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ANALYSIS OF AARON SWARTZ, Internet Activist and Founder of Reddit


Numerology Delineation For
Aaron Hillel Swartz
First Name           22/4 Aaron Master Builder; Public Awareness
Middle Name             4 Hillel  Builder; Systems; Programming
Last Name               8 Swartz Professional; Authoritative
Destiny                 7 Expert   Reveals Truth; Investigator
Heart's Desire       14/5 Rebel  Activism for Change; Freedom
Personality             2 Peacemaker Sensitive; Reflective; Analytical
Habit Challenge         8 Has to confront powerful forces
KARMIC LESSON(S)        4 Learns to persevere with determination
KARMIC LESSON(S)        7 Search for truth; victim of betrayal; 
Day of Birth            8 Professional decisive; authoritative
Birthpath               7 Expert  Investigator; reveals truth
Realization          14/5 Rebel  Champion of social change, freedom
Physically              3 Out-going energetic creative
Mentally                6 Thoughtful serious counselor
Emotionally             5 Passionate, not willing to let go
Spiritually             3 Psychic persuasive optimistic
FIRST PINNACLE (Birth to 29) 19/1 
Nineteen is a karmic number involving public activity that requires courage, pioneering leadership; desire for truth, but no desire for fame FIRST CHALLENGE (from Birth to age 29) 6 Responsibility; may indicate suffering for the good of others or martyrdom
Overview Chart
The Grid--(based on the number values of the letters in his name) Swartz has the Line of Accomplishment going from 1 to 5 to 9. The four ONES in his name show strong intelligence, innovativeness, and independence of thinking. His "Head Line" --( horizontal line 3 to 6 to 9) is balanced in THREE and NINE, indicating a strong mental grasp of ideas and the the ability to express himself with clarity.
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