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Analysis of Stephen Hawking, Galileo, and Einstein

As many noted in the news recently, Stephen Hawking, the brilliant English theoretical physicist and cosmologist passed away on March 14, 2018, which was the 139th anniversary of the birth of equally renowned physicist, Albert Einstein.

As if that numerological synchrony were not enough, Hawking was also born on the 300th anniversary of the death of Renaissance astronomer, Galileo Galilei. Like others, I was struck by the historical links of these three galactic luminaries.

To gather info for numerological analyses on these three men of science, I turned, as I usually do, to Wikipedia's biographical sketches. I wanted to look for any shared or illuminating numerological points.

Of course, we all learned in history class that Galileo was way ahead of his time. Indeed his Realization (Ultimate Goal Number) turned out to agree that he was a radical thinker, whose theories initiated the scientific age (at his own peril). His karmic number Fourteen Ultimate Goal signifies the path of an iconoclast, exactly what you could expect a heretic to have. In addition, Galileo also had a second Fourteen as his Habit Challenge—the life-long attitude of a rebel who sees beyond conventional ideas. Perhaps this was not his first lifetime as a progressive thinker.

Galileo proposed that the Earth orbited the Sun (heliocentrism), not the other way around. The Church saw this idea as against doctrine, taking away man's place of importance in the Universe. The Inquisition denounced Galileo as a heretic. He was confined to house arrest for the rest of his life after the mid-1600's. However, while under house arrest, he wrote one of his finest works, Two New Sciences, in which he summarized work he had done forty years earlier. This book received high praise from Albert Einstein. As we shall see in his core number profile below, Galileo's Destiny was Eight—a life confronting (religious) authorities with his scientific, rational engineering point of view.

Three hundred years later, in a completely different circumstance, Stephen Hawking also faced confinement. Because of a rare, slow-progressing form of motor neuron disease, Hawking, for much of his adult life, was wheelchair bound, forced to communicate through electronic speech generating technology.

However, despite his progressively severe disabilities, Hawking's scientific research and writing on astrophysics, black holes, general theory of relativity, and cosmology earned him a permanent place in the firmament of scientific stars.

Against external challenges and restricting conditions, neither Hawking nor Galileo was silenced. Hawking once commented that, "I can communicate better now than before I lost my voice." Good news for a person who had both a Three Heart's Desire and a Three Realization number—strongly emphasizing a life purpose focused on communication and creative thinking.

And Einstein? Interestingly, this quirky thinker whose name is synonymous with genius, like Galileo also featured a karmic number Fourteen Habit Challenge. Furthermore, his day of birth was another Fourteen.

Where Galileo had a Nine Heart's Desire to bring philosophy and understanding to many, Einstein had a Nine Destiny, with the promise of contributing significantly to scientific advancement. His Ultimate Goal or Realization was Six, the educator.

The following are some of the core numbers for each scientist:

Stephen William Hawking January 8, 1942-March 14, 2018


First Name Stephen 33/6
Master Teacher, Inspirational
Middle Name William 7 Different, Spiritual, Researcher, Analytical
Last Name Hawking 1 Unique, Leader, Pioneer, Writer
Adventure, Physical Challenges, Radical Thinker, Pursuing Curiosity
Heart's Desire 3 Communicator, Writer, Speaker
Personality 2
Peacemaker, Analytical, Observant
Habit Challenge 3 Communication, Optimism
Day of Birth
Scientific, Logical, Authoritative, Professor
Birth Path 16/7
Karma, Outsider, Different, Unusual Circumstances
Realization 3 Communication, Creativity


Galileo Galilei February 15, 1564-January 8, 1642



First Name Galileo
Researcher, Scientist, Outsider, Unconventional
Last Name Galilei 1 Unique Thinker, Independent, Leader, Pioneer

Destiny 8 Confront Authority, Advance Science, Logic, Facts
Heart's Desire 9 Holistic, Philosophic, Broad-minded
Personality 8 Authoritative, Logical, Engineering Mind Set
Habit Challenge 14/5
Unconventional, Radical Thinker, Iconoclastic, Curious
Day of Birth 15 Reliable, Responsible, Dutiful
Birth Path 6 Teacher, Educator
Realization 14/5 Radical Thinker, Progressive Advancement, Pursuing Curiosity

Albert Einstein March 14, 1879- April 18, 1955


First Name Albert 22/4
Mastery, Systems, Visionary
Last Name Einstein 5 Radical Thinker, Unconventional, Curious

Human Knowledge, Holistic Thinking, Universal Concepts
Heart's Desire 7 Expert, Researcher, Spiritual Seeker, Deep Urge to Know
Personality 11/2 Inspirational, Quiet, Reflective, Observant
Habit Challenge 14/5 Unconventional, Radical Thinker, Broad Minded, Curious
Day of Birth 14/5 Karma, Love of Freedom, Different, Curious
Birth Path 6 Teacher, Educator
Realization 6 Teacher, Educator

Please let me know if the numbers of these men spark any intuitive insights in your mind!

In the words of Stephen Hawking:

So remember to look up at the stars

and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and

wonder about what makes a universe exist.

Be curious.

And however difficult life may

seem, there is always something you

can do and succeed at. It matters

that you don't just give up.”

Carol Adrienne
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