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Success by the Numbers: A Complete Numerology Guide for Navigating Your Trip Through Life
Success by the Numbers by Carol Adrienne

Did you know that your name and birth date contain the inborn spiritual direction of your life? For centuries, numerology has been used to analyze personality traits, and to tap into the cycles that shape our individual life. This practical knowledge helps you answer such questions as, What is my life's underlying plan? or When is a good time to move, change jobs, or marry?

SUCCESS BY THE NUMBERS is designed for both the beginner and the advanced reader. You will find clearly illustrated step-by-step processes for finding your numbers, followed by in-depth descriptions of their meanings.

Carol Adrienne, internationally recognized author and master numerologist, draws upon four decades of professional experience to help you get the most relevant information for self-understanding and navigating life's challenges. This book is unique in offering two rarely-explained numerology forecasters.

  • The first is the Life Purpose Grid, which instantly reveals your strongest points and inclinations toward career and life choices.
  • The second is the Table of Events, which outlines past, present, and future influences through every year and month. SUCCESS BY THE NUMBERS contains over a hundred fascinating examples of well-known people to help you see how numbers play out in real life.

The book also provides blank forms, answers to common questions about the meaning of karmic numbers, recurring numbers, and house numbers. Lastly, the book includes Carol Adrienne's own professional technique for interpreting numbers.

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