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DESTINY 19/1 With her married name, Luce now focuses on a life of achievement, power, and recognition, which she fulfilled with by her own efforts as a writer, playwright, congresswoman, and the first United States woman ambassador. Her high status marriage to publishing mogul, Henry Luce (Time, Life, and Fortune magazines) only gave her more access to power and people in high places. A Washington fixture, she moved in the same circles as nine presidents-- from Roosevelt to Reagan.

HEART'S DESIRE 22 gives her an almost unstoppable motivation to influence or change large organizations or systems. This number of the “Master Builder” drives her to promote her political policies and to wield power.

PERSONALITY 6 and HABIT CHALLENGE 6 may account for her becoming more conservative with age. Her often opinionated expression (often a pitfall of a 6 Challenge) in political circles did create setbacks and enmities, most significantly of which lead her to serve only four days of her appointment as ambassador to Brazil in 1959.

REALIZATION (ULTIMATE GOAL) 9 shows the potential for world-wide influence, wealth, and high social status, all of which were hallmarks of her high-profile life.

Numerology Delineation For
Clare Boothe Luce
First Name            3  Clare  Creative, communicator, social
Middle Name        11/2  Boothe Charismatic, famous
Last Name             5  Luce   Active, bold, political
Destiny            19/1  Influencer  Leader, political, pioneer
Heart's Desire     22/4  Master-Builder  Determined, motivator
Personality           6  Teacher  Opinionated, conservative
Habit Challenge       6  Opinionated, lifelong family issues
KARMIC LESSON(S)      4  Need to learn follow-through, abhors poverty
KARMIC LESSON(S)      7  Need to develop spiritual (took LSD)
Day of Birth         10  Realistic and achieving
Birthpath             8  Executive, wealthy, high social status
Realization           9  Humanitarian, world-wide player
Name Gridclare_boothe_luce.gif 

LINE OF THE DIRECTOR 3,6, 9. Now her Grid fairly pulsates with self-expression and social influence. Note the massive energy of the FIVE 3's radiating out in the Line of the Head (3,6, 9). These 3's show her marked ability to socialize, find creative solutions, and express her ideas as a writer, politician, social leader, and stateswoman. Her position as the wife of arguably the most influential publisher of his time extended the reach of her abilities to communicate through these 3's.

LINE OF INDIVIDUAL TALENT 3,2,1. If the intellectual mastery of the Line of the Head (3, 6, 9) were not enough, Luce also acquired the Line of Talent (centered on the combined arts of the 3's).

LINE OF FAME AND RECOGNITION 3, 5, 7 delivers the final thrust to accelerate her to a high social position. This Line gives the potential to become a world-wide recognized celebrity.

Interestingly, however, the lack of a circle on the number 7 (one of her original karmic numbers) indicates that she may have trouble relating to the common man, or of not being able to reach as wide an audience as she would hope for. In fact, her life and views were controversial and she lived in a highly public—and not always harmonious--fishbowl.

Name changes do affect our focus and direction in life.

The transition from the name Ann Clare Boothe to Clare Boothe Luce is a powerfully clear example of how we might understand the seemingly amazing developments of a person's journey through analyzing the changes in his or her name. While the name gives only a potential for development, the innate energies represent the calling of our ever-unfolding spiritual destiny.

If you are interested to read an in-depth look at her life, you may want to get author Sylvia Jukes Morris's two-volume biography:  Rage for Fame: The Ascent of Clare Boothe Luce (May, 1997) and Price of Fame: The Honorable Clare Boothe Luce (June, 2014.)

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