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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
July 21 through July 27, 2014


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2014 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 15 = 1 + 5= 6 Personal Year in 2014

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1                 A Year to Find New Directions or New Focus; Might Move or Change Fields of Activity

Personal Month 8               A period of power issues; increased effort and productivity; large financial decisions; successful outcomes; be logical and businesslike

REALIZE. One way or another, this week could impact your life and career in a dramatic way. The real topic this month is power: standing your ground with others, or taking control of a situation. Your past efforts could bring a raise or promotion. Economic pressures may bring a policy with which you may not agree; look for a silver lining. This period could require having a firm grasp of financial details, facts, and strategies. You may need to represent your community, department, sort out employee difficulties, or review your assets. Go for that extra training or certification. Make everything legal and tidy. If looking for work expect to hear about a great opportunity soon. A desire to have more control over your life could put you closer to making an important personal decision. Romantically, last week’s light-hearted mood may have changed to something a little more serious. Perhaps you are writing marriage pre-nuptial agreements, signing divorce papers, buying a house together, or setting up your will. Putting yourself on the line makes you feel more like a grown-up! If single and looking, you are likely working too hard to take time off. A business associate might introduce you to someone from out of town. AVOID: Spending money on non-essentials. FOCUS: Practicality, creativity, investment, and planning..


Personal Year 2               A Year to Strengthen Relationships and Networks

Personal Month 9             Feels like a transition time; emotions tend to be up and down; concerns for older people; desire to give back, forgive, let go

RESPOND. Recent events could bring on an unforeseen need to adapt or make changes. At the very least, it’s time to finish a project, organize your living space, and do what you can to resolve a stressful problem. If feeling stuck, ask yourself, Am I asking the right questions? While you may be going over and over old ground, it's important to think more in terms of the big picture. What do you really want?You can handle whatever comes if you listen to your intuition and stay grounded, day by day. If seeking work, you may have to fill out another application to replace the one that got lost in the mail. Next month brings a chance to start a new job, follow a new direction, or make a move. A relationship could be on hold. You are more likely now to be a bit lonely, especially if not with the right person. If you are waiting for someone to call, the delay has nothing to do with you. If married, you may have to go the extra mile for your partner—and you’ll be glad you did. In general, notice any limiting thoughts that start with, “I never…” “I’m not good at…” Employ kindness to yourself and others. AVOID: Pushing yourself. FOCUS: Surrender. Do what is right in front of you.



Personal Year 3            A Year to Increase Self-expression and Enjoyment of Life

Personal Month 1          Time to make a decision; change routine; take a new approach; be assertive; update your look

GO FOR IT. This might be one of your best weeks all year. That playful mood of last week shifts to optimistic application, as you get involved with a new project. This is an excellent time for showing what you can do! For job seekers this is the week of great good luck. If you have experience and skill at something, why not investigate starting a side-line? Who knows? Romantically, you tend to be in a happy mood now, especially if someone is going along with your suggestion. This week a new association could have positive long-range consequences! It's been awhile since you felt so clear about who you are and what you want. Weddings or engagements—yours or friends-- are likely. If you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, don’t forget to take time to communicate clearly about spending habits, handling debt reduction, or lifestyle expectations. Notice where your curiosity draws you this week. There is a message in what attracts your attention. If you’ve been procrastinating on anything, this would be a great week to take that first step. Long-range success depends on what you do in the next few days. AVOID: Procrastinating on what you know could advance your position. FOCUS: Think about the positive aspects of your situation. Enjoy a new activity or place.

Personal Year 4               Build a Foundation for Prosperity; Practice What You Believe In; Consistency; Self-discipline

Personal Month 2            Use patience; take the extra step to show you care in relationships; solve a problem by asking better questions rather than getting stuck in faulty assumptions

CARRY ON. A fairly steady week, even a bit dull. Use this period to organize files, desk, and office space. Don’t be surprised by delays or obstacles. You may have to make a small sacrifice in order to get something you value. Energy flow should pick up next week, especially if you take steps to clear away unfinished business and handle details. It helps to de-clutter your environment, rather than just shoving stuff into a corner. Create some space in your life! Do whatever is practical now; even small efforts will pay off later. Job-seekers could be offered lucrative temp work or something having to do with numbers. Romantically, this tends to be a fairly stable period. However, couples with long-buried issues may be feeling frustrated. If so, go out for coffee and talk things through. You are likely to find that, despite arguments, the love is still there. If considering engagement or a wedding, go for it; however, take a prudent approach to the wedding plans. If single and looking, group activities (anything to do with gardening, hiking, or art galleries) offer fun. In general, practice patience. A time to create harmony within yourself by recognizing that you are in exactly the right place at this moment. Find time now and then toward the end of the day for quietly enjoying the stillness. AVOID: Feeling sorry for yourself or making excuses. FOCUS: De-cluttering your environment. Simplify.

Personal Year 5           A Year to Adapt to New Conditions; Be Curious about All Things; Explore New Things; Change Your Mind About a Limitation

Personal Month 3         Unexpected excitement; good fortune; improvements in social life; possible moments of jealousy; changes for the better; travel; gifts; joy with children or romance

SAIL. Good times! This week is likely to have some humorous high points. If working or at a celebration, you may be asked to give an impromptu speech, and you will be surprised at how well you do with little preparation time. This upbeat influence is an excellent time for those in sales, artistic endeavors, advertising, or performing. Job seekers may have a short-term job that leads to something else. Friends may bring you good luck. Flirtation could be in the air, especially if there is someone on your mind this week. Just thinking about this person makes you stand up a little straighter. Enjoy visualizing romance—remember what you focus on expands! For example, this is a great week for those wanting to expand their family! In general, you have many reasons for happiness. Take a casual, relaxed, and spontaneous approach in all things. Upgrade something that will make your life a little easier. AVOID: Over-using your credit card on an impulsive purchase. FOCUS: Relaxation and enjoyment.

Personal Year 6                 A Year Bringing Responsibility, Security, Family Issues

Personal Month 4               A situation requires patience, effort, or self-discipline, with good results in the end; you might help someone with a problem; getting organized feels great

TIGHT. Your desire to break out of a situation could be limited by circumstances beyond your control this week. Being practical and following through are your keys to success now. Suddenly, everyone wants you to do something for them, so be sure to prioritize and avoid getting overwhelmed! Deadlines, project changes, and delays make your life a little bit more pressured this week, but brings much satisfaction. You seem to handle things brilliantly. If having any trouble, just focus on each task as it comes up. Job seekers should find some work this week—if only temporary or without benefits--but it could pay the bills for now. In love and romance, practicality is your keynote. During this period, you are likely to be more focused on work and finances than on love. Dating may seem like too much work! However, this could be an excellent time for a wedding if you’ve been engaged for a while. Love and “plans” seem to go together this week. If someone tends to be withdrawn or stubborn, let them know you are willing to listen, and avoid trying to convince them of anything. In general, this week calls for commitment and steady perseverance. Be philosophical about circumstances outside your control. Time will bring changes anyway. Relatives may need your attention. AVOID: Becoming stubborn or impatient. FOCUS: Keep your mind on your ideal, even if doubtful it will happen!

Personal Year 7            A Year to Find Time for Reflection, Rest, and Rejuvenation

Personal Month 5          A feeling of uncertainty; volatile conditions; urge to get away from something or someone; urge for travel; change of plans; new ideas or opportunities; nothing settled

SURPRISES. This period seems to bring mixed messages. At times, you might feel as if you are going in two different directions. On the one hand, you’re craving something new. On the other, you know in your heart that you can’t really drop what you are doing to go off on a tangent. Or can you? Maybe it's best just to let things develop. Give yourself a break this weekend even for a few hours. If job seeking, temporary work could keep you busy until next month, when your influence is more settled. Romance also is likely to bring mixed messages. Because another person may not be saying what they really mean, you could end up feeling confused. You may not want to put the energy into a relationship right now, and prefer to lose yourself in the tube or computer. Generally, not the best week to marry or make long-range plans in the love department. But a fling? Oh, go ahead. In general be curious, explore, but take a wait-and-see attitude on everything. AVOID: Over-reacting to comments from those you care about. FOCUS: Stay alert for a chance message that is exactly what you need to gain insight into a problem.

Personal Year 8             A Powerful Year; Be Business-like and Do What You Say You Want to Do; Be Firm With People Who May Not Have Your Well-being At Heart; Research Before Making Business Commitments

Personal Month 6           Emphasis on family ties; buying a business; getting married or expanding home and family; education; investments

FIDELITY. This tends to be an energizing, but tiring, week that brings out your best qualities. Pressures or expectations are building, but you know exactly how to handle the situation in the next few weeks. You might be the one to help settle disputes with customers or among team members. This week could bring an advance or promotion. Those who are looking for work are likely to hear from a big company or a family-owned business. A good week for steady progress. You may get an extension on your benefits. Romance kindles commitment. Your thoughts may be turning to getting married, moving in with someone, or starting a family. If single and looking, find a seminar, book discussion, or outdoor group activity. You may have to spend a little money to start the ball rolling. Church or synagogue programs also could offer something interesting this week. You may be upgrading your home or office, or helping a relative through a hard time. It’s a week to express gratitude for what is in your life. AVOID: Putting off a family obligation. FOCUS: Domestic responsibilities and organization.

Personal Year 9           A Year for Completing the 9-Year Cyle

Personal Month 7         A feeling of pulling back; wanting to take it easy; desire to understand something; natural desire for contemplation and rest; ability to listen to your intuition; meditation or retreat

INTROVERSION. Insights tend to come in the middle of the night or when you are just puttering around. If working, you might surprise yourself (and others) with how you handle an issue. The mastery you have gained over the last several years becomes apparent when an unexpected problem or issue arises. It’s important now to inwardly recognize your level of maturity, understanding, and expertise. Those who are looking for work may be a bit discouraged this week—the old saying “It’s always darkest before the dawn” couldn’t be more true. However, your life takes a big turn in a few days or weeks. An event could prompt a deeper insight into your partner (if you have one.) If married, surprise your spouse with a special treat. Uncertainties about your loved one’s intent may lead to an important discussion. It’s still not a good time to make big decisions with long-term consequences. If single and looking, enjoy your solitude and freedom this week. In general, this is an excellent time to step back and nourish yourself this week. Can you spend some time alone without feeling lonely? A long walk near water has rejuvenating effects on the weekend. AVOID: Imagining the worst. FOCUS: Spiritual reflection.