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September 9 through September 15, 2019

The Universal vibration for 2019 is Three (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 (1 + 2) = 3)creative and fortunate! No matter what number your own Personal Year is, expect improvements in your financial situation, health, and relationships this year.

Each of us goes through nine-year cycles, sequentially from one through nine. After each Nine Personal Year, we start over with the next cycle and another One Personal Year.

Note: If your personal year happens to be Three in 2019, the Universal Year Three energy amplifies your own creative energy.

Personal years are in effect from January 1 through December 31, of each year, regardless of when your birthday occurs in the year.

To find your PERSONAL YEAR for 2019:

Add your MONTH and DAY of birth to 2019.

For example, if your birthday is November 24th,

Month (11) + Day (24) + 2019 = Personal Year

1 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 20 (2 + 0) = 2 is Your Personal Year in 2019

Find your WEEKLY FORECAST below according to your PERSONAL YEAR.

Personal Year 1       CHANGING GOALS OR NEW PERSPECTIVE. A Year of New Directions or Focus; Important Change or Move; Motivated to Become More Independent, Self-confident, Self-employed, Creative, Innovative; A Significant Year in Your Life; Perfect Timing

Personal Month 1       BIG MOVE. Potential for a great new opportunity; increasing optimism about the future; feeling of something dawning; a new perspective on a situation; a turning point or shift; decisive, active, self-confident; going to a new level; promotion, achievement, winning

GO. A great opportunity could come in a strange package. This week is like shifting into high gear, and you love being ahead of the pack. In case you don't see a new development, take the reins and be a leader. It's time to move into new territory, or express yourself in a different way. A new job or relationship could offer a surprise. Changes tend to be for the best in the long run. Anything is possible.

If dating, an important relationship could start now. If in a relationship, issues about your career may influence joint decisions. You tend to think about your own affairs more than those of others. AVOID: A temptation to gloss over a hunch. FOCUS ON: Finding a way to express original ideas that lead to independence, fame, or leadership.

Personal Year 2        RELATIONSHIP MATTERS. Busy Social Life; Networking; Desire for a Loving Relationship; New Friendships; Possibly Saying Goodbye to a Friend; Issues with a Business Partner; Compromise, Negotiation; Being Patient While Things Unfold; Interest in Art, Design, Theater, Beauty, Psychology, Spirituality

Personal Month 2          COOPERATION. Relationship breakdown; need for patience; looking into something; attempting to please; setting limits or boundaries; obsessing about someone or something; many details, but little progress; issues with women, mother; falling in love, but not sure it's reciprocated; feeling stifled

AMBIVALENCE. You could be stalling about making a decision, or waiting for results to come in. This could be a slow month, with one unexpected idea or event. If you have extra time, use it to enjoy a personal interest, or clear away outstanding details (like application forms or product reviews). You may be at a new phase in a relationship, or you could be having endless work meetings.

All this cozy Two energy in your Personal Year and Month likely emphasizes heart-felt talks, moments of sweetness, being crazy in love, or an increased desire for companionship. Double Twos could also mean tiredness or loneliness. You might have to defer to someone, but you are highly aware of what you are giving up. AVOID: Getting into a negative frame of mind or feeling sorry for yourself. FOCUS ON: Self-nurturing to bring more balance.

Personal Year 3        CREATIVE EXPRESSION. A Year Bringing Many Opportunities for Business Deals, Travel, Social Life; Happiness; Selling Ideas; Money is Easy-Come-Easy Go; Falling in Love; Having an Affair, or Having a Baby; Interest and Success in Sports, Hobbies, Painting, Performing, Writing, Music; May Travel or Take the Year Off

Personal Month 3       ENJOYING LIFE. Very social; short trips; imagining new goals; concerts, conferences, conventions, street fairs; time for reading, hanging out in cafes, learning to dance; juggling many appointments; dating someone who has another love interest; desire to spend money on personal items or procedures; desire to look younger and dress better; may win a little money; extravagant purchases; concerns about offspring

CELEBRATE. You haven’t felt this good in a long time, which makes you more friendly and outgoing. People respond favorably. Income should be improving, especially if putting forth a new product or service. However, with all this optimism, take note if something appears to be too good to be true. This is a great time for a vacation or celebratory event.

You might have moments of deep love, enjoyment, and affection. If dating, look for casual, fun venues. Don't get all serious. Pets, children, dancing, music, and being spontaneous uplift your spirits. Use the power of Three's creative mental intentions by imagining a scene from the life that you would love to live. AVOID: Negativity and cynicism. FOCUS ON: Mindful communications.

Personal Year 4         FOUNDATION BUILDING. Attention to Practical Matters; Working Two Jobs; Going Back to School; Paying Down a Loan; Building Savings; Tight Finances, but Necessities are Covered; Preferring Stability over Change; Marriage; Buying or Building Home

Personal Month 4       REALITY CHECK. Obstacles or delays necessitate a better solution; desire to get organized; may find a lost item; tendency to get locked into a situation that you don't really want to deal with; repairs or replacement; purchases of practical items; feeling stuck

INITIATING A PROJECT. This week be sure to think before you leap. With a clear sense of what must be done, you tend to accomplish an amazing amount in a short period of time. If, on the other hand, this week finds you feeling confused or overwhelmed, tackle something easy to get the ball rolling. Put a couple of other action steps in your calendar and hold firm to addressing them. Identifying one step or action helps unlock paralysis, and reduces stress levels. Nothing is as draining as procrastinating when you know what you must do.

Romantically, you are considering all aspects of your commitment. You are in planning mode, so get options out on the table. Otherwise, you are probably caught up in the daily routine of keeping it all together. Do something good for your health, and keep an eye on spending. AVOID: Bogus explanations. FOCUS ON: Being willing to go the extra mile.

Personal Year 5       PIVOTAL CHANGE. Desire for Action, Freedom, Adventure; Restlessness; Tendency to Overdo or Over-indulge; Many Irons in the Fire; Conflicts; Unexpected Changes; Moving or Traveling; Physical Setback or Improvement; Career Opportunities; Political Intrigues; Marketing

Personal Month 5        SUPER BUSY. Exciting, sudden change of plans; breakdown or break through; traveling; meeting new people from all walks of life; questioning a course of action; brief flirtations; more stress; vitality following an illness or surgery; arguments, breakup

GO FOR IT. The next few days or weeks could open an exciting window of opportunity. Anything is possible now. Things that appeared stuck may now flow almost effortlessly. Your routine is highly likely to change, or you may be on the road. This week could also bring a broken promise, or a change of opinion about someone. Your double Five's are there to shake your life up for the better.

Your love life could be super-charged. You are more likely to say what you think now, so avoid escalating arguments. If dating, your wild side might come out this week. You might decide to take a spontaneous trip or do something out of the ordinary. AVOID: Piling on too many stressful activities. FOCUS ON: Being open-minded, flexible, and courageous.

Personal Year 6        RESPONSIBILITY AND FAMILY TIES. Marriage and Family Concerns; Job Stability; Moving or Leaving Home; Less Desire to Rock the Boat; Concern for Your Health or that of a Relative; Issues with Offspring; Community Activities; Home Renovation; Education; Service

Personal Month 6       COMPROMISES. Domestic issues; duties; renovation; elder care; problem-solving; emotional burdens; tiredness; health concerns; scheduling demands; group activities; love, marriage, happiness, birth of child; a child off to college (empty nest); new home

HOME IMPROVEMENT. With a service-oriented Six vibe, you may be interacting with many people, some of whom are downright picky. You tend to find the patience required, and have little desire to make waves. Career-wise, you will do your share of being the parental overseer on the job. Teams, projects, and meetings tend to be highlighted now. A minor illness could have you working from home, or caring for someone who is under the weather.

This whole Six month is fortunate for home projects, as well as emotional commitments. You have a deep sense of gratitude for the people in your life. If dating, you could meet someone through family friends. If someone is bugging you, notice that you actually have a little bit of the same trait in yourself! For example, "She never listens to me!" could be turned around to, "I need to listen to my own intuition more often." AVOID: Blaming or grumbling. FOCUS ON: Using common sense and taking good care of yourself.

Personal Year 7        SABBATICAL. Time Out; Rethinking True Goals; Possible Enforced Rest; Rejuvenation; Spiritual Interests; Specialized Information; Writing; Research and Analysis; Traveling or Living Solo; Unusual Events; Insights; Synchronicity; Feeling Alienated; Test of Faith

Personal Month 7        INTUITIVE DECISIONS. Desire for peace and quiet; enjoying moments of solitude; re-thinking what is really important; receiving a diagnosis; healing; time in nature; discovery; reflection; editing a creative project; buying or learning a new technology; waiting

SERENITY: Happiness this week comes from listening to your inner knowing, and trusting that you are being shown the way. Your Seven vibe could have you visiting an unfamiliar place, or taking a retreat in a beautiful spot. A casual comment may spark insights. This whole Seven month is a good time for research, writing proposals, and gathering forces to make a presentation or launch a project.

As much as you love your partner, you enjoy your alone time. With secretive double Sevens in year and month, you could be having an affair. Or, you and your sweetie could just be taking separate vacations. If dating, a secret revealed could bring disillusionment. It's a mysterious time. Your soul mate could even appear out of the blue. AVOID: Feeling you need to “be out there.” FOCUS ON: Listening to your feelings for what they are trying to tell you.

Personal Year 8        CAREER, POWER, MONEY ISSUES. At the Top of Your Game; Big Financial Transactions; Encounters With Authorities, Rules; Consequences; Need for Focused, Logical, Business-like Thinking; Using Good Judgment; Avoiding Over-extension; Bankruptcy or Paying Off Debt; Buying or Selling Property

Personal Month 8       FINANCIAL OUTLAY. No time to rest; buying, selling, renovating property; marriage or divorce issues; questions about inheritance; potential lawsuits; loss or gain; new job; promotion; awards; higher echelons; expensive vacation or wedding; vehicle expense

REWARDS: Past hard work paves the way for a new insight this week. If working, your boss and colleagues sing your praises. Your double Eight vibe in year and month is even more of a stickler for following procedures, so don’t overlook rules and regulations. You may have to interact with authorities. Play it straight, and bring tough issues to the forefront for discussion. Contracts or business deals could be delayed for technical reasons this week. Eventually, things go through.

Love and money are connected this week. If dating, up your game and persevere. Attend a meeting involving investments or such. If feeling stuck in career or personal life, make a list of dream scenarios. What step could you take in that direction? More education or training? Sometimes things flow effortlessly, but this may not be one of those times. AVOID: Stressing and forcing. FOCUS ON: Getting stronger.

Personal Year 9 COMPLETION OF AN ERA. Letting Go and Moving On; End of a Nine-Year Focus of Effort; Retirement; Finalizing Deals; Euphoria to Sorrow; Passing of Older Relative; Inheritance; In or Out of Love; Humanitarian Activities; Desire to Travel, Down-size, or Upgrade

Personal Month 9 MIXED FEELINGS. An ending; closure; completing a big project; falling in love; a pivotal discovery; revelation; ability to forgive and move on; situations calling for tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and generosity; a time to accept what you cannot change

SURRENDER: Emotions tend to be more changeable or intense now under your (double) volatile Nine vibe. A situation or relationship is likely going through changes. Perhaps a goal or project is completing. Uncertainty is par for the course now, but in general you feel rather lucky, optimistic or generous this week. A trip may be delayed for a good reason and ultimate benefit.

Love can be intense (euphoric or depressing). A breakup could turn into a break through, so don't dismiss any possibilities. If you've got the money, dazzle your partner with a generous gift or travel plan. If dating, play the field, but no long-term commitments yet. An old flame may be on your mind. Separate fact from fantasy. AVOID: Letting the corporate media news get to you. FOCUS ON: Enjoying the traditions of your culture.


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