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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
August 31 through September 6, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                    A Year Beginning a New Direction, Interest, or Phase; Potential for Opportunities and Beginning a New Project; Need for Open-mind, Experimenting, Courage, Don't be Afraid of Mistakes—Action, Decision, Optimism

Personal Month (September) 1 Opportunity to move, upgrade, start over, explore, excel, become more independent, let your talents shine

COMMAND. As August closes out on Monday, you might begin to feel a shift—a sense that you have some choices to make. It's likely that recent events have strengthened a desire for something new or different. It suddenly hits home that you are indeed at the beginning of a new 9-year cycle. Think about what you have achieved so far, and be proud of how you handled the ups and downs of the last nine year. Now, it's time to loosen up and let new energy come in. Become aware of any areas of your career or home life that are asking for attention. Is there something you have been putting off for the right time? Even though life seems to go on as usual, notice where you might be making a transition this month. Perhaps you will find it easier to take a new step or become a little more adventurous. Job seekers can expect to get interviews or the job you want—NOW. September is a time for self-awareness and decisions coming from your heart. This is no time for being a doormat in a relationship, even though you want things to become or remain harmonious. You may realize something that does not allow you to sugarcoat reality anymore. For those in a happy relationship this month is an excellent time for proposing marriage or moving in together. In general, you feel more confident and alive and ready to see more of the world. If a clear image about the future comes to you, take it seriously. Write it down. Even if some aspect is challenging, recognize that it's time for a change. AVOID: Procrastinating or blaming others. FOCUS: This is your time to shed past regrets and be the person you want to be.

Personal Year 2                         This is a Year to Nourish Yourself with Beauty and Friendship; Patience and Analysis are Important, although Don't Confuse that with Procrastination; Love, Family, Special Moments

Personal Month (September) 2    This month, whether you want to or not, you will be dealing with or reacting to relationships; your desire for harmony may make you a little more agreeable or accepting than is usual for you; while you may have many outside demands, you crave downtime to pursue personal interests; despite demanding personalities, there is usually no need to rush around

OBSERVATION. If circumstances seem to slow you down a bit this week, enjoy doing something creative or relaxing. Despite moments of possibly feeling low energy, it's likely that you and your work attract favorable attention in the next few weeks. You sense a certain support from the universe as people are likely to provide just the right information or support. A close relationship may be struggling, however, so be tactful. Job seekers play a waiting game for awhile. If the pace of job hunting seems intolerably slow, consider taking a lesser position on the ladder if something becomes available. A sideways strategy may be brilliant! Learning or getting training brings success. If in love, a comment or an event could start you thinking about the future—one way or the other. Could be tying the knot, starting a family, or getting fertilization treatments. If single, this is a good week for pursuing your favorite interests, stopping for coffee unexpectedly, or attending a bookstore lecture. Take care of yourself by getting enough rest and reducing stress (make one small change—you know which one.) AVOID: Dwelling on past hurts. It IS over, isn’t it? FOCUS: Self-nurturing. You deserve it. Do something you haven’t done in a while.

Personal Year 3                        General Sense of Optimism; Unusual Creative Development; Interesting Possibilities; Birth of Something (or Someone) New; Desire to Network, Socialize, Travel, be More Spontaneous

Personal Month (September) 3   Busy period with a little more social life; may not be working regular routine; desire for fun, recreation, and time for hobbies; new activities, moves, chance encounters

CHILDHOOD DREAMS. This week may have you thinking about an unfinished part of your life that suddenly seems important to look at or develop. A realization or event could stimulate your thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life. A general feeling of optimism has you communicating more urgently with friends, or looking into travel itineraries. A project or plan could be changing with some new players. For some, a recent event could pave the way for a new way of making a living or living in another place. Conversations with like-minded people spark ideas. This relatively carefree month suggests you that you could be on vacation (or not working). Business trips or short getaways are encouraging. Job seekers are likely to get a great lead from a friend or encouraging news when least expected. This first week of your THREE month could bring a positive shift in your romantic life. Singles—this is a great week for fun, relaxation, and even joy. Couples—start thinking about babies. With the highly energetic THREE vibration in your life, you have extra ability to visualize what you want and attract it. The key is to connect with an inner sense of joy as you visualize a goal. This emotional vibration will shake up the universe to help you attract a match for that vibration. AVOID: Doom and gloom thinking. Instead repeat to yourself frequently, “Anything is possible.” FOCUS: Talk about what interests you; write; sell; design or give presentations

Personal Year 4                                     Need to Get Real; Plan For the Future; Streamline; Manage Time More Efficiently; Excellent for Business, Marriage, and Building Ideas into Form

Personal Month (September) 4               A practical month of application and progress if consistent efforts are made; time to streamline, organize, implement, firm up deals; take care of physical issues

FORWARD MOTION. While your life may not look a hundred percent the way you want it, you do know that you have some ability to make it better. FOUR makes it clear what you need to do. While some may regard FOUR as a bit restrictive or boring, actually this is the time when you can connect with the actual progress you are seeking. Since you are squarely in the frequency of a FOUR Personal Year and a FOUR Personal Month, it may just be easier to accomplish a major goal. Generally, you have the ability to take a step-by-step approach over the next few weeks—so if you are trying to lose weight or get stronger, put in the effort. Help yourself clear the way by seeing where you need a little better organization. Since you work so hard, find ways to hold on to that money, and spend only on essentials this month. September tends to highlight exactly whatever is not working or what needs attention. While outside pressures may increase, notice the burst of satisfaction that occurs after you finish a task that you have been resisting. Since this is a time for putting down roots, job seekers may very well get a job now, although there may be a slight “fly in the ointment.” If you feel you are compromising or taking a step down, don’t let that worry you. It’s fine to go back to the basics.  In relationship, your thoughts tend to be on the future. You may want to settle down—or do something different. Plans, decisions, and realistic considerations are on your mind. Long-term partners could be in the midst of remodeling—the house or the relationship. Singles tend to throw themselves into work rather than face the rejection of the dating ordeal. In general, it's time to step up and take charge of your life, but don’t be stubborn! AVOID: Living in a fantasy world, but don’t be grim about life, either! FOCUS: Get your life on track in diet, exercise, and spending/saving.


Personal Year 5                                    This Year Many Things Can Change; Be Flexible; Look Into New Opportunities as One May Lead to a New Direction; Time for Redefining Goals; Feelings of Restlessness May Prompt a New You

Personal Month (September) 5               Increased activity; potential for unexpected news; chance to rebuild or break out of a pattern; possible conflicts in relationships; desire for change, travel, and new activities

FRESH START. If you have been struggling on a project, stop and think about what is not working. Often we tend to keep doing more and more of what is not working. In a FIVE Personal Year and FIVE Personal month, you are a powerful magnet for change. Notice what shows up this month—a sudden realization, a chance encounter, a surprise invitation. Pay attention to what you hear or overhear. New information and ideas give you food for thought. If working, you may have to take a short business trip this month. Job seekers are excited by new possibilities; however, you may have to emphasize different strengths or qualities to get the job you want. Change your resume so it works for you. A romance could be going in a whole new direction, especially if you haven't known each other long. Since FIVE can encourage bluntness, remember to be tactful when bringing up sensitive subjects in your urge to be brutally honest. Sex could be very hot (or cold) now. Singles, this whole month is about experiencing the wild side. Go ahead. Join the Internet matchmaking thing. You need to branch out. In general, it's time to throw off the old and update your look; get out of your rut. AVOID: Being rigid or short-tempered with a loved one. FOCUS: Spontaneity.

Personal Year 6                          A Time of Increasing Responsibility; Desire for Clarity and Security; Love and Family Matters are on Your Mind; May be Counseling, Teaching, Going to School; May be Concerned about Improving Health

Personal Month (September) 6      A month that encourages you to do the right thing; care of family and the home; creating a more comfortable environment; generosity to others; tendency to defer personal plans for the benefit of others; potential for move of home, marriage or divorce

RESOLUTION. Since your SIX Personal Year and SIX Person Month are now bringing more pressure on you, interactions and negotiations with clients, customers, co-workers, or family and friends increases. Suddenly you seem to be needed on several fronts. Your nurturing qualities or expertise are in demand. Events in September will force you to look at the potential consequences of your choices. Are you working hard to pay the rent? Are you teaching, leading a group, or implementing a new service or program? In your SIX vibration, you are likely to become more aware of the need to follow the rules. You may work out a system to become more efficient. Job seekers are very likely to be called in for interviews or training this month. Opportunities could arise in teaching, the military, government, or any kind of service work. If looking for work, don’t forget to talk to family members who may know of something. The SIX is often a month for falling in love, engagements, weddings, or births. You may want to take someone home to the family. Life is good. Are you single? Then re-do your bedroom to get better Feng-shui energy. You may meet someone at a wedding or other family event. In general, you find more for which to be grateful. Think about small ways you can be kind or helpful to someone. AVOID: Feeling like a martyr about something to which you agreed. Do what you can, but save time for yourself, too. FOCUS: Good sense, kindness, comfort.

Personal Year 7                          A Year for Pursuing Meaning, Learning, Spirituality; Interest in Psychology, Technology, Research, Writing, Composing, Esoteric Subjects; Enjoyment of Solitude; May Have Moments of Sadness or Feeling Lost; Expect an Increase in Intuitive Guidance

Personal Month (September) 7    Desire for simplicity; may find the right book on your shelf; desire for time to reflect, pause, and rest; some may discover something important or life-changing

FAITH. It's time to listen to that still, small voice and trust that you are on the right track despite any outer turmoil or confusion. During this somewhat unusual period, you may be picking up a strong hunch about a problem or setback. Since no one seems to want to talk about it outright, keep a low profile and let things proceed at their own pace. This week (and month) is a very good time for research, writing proposals, or gathering forces to present an idea to someone. Job seekers need to research the Internet in unlikely places. You never know what you will find, but things unfold slowly for a good reason. The rule this month: take nothing at face value. While it's not unlikely some will be experiencing feelings of loneliness now, those who enjoy solitude will find this month refreshing. If on vacation (highly likely), take along that novel. If staying home, find time for reading in the bath tub, gardening, watching reruns, or sorting out old photo albums. Some of you may find a draw to sitting quietly and meditating, or going to a spiritual place. Singles may be taking a dating-break, or getting to know someone who is older and wiser and slightly mysterious. In general this week kicks off a period of soul-searching—which this entire SEVEN Personal Year has to offer. AVOID: Allowing yourself to ruminate excessively over the past. FOCUS: A little kindness to yourself is the best way to go.

Personal Year 8                             A Year of Potential Achievement; Events Require You to Take Charge of Your Life; May Have Encounters with the Law or Authorities; Possible Financial Loss or Gain; Negotiations and Business Deals; Buying or Selling Property; Graduation, Marriage, or Divorce; Success

Personal Month (September) 8         Need for financial clarity; issues with contracts, leases, neighbors, accident recovery, surgery, or buying and selling expensive items; need for good judgment and second-opinions

LOGICAL. Your powerful EIGHT vibration this year and month could likely bring important matters to a head. You must make decisions based on experience and good data—rather than emotions. It's likely that you may need to tackle finances, legal matters, property contracts, or make tough business decisions. The coming weeks bring you face to face with your social or material position in life. Watching someone else move ahead could make you think about your own goals and future. Despite the pressures accompanying this period, you have every reason to expect favorable outcomes. Business success, investments, or major sales follow your hard work of the previous few months. Since this period highlights power or power struggles, don't be surprised if contract negotiations or litigation need to be handled. Job seekers are now in a strong position to land the right position. For couples, decisions involving money could arise. Couples might also be in the process of looking for or buying a house. Lovers—how about a diamond ring? Just FYI, a wedding now tends to be a big one! (Power struggles with relatives could also flare up.) Singles, spend a little money on an event that could bring great reward. How about a cruise? It may sound a bit corny, but this time of your EIGHT vibration requires you to get your act together. In what way, you ask? If needed, start sorting out money issues you may have been too discouraged to confront. For example, decide to out of debt by taking a step-by-step approach (rather than indulging in miracle-thinking). Or, perhaps it's time to get serious about your health and fitness. No need for draconian measures—just go for a walk. Think of what wise investment you could make in yourself. Living more economically? Going back to school? Joining a gym with yoga classes? AVOID: Brushing problems under the carpet. Take a pro-active approach. FOCUS: On recognizing and using your strengths and pursuing your goals.

Personal Year 9                                A Transition Time Helping You to Resolve any Past Unfinished Issues of the Last Nine Years (or Longer); Opportunities to Reach Out to Those in Need; Deaire to Seek Out Higher Learning, Artistic Expression; Humanitarian Interests; Travel; More Philosophical Attitude; Urge to Let Go of An Old Identity or Belief

Personal Month (September) 9          A period of change, completions, saying goodbye to someone, possible travel, move, romantic intensity, loss, rejuvenation, joy

COUNTDOWN. September (for you) brings a double dose of powerful NINE energy, which has the potential to blow apart the status quo. While not everyone will experience major upheavals, you may find your emotional life to be up and down. Joyful, sad, discouraged, happy, or blissful. After this clearing energy of NINE, October might find you in a completely different place or mind set. Be prepared for a bit of a roller coaster ride, even starting this week. Since NINE gives and takes equally, what looks at first like a loss could be the beginning of a new direction or personal growth. During your NINE, you may at times feel confused or insecure, but deep down you sense light at the end of the tunnel. If working, you might find an increase in contacts with a wider range of customers, foreign visitors, or people from the past. For some this could be a month bringing business travel. Job seekers may have a final interview. You may find that a job requires travel or commuting to another area. If an offer falls through, don't get discouraged. October is actually a much better month for starting something new. Your NINE energy lets you see the bigger picture when petty annoyances have you grinding your teeth. In relationships, try to accept and understand that the other person is doing the best he or she can at the moment. On the other hand, if you're relationship is truly at the breaking point, this week or month could give you the chance to move out or move on. Singles, play the field, but avoid long-term commitments for awhile until you get to know a person better. In general, it is absolutely time to clear your space, de-clutter, and simplify. If holding a grudge play with the feeling of just letting it all go. AVOID: A doom and gloom attitude. FOCUS: If feeling down for any reason, find a way to make one small thing around you a little better than you found it. If feeling deeply depressed or disturbed, reach out to someone who can get you the help you need.