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How the Master Number Universal Year 2020 Affects You!




by Carol Adrienne

Time passes unhindered. When we make mistakes, we cannot

turn the clock back and try again.

All we can do is use the present well.”Dalai Lama

Twenty-two is a highly-charged energy typically called The Master Builder.

This rare occurrence of double digits indicates that 2020 will see significant environmental and planetary challenges.

Earthy 4 is the total of 22 (2 +2). Therefore the emphasis of 2020 will certainly be played out in earthquakes, climate events, as well as in major developments in the fields of computer technology, the Internet, chemistry, biology, transportation systems, manufacturing, and military strategies.

Twenty-two's potential for mastery and innovative vision could produce important discoveries and breakthroughs. However, the progress promised by the visionary aspect of 22 will unfold only to the extent that we are able to raise our collective vibration to a more conscious level—and to use our present well.

Our job in 2020 will be to breathe life into a higher, truer vision for life on earth, both individually and collectively.

Twenty-two is often described metaphorically as a network of like-minded people acting together to accomplish a visionary goal. The Internet is a perfect example of 22.

Perhaps we will see an even more dramatic shift in consciousness about the reality of climate change, or protests against institutional failures, corporate greed, and social injustices.

The spiritual challenge of 22 is to understand that as life keeps evolving, we must not fall into the lower vibrations of a victim mentality.

To the enlightened (Master-Builder 22) mind, challenges are opportunities to break through old beliefs and barriers. Crises are tipping points for inspiring needed change. Twenty-twenty is not the year to lose heart.

When the idea of mastery seems too far away or too big a goal, we may want to remind ourselves to come back to the present moment.

As we face an uncertain future, it's common to cycle through feelings from helplessness to hopefulness. We cannot solve many of our problems at the level we are living them.

However, 22 is a symbolical reminder that we are part of the whole, which includes many beings of exceptional wisdom who work quietly in the background.

The earth is our home. All we need do is play our part, and do what we can today in this present moment.

We can look out for each other. We can apply our talents. We can live more simply, use less, and choose more wisely. We can channel the wisdom of 22.


TWENTY-TWO encourages

  • ingenious practical solutions
  • global energy conservation; mindful consumption
  • cooperative building for a sustainable future
  • you to follow your dreams and believe in the value of what you have to offer


FOR 2020:

  • Find your personal year number by adding your month and day of birth to 2020.
  • Reduce the total to one digit. This is your Personal Year Number.

For example, if you were born on November 12 add:

11 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 18 (1 + 8) = 9 Personal Year

  • Read your forecast below.



(Note: Your Personal Year starts January 1 and ends December 31, no matter what month you were born.)

Personal Year 1 in 2020Begins a new nine-year cycle. Under the visionary, hard-working, no-nonsense 22, you may decide this is the year to begin to upgrade your career position, improve your living space, or build up your own business.

Purpose: Explore. Innovate. Commit. Be a role model. Lead with heart.

Relationship: Work out issues of independence and inter-dependence. Start new.

Career: Learn by doing. Be in the forefront. Do the impossible.

Personal Challenge: Procrastination. Over-optimism. Gullibility. Cutting corners.



Personal Year 2 in 2020Friendships, helpful alliances, new connections. Things unfold in their own time. Sometimes you have to accept what is. You tend to cooperate and assist rather than lead. Feelings tend to vacillate; occasional boredom. Desire for work/life balance. Don't be taken in by con artists, scammers.

Purpose: To develop sensitivity and emotional IQ. Choose peacefulness, mindfulness.

Relationship: Focus on love, understanding, reciprocity. Healthy boundaries. Indecision.

Career: Favors architecture, fashion, sales, computers, analysis, psychology.

Personal Challenge: Self-doubt. Toxic relationship. Procrastination. Cult or criminal association.

Personal Year 3 in 2020Creative breakthrough. With a 22 Universal vibration, a career or hobby could bring increased happiness or income. Success comes through using common sense, finding unusual solutions, meeting helpful people, and being in the right place at the right time.

Purpose: To use your imagination and put your dreams into reality.

Relationship: Favors affairs or remarrying, having a child, constructive social media time.

Career: Favors hospitality jobs, travel, taxi driving, fashion, yoga, sports, media, or sales.

Personal Challenge: All talk and no action. Jealousy. Envy. Lying. Hampered by debt.

Personal Year 4 in 2020Overcoming obstacles. You may be working hard in 2020. To side-step feeling discouraged, look for the silver lining. Rising to the best of 22, you come to understand that your external world reflects your inner beliefs and thoughts. You may have to accept a situation temporarily, but a genius moment makes it worth the wait.

Purpose: To set yourself on a path in alignment with your unique experiences and skills.

  Relationship: Choose wisely. Get married. Take a business partner.  Join a Master Mind group.

Career: Build. Keep up with the latest techniques and methods.

Personal Challenge: Cutting corners. Rigidity. Judgmental attitude. Bankruptcy.

Personal Year 5 in 2020Changes. Busyness. New circumstances. Restlessness. Under Universal 22, you are motivated to change limiting routines, beliefs, or goals that are not working for you anymore. Super-charged to try new things, you might even tick off a bucket list item. Expect to be in a very different situation by the end of 2020, perhaps through synchronicity or coincidence.

Purpose: To expand your experience, knowledge, and resilience.

Relationship: Tests around commitment and freedom. Possible addiction or sexual issues.

Career: Favors self-employment. Time to learn new skills and implement a plan.

Personal Challenge: Ignoring the handwriting on the wall. Failing to follow good advice.

Personal Year 6 in 2020Love, marriage, family ties. Selfless service. With the super boost from Universal 22's network of influence, your year is filled with obligations, commitments, and domestic concerns. Expect improvements in your housing situation, and a sense of over-all security. Stronger potential for weddings, births, graduations, caring for a parent, or marital separation.

Purpose: To be a happy, caring, productive member of society.

Relationship: At peace with self and others. Matters of home, children, and marriage.

Career: Favors teamwork, social work, healthcare, law, hospitality, Habitat for Humanity.

Personal Challenge: Co-dependency. Trying to control something. Stress, worry, anxiety.

Personal Year 7 in 2020Inner growth. With a challenging Universal 22, things may not be what you think at first glance. You learn to rely on your intuition to lead you where you need to go. Interests may be unusual, such as a scientific project, an exploration, a spiritual quest, or a specialty.

Purpose: To discover. To understand. To develop faith in the unseen.

Relationship: Possible loss. Soul love. Loneliness, Attracted to a guru or spiritual community.

Career: Time out. Rethinking goals. Technical training. Award for innovative work.

Personal Challenge: Feeling lonely or isolated. Keeping something hidden. Overworking.

Personal Year 8 in 2020Large-scale financial matters. Power issues. With super-charged ambitious 22, your year likely offers opportunity, advancement, and prosperity. Others want to join your band wagon. Expenses increase with business expansion, travel, or a new home. Over-extension, economic downturns, or poor judgment (or criminal activities) could wreak havoc.

Purpose: To make a mark. Overcome an obstacle. Succeed at a goal.

Relationship: Possible expensive legal fights. Large wedding. Career conflicts.

Career: Favors leadership. Corporations. Law. Medicine. Banking. Real Estate.

Personal Challenge: Over-working. Stress. Unrealistic goals. Lack of due-diligence.

Personal Year 9 in 2020Completion. Feelings of altruism, generosity, being touched by life. Events feel “meant to be.” Nine may take away, but always gives back. Emotions tend to overrule logic. Time to forgive yourself or others. Your internal clock (Nine) says it is time to complete a phase, but spiritually demanding 22 may have other ideas in store for you.

Purpose: To complete a phase of effort started nine years ago. To clear away or let go.

Relationship: Intense feelings. Humility. Unconditional love. Working through obstacles.

Career: Favors large, challenging projects. Success. Retirement. Dramatic wins and losses.

Personal Challenge: Addiction. Gullibility. Depression. Lack of faith. Holding a grudge.

Happy New Year! Wishing you amazing moments of happiness, love, abundance, and good health in 2020.

Carol Adrienne

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