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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
March 2 through March 8, 2015


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2015:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2015.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2015 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 = 1 + 6= 7 Personal Year in 2015

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:


Personal Year 1               New Directions; Get Ready for a New 9-Year Cycle

Personal Month 4            Beginning to see results from something that required self-discipline; desire to get organized; need to rough out a plan

TEST-RUN. During the last few weeks your mind has probably been mulling over new possibilities (or wishing something would become clear.) Now, it's time to put one or two of those ideas into motion. Your FOUR Personal Month requires you to focus and organize. Since it's possible that circumstances may bring a temporary delay, prepare to weather whatever storm arises. If you have been anxious or worried about job, finances, relationship or health, your first priority is to separate fears from reality. Then, try to get some idea of what you really want and need right now. Take time to sit down and write a short description of goals (as if they are already accomplished.) It’s worth taking a few minutes to flesh out details of how you'd like the future to look. Specificity greatly increases your chances to attract good things. If you seem to be working harder than ever—or working hard to find work, try to let minor irritations go. Make peace of mind a priority this week. Relationships require kindness, but be honest and realistic in your communication. Even then you or the other person may become reactive and defensive. Practice listening without criticism or giving advice. DO: Be ready for an important negotiation or change in plan which will affect your future. DON’T: Put off dental work, car repairs, or housekeeping chores. KEY: Listening. The answer you want could be right in front of you, especially if you ask a deeper question than the one you've been asking.

Personal Year 2          Associations and Relationships are Keys to Success

Personal Month 5        Surprise development in relationships; may be meeting like-minded new people; when undecided, stay flexible and curious

OPEN YOUR MIND. During February you might have felt limited by circumstances. Things are now starting to move. This new FIVE personal month is bound to bring change, even if, right now, all you might hear is far-away rumbling! This week, you will feel much better after you clear away unfinished tasks. Leave some room in your calendar toward the end of the week in order to take advantage of something new and interesting. However, don’t take short-cuts that could produce errors. Watch your temper and don’t say more than you need to in order to get your point across. Conflicts tend to come when you are over-tired or hungry, so go easy on your system. Take time to walk outside, eat light and healthy, and get enough rest and sleep. If the news you want to hear is slow in coming, turn attention to small, achievable tasks (like cleaning up your desk or living space.) You might have an unexpected invitation at week’s end. DO: Put time into your appearance so you feel your best this week. DON’T: Let routine keep you from exploring one new thing this week. KEY: Open your mind up to possibilities when it comes to romance.

Personal Year 3               Use Free Time to Explore Things of Interest; Be More Playful and Optimistic

Personal Month 6             Work to improve conditions; enjoy group activities; family or children require attention; need for beautifying; take care of health

CONFIRMATION. If life has been somewhat unsettled in February, someone or something will require you now to focus. You might have to schedule doctor's visits for yourself or a family member (or even a pet). Domestic or family matters could tend to take center stage all month—with an emphasis on interacting with the women in your life, especially this week. For some this will be an excellent period for weddings, pregnancies, and births. Keep in touch with friends and family--call your mom--or attend a birthday party. At work, people may ask for your help with part of their work load. In general, keep an eye on the clock and give yourself extra travel time. If unemployed, a temp service type of job could help tide you over for awhile. DO: Be positive and friendly with everyone. Assume that each person you encounter has some kind of message for you, such as, useful advice, a word of appreciation, a smile, a moment to chat, or a lead for a new opportunity. DON’T: Get distracted by using your cell phone while driving. KEY: Treat someone to lunch even if it’s sharing a homemade peanut butter sandwich.

Personal Year 4           Be Business-like; Plan; Make Timely, Practical Decisions

Personal Month 7         Insights and discoveries could change the situation; look behind the scenes

LISTEN. The last few weeks might have brought many details and demands your way as you were the go-to person. In March your SEVEN Personal Month vibration may make you feel a bit uncertain about something. Take time to step back from the fray. Enjoy this temporary slow-down, and keep your schedule light this month. This week kicks off an excellent period favoring research or planning. You may encounter someone who has interesting information that intrigues you or answers a question. Success in work areas—or anything to do with finances--comes from taking time to be thorough. Since SEVEN brings a desire for rejuvenation, you might want to schedule a physical exam, (especially acupuncture, homeopathy, or emotional counseling). You naturally will have the desire to increase sleep, get back to exercise, or start a cleansing program. DO: Take time to refresh yourself with quiet time, a good book, or snuggling with someone special who understands your moods. DON’T: Let small things worry you, but on the other hand, don’t let your tax preparation lag for next month. KEY: Tune into your intuition or notice recurring themes in your dreams. What’s the message?

Personal Year 5                A Year to Make Adjustments and Handle Changes; Desire for Change and more Flexibility

Personal Month 8              Success and growth depend on flexibility and outreach; changes in financial picture; need for business-like thinking

FACE IT. This is not a year to put on the brakes, but you may have wondered what was going on during the possibly slow times in February. However, you are moving into the fast lane now. Big changes or decisions are likely to enter the picture. Changes or improvements in your career outlook or money could begin to take shape this week. Despite the financial climate, you may be in a stronger position than you thought. Since the demands of work and need to be prudent with finances are taking up a lot of time or energy now, you may have to remember not to neglect the people in your life at home! If job hunting, the month of March tends to be a very good time to find work. DO: Clarify contracts and get things in writing DON’T: Make excuses for anything; what is is. KEY: Confidence and a business-like attitude keeps you on an even keel for the time-being. It’s very important now to look for opportunity (silver lining) in whatever events transpire.

Personal Year 6              Increase in Responsibility; Desire to Put Down Roots

Personal Month 9            Handle problems philosophically; be compassionate; retirement; someone leaves; forgiveness

REVIEW. Last month's emphasis on business or financial decisions could have you wishing for a bit of a vacation right now. However, you are not yet done! The big idea in March is to finish up projects, and get ready to clear your deck for April. For some, this week could be an emotional roller-coaster if you are dealing with what to do about an important relationship. A family matter could needs sensitivity, firmness, and compassion—but don't accept abusive behavior. Since this year has so much to do with the people in your life, you might notice now that your mind keeps going back over past (woulda coulda shoulda). If feeling a little overwhelmed, anxious, or worried about something, be sure to find a good friend or counselor to help you sort out your options. You may not realize it yet, but a major breakthrough about an old problem is entirely likely to change your thinking or your choices. If a loss occurs, a benefit follows. DO: Clear away anything that is half-finished. Be generous in spirit. Be philosophical and look for the deeper purpose behind what's happening. No matter your age, this is a time when you might pause to think about the passage of time and your own mortality. What is it that you really want to do now? Even if you can't do the whole thing, what might be a small step in that direction? DON’T: Get discouraged. Likewise, don't commit to something just because you think you should. KEY: Feel your feelings, but don’t get attached to how things unfold.



Personal Year 7              Time for Inner Development; Research; Slow Pace

Personal Month 1            Go towards new technology; be innovative; make that decision

ACCELERATION. Last month may have had you reviewing the past; alternately in the doldrums and then full of hope. This SEVEN Personal Year is about reflection on what is truly authentic to your nature. Since this month is very likely to bring a new idea or direction, it's okay if you are not quite sure what you really want. Someone may even be trying to talk you into something or out of it! It's possible that you could be facing major changes in your life, especially around the idea of becoming more independent and less willing to stay in a negative situation. In the work area, you might have a new office, expand a project, or be training a new team member. If single, this could be a good week for finding someone who shares your spiritual interests—especially, if you attend an event which you've never been to before. If married, a heart-to-heart conversation clears the air. DO: Be patient and keep your eye on your goals. While you want to move forward in an area, this week could bring a slight slow down or delay. DON’T: Try to force anything. KEY: Confidence and friendliness.

Personal Year 8              Period of Achievement; Desire to Make More Money, Go Back to School, Invest, Buy or Sell Property

Personal Month 2            Relationships and finances are intertwined; possible indecision; something may bring anxiety; sensitivity

GERMINATION. The last few days of February may be speeding by, especially if you have been looking for a new solution to your situation. Don't be hard on yourself if something you wanted is temporarily out of reach. This TWO Personal Month in March tends to bring a slower pace, while events come together. If you have extra time on your hands write down a list of things you would like to change about your life. Then make another list turning those negatives into an ideal situation. Since March tends to increase your interactions with other people, don't be surprised if everyone suddenly wants your advice or a favor—one that you may not be so keen to grant. This week’s influence is favorable for engagements or weddings, or just planning them! Women (mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girl friends) are prominent in your life. DO: Be loving to a spouse, or if single, take time to communicate with friends or potential new love interests. DON’T: Be impatient or take out your frustrations on others. KEY: Work/life balance is a daily choice.

Personal Year 9             A Period of Review, Integration, and Re-commitment; End of a Cycle; Indecision, Relief, Letting Go

Personal Month 3           Relief after a conflict; desire to socialize; optimism; creative pursuits

ENERGY. Your attention may have been focused on a partnership or relationship last month, with not so much time for your own interests. The pace picks up now as you enter a more social period. A sudden impulse makes you feel more upbeat; you may surprise yourself by being more outgoing, spontaneous, or even flirtatious. In some cases, you might be the one falling in love with a person, place, or new idea. While you may have been up and down emotionally this past few weeks, suddenly you start thinking about wanting to make vacation plans, having a party, or getting in touch with your old crowd. It promises to be a delightful week, as long as you keep your attitude positive and communications clear. As in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. For some people, this month could bring a birth or creative new idea that is quite exciting. DO: Spread your joy and good feelings with others. DON’T: Be extravagant with money, but do surprise someone with a thoughtful little gift. KEY: Fun; spending time with younger people; dancing.