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Universal Year Forecast 2022

How the Universal Year 2022 Affects You!



by Carol Adrienne nothing less than the power to overcome danger, misfortune, fear, injustice, while continuing to affirm inwardly that life, with all its sorrows, is good; that everything is meaningful, even if in a sense beyond our understanding; and that there is always tomorrow.”

--Dorothy Thompson, Journalist


The digits of 2022 indicate

2 – a millennium striving for peace, respectful co-existence, and planetary balance

0 – an unlimited ability to reach new levels of awareness, understanding, spiritual understanding

22 – a Master Number called the Master Builder. In the big picture, 2022 should be a time for humanity to make outstanding progress, especially in environmental sustainability and other global issues. The concept of Mastery suggests that wisdom, skill, and inventiveness are likely to be more available. Twenty-Two tells us “It's time to get serious and get it together.”

The “Master” Number Twenty-Two may sound grand. However, living under a Twenty-Two will demand vision, commitment, and effort. Twenty-Two is associated with mastery because it combines both practical, commonsense energy with a highly intuitive, dynamic, and unbelievably creative force.

The year 2022 will likely be remembered as a turning point. Despite continued global challenges, we will also see surprising, positive changes. Twenty-Two builds critical mass, which could result in seemingly super-fast, fantastic progress in areas formerly stalled (e.g., climate change?).

Twenty-Two needs scale and effective networks to produce unique and higher-level results. For example, in mundane terms, those involved in networks, such as supply chains, health delivery, and business will be in a position to create inspired solutions that are better than the ones we were “just putting up with.”

On the polar opposite side, Twenty-Two could also mean an increase in crime, institutional failures, or push-back demonstrations about governmental hard line tactics (lock downs, mandates, and corporate propaganda).

The Universal Year vibration of 2022 is Six

(2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6)

Six is the number associated with responsibility, family ties, community-building, and sharing knowledge for the good of all. Six's approach to problem-solving is conservative (rather than wildly risk-taking). Six is a time for increasing one's security and well-being. However, if one is already feeling vulnerable for some reason, Six could also be a time of periodic anxiety.

At its best Six promises us a quieter and more “normal” year. However, work and family demands may also increase. With three digits of partnership-oriented Two in 2022, we may see an uptick in marriages.


No matter what your own Personal Year is in 2022 (see description below), you might notice tendencies to

  • Desire more love and friendship.
  • Look for better work/life balance.
  • Commit to a relationship, heal a long-standing family issue.
  • Learn a new system, language, physical practice, hobby, or technical skill.
  • Do something about issues long on your mind.
  • Get more involved in environmental efforts, or make changes to your diet and buying habits.
  • Participate in coordinated efforts with people who may have different backgrounds.


To answer that question, first calculate your Personal Year for 2022:

Find your Personal Year number by adding your month and day of birth to 2022.

Reduce the total to one digit. This one-digit total is your Personal Year Number.

For example, let's say you were born on October 15. October is the 10th month, so you would add:

1+ 0 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2

1 + 6 + 6 = 13 = (1 + 3) = 4 Personal Year

(Note: Your Personal Year starts January 1 and ends December 31, no matter what month you were born.)

If your Personal Year is 1 in 2022:

You are beginning a new nine-year cycle. In general, a One Personal Year starts you thinking about looking for something new to add to your life, especially if you have had a big change in 2021 that felt like a closure. You are looking for stimulation and freedom, and want to feel more confident and independent. If looking for a corporate career change, you may link up with a forward-thinking organization. If you are thinking of starting your own business, you will succeed if you can meet many potential bureaucratic requirements. Whatever you do, under the security-oriented Six of 2022, you may have to handle family expectations that limit your ability to be a totally free spirit. Under Twenty-Two's rigorous process, you must also be prepared to clean up any financial problems.

Purpose for a 1 Personal Year: Explore. Innovate. Adapt to new conditions. Break away.

Relationships: Work out issues around independence and commitment. New friendships.

Career: Leadership roles. Learn by doing. Trial and error. Doing the impossible.

Personal Challenges: Courage. Believing in yourself. Going for a dream. Procrastination.

If your Personal Year is 2 in 2022:

Relationships will be a source of joy and also concern. With your personal Two resonating so strongly with 2022, you may experience changes in friendships and partnerships. Health issues create a desire for work/life balance. You likely have alternating periods of busyness and slowdown. In general, check details on important documents. Be alert for con artists, scammers.

Purpose for a 2 Personal Year: Learning. Sharing. Loving. Caring. Letting things unfold.

Relationships: Focus is on love, understanding, reciprocity. Healthy boundaries. Indecision.

Career: Focus on helping professions, art, hospitality, fashion, sales, research, analysis.

Personal Challenges: Anxiety, self-doubt. Breaking free of toxic relationship. Procrastination or illegal activity. Interest in cults. Deception. Worry about someone else.

If your Personal Year is 3 in 2022:

You may make a creative breakthrough, feel happier, healthier, have a child. Income or free time may increase or be sporadic. You are more likely to act spontaneously, being in the right place at the right time and meet helpful people. With the responsibility influence of Universal Six from 2022, you may be caught up in family matters, teaching, or child care. Overall, your year should be extremely rewarding and joyful. (Caveat: be very cautious about gambling or any get-rich-schemes.)

Purpose for a 3 Personal Year: To use imagination; create, experiment; develop talents and interests.

Relationships: Instant attraction, love affairs; uncertainty; surprises; dating or performing via social media.

Career: Favors hospitality jobs, travel, driving, fashion, sports, media, sales, part-time work.

Personal Challenges: All talk and no action. Jealousy. Lying. Overspending. Not able to socialize easily. Feeling blocked.

If your Personal Year is 4 in 2022:

This is likely a very hard-working year. You are very risk-averse in 2022, not wanting to lose what you have already gained. You may feel that it's not the right time to make a big move. You may work two jobs, or permanently work from home (the Universal Six loves to work from home). A temporary situation could offer long-term benefits. Be flexible but prudent. Your living situation could be disrupted, but ultimately better-off. Financial matters could be a problem if things have slid too far in the past.

Purpose for a 4 Personal Year: To create a solid foundation; become more stable and self-sufficient; make good use of time and opportunities. Rethink or commit to a goal; upgrade.

  Relationships: Commitment. Choose wisely. Get married. Enjoy new and positive people.

Career: Practical choices. Keep up with new developments; develop a product or service.

Personal Challenges: Cutting corners. Rigidity. Missed opportunity. Loss of income.

If your Personal Year is 5 in 2022:

Expect to be super-busy, face constant changes, or enjoy many opportunities. Becoming restless under routine, you may take the plunge into an unfamiliar situation or new lifestyle. Your free-spirit Five is at odds with conservative Universal Six. Family responsibilities may affect career and lifestyle changes. A relationship may break up. You may experiences odd shifts of fate, synchronicities, and coincidences. Could be a fantastically successful year and full of surprises. Mistakes can be rectified.

Purpose for a 5 Personal Year: To be resilient and to expand your experience. It's time to make adjustments that allow for more freedom, well-being. Take your talents to a broader scope. Time of growth, activity, excitement. Be an advocate for healthy change.

Relationships: Desire for freedom may lead to separation; exciting new friendships; facing personal issues, such as addiction, unhealthy habits, or work burnout.

Career: Favors part-time or self-employment; working with public; new skills; trial-and-error.

Personal Challenges: Ignoring the obvious. Missed opportunities. Fear. Resistance to change.

If your Personal Year is 6 in 2022:

Your focus revolves around love, family, and community. Since you are in resonance with Universal Year Six, you may be incredibly busy making people happy, serving the community, or sharing your wisdom through teaching and healing. With domestic Universal Year Six, you may enjoy improvements in housing, or be released from a burden. Despite worries, your needs are provided for. Your year holds high potential for weddings, births, graduations, caring for a parent, or marital separation. Expenses are spent for education, health, offspring.

Purpose for a 6 Personal Year: To provide, teach, support, and nurture; care-giving; community work; artistic expression; creating comfort, security, and happiness.

Relationships: Efforts to find common ground in conflicts. Not inclined to rock the boat. Emphasis on love of home, children, and marriage, although divorce may be considered.

Career: Favors new forms of teamwork, social work, healthcare, law, adjustments in hospitality job due to pandemic.

Personal Challenges: Co-dependency. Trying to control. Stress, anxiety. Weight gain unless active.

If your Personal Year is 7 in 2022:

You want to simplify and find more meaning in life. After a challenging 2021—likely filled with domestic cares—you are ready for some rest and rejuvenation in 2022. You are prone to rethink what you want in life. You feel inclined to listen to intuition, and trust that things will work out. Combined with Twenty-Two's thirst for mastery and Seven's investigative and skeptical focus, you may have an unusually rewarding year, but one that takes you out of your normal routine. With the spiritual aspect of Seven and the ethical Twenty-Two, you may be done with platitudes from institutions that have let you down. A deeply personal or esoteric interest could become a passion. This is a year to be especially cautious about over-extension or iffy schemes.

Purpose for a 7 Personal Year: To discover something new. To focus on self. To trust that there is a deeper purpose for what happens.

Relationships: Possible loss or separation. Soulful connections. Learning to be alone and not be lonely. Attracted to a guru or spiritual community. Meeting someone with common interests.

Career: Sabbatical. Education. Technical training. Award for innovative work. Spiritual focus.

Personal Challenges: Feeling lonely or isolated. Secrets. Overworking or lethargy.

If your Personal Year is 8 in 2022:

You are striving to make progress in material matters. The extra power of 2022's Master Number will increase your Personal Year Eight's normal focus on handling money, power, and legal issues. Surprising opportunities, advancement, and prosperity emerge—if you keep yourself focused and market-savvy. Financial and real estate deals could be hugely profitable, if based on a sound foundation. If past finances have been troubled, 2022 could force things to a head, with possible business closure or even bankruptcy. Unethical people must be avoided.

Purpose for an 8 Personal Year: To get ahead financially, and move up to a better position. Success after hard work for long periods despite challenges. Implementing changes for long-term stability.

Relationships: Love life may involve power struggles or money and legal complications. Expenses for home, family, business. Career decisions may conflict with partner, or may be working too hard and long outside home. Trying to impress higher ups.

Career: Favors leadership. Working for corporation or government. Law. Medicine. Banking. Real Estate. Big changes, lay-off, or promotion in 2022.

Personal Challenges: Over-working. Stress. Unrealistic goals. Lack of due-diligence.

If your Personal Year is 9 in 2022:

Your internal clock says it's time to review, complete, expand, or retire. Twenty-Two loves your “big idea” Personal Year Nine. This combination could be tremendously life-changing. You may be presented with an amazing opportunity. At times your Nine vibe will bring strong feelings. You may go through periods of exaltation, altruism, generosity, or deep loss and grief, depending on your situation. In 2022, Events might feel “meant to be.” While Nine may take away certain people, places, or things, you can be sure that 2022 will also gives back. Even if a highly rational type, your heart generally rules over your head. Regrets, estrangements, or other causes of stress may be understood and forgiven now.

Purpose for a 9 Personal Year: To complete a phase of growth and effort started nine years ago. To clear away or let go of what you have outgrown, or in which you have lost interest. To acknowledge what has heart and meaning for you and find more of that. To prepare for a new part of your identity to emerge.

Relationships: Tend to be more intense, spurring compassion, forgiveness, humility, and unconditional love. A long-standing condition, estrangement, or obstacle may be resolved.

Career: Humanitarian interests. Favors working for the benefit of others. Involved in large-scale, challenging projects. Success. Retirement. Dramatic wins and losses.

Personal Challenges: Sorrow. Depression. Being scammed. Loss of faith. Holding a grudge.

In conclusion, 2022 will be—for each of us—another exciting opportunity to use our genius in everyday life, and to keep developing higher aspirations for future benefits.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

Carol Adrienne

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