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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
October 20 through October 26, 2014


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2014 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 15 = 1 + 5= 6 Personal Year in 2014

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1                Your New Cycle is Developing Strength

Personal Month 2               Enjoy or create new relationships; time for diplomatic and tactful approaches; no rush or hurry; attention to the fine points

APPRECIATION. While something seems to be just on the horizon, the details of everyday life keep you pre-occupied. You have a strong feeling that something is going to arrive in October. Actually next month is a good time to take a little break or short trip. At the moment there is probably no great need to rush around or push too hard. If employed, work either tends to slow down for the next few weeks or give you many details to handle. You or others tend to be more sensitive now. Keep hasty or critical comments to yourself. This month and week shows the need for strengthening relationships. You might be considering hooking up with someone on a new venture. If so, take time to discuss expectations. Outline how and when you will communicate progress. You'll do best if you each have an area of expertise that is complementary to the other. Instead of making a hard and fast or long-term commitment, a trial period gives you time to work out issues. Give yourself time to work out glitches and learn how each person handles stress and details. Because of the magnetic energy connected with a TWO Personal Month, things tend to come to you without forcing anything. Also, a woman now could be a mentor or helpful to you. If looking for work, investigate jobs such as customer relations, benefits analysis, massage or personal training (if you already have a strong exercise practice.) This month calls for patience as you search for what really resonates with your soul. Remember—you are making decisions now that could affect the next nine years! Romance or low-key flirtations are both possibilities now. You may meet someone while traveling, visiting a museum, bookstore, or sports event.. It's possible that you could change your attitude about someone. For singles, this could be an interesting week. In fact, a friend reveal deeper feelings. Use that big smile and watch what happens! At gatherings, be friendly and helpful. If misunderstandings occur, avoid trying to read too much between the lines. If feeling tired or a little sensitive now, do something special for yourself. FOCUS: Take it one step at a time Enjoy what you have. Rake the leaves if you have a yard!

Personal Year 2            A Year-long Emphasis on Relationships, Caring, Communication, Tolerance, and Patience, May Feel Overlooked at Times

Personal Month 3           May have more free time or social life; stay positive; synchronicity; good fortune; finding something you lost

PLEASURE. Social interactions, talk about potential projects, and interesting meetings tend to increase. If working, you may receive encouraging news. A celebration in the office or shop could lighten up some previous tensions. In general you tend to feel more optimistic and enjoy interactions with congenial people. Despite a few stops and starts, you notice that things seem to flow effortlessly this week—especially when you keep a sense of humor and don't fight delays. For certain people, October brings vacation or business travel. New ideas may change what you were thinking last month. With lucky THREE in your Personal Month, you might even discover forgotten money! In some cases, the THREE Personal Month could bring a lay-off—increasing free time, but requiring you to become more creative in how you are going to proceed. However, if you are looking for work, this could be an unexpectedly lucky time. Convey confidence with good, open, and enthusiastic body language. Romantically, this perios makes you feel a little more in the mood. Go ahead; fall in love with your partner all over again. You’re allowed! Couples could have an easy time getting pregnant now. Social life, dinner parties, and children bring great pleasure. Singles--throw a party, host a simple dinner—or, at the very least, have a movie night at your house with popcorn and beer. Be optimistic even if you are not starry-eyed with love yet. Enjoy the limelight and share good times with friends. Avoid being careless with details or missing appointments. Above all keep a steady rein on expenditures. FOCUS: Self-expression, travel, new plans, optimism.


Personal Year 3            A Year for Making Improvements and Feeling Happy; May Achieve a Long-desired Goal; Desire for Stimulation and Travel

Personal Month 4          A month requiring practical, prudent decisions; do comparison shopping before buying; may decide to remodel or redecorate; desire to express your personality

CLEAR. While your THREE Personal Year energies your imagination, this month it's important to focus on what's in front of you. Use common-sense and don't over-estimate results. Staying organized is key to peace of mind. Last month’s optimism may fade slightly as reality sets in. However, if setbacks occur, take a positive attitude. Be encouraging to others. Even if employed, you may be considering starting your own business or making a career change. You might hear about a job possibility in a new type of business. If between jobs, consider an area that is up and coming (something to do with a franchise—sure you could even flip hamburgers for a short stint to get through this period.) If looking for work, review any company you interview for. However, don’t let get-rich-quick schemes dazzle your good sense. Couples could be starting a family, or thinking about how to buy a house. A practical solution to an old issue has you in good spirits. If single, how about adopting a dog? This is one fantastic way to effortlessly meet new people on your daily dog walks. Hey, doing whatever is fun for you will make you more attractive. Your FOUR Personal Month demonstrates the importance of paying attention (don't text while walking, or run any red lights.) Avoid listening to the doom and gloom from associates, and try to keep any misery-sharing to under five minutes. Be practical and seek to increase security—but think creatively! Don’t let anxiety over-ride happiness. FOCUS: Tackle a chore you've been putting off. You'll feel fantastic afterward. Remember, October may bring a hint of some things you will be doing next year.


Personal Year 4             A Year to Get Results Through Hard Work and Perseverance; It's Unwise to Cut Corners; May be Having To Train or Practice

Personal Month 5           New developments could change your plans; someone's stubbornness could be irritating; natural time to step outside your comfort zone temporarily

ADVANCES. October continues to foster feelings of uncertainty or restlessness. Impending news could affect your schedule, income, or work place. Be prepared for anything this week. If a flight is delayed, your child has to stay home from school, or your boss gets fired, adjust and go with the flow. Changes could give you a chance to tie up loose ends. If out of sorts, try getting home a little earlier so you can go for a walk or run; if possible, explore new interests or talk with a friend about new possibilities. Changing circumstances may bring someone new into your life this week. Don't be shy. Opening a conversation could bring unexpected and helpful information. If asking for a raise, be specific about why you deserve it. Job seekers do best to stay active and social. Avoid overreacting to someone’s thoughtless comments. If you feel a bit at odds with your partner, ask them what they’d like to do for fun right now. Seek common pleasures. There’s no need to assassinate their character in an attempt to make them wrong. If things are strained, how about making the first move to make up? Singles, this could be a good time sign up for a group trip somewhere—there may not be romance on board, but you will raise your energy to an attractive level and automatically get more enjoyment out of life. FOCUS: Change, action, new directions, and taking advantage of your freedom.

Personal Year 5               A Year to Develop a New Outlook; Stop Struggling; Go with the Flow; Look for Adventure; Re-vitalize Yourself

Personal Month 6            This month brings a feeling of love, commitment, and desire to care and support someone; may have health concerns; children and parents are especially present in your life

FAVORS. Chances are you have been ultra busy this year, as your FIVE Personal Year increases your contact with people, places, and things. If working, you already be wearing more than one hat. Now they want to give you another one. Is there someone to whom you can rightly off-load some of this work—especially those items which feel like “been there, done that”? You have a dangerous tendency now to think, “Oh, it’s just easier if I go ahead and do it myself,” which can bring out your inner martyr. For some, work relationships could sometimes feel like old family dynamics. Maybe your boss seems to be a bit like your Dad or Mom. Flow with changes as they come in, because, you know what? Next week, it’s going to change again anyway. If looking for work, look to a family business that needs help. Commitment brings joys and duties. It’s a tug-of-war between what you want to do, and what you must do. If single, you may be interested in someone, but they may not be ready yet to move in your direction. If possible, make more time for yourself this week, even it’s a few minutes. With family members, give up the temptation to go back over old ground. Even though you are convinced it’s their fault, check your own attitude. Can you give it up? FOCUS: Changes in marriage, home, or family.


Personal Year 6              A Year to Establish Roots; May Marry, Divorce, Increase or Decrease Family Size; Likely to Feel Secure and Happy

Personal Month 7           Time for more rest and renewing activities; enjoy your solitude; care when moving about; may have a diagnostic procedure; time to take things slower

SUBTLETIES. If you have gone into your man- or woman-cave, you are responding to the inner need for reflection. We do have to recharge now and then! Events earlier this month could have you thinking about a different direction. Since there is likely to be a bit of a slow-down in your life now, don't be surprised by communication snafus or equipment breakdowns. You might find it hard to reach people on the phone; perhaps you are waiting for an order to be delivered. If confused, think about what you really want, and jot it on a piece of paper. Notice what happens during the day or over the rest of the week. What’s the message? If looking for work, it's hard not to begin to feel that life is not fair. Actually, it's just moving slowly while the Universe “sorts out the furniture” (why not assume it's ultimately in your favor?) Look for the silver lining. Optimism keeps the flow coming toward you. No need to swim upstream now. Couples may be temporarily apart. Those who are contemplating an affair with a married person may be tempted more strongly. In your heart, however, you know that you want to take care of yourself. Impending family matters (concerns for parents or children) bring discussions, research, and analysis. You or your partner may be caring for a relative or away on a business trip. Listen to your intuition before making a decision. If exhausted, take restorative yoga class or hot baths. A few times a day, take a break and let your mind wander. Daydreaming increases creativity and productive solutions. FOCUS: Take time to review your work and refine language or numbers.

Personal Year 7          A Time-out Year; Feelings of Things Changing; Desires for More Meaning and Purpose; Willingness to Trust the Universe and Wait to See What Comes

Personal Month 8        A productive period; financial and legal matters take time but conclude well if good judgment and perseverance are used; pressure from outside circumstances

FIRMNESS. Even though your SEVEN Personal Year has had you wondering about the future, you are now likely to experience relief and feel more in charge. Reviewing pros and cons, you might now see your way clear on a financial decision. A deadline may help you gain the strength you need to move forward. You are likely to feel more pressure in the areas of career, investments, health, or productivity. Perhaps your scope of duties has recently expanded. Your presence at work tends to be more prominent, and others tend to look to you for guidance. You realize you have to get up a little earlier, and do your homework. Review finances. Make sure that your paycheck reflects all the money owed you. Go over your financial assets; be business-like and listen to your intuition.. A legal matter could be on hold. It’s important to be confident and business-like when dealing with those in authority. If looking for work, you know it's a waiting game. There is a very good chance you’ll get a call soon. One way or another love turns more serious this month. If someone is feeling over-burdened, sit down with a cup of tea. Find common ground about spending or household chores. Issues bringing strong feelings about money and power could make you realize that you don’t know your partner as well as you thought. Couples who are happily living together may decide to get married in either a big wedding or a business-like civil ceremony. Singles—sign up for a trustworthy Internet service if you want to keep pursuing relationship goals. Since this is a kind of Sabbatical year, you may decide to stop looking and let a soul mate find you. It may happen when you least expect it, and then he or she may not fit your picture at all! FOCUS: Get clear about your financial picture, and commit to steady progress

Personal Year 8            Nearing the End of a Cycle, Increased Efforts with Business-like Approach Brings Results; Learning a Big Lesson; Advancements

Personal Month 9           An emotional situation; thoughts about expanding; letting go of struggle; contacting wealthy people or humanitarian organizations; long-distance travel or associations; health concerns in the family

GOOD FORTUNE. This could have felt like an incredibly stressful year, and you are not done yet! However, this month could finally bring closure OR expansion. I know it's easy for me to say, but my advice is don't lie awake worrying over things that may never come to pass. This month could either bring a change of position or exceed your wildest dreams. If you have outgrown your present situation, you could be laid off. Fortunately, you may have a mentor in the wings who wants to help you. If securely employed, your NINE Personal Year is an excellent time to review investments; you might sell stocks or discover a windfall. The NINE both gives and takes away. When it takes it away, it usually replaces the loss with something greater. At the very lease you have a feeling of deeper spiritual connection. You may come into money. When you help others achieve THEIR goals (even if it as simple as giving up your seat on the subway), you are more likely to find that your own lot improves. If looking for work, think internationally. Next month is better for starting a new job. If involved in a divorce this could be the time when the legal hassles start to be resolved. If thinking of marriage, put it off for a better time—after you’ve had a chance to know your lover in different kinds of situation or under stress. If single, you really might meet a tall, dark, older man or a foreign-born, wealthy, older woman. Enjoy the experience and see what opens up in your heart. Be generous in helping a good cause. Keep noticing that money abounds in the world, AND keep your eye on the facts. Keep a close eye on valuables when traveling. Don't lose the key to your safety deposit box! FOCUS: Stay committed to clearing up financial problems. Take it one step at a time.

Personal Year 9           Coming to the End of Your 9-Year Cycle; Preparing to Move Forward; Possible Loss, Sadness, Depression, or Unforeseen Good Fortune

Personal Month 1          Increasing sense of a new interest, direction, or self-confidence; action; move; starting a new course; choosing to see things in a new light

UPGRADE. Your inner work this year has been to integrate your losses and gains, and come to see the purpose in all that has happened over the last nine years. You may even be surprised that you have a more loving and philosophical attitude after years of feeling at the mercy of a condition. It's possible that you have experienced some fairly heavy emotional situations this year. If you have been prone to mood swings (especially last month), this week could bring an uplift in spirit. You realize you have choices. You could begin to get a glimmer of a new direction. Some may be motivated during this powerful ONE vibration to make a move to another city or job. If working, your self-esteem receives a boost. Travel is likely to produce very good (and unexpected) results. A natural weather event could change your schedule or plan. International contacts or travel can arise for those working in financial or cultural fields. If unemployed, this is one of your most favorable months and week of the year. Make the most of an interview by showing you understand the culture of the company. Dress well. Express enthusiasm and confident body language. Be natural—there’s no benefit to coming across as arrogant, wimpy, or overly-modest. You may have your eye on a new relationship, move, or family change. Make that marriage proposal, or move in together with a shared sense of where you both want to go. However, schedule the wedding for later next year, just to give yourselves time to get to know all the different aspects of each other. This is not the time for procrastination or second-guessing yourself. It’s time to experience life in a new way. Challenges stimulate a new approach. FOCUS: Self-confidence and enthusiasm.