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When Does the Personal Year Start?

"Hello Carol,I can not wait to see my weekly free numerology report each week. Many thanks for this. I am currently in a 2 year....does this mean in December I go into a 3 year? What is correct Birthday to Birthday or year to year? So three is an expansive Jupiter year? So will I have to be careful in this area? Is this correct? Love and Blessings Gale"  

Dear Gale, There are two schools of thought in numerology. One says thatthe Personal Year starts on your birthday, the other says it starts January 1, ends December 31st of each year. I subscribe to the latter. Therefore, I would say that you will be in a 3 Personal Year starting January 1, 2011. Yes, you are right. The number 3 is considered a time for a refreshing element to blow through our lives (as you will read each week next year in in the numerology forecast.)

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