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Your Stepping Stones are Purposeful

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Recently I received an email from a former coaching client, Cindy Harris, updating me on how her career has unfolded into an exciting new family business that is reaching hundreds of thousands of people every month—and growing.

A Desire to Work at Home--the Adventure Begins

I first interviewed Cindy several years ago when she was just starting a home-based business she called, Come for Tea. She had been home-schooling her son, Cameron, and wanted to create a business out of her passion for tea (her husband actually helped her define this passion) and one that she could handle from home. In the beginning she developed a Website to promote the physical and emotional benefits of drinking tea, and sold a variety of teas out of her home. As the tea business evolved, she started selling other items such as bakery goods and other tea-related products from similar boutique businesses. As her sales and presence expanded, Cindy began to receive invitations to speak in public and to give seminars on the benefits of sitting down with a cup of tea for a moment of reflection or to connect with a friend.

A Plateau Allows Germination

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, her business blossomed over the Internet, and she continued to expand for another six years. As often happens in our ever-changing path, her interests began to change along with shifts in her family. When her father died, she went through a period focusing on family matters, and began to give less time to the business, which, not surprisingly, hit a plateau.

New Technology Fires Cameron's Imagination

At the end of 2008, her son Cameron was now about fifteen years old. And full of new ideas! Cindy said,

“One day, Cameron said to me, 'Mom, why don't we start a podcast network?' I had no idea what a podcast was, and he explained that I could video-tape the talks I used to give and make them into a podcast to post on the Internet so that anyone could watch them all over the world. I was immediately excited by the idea, since I still loved teaching, and this would mean I wouldn't have to travel.”

New Passion, New Growth, Huge Expansion

At the beginning of 2009 Cindy and Cameron launched the Harwood Podcast Network.

“I did my Come for Tea classes on the podcasts, but now I was able to demonstrate different tea sandwiches and be more creative with it, because my format was unlimited. Each program typically lasts from seven to fifteen minutes.

All of a sudden, we started noticing huge downloads each month of the podcasts from people all over the world. This was exciting, so we started doing other shows on cooking like making breads, cooking seasonally using local Farmers' Market ingredients and baking cookies and cupcakes.

People loved our shows. We have viewers in over seventy-two countries. I am connecting with women in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, France, Portugal, and Korea. Here in the US, we tend to think that making cookies is no big deal, but in other countries women want to learn how to bake and cook like this. One woman in Korea has decided I am her teacher, so I am teaching her how to cook! We email each other back an forth, so we actually have a connection outside the podcast.

On the cooking podcast, I use my own kitchen. For other types of podcasts, we have an actual video sound stage in another location. For example, we have a show with a woman who teaches how to quilt. As of this year, we have produced over 400 episodes, and we're getting almost 100,000 downloads a month.”


Passion and the Next Generation


Surprisingly, Cindy's original passion for tea has become a family-run business. Not only that, but this new direction has opened up a career path that Cameron is now pursuing with zeal as well. He is in charge of the technical aspects of the Network, and was the first one to attract a sponsor, which is helping pay for production costs.

“Our podcasts are free, and our quality is excellent and consistent. Sponsors are realizing that people are getting a lot of their information now from the Internet., and that we are reaching people all over the world. As other sponsors show up, we want to make sure that they fit with what we are doing.”


Besides Cindy's cooking and photography podcasts, Cameron began to produce his own shows. In one such series he demonstrates how to use a free software program by Google, called Sketchup. It's a 3-D modeling tool used by architects, for example, to redesign homes.. Cindy says, “Cameron's show is now attracting its own following. This caught the eye of a company called 3Dconnexxion, a division of Logitech, a computer peripheral company. They saw what he was doing, and they wanted to sponsor him to mention their products on his show. Now he receives a monthly income from them. They probably had no idea that he was sixteen! You can imagine for a kid like him who has gone through so much to have his idea become literally our family business.”

When a Physical Condition Sharpens our Focus

Cindy refers to the fact that Cameron was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes when he was eight years old.

When we initially started this interview, she shared with me how Cameron's life took on a new dimension after being diagnosed. “I don't think he would be in this deeper, creative place today if this hadn't happened to re-shape the trajectory of his life.” I was eager to talk with her about her experiences managing diabetes with Cameron, as my own eight-year-old grandson, Anders Rohrer, was also diagnosed with Type 1 five years ago when he was three. Cindy told me about Cameron's podcast series called In Range, in which he talks about issues related to Type 1 diabetes.

“He talks about different subjects that come up for people, who are newly diagnosed. He's done at least twenty shows. He'll talk, for example, about what is a carbohydrate. How to read labels. He'll talk about what are good snacks, about having an insulin pump, how to go on a trip with diabetes. Apparently, other young people find his information very helpful, and they relate to him more easily than they might to an adult.

It was actually his endocrinologist at the hospital who suggested doing a podcast. This way people can watch it over and over. We heard from a boy in the UK, who loves watching Cameron. He commented that Cameron clearly knows what he's doing. He said it's like watching a buddy telling him what it's like to be Type-1. In my 'spare time' I've been trying to accumulate a list of Children's Hospitals so I can let them know about the podcast. I want to get this information in the hands of families all over the country and all over the world.”

Purpose is a Work in Progress

Cindy Harris and her son Cameron are obviously fulfilling a major part of their individual life purposes through this amazing new venture. Interestingly, this development would not even been possible a few years ago before the technological advances of the Internet and the relatively accessible process of producing video segments.

It's important to remember that our life purpose is a work in progress and certain foundation work must be done. Creativity, courage, commitment, and patience are needed to continue to follow our unfolding path. Cindy remarked as we ended our conversation,

“You may be deeply involved in creating one thing, like a tea business, about which you are absolutely passionate. Our tendency is, however, to think that because we are passionate about something, we have to keep doing it forever. I realize now how one thing leads to another. I think it's very important to keep an open mind about how that business may very well be a stepping stone to something else.

If your interest changes, you have to trust that that's part of your developing purpose. My original tea business has never really died, because it's evolved into something even bigger. The tea was the initial content, but only part of a bigger picture of reaching out to share and educate people. The tea business got me started learning how to create a Website and how to use the Internet. It forced me to learn how to speak in public, and put together a talk. It was a great launching point for a woman in her forties, who was wondering what was next in her life.

Just because we create something, we don't have to do that forever. At this stage of my life, I am creating podcasts over forty times a month. Forty times a month I'm doing something I'm interested in. You can see there's not much room in there fore boredom! My intention has always been to share only those things that I personally loved. We've taken this same philosophy into our podcast project. There is an energy of passion and integrity that goes along with our podcast, and that's why I think all of these people in various remote areas are connecting with us.”


Check it Out

To check out the podcasts, you can see a list of all the shows and watch any of them right now! Please go to Cindy and Cameron's Website at

Happy March!

Carol Adrienne



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