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How Universal Year 2021 Affects You!

How Universal Year 2021 Affects You!



by Carol Adrienne

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion,

some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

--Maya Angelou


The individual digits of 2021(5) indicate

2 – striving for peace and balance

0 – an unlimited ability to reach new levels of awareness, understanding, spiritual development

2 – world-wide cooperative effort

1 – a call for sound leadership; exploration, new methods and techniques

5 – quick-thinking, trying new ideas, making crucial changes for sustainability now

The total of all the digits in Universal year 2021—(2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5)--is Five.

In numerology earthy, unpredictable, let's-do-it-now, future-oriented Five is known for

its ability to catalyze a situation and clear blocks, such as in
vaccines and rapid evolution of medical treatments and delivery

resumption of travel and transportation

helping to materialize advancements in

safer conditions in schools, restaurants, houses of worship, sports, cultural organizations


public and political activism

releasing energy (appearing as sudden changes)

potential for more volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis

stock market plunges

armed conflicts

encouraging curiosity and adventurous undertakings

technology and scientific advancements

emergency relief programs, such as, low-cost housing, food banks, health care

advances in space travel

facilitating new opportunities and experiences

in manufacturing, robotics, supply chains, productivity

take-out services

What's next after 2020? Call it evolutionary growing pains. It's no accident that after the global shut down of activity in 2020 (4), 2021 (5) brings the opposite energy of revitalization.

An astrologer friend recently pointed out that a major planetary action at this time is highlighting the tug-of-war movements between explosive, dynamic Uranus and stolid, conservative Saturn. As humans we can relate. On a personal scale, we want to throw away our masks and move freely (Uranus). On the other hand, we are required to hunker down (Saturn), sometimes kicking off an instinct to conserve and hoard (so to speak).

Astrologically, our personal lives operate within larger planetary cycles. At certain points, it's time for things to break down before they can evolve. Similarly, our own internal nine-year numerological cycles seem to trigger our next phase of development.

Last year's pandemic crisis catalyzed tipping points in many areas of life. In 2021 we will be dealing with the aftermath of these changes, from loss of loved ones to disappearing jobs and careers. Evolution can be painful, creating doubt and confusion—(a current example of which is our current fixation on whether something is real or fake news).

The pandemic itself instantly revealed many vulnerabilities in society, more convincingly than political protest or action (or the lack thereof). The virus outbreak demonstrated dramatically that humankind is one entity, connected at the most invisible and basic level.

Ironically, despite the need for six feet of social distance and a mask, our new catch phrase became “We are all in this together.”

In 2021, the adaptations, innovations, and “work-arounds” we scrambled to make in 2020 will continue to be of use in 2021. Some of us will still be working fast and even more furiously to keep up with new developments in public health, hospital care, telemedicine, retail markets, supply chains, education, restaurants, social life, sports, entertainment, and just about every other aspect of human life.

How might 2021 affect you? No matter what your own Personal Year is in 2021 (see below), you can expect extra

benefits and resilience—strength to bounce back

feelings of optimism

new beginnings and maybe even lucky breaks

With active, broad-minded, and friendly Five in your life, you may be inspired to build on the good or difficult changes that came last year, and continue to keep the focus on what is truly important.


To answer that question, first calculate your Personal Year for 2021.

Find your personal year number by adding your month and day of birth to 2021.

Reduce the total to one digit. This is your Personal Year Number.

For example, let's say you were born on October 15. October is the 10th month, so you would add:

1+ 0 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1

1 + 6 + 5 = 12 = (1 + 2) = 3 Personal Year


(Note: Your Personal Year starts January 1 and ends December 31, no matter what month you were born.)

If your Personal Year is 1 in 2021: You are beginning a new nine-year cycle. The potential for new directions that a 1 Personal Year normally brings is even higher during the volatility and uncertainty of Universal 2021/5. Since the Universal 5 is already shaking up “normal” conventions, it heightens the chances that your 1 Personal Year may be even more tumultuous, opening up numerous options for you to explore or deal with. You may decide or be forced to move or change careers.

Purpose for a 1 Personal Year: Explore. Innovate. Adapt to new conditions. Break away.

Relationships: Work out issues around independence and commitment. New friendships.

Career: Leadership roles. Learn by doing. Trial and error. Doing the impossible.

Personal Challenges: Courage. Believing in yourself. Going for a dream. Stop procrastinating.

If your Personal Year is 2 in 2021: You may experience changes in friendships; a desire for work/life balance; alternating periods of busyness and slowdown. Normally, Two gives things a chance to settle down, but, due to 5, you may feel restless to start a new project. Go with the flow, but be prepared to act quickly if necessary. You tend to cooperate and assist rather than lead. Feelings vacillate. Love and romance are on your mind. Check details. Be alert for con artists, scammers.

Purpose for a 2 Personal Year: Learning. Sharing. Loving. Caring. Letting things unfold.

Relationships: Focus is on love, understanding, reciprocity. Healthy boundaries. Indecision.

Career: Focus on helping professions, art, hospitality, fashion, sales, research, analysis.

Personal Challenges: Anxiety, self-doubt. Breaking free of toxic relationship. Procrastination or illegal activity. Interest in cults. Deception. Worry about someone else.

If your Personal Year is 3 in 2021: You may make a creative breakthrough, feel happier, healthier, have a child. Income or free time may increase or be sporadic. With PY 3 in a volatile 5 Universal year, success could come (or evaporate) quickly and unexpectedly. You are more likely to act spontaneously, being in the right place at the right time and meet helpful people. With the pandemic still present, the social aspects of 3 will be curtailed, however, requiring different, safe, ways to mix, travel, and congregate.

Purpose for a 3 Personal Year: To use imagination; create, experiment; develop talents and interests.

Relationships: Instant attraction, love affairs; uncertainty; surprises; dating or performing via social media.

Career: Favors hospitality jobs, travel, driving, fashion, sports, media, sales, part-time work.

Personal Challenges: All talk and no action. Jealousy. Lying. Overspending. Not able to socialize easily. Feeling blocked.

If your Personal Year is 4 in 2021: Be prepared in case plans fall apart; you may work two jobs, or permanently work from home. With opportunistic 5 Universal year, be ready to step into a new role, even if you feel unprepared. Look for silver linings. A temporary situation could offer long-term benefits. Be flexible but prudent. Your living situation could be disrupted, but ultimately better-off.

Purpose for a 4 Personal Year: To create a solid foundation; become more stable and self-sufficient; make good use of time and opportunities. Rethink or commit to a goal; upgrade.

Relationships: Commitment. Choose wisely. Get married. Enjoy new and positive people.

Career: Practical choices. Keep up with new developments; develop a product or service.

Personal Challenges: Cutting corners. Rigidity. Missed opportunity. Loss of income.

If your Personal Year is 5 in 2021: Expect to be super-busy, face constant changes, or have many opportunities. Becoming restless under routine, you may take the plunge into an unfamiliar situation or new lifestyle. Amplified by Universal 5, life may seem faster, busier, and more uncertain. A relationship may break up. Shifts of fate; synchronicities and coincidences.

Purpose for a 5 Personal Year: To be resilient and to expand your experience. It's time to make adjustments that allow for more freedom, well-being. Take your talents to a broader scope. Time of growth, activity, excitement. Be an advocate for healthy change.

Relationships: Desire for freedom may lead to separation; exciting new friendships; facing personal issues, such as addiction, unhealthy habits, or work burnout.

Career: Favors part-time or self-employment; working with public; new skills; trial-and-error.

Personal Challenges: Ignoring the obvious. Missed opportunities. Fear. Resistance to change.

If your Personal Year is 6 in 2021: Your focus revolves around love, family, community; may have to make domestic adjustments. Service and responsibility are highlighted. With new opportunities from Universal Year 5, you may enjoy improvements in housing or release from a burden. Despite worries your needs are provided. Potential for weddings, births, graduations, caring for a parent, or marital separation. Expenses for education, health, offspring.

Purpose for a 6 Personal Year: To provide, teach, support, and nurture; care-giving; community work; artistic expression; creating comfort, security, and happiness.

Relationships: Efforts to find common ground in conflicts. Not inclined to rock the boat. Emphasis on love of home, children, and marriage, although divorce may be considered.

Career: Favors new forms of teamwork, social work, healthcare, law, adjustments in hospitality job due to pandemic.

Personal Challenges: Co-dependency. Trying to control. Stress, anxiety. Weight gain unless active.

If your Personal Year is 7 in 2021: You want to simplify and find more meaning in life. After challenging 2020, you may be taking time off in 2021 or rethinking what you want in life. You feel inclined to listen quietly to intuition and seek spiritual inspiration. Unusual interests; scientific discovery; a spiritual quest; learning or developing a specialty. Changes in responsibilities.

Purpose for a 7 Personal Year: To discover something new. To focus on self. To trust that there is a deeper purpose for what happens.

Relationships: Possible loss or separation. Soulful connections. Learning to be alone and not be lonely. Attracted to a guru or spiritual community. Meeting someone with common interests.

Career: Sabbatical. Education. Technical training. Award for innovative work. Spiritual focus.

Personal Challenges: Feeling lonely or isolated. Secrets. Overworking or lethargy.

If your Personal Year is 8 in 2021: You are striving to make progress in material matters; focus on handling money, power, and legal issues. A feeling of competency emerges after the struggles of 2020. Surprising opportunities, advancement, and prosperity (starting to overcome any financial losses from the pandemic). Financial and real estate deals. Also, possible loss of home or business, or bankruptcy from financial over-extension, bad timing.

Purpose for an 8 Personal Year: To get ahead financially, and move up to a better position. Success after hard work for long periods despite challenges. Implementing changes for long-term stability.

Relationships: Love life may involve power struggles or money and legal complications. Expenses for home, family, business. Career decisions may conflict with partner, or may be working too hard and long outside home. Trying to impress higher ups.

Career: Favors leadership. Working for corporation or government. Law. Medicine. Banking. Real Estate. Big changes, lay-off, or promotion in 2021.

Personal Challenges: Over-working. Stress. Unrealistic goals. Lack of due-diligence.

If your Personal Year is 9 in 2021: Your spiritual clock says it's time to review, complete, expand, or retire. Strong feelings of altruism, generosity, being touched by life. Events feel “meant to be.” Nine may take away, but always gives back. The heart rules over the head. Time to forgive yourself or others. With Universal 5, your life could be especially intense, exciting, or tumultuous in 2021.

Purpose for a 9 Personal Year: To complete a phase of growth and effort started nine years ago. To clear away or let go of what you have outgrown, or in which you have lost interest. To acknowledge what has heart and meaning for you and find more of that. To prepare for a new part of your identity to emerge.

Relationships: Tend to be more intense, spurring compassion, forgiveness, humility, and unconditional love. A long-standing condition, estrangement, or obstacle may be resolved. At worst, domestic violence (dramatic, intense 9 with passionate 5).

Career: Humanitarian interests. Favors working for the benefit of others. Involved in large-scale, challenging projects. Success. Retirement. Dramatic wins and losses.

Personal Challenges: Sorrow. Depression. Being scammed. Loss of faith. Holding a grudge.

In conclusion, 2021 will be an exciting opportunity to use our genius for adaptation (Uranus) and good judgment (Saturn) to help the world keep turning. The normal rhythms of your 2021 Personal Year will most likely be a little more out-sized, extreme, exciting, and growth-producing than might have been expected.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

Carol Adrienne

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