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How does my email address affect me numerologically?


Dear Carol,

I've been wanting to change my email address.  Does is matter or how much does it matter what number my email address is?  Do I count the extension (, etc) in the calculation?
Hi Christine,

Regarding your question:  Does it matter what the email name adds up to?  It matters if you pay attention to its selection, and put some energy into choosing a particular number.  Your intention for the number is to attract that "energy, activity, outcome, person, etc" into your life.  Working out what the total value is, based on the letters and numbers is fun.  Your understanding of that number (i.e. whether you like it or not, or whether you are trying to avoid something or attract something) begins to give it significance.  
Does it greatly affect your life?  I have no way to answer that, but if you like numerology enough to work it out, I'd say do it intentionally!

Of course, in choosing a total outcome, you'll be thinking about which number is the "right" or "wrong" total number for the address.  However, I'd think more in terms of what the number signifies.  Each number has its opportunities and strengths and point of view and frequency. 
Numbers that resonate with your favorite number or are the same as numbers in your numerology chart certainly give you a sense of connection and highlights your intention to attract good things.  I'd say create an address first, and then work it out numerologically.  You have to like seeing and using your address, and it should be easy to convey to others, so be sure to look at it practically, as well as spiritually!

Regarding the idea of adding in the extension letters, for example, or, these are more "generic" influences that many people share.  You can work out the full address with the extension, but I think the most potent part of the email address is your private address, so I would look most closely at the outcome total of that part of the email address.

Keep in touch, and let me know what you finally do with your address,
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