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Check Your Numbers

July, 2008
Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Whenever we are not bogged down in daily details, our ever-active minds often feel the need to haul out the big, big ideas.  It seems we can’t help trying to figure out why things happen.  We struggle with core questions, such as, Who am I?  Or, What is going on?

When confronted with these questions--being a numerologist--I first look for the clues and patterns hidden in names and birth dates.  After that consideration, the next step is to begin to notice how we tend to think about the world, and what motivates us to make the choices we do.  If we do things motivated by fear or insecurity, the result often matches that initial perspective.

A third consideration in looking for answers (if you are open to the idea) is probing for the reason we took birth in this lifetime.  Perhaps we wanted to work on something specific, such as completing a relationship with someone we knew from another lifetime, developing a talent, or experiencing a completely different life than we previously had. Sometimes there is no particular plan or reason at all.  We are free to develop our path or “dharma” as we will, hopefully not adding any karmic loads!
Using numerology I will try to make some points for the reader who sent me the following question.  To provide anonymity, I will use initials only for her birth name.

Disappointment in Marriage

Hi Carol,
Wondering if you can provide insight through a short numerological profile regarding my disappointment in marriages.  At the age of 43, I have been married three times.  It is disheartening to even think about legalizing a formal commitment.  I have been raised traditionally and followed that path, but I have been disappointed in the aftermath.

I have learned many lessons through my marriages, the shortest being six months and the others seven years and ten years.  I have two daughters from the ten-year marriage.  I am going with a wonderful, loving, kind man who I know wants to marry me in the future.  I am hesitant and wonder if numerology can provide some understanding. My birth name:  C L S (born 7-23-1964).

Dear Hesitant,

You May Have some Karma to Finish
The first thing I notice about your chart is that you have three of the four numbers designated in numerology as “karmic numbers.”  These numbers appear in your three most influential positions. First is your Birth Path number 14/5 (natural tendencies from your birth date total)—the explorer and change-seeker.  Briefly, the 14/5 indicates that you chose (before birth) to be a little different in your lifestyle, choices, or thinking.  Usually a Birth Path 14/5 is not prone to fit into tight-fitting traditional roles in marriage or family.  Fourteen can attract strong personalities, conflicts, or even problems with physical addictions.

Your second karmic number—13/4—is found in your Destiny, which is calculated from your birth name.  It describes your type of life circumstances, lessons, and accomplishments. The practical (and transformative) 13/4 life lesson tends to involve questions about when to persevere and when to move on (i.e., in marriage or other situations.)  It’s not unlikely that you may have had a karmic debt that you wanted to repay to each of your three husbands!  Having the energetic and curious 5 Day of Birth and 5 Birth Path may have given you the idea (as you planned this lifetime) that you could do a lot of karma clearing in one lifetime.  It may seem easier to do in the spiritual plane, than it is once we are dealing with material reality!

Finding a Balance with Commitment and Freedom
Another pattern I see in your name makes me wonder about the possibility that, in a recent previous lifetime, you might have been a charismatic figure (possibly an actor) who had many love affairs, but never settled down.  I know this may sound weird, but your combination of the 5 Birth Path with the 4 Destiny seems to indicate that you want to explore the duality of  “how to maintain your sense of uniqueness—the 14/5—and still have marriage and security—the 13/4.”  I hope this makes sense to you!

Two numbers are missing from your birth name.  They are 6 (marriage and divorce; family; responsibility; teaching) and 4 (discipline; determination; practicality.)  Missing numbers often pinpoint the very places we will learn the most for this lifetime, and in your case you have a 4 Destiny, making it clear that you must try and try again.  However, one caveat.  Do you find a pattern in your nature of being attracted to men whom you think you must encourage and support or even “rescue?”  You will be fine as along as you find a man who can stand on his own two feet, while you pursue your interests as well and not lose yourself!

Everything Happens for a Reason
I suggest that you will feel more spiritually healed as you become less self-critical in thinking so harshly about your past relationships.  Your comment about being disheartened about making a legal and formal commitment sounds like you are a little shut down now in your heart!  With your untraditional 14/5 Birth Path, maybe you need to let go of formalities and just be who you are in the great relationship you now have!  Sometimes two lovely people forget how much they like each other as they get enmeshed in this “third entity” called marriage. 

That was Then, This is Now
For you, the period from age forty-one to forty-nine--which is where you are now--is ruled by the number 1.  This nine-year period is meant to encourage you to be independent, self-confident, and find a new (positive) way of looking at life.  Any partnership now must not be co-dependent, but lovingly interdependent as you both support the growth of each other.  From age 50 onwards, you learn to love unconditionally and have many opportunities for joy, travel, and exploring the world.  This year of 2008 is a 4 Personal Year for you, which creates opportunities to develop your 4 Destiny!

For those interested in learning more about reincarnation and the reasons we take birth as reported by those in regression studies, I highly recommend, Hans TenDam’s book, Exploring Reincarnation (his website is as well as Dr. Michael Newton’s book, Journey of Souls.  Other books by Edith Fiore, Ph.D., and Dr. Brian Weiss, and Carol Bowman are also fascinating studies in this field.

Karmic numbers

13/4 indicates a desire to complete karma with someone and transform that unresolved energy. Life can bring radical reversals both good and challenging. Strong desire to meet one’s obligations and bring balance despite hardships.

14/5 indicates a strong need for freedom and resistance to loss of control. Life can involve feelings of restlessness, physical issues; affairs; obsessions, abrupt changes, or a desire to resist being trapped.

16/7 indicates lessons involving betrayal, unexpected loss, and learning to trust one’s intuition. Life can bring disappointment, skepticism; spiritual transformation.

19/1 indicates possible past lives in which suffering resulted from being an unpopular leader, heretical, socially radical, or standing out from the crowd. A feeling of anxiety about how others see you or self-doubt can hold you back from developing new ideas because of an irrational fear of repercussion.


Post Script
Last month we did an analysis for HB (see the May, 2008 column.)  Her question concerned a lack of confidence in her choice to study for a masters in development studies (to fulfill a desire to do good in the world.) She was finding it hard to keep motivated. She responds with this update:

Your answer was quite astonishing. While I've looked vaguely into numerology before, you brought the interaction between numbers to life.  I was amazed at how much I related to your descriptions.

Those numbers certainly explained the subconscious drive that has really propelled me to explore the world, even when this option didn't seem the logical choice to friends and family, and sometimes myself. The idea of 'settling down' has never held any desire for me at all, even when this has meant that I've left partners and possessions. And the numbers explained the timing of my return to university when I was 28, when after months, possibly years, of inquiring about subjects I finally found development studies.

Uncannily, in the time between sending the email question and receiving your response, I thought long and hard about my motivations, realizing that it was my approach to study that was bringing me down. By looking at the course from another perspective--instead of seeing the boring content-- I looked for a job that looked inspiring.  I decided that disaster relief was what interested me. I asked everyone what they thought of the idea and received unanimous support that this was 'perfect for you!' And then I read your answer suggesting something 'edgy and for the benefit of others'. Everything seems to fit.

Suddenly, the study has become more inspirational.  Instead of getting bogged down in the abstract notion of long-term benefit from study, I found motivation in a more visible and interesting goal.  So, thank you very much. Your answer clarified the decisions I've been making recently, while adding a little more detail, which is really encouraging. I'll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed that the positive outcomes you saw in other areas of life also eventuate!

Happy July
Carol Adrienne

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. is an intuitive counselor and life coach who has helped thousands of people work through doubt, procrastination, and obstacles to create the life they want to live. Private consultations and coaching available. Contact her at   For submission of email questions, please see note below.

NOTE regarding email questions: Send your email life purpose questions (limit 200 words) along with your full, original name as shown on the birth certificate, and birth date to In the subject line, please write Column/Blog Question.

Also, please know that while I deeply appreciate your submissions, I will be able to respond only to those emails that I select for the Advice Blog on my website ( All others will be reviewed as possibilities for future blogs or columns.  If they are selected, I will contact you.  Please do not inquire if you have not heard from me.  If your questions are not answered, it may be because the material is of such nature that it would not be suitable for the general reader.  Answers on the Advice Blog do not constitute a full numerology reading as offered in consultations, coaching or the Primary Life Charts available for sale on the web site.  Thank you!

Career Karma

June, 2008                           
Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

I recently received some emails about the old question of passion/finances.  Whether to work for love or money. For example, Debra writes,


I was born January 1, 1954.  I find myself at a crossroads in which I no longer want to spend 8 or 9 hours a day at tasks that pay well, but hold no real interest for me.  I would like to start a home-based business, but the issue is in finding what stimulates me enough to energize a business around.  I have many interests with a Master's in Fine Art and twenty years of writing experience.  I get my greatest pleasure from the great outdoors, but I don't feel any great passion for going back to school to say, to get training in Naturalism or Botany.  I have just accepted a position in a new city, but worry I'm going into something that pays well, yet may not stimulate my imagination.

Dear Debra,
Well, well, well.  Look at how your month, day, and year each add up to number 1! In numerological terms, the date January 1, 1954 breaks down to 1 + 1 + 1 = 3.Birth Path.  You are what we call an “Old Soul” This birth date gives you a zero Challenge throughout your entire life.  The zero Challenge could create lots of different kinds of problems (that meant to open up your spiritual awareness,) or none that stands out. It sounds like you get good jobs that pay well, but want something more engaging.  Look at it this way--those jobs create enough of a cushion to allow you to explore sidelines.  Store up your reserves and don’t waste the chance to buy a little time later on.

The strong emphasis on the number 1 gives you the feeling that you should be creating a unique and independent career.  However, the timing influence of each Pinnacle has been a 2—emphasizing cooperation (with the necessities within each situation you find yourself) partnership (developing relationships—even though you are still single) and patience (when will these boring jobs end!) 

Your 3 Birth Path indicates a love of learning and a great curiosity.  However, your Three believes that you can only motivate if you are REALLY interested in something passionately, and so you keep waiting for the lightning to strike.  Hmmm.

This year, 2008, is a 3 Personal Year, the same vibration as your 3 Birth Path.  I’d suggest that you take the well-paying jobs, and commit to developing a creative interest on the side.  Since you don’t yet have a compelling topic around which to build a home-based business, stay with the jobs, but keep investigating new things.  How about starting a blog or website page where people like yourself can share ideas about home-based businesses?  Don’t give up your day job yet! (the website you sent by the way is very “old soul” in vibration!)

And another email comes from H A, B. (for privacy I am using only initials)

Dear Carol,
My name is H. A. B. and my birth date is September 23, 1975.  I'm writing due to a lack of confidence that I'm following the right path. I feel as though my life up to now has been a maze. I've traveled all over the world, and worked all over the place doing strange jobs, giving me heaps of experiences, if no wealth! Now I'm back studying for a master’s in development studies- which seems a natural choice as I'd like to 'do good' in the world.
However, I'm finding it hard to keep motivated, even though this is what I thought I really wanted to do. It just seems as though life is lacking balance, as I've been single forever, and while I'm not as interested in money as compared to friends, my life seems so basic.  I feel I've achieved nothing up to this point; now everything just seems like emotionless hard work. I guess my question is, When am I going to get out of this 'rut' and have a more rounded life?

Dear Traveler,

Below is a “thumbnail sketch” from a mini-chart I made for you.  The theme of “freedom” and “following your bliss” repeats through your numbers, so yes, you acted out your need for travel to quench your curiosity.  Bravo!  Your Challenge from 28 to 36 is to channel your energy into helping others in a way that matters to you.  Your degree in development studies may be the rational choice to give you credentials, but for you, the juice is always in talking with the people and connecting in a deep way. You want to go direct.  Long term plans don’t seem that real to you, so motivation dwindles without a clear image to magnetize you forward.

You are destined to be a communicator, with a strong humanitarian and cultural streak.  However, you like things to be easy and synchronistic—not heavy and labored. You won’t be motivated until you are doing something unique, a little edgy, and for the benefit of others.  Read your thumbnail sketch below, and see what your intuition tells you.

First Name                     11/2  The Inspirer--likes film, spirituality, poetic expression
Middle Name                   11/2  The Inspirer--ditto
Last Name                      8  Problem Solver—family trait
Day of Birth                    5  Adventurer (lover of freedom and change)
Birth Path Tendencies       9  Humanitarian (imaginative, generous, open-minded)
Destiny                          3 Creative (communication, young people, culture)
Ultimate Goal                  3 Creative (joy through helping others find happiness)
Heart’s Desire                 1 Leadership (independent, courageous, and innovative)
Period between     Birth and age 27—5—Exploration and changing circumstances

                          (you pursued your curiosity.)
                          Age 28 to 36—9—Your Birth Path Number is also 9, so this is your time.                              Focus tends to be on non-profit, education, health, spirituality

From age 30 to 44 you have a strong influence of the number 1, which is your Heart’s Desire number.  This is the time to work on breaking new ground, developing self-confidence, and finding your own voice (which is what interests you.)

Love and marriage could appear in the next twelve or fifteen months, if you are open to it. Choices are given to you, and it may even be your best marriage prospects come to you again around age 39/40.  You have a wonderful way with people, and help raise positive energy by your optimism and good humor. You will get out of your rut when you stop thinking you are in one! 

Email number three is from T.H.S. birth date January 11, 1980.


I have been changing a couple of jobs within the first 4 years into my careers.
All of it left me feeling that either the jobs have no prospects or those that
supposedly have do not seem to fit with me. I would like to know if marketing
is a better suited path for me according to my numerology of 3 (which I enjoy the
dynamism) or should I continue the path to a private banker? Would I be too
bored by the life of a private banker?

Dear Puzzled Possible Private Banker,

You are correct in that you have a creative and spontaneous 3 Birth path.  However your Heart’s Desire is a practical and reliable 4.  Not only that, your ultimate goal for your life is also 4—the lesson of stability and good management.  Evidently, before birth you planned a life that would be a little more practical this time. 

I can’t prove this of course, but I get the impression from your numbers (especially your karmic Destiny number 19/1) that in a previous lifetime you might have been a little bit of a gambler or a genius at thinking up get-rich-quick schemes. Nineteen sometimes indicates a painful lesson learned.  It’s likely that the cause of your suffering had something to do about trusting others or not being careful enough.

I would say that it’s no accident you are considering the life of a banker.  Yes, it might not be exciting, but it would offer a chance to learn good judgment around people and money. After the age of fifty-two, you stand a good chance to own your own business.  Another possibility is that you might come up with a very distinctive method or practice that brings money and recognition. Be careful not to align yourself with anyone who is not on the up-and-up between the ages of 34 and 42.  Banking might be a way to help others achieve good works (part of your ultimate goal of the master number 22/4.)  The key is to be develop good communication skills.

Happy Summer Days,
Carol Adrienne

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. is an intuitive counselor and life coach who has helped thousands of people work through doubt, procrastination, and obstacles to create the life they want to live. Private consultations and coaching available. Contact her at   For submission of email questions, please see note below.

NOTE regarding email questions: Send your email life purpose questions (limit 200 words) along with your full, original name as shown on the birth certificate, and birth date to In the subject line, please write Column/Blog Question.

Also, please know that while I deeply appreciate your submissions, I will be able to respond only to those emails that I select for the Advice Blog on my website ( All others will be reviewed as possibilities for future blogs or columns.  If they are selected, I will contact you.  Please do not inquire if you have not heard from me.  If your questions are not answered, it may be because the material is of such nature that it would not be suitable for the general reader.  Answers on the Advice Blog do not constitute a full numerology reading as offered in consultations, coaching or the Primary Life Charts available for sale on the web site.  Thank you!

What Is My Purpose and Passion?

May, 2008                   
Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

The email for this month’s column is from a woman named Julie, who is turning forty-four today. (I just noticed that today, April 29,th,  is her birthday, so I guess synchronicity is working for us.)  I chose Julie’s question because it is such a universal one—our desire to know ourselves and live in a way that feels aligned with what we came here to do.  Of course, that idea of “what we came here to do” is not always lived out through what we do for a living.  But let’s see what we can see.  Here is her full email (I’ve made her birth name anonymous to protect her privacy.)

My birth name is J A L, and my birthday is April 29, 1964. For the past several years my big question has been, ‘What is my life’s purpose, my passion?’ I have explored this question in many ways such as reading, yoga, meditation, talking with like-minded souls and lots of silent contemplation. The message I get repeatedly is, ‘Now is not the time.’

Try as I may to accept that now is not the time for my question to be answered; it feels like I am on one side of a brick wall, and the answer is on the other side. The bricks are only four inches wide, but the wall is hundreds of feet tall and miles long. The answer is so close but yet so far. My question is this: what do my numbers tell you and how does one keep the faith that the answers will come in due time?

Dear Julie,
Thanks for your great question and for sending your birth name and birth date, so that we can first look at what your numerological influences might reveal.  One suggestion I have before we get to the numerology is this.  I notice that you are very imaginative in describing the size and shape of your brick wall (one of your talents with your 3 Destiny, as we shall see below, is a very good imagination—a talent for art, writing, speaking.)  Since creativity and imagination are actually starting to expand in your life now, I would suggest you do some more work on imagining a door through that wall you have created in your mind.  Do a visualization, and ask for a symbol representing your life purpose to be shown to you.  You can actually dialogue with that symbol when in the meditative state.  Keep talking to it, over time, but do not dwell on this.  Just a reminder:Your purpose has a lot to do with what you love.

Now let’s hear what numerology has to say about your purpose.

For those new to numerology, it’s a very old system that looks at the qualities inherent in our name at birth and our birthdate.  There are certain core points that most numerologists look for.  For example, the four major points I consider first are: Birth Path: is found by adding together all the numbers in the total birth date.  Birth Path  is considered  what you have to offer--your natural talents and life perspective.  Destiny:  the letters of the name are converted to numbers, and their values totaled. The Destiny number is your path of success, life tasks to develop, and provides the environment for expression.  Heart’s Desire:  is found by adding together all the values of the vowels in the name.  The Heart’s Desire number describes what is very important to you.  Realization: Birth Path number + Destiny number describes one’s ultimate goal and possible achievement if the life is positively developed.

In the profile below I have added a few more factors to help reveal Julie’s personality, focus, lessons, and timing.  Since one of my professional charts is about thirty pages long, for ease of explanation, I have created a synopsis (with key words only) of Julie’s numerology profile.  If we just consider the key ideas for each of the numerology positions, what pattern emerges?

Day of Birth (2 + 9)  =  11/2     The Inspirer
Interest or talent for metaphysics, spirituality, bringing a message to others,
counseling, art, women’s issues, and public speaking.

Birth Path (4+29+1964) = 8        The Executive/Problem-solver
Ability to take charge, but likes to work in partnership with a trusted colleague or
friend; needs clear direction before moving ahead; excels in managing and producing; works very hard if she feels that her work is appreciated.

Destiny        = 3        Creativity, Communication, Self-expression
Will need to develop good people and language skills.  Has the ability to get
people excited about something; works best in a friendly, creative environment.  May take a variety of “day- jobs” in order to have time for other interests. Needs to carry creative ideas to fruition. Could work in the arts, advertising, children’s clothing and toy store, story-telling, public-speaking, free-lance writing.

Heart’s Desire        = 5        Desire for Freedom, Flexibility, and Adventure
nterested in the new, rather than the traditional, but is skeptical of the untried.
Very curious, and has a strong need for variety and not being in a 9 to 5 schedule, despite strong organizational abilities (8 Birth Path.) Likes to keep her options open whenever possible. Could be distracted by “too many choices,” but will be successful in surprising areas.  Synchronicity could play a strong role in job selection—leading to the development of a career after the age of forty-seven.

Habit Challenge    = 9        Active Imagination, Tendency to Let Emotions Rule

Karmic Lesson    = 2        Patience; Ability to Listen: Thoroughness with
Details; Balance in Romantic Relationships

Ultimate Realization    = 11/2        Providing Inspiration; Relationship and Love.
Since the Realization is the same as the Day of Birth (11/2,) there is a good chance that your strengths of relating to people to support, listen, and guide—in whatever job or career you find—will be the keys to your success.   

Considering another aspect of your configuration, I would say that you may have had a prominent lifetime where you were known for your creative ideas, and your words carried weight in the world.  It’s possible that you may have been too focused on your career and neglected the area of relationship.  This lifetime might be a way to balance that previous lifetime.

I know this might sound radical because of the idea of past lifetimes, but that is what my intuition says from looking at the pattern of your chart. You also have the “mark of the Old Soul,” a zero Challenge from age 29 to 37, where you may have been working out some difficult karmic “old business.” Old Souls love thinking about deeper issues like the purpose of their life, by the way!  Often, they have a lot of lee-way in choices for the current lifetime—especially since you also have that very flexible and creative 3 Destiny. 

Regarding your last question, how does one keep the faith that the answers will come in due time? Well, patience and listening is your karmic lesson, so that may be one way to keep track of the subtle guidance you are no doubt receiving.

Just for the record, in April of 2009, you will enter a ten-year span of 3 Essences which match exactly your 3 Destiny.  I would suggest you listen to and follow your intuition very carefully.

The question for you is what do you love the most?  Find a way to get more of that into your life.  The purpose of your current life has a lot to do with giving you the freedom to choose what you want to do—it’s not locked in.  You are in a 19/1 Pinnacle from age 38 to 46, which indicates the necessity for stepping forward with your own original ideas and let go of false humility or fear of what others will think.  Life becomes very secure and settled after age forty-seven, and the emphasis is on counseling, teaching, home, family, and anything to do with helping others.   

If any of you reading this column has an intuition for Julie, feel free to email your comments to her at

Happy Spring and Happy May to all You Mothers and Grandmothers!
Carol Adrienne

Post Script:  Julie read the above column today before posting.  In answer to my question about her current career, she replied: "I am currently working as the program manager in an agency providing child services. I have a large staff, and wear several hats to keep many balls in the air at once."  Julie says, that while she has great respect for her current situation and is doing well, she is searching for something that fires a deeper passion.
Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. is an intuitive counselor and life coach who has helped thousands of people work through doubt, procrastination, and obstacles to create the life they want to live. Private consultations and coaching available. Contact her at   For submission of email questions, please see note below.

NOTE REGARDING EMAIL QUESTIONS: Please send your email life purpose questions (limit 200 words) along with your full, original name as shown on the birth certificate, and birth date to In the subject line, please write Column/Blog Question.

Also, please know that while I deeply appreciate your submissions, I will be able to respond only to those emails that I select for the Advice Blog on my website ( All others will be reviewed as possibilities for future blogs or columns.  If they are selected, I will contact you.  Please do not inquire if you have not heard from me.  If your questions are not answered, it may be because the material is of such nature that it would not be suitable for the general reader.  Answers on the Advice Blog do not constitute a full numerology reading as offered in consultations, coaching or the Primary Life Charts available for sale on the web site.  Thank you!


April 2008                       

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

I received the following email recently.  It speaks to a question that often arises in each of our lives. To do or not to do?  To surrender or to press on?

Hi Carol,
 I'm sure that it's no co-incidence that I found your Web site when I was searching for past life regression information.  I am from India, and my birth date is 07-07-76. I am at a major turning point in my life right now, where I'm dealing with a very difficult relationship.  I have a lot of emotional pain on the outside, and a lot of calm and peace and inner growth on the inside.

I am stuck between two distinct choices in life.  The first choice is to surrender to whatever is happening.  (I have been trying to do quite a bit of letting go for the past four years.  I left my job; worked on my ego; listened.)  The second choice is to get into the mode of action.  Instead of surrendering to the flow, should I start taking things into my own hands—like moving on, and choosing things for my financial and emotional independence.
What would be your advice?  Do I let go and sit back, or do I rebel and move on, in spite of the circumstances?

Dear Two Choices,
Since you furnished your birth date, let’s start with a numerological examination.  Your Birth Path (total of 7+7+1+9+7+6) is a 19/1.  Nineteen is one of the “karmic” numbers. Nineteen sometimes seems to indicates a past life pattern where you suffered for not adhering to the dominant cultural beliefs at the time.  Since the root total is One, you have a strong, independent nature, which is perfectly capable of functioning in the face of challenges.  You always want to do the right thing, but find it hard to know what that is! 

In any case, I think it’s important not to put things into black and white thinking—either surrender or force.  The tendency to mull things over in order to find the one right way to do something (you have the analytical number Seven occurring three times in your birthday, for example) could be a familiar theme. Your first Challenge number is zero—indicating that you are what we call an Old Soul.  This zero Challenge could mean that you have a great deal of freedom to make your own choices according to what feels right. 

Your Goal number (7 month added to 7 day of birth) is a 14/5—another karmic number suggesting that freedom to explore the world and adapt (or rebel) to change is paramount.  In addition, your first Pinnacle is also 14/5 until age thirty-five, so this theme of using  freedom constructively is very strong.  I’m wondering if you have had past religious lives where you were either overly rule- bound or a rebel.  This lifetime seems to be more about developing self-sufficiency and independence, so your question about taking strides in that direction is not surprising.  You did not elaborate on the specifics of your decisions, but my sense it’s always appropriate to take measures to be fully financially independent and self-sufficient.  However, I sense a bit of a rebellious tone to your question which makes me think you are resisting something, rather than moving forward with a clear mind.

Your interpretation of the relationship breakup is causing you emotional pain.  In the bigger scheme of things, however, I’d say you could choose to see the other person as a teacher.  What does your intuition say about this person?  Is he or she a teacher who shows you similarities within yourself?  Could he be a teacher who may be helping you break a karmic pattern? 

According to your numerological 5 Pinnacle, your life may tend to be up and down in dramatic episodes until age thirty-five.  Nothing is holding you back.  Looking ahead for the next ten or twelve years, between the ages of thirty-six and forty-four you will be under a 3 Pinnacle with a 2 Challenge.  My guess is that you will find this a pleasant period where the emphasis is on creativity, partnership, compatible social life, and perhaps a couple of children! The key to success is developing good listening and communication skills (dropping the drama.)

If indeed, you did have significant religious lives, this life seems to offer secular joys and accomplishments.  With all your Sevens, you are deeply intuitive, so trust that voice!

The question about surrender and action that you bring to our attention is always present in life.  Of course, each of us must look at our own individual situation.  It’s human nature to want change.  But change just brings more desire for the next thing.

In my own case, I am a very impatient person.  When I have an idea I am perfectly ready to forge ahead and start activating something right away.  However, I have had to learn repeatedly that sheer motivation is only one part of the process.  Timing is also essential. Knowing when to take action is an art—one that is perfected through trial and error over a lifetime.

I remember one love affair years ago where I was perfectly ready to charge ahead full steam.  I made myself crazy wanting more time with this guy, wondering where things “were going” and visualizing a complete life with him in my head.  Unfortunately for me, he had another relationship that got re-energized unbeknownst to me, and that put an abrupt end to all my plans.  I had to let it go and move on. 

Timing also means giving yourself time to grieve and sort out what happened.  Each experience is there for a reason, and it’s important to take responsibility for the choices (based on faulty perceptions or fear) that we made.

Sometimes a situation—like a marriage or a career—demands perseverance, because the stakes are worth it.  In a long-term relationship, you owe it to yourself and the other person to take responsibility for whatever your part is in the conflict and try to work things out, if that’s possible.  In a career, it’s important to keep trying things until something works—if you truly feel this is a fit with your nature.  Otherwise, go where your heart is.

We surrender to the process of working things through, when we believe there is value there.  If, on the other hand, we are making ourselves crazy over something that is never going to work out, then why keep struggling and blaming?  Ultimately, it’s your life, and only you know what’s best for you.  “Surrendering,” is not giving up and feeling like a victim who has been harmed. Surrendering is learning to listen to what is being shown.  Surrender is returning to our inner center until action becomes clear. Personal power lies in receiving whatever comes our way without resistance.  We can become still without becoming dejected.  Emotions will come and go, but we practice coming back to our center.  We can even let go of the question. We take action and see where it takes us.

Happy April!
Carol Adrienne


Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. is an intuitive counselor and life coach who has helped thousands of people work through doubt, procrastination, and obstacles to create the life they want to live. Private consultations and coaching available. Contact her at



Celebrate Your Life

March 2008                                Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Spring—peeking over the horizon--brings the gifts of a sense of renewal and new growth.  Spring lives in the human consciousness as that quality of searching for something new and nourishing. 

Each of us is blessed with a drive for self-expression.  Sometimes that self-expression feels like a reaction—not a choice—to what life throws our way. Each of us—despite many setbacks—draws deep to find the courage and the flexibility of mind to create ourselves again.  I receive many emails with questions very similar to the one posed by MKF.  I feel the theme for MKF is COMMITMENT.


In the past 9 years I've gone from almost losing my house, to moving back to my hometown, to moving to [another state] one year ago.  Needless to say, the journey has been a tumultuous one!
According to my numerology chart, I am in the 9 Personal Year of completion.  I seem to be at another "fork" in the road.  I just turned 60, and I seem even more restless than ever!  I don't feel that I have truly found my purpose as yet.   I can't decide what I really want to be when I grow up!  I am delighted to be living near my daughter, my son and granddaughter (a dream come true!) and participating in their daily lives.

 The practical side of me is still struggling with how to be financially secure for the future (about time I think about it!), and the spiritual side of me is yearning to be set free to do what I came here to do...just not sure what that is!  I would like to figure out how to unblock whatever it is that seems to keep popping up.  I have been trained as a Reiki master, but I am not really drawn to do that as my life's work.  I have an artistic side and people tell me how "creative" I am.  Any hints on how to find the "diamond in the rough" that might be my purpose?

Dear MKF,
    The first thing I noticed when I analyzed your birth name and birth date, was the 0 challenge you had from birth to age 33.  Numerologists call this the “mark of the Old Soul” indicating that you have lived many lifetimes, and have been able to retain and integrate much of your learning.  Sometimes I think Old Souls are not all that motivated to achieve material success.  Instead they focus on pursuing the dream of finding their identity and purpose.  However, purpose is not something we pick off the shelf.  A passion for a subject is developed over time, so commitment is essential.

Yes, you are creative. Your natural talents (Birth Path) are represented by number 3—meaning that you have a great imagination, sense of humor, good communication skills, and like things to be easy (but you might disregard achievements when they are too easy for you.)  Your motivation seems to increase (you have a 1 Heart’s Desire) when you receive accolades for your service or intelligent guidance. 

Your Destiny is a 7—a search for spiritual wisdom, and a desire to do things your own way.  Your Ultimate Goal number is a 1—so you need to put together some kind of independent practice using spiritual methods.  You may feel Reiki is not your life’s work.  However, at age sixty, questioning the “what”of your life purpose is less helpful than committing to a path and seeing where it takes you.  I suggest that you add something else to what you offer people—in addition to the Reiki.  New learning stimulates you (at least that’s what I see in your chart.)  You are not so much about outcomes as you are about jumping into something new.
    Yes, you are right.  Your material future needs attention.  Your chart shows that the need to take practical action around finances has been strong since September of 2003.  The next two years emphasis closeness with your great family, so it’s important to feel that joy as a big part of your life purpose!  If you don’t have much in the way of investments or savings, then it’s important to put together a practice that you can work within for many years.  I would suggest anything to do with psychic development, Reiki, teaching, seminars, counseling, working with young people, or, if you love them, even caring for animals.  This year, 2008, is a 1 Personal Year for you, so it is absolutely the time to plant some seeds for future growth over the next nine years—and beyond! 

The next email is from KLP

I quit my job as a waitress, and dropped out of College (I was a returning student) when I met my boyfriend (now husband.)  We have two businesses together. One of them is an online business, which promotes those who aspire to a higher consciousness.  The site also has an inspirational gift shop. I love working on this web site. I'm writing everyday, and connecting with others in order to  establish partnerships. Here's the other side: This is the first  time I have not had my own money coming in. M. is supporting the two of us  with his income (which, is not a lot), and his inheritance (which will  last maybe another year).  It might be a couple of years before the web site will make a profit.  I'm nervous about the future, but excited about the web site. My question is--based on what you see in my numbers-- is my head in the clouds, or am I on the right track?

Dear KLP       

The theme for YOU seems to be SELF-SUFFICIENCY.

    Your natural talent number (Birth Path) is a 5—which loves its freedom, is a bit of a rebel, and is not afraid of taking risks.  However, your Destiny number (from your birth name) is a 22/4.  This suggests that you have lessons to learn about practicality and perseverance.   The 22/4 is called “the master builder” and is usually interested in visionary projects such as your online business seems to be.  The big lesson for 22/4 is to take full responsibility for one’s actions and their consequences. 

I see that you have another master number 11/2 as your Heart’s Desire (what is most important.)  Eleven’s love being in partnership (despite your freedom-loving 5 Birth Path.) It is no surprise, then, that you chose to drop out of college when you met your husband, and throw in your lot with him in two businesses. 

The two major lessons you are learning from age 41 to 49 are from your Pinnacle # 1 with a Challenge # 1.  Both 1’s are highlighting independence, self-sufficiency, and developing original ideas—all of which you seem to be doing.  However, with both a 1 Pinnacle (signifying accomplishment) and a 1 Challenge (signifying a test) I think you need to be very careful to accept full responsibility for your own income. 

If you feel anxious about your husband’s ability to support the two of you, it’s up to you to take care of that feeling—not him.  This gets back to your 22/4 Destiny—which teaches us to take full responsibility for our actions without falling into the trap of blaming others or circumstances.  

You were on a path to develop yourself in college, but gave it up to be in business with your husband.  You enjoy the web site development, but—practically—are you depending on it to pay your household bills?  I think there is a good chance the web site could do well, but the question is by what time?  In looking at your chart, I see a 5 Essence for the next four years, until 2012, which signifies unexpected changes, uncertainties and having more than one stream of income.  You may not want to take a 9 to 5 job, but you probably need another source of income.  Celebrate the good start you have made in your creative web site!

Joyful moments in March to everyone!
Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. is an intuitive counselor and life coach who has helped thousands of people work through doubt, procrastination, and obstacles to create the life they want to live. Private consultations and coaching available. Contact her at




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