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Numerology Analysis For Hillary Diane Rodham October-26-1947
First Name       4 Hillary Practical,dedicated,somewhat formal
Middle Name      6 Diane   Responsible, family ties
Last Name        5 Rodham  Versatile, political
Destiny          6 Teacher Responsible, family ties
Heart's Desire   3 Communicator, creative
Personality      3 Communicator, networker
Habit Challenge  9 Visionary, less interested in details
KARMIC LESSON(S) 2 Partnership challenges; impatience
Day of Birth    26 Generous, confident, authoritative
Birthpath        3 Communicator, politician
Realization      9 Humanitarian, global impact

Hillary's Grid shows the Line of Achievement (1,5,9). Her karmic lesson in 2 has brought her many challenges in her marriage and other relationships. She also has perfect balance (one circle each) in her Line of Independence and Talent (vertical line of 1,2, 3), highlighting someone with gifts and strong ambition.

SUMMARY. Hillary Diane Rodham was born to be a communicator (3 BirthPath), and has the ability to speak to an audience (3 Personality). Her Destiny lies in taking responsibility (6 Destiny). Hillary's own definition of herself is as a wife, mother, grandmother, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State—all positions of responsibility. In addition, she sees her mission as an advocate for women and children—all part of the same service- and family-oriented 6 energy.

Her Ultimate Goal of 9 shows that her purpose in life is to reach out to serve the masses. Her life purpose takes her around the globe, to foster peace, education, and humanitarian efforts.

The name Hillary Diane Rodham is the foundation of her life purpose, even though she has other current names, such as Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. (see my other analyses for these names.)

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