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Yearly Forecast for Universal Year 2018



by Carol Adrienne

Last year, 2017's Universal vibration was One, which meant we kicked off a new nine-year cycle for the planetary calendar. One is the energy of new beginnings. Collectively we were inspired to find better methods and products to meet the issues we face today. For example, during 2017, we saw the emergence of new technology and innovations in how we commute: autonomous cars, electric vehicles, Uber and Lyft.

Time for the healing power of the feminine in 2018. In a world of polarities, 2017's Universal One vibrated to the masculine principle. Energetically One is bold, pioneering, and active.

In 2018, we are vibrating to the feminine principle. Energetically Two seeks to balance and harmonize using mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.

Now in 2018, the planet is being influenced by a cooperation-focused Two Universal vibration. Two emphasizes peace, love, and diplomacy. Sounds a bit idealistic, given the on-going conflicts at home and abroad. In the words of John Lennon, Let's give peace a chance.

Two encourages taking stock, and thinking things through. Why are so many areas of our environment degrading? For example, instead of “business as usual”, we might ask who benefits from the choices being made at institutional levels? Are global politics based on the war profiteering of the military-industrial complex? How are the pharmaceuticals profiting from the opioid crisis in the US? Who is making money from the environmentally devastating fish farms in Norway and Alaska or the oil pipelines? Why are we looking the other way on the damage done through the abuses of power in the pursuit of the holy bottom line?

Ideally, some of us will be in a position of influence to help create positive changes in whatever culture we happen to live. Two encourages us to work together with others who also want to make a difference.

The year's Universal total of Two tends to bring forth:

  • Cooperative efforts. We will be moved to repair or replace things that no longer serve the whole; to find win-win solutions to meet the needs of global health and community prosperity.
  • Sustainable and affordable energy solutions. Two is the essence of feedback, eco-systems, the web of life, and recycling.
  • Peace initiatives. Two fosters the spirit of diplomacy, badly needed after 2017's dramatic sword rattlings and global terrorist attacks.
  • Socially-conscious strategic partnerships. Two finds benefit in aligning with others to raise efficiency, cut costs, and find win-win solutions.
    Empowerment of women. Hopefully, the raised awareness in 2017 regarding sexual harassment in the work place will continue to bring further progress in making these types of power plays a thing of the past.

In addition to 2018's total of Two, the four individual numbers within 2018 also give a subtle influence:

2 A millennial demand for cooperation and peace.
0 Increasing development of human consciousness and the need for more enlightened decisions.
1 Innovations; courage and integrity in individual actions; pioneering breakthroughs.
8 The right use of power; engineering breakthroughs; mediation and negotiation; questioning possible monopolies in some industries; corporate responsibility and accountability.

How the Two Universal Vibration of 2018

Impacts Your Personal Year

To find your Personal Year number for 2018:

  • Add your month and day of birth to 2018.
  • Reduce the total to one digit. This is your Personal Year Number.

For example, if you were born on November 27 add:

11 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 31 (3 + 1) = 4 Personal Year

Your Personal Year starts January 1 and ends December 31, no matter what month you were born.

Personal Year 1 in 2018—Congratulations! You are embarking on a new nine-year cycle. However, during this Two Universal Year, you may not be ready yet to take a new direction, especially if you are trying to start a new business. What to do? Bridge the gap with a temp job and be extra patient. Your idea or service needs fine-tuning to appeal to your audience. Find a new angle on an old method. Delays are purposeful, so look deeper. Don't take a slow pace as a “no” sign.

Purpose: Time for a fresh start or a fresh approach. This 2018 vibe helps you meet like-minded people. You must be a leader in your circle or area of interest championing the common good.

Relationship: Two good things this year! First, your relationship with yourself improves. Second, you are very likely to make some great lasting relationships—romantically or professionally.

Career: Your ability to develop better skills is easier this year. Getting training pays off in unexpected ways. With the Two vibe of 2018, you may be working with a female boss or women clients.

Personal Challenge: You are determined to find a good fit for your skills and interests. You may be promoted before you think you are ready. Find a supportive mentor!

Personal Year 2 in 2018Since your Personal Two matches the vibration of Universal Two, you have extra good fortune in making strong relationships and advantageous alliances. Romance is a big focus.

Purpose: Learn how to keep work/life balance. Listen to your body, and follow your intuition when you don't see the path with clarity yet. Your Soul craves peace, love, and a sense of belonging.

Relationship: Love is definitely on your mind. However, you are clear that you won't put up with a bad situation anymore. You tend to make or have many friendships with women.

Career: You may be waiting for a sign to move ahead or ask for a raise. This is the time to build your contacts, find a mentor, or get special training. Settle in. No rush, but do listen to your intuition.

Personal Challenge: Try to convert anxieties into small, achievable action steps. Stay away from schemes that intuitively don't feel right. Find a good person to be “your sounding board.”


Personal Year 3 in 2018—With a Personal Three in a Universal Two, your social life is off the charts! Sure, it's not party time every day, but you remain cheerful and optimistic throughout the year. Expect many blessings in areas of health, finances, love, childbirth, creative careers, and sales.

Purpose: This is a year to be active, outgoing, and creative. Practice visualizing what you want or need and then trust your intuition to lead you forward. Success comes from putting elements and ideas together in unusual ways. Hook up with people who have complementary skills and interests.

Relationship: You are likely to be dazzling or bedazzled. Socialize and enjoy the art of conversation. Travel with someone who has similar interests. If looking to conceive, this is a favorable year.

Career: Restless feelings stimulate you to look for creative solutions. If working in the arts, creativity and audience appreciation abound. New jobs may involve hospitality, travel, fashion, sports, or sales.

Personal Challenge: Enjoy exploring, but don't scatter yourself thin. Someone may tell you exactly what you want to hear. Avoid schemes too-good-to-be-true. Be open and optimistic, but not gullible.

Personal Year 4 in 2018—In friendship-focused Universal Two, your own future-oriented Personal Four urges you to make long-term decisions about love and work. You are determined to overcome any obstacles, but plans might take more time than you thought.

Purpose: Your Personal Four is a time to get serious about the future. Both Two and Four increase your commitment to making a dream a reality. A dose of pessimism (realism) fosters better decisions.

Relationship: Love and money (debts, too) are interrelated. You may marry or move in together. Couples move to a better location. Your loyalties may be divided.

Career: You may be building a business or at entry level. If whittling down debts, you may not want to rock your job boat. A job tends to be stable, if a little boring. Changes are more likely next year.

Personal Challenge: If something is not working, you must decide whether to stay or go. It's likely, though, that you can see things getting better eventually. You may have to share living space due to economics.

Personal Year 5 in 2018—With Universal Two creating periodic slow motion, you feel a bit stuck despite your Personal Five's message to make changes. Eager to find the freedom to travel or make a move, conditions likely require you to hurry up and wait. Mentally, your bucket list is growing (as in doing things you've always dreamed of doing).

Purpose: It's time to open up to new things, explore, or put things to rights. Set goals like improving your health, training for a competition, or helping to improve environmental issues in your community.

Relationship: Two and Five could bring surprises, sexuality issues, or being torn between breaking up or staying together. If single, you could be dating more than one person. You love your freedom.

Career: Diversify. An oppressive condition could shift dramatically. You are more likely to look for new vistas, take up a new interest, or go free-lance. Friends could bring unexpected opportunities.

Personal Challenge: Avoid letting someone impose on your good nature. Don't let fear keep you from trying something new. Weight could go up or down. Physical mobility could improve or change.

Personal Year 6 in 2018—What a magical combination of Universal Two with Personal Six! Expect improvements in your housing situation or love life, and feelings of security. It's all good. However, this combo also brings increased responsibilities involving parents, offspring, and partners.

Purpose: Efforts on behalf of others give you great satisfaction now. This is the year to “water your garden” and put down roots. You are drawn to learn, apply what you know, and give service.

Relationship: Commitment is “the heart of the matter” now. Marriage or business partnerships seem like a good idea (unless troubles have been brewing making separation a possibility).

Career: A promotion comes with more responsibilities, but less than desirable pay. Otherwise, you may have to deal with an often- absent boss, partner, or co-worker. Service is the name of the game.

Personal Challenge: People are definitely depending on you now, so try not to get over-booked or forget to take care of yourself, as well. You could have stress-related health issues.

Personal Year 7 in 2018—With low-key Universal Two and introverted Personal Seven, you are definitely due for a time-out now to reconnect to meaning and purpose. This is the time to reevaluate where you've been and where you're headed. If possible down-size and simplify. Detox from constantly “being on”.

Purpose: Look at what's most important to you. You have a chance to step back and get more in touch with yourself, and notice where you may have lost balance. Things may look differently to you now.

Relationship: With sociable Two at odds with your quiet Seven, you may have periods of feeling lonely or out of place. You may be adjusting to changes in lifestyle or the loss of a relationship.

Career: If working, your expertise is well-rewarded, but you have little ambition for material things. Trust intuition to lead you to something special. You may be thinking of further education.

Personal Challenge: You may have an increased sense of time passing or fears about a relationship (or the lack of one). Trust solitude to bring insight. Your purpose is unfolding exactly as it should.

Personal Year 8 in 2018—With supportive Universal Two, your Personal Eight gathers valuable allies. People want to join your band wagon. Look for great feedback, increased income, or promotion. You may have to hire a lawyer this year, for one reason or another. You might enjoy all kinds of upgrades, a new home, or satisfying social functions. Expenses tend to increase during the year.

Purpose: You will be required to be very shrewd and to use good judgment now. You are the one that others rely on to help solve problems. Your leadership has to be based on strong integrity. Don't cut corners, lie, or share your secrets with an adversary.

Relationship: Eight brings higher financial stakes and legal matters. You could be getting married or divorced. You and your partner's career priorities could be in conflict. Over-busyness is likely.

Career: This is a favorable time if your business is well-established. A new job or career could bring financial over-extension or a lot of worry. Professional partnerships are definitely a source of concern.

Personal Challenge: Stress from over-working could affect your personal relationships. Be realistic with goals and do your due-diligence. Listen to intuition when making professional alliances.

Personal Year 9 in 2018 –With people-oriented Universal Two, your typically volatile and dramatic Personal Nine could give you some big wins and losses this year. Strong feelings may override logic and rational plans. Your internal clock (Nine) says it is time to complete a phase, project, or life goal, but your decision may involve a partner or family.

Purpose: A Nine Personal Year is a transitional time for integrating, weeding, and expanding. Forgiveness is key—as in forgiving yourself for past choices, as well as those who didn't know better.

Relationship: Some relationships drop away, but new ones emerge, perhaps suddenly. Romance could bloom, perhaps with someone from your past. However, don't marry yet if the relationship is very new.

Career: Don't be surprised if you get laid off or decide to retire. You are changing interests and need new challenges. Both gains and losses stimulate new thinking. Humanitarian activities are rewarding.

Personal Challenge: It's time to let go of old habits and fears. Move on from old disappointments or oppressive compromises. Go with the flow, and trust intuition. Live and let live.

Wishing you happiness, love, and good health in 2018.

Carol Adrienne

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