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Personal History

How I Became a Numerologist and Started on My Path

Trail Monochrome I will never forget the first time I saw my first numerology chart--my own--in 1974 at the age of 33. At that time, I had been feeling compelled to change my name after my divorce and a friend did my chart for me.  When I saw the blueprint for my own life path, I felt a sudden shift, which turned out to be the galvanizing moment that changed the course of my life.  I know that sounds dramatic!

To be honest, I was skeptical. But I was compelled for some reason to go further. I began to study everything I could find about numerology.

I now believe that I was born to be a numerologist and a teacher/student of the idea of living on one’s “path.” Why? I'm not sure, but, even though I never had any particular interest in or ability with numbers, numerology was very easy and utterly fascinating. I learned that life purpose is found in what you do easily, and what you can’t help doing.

Numerology became my tool to talk with people about their life.  It has been invaluable, and the feedback I have received for over thirty years has verified its accuracy. There have been times when I wanted to let numerology go, but each time I have been pulled back into it by people’s interest or requests for teaching it. Again, I learned that your life purpose is always present, and keeps calling to you at different stages of your life.

The Life Path Chart is a Blueprint of Your Destiny

The type of numerology I use is called Pythagorean, as taught by Greek Master Teacher, Pythagoras (born 600 B.C. in Crotona, Italy.)  He believed that the whole Universe is ordered by number.

After studying many teachings on numerology, I decided to create a Life Chart that I feel covers the most true and revealing aspects of a person’s life path.

I found 19 points that I consider essential. For example, the Birth Path, calculated from your birth date, describes your basic nature. Your Destiny, calculated from your birth name, describes the life path you are here to walk--believe it or not! Within your original name, the various letters reveal your special abilities. The letters that DO NOT appear in your name reveal your karmic lessons.

The Timing in Your Life is Eerily Predictable

Everyone has four time periods to accomplish parts of his or her life mission. These periods are called Pinnacles, and each one describes your most likely area of success. Each Pinnacle also has a challenge during that time. With the numerology life path report, you will see exactly what you need to accomplish and discover the ages you will be when each stage begins and ends. Most people find this to be eerily accurate.

The Primary Life Chart is the window into the Path chosen by your Soul for this lifetime. I use this information in all my consultations and coaching.

I offer these charts because I want YOU to find your Path.

Life Purpose Creates Synchronicity

When your life purpose knocks, you must be ready to open the door—and move out of your comfort zone.

Many people have asked me how I came to write the Experiential Guides for James Redfield's two novels, The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision.  Back in 1993 or 1994, I read The Celestine Prophecy (like everyone else in the country!)  One day I was chatting on the phone with my friend, Candice Fuhrman, and at the very end of the conversation, I heard a little intuitive voice say to me, "Tell her about the book." I told her I was reading it and how much it was affecting my counseling with clients.

Candice decided to call James Redfield. Unbeknownst to me, she proposed that he write an experiential guide to the novel.  When he declined, saying that he was too busy with sales of the book, she called me back to suggest I write a proposal for a guide book.  My first response? Resistance, of course!  When a new opportunity enters our lives, we often shrink back at first.  For me, resistance came in the form of my old pattern of helplessness—“I don’t know how to do this.” Then, about 30 seconds later, I thought, “I’ve only been reading and working in metaphysics for most of my adult life. I can figure this out.” My action step was to go out and buy a book on how to write a book proposal (the one by Michael Larsen!). I learned that you have to face your fears and be willing to do something that stretches you, when you are fulfilling your life purpose. If you don’t know something, then learning that is your next step.

Following the two Celestine books, I wrote The Purpose of Your Life. I wanted to have a book that contained all the most effective principles and methods I had worked with so far. I wanted to give it to people, and say, “Here, read this, and then we’ll talk.” For each chapter, I would synchronistically meet people who had such interesting stories to tell, that they really helped me write this book. I learned that you get divine support when you are following your life purpose.

Many readers have since written to share how their own lives have changed by following the principles contained in the book.

After the book was published, I began to teach seminars on finding and developing life purpose. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have met many of you from all over the world—people like myself who are on the Path.

Of course, many would say that a high point of my career came when I was invited to be a guest on the Oprah! show to discuss synchronicity. I was very honored to meet such a powerful force for healing and all things empowering.

In the last few years, I feel a very special energy drawing me to Japan. Maybe it’s a past life there! At any rate, I am very blessed to have met so many supportive Japanese people on the Path. Among them my dear friend Fumiko Takatsu, a friend, translator and seminar-organizer, has made many things possible. She is a very special Soul.

As for my private life, I have a married son and daughter and four little grandchildren. My daughter, Sigrid Matthews, and I continue to develop seminars to co-teach. While I still love to travel and don’t plan to stop, my heart is always eager to be at home.

I hope someday I’ll meet you, too! I know that synchronicity will bring us together when the time is right.

Namaste, Carol Adrienne

Photograph of trail--Courtesy of Ruth and Stephen Altschuler