiences, especially in expanding your social circle.