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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
November 23 through November 29, 2015

A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                This Year May Have Brought a Move for New Interest; This ONE Year is the Beginning of Your Next Nine-Year Cycle

Personal Month 3              Take more time for pleasurable and social activities; options for improvements; surprising synchronicities; chance meetings

DYNAMIC: This week brings an interesting mix of possibilities. If working, you are extra busy. No matter what is happening, though, you find reason to feel upbeat and optimistic. If concerned about an unexpected change or unemployment, your situation is prone to change for the positive soon. By the way, daydreaming, turning your mind to enjoyable interests, and staying relaxed actually encourages the manifestation process! Romantically, your increasingly positive attitude could help make this a wonderful loving week. If celebrating Thanksgiving, you manage to keep your sense of humor. Someone may not be telling the whole truth, but you are secure enough to be surprisingly easy going about it. Remember, the purpose of life is to be happy. This holiday season could have you thinking of tying the knot or starting a family. Singles, throw a party or put together a posse of your best friends and have a potluck Thanksgiving! Since this period tends to make you a little lax in the self-discipline department, have fun but don't overdo on the spending, eating or drinking. Enjoy the rest of this special month. FOCUS: Be easy going.

Personal Year 2             A Year to Benefit from Associations and Relationships

Personal Month 4           A period requiring patience, organization, common sense; this week add a dash of spontaneity and fun

INDUSTRY. Over the next few days, you need to be especially practical, punctual, and prudent. Pressures may lessen—but only slightly--this week. It's possible that you could experience some breakdowns of equipment, minor obstacles, or just bad hair days. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, expect that a little more falls on your shoulders. It’s important for job seekers to put anxiety behind you this week and practice focusing your attention on the present moment. A job will come in it’s own time anyway--as you know from past experience. If you have a partner, make a compromise about how and where to spend the holiday, and get on with having fun. Be extra affectionate now, and don’t spend all your time cleaning, cooking, or working in the garage—unless that lifts your spirit. If you or someone you know is going to be alone for Thanksgiving, think about putting together a small, casual gathering and spread your good cheer. It's time to focus on gratitude. Focused attention while doing household chores calms the mind. FOCUS: Joy. If you find it hard to say no kindly, just give in and do what you can. This is no time for guilt or resentment.

Personal Year 3                 A Year to Increase Self-expression; More Free Time; Joy

Personal Month 5               Embrace this period of uncertainty; adaptability is key; time to party, travel, or do something different

HMMMM: You might get the feeling that something changing, but right now everything seems stable. Be careful when traveling (or just rushing around), and take care not to misplace your possessions. You may find that your schedule unexpectedly changes, and you must remake plans. For some, you may be taking time off this week to celebrate Thanksgiving. Or, this year's holiday may be quite different than in previous years. Incoming information tends to stimulate a completely new perspective on an old question. Job seekers might travel for an interview or be contacted from an unexpected company. This month is bound to bring news, changing ideas, and more than one option. You and your partner may not be seeing eye to eye this month. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, be flexible and don’t be surprised by delays or changes. For some an announcement to the family is in order. If single and looking this is a very good time to circulate. Whatever you’ve been doing, change it up! Perhaps you could change your thinking, get a new hairdo, or try a new activity this weekend. Maybe it’s time to spend the holiday with a group of good friends, rather than with dysfunctional family members who tend to leave you drained. In general, take a new step. FOCUS: Making at least one change that is within your power to make.

Personal Year 4              A Year for Planning and Practical Decisions

Personal Month 6            Time to take care of business; may need to make a small sacrifice; spend time with family; make apologies where needed; resist the urge to complain or regress into childhood patterns of behavior

CONSISTENCY: If working, you might be feeling rather stuck or resistant. However, your expertise and willingness to step up to the plate do not go unnoticed. Since this is your month highlighting responsibility, your services are likely to be in demand. You may even find yourself doing some friendly counseling to a friend or co-worker. Job seekers could find temporary work in the service industry during the holidays. Catering?? If you have practical skills, perhaps you could start a temporary free-lance business by offering to do chores for busy working mothers or a small business implement new software. While family life has many rewards this week, there’s bound to be someone who pushes your button at Thanksgiving (you probably think they are being incredibly stubborn.) Instead of reacting, just see life through their eyes for a few minutes. Since this tends to be a cozy time, buy a new roasting pan or an engagement ring. On the other hand, misunderstandings could cause a few moments of teeth-gritting. Singles—do you have relatives pushing you to find someone? If so, keep your sense of humor. In general, this is a time to be prudent with money and generous with time. FOCUS: Being committed but not attached to a specific outcome.

Personal Year 5              This Volatile Year May Still Bring Surprises, Changes, or Need for Adjustments

Personal Month 7             A period of thoughtful analysis (but don't procrastinate forever); solitude really appeals to you this week

STILLNESS: While your life may be somewhat quieter than usual, you could be finishing up a project with a demanding person. If working, you may be taking time off. You may be on vacation, traveling, or laid up with the flu—or dealing with plumbing overflows! Take a philosophical attitude, and try to get some early nights. If tempers run high in your milieu right now, you probably crave to be in the mountains, not buried in mountains of work or dealing with fractious people. Job seekers will likely find this to be a slow period. Don’t push, or beat yourself up for not being more assertive. Delays may be understandably worrisome, but there’s not much you can do other than take walks, stay connected to your people, read a good book, or learn something. If you have a choice this year, choose to create a simple, easy, quiet holiday rather than dealing with a packed and hectic schedule. You would almost prefer to be alone than spend it with your mate visiting his or her relatives! If single and looking, it’s possible you are interested in someone who is a little reserved. If in a new relationship, it’s fine to take it slow. Enjoy this peaceful period; make soup, walk in the leaves, soak in a lavender aromatherapy bath, or call an old-friend. In general, your purpose now is to de-stress. Go to bed early and read a delicious book. FOCUS: Research, reflection, and a spiritual outlook.

Personal Year 6               This Year Still has Opportunities to Tie Up Loose Ends

Personal Month 8              Review finances; take control; see positive results; a tendency to splurge on an expensive item

QUALITY TIME: Of course, you will say you could have done more with your time in the past few months, but this week you could show that you have reached a benchmark. Some aspect of your work or personal life could be quite satisfying. Finances also tend to improve during this period; you may even receive a bonus or a free turkey! For some this high pressure period may demand that you fill in for someone who is out of the office; you may have to be on-call during the week. This is a positive period for job seekers despite the holiday activities. If an interview goes well, ask for more money than you made at the last job. Your experience and positive attitude impresses others. The highlight in the romance department is “commitment.” Enjoy the warmth and security of your family at Thanksgiving. Necessary expenses could bring increased pressures, so shop around for the best deal. In general, your efforts to be business-like, and keep to a plan are starting to pay off. You may have to be available to someone who needs a helping hand. FOCUS: Strength, courage, and productivity. Avoid a critical attitude or blaming others.

Personal Year 7               This Year is Bringing Inner Development and Understanding

Personal Month 9              A period of letting go and moving on; happiness; this week you have a chance to contribute or volunteer; generosity; good will; finding a lost item; gain

ELATION: Suddenly, you are likely to feel powerful forces at work in your life. Events could stimulate a closure, completion, or emotional outburst (yours or someone else's). It's likely that your month could end with an announcement, retirement, or unexpected windfall. If working, you hear surprising news. You also could be dealing with cranky customers, foreign contracts, or expanded opportunities in the global marketplace. Changes in a friendship could bring feelings of sadness. Try not to over-commit right now if feeling run-down. On the other hand, breakdowns are repaired more quickly than expected and cost less. Job seekers will find better opportunities in the next few weeks as you move into your 1 Personal Month in December. However, avoid entering into a proposition that doesn't feel quite right. December could bring an opportunity but it could disappear, only to reappear in a better light in February. Put aside differences. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. A light, spontaneous get together could be very much fun. If an old issue resurfaces let it go. It’s truly not worth dwelling on negativity. Singles might meet someone while traveling or attending a spiritual meeting or retreat. If feeling lonely, join with others; contribute your time to others less fortunate. It’s you who will benefit the most, by the way. Attending a cultural or spiritual type of event could prove immensely beneficial. FOCUS: Generosity, compassion, and self-love.

Personal Year 8            A Year to Deal with Finances; Do What You Do Best

Personal Month 1          A period highlighting self-confidence; courage; decisions; make a short trip for Thanksgiving

BINGO: This week could bring a nice surprise, gift, or insight. It's time to be geared up and ready to go. Some may get a new career lead. An announcement could affect your future. Things turn out well given the good foundation you have already built. If working, enjoy a mini office celebration. Equipment breakdowns may be cleared up more quickly than first thought. If an opportunity seems, at first glance, to be out of your comfort zone, look again. Sleep on it before deciding. Job seekers could have an excellent offer this week or next month. You have an uncanny knack for saying the right thing to the right person—or being in the right place at the right time. In your partnership, you tend to make good decisions now, but it may be up to you to make the final call. Even though you feel you are in the right on an issue, be willing to hear the other side. If a financial matter brings heated discussion, maintain a cool head. Work out a mutually agreeable solution. If you are a single woman concerned that someone is not moving fast enough, take care not to seem too forward right now. If the object of your affection is male, let him make the first move. In general, you feel fairly good about life. It’s time to give yourself a little pat on the back for hanging in there. When things are quiet, start thinking about what you want next. Be clear and honest when others ask difficult questions. Hey you ARE good! FOCUS: On You—without feeling selfish. Get clear that you want to feel happy, confident, and capable. No more self-doubt!

Personal Year 9             You Are Preparing to Move Forward

Personal Month 2            A period requiring gentleness; kindness: patience; a week for social gatherings and creative projects

STREAMLINE: This month might have brought a lot of details to deal with, but this week, you are feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. For some, meetings or meeting new people who are interested in what you have to offer may increase. Tactfulness is key now. If feeling conflicted or confused about future directions, consider what you have learned over the last nine years. Maybe you are starting to think of “cleaning house,” and asking, What have I outgrown?” For some, this is a time to recognize what you need to “kiss goodbye” (such as, a relationship, situation, way of thinking, or personal habit). Once you make up your mind, you'll know it's the right decision if you feel profound relief. For job seekers, this period tends to be a bit slow. You might find it useful to participate in a job-seekers group or a volunteer organization to give more structure to your time. November accentuates your need for love and friendships. This could be a very romantic week or month, or a very lonely one. Mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, aunts and other women may have a lot to say about what you should or should not do. Even though you might feel slightly offended, they do have a point, don’t they? If you can, take a romantic getaway after Thanksgiving. In general, your moods may swing, so get lots of sleep. Put off making major decisions for awhile until you feel a more positive vibration. Events, movies, theater, or social gatherings bring relaxation and quiet inspiration. Sort your wardrobe and de-clutter your living and working spaces. FOCUS: Reading, socializing, relaxing, and patience.