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Numerology Analysis for Steve Jobs



Steven Paul Jobs( Steve Jobs)

February 24, 1955--October 5, 2011


The recent death of Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, prompted me to take a look at his numerology chart.

I was not surprised to see the numbers based on his full, original name (given to him by his adoptive parents. His birth parents gave him up for adoption before he was named.)

Steven Paul Jobs ,born February 24, 1955, has both a 1 Birth Path (from his birthday) and a 1 Destiny (from his name.) This perfect match promises a high degree of success in life if the person has the courage, ambition, and mental brilliance to carry out his original ideas.

The number 1 represents the dynamic energy of an original thinker, a leader, pioneer, inventor, and strong-minded person who will not be swayed from his goals. His Birth Path 1 perfectly matched the requirements of his pioneering Destiny 1.

His Zero Challenge, present from age 45 onward ,indicates an Old Soul—someone who has lived many lifetimes and generally is born with a strong sense of direction, urgency, and need to understand life. The Old Soul may have huge obstacles or relatively few.

I made a synopsis of both Steve's original full name and the name he was known by the world—Steve Jobs. Both names fit the description of this unusual, complex, and challenging person who created user-friendly tools for communication, organization, creativity, and education for the masses.

Numerological Description

Steven Paul Jobs

February 24, 1955


First Name Steven          22/4  Master Builder/Spiritually Aware

Middle Name Paul             5    Adventurous; Rebellious; Freedom-loving

Last Name Jobs                1   Original, Decisive, Inventive, Competitive

Destiny                          1   Leader Entrepreneurial; Pioneer; Independent

Heart's Desire             11/2  Inspirer, Philosophical, Persuasive, Celebrity

Personality                      8   Executive, Demanding, Controlling, Decisive

Habit Challenge            14/5   Rebellious/freedom-loving; Stubbornness

Karmic lesson                    8  Challenges involving money, power, authority

Karmic lesson                    9  Quest for spiritual knowledge; need to               develop compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness

Birthpath                          1 Born Entrepreneur; Competitive; Original; Pioneer

Realization                        2 Ultimate goal to develop good relationships, learn tactfulness, patience and diplomacy despite a strong urge to be in control (shown by the many 1's in his numbers and the Line of Focus 1 2 3 shown below—the Line indicating someone who must develop original ideas)


First Emphasis 8: (from birth to age 35) Need for hard work;  challenge authority;work professionally at early age.

First Challenge 4 (from Birth to age 35) Need to learn to persevere despite challenges or obstacles; need to learn how to focus attention; gain practical expertise

Second Emphasis 8 (from 36 to age 44)  Continues to move toward executive role; business and financial challenges; gain in status

Second Challenge 4 (from 36 to age 44) Continued need for strong foundation, good management; common sense; make ideas a reality despite challenges

Third Emphasis 16/7 (from 45 to age 53) Tests of faith; unexpected setbacks, possible betrayals or disappointments

Third Challenge 0  (from 45 to age 53) Challenges from many levels or no one specific issue; possible spiritual insights or realizations

Fourth Emphasis 4  (from 54 to end of life)  Physical challenges; need for common-sense; stay in touch with practical considerations

Fourth Challenge 0  (from 54 to end of life) Spiritual insights, challenges from many levels

Grid for Steven Paul Jobs (birth name of Steve Jobs)


Overview Chart

Line Of Focus 1 2 3 “Line of Talent and Individual Accomplishment.”

Indicates someone who is focused on using originality and ambition to develop a unique talent, vision, idea, service or or product. This is a person who has single-minded purpose, (four 1's,) an interest in esthetic details (two 2's) excellent communication skills (two 3's,) and a grasp of fundamentals ( one 4 and one 7) His three 5's give him versatility, but only as long as it relates to perfecting his ideas. His one 6 shows a desire to provide opinions and advice, as well as a likelihood to be committed to his marriage and family.

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