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ANALYSIS OF SHARYL ATTKISSON, Author, News Anchor, and Investigative Reporter
Numerology Delineation For
Sharyl Attkisson
First Name       11/2 Sharyl An Inspirer; Media Celebrity
Last Name        11/2 Attkisson An Inspirer; Messenger
Destiny          22/4 Master-Builder; Raising Awareness
Heart's Desire      6 Teacher Sharing Information
Personality         7 Expert  Investigating, Discovering, Revealing
Habit Challenge     6 Determination; Speaking out
KARMIC LESSON(S)    4 Must learn to persevere; find the facts
Day of Birth       26 Confident, intelligent, professional, courageous
Birthpath           8 Powerful; executive ability; professional
Realization         3 Communicator; Messenger; Writer; Speaker
Physically          1 Active outstanding enthusiastic
Mentally            6 Thoughtful serious counselor
Emotionally         5 Passionate, not willing to let go
Spiritually         3 Intuitive persuasive optimistic
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 28)    9 Broad world view
FIRST CHALLENGE (Birth to 28)   7 Desire to analyze
SECOND PINNACLE (29 to 37)   16/7 Investigator
SECOND CHALLENGE (29 to 37)     0 Old Soul; intuitive
THIRD PINNACLE (38 to 46)       7 Investigator
THIRD CHALLENGE (38 to 46)      7 Search for truth; betrayals
FOURTH PINNACLE (47 to end)     9 Broad contact with the world
FOURTH CHALLENGE (47 to end)    7 Educator; investigator
The Grid--(based on the number values of the letters in her name) Ms. Attkisson has the rather uncommon Line of Independence and Developing One's Talents, through the five ONES, three TWOS, and one THREE. Her work has very much depended on that driving force of independent thinking and courage of the pioneering energy of ONE. As a secondary influence, the letters of her name also give her perfect balance on the Line of Fame (the diagonal line connecting 3,5,7.)
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