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World No. 1 female tennis player, Serena Williams won her third consecutive US Open title this past Sunday. She is regarded by some experts and former tennis players to be the greatest female tennis player in history. Along with her sister, Venus, Serena Williams has been credited with launching a new era of power and athleticism in women's tennis. Her long list of achievements includes four Olympic gold medals. She is the first female player to win over fifty million dollars.

Let's take a peek at how the numbers in her chart reflect her outstanding achievements.

Serena 8 Powerful, authoritative, top-ranked sports professional, money

Jameka 5 Active, versatile, quick, adaptable, energetic, performer

Williams 8 Double emphasis on power, sports, professional achievement, money

Destiny 3 Charismatic, optimistic, talented, playful

Heart's Desire 19/1 Leader, ambitious, born to excel if she puts her mind to it

Birth Path 9 Powerful, dramatic, world-reknown, generous, philosophical

Day of Birth 26/8 Another EIGHT highlighting focus, work, control, achievement, money

Williams won her first title in 2002 at age twenty-one. At that phase of life, her Influencing Numbers (from birth to age twenty-seven) were an EIGHT with a ONE challenge. EIGHT gave her focus, ambition, and professional opportunities. ONE gave her the motivation to become number one. Adding to her potential for success were the specific yearly ONE Essences between 2002 and 2006, giving her a chance to continue to excel and gain confidence. From age twenty-eight to thirty-six, Williams benefits from the influence of NINE, which matches her Birth Path NINE. Adding to the mix is her powerful master number FORTY-FOUR Essence (EIGHT), which gives her exceptional championship potential for at least another year.


In Williams' Grid above, we see her fantastic Line of Achievement (1,5, 9), massively centered in seven ONES. Notice that two FOURS give her physical strength, determination to succeed, and the ability to practice over and over again (fueled by her ONE Heart's Desire to win!)

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