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         Numerology Delineation For Hillary Clinton October-26-1947
First Name                           4  Hillary Persevering, dedicated; hard-working
Last Name                         33/6  Clinton Master Number; Inspiring Messenger
Destiny                              1  Leader, Executive, Pioneer
Heart's Desire                    14/5  Rebel, Game-changer; political
Personality                       14/5  Rebel, Controversial; political
Habit Challenge                   14/5  Impulsive, potentially resistant
KARMIC LESSON(S)                     4  Need for flexibility and organization
Day of Birth                        26  Powerful, confident, decisive
Birthpath                            3  Communicator, political mind
Realization                          4  Doer; builder; law-maker
FOURTH PINNACLE (52 to end of life)  4  Realizes goals; builder; law-maker
FOURTH CHALLENGE (52 to end of life) 2  Partnership; diplomacy

With this name, Hillary Clinton has the Line of The Director, which focuses her on intellectual achievements, leadership, and commanding power. Her missing 4 reminds her of the need to stay committed to goals until everything is accomplished. She must have good organizers around her to help her accomplish her mission.

SUMMARY. The name Hillary Clinton is a strong name for her presidential run.  First, it has the Destiny number 1 of sole command, suggesting she will have opportunity to excel and pioneer.  Second, the name pattern further accentuates leadership with the Line of Focus of The Director. 

Furthermore, the name Clinton is the charismatic Master Number 33 vibration, which supercharges her own original 6 Destiny. The appearance three times of the karmic 14/5 in her Heart's Desire, Personality, and Habit Challenge areas suggest that this could be the culmination of many lifetimes of being something of a rebel, revolutionary, or controversial public official.

This name gives her the best potential to be the pioneering first woman President of the United States.

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