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November 6 through November 12, 2017


Your recurring nine-year cycles always begin with the One Personal Year. You complete the work of the cycle in a Nine Personal Year. After each Nine Personal Year, you start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2017:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2017.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2017 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8= 9 Personal Year in 2017

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1        A Year of New Directions or Finding a New Focus; Likely to Make an Important Change or Move; A Time of Innovation, Courage, Exploration; Being In Sync with 2017's One Universal Year Vibration Amplifies Possibilities for New Opportunities and Decisions; Significant Year in Your Life

Personal Month 3        Great month for starting over, bouncing back, and taking off; imagination is active; urge to express your creative ideas; you may be birthing a new idea or a new child; lots of socializing or starting to fall in love (or infatuation); urge to have an affair; short trips; feeling of prosperity and vitality; may move to a better location; tendency to overspend or scatter yourself too thin

PRACTICAL EXPENSE. November's optimistic Three vibe tends to bring feelings that life is good (you may have to take a higher view of disquieting news). An issue may come to a head this week, forcing you to put up or you know what. In general your star is on the rise, and your imagination is working overtime. Therefore, you may now feel it's the time to sign a contract or make an outlay of money on something related to work and the future. An unexpected question or concern may prompt you to seek professional advice. Extra energy this week is put to good use. Self-discipline and productivity soars as you suddenly remember those spiritual principles about how a positive attitude magnetizes what you need.

With this super-charged influence now, you may want to take a moment to make list of exactly what you want. Review for 30 seconds once a day for seven days. Then put away the list, expecting good results. FOCUS: Clear the slate. Take a look at what you don't really need anymore (such as negative conversations, out-dated clothes, piles of junk mail) and then let go of nine things this week (more if you are inspired).

Personal Year 2         A Year Focusing on Relationships of all Kinds; Increased Social Life and Networking; Desire for a Loving Relationship; New Friendships; Possibly Saying Goodbye to a Friend; Issues with a Business Partnership; Events Highlight the Need for Compromise and Negotiation; Be Patient While Things Unfold; Interest in Art, Beauty, Psychology, Spirituality

Personal Month 4         A period of relative stability; not ready to make big changes; practical solutions are good for now; may need a small loan from family or adjust the budget; plans are starting to take shape; may be working late; decision to stay where you are

NOURISHING ROOTS. Increased commitments tend to add to your already full plate. It's even more important to review plans, find a way to become more efficient and meet deadlines punctually. If working, you are grateful for the paycheck, even though you may feel this is not your true purpose. In general this week requires you to be proactive, productive, and punctual. Organize data and be ready to state your case clearly and succinctly.

Loving relationships help you get through some challenges. You may be the one delivering some chicken soup to a friend. Couples must work in sync now to handle extra responsibilities and domestic issues. In general, this week helps you see where you need to take steps toward progress and solid results. Select one or two things you intend to complete this week—and write them in your diary. Next week set another goal. Believe it or not, energy will soar as you check off your completed items. FOCUS: Remember: intention attracts opportunities. Right action sows meaningful outcomes.

Personal Year 3        A Year Bringing Many Opportunities for Business and Pleasure; Motivated to Express Your Own Ideas or Sell Your Own Creative Products; Social Life Brings Many Enjoyable Moments; Money is Easy-Come-Easy Go; May Fall in Love, Have an Affair, or Bring Home a New Baby; Interest and Success in Sports, Hobbies, Painting, Performing, Writing; May Travel or Retire for a Year

Personal Month 5        Period of transition, volatility, and indecision; up one day, down the next; desire to break out of restrictions; an opportunity is tantalizing; much activity, but solid results may not materialize; stay active, but don't get over-stressed

KICK IT UP A NOTCH. November's uncertain Five vibe tends to make you wonder what's next, even though you have plenty on your plate as it is. You tend to be restless now, thinking of the future, worrying about things that probably are not likely to happen. As this whole Five month suggests making needed changes, this week may bring new light on an old problem. Look for a slightly radical solution to clear away obstacles.

It's likely that extra-loving encounters with your mate are on the calendar this week and month—if you aren’t too tired at the end of the day! For some, a love or friendship triangle could bring concern. If you and your partner are anxious about how to tighten the belt to make your money stretch, you might want to have a family meeting and include older children, to let them know how they can help. Free up some time and energy by temporarily letting go of non-essentials. If you are among those who are using this Three and Five vibe for a vacation—have fun! FOCUS: Making changes that are within your power to make. Avoid getting into the same old arguments.

Personal Year 4        A Year Calling for Attention to Practical Matters; Committed to Working for Future Benefits; Decision to Go Back to School; Paying Down a Loan or Building Savings; Finances May be Tight, but Necessities are Covered; Not Likely to Make a Huge Change Just Yet

Personal Month 6        Many things to deal with; family decisions; building or repair projects; a new health diagnosis; may or may not travel to see relatives for the holidays depending on your finances; issues with your children or their schooling; not much room to make big changes right now

ENJOY THE MOMENT. The practical vibe of your Four year may have been a little bit hard on you, requiring commonsense decisions and follow-through. This Six month tends to highlight your progress and satisfying results. This week is kind of more of the same—you know, show up, pay attention, and put your effort into the tried and true—rather than make impetuous decisions that are not well-grounded. Yes, you may be a little worried about money. However, it's likely that your situation is sounder than you thought due to the practical measures you have been following. Your ingenuity and sense of responsibility is high now. This week could put a little extra cash in your pocket if you are smart (bring your lunch from home, if working).

If any issues are keeping you awake at night, they are likely to be about how to help someone you care about (your partner, children, grand children, or older parent). Try to sort out what you can actually do, if anything. This may not be up to you to solve. Keep an open mind (and open heart) about unexpected blessings. You may be a bit more affected by upsetting news, or overwhelmed by sadness. These are moments when you feel a deep connection to the human condition, but it's also important to keep your spirit strong. Domestic decisions or health care issues may be front and center now. Holiday planning could be stressful, so don’t get too tied up in knots over what others want. FOCUS: Commitment, perseverance, and finding connections that nourish you.

Personal Year 5        A Year of Pivotal Change; Increased Desire for Freedom and Adventure; Feelings of Restlessness with a Tendency to Overdo; Many Irons in the Fire; Conflicts or Unexpected Changes; May Move or Travel; May Have Physical Problems or Become More Mobile After Surgery

Personal Month 7        A period of questioning, wondering; unusual incidents; things seem to happen for a reason; talking to experts about a problem; even though busy, you have a desire to be at home or get more sleep; not as much interest in socializing; may travel away from home

PERFECT MATCH. Your Seven vibe this month could have you looking at life a little differently. An insight from a book, conversation, or dream could provide a new direction or answer to a question you didn't realize you've been asking. If working, your expertise and problem-solving are in demand and quite appreciated. Solid efforts this week increase the chance of advancement and prosperity down the road (even if you can't see it right now). If wanting to make a change, quietly keep your eye out for opportunities, one of which may seem oddly outside of what you thought possible. It's important this week to avoid getting caught up in gloomy discussions. If you want to share your troubles with a friend, use them as a sounding board, not as an excuse to dump. Since you could be feeling a bit on edge, avoid any tendency to read too much into someone's comments. If delays become worrisome, give it over “to the Universe” to handle. You can't force progress.

Given any vague feelings, you might be refreshed after taking time for yourself now. However, there are details to take care of before the weekend. After that, find some time to work on a hobby, read, write, or meditate a few minutes a day. If feeling physically run down, it's time to catch up on sleep. Consider getting a physical exam if you've been feeling more tired or discouraged for awhile. You may have a different idea about weekend activities than your partner, so work out a good balance. If a relationship has taken a strange turn, let it go for now. Something is being worked on. Make up your mind not to worry about things you cannot change. FOCUS: Research, reflection, and a spiritual outlook at your true life goals.

Personal Year 6        A Year of Increased Responsibilities and Commitments; A Time Requiring Attention to Family Matters; Job Usually Stable; Possibility of Moving or Leaving Home; Marriage or Divorce; Tendency Not to Rock the Boat; Possible Concern for Your Health or that of a Relative

Personal Month 8        Feeling pressured to get everything done on time; spending more than you want, but for the benefit of others; large family expenses; talking to a lawyer; if marrying, the wedding tends to be big and costly; if marriage is troubled, may have talks about a separation; may have surgery or get a new medicine

A MATTER OF TIME. This week you may have to consider a financial situation that affects your future well-being or that of a family member. This week brings out your Eight's priority about logical decisions and good judgment. If facing any tricky problems, you are determined to get the best results. You may even need to consult a professional. If money is due you, it may come in this week. On the other hand, don't be surprised if an unexpected expense arises for home, family, or health matters. Under this heavy-handed influence you may have to deal with administrative glitches or disputes involving a health payment or late fee.

If you are thinking of marrying (or divorcing), this month could bring an announcement. If no big changes are in the works, then you may just be having business as usual. Concerns about money or legal matters could impact a relationship, so make sure you have all the facts before moving ahead. Take a business-like approach to issues, and refrain from being over-emotional or guilt-tripping anyone. Find the best joint solution and avoid impulsive, uni-lateral actions. FOCUS: Steady on as it were.

Personal Year 7         A Sabbatical Year or Time Out; Desire to Rethink Goals; Possible Enforced Rest; Need for Rejuvenation; Spiritual Interests; Learning Specialized Information; Desire to Write or Research; Traveling Solo; Unusual Events; Psychic Insights and Synchronicity

Personal Month 9        Circumstances bring periods of deep reflection; may lose an older relative; may say goodbye to a friend; emotional fluctuations of joy and sadness; sudden desire to retire; may be traveling or moving far away; ability to complete a project; feelings of compassion, love

STALLS. While your Nine monthly vibe is paying the way to completion in some areas of life, this week could bring an issue that is not so easily resolved. However, check to see what emotional ties (e.g., blame, not letting go of grievances, holding on to resentment) are in your heart or mind. You can choose to see that what is done is done. Forgiving yourself for whatever part you played in a situation can be extremely beneficial now. You may realize that all parties were doing the best they could at the time. This week could bring a lovely, revitalizing hike or quiet moment. Over the next few days or so obstacles are eventually cleared away so that you can finish a major project. Long distance communications could bring good news. A lot is at stake this month—status, reputation, investments, and successful interventions.

If your spouse or partner is going through tough times, you may find the week stressful, but be understanding. If you are the one in a funk, you likely want to be left alone. Singles might enjoy going alone to a Quaker meeting, a lecture or book signing, or a cultural event. FOCUS: Generosity, compassion, and self-love.

Personal Year 8        A Year for Career Success and Increased Financial Income; Likely to be at the Top of Your Game; Year of Big Financial Decisions or Transactions; May Have Encounters With Authorities, Rules, and Serious Consequences; Decisions Require Logical, Business-like Thinking; Don't Let Emotions Sway Good Judgment; Avoid Over-extending Financially; May Pay Off a Large Debt; Buy or Sell Property

Personal Month 1          A month bringing a new level; moving; buying or selling property; getting your product out into the world; may win something; doing something you have not done before; feelings of confidence; may have elective surgery; buying a new vehicle

GREAT RESULTS. Your get-it-done Eight year has been building up momentum, so that this week could bring powerful boost or surge of productivity. This week could clear away the fog. Motivation to make something happen has never been stronger. Decisions and actions now affect your long-term future. If working, you might be offered a higher position or more money (for more responsibility). Whatever you are involved in tends to be successful. Your ideas make a favorable impression on others, and you find it easier to speak up at the right time.

If starting a new relationship, you feel optimistic about it, and this brings out your best self. If married or living together, you are likely making some new decisions about an investment, large purchase, or vacation. Your spouse may be going along on your business trip. If single, you might find someone special at a business event this week or month. Since you tend to have laser-focus now, don’t lose your sense of humor. FOCUS: Drop any tendency to be self-effacing or feel victimized by circumstances. Think about how you have handled difficulties in the past. You are a Great Soul. Money and status do not define you.

Personal Year 9         A Period of Major Transition; Completion of an Era; Letting Go and Moving On; End of a Nine-Year Focus of Effort; May be Retiring; Finalizing Deals; Tendency for Strong Emotions from Euphoria to Sorrow; May Lose an Older Relative or Receive an Inheritance; May Fall in and Out of Love; Humanitarian or Volunteer Interests; Strong Desire to Travel, Down-size, or Upgrade

Personal Month 2          Feelings of love; friendships may go through a big change; emotions run high; decisions about a spouse; period requires much patience; need for care-giving or helping a friend; issues with female family members; may have to defer or cooperate with circumstances

ONE STEP AT A TIME. Delays or people who don't get back to you could be irritating. You may be gritting your teeth, but it's important now to exhibit a calm demeanor. Getting all upset just affects your well-being and it won't accomplish what you want. De-stress with your favorite physical activity (and that should not be opening the refrigerator door). This monthly Two vibe is all about slowing down to let things unfold with less effort on your part. This week you could have four things on your to-do list, only two of which actually get done. You may find yourself hiding behind your social mask a few times this week. Your intuition is quite active now, and you can spot a person with a hidden agenda who is trying to be your best friend. No need to be paranoid, but keep your distance for awhile instead of getting emotionally involved. A low profile is generally better now, so there’s little need to push anything.

Since November tends to highlight relationships, friendships, and doing good for others, this could be an enjoyable week. If single, you might be having a second or third date with a new friend. Moods may swing, so get lots of sleep and put off making major decisions until the time is right. Remember the value of accepting things you cannot change. FOCUS: Reading, socializing, relaxing, and patience.

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