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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
August 25 through August 31, 2014


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2014 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 15 = 1 + 5= 6 Personal Year in 2014

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                     New Directions; Going to a New Level or Phase; Increased Self-acceptance, Confidence, Personal Advancement

Personal Month 9                   An emotional period bringing the past into focus; time to forgive and forget; celebrations, goodbyes, sorrow or joy; unexpected gifts

IMAGINE. Some aspect of your situation is changing or phasing out. Your interests may be changing, but something tells you this is a time of transition. If working, a project or phase is coming to a close. Despite many good things going on in your life, at times you find yourself considering options. Decisions may soon be necessary. If unclear this week, wait until you have more information or a growing sense of the best direction. If job searching, you might be in for a dramatic announcement. A new situation is likely to begin in a few days or weeks. Relationship-wise, this period might be an emotional roller coaster--a hot week of passion, or a big meltdown. You feel like giving the other person another chance, but wonder if will it make a difference. Maybe it’s best not to make long-term decisions right now until you have more clarity. Go with the flow. This mood may make a long trip seem very desirable! If you can't go far away, at least try to get a change of scene this weekend. You haven't felt so restless in a long time. AVOID: Making permanent decisions without relevant information. FOCUS: What focus? Things are up and down and sideways. Hang in there.



Personal Year 2                Develop a Wider Range of Associations; Improve Your Social Life or Get More Involved in a Relationship; May Have Desire for a Business Partnership

Personal Month 1             This month brings opportunities that require you to stretch a little; you may be making a partnership decision; your ego may be boosted this month; strong desire to move ahead, but may be impeded by someone else's schedule.

SPARKLE. Personally, you may feel like celebrating by the end of this week, although others may not feel the same way. Since your charisma tends to be higher now, your efforts are likely to be noted. Most importantly, you feel more confident about your worth. Job seekers now have one of the best chances this year for finding the perfect situation. Generally, this month brings a sense of a new beginning somewhere in your life. Since you are in a relationship-focused year, you may find that a long-term relationship shifts or goes to another level (up or down.) Single people might bump into a very interesting person, who makes the heart go pitter-patter. Otherwise, you could be in one of those moods where you are very happy being alone, thank you very much. Freedom allows you to take explore new things or take advantage of some very good opportunities. Last week’s clarity or optimism might have evaporated if conditions have changed. Try to keep a light and flexible attitude. Remember, each day is a new day. AVOID: Making a decision until your ducks are in a row. FOCUS: Integrity and diplomacy.



Personal Year 3              A Year Bringing Opportunities; Increased Insight and Creativity; Many Moments of Enjoying Life; Communication, Marketing, Sales, Outreach, Children and Youth

Personal Month 2            Relationships take time and require sensitivity and tact; patience while waiting for news; a possible setback or detour could end with satisfying results

EXCELLENCE. Events this week could challenge your equilibrium. You could experience a major stall or obstacle that requires you to rethink if your goal is all that important. (If it is, a way will be found through the brick wall.) This is the time to make sure you keep in contact with good people. If working, meetings and business-related travel are likely to be on the agenda this week. For various reasons, you tend to find relationships somewhat taxing or frustrating. However, stay alert as someone may pass along interesting buzz about new developments. A co-worker may confide in you or require a supportive ear. In that case, be a good listener; rather than offering instant advice, quietly ask them what they think they should do. (They will think you are brilliant!) Job seekers are likely to be waiting on two or more offers. This week you may be a bit too busy to respond properly to your mate. Singles, it’s a good time to get out there. At least get yourself to the gym or yoga class. Generally, your intuition is working overtime as people seem to be saying one thing, but meaning another. AVOID: Over-analyzing or taking things too personally (or getting jealous.). Let it go. FOCUS: Freedom balanced with closeness.



Personal Year 4              Tendency Not to Rock the Boat; Desire for Clarity and Stability; Need to Know What the Future Holds; Plans Firm and Results are Satisfying; Hard Work, Perseverance, Commitment

Personal Month 3            A month to take a break; need for relaxation, fun, and less routine; may be inspired to be creative, playful, spend time with friends, celebrations

BRAVADO. Challenges this week will ease if you step up and act like you know what you are doing! A stress or pressure may be easing, although you are probably not any less busy! If you can retain your sense of humor, some things just hit you as funny now. If working, some aspect could seem like a bit like a circus this week—like watching the clowns roll out of the little tiny car. Unbelievable. A lot of the time this week and rest of the month, your heart is not in work or routine. Hopefully, you can take a bit of time off or start a vacation next week. Otherwise, you are likely to find yourself tapping your fingers during slow periods, wondering if this is all there is to life. Job seekers may not see much real action right now, but life keeps moving along in the right direction. Romantically, new romances are likely to be in the idealistic phase now. Couples find time to smooch, go to the beach, or talk about the future. This week is all about communicating and enjoying life. Consider carefully what you want to communicate before emailing or texting. Photos or recordings could cause upsets. Use gentleness to soften a message. AVOID: Extravagance or being in denial about your situation. FOCUS: Take a new look at your daily routine. What would you like to change?


Personal Year 5              Change and Diversification Brings Long-lasting Benefits; A Year to Explore, Experiment, and See What's Out There; Get Fit

Personal Month 4            A period of stability, steady progress; work, routine, and perseverance pays off in the end; settle debts, pay bills; get organized

REFORM. You’ve been working awfully hard (or worrying), and soon it will be time for a break. However, you know for sure that you aren't likely to get one now! If working, find a time to clear your desk and get everything in order (think of creating a space for new things to come in.) With determination to take things in a step-by-step manner, the next few weeks will bring a definite shift for the good. A new opportunity might unexpectedly appear (probably in line with something you've been thinking about in the back of your mind). It could be very close to what you’ve been looking for. Job seekers are likely to hear about a job lead in an unexpected way. However, the income may be less than you are looking for. If part of a couple, you realize how much you value the person you are with, even though they sometimes drive you wild. You might imagine walking away now and then, but is that what you really want? Singles, make a second or third date with someone who may have more potential than you first thought. If time and money allow, it might serve you well to take a short trip, but be practical about expenses. AVOID: Being rigid about your ideas or short-tempered with a loved one. FOCUS: Common sense with flexibility.


Personal Year 6              General Feelings of Security and Comfort are Blessings; Care of Others Takes Precedence over Personal Considerations: Marriage, Home, and Family Issues Arise; Prosperity

Personal Month 5             This month tends to bring changes, questions, and the desire to experiment; need to quiet the mind, let go of trying to win arguments, and become more physically fit

UPGRADE. If working, your department, shop, or work place may have recently undergone some changes. In some part of your life, you could be a little frustrated because your plans keep getting delayed or undermined. Things outside your control tend to keep you feeling restless and searching for a new direction. If you have changes to make, try to take some action this week, as you enter a more conservative phase next month. Job seekers may get a call out of the blue that has potential. Temporary or part-time work may be offered. Some may be thinking of becoming a free-lancer. A busy schedule could keep you from spending quality time with your loved ones. Be careful what you say now—hasty words could bring regret or the need to mend fences. Both couples and singles enjoy getting together for physical activities such as dancing lessons (salsa?), hiking, swimming, or gardening in a community garden. It's time to be a little bold. How about making two different dates for the weekend? Casual and spontaneous work best. Stay centered amidst any upheavals this week. The best course could be to step back and observe. If you have the time and energy, explore new interests or make some positive changes in your life. AVOID: Saying yes to more commitments if you are already feeling out of balance. Less is better now. You probably have enough on your plate. FOCUS: Stay flexible and calm.


Personal Year 7                   Go Within for Answers; Listen to Your Intuition; Enjoy a Slower Pace; Learn Something New; Take Time off from Routine as Often as Possible

Personal Month 6                 You face more responsibilities this month; you may have to make a compromise you are not entirely sure you want to make; feelings of gratitude, tension or joy with family members; chance to teach or counsel; potential for worry or anxiety

NEST. Anxiety or uncertainty could have you heading to your bed to pull the covers over your head. For some reason, this week could have some overwhelming aspects. For example, you may be in conflict with someone you want to please, or you could be over-worked and tired. If work presents any conflicts, there’s probably not much you can do about it, short of commiserating with co-workers. You'll feel better when you concentrate on accomplishing one or two things you can actually do something about. Perform your duties, keep quiet, and don’t dwell on your losses. If somebody wants you to do a little extra, be pleasant but clear about what you can and cannot deliver. Job seekers may be getting training or talking to human resources this week. Parents or old friends may be calling to check up on you if you have been hiding out or unavailable. Partners and family members need extra attention now. As this time encourages serious commitments, a wedding—yours or a good friend’s--could be on the agenda for the weekend. Some couples may be planning for next year. If someone becomes critical stay calm and let them talk it out. Eventually, it’s likely that they will see your point of view. Be gracious. AVOID: Escalating an argument. Stay cool and calm. FOCUS: A little kindness to yourself makes up for other things.



Personal Year 8              A Year to Work Hard; Potential for Achievement, Financial Advancement, and Increased Personal Power—or an Executive Position or Scholarship

Personal Month 7            A period of slower pace; need for solitude, reflection; a discovery having to do with finances; taking another approach to a problem; distance from a loved one; questions about someone's motive


TRUTH. This week your intuition is remarkable accurate. You may know who is calling you before you pick up the phone. Some may uncover a secret hidden until now. Some may get a troublesome diagnosis about health. If working, surprise announcements or new information may be shaking things up. Cover your bases whenever sticking out your neck in public. Before speaking in meetings, make sure you have all the facts in hand. Don’t leave things to chance, but, ironically, chance may propel you forward! Your work may be questioned, so double-check everything. It’s a crazy week for those looking for work. Keep your sense of humor. You’re THIS close to getting something you can live with. Romantically, truth be told, you’d just as soon be left alone this week. Yes, you are restless. Yes, you need something to lift your spirits. AVOID: Making a decision until your “gut” sorts it all out. FOCUS: A spiritual approach (i.e., looking for the silver lining or hidden purpose) works well, but don’t get too serious. This too shall pass is a good thought to hold.



Personal Year 9              A Year to Complete a Lesson; A Feeling of Transition; Understanding the Past; Willingness to Forgive and Forget; Mourning; Release; Happiness; a Philosophical Attitude

Personal Month 8            Need to stand on one's ground; review of legal matters; settlements, inheritances, and money spent for health or education; buying or selling property; desire to make a will; fulfilling a promise; joy

NEGOTIATION. The key to what you ultimate want—security and peace of mind-- continues to be balancing income and expenses. If working, this is a great week for career advances; however you may not be altogether sure you want more responsibility or prominence. Some may be up for a promotion or working hard to satisfy or attract clients. It's possible that you must spend money or travel in order to strengthen your business or job. Because your 9 Personal Year is a big transition phase, it’s possible that the next few weeks will bring a tremendous change in your work life or lifestyle. Job seekers are re-writing resumes and feeling positive about some leads. If in a relationship, money issues continue to be a topic of discussion. A long cruise to Greece--or a trip to a barbeque restaurant--might settle everything! Singles who are looking for a like-minded soul could be surprised by meeting someone compatible at a business function. In general, finances are improving, but require commonsense and good management. It’s time to get serious about your investments and start paying off any debts. Make a realistic goal. Small steps work best. AVOID: Over-working and exhausting yourself. FOCUS: Determination; business-like attitude; strive for completion and success.