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Friday Afternoon September 11, 2009

Grieving is in the air, after all.

On the fish report, we lost five fish altogether.  We are pretty sure we had a tank collapse due to the hot weather, which caused the fish to lose oxygen and suffer nitrate poisoning.  We euthanized them by putting them in water and then in the freezer.  

Yesterday Anders, Auggie, Robert and I had a ceremony for the second fatality--Trippie.  We put her in a toilet paper tube, into the ground, and placed a toothpick witha  flag decorated with little drawings of fish.  Since fire is always a ritualistic hit, of course, we had to burn the flag down. 

Well, we have Blackie left (4 inches long) outside in the pot pond, and tiny Goldie inside in the house tank.  We are thinking about our future with fish. 

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