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Weekly Free Numerology Forecast
September 18 through September 24, 2017


Your recurring nine-year cycles always begin with the One Personal Year. You complete the work of the cycle in a Nine Personal Year. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2017:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2017.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2017 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8= 9 Personal Year in 2017

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1         A Year of New Directions or Finding a New Focus; Likely to Make an Important Change or Move; A Time of Innovation, Courage, Exploration; Being In Sync with 2017's One Universal Year Vibration Amplifies Possibilities for New Opportunities and Decisions; Significant Year in Your Life

Personal Month 1        Potential for a great new opportunity; increasing optimism; a sense of something dawning; a new perspective on a situation; a turning point or shift; need for decisions followed by action; feeling stronger about a personal move; becoming more confident in one's abilities; going to a new level (especially with the extra boost of 2017's Universal vibration of One)

SOCIALIZE: This week could bring some one or two interesting new contacts or acquaintances. Ideas that come your way could encourage you to think about making changes. Timing seems better now. If you do take some exploratory action, you start to have more clarity about what is worth pursuing. Depending on your work situation, you could have an upswing in new clients, artistic creativity, product sales, or an opportunity to upgrade your position. Small kindnesses bring unexpected benefits. If starting a new job—which is likely—you have more than one reason to celebrate.

This week gives you a boost in getting your life on track. Dancing, music, art festivals, and marathons could provide interest. Enjoy the present, instead of worrying about the future. Each moment is precious. This is YOUR time. Be committed to maintaining a positive outlook. Do something fun and creative, even if it’s messy and crazy! FOCUS: A personal adventure.

Personal Year 2        A Year Focusing on Relationships of all Kinds; Increased Social Life and Networking; Desire for a Loving Relationship; New Friendships; Possibly Saying Goodbye to a Friend; Issues with a Business Partnership; Events Highlight the Need for Compromise and Negotiation; Be Patient While Things Unfold; Interest in Art, Beauty, Psychology, Spirituality

Personal Month 2        Relationships dominate your thinking now; time to be a little more patient; tactfulness and listening help you gain time to figure out solutions; be cooperative with events; a time when you may try to over-please or need to set better boundaries; may be obsessing about someone; many details and little accomplishment; issues with women or your mother; may be falling in love but not sure it's reciprocated; feeling stifled

BONUSES. This week you could be celebrating something with friends, or involved with sorting out a recent problem. Things generally flow along, with the occasional delay. This is typically not the time to rush anything, so cool your heels. Be cheerful and find a way to work around complainers this week—don’t get drawn into their drama. Last week’s moodiness is gone, and you find plenty of reasons to thank your stars.

You could be gearing up for a new activity or planning for an adventure. How to start the ball rolling? If in a long-term relationship, snuggle up and remember all the reasons you fell in love. It’s time for mutual enjoyment! If single and looking, join a group expedition for the weekend or plan future travel. Continue to balance work with relaxation, and take time to smell the roses while you can. It is important to relax this weekend, and rest your mind by getting some physical activity (although there is a good chance a friend asks for help with something). AVOID: Dwelling on stuff you can do nothing about. FOCUS: Connection. Friendliness and a big smile work better than logic and arguments.

Personal Year 3        A Year Bringing Many Opportunities for Business and Pleasure; Motivated to Express Your Own Ideas or Sell Your Own Creative Products; Social Life Brings Many Enjoyable Moments; Money is Easy-Come-Easy Go; May Fall in Love, Have an Affair, or Bring Home a New Baby; Interest and Success in Sports, Hobbies, Painting, Performing, Writing; May Travel or Retire for a Year

Personal Month 3        A great month for socializing; short trips; enjoying life; imagining new goals; chances to go to a concert, picnic, or street fair; making time to read a novel or meet friends at a cafe; could be juggling many appointments with offspring; could be dating someone who has another love interest; desire to spend money on personal items; desire to look younger and dress better; may win a little money; extravagant purchases

HAPPY TIMES. Yes, you can point out some minor annoyances, but generally this week brings many moments of joy and anticipation about future events. Imagination tends to soar into possibilities. You and family or friends might be hanging out for fun and playing around with ideas about new places to live, what to do for a vacation next year (or the holidays), or how to spend your retirement after the kids leave home. Okay, some of you will be complaining that things are too busy, co-workers are grumpy, and the boss expects a miracle. So what? Look on the bright side. Have you noticed that things tend to work out after you let go of worrying about what you cannot control?

Have you been visualizing yourself in a great situation? If not, spend one minute a day, eyes closed, seeing yourself successfully placed. It works! If in a relationship, communication with your partner is all-important this week, as small things could get misinterpreted if left to fester. Your loved one might be promising something he or she can’t really deliver, but it makes you feel good all the same. This Three vibration can also bring some mischief, as in an unexpected mild flirtation or contact with a former flame. Single and looking? This promises to be a week for fun, relaxation, and even joy. It’s time to start telling the truth to yourself. What do you really want? What are you afraid of? How realistic is your fear? Finding ways to stay happy is way more productive in the long run than worrying about stuff that probably will never happen. FOCUS: Eliminate negative language.

Personal Year 4        A Year Calling for Attention to Practical Matters; Committed to Working for Future Benefits; Decision to Go Back to School; Paying Down a Loan or Building Savings; Finances May be Tight, but Necessities are Covered; Not Likely to Make a Huge Change Just Yet

Personal Month 4        Time for a reality check; obstacles or delays force you to look for a better solution; desire to get organized and clear clutter; may find a lost item; tendency to get locked into a position or situation that you don't really want to deal with; may have repairs or replace an outworn item; purchases of practical items

REBUILD: You've had some dark thoughts for the past few days about all the stuff you are supposed to be doing in life. However, your mood is likely to shift for the better this week. Suddenly you know exactly what you need to do to become better organized. In a surprisingly short amount of time, you get the facts you need, and come up with a rough plan. That's all you need for now to just get the ball rolling. Notice how even a small change in your attitude reduces anxiety. When you relax, obstacles lose their power over you. An ingenious solution could appear during a casual discussion.

Practice relieving stress throughout the day—it could be just a ten-minute walk outside, or changing tasks every hour or so. Business deals are generally productive, except that you might be required to make a compromise that you were hoping to avoid. Your serious Four could prompt discussions with your mate about money, time, and offspring. A realistic appraisal of the situation is better than recriminations that are just character assassinations. If single and looking, you might run into someone interesting at a work-related gathering (especially in association with construction, law, or finances). Find a balance between common sense and a little fun this week. Chill out with a run, walk, swim, gardening, building project, or game of tennis. FOCUS: Make one small improvement in an area of your life. (Wardrobe? Living space? Diet?)

Personal Year 5        A Year of Pivotal Change; Increased Desire for Freedom and Adventure; Feelings of Restlessness with a Tendency to Overdo; Many Irons in the Fire; Conflicts or Unexpected Changes; May Move or Travel; May Have Physical Problems or Become More Mobile After Surgery

Personal Month 5        Very busy, restless, and exciting period; plans fall apart or tend to change direction from one minute to the next; traveling; meeting many new people with a variety of interests; many questions about a course of action; possible short flirtations; more stress; vitality following an illness or surgery; an argument could bring a breakdown or breakup


SYNCHRONICTY. Your Five Year is facilitating necessary changes in your life, and this week you are in the most intense part of your Five Month. It's not unlikely that you could receive an announcement out of the blue this week that changes your situation. You may have already been feeling a shift or hoping for one. Follow up ideas or hunches with some detective work. If you are self-employed, you are likely very busy or making a new marketing effort. If a condition changes—like a job layoff, a break up, or a deal falls through—assume it's for the best. Don’t be surprised by cancellations or rescheduling. You may feel that the Universe is arranging your schedule this week.

Your double Five vibe emphasizes the need to explore new ideas or change your methods. If single and looking, remember that September is about staying active and open-minded. Branch out to expand your search. Avoid spending time on unnecessarily long emails. Keep it short. A little mystery is much more interesting. Flexibility now, rather than stubbornness or having to have your own way, is the best policy. Trust that things are working perfectly. FOCUS: Simplicity; cooperation; curiosity.

Personal Year 6        A Year of Increased Responsibilities and Commitments; A Time Requiring Attention to Family Matters; Job Usually Stable; Possibility of Moving or Leaving Home; Marriage or Divorce; Tendency Not to Rock the Boat; Possible Concern for Your Health or that of a Relative

Personal Month 6        Your living space, domestic situation, or family members may need more attention this month; sense of impending problems; feeling you have to solve everything for everyone; tiredness or health concerns; many tasks to handle efficiently and on time; working with groups; may enjoy concerts, museums, or spiritual gatherings; could be getting married (or divorced) or having a child or sending a child off to college (empty nest feeling)

HANDLING IT ALL. Your Six vibe now brings extra duties this week. Pressures tend to lighten up a bit if you seek the support of someone else, or delegate. A friend or family member who has been somewhat unresponsive lately may suddenly text you to express gratitude for you being in their life. If working you might have a chance to reorganize your space to be a little more appealing. Practice a little more kindness and understanding when dealing with demanding people now, more for your own sake than theirs. Take time to sort and prioritize issues before making a knee-jerk reaction.

You may have a tendency now to over-eat at social gatherings, so be mindful. In general, this week shows you who your real friends. Relationships tend to be strong now, and you could be falling in love, getting engaged, attending a wedding, or giving birth. If single and dating, you might be planning to take your partner home to meet the family. If you have nothing on the horizon, ACT AS IF. Re-do your bedroom to get better Feng-shui to attract love and relationship (get a book from the library that shows you the romance corners in your room). FOCUS: Good sense, kindness, and comfort. Do something to prepare for the coming winter.

Personal Year 7         A Sabbatical Year or Time Out; Desire to Rethink Goals; Possible Enforced Rest; Need for Rejuvenation; Spiritual Interests; Learning Specialized Information; Desire to Write or Research; Traveling Solo; Unusual Events; Psychic Insights and Synchronicity

Personal Month) 7        Strong sense of intuitive knowing; desire for more peace and quiet; enjoying moments of solitude; re-thinking what is really important; getting a diagnosis; healing from illness; traveling to spend time in nature; a time of discovery and reflection; may be editing a creative project; buying new technology

AMAZING INTUITION. A tide in your life is pulling you toward a subconscious realization. Sound too weird? Your Seven vibe this week is turning you quite psychic. You just think of someone, and suddenly there is a call or text. September in general intensifies a desire to look deeper into things that you have been taking for granted. If you are the artist or writer type, you may enjoy a few quiet moments this week of creative endeavor. An unusual coincidence could feel almost like a miracle.

Even though solitude suits your soul at the moment, this can also be a surprisingly good time to meet someone on the same soul path. Soul mates tend to be in your life for a reason—and it’s not all love and kisses. Don't be surprised if there are “difficulties at the beginning,” as Lao Tzu teaches in the I Ching or Book of Changes. You benefit in the long run by making time for reflection, rest, and meditation. FOCUS: Simplicity.

Personal Year 8        A Year for Career Success and Increased Financial Income; Likely to be at the Top of Your Game; Year of Big Financial Decisions or Transactions; May Have Encounters With Authorities, Rules, and Serious Consequences; Decisions Require Logical, Business-like Thinking; Don't Let Emotions Sway Good Judgment; Avoid Over-extending Financially; May Pay Off a Large Debt; Buy or Sell Property

Personal Month 8       Financial matters or decisions; busy with not much time to rest; could be buying or selling property; could be a time for marriage or divorce; questions about an inheritance; potential lawsuits; could lose or gain money; starting a job; potential for career advancement or awards; meeting a higher echelon of people; expensive vacation or wedding; might be buying a vehicle; strong emotions; interactions or negotiations with those in authority

WINS. This week can open some important doors, or just put you in a stronger position. At the very least you feel a return of confidence, and increased commitment to go for the gold. You may have to give a little to get a lot. In your heart of hearts, you know it's time for success (or a comeback). This week or next few days has some of the best influences all year for inspired solutions to old problems. Meet with experts if that helps you feel more confident, and don't settle before you get what you want, or most of what you want. Be cautious about giving or taking out loans. Try to find another approach before borrowing (legal, of course!).

With so much business and work to do, you may not have much time for affection or hanging out with your loved one. Financial arguments may arise with your mate this month. If single you may sign up or pay for a matchmaking function. This is the week to do something to invest in yourself, whether it is to enroll in school, or buy business equipment. However, if someone offers expensive consultations or seminars, be sure they can deliver what you want before you sign any contract. FOCUS: Use good judgment and make business-like decisions; practice self-discipline.

Personal Year 9        A Period of Major Transition; Completion of an Era; Letting Go and Moving On; End of a Nine-Year Focus of Effort; May be Retiring; Finalizing Deals; Tendency for Strong Emotions from Euphoria to Sorrow; May Lose an Older Relative or Receive an Inheritance; May Fall in and Out of Love; Humanitarian or Volunteer Interests; Strong Desire to Travel, Down-size, or Upgrade

Personal Month 9        Feeling that something in your life is ending; closure; completing a big project; wide range of feelings from joy to discouragement; could be falling in love; a revelation changes everything; ability to forgive and move on; situations call for tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and generosity; a time to let go; the Universal One vibration of 2017 could bring the beginning of an important new era or situation

GOOD FORTUNE. While your double Nine vibe is on through September, this week is especially a time of shifting sands. One moment you are joyous. The next, deflated. Don't worry too much. This is a time of heavy transition for you. The past is coming to a very abrupt end now. If working changes involving co-workers could upset your routine or make you uneasy about the future. Try not to over-dramatize things. Travel is a distinct possibility this week or soon. Work could bring conferences requiring long distance travel or meetings with many different types of people. Don't be surprised if a chance comment gets you thinking about retirement.

Lucky you if you this week finds you on vacation or traveling to foreign countries. You could be visiting relatives in distant locations. Nine can bring closure as well as a tantalizing new path over the next few days. You might even have contact with a former flame by the end of the month. Trips down memory lane are part of your unconscious desire to create a story that makes sense in order to integrate all the disparate experiences, and to find the lesson in what happened. Notice if a relationship improves after you have mentally let go of it. FOCUS: Kindness, generosity, and closure.