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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
December 15 through December 21, 2014


A 1 Personal Year begins a 9-year cycle and a 9 Personal Year completes the major work of that cycle. After your 9 Personal Year, your next year begins again with 1.

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2014:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2014.

For example, if your birthday is November (11th month) 24th, add

Month + Day + 2014 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 15 = 1 + 5= 6 Personal Year in 2014

Find your own Personal Year below and read your weekly forecast for:

Personal Year 1         A Time for Considering New Directions: Start of New 9 Year Cycle in 2015 (starts January)

Personal Month 4       A month requiring prudent spending; get back to basics; increase exercise; send cards on time this year

RE-USE. RECYCLE. If working, it's a busy week for people in customer relations, sales, human resources, and any projects involving construction and planning. You could be assigned to a different department, or asked to report to someone new. For others, there's also lots to do. People want you to pick them up at the airport, help them plan and cook meals, or find deals on eBay. Weekend plans might change slightly if someone is out sick, so be prepared to be flexible. An issue involving integrity and doing the right thing may crop up. Best not to cut corners too much. Job seekers looking for a fresh approach might consider bartering services, which might lead to both short-term and long-term benefits for all involved. DO: Focus on small, necessary accomplishments, such as painting the bedroom or refinishing a piece of furniture. Keep your spirit up and persevere in your goals. It's important now to keep up your health—back to the basics of healthy food, more exercise, and more sleep. DON’T: Increase credit card debt for non-essentials. However, don't put off maintenance, either, such as an oil change for the car or cleaning filters on heaters. If you have been planning to get new tires, do it now, especially if facing bad weather. KEY: Avoid stressful people who talk negatively all the time.


Personal Year 2       A Year When Friends and Relationships Mean Even More; Developing Projects; Look Ahead to your Fair-weather 3 Personal Year (Starts January)

Personal Month 5     A few weeks of uncertainty; conflicts arise and resolve; tempers can flare; decisions to make changes bringing balance; may consider therapy session for next year

MIX IT UP. Shake off the blues by taking yourself somewhere different for the weekend. Make a promise to change your routine a bit. Holidays often bring unsettled feelings. Desires which can not be easily satisfied are addressed with over-indulgence. If working, you might be busier than usual, which helps keep your mind off other things. To take a healthier approach, try waking up early for a few days. Notice how many little things you can get done. Maybe more time for walking or exercising at the gym. Healthy changes in your routine lift your spirit now. If looking for work, consider volunteering—it almost doesn’t matter where as long as you enjoy the activity. Extra points if you do something you have never done before. Spontaneous get-togethers with congenial people are fun and relaxing. Sex tends to be back on your mind and satisfying—even a friendly one-night-stand. DO: Lighten up. DON’T: Let hectic days ruin the holiday spirit. KEY: Go with the flow. Speak honestly.

Personal Year 3      A Year That Has Brought Many Happy Moments; Creative Ventures; More Free Time and Self-Expression; Bring the Things you Love into even more Focus in Your 4 Personal Year, (starts in January)

Personal Month 6     A few weeks to focus on your relationships and family ties; feeling of security and comfort are welcome; more joy and quiet pleasure; little splurges

BEAUTY. See it all around you. In the landscape, your living space, your books, the faces of your family, friends, in the mirror. Beauty calms the soul and uplifts the spirit. See how you can create just a little more comfort for yourself and loved ones this week. Sometimes, it's just a small adjustment you've been wanting to make. It might be time to streamline your commitments. What needs to happen to make your life more balanced? If working, you sense greater camaraderie in your workplace. You may be concerned about a co-worker's personal situation or share your own worries with someone who is a good listener. If looking for work, a friend might be in a position to employ you for a few weeks. This is a very good time to enjoy family gatherings, parties, and gift-giving. However, this is the perfect year to make gifts with your own hands, instead of increasing credit card debt you'll regret next month. For example, instead of buying an item that no one really needs, create a gift certificate for a personal service you are willing to perform. Love, security, warmth and many blessings are in the air for you this week. DO: Appreciate even the things that give you trouble—because they are deepening your character and showing you what’s really important. DON’T: Get upset at small things like traffic and cashier lines. KEY: Take care of yourself despite your busy life. Health and love are the true gifts of the season.


Personal Year 4             A Mid-cycle Year for Planning and Practical Decisions; Your Hard Work Will be the Foundation for Changes in 2015 (starting in January)

Personal Month 7           A few weeks to find stillness; nourish your soul; visit a place with water or waterfalls; read, slow down, enjoy solitude; be mindful when traveling or walking on uneven ground

SOULFUL. This is a month you most likely feel like hunkering down. If working, you may find that things slow down or that you have less to do. However, in some cases your job may require a bit of new learning or re-visiting data to get back up to speed. Do what they pay you for, but don’t over-extend yourself with busy-work or unnecessary busyness just to go along with the crowd. Getting involved in a project could bring results in the coming year if you do your homework now. You might be writing, designing, researching, or reading up on a subject dear to your heart. Since you tend to feel a little more quiet now or focused on your own thing, you may almost wish the holidays were over so you could get back to what you want to do! Single people are likely to feel some loneliness now. Enjoy that feeling and let yourself go deep. On the other hand, it's also likely that you get invited somewhere that you resist going—and wind up meeting a special person. DO: Keep life simple. Enjoy the each moment for whatever it brings. DON’T: Use your time wisely--to learn, create, or just sleep! KEY: Spiritual harmony, practicality, and simplicity.


Personal Year 5              A Mid-cycle Time to Make Adjustments and Changes; Life May Settle Down in Your 6 Personal Year in 2015 (starting in January)

Personal Month 8            A month where you may be challenged; requires a business-like attitude; make tough decisions; unexpected financial improvements; contracts or legal matters

ENGAGE. A swelling motivation to prove somethings gets you going. Despite holiday distractions, you have something you want to accomplish. You may already be seeing improvements in your situation. This period tends to bring about balance in your finances. You win some, you lose some. Given the influence of EIGHT in your life, don’t be surprised by an encounter with an authoritative professional. If working, you may have a last-minute invitation to travel, or be eagerly awaiting the close of a tiring business trip. Real estate deals, moves, marriage concerns, or large purchases could be preoccupying your mind. Job seekers may have several opportunities that may pay off in the future. DO: Reflect on what you could do to make a productive change. With a clear intention, you will attract what you need. Optimism is free—and it greases the path for Law of Attraction. DON’T: Let cranky people upset your peace of mind. KEY: Self-control, faith in your process, and confidence in your abilities—along with a good supply of humor--help you through this somewhat challenging week.


Personal Year 6                   A Year of Growing Commitments; Involvement with Family Business; Conflicts Between Time for Self and Others; Look Forward to More Enlightenment and Me-Time in 2015 in Your 7 Personal Year (starts in January)

Personal Month 9                 A few weeks bringing a desire for humanitarian efforts; receiving gifts or inheritances; completing projects; good news; could be moments like an emotional roller-coaster

PROFIT. You suddenly realize how many things you have to be grateful for. It's a wonderful week of close relationships and joy. If working, you may be coming to the end of a phase. Duties may increase for awhile. You may be in charge of the office party or buying a gift for the boss. Since the time calls for wise decisions, some may decide to move on from a difficult relationship or situation. If you feel in your heart that you are truly done, circumstances bring a way to let go. Don’t be surprised if your path is cleared of obstacles. Your goal now is to hold on to your emotional balance. Find the deeper reasons why things are the way they are. Above all, despite circumstances that you may not have chosen, find joy in your life. That’s a big order, isn’t it! This is a time to accept your stage of life, gain some wisdom, and find happiness in being of service. Job seekers may find leads in the non-profit sector. Over-all, timing for job offers improves in a couple of months (how does January sound?) DO: Reflect on what you find fault with in others. Notice that you either have the same issue within your nature, or that you could use a little bit of that same quality. For example, if you find someone overbearing, it may be that you need to exhibit a little more assertiveness yourself. DON’T: Let cranky people upset your peace of mind. Think: forgiveness. KEY: A philosophical frame of mind. Live and let live (especially with family members.)

Personal Year 7              Time for Inner Development; Research; Slower Pace; Prepare to Re-enter the World with a Bang in 2015 in your 8 Personal Year (starts January)

Personal Month 1            The path suddenly clears; clarity brings new decisions; courage and confidence are needed when in unfamiliar territory; stay in tune with intuition; guidance comes

VISION. Your SEVEN Personal Year has encouraged you to go within. Despite a year of wondering what to do next, recent events could be showing you exactly where the new direction is headed. Your confidence continues to grow this week, especially after making a necessary financial decision. Even this late in the year, you might be starting a new plan or project this week. If looking for work, you will likely have at least one call or interview, which has you feeling optimistic. Romantically, try to plan some quiet time together in nature, even if you only go out for an afternoon on the weekend. You may have to take the lead in your relationship now. DO: Improve your attitude about the future, and enjoy the present moment. DON’T: Get stuck in thinking in absolutes or black and white choices. KEY: Honesty, loyalty, and humor in communication.

Personal Year 8                 A Year Bringing Much Satisfaction, Feelings of Justice Being Done, and Financial Balance; Prepare to Push Ahead to Completion in your 9 Personal Year in 2015 (starts January)

Personal Month 2             Time to enjoy and give more attention to the state of your relationships; female family members may be somewhat more demanding or annoying this month; you are looking for a way to soothe hurt feelings; delay major decisions and commitments until January 2015

BALANCE. This week could have you looking forward to the New Year because, instinctively, you feel some parts of your life are changing and you can’t wait! If you’ve been feeling cranky or low-energy, it’s probably due to being over-tired or over-whelmed after weeks or months of too much worry or pressure. If working, slowdowns and or lay-offs start you thinking about options. Even though you may be frustrated, avoid comparing yourself to those who seem so happy and carefree. We all have moments when we need to slow down and just drift for a short time. DO: Work off your feelings by scrubbing the floor, throwing out old magazines, or taking junk to the dump. DON’T: Allow pessimism or cynicism to overshadow the renewing energy of the season. You’ll soon be surprised to find that things turn out better than you would have thought. In extreme cases, abusive relationships could breakdown; do not accept abuse, and seek professional help. KEY: In normal situations, patience, diplomacy, and kindness bring rewards.

Personal Year 9               A Year for an End of Cycle Review; Preparing to to Move Forward in Your 1 Personal Year in 2015 (starting January)

Personal Month 3             A month bringing joy; celebrations, unexpected gifts, announcements; travel; vacation-time; reunions; love

BOOGIE. This year take your holidays to a new level. Most of the time you will be trying to handle all the details of gift-giving, gatherings, and social obligations. However, despite the general distractions, you find yourself at times thinking deeply about the real purpose of your life. Instinctively, you are preparing for next nine-year cycle. Even though you may be nowhere near where you thought you’d be at this stage of life, it’s important to take time to notice how many good things you have right now. Connecting with others helps put worries on the back burner. Do an unexpected, small favor for someone, or take a friend's child out for a treat. Have fun this week—even if only for a few hours. Sports, games, social gatherings all provide good cheer and a chance to take some much-needed relaxation. You could even discover an unexpected wad of money in a coat pocket! If looking for work, take a bit of a break. It's important to enjoy your freedom while you can. Soon enough you’ll be back at the wheel. DO: Take a short excursion to refresh your spirits. DON’T: Be pessimistic. KEY: Talk to one child and one older person this week and ask each one—“What makes you happy?”