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Numerology Analysis for Doris Day

Doris Day (born Doris Mary Kappelhoff on April 3, 1922), was an American singer, motion picture actress, and animal rights activist. She passed away from complication of pneumonia at age ninety-seven on May 13.

The following analysis correlates Doris Mary Kappelhoff's numerology profile to the key life themes of this iconic musical star.

Talent for Singing, Comedy, Acting. No surprise there! The creatively expressive number Three appears five times in her Birth Path, Personality number, middle name, day of birth, and Physical Plane.

Day's first interest was dance, but a car accident ended that dream. While recovering, she whiled away the hours by singing along with performers on the radio, such as Ella Fitzgerald. Realizing that her daughter had a hidden talent, her mother decided to give her singing lessons. Eight months later, Doris was offered a job as a vocalist on the radio. Her mentor and boss suggested she change and shorten her name to Day (she often sang a song called Day by Day). The name Day just happens to add up to Three!

Comedy, Romance, and Fame--all signature qualities of numbers Three and Two. First name Doris adds to Eleven/Two, the number of celebrity, limelight, film, romance, and glamour. Her full name number further supports Doris with a Two Destiny (with the undertone of Eleven).

In the early 1940s, Day got her start as a singer with prominent band leaders. In 1948 her career took off with a role in a movie, Romance on the High Seas. During the late 1940s and 1950s, Day enjoyed immense popularity in musical comedies, and had a string of No.1 solo hits. Dubbed, The Girl Next Door (a perfect Two idea!), she expressed the epitome of the plucky, wholesome, virginal feminine ideal of mid-century America.

Career Climb. Her First Challenge One required her to develop her talent. Her biggest money-making years and professional standing were indicated by an Eight Pinnacle (money and power), influencing her from 1955 to 1964, at which time her star turn began to shift.

Along with the Eight Pinnacle came the Two Challenge (partnership issues likely to be related to her Two Destiny and career). The Two Challenge was harbinger of the financial disaster developing at the hands of her husband and her long-time legal adviser.

By the mid-1960's, the sexual revolution began to make her movies seem passé. Following her comedic successes, a few dramatic roles highlighted a more assertive side (her One Challenge of self-determination).

Not everything was sunshine for the perky singer of You Are My Sunshine. Day had four marriages, one of which was to producer Martin Melcher. After Melcher's death in 1968, Day discovered her husband and her attorney had squandered her finances, leaving her deeply in debt.

Loss of Autonomy. Her Karmic 19/1 Habit Challenge seemed to be expressed through devastating financial events, a result of trusting others without due oversight. Without her knowledge, her husband had signed contracts before his death that obligated her to do a series of television shows, the idea of which she had always hated.

Animal Rights Activist. Her final Pinnacle was service-oriented Nine with a One Challenge.

Day turned her attention to animal welfare, establishing the Doris Day Animal League in 1987, a national non-profit citizen's lobbying organization whose mission is to reduce pain and suffering and protect animals through legislative initiatives.

Late Age Professional Success.  Renewed Interanal Fame under Nine Pinnacle and self-motivating One Challenge.

In 2011, at age eighty-nine, Doris Day released My Heart in the United Kingdom—her first new album in nearly two decades. After the disc was released in the United States it soon climbed to No. 12 on Amazon's bestseller list, and helped raise funds for the animal foundation. In 2012, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association presented her with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Doris Day passed away on May 13, 2019.

Strong Values. Talent for Connecting with Her Social Milieu: (See Life Purpose Grid below with circles around the numbers).

The birth name Doris Mary Kappelhoff has two rather rare Lines of Focus (most circles in a straight line). The first is The Line of Bedrock and Foundation (1, 4, 7). This Line of Focus denotes a highly principled person with an acute sense of right and wrong. For example, among other things, Day was a vegetarian, a Christian Scientist, a life-long Republican, and put time and money into lobbying Congress for legislation on protecting animals, as well as establishing her own foundation.

The second Line of Focus is the Line of the Director (3, 6, 9). This denotes an exceptional sense of service and traditional moral values. Her service-oriented Ruling Passion Six on this line suggests that her career may be centered on vocal talent. Oddly enough, she had four marriages, one each for the four letters in her name indicating marriage (number Six).

Lastly, Doris Day was born with the gift of being able to perfectly pluck the heart strings of her public with her voice and sassy cinematic persona as shown by the perfect balance on the secondary Line of the Heart (one each of the numbers 2, 5, 8).

Numerology Profile for Doris Mary Kappelhoff

April 3, 1922

First Name  Doris      11/2 Celebrity, charismatic, role model of 
.                           femininity
Middle Name Mary          3 Musical expression, comedy 
Last Name   Kappelhoff    6 Vocal ability, traditional values, 
.                           service-oriented
Destiny                   2 Emotional expression, emphasizing romance, 
.                           femininity, partnership
Heart's Desire            8 Professional, strong work ethic, traditional
Personality               3 Communicator, bubbly, comedic, singer
Habit Challenge        19/1 Karmic debt: issues of leadership, 
.                           independence, self-determination
Day of Birth              3 Easygoing, friendly, youthful, musical
Birth Path                3 Communicator, creative, musically talented
Realization               5 Wide public appeal, broad experience, 
.                           resilient, activist
Physically                3 Out-going, energetic, musical
Mentally                  4 Practical, realistic, reliable, conservative
Emotionally               6 Committed, caring, traditional
Spiritually               6 Conventional, caring, responsible, highly
FIRST PINNACLE   (1922 - 1954)   7 Time of faith, development of skills
FIRST CHALLENGE  (1922-1954)     1 Required to develop her talent
SECOND PINNACLE  (1955 - 1963)   8 Professional success, money, power
SECOND CHALLENGE (1955 - 1963)   2 Partnership issues
THIRD PINNACLE   (1964 - 1973)   6 Service, fulfilling responsibility
THIRD CHALLENGE  (1964-1973)     1 Issues of integrity, self-determination
FOURTH PINNACLE  (1974 to death) 9 Animal rights, large-scale service, 
.                                  faith
FOURTH CHALLENGE (1974 to death) 1 Self-determination, freedom

Life Purpose Grid for letters in birth name Doris Mary Kappelhoff

Major Points of Personality and Potential Focus in Life:

Line of Bedrock and Foundation (1, 4, 7) (see comments above)

Line of the Director (3, 6, 9)

Ruling Passion (6—tradition, service, responsibility, family)

Perfect balance on secondary Line of the Heart (2, 5, 8)

While Doris Kappelhoff had everything she needed to be successful in life with her birth name, changing her name to Doris Day offered her additional lessons and potential.

Numerology Profile for changed name Doris Day

First Name   Doris      11/2 Celebrity, limelight
Last Name    Day           3 Musical and comedic talent 
Destiny                 14/5 Karmic debt number, public performance, 
.                            activism, freedom
Heart's Desire             7 Love of privacy, spiritual seeker
Personality             16/7 Karmic debt number, indicating betrayal of
.                            trust, loss of finances
Habit Challenge            8 Need to retain authority over her own money; 
.                            professional stress
Day of Birth               3 Easygoing, friendly, talented
Birth Path                 3 Communicator, musical
Realization                8 Professional success, awards, strong
.                            reputation, wealth

Life Purpose Grid for letters in Doris Day

Interestingly, this very short name manages to retain the rare Line of Bedrock and Foundation

(1,4,7) showing how important morals, ethical principles, caring for other species, and conservative values were to Ms. Day.

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