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Luce was born Ann Clare Boothe in New York City on March 10, 1903. Her parents, though never married, separated in 1912. Her father, a sophisticated man and brilliant violinist, had trouble holding down jobs as a traveling salesman. Apparently, early in life Luce felt a sense of inferiority about the humble social status of her unwed parents. As we shall see in our next example, her married name more than compensated for any lacks and catapulted her to fame and fortune. She was to become an acclaimed writer, playwright, United States Congresswoman, friend to presidents, and the first woman to be appointed to US ambassador. In the beginning....


DESTINY 7 Trust and Spirituality. Ann Clare Boothe's original Destiny 7, a number which brings challenges as well as special gifts. This Destiny foretells a life in which periods of disappointments lead to spiritual searching (she became a Catholic as an adult after the death of her daughter in a car accident).

BIRTHPATH 8 Power, Money, Authority. No surprise that Ann Clare Boothe succeeded in several fields of endeavor and married into wealth twice. Her 8 Birth Path foretells a life of high status, and endows her with ambition, executive ability, and an indomitable will to succeed.

PERSONALITY AND DAY OF BIRTH 1—Pioneer, writer, leader. These two 1's indicate an ability to successfully direct her forceful personality throughout life. She was known to get almost anything she put her mind to.

ACHIEVEMENT. The diagonal Line of Focus1,5, 9, (on the Grid below with the circles) signifies a strong will, even more strengthened by her pragmatic, ambitious 8 Birth Path.

EMOTIONAL MASTERY. The Line of the Heart (2,5, 8 on the Grid below) highlights an outstanding ability to interact and connect with people. She is naturally equipped to succeed as an actress, playwright, author, congresswoman, and in the social role and duties of her ambassadorship.

COMPELLING KARMA. Despite the individual strength of having two Lines of Focus, they intersect over the number 5. This “cross over the mouth” often signifies either a fear of public criticism or a desire to make her ideas known despite criticism. Her early insecurities about her family background could have been a critical motivator (albeit unconscious) pushing her toward ever more social prominence.

TIMING OF PURPOSE, ACHIEVEMENT, AND LEARNING. The numbers of Luce's 4 Pinnacles and Challenges outline an almost textbook description of her life activities from her writing success, marriage, to her social power and political life.

Numerology Delineation For
Ann Clare Boothe
First Name      11/2 Ann  Celebrity-status, inspirational
Middle Name        3 Clare   Creative, communicative, charming
Last Name       11/2 Boothe  Celebrity-status, inspirational
Destiny            7 Expert  Spiritual seeker, focused,intelligent, 
feels special, connoisseur of people and things
Heart's Desire     6 Desire of acceptance; comfort, beauty, family
Personality        1 Leader, strong, direct, ambitious
Habit Challenge 14/5 Headstrong, outspoken, mercurial
KARMIC LESSON(S)   4 Learn self-discipline, abhorrence of poverty
KARMIC LESSON(S)   7 Lessons of trust
Day of Birth      10 Bold, confident, achiever, pioneer
Birthpath          8 Executive, confident, powerful
Realization        6 Sense of responsibility, role model
Physically         4 Disciplined, organized, determined
Mentally           3 Creative, talented, optimistic, easily-bored
Emotionally        6 Committed, demonstrative, anxious
Spiritually        1 Idealistic, independent, different
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 28)  4 Early financial hardships
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 28) 2 Married a millionaire at age 20
SECOND PINNACLE (29 to 37)    5 Freedom, exploration, plays, politics
SECOND CHALLENGE (29 to 37)   3 Writing, plays, film, divorce, child
THIRD PINNACLE (38 to 46)     9 New opportunities, social status, 
Congress-person, wealth, married to Henry Luce; at 41, lost daughter
THIRD CHALLENGE (38 to 46)    1 Acclaim; leadership roles
FOURTH PINNACLE (47 to end)   7  Spiritual development
FOURTH CHALLENGE (47 to end)  1 Ambition, leadership, independence
Name Grid

Line of Focus 1,5,9--Line of Achievement shows potential for success.

Line of Focus 2,5,8--Line of the Heart shows strong people skills, and ability to motivate and charm. “Cross Over the Mouth” indicates possible inhibition, secrecy, or drive to overcome inferiority.

Secondary Line 1, 2, 3--While not a highlighted Line, this Line of Talent and Individual Expression is in perfect balance, indicating a remarkable ability to focus her talents in a productive expression when she puts her mind to it. Now, let's look at what changes when she changes her name after marriage.

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