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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
July 25 through July 31, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1      Beginning of a New Nine-year Cycle; A Year Initiating Important Changes, New Directions, or Finding a New Focus; Time to Express Ambition, Innovation, Leadership

Personal Month 8     Powerful vibration for success; career and job advancement; big push to accomplish goals

REVELATION. Without doubt, this week brings something life-changing--an insight, a discovery, a “chance” meeting, or an exciting opportunity. One way or another, events this week could have long-term impact. Your situation could not be more clear to you. If working, past efforts may now be recognized with a raise or promotion. This period requires looking at your life with a clear eye and keeping a firm grasp of financial details, facts, and strategies. If economic pressures should force an issue, look for the silver lining. Job seekers can expect to hear good news soon. You may already be buying a work uniform, signing a contract, or talking to Human Resources. Some may sign up for a training or certification. Romantically, a desire to bring things into balance could encourage an important new step. It feels like things are evolving now, so new realizations could have shifted last week’s mood. With the emphasis on serious commitment and serious money happening together, you could be writing pre-nuptial agreements, marching down the aisle of a very expensive wedding, finalizing divorce papers, taking out a loan for college, or buying a house. If single and looking, you are likely working too hard to take time off for dating. There is a chance that a business associate might introduce you to someone from out of town. AVOID: Spending money on non-essentials. FOCUS: Practicality, planning, and follow-through. Don't drop the ball this week.

Personal Year 2            A Year of Increased Social Activity; Highlights Improvement in Relationships, Building a Strong Network; Desire for Love; Periods of Loneliness if Single; Interest in Art, Museums, Beauty, Make-overs of Self or Home

Personal Month 9           Starting to feel a big transition coming soon; time for completion; may travel a long distance

BASE JUMPING. Well, you may not be literally jumping off a tall building or mountain top, but you may be contemplating a decision that could change your life for awhile. A bit of instability this week shakes you up a bit and could bring a somewhat painful insight about a relationship. Some may be getting clear that it's time to leave behind an unrealistic dream. However, with new opportunities on the horizon starting in August, you could already be thinking about moving toward something promising. If working, it’s time to finish that project, organize your desk, and say goodbye to that stressful problem. If feeling stuck, ask yourself, Am I asking the right question? You can handle whatever comes if you listen to your intuition and stay grounded. If seeking work, you may have to fill out another application to replace the one that got lost in the mail. Next month is a more likely time to start a new job. A financial issue involving your home or family arrangements could need careful consideration this week—without laying blame. For those with offspring, you may have to help them handle a sticky situation. Since this Two personal year shines a light on your relationship area, this week could bring a need for dialogue and repairing a rift. Relationship strains in general could make you a bit blue during the week. If waiting for someone to call, the delay most likely has nothing to do with you. If married, you may have to go the extra mile for your partner—and you’ll be glad you did. AVOID: Pushing yourself too quickly in cases where you feel uncertain. FOCUS: Try to listen to what this moment requires without rushing anything.


Personal Year 3        A Year to Increase Self-expression and Enjoyment of Life; A Creative Period; Need to Focus Attention Since Results Can Be Scattered Otherwise; Birth of Something Wonderful; Good Luck; Cause for Optimism; Potential for Love Triangles

Personal Month 1       New beginnings; start of a nine-month long cycle; big changes and decisions; very positive period; cause for optimism

TURNAROUND. Many things give you joy and pleasure this week, but one event in particular really boosts your energy. Since you are under favorable outcomes and creative problem-solving vibes this week, it could be one of your best periods all year. That playful mood of last week shifts to optimistic application, as you perhaps get involved with a new project. This is an excellent time for showing what you can do! For job seekers this is the week of great good luck. If you have experience and skill at something, why not investigate starting your own business as a side-line right now. Who knows? Despite challenges that require you to step up your game, you are able to more easily get into a good mood. This week a new association could have positive long-range consequences! It's been awhile since you felt so clear about who you are and what you want. Weddings or engagements—yours or friends-- are likely. If you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, take time to communicate clearly about expectations and your own personal spending habits. Many things tend to fall into place spontaneously this week; follow through on intuitive hunches now. If you’ve been procrastinating this is the week to take that first step. Long-range success depends on what you do in the next few days. AVOID: Letting something important slide. FOCUS: Courage, confidence, and creativity.

Personal Year 4        A Year for Building a Strong Foundation for Health and Prosperity; Practical Decisions Feel Right; Desire to Accomplish a Big Goal; Commitments and Belt-tightening

Personal Month 2      Things are germinating; no need to force anything; take a break once in awhile; a relationship needs major attention; money may feel tight

BE ADAPTABLE WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS. Your fairly stable Two personal month gives you many little details to handle, and this tends to be a fairly predictable week—except possibly one event which doesn't seem to be what you would have thought it would be. If things prove quiet, take advantage of this period to organize files, desk, and office space. While things most likely move along smoothly, don’t be surprised if you encounter minor delays. You may have to make a small sacrifice in order to get something you value. Energy flow should pick up next week, especially if you take steps to clear away unfinished business and handle details. It helps to make a focused effort to clear out things you never use any more or that don't give you a reason to keep them. Don't just move stuff from one drawer to another. Delete. Discard. Release. Create space in your life. Don't get stuck in nostalgia for your past glories or regret for past decisions. Move ahead now on wherever you can make a difference to your well-being. For example, it may be time to cut the cord on your monthly cable subscription! Job-seekers could be offered lucrative temp work or something having to do with numbers. Romantically this could be a cozy and stable week. Couples with long-buried issues may feel frustrated by the other person's stubbornness or refusal to talk something through. However, despite arguments, the love is still there. If considering engagement or a wedding, go for it. At this moment, you are more likely to take a practical, low-key approach to the wedding plans. If single and looking, group activities (anything to do with gardening, hiking, recycling, lectures, films, or art galleries) offer fun. In general, slow down. Practice patience. Create a feeling of harmony within by truly recognizing that you are in exactly the right place at this moment. Find time now and then toward the end of the day for quietly enjoying the stillness. AVOID: Feeling sorry for yourself or making excuses. FOCUS: Eliminating inner and outer clutter. Simplify.

Personal Year 5       A Pivotal Year; Changes Bring Freedom and New Interests; An Exciting and Adventurous Time; May be Dealing with the Public or Working on Short-term Projects; Desire to Travel and Do New Things


Personal Month 3       Fantastic period for fun, creative pursuits, travel, socializing, and the birth of something very interesting; unstoppable desire to travel, play, and wander

GOOD TIMES. There could be a slightly slapstick moment this week as your sense of play is engaged over the next few days For some this is a time for camping, road trips, celebrations, or cruises. If working, your charisma is somewhat higher; for example, you may be asked to give an impromptu presentation. You will be surprised at how well you perform on the spur of the moment. (No time for stage fright to develop). For those involved with sales, this is a great time to make lots of money, especially on commission. Job seekers may get a short-term job that leads to something else. Friends may bring you good luck. Romantically, mixed messages could have you in a tizzy. Since physical energy is strong now, flirtations are likely. Just thinking about this person makes you stand up a little straighter. Enjoy visualizing romance—remember what you focus on expands! For example, this is a great week for those wanting to expand their family! Take a casual, relaxed, and spontaneous approach in all things. Upgrade something that will make your life a little easier. AVOID: Over-using your credit card; watch out for an increased desire to overspend, overeat, or drink too much alcohol. FOCUS: Relaxation and enjoyment. Do what makes you truly happy.

Personal Year 6        A Year of Increased Responsibility, Commitments Involving Large Projects or Family Matters; Desire to Put Down Roots; May Buy or Remodel a Home; Issues with Children, Education, Health, and Neighbors; Community Involvement Brings New Friendships

Personal Month 4       A month for getting seriously organized; could be packing, sorting, or building; may have to handle more details than usual; money likely to be spent on other people, pets, doctors, or practical items

A DOOR OPENS. If you have been struggling lately, you might experience a big relief this week—maybe you have a “stay of execution” or receive help with a problem. Family finances and decisions loom large, and you will figure out the best way to go—just make sure you realize that nothing is going to be perfectly “right.” For those who are working, deadlines, project changes, and delays make your life a little bit more pressured this week. While most results seem to be adequate, you may secretly believe that you could have handled things a little differently. Don't get too invested in having things be a certain way; stay focused on each task as it comes up. Job seekers are likely to find work this week—if only temporary or without benefits--but it could pay the bills for now. Otherwise, the time requires patience and perseverance. Romance and practicality continue to be your keynote this week. During this period, you are likely to be more focused on work and finances than on love. Dating may seem like too much work! However, this could be an excellent time for a wedding if you’ve been engaged for a while. Love and “plans” also seem to go together this week. If someone tends to be awfully stubborn, listen more than talk, and let the answers come from the heart. This week calls for commitment and steady perseverance. Don’t let circumstances outside your control get you down. Relatives may also need your attention now. AVOID: Becoming stubborn or impatient. FOCUS: Keep your mind on what you ultimately want.

Personal Year 7        A Year for More Time in Reflection, Rest, and Rejuvenation; Simplifying Your Life and Possessions Brings Huge Benefits and a Feeling of Relief

Personal Month 5       Unexpected help from the Universe; changes, a desire to have more free time; someone may fill you in on what's really going on; many distractions

SURPRISES. Just when you felt you had figured out something last week, now you may feel a bit up in the air. Some may feel drawn in two very different directions. On the one hand, you’re craving something new. On the other, you you can’t really drop what you are doing to go off on a tangent. Or can you? If undecided, step back and do nothing. A solution will occur. If job seeking, temporary work could keep you busy until next month, when your situation is likely to be more settled. Romantically, someone may not be saying what he or she really means. However, you tend to not push things now, as you may not have much energy for a big confrontation. This is probably not the best week to marry or make long-range plans in the love department. But a fling? Oh, go ahead. And yes, if you are going to elope and avoid all the costs and bickering relatives, I understand. In general, this could be the week to explore, but take a wait-and-see attitude on everything. AVOID: Over-reacting to comments from those you care about. FOCUS: Stay alert for a chance message that is exactly what you need to solve a problem.

Personal Year 8        A Year of Career Advancement, Increasing Financial Strength, or Personal Power; You May Invest in a Business Idea; Consult Professionals When in Doubt

Personal Month 6        Your work or family life demands much from you now; you could be supporting someone through a hard time or teaching others how to do something; may attend a wedding, graduation, or anniversary party this month; might offer to help someone to move

ENTERTAINING. You might literally be having the gang over for meatballs, or you might just find this an interesting and enjoyable week to watch the show called your life. Events bring out your best qualities this week. Pressures or expectations may be building, but you seem to know exactly how to handle things for the foreseeable future. You might be the one to help settle disputes, or provide a needed shoulder to cry on. If working, this week could also bring a change, promotion, or news of a transfer in your workplace. Those who are looking for work are likely to hear from a big company or a family-owned business. A good week for steady progress in many aspects of your life. Some may get an extension on your unemployment benefits or a temporary loan. Love and commitment go together this week, with the caveat that one of you may be getting cold feet about now. People in serious relationships are considering getting married, moving in with together, or starting a family. If single and looking, find a seminar, lecture, or outdoor activity to enjoy this weekend. You may have to spend a little money to have a good time. Church or synagogue programs also could offer something interesting this week. It’s a week to feel gratitude for what you have. AVOID: Putting off a family obligation. FOCUS: Domestic responsibilities, money matters, and better organization.

Personal Year 9       A Period of Transition, Completion, and Attracting Greater Abundance; End of a Nine-year Cycle; Emotions tend to be Mixed; Potential for Loss or Great Joy

Personal Month 7      A deeply spiritual time; need to figure something out; desire for solitude, nature, and peace of mind; could be grieving or releasing others; feelings of gratitude and forgiveness

SHARED CONFIDENCES. If you find yourself away from your normal routine for some reason, you may have an interesting encounter with someone in which you hear or share private information. This could be heart-warming or emotionally draining. For some a minor accident or glitch could keep you on the sidelines briefly. On the good side, you may have a brilliant insight that lights up your light bulb. If working, you might surprise yourself (and others) with how you handle an issue. The mastery you have gained over the last several years becomes apparent when an unexpected problem or issue arises. It’s important now to inwardly recognize your level of maturity, understanding, and expertise. Those who are looking for work may be a bit discouraged this week—the old saying “It’s always darkest before the dawn” couldn’t be more true. However, your life takes a big turn in a few days or weeks. Romantically, an event could prompt a deeper insight into your partner (if you have one.) Uncertainties about your loved one’s intent may lead to an important discussion. If married, surprise your spouse with a special treat. It’s still not a good time to make big decisions with long-term consequences. If single and looking, enjoy your solitude and freedom this week. How can you spend some time alone without feeling lonely? Get to know yourself by looking at your possessions. What do your books, clothes, mementos, art work, or photos say about who you are and where you find purpose and meaning? A long walk near water has rejuvenating effects. Take a picnic lunch and a good book. AVOID: Imagining the worst. FOCUS: Slow down; be selective about how you spend your time; spiritual reflection.