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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
February 15 through February 21, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1            Urge to Explore New Directions; New Interests are Emerging; Lifestyle May Change During This Next 9-Year Cycle; Good Year for Taking Action; Move; Change Careers

Personal Month 3           Your ability to come up with options might be confusing; may have more free time; favors socializing, or expanding your network; desire to reach out, write, communicate

POPULAR. For some this week brings invitations and a flurry of emails and texts. Suddenly you feel like photographing every moment of your life! If working, you may be on vacation or traveling for a meeting or presentation. For some this week could bring less time on the job. In general, the next few days should bring happy surprises or good connections. You might be rethinking how you feel about that person you dated on Valentine's Day. Since your 3 month highlights creative energy, you could find a new door opening toward a goal. Job-seekers: If not yet working, your mood could be more upbeat due to a new idea. In general, expect obstacles to be removed somewhere in your life this week. For one thing, projects and plans are likely to feel more do-able. Keep your mind on the positive outcomes you want. This is the ideal time to stop tendencies to fall into negative conversation and thinking! A visit to an art museum or film is likely—especially a last minute invitation. DO: Balance recreation and work and your creativity will soar. DON’T: Put off paying bills. KEY: Cheerfulness.

Personal Year 2          Associations Bring Personal and Professional Advances; Relationships Flourish; Take Time to Get to Know People Better; Renew Friendships; Join or Start a Book Club; Beautify Your Surroundings; Fall in Love

Personal Month 4        Stick to your plan; practice self-discipline one day at a time; getting organized relieves tension

STRONG OUTCOMES. This week could bring an unexpected resource or hidden asset to support your goals at just the right moment. If working, this week could also bring results that have previously eluded you. While things are steadily improving, you might tell me it's not fast enough! If you have tendency to worry, this week gives you a bit of a break. Notice those areas where you are stabilizing and consolidating now for future gain. Your 4 month may test your patience or perseverance—but think of your 4 like the bumper guards on a bowling lane. This month keeps you on the straight and narrow—with less distractions or tendencies to stray from your goals. However, if too much stress or overworking is draining, make sleep and relaxation a priority. A massage would be perfect this week. Job-seekers: Taking time for “down time” actually helps keep you on track and rested for those opportunities which could arise. This is a good time to remember that you are always connected to spiritual guidance from within. If a situation seems to restrict progress, be assured there is a deeper purpose. DO: Choose to be upbeat, patient, and philosophical. DON’T: Make long-term decisions this week, unless necessary. This week you could be tempted by a short-term indulgence. KEY: Care when driving, walking or signing contracts. Let go of trying to convince anyone of anything.

Personal Year 3            A Year For A Change of Tempo; Enjoy Life in the Moment; Money can be Easy Come, Easy Go; Romance and Social Life is Highlighted; Possible Love Triangles; Birth

Personal Month 5           A new friend could could surprise you with an invitation; a time demanding flexibility; changes to plans; feeling restlessness or drifting; scattered efforts

BOUNDLESS. This week is almost sure to make you laugh, shake your head in wonderment, or start making plans to get away to a foreign land. For those working, you may be extremely busy, or facing a whole new ball-game. This whole 5 month (especially in this volatile 3 year) tends to be bit of a roller coaster ride. Actually, many of you may come to realize that your situation has many blessings after all. For those involved in creative projects, you may have to deal with differing opinions or more complexities. Job-seekers: Be on the lookout from something different. Notice a tendency now for people to show you unexpected kindness. In general, people bring surprising news—or offer a generous gift of time or money. An overheard conversation could provoke new thinking. DO: Buy a lottery ticket if that's on your mind. DON’T: Forget to write down appointments or proofread important documents, as details may get overlooked. KEY: Spontaneity; find areas of agreement, rather than dwelling on differences that create more problems.

Personal Year 4             A Year to Plan for the Future; Work May Seem Restrictive; Pressures Mount to Produce; May be Involved in Building, Re-design, or Re-organizing; Potential Hardship

Personal Month 6           Family members could be in extra need of support; medical conditions may be expensive; lots to do, so be careful not to over-book; tendency to want to serve others

PROVIDE. For many, this week brings the comforts and joys of a happy family life. For others, not so much. While things seem stable now, some could be thinking ahead or feeling a change coming. If you are a long-time employee, your value to the company should keep you secure. While work could be extremely demanding, you also have others things on your mind. Domestic issues involving parents, children, partners, or neighbors might require your attention now. Since 6 is always taking care of things, you may have an unexpected repair bill. You could be shopping around for a major purchase. Some of you are likely to be juggling your schedule to visit the doctor, dentist, or vet. Expenditures on practical items or gifts for others may increase. Job-seekers: this week emphasizes the importance of clear communication and perseverance. Don't take no for an answer! On the home-front, couples may be arguing over money. Newly-weds may have their first fight. Singles, however, may be starting to think more seriously about a relationship. DO: Be present when others need a helping hand. Call someone in your family, talk with your kids’ teachers, or contribute time or money to a worthy cause. Stay on top of bill-paying. Oh dear, all this sounds like so much work, doesn't it? Okay, I hear you when you say you don't have time to exercise this week. However....DON’T: Overeat out of boredom or discouragement. KEY: Things are progressing, so keep a positive attitude.

Personal Year 5             A Year of Major Changes; Possible Periods of Free Time; Periodic Feelings of Uncertainty or Confusion About Options; Urge to Try Something New

Personal Month 7            Take care when traveling; potential for important discovery; may be trying hide something or cover up; periods of strain or sadness; desire to understand something

ENTRANCE. This 7 month tends to be a period of development and waiting to see what is happening. This week may bring an idea, communication, or deep sense of happiness. During the month you may suddenly realize that you have had a change of heart. This week, you may step back, stop something, or feel a sense of refreshment. You realize that there is no need to rush. However, do follow your intuition to take care of important details. Something may require serious thought. Writers, singers, song-writers, or other creative types could have fun with new ideas and research this week. Job-seekers: You are definitely having mixed feelings right now, but elements could start to jell from unexpected directions. For some of you, numbers or symbols may seem to have a special message this week. In some cases, a person from the past may call or write. Since your 7 month urges you to look behind the scene, you might be researching a subject, analyzing your finances, or connecting with old contacts through Facebook. Single people are reminded of how much they enjoy their freedom. DO: Trust your intuition. Turn to spiritual books of inspiration. DON’T: Waste your energy trying to prove a point or push the river. KEY: Times of stillness. Let things unfold.

Personal Year 6           A Year for Creating Love, Security, and Enjoyment; Taking Care of Self and Others; Urge to Commit to Worthwhile Cause; Avoid Becoming Resigned to the Inevitable

Personal Month 8          Time to take care of outstanding business; decisions or efforts in matters of finance, education, certification, or investments; much promise for success

POWERFUL WORDS. This week might very well give you an opportunity to advance your situation. You are more likely now to find opportunities to accomplish business, financial, or property goals. You might even earn extra points for a job well done at work! If unemployed, re-examine or rewrite your resume to up your game. There's no harm in getting in touch with a former boss or colleague for a quick update about positions in their company—just in case something has changed in lately. In general, you tend to think with your wallet now. Since finances—income, expenses, and investments are all featured this month, you may have to purchase an expensive item (e.g., car, cell phone, television, roof, or surgical procedure.) A family get-together at the end of the week could bring up serious issues. If considering getting married, it’s very likely that you will proceed—if you can work out concerns about money. For those in unhappy relationships, this week gives you a chance to talk things through—making a decision soon one way or the other. DO: Go over your budget, and initiate that savings plan now. DON’T: Worry if unemployed—this period is definitely in your favor, even though this week could feel slow. KEY: Hard work and a conscious decision to do whatever it takes to succeed will bring results.


Personal Year 7             A Year of Inner Changes; Quiet Development; Desire for Knowledge; Time Spent in Research; Desire for Slower Pace; Recovery from Illness; Possible Periods of Solitude

Personal Month 9           Potentially difficult week with sensitive people; time to handle problems philosophically; possible cause for sadness; emotions are up and down; turn to friends or spiritual sources for support

INSIGHTS. Don't be surprised if you find it somewhat hard to focus now this week. In some ways, you experience this period as a bit strange and unsettled. Your gut tells you that a change is in the air. If anxiety is an issue, seek out professional help or a wise friend. Every morning say to the Universe, “Today I want to meet good people.” You may be amazed at how this shifts your experience. Achieving small goals now keeps you in the present, where you can feel relief, satisfaction, and inner peace. The next few weeks could force things to a head for some of you (especially, if there are areas of life or certain people that you have outgrown). If unrest has long been brewing, you could make a decision to let go and move on. If still committed to your path (or person) look for a way to clear the air with an honest talk. However, avoid the dramatic sentence, “We need to talk,” if at all possible! What sounds better to you? Job-seekers: If nothing much seems to be going on—relax. You might as well decide to step back for awhile, and let things flow. Some of you may be communicating with an important person who lives at a distance from you—in which case, misunderstanding might grow out of little things. Because some things are coming to an end now, be prepared for repairs or needed upgrades. DO: Get out and exercise (if it's not a flood or blizzard) rather than giving into a low mood. DON’T: Worry about things over which you have no control. Instead, draw up a list of what you want to attract into your life. Look at it a few times this week, and then put it away in a drawer. KEY: Realizing that you are in the right place for this time of your life.

Personal Year 8            A Year to Make Headway Toward Goals; Periods of Hard Work; Possible Financial Challenges; Good Results Over Time; Sense of Taking Command of Your Life; Tendency to Over-work

Personal Month 1          A month for making possibly hard decisions; finances tend to improve through a raise or personal achievement; potential to start new project, move, or change jobs

DYNAMIC. This week you could very well get a strong sense that things are going your way. If you have been staying on track with priorities, you have definitely set up a more empowered position this week. Deep down you know what you want and are willing to make it happen. Many under this vibration will feel a sense of revving up to take a new direction, even though you aren't sure what to do. This week you might find it easier to make a decision, or come up with a better option. If facing career, legal or property decisions, you should come out ahead. At work (or looking for work), it's possible that an obstacle will be removed. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, or to offer a new suggestion on an old process. Job-seekers: It's time to let your abilities shine out to others now. Relationships may take a new turn this week; singles may meet someone interesting through work connections. DO: Be on the lookout for new information in your field that can set you apart. An excellent time to publish, perform, or move. DON’T: Let fear or self-doubt cloud your mind. KEY: Find a more effective method for dealing with a nagging issue.

Personal Year 9             A Period of Gratitude for Many Things You Accomplished in the Last 9 Years; Urge to Give Back; Understanding of Past Issues; Good Fortune; Saying Goodbye to Someone; Forgiveness; Love, Good Fortune; Retirement; Starting Over

Personal Month 2           Relationships tend to require support and reassurance now; emotions could be sensitive or dramatic; take a gentle, kind approach; someone may disappoint you; feelings of love are up and down; potential for ending a relationship or falling in love all over again (with a former love)

CHAIN OF EVENTS. Since you may be involved with lots of different people or scenarios, you could be doing a lot of explaining or hand-holding this week. Feelings tend to be fragile. This month seems to highlight your people skills, bringing out empathy, compassion, and—in some cases—tough love. After all the dust settles this week, you have a right to some time to yourself. For some, a decision about a relationship or association may tend to preoccupy your thinking. What's bothering you is that you aren’t quite sure about the intentions of the other person. Instead of fretting over doubts and the projections of your fears, get busy with something you enjoy. Change your routine on one or two days; finish a task you've been putting off. Job-seekers: If the weather or your inner ruminations are getting you down, make an effort to do a little something special for someone—a neighbor, a child, a co-worker. Some of you might need to take your cat to the vet, organize your sweaters, or water those drooping houseplants. If you haven’t talked to your mother in awhile, surprise her with a call. It’s a time to be kind to yourself and others. DO: Read the label on that box of cookies before eating the first one! Diet is in the details. DON’T: Overlook important details or be late to appointments. There’s no point in self-regret on things like past decisions (why didn’t I buy/sell those stocks!) KEY: Feel grateful for what you have in this moment.