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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
June 20 through June 26, 2016


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2016:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2016.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2016 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 17 = 1 + 7= 8 Personal Year in 2016

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1              Beginning a New Nine-year Cycle; Potential to Move in New Directions or Explore a New Focus; New Relationships; Feelings of Confidence; Promotions; Upgrades; Leadership; Courage to Confront Challenges

Personal Month 7             A period to slow down, reflect, review goals; streamline your life; get your house in order; discovery of what really sparks joy; increased understanding of a puzzling issue; time to trust your intuition; may feel alone at times or on the side-lines

ROADBLOCKS. Don't worry if some things seem to be stalled. Life is giving you a bit of a breather to regroup. It all comes right in the end. A financial or practical matter—or even a health issue—could have you turning to an expert (get information through the Internet, but a true diagnosis needs a professional). Your buttons may be pushed right now, and you may be trying too hard. No need to force anything. Some could be packing for a trip next week, or taking care of a million details so you can lock the door and leave with peace of mind. You could be updating your living space or refining a project. Job-seekers may decide to re-write their resume, which allows for new options! Follow your heart and you will be on the right track. Spend time with someone special now and remember the good old days (or not). Some may be able to spend more time in nature this week, or replant the garden. With this vibration of search and solve, you could be looking for a new place to live, the right city to move to, or researching other personal needs. If confused, step back and see if you can read between the lines with someone who seems to be holding back. Believe them when they say they aren't ready. AVOID: Letting yourself be affected by those who tend to be negative. FOCUS: Optimism. Write; develop; imagine; meditate; play.

Personal Year 2             A Year to Deepen and Develop Relationships and Networks; A Social Time in Your Life; Desire for Love; Love Troubles; Finding that Slower is Better; More Interest in Art, Beauty, Peace-making

Personal month 8           A hard-working period of steady productivity; time to be firm, business-like, prudent, and take charge of a situation; love and money issues; make sure to understand contracts

PRESSURES. Remember, diamonds are formed under pressure. Your calendar this week might have some heavy-duty items to accomplish, but look at the positive possible outcomes. It's a week to do your best, look your best, and stay on the good side of those you need to be on the good side of. You may have to handle a deadline or extra responsibility, and you are able to handle it with amazing ease. A situation may be building up to a final resolution, but you can't seem to get over the last hump of details. If so, be patient, because time is on your side. This year you must learn patience as well as tactful negotiation! This practical week may have you thinking of whether to replace or repair an expensive item. Job seekers could soon be getting the go-ahead signal on a surprisingly good job offer. Love is on your mind, but do you have time for it this month? If you are serious about someone, your internal clock says it’s time to bring up the subject of THE FUTURE. If you really want marriage, don’t settle for anything less. On the other hand, if your partner is not fully engaged with you, you are better off reading the handwriting on the wall. If single, you’re happy to have the time to get things done with no distractions. With this month's Eight focused on material matters or work, an office romance or personal friendship could develop. Generally, your ability to focus and work hard are much increased now, so expect good results at the end of the day. Detours or problems may eventually be seen as contributing to a stronger result. AVOID: Trying to convince others—show them with facts and figures. FOCUS: Business-like approach; common-sense financial decisions

Personal Year 3                 A Year to Say What You Mean; Enjoy Life and Small Pleasures; Increase in Good Connections; Creative Surges; Powerful Synchronicities Move You into Place; Birthing Something New

Personal Month 9               A period of letting go; desire to complete a phase; potential for deep feelings such as sorrow, sadness, profound relief, joy; focus on tolerance, compassion, unconditional love, and understanding; a philosophical attitude is best

PAYING OFF. Your dedication and hard work may finally bring something to a conclusion now. It’s possible that a project comes to a successful completion soon. For some, this could be the week you retire. Others may be putting switching jobs or changing residence. Others may be getting a new bundle of joy. Still others could be receiving an inheritance or financial help. Job seekers are very close to starting work or an internship. News is already on the way. On the romantic front, someone from the past (possibly a past work connection) may call out of the blue. Since your vibration favors getting things out on the table, lovers may be prone to take positions this week and not back down. Is it worth it just to be right? Can you forgive and move on? Single people may meet someone who is older, serious, or foreign-born. Generally, this period has a feeling of “the world is my oyster.” For example, you may be debating about whether to make a deposit on that trip to Costa Rica. Or, you could be whittling down a student loan and feeling much relief. Others could be investing or saving for a dream project. If spirits are high and commons-sense low, re-commit to trimming non-essentials and stick to your plan. Better yet have a yard sale or sell stuff on eBay. AVOID: Becoming gloomy or over-eating. FOCUS: Live and let live.

Personal Year 4               A Year for Putting Ideas into Practice; Build for a Worry-free Financial Future; Desire to Put Down Roots; Buy, Sell, Invest, Build; Increase in Family Commitments

Personal month 1             Actions speak louder than words; good time to take charge of a situation

GET REAL. This week your thinking is much more practical and clear-headed. It could be an excellent time to clear away the muddle, make a decision, and take Step One towards a goal. If facing several options, make a date with a friend who knows how to listen—and who is positive. Ask your friend to be a sounding board. To zero in on your ideal job, home situation, or ideal life, take piece of paper and divide it into left and right. Start by making a list on the left-hand side of ten things you now you DON'T want. On the right-hand side take each item and re-write clearly what you DO want for that item. Soon you will have a list of quite specific goals. Look at each one. Which item gives you the most joy just thinking about it? That's the one to turn into an affirmation. For example, if looking for a new place to live, you could say to yourself throughout the day, “I love the idea of living in a light-filled, quiet space.” You set the agenda, and turn your list “over to the Universe.” Notice what emerges this week and the next few days. What message do you pick up​? Things may happen more quickly, once you set your internal guidance system to what you want. Job seekers could be starting a new job this week or next. If prospects seem limited, make an alternate (temporary) plan. Check out jobs in other areas. A new romance, engagement, or marriage could likely appear now. Single people are very social and enjoy their freedom. You also long to be in nature. Go camping, garden, or walk in the park with someone special. You suddenly feel like the architect of your own life. You have clarity, confidence, and courage—a winning combination. Affirm that you will see results soon. AVOID: Buyer’s remorse or regret for past decisions. Instead, thank whatever thing that didn't turn out right for teaching you what is right. FOCUS: Solve a problem in the simplest way. Recycle; discard that which no longer brings you joy (hey, I didn't mean your teen-age child!)

Personal Year 5             A Year Bringing the Need to Make Adjustments; Unexpected Events; Desire for Release and Freedom; Restlessness May Lead to Exploring New Vistas; Uncertainty is Natural as Things are Unfolding

Personal month 2            A quiet period of letting things simmer; patience and kindness to self and others; a personal relationship could be undergoing changes; issues with your mother


LISTEN. This week could have you making some difficult choices, or you could be just plain feeling stuck. Generally, you need to let things evolve now, rather than forcing anything. Haste could bring a costly mistake, so pay attention when driving, walking, and making transitions from one place to another. If looking to make a change, keep doing research to get more info. Details, diagnoses, or delays could be frustrating or worrisome, but keep an open mind. Things may be better than you thought. It's time to trust that everything is working out just as it should. Job-seekers may be the number two person on the list, but the first candidate may have a better offer—voila! You are in the money now. If in a relationship, discussions now are likely to be about money, methods or procedures (how to cook the fish, the best way to handle the kids, or whether you can really afford that trip you want.) Be flexible for now. Kissing works wonders. Spend a day discarding clothes that no longer fit your lifestyle or view of yourself. Free up space in your life. This helps attract positive change into your life, too. Take somebody to lunch or a ferry ride (if you live near water!) AVOID: Getting lost in irrelevant details and making busy work for yourself. Life's too short to get into arguments that solve nothing. FOCUS: Bend a little. Be sensitive to what others are asking.

Personal Year 6               A Year for Accepting Responsibility; Good Progress by Year's End; Highlights Love, Marriage, Family, Finances, Beauty, Music, Gardening; Could be Time to Take Better Care of Yourself

Personal month 3             A time to express your wild side—or at least relax, hang out, and dwell on social media; birth of creativity; parties, vacations, beauty procedures

CREATIVE SOLUTION. Instead of going about things the old, routine way, try for something out-of-the-box. How? Take a friend to lunch and ask them to bring their thinking cap, as you would like to run some things by them. Take a book of wisdom with you. Try putting out your question, and then open the book and select a random passage or one word. How does it apply to your question? Talking, imagining, and encouraging each other steps up the energy during this window of opportunity. You may be surprised at what happens later to each of you. Since this time calls for good communication, optimism, and creativity, find a way to show appreciation, especially to those who might have been getting on your nerves lately. When discussing something, make a point of using their words to repeat back to them what you have heard them say. Don't make a big deal of it, but they will feel you are speaking their language. Notice if you feel any shift of energy (for the better, of course). For some, extra expenses for basic needs could have you reworking your finances. Superiors may pass down new rules, expectations, or quotas. Job-seekers may meet an encouraging person who provides a tip. If in a relationship, be open-minded and playful. Be upbeat and let your sunny side show through. Some people could get pregnant soon---or now. Generally, this is a wonderful week for smelling the roses—or receiving some. Weddings, celebrations, births, and anniversaries may bring travel. AVOID: Over-reacting or beating yourself up for something you said—or didn't say. FOCUS: Be spontaneous but don't break the bank.

Personal Year 7          A Year for More Quiet Reflection, Rest, Rejuvenation, and Release of What No Longer Fits; A Turn Toward Spiritual Interests; Inwardly Focused; Good for Writing or Developing an Interest

Personal Month 4         A month highlighting practical matters; could bring repairs; desire to improve health; desire to get your house in order; may be worried about finances or someone else; practice meditating a few minutes each day before bed

IMPASSE. A conflict of opinion could be creating concern about how to best proceed. If working, you may have an increased workload, or many things to sort out. This period could bring a realization and tough decisions, especially about money and where to spend it. While you may be fed up with a situation as it stands, you may have to bear with it for a little while more. Practically, it may not make sense to rock the boat just yet. Instead, keep reaching for peace of mind. Wherever possible, release things you no longer need. This creates space for something new to come in. Job-seekers need to do their follow-up work. Remember to spend a few minutes visualizing walking in the door of a new job! After a heated debate or impulsive action on the part of someone, you may be in no mood to make compromises, as you feel you are in the right. While it's fine to be clear and firm, angry stubbornness is not going to make things better. Instead, you may choose just to walk away right now, and keep a low profile. Engaged people may be struggling over finances or differing opinions. This is a good time to lay everything out on the table about what you expect. Since this period brings a natural desire for tranquility, singles may feel that looking for love is a little too much effort this week. That’s okay. Another day! Generally, imagine that everything is flowing as it should, and that you are creating stability for yourself. Be patient. AVOID: Becoming discouraged. Everything has a purpose even though you don’t like it (or see it right now.) FOCUS: Practicality plus follow-through equals positive results in about a week’s time.

Personal Year 8             A Year When You Realize Results; a Time of Continued Effort Towards a Cherished Goal; Graduation, Progress, Fulfillment, Increases of Material Well-being; Solving a Problem, Building for the Future; Meeting Contractual Obligations; Payments

Personal Month 5            An uncertain or volatile period; changing circumstances bring a need to adapt; questions; new opportunities; politics


ASSISTANCE. While you are working hard to stay on top of things this week, you could find that past efforts or connections are now paying off. Someone could come to your aid this week at just the right moment. An interesting position or project may become available. However, during this practically-oriented Eight year, every decision seems to have a financial aspect to consider. Someone may not be stepping up to the plate as much as you need. For some, business travel may be needed to unravel a problem. Others may have to deal with damage to a vehicle. Finances tend to come and go quickly right now! However, your ability is stronger now to deal with changes or try something new. Job-seekers are likely to get a call out of the blue. Power struggles could arise this week in many guises. For example, you may be trying to come to terms over how to spend your vacation, where to place your child in school next year, or whether it makes sense to move. Single? Why? It’s not a bad time to get out there and make a date if you want to create a new relationship. Generally, you feel fairly upbeat and resourceful this week—as long as you get some physical exercise and don’t overeat at the company picnic. AVOID: Telling everyone you are confused. Instead, think of yourself as exploring options.FOCUS: Adventurous attitude and no complaining.

Personal Year 9            A Major Year of Transition; End of a Nine-year Cycle; Release, Complete, retire; Move On; Potential for Changing Emotions; Sadness; Joy; Travel; Good Fortune, Inheritance

Personal Month 6           A period of increased responsibility; take time to enjoy the good things you have in life; spend time with older people in your family; travel to visit relatives


APPRECIATION. This tends to be a hard-working week, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you did a good job. If working, you may be filling in for an absent co-worker. You could be home more this week, or have to deal with repairs or service people. A good week to get married if you have been together for enough time to work out the kinks. Job seekers--think seriously about volunteering where you have experience or interest, even for a few weeks. You could learn something useful or important. You may meet someone special. In general, this month and week highlights family-oriented events, such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, and reunions. It also favors finding satisfaction with long-term friendships or family relations, being introduced to a new person, or just generally feeling happy and engaged with life. Some may be motivated to join a group with like values—Weight Watchers, yoga, or a book club. If suffering from a nagging worry or health symptom, make an appointment with your doctor or other professional. AVOID: Worrying over things out of your control. If exhausted, take a breather this weekend. Have or attend a cook-out or baseball game. You deserve a change of scene. FOCUS: Gratitude.