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Joan Rivers, the American comedian, actress, writer, producer, and television host recently passed away at age eighty-one.

An icon in the entertainment business, Rivers was the queen of re-inventing herself. Outspoken, self-deprecating, and always funny, Rivers first came to prominence in 1965 on the Tonight Show. She considered Johnny Carson her mentor. While she went on to become the first female host of a late night show, she lost Carson as a friend as she had failed to speak with him before accepting the offer.

Rivers authored twelve books, wrote and acted for the stage, hosted her own reality show with her beloved daughter, Melissa, and was a red-carpet interviewer of celebrities. She is widely known for her humorous anecdotes regarding her cosmetic surgery.

A brief numerological analysis of Joan Rivers, born Joan Alexandra Molinsky on June 8, 1933 shows that she had what it takes to become a star—fearless self-confidence and originality (1), talent (3), perseverance (4), and executive ability (8).

Joan 4 Determined, hard-working, persistent, down-to-earth

Alexandra 8 Powerful, executive ability, assertive, business-like, professional

Molinsky 1 Pioneer, intelligent, witty, original, ambitious, self-motivated

Destiny 13/4 Overcomes challenges, transforms obstacles to opportunities, hard-working

Heart's Desire 1 To express originality, competitive, assertive, unique, independent

Personality 3 Communicator, comedic, youthful, sociable, idea-person, charismatic

Day of Birth 8 Professional, powerful, assertive, business-like

Birth Path 3 Communicator, comedic, youthful, sociable, idea-person, charismatic

Realization 7 Spiritual challenges bring insight, becomes an expert


The name Grid for Joan Alexandra Molinsky shows her Ruling Passion (most frequently occurring number) to be ONE, clearly pointing to a life of ambitious goals, unique expression, creativity, and pioneering actions. Her Line of Focus (1,5,9 ) is the Line of Achievement, with strength for originality, self-promotion, and ever-developing talent (ONES). Her Karmic Lesson EIGHT, gave her many opportunities to learn about worldly power, self-empowerment, dealing with authority, and handling financial matters with good judgment, without which she could not truly achieve her goals.

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