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Life Plan Consultation


What can I gain from a personal consultation?

If you feel in need of a change or are wondering what's next, a consultation is a chance to focus on your current situation and bring issues out into the open.

Your goals may have changed in the past few years, or you may be discouraged about where you are in life. Times are changing and you may feel somewhat out of sync. 

This session is a chance to rethink, regroup, and validate your intuitive feelings.

Rethink.  My goal is to help you see the bigger picture of your life plan, so that you can feel more on target with what you are doing in life now.

Regroup. In our session, we will focus on answers to your concerns so that you can begin to get past uncertainty and doubt to a place where you feel better equipped to handle what life is throwing at you.

Re-energize.  Before the end of the session, we will identify and outline some reasonable and practical steps that you can take at this moment in time.

My goal is to help you

  • gain clarity about where you might be losing focus or energy
    • identify where you could take action (or not)
    • set immediate short-term goals to get you moving in the right direction (or take exploratory steps)
    • identify and begin to eliminate possible limiting patterns of thinking

How can intuitive techniques such as numerology help me?

For more than thirty years, I have used the system of numerology to start a conversation with my clients. Even though the ideas that numbers and letters of the alphabet can influence our lives may seem strange to many of us, working at an intuitive level can lead to amazing insights and validate our rational insights as well. 

Numerology is an age-old spiritual technique that uses the letters in your full birth name and the numbers of your birth date. A numerology chart offers character analysis and forecasting based on your birth date cycles. 

Your Life Plan Consultation focuses on:

Character Analysis. In our session, I will interpret your numbers to describe your basic personality, special strengths, potential life purpose(s), and karmic lessons (if any.) 

    Career Potential. My interpretation also describes the areas where you are likeliest to find career fulfillment.  

    What Makes You Happy. Your numbers reveal the area of your heart's desire (your deepest values and what makes you happy!)

    Relationships. If relevant, we will examine relationship issues and help you find ways to attract a new partner or live more harmoniously with the people in your professional or personal life.

Timing. We will discuss the timing of past, present, and future events, especially if you are thinking of making an important move or decision.

    Forecasting. You will discover the specific ages at which your major turning points occur and what they foretell about possible events and opportunities.

    Problem-Solving. The session gives you plenty of time to discuss your current concerns, such as how to deal with problems or obstacles, or how to find more purpose in your life.  I can also help you get clear about any decisions you are facing in areas such as moving, finding work, career changes, going back to school, or sorting out relationship issues.

    Strategies. You will come away with specific steps or strategies to start attracting what you want into your life, or eliminating what you don't want. 

How long is a Life Plan Consultation and what does it cost? 

    The consultation is 1 hour and 30 minutes of interactive discussion by phone or in person.

    Fee is $200; includes one free Primary Life Chart and an MP3 recording.  (If you have already ordered a Primary Life Chart, I will deduct that from your session.)

    Sliding scale available for special circumstances, such as unemployment.

An in-person session is conducted in my home office in El Cerrito, California, 40 minutes from San Francisco by car or BART.

For more information or to schedule an appointment:

Please email me at