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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
May 29 through June 4, 2017


Your recurring nine-year cycles always begin with the One Personal Year. You complete the work of the cycle in a Nine Personal Year. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2017:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2017.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2017 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8= 9 Personal Year in 2017

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Month Describes June

Personal Year 1       New Directions and Interests; Desire to Establish Goals for Next 9-Year Cycle; Surge of Confidence; Inventions; Moves; Career Changes; Challenges Require Courage to Stand Up for Oneself

Personal Month 7     Changes in schedule; desire for quiet time or solitude and nature; questions, discoveries; desire to research your roots (DNA); temporary time out; minor ailments or setbacks; periods of intense focus; may be on the outs with a friend

VERTIGO. Mid-week you shift from Six's vibration urging you to be supportive of everyone else, to Hey, what about me? After attending to a plethora of life's little details, you could be starting June exhausted. Your Seven vibration resonates with rest and detoxifying. Intuition now is strong. Let go of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Being on constant high alert leads to burn out. Try to see this period as unfolding exactly as it should. Regroup with this short exercise. Make a numbered list of specific things don’t like about your current situation. Next, turn each “don't like” point into its specific ideal (ideal for you). You are creating a job description for the Universe to fulfill. Tuck your list away. Over time, you might be amazed at how closely requested ideals materialize. Your job is to listen to intuitive guidance and follow up on opportunities.

Domestic issues tend to settle down this week. You might receive a surprising message soon. AVOID: Making long-term decisions until around July, if possible. FOCUS: Listening for intuitive messages.

Personal Year 2       Year to Develop Simpatico Associations and Friendships; Finding the Right People for Partnership; Desire for Romantic Relationship; Falling in Love; Time of Vulnerable Feelings; Requires Cooperation, Patience, and Ability to Keep Going; Potential for Increased Periods of Boredom or Uncertainty; Working on Artistic Projects; Analysis, Accumulation, Germination

Personal Month 8       June is productive; money spent on others; a promotion could bring hard-to-please boos; logic takes precedence over feelings for now; be fair but firm when dealing with those under you

DYNAMIC ACTION. Long time associations with powerfully situated friends pay off this week. What you thought was just a possibilities starts to take shape. Now you must face the reality of rules, regulations or the judgments of the forces in control of your scenario. With your quiet, uncertain Seven monthly vibration changing to motivated Eight this week, you have an urge to outline a strategy. June is a great time to start a job.

You realize it's time to take charge of your life and your own happiness. Each small “win” gives you more confidence now, allowing you to tackle challenges not thought possible last month. Suddenly you know exactly what you want. Finances require attention. A friend may need a loan. A marriage now tends to be on the costly side because of parental expectations. AVOID: Comparing yourself to others. FOCUS: Intelligent and clear communications.

Personal Year 3        A Year for Creative Expression; May be Selling, Performing, Working with Young People; Feelings of Happiness and Playfulness; Social Engagements; Desire to Dress more Flamboyantly; Optimism, Pleasure, and Good Fortune; Solve Problems though Using Imagination

Personal Month 9       June has a tendency for emotional drama; may bring the completion or resolution of an issue; amazing good fortune; competing and winning; sports, travel, births, reunions, graduations, weddings; joy and sorrow; favors long-distance travel

COMPASSIONATE ACTION. This week, vibrations shift away from Eight's need to control (often bringing struggle) to mellow Nine. June offers opportunities to break out of restrictions, eliminate that which you have outgrown, and move on. Some things just peacefully conclude on their own. This week may bring interactions with younger people, those in need, or people of foreign birth. You may be called upon to serve, to assist, or to encourage and bring an optimistic perspective. You may be raising money for a good cause, or attending a demonstration.

Love is in the air. Affairs or flirtations could have you pondering what is for real. Nine's vibration is great for opening your heart. You could be considering marriage but should delay the wedding until you feel you really know the person. You might be welcoming a new baby. Adoptions and fertilization procedures are favored now. Confidence and a boldness express a new side of your personality. Take a hint from someone who cares about you. AVOID: Procrastinating. FOCUS: Advancement.

Personal Year 4       A Year for Building: Taking Consistent Steps; Desire to Work Toward a Goal; Ability to be Self-disciplined; Must Cut Expenses Now for Future Gain; Decisions that Increase Security and Stability; Commitments; Marriage; Business Growth

Personal Month 1      June kicks off a new project or brings an idea; changes; interesting opportunities; your desire to get results makes you more effective; recognition for work well done; confidence; strength after a setback; new directions; originality and talent bring rewards

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW. As your monthly vibration changes from completion to beginning, a problem could dissolve this week. In some ways, you get an exciting peek into the future. Your job situation could be going through a reorganization. You likely make the cut. Even better a new position could be in the cards. A short trip may introduce a new element into your life. Look your best all week, especially on the weekend.

If single and looking, be ready for anything. You might even meet an attractive person of foreign birth, who is down-to-earth, sincere, and available. Love at first sight could happen; but avoid rash decisions. If married, you might have a bit of a squabble this week, especially if stressed by a move to a new home. A tough personal decision could trigger an important change in your life. AVOID: Explaining or rationalizing to people about your decision. FOCUS: Moving forward in your life.

Personal Year 5       A Year of Change; Shifting into a New Level of Life; May Disconnect from Old Situation; Must Keep Up with Trends; Public Activity; May Get Involved in Politics or Performing; Must be Flexible; Great Desire for Freedom; Putting Ideas out into the World

Personal Month 2      In June things may slow down once in awhile; need to let things germinate; take care with details; finish what you start; others may try to raise a rumor about you; deals may fall through at the last minute; travel to see friends, especially women; great time for selling art at fairs; engagements could be on and off

WEAVING TOGETHER. Your volatile Five may have been keeping you a bit off-balance. This wee you slide unceremoniously into the safe harbor of your nurturing Two month. This week could be the start of feeling as if you've hit a plateau. Heading into June this week, you start to feel like “hurry up and wait”. You are eager to get stuff done, but realize you'll get more accomplished in the sidelines while the main event percolates. This week may bring a surprise upset with a relationship or friendship. On the bright side, you may connect with a very helpful person.

If romantically involved you could be wishing something was a little different. If married you could be wishing something was a little different, too! If single and looking you could find it easier now to meet compatible people. Conventions may introduce you to a fun bunch. AVOID: Saying, “I’m confused.” It puts out the wrong message. Instead, “I’m looking into possibilities” is better. FOCUS: Go in the direction of what feels positive, and drop all the worry

Personal Year 6        Strong Desire for Finding One's “Tribe”; Highlights Home-comings; Marriage; Divorce; Adoption; Parental Care; Graduations; Offspring to to College or Military; Interest in Home, Family, Entertaining, Beautification Projects

Personal Month 3       June brings periods of increased social interaction; joy, optimism, happiness, and time for fun; may be pregnant or bringing home baby; free time; desire to spend money; love affairs, short trips

BE PLAYFUL. Social activities likely increase this week, especially with children, creative types, or sports fans. Since June brings fun-loving Three into your sphere, you start to think about short trips and outings of all kinds. You may decide to host a small family reunion or celebrate a transition. Wedding and baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, and graduation trips are all in the cards with those with close families. Work generally has a happy vibe now, as things tend to be busy but ultimately successful. With social Three, your job or activities could involve more interaction with the public or a busier schedule. Polish your look. Review emails and communications for tone and errors that could create misunderstandings. During this transition period, job-seekers might as well take a day or two off from searching and just kick back. When relaxed, you get a good idea.

Romance is often on your mind. Don't be off in a cave now. Three invites you to join tours, take hikes with friends, have barbeques and picnics. Three is favorable to falling in love, getting engaged, married, or pregnant. Focus on making yourself happy; use your sense of humor and keep smiling. Studies prove that smiling throughout the day has beneficial effects. AVOID: That extra piece of pie or impulse credit card charge. FOCUS: Spend time with friends; attend a AA meeting or join an association of like-minded hobbyists.

Personal Year 7        A Spiritual Journey; Reflection on What's Really Important; Simplifying; Strong Intuitive Messages; Periods of Peacefulness in Solitude; Periods of Longing for Companionship (the Right Kind!); Projects Require Focus and Refinement of Every Detail; Desire to Find a Church; May be Living in Unfamiliar Place

Personal Month 4        June increases desire for better organization; start to plan for the future more seriously; understanding of the need to make practical decisions; may tend to become stubborn or set in your ways; may have a muscular or gastrointestinal ailment

DOWNSIZE. Lately, you've had more than one or two serious talks with yourself at 3 am when you lie in bed sleepless. This week, as your monthly vibration shifts from don't-worry Three to practical Four, you are already thinking of making some changes. June encourages getting organized. Planning, reviewing your budget, and discussing new ideas are all good uses of this week and month. Job seekers should be very close to finding work. The practicality of June will either bring income or a way to stretch what you have.

Four is a planter, builder, and manager. You may decide to plant a small vegetable garden in pots. If feeling at odds with someone, find the right time to make amends, apologize, and move on. If in love, you may be getting serious. Single people who are looking for a partner may feel less drawn to stay home reading a book, and more likely to venture forth. Film festivals and weekend farmer's markets come to mind. AVOID: Grumbling. Your life and everything in it has a purpose. FOCUS: Positive thinking.

Personal Year 8        A Year to Work Diligently and Not Give Up; Tough Financial Decisions; Appreciate Your Accomplishments, but Go Beyond; Increased Expenses; Tendency to Live Beyond Means; May become Involved with Law, Investments, Property Legal Hassles; Must Learn to Confront Authority Effectively; Honest is The Best Policy

Personal Month 5       June brings a breath of fresh air; restlessness encourages exploring, which could lead to a lucrative new opportunity; likely traveling for business; changes to a long-time plan; getting out of a pickle; wanting to flee; pressures from political intrigues; may be performing or marketing

HARNESS SUPPORT. This week the tide turns in a project dear to your heart. You may start to receive some amazing serendipity, which puts you in the right place at the right time. As your monthly vibration shifts out of cautious Four into anything-is-possible Five this week, you could be feeling on pins and needles. In your job or career, your chances increase for more public interface, speaking at a conference, or increasing your client base. You could be gearing up to launch a new project, or packing for business-related travel. Everything you touch seems to turn to gold (or maybe you're finally investing in gold). Improvements to your situation seem do-able and exciting. Job-seekers are likely to have multiple offers, or an interesting possibility.

If thinking of an office flirtation, you must decide how (or if) to play this. For most, this is a period of “wait-and-see”. Singles, remember it's a numbers game and just keep saying, “Next” until you say, “Hmmm”. Free yourself from some amount of debt. AVOID: Increasing your credit card balance. FOCUS: Branching out a little; exploring

Personal Year 9        A Transition Year; End of an Era; Inkling of a New Phase; Potentially Deep Emotional Experiences from Joy to Sorrow to Intense Love to Grief; Desire to Give Back; Strong Desire to Connect to your Roots; May Travel; Potential for Graduations, Retirement Parties, Putting a Parent in a Care Home

Personal Month 6        June could bring a need to make a decision regarding family; highlights home conditions, or educational issues; travels for family reunions, graduations, weddings; desire for affluence

MORALS AND ETHICS. This week magnetizes people from the past, present, and even the future! Your life could seem full to the brim right now. You are moving towards commitment, rather than away. At work or at home, you are soon to be involved in being there for those going through a hard time. You may help resolve a family dispute. Expect more to do and less time in which to do it. Job seekers may find a service job in a family-owned business, but don't be surprised if the management goes through changes before you get there. A non-profit organization may not be all it claims.

This month or week is favorable for weddings, but only if you have known each other for a few years (and worked out differences). If dating, a flirtation could dissipate or get hotter. It's best to delay decisions until more rationality is possible. Move to a new level. Let go of past grudges. AVOID: Worrying about everything. Take a breather this weekend, and soak up the sun. FOCUS: Security, comfort, and a family dinner.