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Universal Forecast for 2019



by Carol Adrienne

The Universal vibration for all of us in 2019 is Three. THREE contributes vitality, swiftness, synchronicity, and assists all forms of creativity to life. We should see a world-wide increase in

  • creative genius, ever-swifter connective devices, and Internet commerce
  • social interactions (and questions about personal privacy)
  • population growth, improvements in infant mortality

THREE encourages

  • optimism, risk-taking, and rapid response
  • more young people moving into roles of innovation and leadership

The year's Three Universal vibration tends to bring forth

  • open communication, new questions, fresh approaches
  • socially-conscious partnerships with people working together in different field
  • rising interest in the power of story, artistic expression, and motivational programs

In addition to 2019's Three total, the four individual numbers comprising 2019 also give a subtle influence

2 a millennial demand for cooperation, peaceful methods, and human rights
0 increasing development of human consciousness, desire for spiritual answers, and enlightened decisions
1 innovation, courage and integrity in individual actions, and pioneering breakthroughs
9 continuing world-wide awareness and education about the affects of climate change; intensification of the search for critical responses to environmental problems; continued awareness of socio-economic gaps and the need for creating health and prosperity for the 99%
Another nuance present in the Universal Year of 2019 is the karmic debt number 19. Nineteen indicates the rise of situations that stimulate the release of unresolved karmic (held over from the past) energy, or that demand the re-payment of a karmic debt. Problems arise from people acting badly, such as misrepresenting facts, making decisions based on greed, betraying trust, or outright criminal activity.
Nineteen brings a spotlight on moral and ethical decisions, and the abuse of power. Last year in 2018, international and American media carried news reports—on an almost daily basis—about the misbehavior of politicians, entertainment celebrities, or corporations and their leaders. Unfortunately, this trend is likely to be heightened during 2019.

How the Three Universal Vibration of 2019

Impacts Your Personal Year

To find your own Personal Year number for 2019:

Add your month and day of birth to 2019.

Reduce the total to one digit. This is your Personal Year Number.

For example, if you were born on November 27 add:

11 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 32 (3 + 2) = 5 Personal Year

Your Personal Year starts January 1 and ends December 31, no matter what month you were born.

Personal Year 1 in 2019—Begins a new nine-year cycle. Along with an opportunity-laden Three Universal Year, you find it easier to express your creative talents, start a new business, or start a family.

Purpose: Create abundance. It's time to think optimistically about what you want. Think out of the box. Look for ideas from different fields. This 2019 vibe helps you meet motivated, like-minded people, but be on the look-out for those who would take advantage of your good nature, good name, or wallet.

Relationship: Enjoy being popular. Look for increased social life, but don't get entangled in affairs that are not “your business.” You make a few great, lasting relationships—romantically or professionally.

Career: Sell yourself. Look for ways to learn new things and assert your leadership when you can. Get out of your comfort zone once in awhile. Things tend to work out well without overly stressing. You may be working with younger people.

Personal Challenge: Procrastination. Not telling the whole truth. You must strike while the iron is hot this year, so as not to lose a favorable opportunity. Be careful to protect your identity from theft.

Personal Year 2 in 2019—Create strong friendships and alliances. You naturally meet with many good people this year. Your hopes and dreams are supported in many ways.

Purpose: Follow your heart. Also listen to your body when tempted to over-do (especially on behalf of others). Listen to your intuition, and don' try to force issues prematurely. Your soul craves peace, love, and a feeling of belonging.

Relationship: Enjoy love and connection. While you might want to bend over backwards for others, you must set good boundaries this year. Take care of yourself. No need to be a people pleaser 24/7.

Career: Maintain good contacts. Find a mentor or be a mentor. Art, beauty, fashion, sales, performing, and psychology could be successful lines of endeavor this year.

Personal Challenge: Letting loneliness or lack of self-confidence keep you from healthy, enjoyable activities. Find support and talk about fears and viable options. Don't stay in a toxic relationship. It's not worth it.

Personal Year 3 in 2019Express yourself. With a Personal Three in addition to a Universal Three, your social life is off the charts! It won't be party time every day, but most of the year gives you many reasons for good cheer. When engaged in productive activities, things just seem to go better. If you are underemployed, you may feel you have too much free time. Use the time to learn something interesting.

Purpose: Be active, outgoing, and talk up ideas. Three is a daydreamer and loves to visualize good times and outcomes. Trust your intuition to snap into play, leading you to something incredibly amazing. Success comes from putting elements and ideas together in unusual ways. Hook up with people who have complementary skills and interests. Abundance arrives just when needed.

Relationship: Fall in love again. You are likely to be dazzling or bedazzled. Enjoy the art of face-to-face conversation. Travel with someone who has similar interests. If looking to conceive a child, this is a favorable year. You may be involved in an affair.

Career: Follow positive energy. You may not yet be where you want to be, but restlessness and curiosity stimulate you to look for new situations. If working in the arts, your talent impresses your audience and brings income. New jobs may involve hospitality, travel, fashion, yoga, sports, social media, or sales.

Personal Challenge: All talk and no action. Enjoy exploring, but don't scatter yourself too thin. Someone may tell you exactly what you want to hear. Avoid schemes too-good-to-be-true. Be open and optimistic, but not gullible.

Personal Year 4 in 2019Put your plan or idea into action. With the creative boost from Universal Three, you are determined to work with focus and be more productive. You get amazing help in solving problems, but plans might take more time than you thought.

Purpose: Get serious about a major goal. The Universal Three vibe may open up great opportunities, but you have to put your shoulder to the wheel. You can rebound from setbacks more easily this year.

Relationship: Choose wisely. Depending on your circumstances, you may marry, move in together, or just continue a strong long-term relationship. You or your partner may develop outside friendships this year, or perhaps travel separately or with friends.

Career: Build. You tend to opt for stability this year. If whittling down debts, you may not want to rock your current job boat. If self-employed, you may need to come up with a better sales strategy using social media.

Personal Challenge: Stuck in a rut. If something is not working, you must decide whether to stay, go, or work out a new game plan. With go-ahead Three in the Universal vibration, a seemingly small but powerful change in habit could allow you to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Personal Year 5 in 2019Embrace change. In combination with Universal Three's tendency to create flow and magic, you may find yourself in a very different place by the end of this year. You are looking forward to more freedom, travel, and business opportunities. You might even be ticking off items on your bucket list (doing things you've always dreamed of doing).

Purpose: Shake things up and let out a new you. It's time to open up to new things, explore, or put things to rights. Set goals like improving your health, training for a competition, or helping to improve local environmental issues.

Relationship: Affairs of the heart. With flirtatious Universal Three and your adventurous personal Five, this year could bring a change of living conditions, surprises, sexuality issues, or feeling torn between two lovers. If single, you could be playing the field. You do love your freedom.

Career: Diversify. An oppressive condition could shift dramatically. You are more likely to look for new vistas, take up a new interest, or go free-lance. Friends could bring unexpected opportunities.

Personal Challenge: Either failing to change when necessary, or scattering your energy to no avail. Don't let fear keep you from trying new things. Weight could go up or down.

Personal Year 6 in 2019Being at home in the world. With the super boost of friendly Universal Three, your Six Personal Year can be filled with romance, compatible friends, community activities, or increased responsibilities involving family. Expect improvements in your housing situation and sense of security. Potential is strong for weddings, births, graduations, supporting a parent, or trying a marital separation.

Purpose: Honor commitments. Successful efforts on behalf of others give you great satisfaction now. Especially in conjunction with fertile Universal Three, this is the year to “water your garden” and put down roots. You are drawn to partner-up, sing, dance, learn, teach, and give selfless service.

Relationship: Express love and gratitude. Commitment is “the heart of the matter” now. Marriage, offspring, aging parents, or a business partnership are likely to be on your mind.

Career: Stay the course. A promotion is likely, but with more responsibilities. You may have to deal with an often-absent boss, flaky business partner, or irritating co-worker. Service is the name of the game. Be a role model.

Personal Challenge: Forgetting to take care of yourself as well as others. People are definitely depending on you now, so try not to get over-booked or feel like a martyr. Long-term, unrelieved stress affects health.

Personal Year 7 in 2019Look for true worth. With peppy, glib Universal Three building up your hopes, trust intuition to read between the lines. The social vibe of a Three Universal Year may create circumstances that are a little too much for your somewhat introverted Personal Seven. You are due for a time-out to reconnect with what has true meaning for you. If possible, down-size and simplify. Detox from constantly “being on.”

Purpose: Reevaluate where you are and where you are headed. Look at what's most important to you. It's time to take a step back. Get more in touch with yourself, and notice where you may have lost balance. Previous goals and material values may not seem so important anymore.

Relationship: Find nurturing companionship. With sociable Three at odds with your quiet Seven, you may have periods of feeling lonely or out of place. You may be adjusting to changes in lifestyle or the loss of a relationship.

Career: Take a sabbatical. If possible take time this year to get away from your rut. Rethink what you want out of life. If you have to keep working, your expertise is well-rewarded, but, ironically, you have less ambition to acquire money or status. Trust intuition to lead you to something special. You may be thinking of further education.

Personal Challenge: Periods of feeling a lack of connection. You may have an increased sense of time passing, or fears about a relationship (or the lack of one). Trust solitude to bring insight about a creative outlet. Your purpose is unfolding exactly as it should, especially with the extra creative magic of Universal Three.

Personal Year 8 in 2019Hit the bulls-eye. With socially-savvy, creative Universal Three attracting allies in the world of ambitious Eight, your year should be full of opportunity, prosperity, and satisfaction. People want to join your band wagon. Look for great feedback, increased income, or promotion. With equipment upgrades, a new home or vehicle, travel, and a busy social life, expenses also tend to increase.

Purpose: Enjoy the harvest of hard work. If you have been using good judgment and working consistently on your goals, this can be a fantastically successful year, especially with the super-boost of lucky, popular Universal Three. Others rely on you to solve problems. Situations may arise that require you to be very shrewd and business-like, but your actions must be completely above-board. Your leadership has to be based on strong integrity.

Relationship: Be open-hearted, but use common sense. In general, Eight usually brings higher financial stakes, but can also present legal matters or contract issues. With romantic Universal Three boosting your charismatic, decisive Eight, you could marry or divorce. Expenses involving offspring, education, or health issues are very likely. Since Eight brings matters of work, authority, and big decisions, you and your mate could have a career conflict.

Career: Be your own CEO. This is a year to take charge of your life and don't take no for an answer. If your business is well-established, this year can force a decision about whether to expand or where to go next. A new job or career may still be building. Financial over-extension or worry may be an issue. Professional partnerships can be a source of concern. Don't cut corners, lie, or share your secrets with a competitor.

Personal Challenge: Forcing things. Stress from over-working could affect your personal life. Be realistic about goals, and do solid due-diligence on proposals. Listen to intuition when making professional alliances. Don't put someone on a pedestal when unforeseen consequences could in any way be detrimental to you.

Personal Year 9 in 2019Travel, good fortune, humanitarian activities. With a super-dose of good fortune from jazzy Universal Three igniting your anything-goes Nine, this personal year could provide some amazing events. Nine gives and takes—and gives again, and again. You win some, you lose some. Events may have you extra confused this year as intangible emotional feelings play havoc with logic and attempts at planning. Your internal clock (Nine) says it is time to complete a phase, project, or life goal, but sometimes your next step is not very clear, as you almost always have to consider the effects on other people.

Purpose: A Nine Personal Year completes a cycle of learning and experience. Inevitably now, you look back over the past with mixed emotions. Forgiveness is often the key to opening the doors to your next phase of life. Acknowledge any pain or regrets, but forgive yourself and others for doing the best you or they could have done at the time.

Relationship: Be open to growing, giving, and receiving. The completion work of Nine sometimes means that a relationship is done or fundamentally changing. Otherwise, Nine brings new growth and understanding (and a better Self) in both parties. Romance could bloom suddenly and dramatically, perhaps with someone from your past. However, it's best not to make hasty decisions for the long-term until a year has passed.

Career: Challenges, success, or retirement. Don't be surprised if you get laid off or decide to retire. You are changing interests and need new challenges. New thinking is stimulated by both gains and losses. Especially rewarding are spiritual and humanitarian activities, all creative arts, and family care.

Personal Challenge: Getting stuck in pessimism. It's time to let go of self-destructive habits, negative thinking, and using fear to justify staying in your comfort zone. Have compassion for yourself and old disappointments, but seriously consider making changes with oppressive compromises. Trust that the Universe provides.

Wishing you good health, happiness, love, and prosperity in 2019.

Carol Adrienne

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