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  Numerology Analysis For Hillary Rodham Clinton October-26-1947
First Name           4  Hillary Practical, persevering
Middle Name          5  Rodham Versatile
Last Name         33/6  Clinton Charismatic; social conscience
Destiny              6  Teacher responsible; family-oriented
Heart's Desire       3  Communicator, politically astute
Personality          3  Communicator  public speaker, social
Habit Challenge      2  Sensitive to partnership issues
Day of Birth        26  Generous, powerful, and confident
Birthpath            3  Communicator, speaker, writer, 
.                       political thinker
Realization          9  Humanitarian Goals, service to the masses

This name has the Line of Focus of the Director, showing a person with a tremendous capacity to oversee and make important, policy-making decisions. No letters are missing, giving Hillary access to all the qualities of the nine numbers.

SUMMARY. It's no wonder that Hillary was in the White House as First Lady with this powerful name. Her Line of Focus shows that she was well-equipped to handle large and complex issues, and to have a say in policy. However, with her Destiny 6, her role was focused on wife, mother, and advocate for health, women, and children (not so much as the Sole Command number 1 Destiny of just plain, Hillary Clinton (see the other analysis of that name.)

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