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Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

February 2010


Dr. Terry Dhanjal, a Georgia chiropractor,  recently left a phone message inquiring about a meditation tape she had bought from me about thirteen years ago in Montreal, Canada.  She had attended  one of the conferences organized by the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, where I was one of the speakers that year.  When we spoke on the phone, I became interested in her story of how she changed from one career to another, from one country to another. 


At the time she and I met, she was working as an ultrasound technologist, and was deeply involved in spiritual study.  She felt an inner urge to change her career into something that included more of her healing interests.  Interestingly, emerging from the experiences of a very bad relationship set the stage for the very path she was seeking.


As so often is the case, things happen for a reason.


Dr. Terry says,


“My decision to become a chiropractor came out of my own healing work following a traumatic  relationship experience.  One day, after several months of recovery, my chiropractor said to me, “You know, you should become a chiropractor.” At first, I was very surprised.  I couldn't see myself going back to school. But, he kept encouraging me to apply—which I finally did, but then I got rejected!  I realized that I lacked the core university classes.  I was working full-time as an ultrasound technologists then, and did not live near a college.  My chiropractor suggested that I could do the core classes in the States, so I moved down here to Georgia, and  eventually got my degree from Life University, a chiropractic school  in Marietta.” 


Synchronistic Flow Follows the Right Decision

“After coming to Georgia, it seemed that everything I needed was given to me.  I found a place to live. I met other Canadians. I was able to get a work visa, allowing me to work while attending school.  Each thing just fell into place almost like magic.”

The Next Step Appears as a Recurring Idea

“After finishing the program, I felt a strong urge to move forward. I knew that the next step  was to set up a practice.


I attended a business marketing seminar offered by a consulting company.  Sitting in the front row, I felt like they were talking right to me.”

Make a Business Plan and Begin Doing the Footwork

“The consulting company helped me make a business plan, starting with key questions, such as, What kind of services do you want to offer?  How much will equipment cost?  What kind of space do you want to rent?”

Support Appears from Various Relationships

Dr. Terry's clinic is located in Loganville, Georgia,(Walnut Grove- where a cluster of four small towns meet). “After I made my plan, I began looking for a space.  I feel that I lucked out with the space and the landlords that I found.  The woman who owns this property was a cancer survivor in remission.  Since both my parents had also had cancer, she and I connected very well.   Without her and her husband's encouragement and contacts, I would have had a much harder time of it--I might even have given up!

Let People Know Who You Are and What you Do

Dr. Terry emphasizes the key role that networking and finding supportive people play in starting a new business.  She says, “I always make sure to have really positive people around me—especially those who are growing like myself. 


“I joined the local Chamber of  Commerce, and got involved.  The Chamber showcased my business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  I reached out to the community by delivering flyers about my clinic to nearby businesses.  I put ads in local magazines and newspapers, and I attended various community festivals. For example, I teamed up with a community wellness coalition.  I started going to their meetings, and contributed to their diabetes campaign.  You just have to look around for what's going on near you, tap into it, and let people know what you do.


 “My husband [of three years] is involved with Toastmasters, and so I joined, too, to improve my public speaking.  Toastmasters provides you with clear guidelines about making speeches, and you have a mentor.  You practice and get evaluated, which helps you hone your message.”

Intrinsic Motivation is a Core Element of Success

While we obviously work to make a living, and money is important to our well being, it's having a sense of meaning that is the essential factor for starting a business, inventing something new, or making a big life change.  Once we align ourselves with the guiding star of what matter to us, we can move mountains.


“A lot of people who come to me are looking for answers.” says, Dr. Terry, “What really makes me happy is seeing results—people telling me that their back pain or stomach pain is gone. Telling me that their neck doesn't hurt anymore!  I love my practice because I do  more than just chiropractic.  For some people, I might do chakra healing or a weight loss program.  There are so many approaches to keeping ourselves healthy.  I help people to think about their vision for their health, and find small steps to improve the quality of their health.


“In seminars, I encourage people to connect with their passion about their health, their job, their relationships.  I use any tools that work!”

Numerology Notes on Dr. Terry

I calculated a numerology chart for Terry's original name and birth date.  Her Destiny number (what she must accomplish) is the number 1—to become independent, a leader,  and express original ideas. She must use courage and vision in developing a path often involving different or alternative methods.


Her motivation number is the hard-working, 8 Heart's Desire—indicating the natural executive, expert, authority figure, and problem solver so often found in medicine. 


Her 11/2 Birth Path and 11/2 Personality numbers (from her birth date and name) adds a spiritual and inspirational quality, balancing her ambitious side.  Her 9 Ultimate Realization number predicts that she will mature into a  compassionate educator, healer, and humanitarian.  Other numbers indicate that she is an old soul, with a karmic drive to heal left over issues from other lifetimes.  In the past, she might have been persecuted for having heretical ideas or for practicing the healing arts outside traditionally accepted methods.  This present lifetime gives the opportunity to let her light shine at what she loves to do.


I also noticed that she is completing a 9 year cycle in 2010, and moving to a new level.  Other  indicators suggest an increase in humanitarian work in the next four years.  I asked Dr. Terry if she was planning any fund raising or outreach.  As it turns out, she has already worked with various groups and churches in the past, and is currently engaged in a drive benefiting muscular dystrophy. 


Furthermore, she told me that she resonates with the karmic challenges of being a pioneer, one who is not always fully accepted by the mainstream.  She said, “I can feel that karmic link to being an outsider even in this life.  For example, with chiropractic work, some people believe in it, some don't.  Those that don't usually have never had any experience with it yet.   I have gone through some of that ostracism with friends and even family. I have also been told that I've done healing work in past lives. “

Dr. Terry's RX for Pursuing Your Dream

         Find expert guidance. Hiring experts can be a worthwhile short cut to making your dreams come true. “There's a wealth of information available.  If, like me, you didn't have a family role model,  find mentors.  People love to help a committed person.”

         Honor wherever you are today.  This moment is only one stage of your life purpose. For example, Dr. Terry says that, if she had not attended the Montreal seminar with me over ten years, she wouldn't be having our interview today.  She says, “I came to the conference because I belonged to a Celestine Prophecy group as part of the IHHHS.  At that time, I was at the stage of following my interest in the principles of The Celestine Prophecy and the Experiential Guide.  The seeds were planted a long time ago, and now I am living in the blossoming of those seeds. 

         Write down your goals, and visualize how you want your life to be. 


Happy February, everyone!

Carol Adrienne



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