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August 6 through August 12, 2018


Your Personal Year is specific to your birth date and cycles through nine-years of development. You begin the work of the cycle in a One Personal Year, and end it in a Nine Personal Year. Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2018:

    Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2018.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2018 = Personal Year

1 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 28 = (2 + 8) = 10 (1+ 0) = 1 Personal Year in 2018

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below

according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1        First Year of New Nine-year Cycle; New Interests May Emerge all Year; May Desire to Initiate a New Phase but a bit Hesitant; Could be Thinking of Self-employment or Starting a Business; An Important Relationship May Influence Your Life; May Change Lifestyle Through Marriage, Retirement, A Move, or Career Change; Increased Self-confidence

Personal Month 9         August is one of your most dynamic months; you could take a long-distance trip, win an award, fall in and out of love, retire, or clear away all obstacles; a time to complete a long-standing project; think bigger; may say goodbye to a friend; ready to move

ARRIVALS. With its Nine vibe, August is a time of transition. While a certain decision could be stressful, another aspect of it is exciting. You have many balls in the air this week, but you understand that you have to make room for the new by wrapping up the old. It feels like a change is just around the corner. Nine tends to be a lucky, so look for a pay increase, or an expansion of your “territory” (field of interest or where you have power). If working, your job could be undergoing layoffs or big changes. Look for silver linings this week. Since your One Personal Year is likely to bring positive change, this week or month could be a turning point.

Romance and love blooms big now. However, Nine does bring ups and downs (perhaps you and your partner are going to a theme park with a roller coaster!). If engaged, hold off setting a wedding date until after October 1. In general, you might be going over past events. Does it help you to change your ways, or put it all behind you? If you have the urge, send love to someone far away. FOCUS ON: Going with the flow.

Personal Year 2        With Matching Two Universal Year, This Year Brings Flow, Perfect Timing, and Synchronicity; Relationships of all Kinds are a Huge Part of Happiness and Success; Desire for Friendship, Romantic Love, and Community Involvement; May Get Involved in Art, Design, Computer Training, Health Care; Interest in Yoga, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty; Pace May Slow at Times; You Develop Strong Intuition; May be Coordinating or Mediating

Personal Month 1        August brings a move, change, leadership, or new projects; may move in with someone or marry; more confidence and optimism; winning a challenge; desire to go to the next level and be more authentic; going somewhere new or special; urge to write, perform, take action

SHOWING OFF. This week gives you a chance to shine. New haircut? Vacation photos? Weight loss?August's One vibe could open a door or send a brilliant idea. Despite some hesitation earlier this year, you now have reason to be upbeat and ready to move on something of interest. There a good chance change will seek you out this week. If working, you may get what amounts to a promotion (or you take over while your boss is on vacation).

This seek promises to be busy, and even surprising in the love department. You may have a new love interest, or just be more in the mood in general. Take an action you've been putting off. If in relationship, you are thinking positively about the future. Engagements, weddings, or births are all favored this week or soon. FOCUS ON: New steps, timing, and kindness.

Personal Year 3        A Year Bringing Creative Juices; Desire to Enjoy Life; With Socially-conscious Universal Two Your Friendships Increase; May Join An Association; Potential for Childbirth or Time with Children; Potential for Travel, More Free Time, Love Affairs

Personal Month 2       Potential for a brilliant insight; involved in a creative project; social life and new friendships; marriage or childbirth; counseling others; analyzing a problem; may have to wait until things start to move again; desire for culture, beauty, and the good life

TALK IT OUT. With friendly Two settling into your life this week, you may have a chance for a heart-to-heart. If working, the summer may bring a slower pace on the job. If so, use the time now to review and edit details, or get reacquainted with distant colleagues or co-workers. Even quiet efforts pay off this week. Cross your T's and dot your I's, and go the extra mile on customer service. Compliments are golden this week. Give them out (sincerely) and see what happens.

If involved romantically, your special someone tends to want more from you—or you from them. Despite an urge to pin things down, try to be open-ended and spontaneous this week (and next). Express affection or have someone over for tea. This week is favorable if you intend to start a family. Otherwise, social life should get a little more interesting (but avoid someone who is dying to stir things by gossiping). It’s best not to rush into anything. Don't be tempted to overeat when bored, mad, or anxious. FOCUS ON: The question, “Where can I create more harmony or beauty in my life?”

Personal Year 4        A Year Requiring Planning and Practical Decisions; Commitments, Marriage, Partnerships are Highlighted with Friendly Universal Two Year; Desire for Stability; Pursuing Education Goals or Building Projects; Desire for Larger Living Space; Economical Choices

Personal Month 3        August brings an urge to play, express yourself; may be in a creative phase of a project; making presentations; help from friends; spending time with children or young people; busy, active, interesting time; on vacation, but also in touch with your business

JOY. Typically August's Three vibe make you long for playtime. If you are stuck in a routine (it is a Four yearly vibe, after all, giving you a chance to burn the midnight hours), you should still try to take time to breathe and de-stress with something you enjoy this week. Every one needs down-time and vacation refreshment. If working, refresh your work area with colorful photos of places on your bucket list. Take an afternoon off. Even a mini-break refreshes. Money may be tight, but since the time is favorable for unexpected help from friends, you might be invited out.

If single, this week you might run into someone interesting at one of your usual hangouts (coffee shop? laundromat? car pool?). Before dropping off to sleep ask Spirit to send someone wonderful your way. You might even be thinking of adopting a dog this week! If you are in a relationship, it's an excellent week to start a family or spend time with children. Slenderize your commitments this week so you can have some me-time. FOCUS ON: Staying optimistic and being open to unexpected good things.

Personal Year 5        A Year of Surprises; May Have to Make Adjustments to Handle Changes; Restlessness Increases; With Universal Two You May Decide to Make Some Changes in a Partnership; Periods of Conflicting Schedules; Likelihood of Travel, Affairs, Break-ups, Change of Heart, Activism

Personal Month 4        August pins you to the wall with work and duty; travel for business; could be in training; making ends meet; may need a temporary bridge loan; feelings of satisfaction despite pressure and stress; pay attention to diet, exercise, rest; profits are slim

THINKING IT OVER. An idea, invitation, or opportunity may give you pause for thought this week. You have been thinking for awhile about making some changes. However, your monthly Four vibe may be throwing too many must-do's your way to have any energy left for explorations. However, you seem to be mulling something over this week, like a nagging thought in the back of your mind. If uncertain about any of this, concentrate on clearing away the thing you most don't want to do! Tell yourself that things are unfolding naturally (they are). You may be surprised with a blessing this week or in the next few weeks. Be curious about what the next hour, day, or week will bring. You never know!

Old friends and favorite family members may call to get together this week. If in a relationship, you and your partner may be discussing two different types of vacation or life goals. If, on the other hand, you feel like an outcast because nobody is texting you, take time for yourself, and ask: What would give me the most relief this week? You need some breathing room this week. Believe it or not, thirty minutes of organizing your closet or doing the laundry could boost your mood. FOCUS ON: The important stuff or the little stuff.

Personal Year 6        A Year of Increased Responsibility; With Universal Two Year, Very Strong Tendency for Marriage and Partnership; Community Involvement; Care of Relatives; Focus on Health; Strong Desire to Save for the Future; Finding a More Comfortable Home; Happiness

Personal Month 5        August throws you surprises; need to be very flexible; many duties but able to carve out some free time; family-related travel or visiting a new area; a promise could be broken; concern for a family member may change your plans; health improves

OFFBEAT. Since your Five vibe is itching to distract you this week, you could do something different that is totally unlike you. A tango lesson? A new rescue pet? A deposit on a vacation package? This is a good time to explore options even if you aren't quite ready to say, yes. If working, a co-worker's mistake could cause a bit of chaos for awhile. In general, your Five vibration shakes you up a bit this week. You are going to be a bit restless all month. You might be fantasizing about hopping a freighter to the South Seas, or just camping out in the mountains. Of course, with your duty-prone Six personal year, you probably have to consider all those other people in your life and what THEY want! A difference of opinion with someone could have you fuming a bit—or changing your mind about what needs to be done.

If single, you might decide very spontaneously to make a date. A fling might be just the thing now, but your real goal is long-term, isn’t it? At least for this commitment-prone Six year. If in a relationship, a new element may be making things feel unsettled for the moment. Something needs to change. Is it your attitude, or that projection you are making onto the other person? FOCUS ON: A fresh approach.

Personal Year 7        A Year Bringing Discoveries, Realizations, Inner Development; With Universal Two Expect a Slower Pace or Desire for Time-out; Potential for Estrangement with a Relative (Especially Female); Periods of Solitude or Study; Absorbing Interests; Unusual Events

Personal Month 6       August brings a complex issue; hard to come to agreement; may have to delay a personal goal to help another; potential health concern for yourself or an elderly family member; parents may need assistance; pride for a child leaving home for college or military

PROMISES. This week a commitment made awhile ago may fall apart. Actually , that's fine with you as it means having extra free time now (without any guilt). This week's events may cause you to review your whole calendar for the next few weeks. You are in a Seven yearly vibe, so the idea of some quiet down-time sounds more and more fabulous. Of course, this is a duty-prone Six month, so you may still have to attend to the care of others, or work extra hours to cover for someone on vacation.

Family matters this week may bring some stressful moments while you figure out the best course of action. Avoid the temptation to look for faults or blame. With your Six vibration this month, you are likely to be the go-to person for information, support, and advice on just about anything, from growing succulents to locating a good electrician. Your love life could evolve to a deeper level if newly in love. or celebrating an anniversary (or remembering a dearly beloved soul). FOCUS ON: The present moment, not a global fix.

Personal Year 8        A Year of Many Achievements; Focus on Investing or Stock Market; With Universal Two, Expect Higher Potential for Marriage or Divorce; Issues with Business Partnerships; Working with Female Boss; May Have Surgery if Needed; Desire for Either Down-sizing or Upgrading

Personal Month 7       August may not bring exactly what you were looking for; financial concern about older people; time for a break to refresh your spirit; spend time in a natural setting; meditate; trust the Universe to solve the details; delve into writing or a hobby; sleep more

A HIDDEN GEM. For most of the time in your ambitious Eight personal year, you have been a power-house of decisive action (well, maybe not, but you've had plenty to deal with). However, this week, it's clear to you that it's time to step back and review what's happening. This second full week of your Seven vibe, usually means vacation, business trip, or down-time. If working, your workplace could be disrupted by the installation of technology upgrades or performance reviews. Don't be surprised if you discover something interesting this week under Seven's intriguing vibe. In general, it’s a good time for writing, editing, studying, and planning.

Romance could be the farthest thing from your mind this week, as you seek solitude to refresh your soul. However, if you have met someone new, your first impression is right on. This is not the best time for weddings unless you are planning a small one (in a natural environment). If beginning to feel stuck, shift to being curious about what's next. Enjoy the moment and relax knowing that everything is happening as it should. FOCUS ON: Learning more about something of interest.

Personal Year 9         The End of Your Nine-year Cycle; A Transition Time to Re-group, Complete, or Prepare to Move On; With Universal Two, You May Have Changes in a Partnership; Time to Forgive; Elderly Relative May Pass; Possible Time to Retire; Travel, Inheritance, Peacefulness

Personal Month 8        August brings a resurgence of hope and energy; a deal concludes successfully; profits and some losses; change of job or promotion; likely long-distance or expensive travel; get travel insurance; may be buying property or a vehicle; encounters with authorities

STUFF TO DEAL WITH. Despite the expected summer vacation feeling of August (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), your Eight monthly vibe makes it likely this week that your life will take a more serious turn. You may have a financial or legal matter to negotiate. It is possible that you must talk to a good friend for advice, or to settle an estrangement. You instinctively take a friendly, but firm and business-like approach now to keep things on track. This is the week to read the fine print. You may be close to realizing goals set during the last nine years.. You could be selling property or handling an estate issue—or even undergoing major surgery.

If single, a professional acquaintance could turn personal. In general this week, take care of business, make upgrades, or set achievable goals for your finances. Since this month's Eight vibe focuses on power and self-empowerment, be strong when your future is at stake. However, avoid a power struggle coming from egotism; and stay centered on the right thing to do. FOCUS ON: Staying balanced.

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